The Orphanage

By Powerone

Copyright 2014

Chapter 2

First Orphan-Mary

There was no shortage of willing workers to build the orphanage on Judge Salisbury’s estate.  The two buildings that were there were adequate, they just needed the interiors to be designed for the specific purposes.  In normal times, workers might have asked about the odd requirements and equipment, but with no work available anywhere else, they dare not say a word or else they would lose the only job they have had in a long time.

It took less than a month to complete the task.  Judge Salisbury and Walter Jameson toured the completed facility and were pleased with the outcome.  It was time for the first occupant, but they had one more chore to take care of.  They needed a matron to head it, neither of them wanted to get involved in the day-to-day operations, especially when the number of orphans increased.  They only wanted the pleasure.

“May I call you Sally,” Judge Salisbury asked the woman that sat in the chair in front of his desk.  Walter sat on the couch, observing.

“Yes, Sir.”  Sally had heard about the job through some friends.

Judge Salisbury looked at her resume.  She had applied a week ago and he had lots of time to check her out.  She had been a matron for 10 orphanages in the last fifteen years.  Quite a checkered past.  “Why do you want to work for us, Sally?”

“I want to make a difference with the orphans.  To make their dismal life a bit better.”  She had practiced this many times to get it right.

“I have checked your past employment history, Sally.  That is the least of your reasons for doing this line of work.  Out of the ten orphanages you worked at, you were let go from seven of them and asked to resign from three of them.  If my memory is correct, the last one threatened to bring you up on charges.”  He saw the blood rush from her face when he said it.  “It seems that you have a nasty streak in you when it comes to orphans.  There were rumors of sexual abuse with not only boys, but also the girls.”

Sally knew the interview was over, there was no chance she would get the job.  She was desperate for work, but she got up and tried to act calmly.  “Thank you for your time, Judge Salisbury.  I’ll go now.”  She started to walk out before she heard his voice.

“My only regret is that you lied to me.  I can’t stomach a liar.”  He saw her turn with a surprised look on her face.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t think you would understand.”

“I understand fully what and who you are Sally.  That is why you are here.”

“What do you mean?”  She was confused.

“Sit down, Sally.  If I can have your assurance that you won’t lie to me again, there might be a place for you here.  I am looking for a head matron for our new orphanage and I think your…particular experience and attitude might be what we are looking for.”

She sat in the chair.  “What type of orphans are you planning to bring in?”

“Young girls between the ages of ten and thirteen.  Healthy and fit.  We don’t want the sick or slow.  We will also take in a few boys of the same age.”

“What are you expecting from your head matron?”

“You will oversee their cleanliness, training and punishment.”


“Yes.  We are a privately funded orphanage.  Our endowment comes from our patrons and they have discerning tastes.  The girls and boys will be trained to service all their needs, no matter how painful or perverted.  They will be made available to any of them and also perform for a group.”  Judge Salisbury saw her face light up and a smile appeared.

“I presume corporal punishment is recommended?”

“Of course, that is the only way to get them to agree to submit to our patrons.”

“They will be trained sexually as well as sexually abused?”

“Not so much training.  The patrons prefer innocence and reluctance.  If they don’t cooperate, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it more if they have to force them.  But, yes, they are to be sexually abused, by male or female.  Humiliation will be an important part of that.  Is this something that might interest you, Sally?”

“Yes, Sir.”  She sat upright in the chair.

“The pay is ten dollars a week, but we’ll take care of room and board.   And there will be the added fringe benefits provided by our charges.  As the orphanage grows bigger and your staff grows, your pay will grow with it.”

“I can start tomorrow.  I have to go pick up my clothes and that’s all.  Do you have anyone yet?”  Sally was eager to show Judge Salisbury her skills.

“We should have a girl by tomorrow evening.  She comes before me in court tomorrow and I’m sure that her well-being will be better served in our orphanage instead of on the streets where she would be unsuspecting prey for predators.”

“I look forward to showing you my talents, Judge Salisbury.”  Sally couldn’t believe how much she would be paid.  Even better, she wouldn’t have to hide her true intentions as she did at her previous jobs.    

* * * *

Mary was confused.  She was picked up by the Sheriff and held in a jail cell.  She was scared at night, hearing the booming voices of drunks or the yelling of those that were crazy, all of them so close to her.  She huddled into a ball on the bed.  She was glad when the sun came up; at least the daytime wasn’t as ominous as the night.  She lost her parents about a month ago.  She was trying to make her way to her grandparent’s house, but it was over a thousand miles.  She didn’t trust anyone, especially the state.  She tried to get away from the Sheriff, but he cornered her until she had to come out of hiding.  She feared what would happen to her.

Sheriff Blake went to her cell.  He had to put the kids in cells, no other place for them.  He had talked to the Judge last night about Mary and they decided that she should be the first one for the orphanage.  He had checked out the story of her parents.  They had died, her father committed suicide after losing all the money in the fall of the stock market, but not before he took his wife’s life.  Sheriff Blake was sure that he had planned to kill Mary also, but she got lucky.  She had misbehaved at school that day and they kept her after class as punishment.  When she got home, the police and coroner were already there.  They told her the news of the death of her parents, but in all the confusion, she had managed to slip away undetected.

He checked on her grandparents.  They were over sixty and lived in Arizona.  They might have taken her, but he doubted it would have been very long before they passed away also.  She was better off at the orphanage.  At least he thought so. 

She was an attractive young twelve-year old girl.  She was still a bit skinny and she barely had two bumps for tits, but she would fill out soon enough.  She had long legs and a cute little bottom.  A dirty blonde, the men would love her long hair to use as reins to guide her head when she sucked them.  She had these big blues, a pert little nose and luscious, full lips for a young girl her age.  She had been on the road for a month, so she was smart.  She managed to stay away from the men that would take her innocence, or Sheriff Blake hoped she still preserved her prize possessions. 

“Come on, time to see the judge.”  He opened up the door and led her out.  He would like to put cuffs on her to make sure she didn’t run away, but for appearance’s sake he wouldn’t until the hearing was over.

“Why do I have to see the judge?”  She hoped that they would let her go, but that looked like a foolish thought.  The sheriff put his hand on her shoulder and he dug his fingers in until they hurt.  She looked up at him.

“Don’t you try to get away or else you’ll be in serious trouble,” he warned her, digging his fingers harder into the soft flesh of her shoulder until he saw her cringe in pain.

The hearing took less than a minute.  It was preordained.  “The court finds that Mary would be better served at the Astor Orphanage until the age of sixteen or the orphanage finds a suitable home for her.  Take her away.”

Mary didn’t even know what happened until the Sheriff led her out of the courtroom.  He shoved her into the back of his police car parked in the alley behind the courthouse.  He climbed in the back seat with her, out of sight of everyone.  “Turn around.”  She didn’t move fast enough so he yanked her and pulled her arms behind her.  He put the small cuffs on her wrists, barely able to close far enough to hold them, but they clicked in place.  He turned her around until she faced him.

“Where are you taking me?”  She was afraid; her arms bound behind her, in the back of the sheriff’s car, no one else in the deserted alley.  The sheriff was old, his shirt stained with sweat, smelling of foul breath.  He looked at her funny as she sat so close to him.

“You’re going to the Astor Orphanage.  They’ll take care of you.  You’ll learn to obey or else.  Now come here, give me a little kiss before we go.” He grabbed her before she could move away from him.

“No, I don’t want to kiss you.  Let me go.  I’ll tell someone, the police, the judge, someone.”

“I’m the only law in this town and the judge wouldn’t help you.”  He grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap, her cute bottom settling down on his raging erection.

She got scared when he placed her on his lap.  She felt the bulge beneath her butt and knew what it was.  Then his lips pushed against hers.  She tried to turn her head away, but he held it.  She felt his hot, stinking breath in her mouth and then she felt his tongue push open her lips and he pushed it deep inside.  It explored her mouth, running over her gums and teeth, his spit filling it with his foul stench.  His lips were wet and he slobbered on her, but then she felt one of his hands slide up her body and then his fingers pinched her chest until he found what he was looking for.

She had little titties, but he pinched until he found a nipple that sprang to life in spite of the brutality of his fingers.  He pinched her nipple hard until he heard her cry of pain smothered by his lips.  He yanked on it as she squirmed on his lap trying to get away, but he enjoyed the way her bottom rubbed his cock back and forth.  He finally pulled back from the kiss, her lips wet with his spit.  He looked down at her top and he could make out one of her little nipples popping out like a spring flower.  “You like that, I can tell.  You rub your bottom so nicely on me but it’s time to get you to the orphanage.  I don’t want them to get mad at me.  We’ll have some time together later when you’ve been broken in.”  He got out of the backseat and locked the doors.  He drove off to the Judge’s house and her new home at the orphanage.

She tried to spit his foul stench out of her mouth, but it still lingered.  Her nipple ached where he squeezed it so tight and she couldn’t understand why it was hard and throbbing.  She was grateful he got out of the back seat, but she was scared of the orphanage.

He pulled up in front and Sally was standing there waiting for him.  Next to him was Walter Astor.  He hadn’t expected him to be here.  He pulled her out of the back seat but whispered into her ear.  “If you mention one word of what happened in the back seat, I’ll come for you and take you out into the woods.  I’ll strip you naked and whip you with a bullwhip until I skin you alive.  You understand, Mary?”

She could only nod her head, trembling in fear.  She just wanted to get away from him.  Anything had to be better than him. 

“What took so long?”  Walter was impatient, forced to stand here for long minutes.

“Had trouble with the car, but here she is.  Pretty little thing, don’t you think so?”

“Take her inside, Sally.  I think a bath to clean her up first.  Don’t want bugs in our new orphanage.”

Sally took the handcuffs off Mary and gave them to the sheriff.  “I can handle her from here on.”  She smiled at the sheriff, not wanting to make any enemies.

Mary was glad she wasn’t handcuffed but as soon as they were inside, the doors closed and it locked with a key from the inside.  There was no way she would get out through the door.  She hoped she would have a better chance with the windows, but the ones in the front had bars on the outside.  It was almost like a prison in here, but at least it was clean and dry.

“I’m the matron here, Mary.  You will call me Madam or Ma’am.  Anything else and you will be punished, do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” trying to get along without trouble.  She looked in the other rooms as they walked down the hallway but didn’t see or hear anyone.  The only sound was the man following them.  The same man that stood out front when she arrived.  He was old, at least sixty, distinguished and he dressed well, but he had an evil glint in his eye when he looked at her.

She was led into the showers.  It was a large room with over six showers on two walls.  In the center of the room was a long bench and beneath the bench were drains in the tile floor.  There were strange shower nozzles and hoses, some flexible hoses that were long and at the end were shiny metal nozzles, but they were strangely shaped.  The matron led her over towards one of the showers, but in the wall was a small hose with a shower attachment on it.  On the floor were two sturdy four legged stools.  The matron brought over washcloths, towels and soap.  The man came in the shower with them.  She looked up at him, surprised by his presence. 

“Take off all your clothes, Mary.  Master Astor will bathe you.”  Sally saw the surprised look on her face, even though she was only twelve, she would still be ashamed to stand nude in front of Master Astor.

“No, I can’t do that,” she cried out.  She didn’t even see it coming. The matron smacked her bottom so hard that it stung.  She turned around but Master Astor smacked her bottom again.  “OOOWW!”  The Matron spanked her bottom again, this time harder.  “Don’t, please, no more,” tears fell from her eyes.

“Are you going to take off your clothes, Mary?  Master Astor is the head of this orphanage.  You will do everything he tells you to do or you will suffer the consequences.  Now we can spank that cute little ass all day until you grow tired, but have no doubts, you will take off your clothes at the end.”

Mary’s bottom stung from the spanking and both of them seemed to enjoy doing it to her.  She couldn’t escape yet, but she had to do what they wanted at least until she could find a way out of here.  “Yes, don’t spank me anymore.”  Tears ran down her cheeks, not so much in pain, but from the humiliation of having to take her clothes off in front of two strangers, one of them an older man.

Walter’s cock grew harder as he watched her.  Sally made Mary face him as she undressed.  His eyes stared at her chest as she unbuttoned the dirty blouse she wore.  She had a boy’s tee shirt underneath it and he could make out the two bumps and little nipples.  She pulled it over her head and her hands clutched her naked chest.

“Hands to your side, Mary.  Obey!”  Walter’s voice boomed with authority.

She had no choice, putting her hands at her sides, clenched in fists.  Her body was flushed and pink with shame as he stared at her.

“Now your pants.  Take them off for me.”  Walter couldn’t wait to bathe here and get his hands on her young, nubile body.

She tried not to look at them as she took off her pants.  She slid them down off her legs and kicked off her shoes and socks.  She stood up in her underpants, a dirty white but they were her last pair.  Her hand clutched the waistband in shame, knowing what she had to do, but afraid to do it.

“Take them off, Mary.  Now!”  He wanted to reach down and stroke his cock, but he didn’t want to scare her yet.  That would come soon enough when he started washing her and inspecting her supple body.  She was young and could be placed in positions that would tax an older woman.  He liked the flexibility of her limbs.

She slipped down her underpants and let them slide to her ankles.  She kicked them off, not wanting to bend over.  She knew what she had to do, taking her hands away from her crotch and placing them obediently at her sides. 

He stood and looked at her bald pussy.  Her lips were tight and she kept her thighs clenched tight.  “Very good, Mary.  You’re learning to obey.  Keep it up.  Now sit on the stool while I get ready.  I’m going to bathe you.”

“No, please, don’t,” she cried out, but he was already taking off his clothes and hanging them neatly on the hooks nearby.  He took everything off until he stood there in his undershorts.  She couldn’t look at him.  She did what she had to and sat down on the stool in the front.  She placed her knees coyly together and her hands grasped her naked breasts to cover them.  She trembled when she heard him sit behind her.  She heard the water come on and shivered when he sprayed her until she was completely wet.  The water was warm, but she still shivered in fear.  She heard the familiar sound of a washcloth being soaped and her body froze.  She knew he would touch her soon and feared what he would do.