The Orphanage


Copyright 2014

Chapter 5

A Surprise for Stewart

“Would you like to cum again, Stewart?”

“Yes, yes, Mistress Mabel.  Please, make me cum.”  For what they did to him, his cock was still hard and he ached to cum.

“Of course, Stewart.  We’ll make you cum, both of us this time.”

He watched as they put on black gloves, thin leather, but he feared them when he saw the palm and fingers of the gloves.  They were lined with shiny tacks; hundreds of them lined the palm and also the fingers.

“We’re going to do it with our gloves on.  You don’t mind Stewart, do you?  After all, I’m sure we can make you cum.”

 “No, Mistress Mabel.”  He knew that he couldn’t stop them.  He only hoped that he would be able to cum before she tore his cock with the tacks.  She touched his cock with her gloved hand and he was surprised that it didn’t hurt.  She did it gently, cupping his cock shaft with one hand while she began to stroke the head with the other hand.  He couldn’t have kept his cock from growing harder if he tried.  His cock sat gently on the tacks, but when her fingers started to rub the head with the tacks, it made his cock jerk up and down.  Each time it fell back down, it slapped harder against the tacks.  He felt sharp pain, but it didn’t deter his lust.  The head of his cock was rubbed by the tacks and Mabel began to explore just beneath the thick ridge that surrounded it.  She pushed tacks into the soft underside until his cock was pierced, making it jerk up and back down to wait for her to do it again.  Then he felt Abagail behind him.  She reached between his legs and her fingers curled around his balls.  She sought out his elusive balls that hung in his sack and tried to escape, but she was determined and soon had them trapped in her grasp.  Her hand squeezed and he felt the tacks begin to puncture his ball sack.  She began to goose his balls, harder each time as his ball sack was riddled with puncture wounds.  It got worse; a finger rubbed across his ass hole, sharp tacks attacked his tender opening.  She pressed harder and his anal ring had no choice but to open up and take a tacked finger into his bowels.  The finger didn’t stay still, moving in and out, as the tacks attacked his intestines from inside, scratching and tearing at the flesh.  All the while, his balls were subject to the intense squeezing until his stomach cramped.

Mabel began to stroke his cock with her tacked hand, watching the tacks tear at the soft flesh as they rubbed up and down the shaft.  She made sure that her fingers ran over the head, scratching the soft flesh and making his cock jump in the air.  With one hand she gripped the shaft and squeezed so tight that she could feel the tacks puncture the soft flesh of his cock.  She began to pump her hand up and down the shaft without letting it loose from the tacks.  Her other hand rubbed back and forth over the head and his piss hole, holding his cock up straight so he couldn’t escape the sharp tacks.  In spite of his cries of pain, his cock leaked out his white crème.

It felt like everyplace between his legs were being torn up with tacks, but through it all he also felt four women’s hands stroke and touch him so erotically.  The pain began to merge into pleasure as their hands drove his lust higher.  His balls were pumped until his cum threatened to break free.  Mabel drove tacks into the very tip of his cock just as her fingers tightened and stroked his shaft.  His balls were gripped so tight, trapped in the palm of her hand as the tacks plunged into his ball sack.  Even inside his ass hole was subject to the tacks, two fingers reaming him out.  He cried out, unable to hold it any longer. 

Mabel rubbed him harder but once he started to cum, no amount of pain could stop him.  Abagail abused his ass and balls while his white cum arched over two feet in front of him.  Mabel continued to pump his cock until she was sure he was drained.  Only then did she release it.  “You came without permission again, Stewart.  Don’t you ever learn?”

He thought they were done with him, but he was mistaken.  He’d never seen anything like it when Abagail showed it to him.  She called it a butt plug and he knew exactly what she meant.  It almost looked like a baby’s pacifier, but much larger.  He couldn’t do anything as Abagail lubed it up.  Mabel pulled his cheeks apart, but with his balls in her hand, he wouldn’t move anyway.  Abagail took her time shoving it in his ass.  It stretched him much more than even her three fingers had done.  “OOOOWWWW!”  He cried out when it finally entered his ass, but then he felt his anal ring snap shut around the slim shaft, but inside his ass hole the thicker plug stretched him wide.  She tapped the plug hard, making it jerk inside his ass but when she pulled it, it refused to pop out.  Was it trapped in his ass?  “Take it out, it burns!”  His ass burned from inside, his muscles clenched uncontrollably, but nothing would make the pain go away.  It felt like they poured gasoline in his guts.

“It’s very hot sauce, Stewart.  It’s to punish you for cumming the first time.  Don’t worry; it’ll go away, though it will take an hour or so.”  Mabel smiled at him, enjoying his pain.  “Now let’s work on your cock and balls again.”

He couldn’t do anything as the two women went to work torturing him.  Abagail pulled his balls behind him; this time she clamped two boards together with metal clamps that trapped his nut sack once again.  His balls were pushed to the end of his nut sack until they swelled up, unable to go any further in either direction.  Just the slightest touch made them ache.  Meanwhile, Mabel’s hand rubbed his cock and he fought to keep it from getting hard, but was unsuccessful.  She stroked it until it grew longer.  Next, they put clamps on his nipples.  They bit hard into his flesh, feeling sharp as they tugged them to make them hurt more.  She put heavy weights on the end of them to make his nipples bend and the clamps dug deeper into the flesh and punctured them with the sharp teeth.

Stewart panicked when he saw the other clamps in their hands.  They were huge, big black metal clamps with tight springs on them.  Abagail had two, Mabel had one and he knew where they were going.  The loudest scream came from his mouth as Abagail clamped each one of his balls and the sensitive balls were trapped in the tight vise.  The pain was excruciating but it got worse when Abagail tugged and yanked on them, the clamps refusing to release his precious balls, only growing tighter.  Through his tear stained eyes he saw Mabel grip his hard cock and snap the clamp on the head of his cock.  Her clamp had shiny metal teeth that dug into the soft flesh of the domed head of his cock, pinching it so tight that it compressed the head of his cock in spite of being hard.  She yanked on the clamp and stretched his cock until it wouldn’t go any further, holding it there while she picked up another item.

It looked like two giant tweezers linked together with a bar.  When Mabel pushed down, the jaws opened up and Stewart could see the sharp teeth, each a half inch wide and pointed to a sharp tip.  It was about six inches long.  Mabel looked into his eyes as she opened it and poised it over the shaft of his cock.  One end went to the end of his shaft but the other end was fit to perfection, the teeth poised just beneath the head of his cock where they would find soft, tender flesh to dig into.  She let is snap shut and Stewart cried out, his body jerked, but he was afraid to move and tear off his balls and cock. 

He hurt everywhere, including in his burning ass, but they were just getting started.  They began to abuse him.  Abagail slapped the butt plug, making it move inside his bowels with painful regularity.  She tugged on the clamps hooked to his balls, but also twisted them, his stomach turned in pain.  Mabel wasn’t to be denied.  She made the nipple clamps swing back and forth, as they tore his nipples, but then she started to turn the tweezers that was around his cock.  The sharp points ripped his flesh.  This time he felt no pleasure in it, only pain.  He cried and yelled, but they refused to stop, Abagail slapping his trapped balls when he yelled too loud.

“We’re not going to stop until you cum, Stewart.”  Mabel began to pull the tweezers that trapped his cock, yanking it up and down, caressing his cock with the sharp points.  Abagail pulled the clamps off his balls, but her fingers rolled them in her hand, squeezing them when she wanted to get another squeal from him.

The pain was tormenting when she pulled the clamps off his nipples and the blood rushed painfully back to the tips.  His balls were still subject to her rough fondling, but anything was better than the clamps.  Mabel jerked off his cock with the cruel tweezers as he struggled to find any pleasure from it, knowing she wouldn’t stop until he came.  She released the clamp on the head of his cock and moved the tweezers so that it ran over the head and scratched the soft flesh.  She jerked harder and he struggled.

It took fifteen minutes before he said it.  “Can I cum, Mistress Mabel?”

She waited a moment to tease him.  “Yes, cum for me, Stewart.”  She pulled the tweezers off his cock and used her hand to stroke him, wanting to feel the cum race through the shaft and out the head.  She knew that Abagail would continue to abuse his balls, even as he came.  She dug her nails in his cock as he cried out in pleasure, squirting more of his cum onto the floor.  Mabel heard the sharp slap of Abagail’s hand on his balls and soon more cum spilled out, but Stewart shrilled loudly in pain and pleasure.

It was hours before they were finished with him, or he thought they were.  He couldn’t believe what they had done to his cock and balls.  He was made to lie on the floor, raising his ass up into the air.  They tied his cock and balls to a rope in the ceiling, keeping him suspended above the floor.  When he grew tired trying to keep that position, his cock and balls were yanked until they almost tore from his body.

Next, he was bent over a table, his cock and balls pulled and tied behind him, his legs bound and spread wide.  They worked him over with whips, his balls and cock took most of the abuse, but his ass hole was also beaten with a small bamboo cane.

Then, he was hung upside down, his legs spread wide.  Mabel jerked him off again but as soon as he spurted and drained his balls, Abagail went to work on smashing his balls with her hands for half an hour. 

They let him down, but encased his cock in a leather sleeve, but inside, it was lined with sharp tacks.  While he was flaccid, it didn’t hurt, but Mabel didn’t take long to get him hard again.  His cock had no place to go and the tacks pierced the flesh from the bottom of his shaft all the way to the head.  She wouldn’t touch him for a few minutes until he grew flaccid, then her fingers would stroke him until he couldn’t stop his cock from growing harder and the he felt the painful torture of the tacks on his cock.

 Finally, he was pushed face down on a hard wooden table, two holes in it, his cock pulled through one and his balls through the other until they hung beneath the table.  They tied rope around him and the table to keep him in place and spread his legs wide and bound them tight.  The hole that his balls were passed through began to close until his ball sack was pinched tight.  He knew his balls hung beneath the table, vulnerable to whatever they wanted to do.  He felt something tighten around his cock where it fit through the hole.

“You don’t want to move, no matter what.  You’ll tear your balls off and the clamp that is around your cock shaft has metal spikes going the opposite direction.  If you try to withdraw your cock, it will render it a piece of useless flesh, the spikes sharp and unforgiving.  You don’t want to move an inch if you want to survive.”

Stewart didn’t know what they would do to him, but he knew he wouldn’t move an inch.  Then he felt something go over his head.  It covered his eyes, but left his mouth and nose uncovered.

Mabel opened the door for him.  She put her hand to her lips, not wanting him to say anything.  He walked into the room, a big man, over six feet and muscular.  She had picked him out specifically for this task.  She watched as he undressed and she was pleased when she saw his organ.  It was over ten inches long and he was partly flaccid.  His heavy balls hung between his muscular legs.  He took some lubricant and stroked his cock until it glistened, growing bigger as he did it.

Stewart heard movement in the room, but couldn’t make out what it was or what they were doing, but he knew he wouldn’t like it.  Abagail climbed beneath the table and she got into a good position.  She didn’t tie his balls this time.  She would chase them with her hand.  Mabel would join her soon enough, as soon as she told Stewart what would happen to him.

The man climbed on the table and got between Stewart’s legs.  He looked at his ass hole, slightly swollen and red from the ladies’ abuse, but it would get much more soon enough.  He supported his weight on his arms, at least for now, wanting Mabel to surprise him first.  He lowered himself until the head of his cock touched the crack of Stewart’s ass.  He saw his body jerk from the first touch, but even when he rubbed his cock up and down his crack, he didn’t make any other movements.  He had gotten use to the ladies fingering and stretching his ass.

Stewart was sure that Abagail was between his legs, feeling something cold and wet touch his anus.  He knew she would shove something up it, hoping it wasn’t too big or painful.  He couldn’t understand why they took such a fancy to his ass hole, but they did, abusing it painfully.  At least the burning from the butt plug was gone and forgotten.

The man aimed for his ass hole and held his cock around the shaft to keep the ten inches from bending until he could get half of it inside.  Then he would be free to ass fuck Stewart with ease.  He began to apply pressure as the swollen head of his slick cock began to stretch the boy’s tiny anal ring.  He let his weight sink lower, Stewart’s anal ring stretched wide around the sloped head, but he still hadn’t taken the widest girth yet.

“Can you feel that, Stewart?”

“Yes, Mistress Mabel.” 

“Do you like it, Stewart?”

“If Mistress Abagail likes it, I do too.”  He knew better by now.  He felt hands on his balls, squeezing them and twisting them.  Mabel stood next to him; that had to be Abagail beneath the table.  He was confused, what did he feel on his ass hole?

Mabel let him wait and ponder what was happening to him.  It took only a minute before he found out. 

Stewart’s head rose up high and he wailed loudly as his ass hole was breached by something immense.  It was worse than the butt plug and it felt different.  It jerked and moved as if it was alive, sitting hard in his rectum as it quivered against the soft walls of his bowels.

“It’s big, isn’t it, Stewart?  That’s a man’s cock in your ass, Stewart.  A very big man.”

“No, NO, NOT that!”  For the first time he was humiliated.  He could feel it move in his ass, realizing it was another man’s cock.  It was alive and he knew it would go deeper.  “Please, take it out, don’t shame me.”

“He’s got over ten inches of cock and he’s going to shove it all the way into your bowels.  Then he’s going to fuck you like a girl.  He’ll finish off in your ass, filling you with his hot cum.”  Mabel left his side and went beneath the table to find his cock.  Abagail was already going to work on his balls, squeezing them until he had no choice but to jerk up.  When he did, he would tear at his balls, scratch his cock and shove the man’s cock further up his own ass.  She began to stroke his dangling cock.  At first, it was limp and unresponsive, but as she heard Stewart cry out and whimper, she knew the man was beginning to fill his bowels with his cock. 

It was a shameful act they subjected him to.  The man pressed his cock deeper into his guts, past his rectum, to stretch the elastic walls of his intestines.  His anal ring stretched tight around the shaft as it slowly passed through, feeling the bumps and ridges of the thick veins.  Stewart couldn’t stop his cock from getting hard; Mabel was an expert at stroking him while Abagail milked his balls.  “No more, it hurts,” he cried out, but then he felt the heavy body settle onto his back, the unmistakable feel of wiry hairs sticking into his back.  He felt the cock begin to withdraw, sucking his guts out with it, but then he shoved back in again, harder and deeper until he drew another shrill cry from Stewart’s mouth. 

It was like milking a cow; Mabel tugged and pulled on his cock as it stretched.  She knew when she pulled too hard and then released it, it would push back up and the spikes would render the flesh, but she cared little.  Mabel and Abagail loved the sound of Stewart being sodomized by a very big man’s cock.

It took almost five minutes before he was fully inside Stewart’s intestines.  Each time Stewart thought it was all the way in, another inch of cock drove into his guts.  His insides cramped around the thick cock that stretched him wider than he ever was and it was only beginning.  He felt the cock jerk around in the darkest depths of his bowels.  He felt full.  The women kept abusing his cock and balls but that was of little concern when the man started to fuck him in the ass, shaming him with this unnatural act.  It felt like his guts were sucked out when his cock retreated, pulling at his anal ring until he thought it would pull free, but he suddenly changed direction and fully impaled Stewart with ten inches of thick cock in one thrust that took his breath away and a scream refused to come out of his mouth.  The cock began to fuck him hard and deep with each thrust.  His insides were stretched by the thick cock, filling him completely.  Stuart felt the cock jerk and shudder as he was sodomized.  Stuart cried, begged and sobbed, but the man continued to beat his cock up and down his ass hole with such force.

The man loved the feel of the young boy’s guts around his cock, told by the women that Stewart was an ass virgin and from his tightness, he knew it was true.  His guts were a hot, tight blanket that caressed his cock, his muscles rippled along his shaft as he began to fuck him hard and deep.  The boy whimpered and cried beneath him, but all he felt was the pleasure that the boy’s body gave him.

The man was relentless, fucking him for so long without cumming.  His cock felt like a spear driving into some deep place in his body where nothing should go.  His balls and cock were rubbed, squeezed and slapped and Stewart couldn’t will his erection to go away, not even through the shame and pain of the ass fucking.  Finally, Stewart knew the man would cum.  It would shame Stewart to have a man shoot his hot cum inside his ass, but at least it would end his misery.  His ass hole felt rubbed raw as the man tore his cock up and down his backside.

Abagail used her sharp fingernails on his swollen balls as Mabel rubbed and stroked Stewart’s cock.  “Cum for me, Stewart, or he’ll fuck your ass again after he cums,” she warned him.

The man on top of Stewart shoved with his hips to bury his cock deep in the boy’s ass hole.  When he felt Stewart begin to cum, he couldn’t hold out any longer.  He began to jet inside his ass hole and then he felt the boy’s muscles squeeze his cock lovingly as if to milk another load of cum into his ass.  He obliged him, jetting again and again, four times, while the boy’s ass muscles milked the cum from his balls.  He continued to fuck his ass hole even as he spewed his cum.

The women beneath the table made him cum just as the man did.  Stewart sobbed in shame as the hot cum jetted into his ass hole.  His muscles were uncontrollable, clenching on the cock in his ass as if he enjoyed this shameful act.  Stewart could smell cum fill the room.  When the man was finished, his cock pulling out hurt as much as when it first went in.  He felt relief when it finally pulled out, but then Stewart felt the humiliation as cum leaked out his abused ass hole.

Mabel and Abagail gathered up their things and left as soon as the man dressed and went out the door. 

Sally was waiting for them to leave.  She went in and untied Stewart and she could see the white cum leak from his ass hole.  When he was finally able to stand, she saw that his balls were red and scratched, his cock twisted and covered with scratches.  The women had enjoyed themselves with his body.  “You did well, Stewart.  You’ll fit in fine here.  Did he make you suck his cock, Stewart?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Then you have something to look forward to.  I bet you’d like to be on your hands and knees while a man takes you in your mouth and another in your ass.”  She slapped his ass.  “You’ll do fine here, Stewart.”