The Obedient Librarian

By Powerone

Copyright 2014

Unexpected Spanking

He looked at her as she walked into the classroom just like every other day, but today would be different for her.  Professor Glickman had her finally; Pam would be unable to escape his grasp this time.  This was her third class with him and she never failed to get an erection out of him when she walked into the room, though he doubted that she even realized how sexual she was.  She would be graduating with a Master of Library Science in three weeks.  She was an excellent student, the only thing that would hold her back from graduating was him. 

The weather was growing warmer, but there still was a chill in the air.  She wore a dark blue sweater that hugged her firm breasts, the chill making her nipples pucker self-consciously.  The plaid skirt was short, though not too short, blue knee socks clung to her long, slim legs.  She sat in the second row and his eyes followed her legs as she sat down, spreading slightly, but she never realized the way his eyes stared into the darkness beneath her skirt as if he could see something.  His imagination was enough, at least for now.

“I will pass out your essays at the end of class.  Most of you did well, though I was disappointed in some of you.  Those students I will speak to after class for a way to redeem yourself.  All of you will be graduating in weeks and I have no intentions of stopping you from achieving your dream, but it will require those students that disappointed me to demonstrate their abilities and willingness.  Enough on that; let us continue with the discussion where we left off.” 

Professor Glickman stood behind the lectern to hide his erection.  He enjoyed teaching here, a full professor; he had earned the respect of his colleagues.  Over the last few years, he took advantage of his position when he found a female student that excited him.  He didn’t pick just any female; he had an uncanny knack to know when a woman had the right inclinations.  Most of the students were older and more experienced; some of them like Pam were thirty years old, all of their time devoted to their education.  They looked up to the professors, idolizing them, worshipping some of them.  But in Pam’s case, there was something else, something that he could see in her eyes.  She might look aloof and distant, but he knew when it got down to the final decision, she would cave to the pressure.   It was her nature, though she didn’t realize it.   She needed a man or men to show her the way.  He was ready to start her on the road to success.

Pam barely paid any attention to Professor Glickman, not that she didn’t enjoy the class or him, it was getting to the end of a torturous climb to get her bachelors and master’s degree and she was finally going to get relief.  It had taken her ten years, working and studying at the same time so she wouldn’t graduate with a huge debt.  She hoped it all would be worth it, yet she still had no job offer in hand and school would be over soon.  She had been putting all her efforts into the job search, ignoring everything else as much as she could.  She took three interviews, but none of them had panned out.  She began to wonder whether she would be working in Starbuck’s forever.

The class was finally over and she waited to get her essay back.

“Can I see Peter, Stephanie and Pam for a moment after class?”  He gave Jamie the rest of the essays to pass out as he waited for the three to see him.

Pam didn’t even move, Stephanie and Peter was already at his desk, knowing they were underachievers, but Pam seemed genuinely surprised and there was a worried look etched in her face.  He liked the advantage he had.

“Peter, I will give you a chance to do this over and I do mean over.  There is nothing worthwhile in your essay now, so you need to get a fresh perspective and a good one.  You have a week to get it finished and I expect a higher caliber output.”

“Yes, Professor Glickman,” Peter meekly accepting what he knew to be true.  He would need some help, but he would manage to get it done.

Professor Glickman moved onto to Stephanie, noticing that Pam had finally got out of her seat and was waiting behind her.  “Stephanie, your essay was marginal, but I know you can do better.  It is almost over and graduation is here, but you need to put the same effort that you did prior to this.  I know you have the potential and I expect it when you turn this back in a week.”

“I’m sorry, Professor Glickman.  I’ve been busy interviewing and got excited when I secured a position at Redlands University library as an assistant librarian.  It is close to my home and is the ideal job for me.  I will take care of this right away, sorry that I disappointed you, Professor Glickman.  I have enjoyed all of your classes.”

“I know you will not disappoint me again, thank you, and congratulations on your job.  They are lucky to get you.”

Now it was time for Pam, but this was not the time or the place.

“I’m not sure what the problem is, Professor Glickman.  My paper was excellent, but I am willing to discuss any shortcomings that you may feel it presented.”  It must be a mistake, the paper was flawless.  Pam was worried, but she was confident she could overcome any of his objections or criticism.

“Your essay will take more than a couple of minutes to discuss, Pam.  Would you be available to come to my office at five tonight?  I want to give you all the opportunities you deserve, but I am pressed for time now and you have a class soon.”  He saw the disappointment in her face, leaving her with the unknown as to why she didn’t do well, but he liked that.  It would give her time to worry and he liked her being worried.

“I understand, Professor Glickman, though I wish we could resolve it now, but I don’t want to rush you into any rash decision.  Could you make it four instead of five?”  The buildings were pretty empty by five.

“I have a faculty meeting that wouldn’t be over until four or four-thirty so I wouldn’t want you to wait needlessly.  Do you have a problem with five?”  He looked into her eyes.    

“No, that will be fine.  I’ll see you at five.  Thank you.” 

She swished as she turned around and walked out, his eyes gazing at the hypnotic sway of her ass.  He couldn’t wait until five, reaching down and straightening his cock in his pants.

The rest of the afternoon was hard, Pam impatient, not knowing what the problem was and unable to find out.  She went back to her dorm room, took a shower, but put her same clothes back on.  She didn’t want to look like she changed her clothes for him, but she needed the shower to refresh herself.  She raced across the quad to get to his office, not many students around the building, most had gone to dinner or back to their rooms.  The hall was quiet as she walked down it in her sneakers, not a single voice coming from any of the offices or classes, most of the doors closed and the shades drawn.  Pam had never seen the building this quiet and deserted, almost eerie.  She finally saw the lights shining out into the hallway from his office, glad to get into the safety of his office.

He was sitting behind his desk when she walked in, looking up and gazing at her body once again.  His erection was already there, thinking about her for the last fifteen minutes.  He had walked around the floor of the building, completely deserted, all the doors locked.  “Come in, Pam.  Close the door so we can have some privacy.”  She closed the door, the shade already down.  He would lock the door soon enough to insure complete privacy.

She sat down on the chair in front of his desk, her lip quivering.  She took the initiative and started.  “I looked at my essay, Professor Glickman and besides a few grammar errors that I missed, it is a solid paper.  It deserves an A.”  She was confidant.

“I can’t agree with you more, Pam.  It did get an A, fifteen years ago when I gave it to Jeremy Stone, one of my graduate students.  He did an excellent job on it.”  He saw her jaw drop in surprise; he had seen other students that got caught buying papers with the same reaction.  There was software out now that professors could use to find similar papers.  There were too many Internet sites that sold recycled papers from former students so the university became proactive in trying to wipe out the practice of buying papers.  In this case, he found it on his own and the university knew nothing.  He hoped to keep it that way otherwise she wouldn’t be graduating.  The honor policy at the university was strictly enforced with no exceptions.  Only he offered alternatives. 

Shit, damn, how could I be so stupid!  She was told that the paper was written just for her, not something recycled.  She was so pressed for time with interviews and job searches that before she knew it, the paper was due and she had no time to do it. This was the first time she ever did such a thing and now she was caught.  She was dead!  She had to think fast or her future was down the drain.  There was no use trying to deny it, the paper was turned into him decades ago.  “I never did this before,” she confessed.  “With interviews and job searches, I was desperate.  I still haven’t found a job and need something soon.  I can write another paper, this time my own work, please,” she began to beg.

“I don’t mind giving the students that tried another chance, Pam, but you did nothing but copy someone else’s work.  I have never seen that before with you and I have checked back since I discovered this incidence.  I am sure that this is your first time, but the university has a strict policy on this, although I haven’t said anything to anyone yet.”  He waited for her to start begging, he liked that.

Pam knew that she would be expelled without graduating if the university found out.  She worked too hard to give it all up now.  There had to be another way out of this.  She watched as he got up and walked to the door.  She was confused, but then he locked the door and sat back down in his chair.  She began to think that there would be another way and he would tell her soon enough.  The building was deserted, the door locked, the shade drawn.  Professor Glickman had set this up.  There could be only one solution, but his next words still shocked her.

“I couldn’t with good conscious let you off so easily, it wouldn’t be fair to the students that put in the effort and got their reward.  The only solution is that you must be punished for your indiscretion.  Now I can send this to the university and we know what their punishment will be.  Is that what you would like, Pam?”

“No, Sir,” her voice growing soft and docile. 

“Would you like me to decide the punishment, Pam?” He rubbed his cock as it jerked in his pants in excitement.

She had no choice.  She was afraid of what the punishment would be.  She thought he wanted her sexually, but this was more sinister and painful, but she had no choice.  It was a turning point in her life, she would have to submit or end up a failure after all these years of working hard.  Yes, Sir,” her timid voice responded.

“And you will willfully submit to anything and everything, Pam?  No matter what?”  He was going to enjoy this more than he expected.  She turned subservient easily. 

She watched as he stood up and moved next to her.  She looked up at him but she couldn’t help but notice that the front of his pants was bulging with an erection that he couldn’t contain.  He held out his hand for her.  She stood up and he brought her over to the table at the side of the room.  He cleared it off.  She felt his hand on her back as he pushed harder.

“Bend over the table.  Put your face down on it, Pam.”  He pushed down harder until she bent over the table submissively, looking down to see her ass rising up higher.

WWWhaat are you going to dddooo?”  She felt her skirt ride up her legs, regretting wearing one so short.  Her cheek hit the cold wood, his hand pushed her head to one side so he could see her face.  His hands were gentle as they pushed her brown hair off of her face. 

“I think a spanking is in order, don’t you, Pam?  That is how you teach a naughty girl to behave.  From the look back here, your butt is ripe for a spanking.  Ask me to spank you, Pam.”

She hadn’t been spanked since she was five, but this was going to be something much different than that.  The words were the hardest thing she ever said.  “Spank me; punish me for what I did.” 

Professor Glickman wasn’t ugly or disgusting, but he was older and what he wanted to do to her was depraved.  She was afraid that once he spanked her there would be more than that she would have to perform.  Yet she had no choice but to submit.  She jumped when his hand slid down her back and touched the top of her buttocks.

“Relax, it won’t be so bad, you might even like it,” his voice soft and soothing as he began to explore her ass.  He could feel her buttock muscles contracting as he touched her, but he would soon have her submitting to his touch. 

She kept waiting for him to spank her buttocks, but he didn’t, the wait worse than the pain she expected.  His hand freely ran over her buttocks, Pam unable to stop her muscles from revolting against the unnatural touch.  His hand slid down lower until she felt it on her naked leg, realizing that she was showing a lot from behind, her skirt barely covered her panties.   She gasped in surprise when his hand slid up under her skirt, pushing it out of the way as his hot hand touched her naked buttocks, ashamed she wore a thong.  His fingers grew excited when they touched her naked flesh, clenching on her buttocks and pulling them apart.

“Nice ass, Pam, real nice ass.”  He pushed her skirt all the way up her back, her naked ass revealed to his eyes, the tiny string pushed and hidden in the tight crack of her ass.  He looked lower, the pouty lips of her pussy pushed out from behind in spite of her legs clamped tightly together.  Her buttock muscles danced erotically for him as he touched her.

She was almost naked from behind, Pam mortified at the thought of what he might do. 

“SSSSMMACCCK!”  Professor Glickman put all of the power behind the first spank, catching one white cheek with his palm.  He was rewarded with her cry.

“OOOWW!”  She cried out, the loud pop of his hand on her buttock ringing out, and then she felt the sudden stinging from where he had struck her.  He didn’t pull his hand away, caressing the spanked flesh, Pam feeling the heat of the blow on her skin.  She almost wished he would continue fondling her, afraid of the next blow.  His hand finally deserted her buttock and she gritted her teeth in anticipation.  It took only a second, hearing the swoosh of his hand flying through the air and then the noise as it made contact with her other buttocks.

“SSSMMACCK!”  Professor Glickman didn’t hold back with the second blow, finding untouched flesh on her other cheek.  Her body shook, but her cry was muffled, more of a whimper.  He felt the flesh heat up and when he pulled his hand away, both of her buttocks were turning a pretty pink.  “Open up your thighs and spread your legs wider, Pam,” his hand lightly tapped the soft skin of one thigh until she began to spread her legs.

She had no choice, knowing that she was exposing more to him, but her ass was burning and he had barely started.  He tapped her thighs, harder until she continued to spread her legs, not letting her stop until they were spread wide, almost touching the corners of the table.  His hands moved lower now, caressing her down her stinging buttocks, but he didn’t stop, running over her thighs down to her knee, then back up.  Pam held her breath as his hands moved closer to her pussy, the wide spread of her legs left her open and vulnerable.  Her panties were pulled tight over her mound and she knew that she was lewdly exposed from behind. 

He stopped just before he got to her pussy, wanting her aroused before he touched her there, knowing that she would find the heat of the spanking turn to something else soon enough.  He lightly tapped her thighs, one side to the other, working her from her knees to her crotch, without ever touching her pussy. 

He started working on her ass again, though his spanks weren’t as hard, but she still felt the sting of his palm.  He worked each cheek from the top all the way down to the soft skin that separated her buttocks from her thighs.  She expected him to touch her pussy but he didn’t, Pam spread wide and available, yet she was untouched.  It wasn’t so much pain any longer, though she wasn’t sure what she was feeling.  She began to move her hips, pushing her ass back and up, offering her ass up to him to spank, but hoping that his fingers would linger lower down.

Her ass was red now in spite of hitting her softer, her skin not used to the abuse.  He could make out the subtle movement of her hips and her ass arched up higher, Pam almost on her toes.  He moved between her legs, reaching down with his hands, one on each side of her crotch.  His fingers found her flesh, her thigh but also they caught the edges of her pussy, his fingers pushed into the lips of her pussy.  She sighed loudly when his fingers touched her pussy.  “On your toes, Pam.  Arch up your ass and present it for me.”  He wasn’t surprised when she sprung to her toes, her spread legs perched up high, her ass pushed back and so available, but so was her pussy.

She obeyed without question, Pam confused why her body responded in such a way, but all she could feel was his fingers that dug into the flesh lips of her pussy.  As she arched up, his fingers moved forward, more of her pussy engulfed in his powerful fingers and squeezed.  She felt the rush of wetness between her legs, ashamed that Professor Glickman would feel the same thing.  His fingers were moving on her pussy, squeezing, pulling, touching her intimately.  She never felt anything like this before.  Her ass was burning up from the spanking, but her pussy was burning up with desire.  Suddenly she was deserted, his hands pulled away, Pam pushed her ass back farther, trying to find them again.

He slapped her ass.  “Hold on,” he saw how eager she became.  He could smell her arousal.  “Let me slip off your thong, Pam.  It doesn’t hide much.”

She closed her eyes, not wanting to see his face when he made her naked from the waist down, ashamed at her own arousal, but refusing to stop him.  She relaxed her buttocks when he pulled the string down from her crack and then her thong was nothing more than a patch a cloth between her legs.  She obediently closed her legs until he pulled it off her feet, but as soon as it was gone, she spread her legs, wider than before.  Her buttocks tightened when his hand touched them.

“Relax, Pam, loosen up your buttocks.”  Her muscles surrendered.  He moved his hand down her cheeks until he got to her pussy.  His fingers found the wet, soft petals of her pussy and he peeled them back to expose the slick, pink inner flesh.   He pulled her petals back until she groaned, but he held her open as his eyes devoured the wet flesh.

Why am I letting him do this to me?  She felt her pussy opened up as he kneeled behind her, his breath blowing on her flesh he was so close.  He was only inches from her naked pussy, no man had ever been that close in the bright lights.  His fingers kept her open.  Then she felt it.  It wasn’t his finger that touched her slit.  This was hot and wet and it licked up her slit.  “AAAWWWHHH!”  His tongue began to lick her pussy from behind and the only thing she could do was push her ass into his face as he began to work her over with his tongue.  He expertly licked her, up one side of her slit and down the other, all the way to her perineum, then back up to her pussy, his sharp tongue pushed into her tight hole as though he was trying to fuck her with it.

She tasted so good, devouring her.  Her hips squirmed but it wasn’t to escape but push his tongue in farther.  He licked her and then he changed to biting her lips, soft, gentle bites, but with her lips between his teeth, he pulled his head back and her lips stretched out.  She was moaning louder now, so he went to work on her clit, his tongue snaked up high and she perched precariously on her toes as his tongue licked over the swollen bud of her clit.

How could he make me cum?  She was on the edge, his tongue almost between the cheeks of her ass as his tongue lavished its attention on her clit. It was maddening, flicking back and forth over it.  Her body froze in fear when his teeth bit it at the base, but he gently secured it as his tongue went back to working her clit into a sexual frenzy.  She wouldn’t last much longer, ashamed of cumming for him like this, but wanting it so bad. 

He was ready for the final assault on her.  His tongue ran back down her slit and over her perineum but he didn’t stop there.  His fingers pulled apart her buttocks until they strained open and left her exposed all the way up her crack.  That is where he found the wrinkled brown hole waiting for him.  He circled it with his wet tongue as she cried out in shameless abandonment. 

“No, Not There!”  Yet she fought the muscles in her buttocks to keep them open for his powerful fingers.  She felt the wet tongue lather up her anus, the muscles clenching uncontrollably from the lewd fondling.  She felt the muscles strain as his tongue felt like it was growing hard as it pushed into the center of her defenseless anus and began to expand her anal ring around it.  She felt her buttocks released, but she kept them docile as his fingers slid back and aroused her pussy once again.  Her clit was attacked with one hand, but the other found the opening of her pussy and two fingers plunged easily into her soaked passage and began to fuck her.  The fingers began to plunge in and out, but when they pulled completely out, they would lightly tap her pussy lips from behind as if he was spanking her pussy.  Then they entered her again, her muscles gripped and held them tight as her clit was pinched and rubbed until the feeling built up in her body and she could no longer contain it. 

Just as she began to cum, he slapped her pussy from behind three times, harder than before, but it did little to dampen her enthusiasm.  He felt her pussy clench around his fingers when he fingered her again, this time three fingers spreading her open as her pussy flooded them with her juices.  Even her ass muscles clenched in sync with her pussy, Pam enjoyed all the sensations that raced through her body.  He pulled his tongue from her anus so he could lap up her juices until her body lay still on the table.

The orgasm that raced through her body drained her; unable to explain why she came so explosively while having her ass and pussy eaten from behind by Professor Glickman, but she couldn’t deny that it was something she never experienced before.  Not even her fingers could drive an orgasm that would rival that.  She heard him get up behind her, but she couldn’t move her body if she wanted to. Her muscles felt like jelly.  She heard the sound of a zipper pulled down and knew she wasn’t finished yet.  His belt hit the floor behind her as he dropped his pants.  She only hoped that he would take her pussy and not expect her to reciprocate with her mouth.  She had never taken a man in her mouth except for a few kisses and licks.  She moaned softly when the head of his cock ran up and down her slit, feeling the head gather up her juices.  He slid in easily, Pam ashamed how soaked she was.  He began to fuck her immediately.  She knew she had to give him his pleasure so she pushed back to meet his powerful thrusts, clenching her pussy on his cock when he withdrew.  His balls slammed against her as he pummeled her pussy from behind with deep, powerful thrusts, but there was no pain, only the pleasure of getting taken so completely by one man.

Professor Glickman didn’t last long, young, tight pussies always made him cum sooner and Pam was no exception.  It felt like her pussy was nibbling at his cock, clenching so tight that he groaned as he threw a powerful fuck back into her and slammed hard against her cervix.  It did little to stop her from shoving back onto his cock.  It took a couple more minutes until her pussy wrung the cum from his balls.

She felt his hot cum bathe her insides, jet after jet shooting inside but she could do little but finish him off.  It felt like gallons of cum was in her when he finally pulled out, Pam feeling the cum drip down her thigh when he pulled away.  He was a gentleman, handing her a small towel to wipe up the leaking cum.  He pulled his pants up and was back behind his desk before she could fully find her thong and put it on.  With her skirt down, she sat back in the chair but the smell of sex permeated the room.

“I feel you have redeemed yourself, Pam.  I’ll make no further mention of this and I wish you the best for graduation.”

“I think I’ve learned my lesson well, Professor Glickman and will never do that again.  I want to thank you for a lesson learned.”  But Pam wasn’t sure that she had learned a lesson or learned something new about herself.  She enjoyed that much more than she should have.  He took her against her will and she came like a ten-dollar whore.  What did he do to make her feel that way?  Would anyone else be able to do the same thing?   She left his office with his sperm still floating around in her pussy. 

The End