The Orphanage


Copyright 2014

Chapter 4

Ladies Day at the Orphanage

“Mr. Astor said you would be coming today.  I have a room ready for you with everything that you requested.”  Sally looked at the two women that sat before her.  They looked very prim and proper, but Sally knew otherwise.  From the look of their clothes and jewelry, they were well off in spite of the depression.  They were both attractive, yet neither wore a wedding ring.  Sally was told that they were sisters.  They had to be mid-thirty or so.  They both wore suits, one dark blue and the other black, with pencil skirts  that went below their knees.  Mr. Astor said they paid well for the privileges they would receive today and Sally was to give them everything they wanted.  If they enjoyed themselves, they would be back again and would spread the word to their wealthy friends that had the same inclinations.

“I’m Mabel and my twin sister Abagail.  I want to thank you in advance for everything.  You’ll be rewarded when we are finished, if everything is to our satisfaction.”

“You’re very generous.  If you need anything, feel free to ask.  Would you like me to check in on you?”

“No, we enjoy our privacy.  We’ll ring you on the phone if we need anything.  Tell me about the boy,” Abagail chimed in, not wanting any interruptions once they started.

“Stewart was brought to the orphanage this morning.  He is being cleaned up as we speak.  He’s thirteen, a gawky, tall skinny boy.  He hasn’t eaten much in a month.  He gobbled down the breakfast that we gave him.  He takes to himself, a bit shy, but more awkward than anything else.  His mother died in childbirth and his father abandoned him about a month ago.  Stewart didn’t say why he left; only that he lost his job months ago and they were living in their car until it broke down and it was towed off one day.

“He sounds exactly like what we wanted.  Can you take us to the room?”  Mabel was eager.

“Yes, follow me.   Sally led them down the hall and down one flight of stairs to the basement.  The rooms down there were soundproof and wouldn’t bother or frighten anyone else.  She opened the steel door.

Abagail looked around, exactly what they wanted.  It had everything, including some things they didn’t think of.  “It’s perfect.”

“There’s a small refrigerator and some food and drinks.  I imagine you’ll spend the day so the three of you might get hungry.  I’ll be back in a few minutes with Stewart.”  Sally left them to explore.  She went upstairs to the boy’s dormitory.  Stewart was sitting on the bed, alone, no other boys in the orphanage yet.  Stewart looked much better cleaned up.  His sandy blonde hair was thin and went every direction.  He wore a pair of jeans and a tee shirt with slippers.  She couldn’t see them, but she knew he wore white boxer shorts underneath, standard issue for the boys.

“Ma’am.”  Stewart stood up as soon as she entered.  She was the woman that ran the orphanage so he was respectful.  He had a belly full of food, clean clothes and a bed to sleep in tonight.  He hadn’t been this well off in a month or more.  He was glad that he was here.

“How do you like it here, Stewart?”  He gazed down at the ground, refusing to look at her as one foot shuffled on the floor.

“I like it Ma’am.  Thank you.”  He mumbled the words.  He hadn’t spoken to anyone in a month, trying to stay clear of trouble on the streets.

“You be respectful to your elders and do what they say and you’ll get along fine.  Otherwise, you’ll be punished.  Do you understand, Stewart?  You do whatever they say, no matter whether you like it or not.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“I’m going to take you downstairs to meet Mistress Abagail and Mistress Mabel.  They are very rich and powerful.  They’ve taken a liking to you and that’s a good thing.  They can get you things that the orphanage can’t afford that’ll make your life a lot better.  You’ll spend a couple of years here, but they can make it better.  But, you have to do as they say.  Are you going to be a good boy and do what they say, Stewart?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Let’s go.”  She took his hand as they went out, feeling how clammy and wet it was.  He was nervous.  She took him downstairs to the dark corridor until they came to the room.  “In there, Stewart.   They’re waiting for you.  Don’t forget, do what they say.  No matter what.”  She opened the door and let him go in.  She slammed it behind him, the heavy iron door clanged as it closed.

Stewart saw the two women, but they weren’t what he expected.  He thought they would be like his grandmother before she died, old and wrinkled, but these were young and so beautiful.  And they were twins, hard to differentiate between them except for the color of their suits.   They dressed as if they had lots of money.  They both smiled at him, but then the door slammed behind him and it scared him.

It’s okay, Stewart, come over here.”

Sally was right; he was tall and skinny.  But that would be okay.  “You can call me Mistress Abagail and this is my sister, Mistress Mabel.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“I said to call us Mistress Abagail and Mistress Mabel.  You’re going to have to listen to what we say and do what we say.  You’ll be punished for disobeying already.  You’re going to have to do better to please us, Stewart.”

He couldn’t believe he was in trouble already and she talked about punishing him.  “Yes, Mistress Abagail and Mistress Mabel.  I’m sorry.  I’ll do better.”  He had a chance to look around the room, not sure what it was.  It looked like a doctor’s office, but there was more to it besides that.  There were metal tables, but also a wooden beam bolted to the floor and it jutted upright.  It had metal rings all along it.  There were small tables with lots of things, like ropes, chains, surgical equipment and some things he didn’t know what they were.  There were other pieces of furniture or equipment, but they were covered with white cloths. 

“Come over here, Stewart.”

He could smell their perfume as he stood between them.  They smelled so good.  He was nervous, not sure what they wanted, afraid of disobeying them again and be punished more.  He felt Abagail behind him and Mabel moved in front of him, so close that they almost touched. 

“You’re a handsome boy, Stewart.”  Mabel’s hand went up to his chest and her fingers rubbed him.

Mabel moved so close that she pushed against him.  His cock got instantly hard and Stewart hoped she wouldn’t notice.  She touched his chest and it made his cock jerk in his pants.  No woman or girl had ever done that to him.  She moved closer and he bumped into Abagail behind him, sending shivers through his body when he felt her breasts push into his back.  Mabel’s fingers rubbed his chest, but then moved over to one side and he jerked when he felt her fingers grip one of his nipples.  It pinched, but it hurt in a good way; Stewart had never felt anything like it.  He couldn’t say a word, his mouth parched, his cock throbbing.  This had never happened to him before and he was speechless.

“I think Stewart likes this, Abagail.”  Mabel reached up and began to pinch both of his nipples, feeling them get hard, but not as hard as the cock that pushed against her.  He might be tall and skinny, but his cock was long and hard, just like any thirteen-year old horny boy.

“Take off his shirt.”  Abagail wanted him stripped to the waist so they could secure his hands.

Mabel looked into his eyes as she released his nipples and began to open his shirt.  His hands stayed at his sides and he refused to look back at her, but he made no effort to stop them.  “What a manly chest he has, Abagail.”  She pulled the shirt apart and slid it off his shoulders.  Abagail had it off in a second and threw it to the floor.  Mabel’s fingers moved back up to his nipples, now hard little buttons.  She gripped them with two fingers on each one and squeezed them harder and harder until she saw his lip curl in pain.  “Does that hurt, Stewart?

He never had a woman tell him he was manly, feeling so proud that these two women were so fond of him.  His cock was so hard that his balls ached, afraid that if he touched it, he would cum in his pants and shame himself.  “A little, Mistress Mabel.”  It hurt, but his cock didn’t think so.  Each time she twisted them, his cock jerked and shuddered.

“You’re a good boy, Stewart, but you did disobey us once so you’ll have to be punished.  Abagail is going to tie your hands together.  You’re not going to give her any trouble, are you, Stewart?”  She twisted his nipples harder, but when she pushed into the front of his pants, his cock danced inside his jeans.

“No, Mistress Mabel.  I’ll be good and take my punishment.”  As long as she touched him like she was doing, he didn’t care. 

“Put your hands up into the air with your wrists together, Stewart.”  He put his hands over his head, but he still didn’t look at them.  Abagail had the two leather wrists bands and slid them on each of his wrists.  She locked them together with the ring and the clamp.  He didn’t even see the rope come down from the ceiling with the hook on it until she had pushed the hook through the ring.  A tug of the rope and it rose up higher until his arms were stretched up tall.

Stewart almost had to stand on his toes when she bound his hands.  He hadn’t expected anything so elaborate, scaring him a little about how they would punish him.

Now that he couldn’t move away or protect himself, they could proceed.  Mabel ran her hands over his chest again, brushing across his nipples to make them harder, but she slid them down his chest to his belly, running her fingers along the edge of his pants.  “Such a strong boy.”  Mabel’s hand slid down over his belt and down the front of his pants.  “A big boy.”  Her fingers curled around his cock that pushed out the front of his pants.  It was long and skinny, but hard as a rock.  She heard him gasp and his cock jerked in her hand. 

He never felt anything like it before.  A woman’s hand grabbed his cock.  He couldn’t control it, jerking and shuddering with such pleasure.  Her fingers gripped it tighter to hold it; Stewart was fighting not to cum and shame himself.  Then he felt Abagail behind him.  Her hands ran over his buttocks, squeezing them.  It made him push forward into the hands of Mabel that squeezed his cock.  Back and forth, they made him move.  He never felt such pleasure as the two women fondled him.

Mabel knew the boy wouldn’t last long so she released his cock.  She stood back as his cock strained to get out.  “I never felt a boy so big and hard, Stewart.”  She began to open the belt on his pants and then she opened the button.  She let her hand slide over his cock, but so lightly.  He pushed his hips forward to push his cock harder into her hand, but she pulled away, just as Abagail squeezed his ass. 

Abagail pulled his cheeks apart as she squeezed each of his buttocks.  Her fingers clenched tightly on them as she felt the powerful muscles contract.

Stewart couldn’t believe what Mabel was doing.  She opened his belt and the top of his pants.  One of her hands held the top of his pants, touching his naked flesh as the other hand grabbed the zipper and pulled it down.  He heard the soft hiss as the zipper was pulled down.  “OOOHHH!”  Her hand slipped into the opening of his pants and her fingers curled around his almost naked cock.  Only the thin shorts were between the flesh of his cock and her soft hand.  She squeezed it, but then he felt Abagail pull his pants open in the back and her hand slid inside to grasp his buttocks in his thin shorts.  She squeezed them, but she also yanked them apart, his cheeks parted and sent a strange tremor to his anus.  It felt like his anus was opening and closing.  He couldn’t believe what they were doing to him and how good it felt.  He should be embarrassed that they were taking off his clothes, but their hands felt too good and Mabel said she loved his cock.  She said it was so big and hard.

“Let’s slip those jeans off, Stewart.  Is that okay?”

Yes’m, Mistress Mabel.”  They tugged his pants down to his ankles and he helped them as he lifted each leg so they could take them off.  He was left in only his shorts and his cock was so obscene, jutting out as it jerked in pleasure.  He couldn’t wait until they took off his shorts.

Mabel and Abagail went back to squeezing and fondling him.  Mabel squeezed the shaft of his cock while Abagail went to work on his ass, getting him used to being touched back there.  They made him rock back and forth between them, but they had to be careful not to make him cum yet.  They enjoyed seeing the cum fly out of boys that they masturbated and his shorts were still in the way, so it was too soon.

“You’re very excited, Stewart.  Now, I don’t want you to cum unless we give you permission.  Do you understand, Stewart?”  Mabel knew that at his age, he couldn’t control it and he would fail.

“Yes, Mistress Mabel.  I’ll try.  But it feels so good.”

“I’m going to take off your shorts now, Stewart.  So you’ll be naked for us.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress Mabel.”  Stewart could barely catch his breath.  He was going to be naked in front of two strange women.  He should be ashamed by it, but instead he was excited.  His balls ached, needing to cum, but he fought the urge.

Abagail slipped his shorts down quickly.  She pulled them off his feet and pushed them aside. 

Mabel was already inspecting his cock with her eyes, jutting out like a skinny spear in front of him.  “You be a good boy, Stewart.” 

Abagail slapped one of his cheeks, watching it turn red.

“OOOWWW!”  He cried out when she spanked him, her hand hit his naked flesh hard and it burned; but at that moment, Mabel grabbed his cock, flesh on flesh as her fingers curled around the shaft and squeezed it tight.  Abagail slapped his ass again, this time harder, making his hips jerk back and forth.  Mabel’s fingers kept a firm grip on the shaft of his cock.  It felt like she was jerking him off as he did late at night.  “OOOWW!”  Abagail spanked him again, this time between the crack of his ass, hitting both cheeks at one time.  He felt the sting, but her hand returned again with another loud crack of her hand on his ass.  She was stronger than he expected, spanking him hard.  He couldn’t stop moving his hips, trying to escape the pain, but Mabel held his cock tight and refused to release it.  Her finger slid up and down the loose skin.  Abagail hit him a half dozen more times, but the pain felt good as his ass burned until the pleasure and pain mixed.

Mabel knew he wouldn’t last more than a minute.  She squeezed his cock shaft harder as he jerked back and forth while Abagail continued to spank his ass.  His breathing became ragged, his face turned red.  She dug her fingernail into the head of his cock as it slid through her fingers and that was all that was needed.  He stood up on his toes; every muscle in his body grew tight.  She felt his cock grow in her hand, scratching her fingernail beneath the ridge of his cock on the soft underside.

Stewart forgot everything they told him; his balls ached and he needed to cum.  His ass burned, but it was no longer pain he felt.  It was a woman’s soft hand on his bare ass.  Mabel had his cock in a grip so tight it felt like a vise.  Then he felt her fingernail run over the head of his cock.  It felt like a knife cut into the flesh, but the sharp pain felt good.  He couldn’t keep his hips still, jerking back and forth, as his body shuddered.  Then he cried out as the cum raced up from his balls.   “AAAHHHH!”  The first jet of cum shot out and spilled onto the floor in front of him.

“Bad boy!”  Mabel released his cock from her hand as soon as she felt him cum.  He shot out, thick white crème that arched out onto the floor.  Without her hand, his cock jerked and shuddered uncontrollably in front of him.  She began to slap his cock with her hand.  At the same time, Abagail reached between his legs and found his hanging balls, delicately dancing beneath him.  Her fingers grabbed them and she tightened on them until she heard him groan.  She twisted them, refusing to release his trapped balls as Mabel slapped the head of his cock hard.  More cum shot out so she struck it harder as Abagail mauled his balls.  He couldn’t do anything, strung up naked and so vulnerable, both of them taking advantage of his untrained body.

He panicked when she released his cock after the first load of cum.  He had more to dump, but without her hand, it wouldn’t do anything.  Then he felt his balls gripped and the touch on the soft, sensitive balls made his cock shoot out once again.  Even when she gripped them tighter, it was too late.  Mabel began to slap his hard cock.  It didn’t hurt and it was enough of a touch to make him cum again.  Between the two of them goosing his balls and slapping his cock he finally drained all the cum from his balls. 

The room smelled of cum, but Mabel was pleased at the outcome.  “You’re a naughty boy, Stewart.  You came without permission.  We’re going to have to show you how to control yourself.”

Stewart hung there naked, his cock lost some of its hardness, but the women looking at his naked body brought it back to life.  Would they let me cum again?

“I’m going to lower you down a bit, Stewart, but I want you to spread your legs.  Real wide for me.”  Abagail lowered the hook that held his hands until his feet were flat on the ground.  She let a little more slack out of it and was pleased when Stewart spread his legs so submissively.  His ball sack dangled between his legs, open and vulnerable to whatever she would do to him.  His legs were over three feet apart.  She pulled the hook up just a bit more until all the tension was gone from it.

Mabel lifted up his cock and felt it begin to grow once again from her touch.  “Can you get hard for me again, Stewart?”

He couldn’t have stopped his cock from getting hard if he tried.  Her soft hand felt so good even though he had cum only minutes ago.  “AAAHHH!”  Abagail had reached between his spread legs and grabbed his balls.  Now he knew why she wanted him to spread his legs.  Her fingers clenched around them and squeezed them, but not hard like before.  It felt like she was milking them, making his cock jump in Mabel’s hand.  Then he felt her pull his balls back behind them, stretching his ball sack while she captured his twin balls at the end with her fingers, trapping them.  It yanked his cock back at the same time, but Mabel gripped his shaft tighter and pulled it in the opposite direction.  Stewart never felt anything like it before, both women pulling his genitals in opposite directions.  It should have hurt, but with their soft hands on his balls and cock all he felt was such pleasure.

“Hold still, Stewart,” Abagail warned him.  She took the thin rope and wound it around his ball sack, tightening it before she wound it once again.  When she was finished, she tied the knot.  The rope was wound so tight that his balls were a bright red, trapped in the end of the sack with no place to go.  His balls were bulged and vulnerable.  She released his balls from her fingers, but she yanked on the end of the rope, stretching him further back.

It felt like she was trying to rip his balls from his body.  She must have tied them, feeling like they were in a vise and then she yanked on the rope and his balls were pulled behind him until they ached from being trapped in such a tight confine.  “OOOWW, that hurts,” he cried out.

Mabel took the thin rope and tied it beneath the head of his cock.  Stewart looked down as she made it so tight that it compressed the flesh of his shaft and all the blood rushed to the head.  It was a deep red, swollen with blood.  “How long can I make your cock, Stewart?”

“OOOWWW!”  Mabel pulled on the rope and his cock was stretched out longer than he ever seen it before.  The head was twisted to the side as the rope yanked the rest of his cock.  At the same time, his balls were subject to the same treatment.  He saw Mabel pick up a wooden ruler, fearing what she would do.  His cock was stretched and vulnerable.

“Now for your punishment for not calling us Mistress when we first met you, Stewart.”  Mabel waited for Abagail.

Abagail held the rope with one hand and stood his clenched balls up.  She picked up the wooden ruler with her other hand.  She slapped the ruler on one ball, not very hard yet, but from his scream, Stewart didn’t think so.

“OOOOWWW, NNNOOOO!”  It felt like she shoved his balls into his stomach, the ache something terrible.  She must have a ruler like Mabel because his ball felt like it was bruised.  “No more!”

 Mabel was ready and slapped his cock on the shaft, much harder than Abagail.  His cock tried to jerk, but the rope held it out straight.

“OOOWWW!”  The first cry wasn’t very loud, but the next one was a high pitched shrill like that of a little girl.  Abagail hit his balls once again, this time harder, this time she connected with both of them.  She gave the rope a yank after she hit them, compressing the twin balls harder.

Stewart couldn’t do anything to stop them.  Both of them beat him front and back with the ruler.  Mabel worked over his cock, all the way up and down the shaft and then she began to slap the head with such power, all the while she kept it extended as it felt like she was ripping it from his body.  Abagail was the worst; his balls so vulnerable and she took careful aim and hit them harder each time.  His stomach swam in pain; his balls beat and stretched by her.  He couldn’t move an inch; the opposite side would be yanked off if he did.  He had to bear up to the pain, but he was in tears by time they stopped.  His balls hurt so bad even after she stopped, sure they were bruised.  He was thankful when they stopped.

Mabel took the rope off his cock and stroked it until it grew hard once again.   Young boys were so easy to get hard, the slightest touch made them horny.  “Abagail is going to keep your balls tied up, but she’ll tie the rope to the ground beneath you to make sure you don’t try to move away.

Mabel’s hand felt good, taking away some of the pain as his balls were stretched down towards the ground between his legs.  Abagail tied the rope to a ring on the floor and released it, but his balls were trapped and stretched, feeling like they would slowly be torn from his body.  He froze where he was, afraid of inflicting such terrible pain once again.  Then he felt Abagail’s hands on his ass, flinching when she first touched him, afraid she would spank him again.

Abagail felt his ass cheeks tighten when she touched them.  “Relax your ass, Stewart, or I’ll beat your balls again,” she warned him.  She felt his instant surrender.  Her fingers grabbed his cheeks and pulled them apart to expose his tiny, brown anus.  She yanked them wide until she saw the tiny star of his anus begin to open and the muscles began to spasm. 

Stewart didn’t know what she was doing when she yanked his cheeks open.  His ass hole felt funny, fluttering uncontrollably as she exposed him.  What was she doing to me back there?

Mabel stroked his cock.  “Get hard for me, Stewart,” she urged him.  “Do you know what your urethra is, Stewart?”

“No, Mistress Mabel.”  Her hand felt so good, in spite of the pain from his stretched balls, but even that was going away.  After being slapped with a ruler, this was nothing, though he feared that the way she had him stretched, she wasn’t finished beating his balls.

“That’s your piss hole in your cock.”  Her fingernail scratched across the tiny hole and she was rewarded with a drop of milky cum.  “Yes, there, you like that, I can tell.  I’m going to probe your urethra.”

Stewart didn’t say anything; it wouldn’t do any good.  As long as her fingers curled around his cock, he didn’t care what she did.  She stretched his cock out while her fingers rubbed over the very tip and tickled along the thick ridge where he was so sensitive.  More drops of cum leaked out.  She picked up a metal rod, about six inches long, slim with a small round head on the end of it.  He looked down at her as her fingernail peeled back his piss hole and exposed it.  She took the head of the rod and pushed it into the opening.  The head was round and smooth, so it didn’t hurt, but his body froze.

Mabel had lubricated all the urethra probes.  She held his hard cock still and began to push the tip into his urethra.  She had done this hundreds of times, careful to not to hurt him much, but it would become more intense as she used larger and harsher probes.  “Hold still.”

“AAAAHHH!”  It was intense when it began to enter his urethra.  It was nothing he ever felt before.  She stroked the shaft of his cock to keep him hard and she slowly inserted the metal rod into his cock.  He couldn’t stop his ass hole from contracting and clenching, but Abagail kept his cheeks spread.  Mabel shoved almost two thirds of the probe inside his cock; his cock felt like it was a steel rod.

Mabel rubbed his cock from the top of the shaft and back down, more rigid now with the probe sticking out of it.  “I’ll keep your hard” and she did.  Then she gripped the end of the probe and began to fuck his urethra with it.

“AAAAHHHH!”  It felt like she was stroking his cock, but from the inside.  He could feel the round ball rubbing him in a place he never expected to be touched.  He watched the probe go in and out.  Then he felt something different behind him.  Abagail kept his cheeks spread apart, but now a finger slid up and down his crack.  Each time it passed over his ass hole, it sent the tight muscle into spasms that coincided with the probe that stroked his cock from the inside.

Mabel pulled the probe out, but picked up a large one.  This one had two probes separated by a half-inch, a bit thicker than the other one, especially when there would be two entering him at once.  “Stay hard, Stewart,” Mabel stroked his cock again as she showed him the new probe.  “A little bigger, Stewart, but you can take it.”

It felt funny when it pulled out and his piss hole snapped shut, but Mabel was back with a larger one and he feared that it would hurt when it stretched him.  He didn’t know if his piss hole would stretch or she would tear it.  The finger was back on his backside, but this time it ran over his ass hole.  It was cold and wet, something on her finger.  “OOOOOHHHH!”

Mabel ran the probe over his urethra, moving it back and forth until the hole began to blossom open by sheer force.  She twisted it until both probes began to stretch the tiny hole, a drop of white cum leaking out lubricating him more.  She began to push it in as he moaned loudly. 

It felt stranger, his piss hole spread wide until he thought it would tear.  “That hurts,” he moaned softly, quickly adding “Mistress Mabel.”

“You can take it,” she pushed harder and pushed two inches into his cock.  She stroked his cock and then pushed another two inches inside his cock.  She grabbed the end of the probe and began to turn it slowly, stretching him in all directions as he moaned softly.  She pushed until five inches was inside his cock and turned it so he would feel it all.

His cock hurt and felt good, Stewart wasn’t sure which.  She kept him hard, but the probe made him feel like he needed to pee.  He struggled to keep from peeing, but that only made his muscles tighten.  The finger on his ass hole began to move, rubbing the cold, slick cream on the pulsating knot of his ass hole.  It felt strange to be touched in such a place, but between the probe in his cock and the finger on his ass hole, his body was on the edge. 

Mabel fucked his urethra with the double probe, twisting it as she plunged it in and out.  When she pulled it out, more leaking cum dripped out behind it.  “This one will be intense,” Mabel held up the brush.  It was a long as the other probes, but the small shaft was circled with thick bristles.  They would rub his urethra harshly.

“No, please, not that.”  It looked like it would hurt.  Then the finger on his ass hole became more insistent, pushing hard against his muscles, but the slick lubricant on her finger couldn’t keep it out.  He suddenly jerked when the tip of her finger pushed into his rectum, stretching his ass hole. 

“I told you not to move.”  Abagail slapped his vulnerable balls with a sharp thud that rang out in the room, followed by Stewart’s sharp shrill of pain.  His balls were stretched so taut and he couldn’t move to escape the sharp slap.

His balls exploded in pain and when his body jerked back, it felt like he tore his ball sack.  Mabel still held his cock and he still had a finger in his ass, unable to stop anything they did to him.  “I’m sorry Mistress Abagail, I won’t do it again.”

Abagail ran her fingers over his balls, the skin drawn tight, his balls a deep red.  She began to squeeze them gently, but the way they were trapped, it was still painful.  “Hold still,” she urged him, another gentle squeeze and at the same time, she twisted her finger in his ass hole.  It was so hot and tight, his muscles squeezed her finger tightly.  She began to probe his rectum, pushing hard against the soft walls as she rimmed him with her finger.

It felt strange to have a finger in his ass hole, but with her other hand rubbing his balls he had no choice.  The fingers didn’t hurt; they just felt strange inside his ass hole. 

Mabel went back to work on his cock.  With a couple of swipes with her hand up and down his cock, she got him harder so it would be easier to pierce his urethra.  She saw the fear in his eyes when she placed the brush against the small hole.

The bristles felt like pins when she pushed it on the top of his cock.  She rubbed it back and forth until his piss hole was forced open, then he felt her push harder, groaning from the pain.  The brushes felt bigger than the last twin probe and the bristles hurt as they scraped the soft opening.  While he had to contend with the brush slowly push into his piss hole, the finger in his ass moved deeper, probing the tight walls of his ass hole and stretching him in places that shouldn’t be stretched like this.  He couldn’t stop his anus from snapping shut on her finger, even as her knuckles stretched it wider and her finger plunged in deeper.  She kept her hand on his balls to control him and it worked.  Stewart fought to hold still while both of them entered him in places that he never expected. 

Abagail began to finger his ass vigorously, pulling her finger all the way out so he would have to relive the spreading of his tight anal ring once again.  She shoved hard until her knuckles beat against his stretched anus, twisting and turning her finger as her other hand squeezed his captured balls to keep him submissive.

The brush burned as it drove into his cock, Mabel twisting it with her fingers so that it rubbed harshly against his piss hole.  It felt like sandpaper.  At the same time, the finger in his ass became more insistent.  He cried out when a second finger joined the first, his anal ring stretched taut around the thick knuckles as they plunged into the depths of his bowels.  He couldn’t understand why either of them did what they did to him, touching him in places that shouldn’t be touched like that.  The brush was pushed in and out of his piss hole; his ass hole clenched and unclenched uncontrollably as it did, only making himself tighter back there.

“He’s nice and tight back here; we’re going to have to stretch him.”  Abagail didn’t give him a chance; she put three fingers together and forcefully shoved them through his stretched anal ring.  “Hold still, Stewart,” tightening her fingers around one ball made his body freeze.  “Take them deep.”  She shoved three fingers in as far as she could then twisted them as she tried to separate them so they stretched the elastic walls of his intestines. 

Mabel gave him three quick jabs of the brush in his urethra; then she slowly pulled it out to let him savor the last of the pain.  In spite of all that she did, his cock remained hard and more cum leaked out.

Stewart finally felt some relief.   Mabel didn’t shove anything else in his piss hole and Abagail’s fingers slowly pulled out of his ass hole though she reamed out the tight passage as she did it.  His anus quivered uncontrollably when the fingers deserted his backside, refusing to snap shut for long seconds.  The best part was when Abagail untied the rope that stretched his balls and took the rope off his nut sack.  His balls still ached, but at least they were free.