Author: Powerone

Title: The Priest Teaches His Flock

Chapter 11- The Retreat

 The Summary: Father John is transferred to his third parish.  Each time he was caught molesting his parishioners.  Bishop Samuel and Father John take the sisters Sally and Charlotte for a weekend retreat of serving the Lord and his servants, their bodies used in many ways in the Lord’s work.

Keywords: M/F, reluc, nc, anal, oral, humil


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Chapter 11- The Retreat



            “Mom, please don’t make us go, especially not Charlotte,” Sally begged.


            “I’ve told you about this before, Sally.  It’s your adolescent sexual fantasies.  They are both the servants of God, and one of them is the Bishop.  You should go to confession just to get penance for even thinking of such a thing.  Now get your sister, I heard a car pull up,”


            Father John came into the house to pick up Sally and Charlotte.  The Bishop waited in the car, he had his reasons to not be seen by Mary yet, reasons that would be revealed soon; the Bishop would deal with Mary when they returned from the retreat.  “Good evening, Mary.  Are the girls ready?”  It was a dream come true, the girls’ mother delivering two such delightful creatures into their hands for the weekend, with her permission to punish them, which he was sure they would have to do.  Sally would defy him and would then require a painful punishment to make her consent to what he wanted to do to her lovely body—in the name of the Lord.  In fact, he was looking forward to it.  The Bishop had said Charlotte would be more willing, but was inexperienced at anything sexual.  She would just have to be taught; another task Father John found to his liking.


            Sally and Charlotte walked into the room, Charlotte with a big smile on her face that partially disappeared when she didn’t see the Bishop.  There was a look of resignation on Sally’s face, knowing that her own mother was delivering her to a weekend of sexual decadence and perversions.  Her only hope was the she could tell the Bishop and he would stop Father John.


            “Where is the Bishop?”  Charlotte asked, disappointed when he wasn’t there.


            “Have no fear, child; he is waiting in the car.”  He moved closer to Sally, gave her a knowing look, then detouring to grab the bags from Mary.  “Are you ready for a weekend of serving the Lord and his instruments, Sally; are you ready to be a servant to the Lord?”


            Her head hung down, “yes, Father John,” resigning herself to the fact that she couldn’t stop him, her only salvation would be the Bishop or at least to stop Father John from molesting Charlotte.


            “We will be back Monday morning, I don’t want to travel on the Sabbath,” An extra night of debauchery with your daughters.  Father John’s cock was already bulging his trousers.  Luckily, he had worn a coat.


            “That’s fine, Father John.  I know they are in good hands with you and the Bishop.  Teach them how to do the Lord’s work.  And don’t forget, girls, if you misbehave, Father John has my permission to punish you.  And, he will punish you just as I was punished when I was a little girl, a severe spanking, even with a belt if necessary.  Now off you go and have a joyous time doing the Lord’s work.


            They walked out to the car, a 1947 two-door Ford, no one speaking.  The engine was running, winter almost upon the valley, the engine heater trying to keep the crisp air out of the car.  “Both of you in the back seat,” he instructed, throwing the bags in the trunk, the Bishop allowing the girls to climb into the back of the car.


            Sally was glad, at least nothing could happen until they got where they were going, which was also a problem as she had no idea where they were being taken.  She noticed that Charlotte was a little distraught by not being able to sit with the Bishop.  She was acting as if she had a schoolgirl crush on him.


            When the Bishop had gotten out of the car to allow the girls into the back seat, he was pleased as they climbed in, their asses pushing out so temptingly.  They both wore knee-length skirts, very plain, their rounded buttocks pushing out the fabric as they bent over to climb in the back seat.  The Bishop climbed back into the front seat and they went speeding off into the black night.  “The retreat is only about 20 minutes outside of town, we will be there quickly.  I know it is a little cramped back there, but you will have a lot of room to spread out once we arrive.”  And spread you will be.


            It was quiet the whole trip, the girls afraid of starting a conversation—after all, these were priests, and what do you talk about to a priest?  Father John and the Bishop were not interested in talking, at all; too excited about getting the girls to the retreat and into their lecherous hands.


            They pulled in front of a large wooden cabin, lights burning inside, Father John having previously set up the retreat for the weekend, not wanting to waste any time.  “Well girls, we have a weekend of celebrating with the Lord.  Charlotte is new to these ways, so Sally, you are going to have to teach her how to please God.  Sally has already sinned, she has spread malicious lies to her mother about us, so she must be punished.  The Lord extracts severe punishment from his flock when they transgress.  Quickly inside, it is cold out here.”


            Sally knew that she was in trouble and that the Bishop was not going to help her.  In fact, she feared that the Bishop would take advantage of her body as Father John does, afraid that both of them would force her to do things that she didn’t want to do.  And poor Charlotte, completely unaware of what she was going to be asked to do and of what they would do to her.  But Charlotte was different, she seemed so willing to do whatever was asked of her by the Bishop, awed by his power, willing to serve the Lord in any manner that the Bishop prescribed no matter how perverse. 


            Charlotte felt the warmth of the fire as soon as they entered the cabin, a roaring blaze already in the fireplace.  The room was not furnished like a house but as a church, an altar in the center of the room, a large, heavy wooden structure, crosses sprinkled freely over the top, a kneeling bench in front of it, the railing low enough for recipients to place their elbows on while kneeling in prayer, purple pillows to cushion the knees.  What was most out of place was the strange object in the corner.  It was a four-legged bench, thick hewn lumber as legs, connected to the top was a triangle of leather shooting up from the sides to reach an apex in the center, a sharp ridge of leather somehow kept rigid by whatever material filling its center.  The top of the pyramid stood at least five feet from the floor.  Two strange rings of metal were bolted to the floor on each side, centered symmetrically with the center of the bench.  A large supply of rope was piled up high next to it. 


Charlotte did not dwell on it any longer, excited that the Bishop had brought her for the retreat, eager to please the Bishop and the Lord, willing to devote herself to His service.  Her thoughts kept going back to the powerful way that the Bishop had ruled over her, just like in her dreams, an older man who forced her to do his bidding, spanking her for his pleasure, extracting pleasure from her untrained body.  Now with Father John and Sally present, the thought of being stripped and humiliated before them made her sex wet, a sin that she would confess to the Bishop at the first opportunity, hoping for an act of contrition to cleanse her soul of her impure thoughts.


            Sally saw the evil looking bench, knowing that it was for the express purpose of keeping her bound so they could punish her, afraid of how her limbs would be arranged on it, afraid of how exposed she would be to them.


            “Bishop Samuel and I are going to change into our robes.  Put your suitcases in the room over there, it is your bedroom for the weekend.  Then, I want you back immediately.  We are going to have a prayer session before bed.”


            Charlotte and Sally opened the door to the bedroom; the first thing they saw was the mammoth bed that seemed to fill the room to overflowing.  It wasn’t a double bed, much more massive, able to accommodate at least four people, Sally cringing at its purpose.  She knew they would not be left alone at night, Bishop Samuel or Father John, or both would be visiting them.  


Charlotte couldn’t believe how big and comfortable the bed was compared to her small, hard bed at home.  “I’m so glad I came!” Charlotte spewed out happily.”


Sally didn’t have the heart to tell her why she had been brought here, not even sure Charlotte would understand or care.  She seemed perfectly content to obey whatever Father John or Bishop Samuel told her to do.  “Well, you’re not the one going to get punished,” Sally shot back.


“I would take whatever punishment the Lord wished,” hoping that Bishop Samuel would punish her.  They set their bags down, quickly putting their sparse belongings away.  “We better get out there.”


Father John and Bishop Samuel were waiting for them, dressed in heavy black robes that hung to the floor, the girls not yet realizing that they were naked beneath them.  They both wore heavy gold crosses around their necks, similar to the one that had taken Sally’s virginity not long ago, thick vines embedded on the shaft of the cross, a rough surface that would rub harshly any orifice that it entered.


“Kneel for a prayer session, girls,” motioning them over.  “Tomorrow I will have some clothes for you to wear during the rest of this weekend.  You will wear what novices wear.  Now kneel for the Lord.”


The girls knelt, their knees sinking into the plush pillows, their hands clasped in prayer, Father John and Bishop Samuel moving in front of them.  They closed their eyes as Father John began praying loudly, asking for the Lord’s forgiveness for their sins and the sins of the young girls in front of them.  Asking for the Lord to allow the girls to atone for their sins, for a sign of how they can serve the Lord.  It continued for over a half an hour, their eyes tightly clenched as Bishop Samuel took over the prayers, his voice rising higher, praying to the Lord for the sins of the young girls.


Charlotte was impressed, the Bishop was praying for her soul.  Sally more worried, knowing that they were up to something and she would soon find out what it was, sure that it would not be pleasant.  Sally heard a strange rustling, Father John praying again, the sound of them moving, but she kept her eyes shut tightly, afraid of opening them.


“Amen,” Father John said.


“Amen,” Bishop Samuel concurring.  “The Lord has spoken to us.  He has told us how he wants Charlotte to serve the Lord.  He wants her to become a nun.  It is a hard journey to become a nun, a rigorous regiment to be followed as a novice first.  The Lord will test her in many ways; test her devotion to God and to the priests that serve Him.  He will place many obstacles in her path, obstacles that we will be able to help her with.  Her sister will have to help her, show her the ways that she has been taught to serve the vessels of the Lord, the priests who serve the Lord.  There will be times that are trying, times when the Lord will have to punish her in order to make her worthy of His love.  Are you willing to commit to the service of the Lord, Charlotte, giving your body and soul to the service of the Lord?”


Charlotte opened her eyes, smiling happily.  “Yes Bishop!  I will do whatever is asked of me for the Lord.  I will suffer whatever pain is necessary, as did Jesus did to save our soul.”  This was what she had dreamt of, serving the Bishop.


            “And you, Sally.  Will you assist your sister in achieving her goals, teaching her as others taught you?  Showing her how her body and soul can be used for the Lord and His vessels without regard to her personal interests.”  Father John looked at her, a stern warning against any disobedience. 


            If that is what Charlotte wanted—and her mother was sure to be so proud of her—why should I stand in her way?  She hated to think of the things she would have to do, the things that she would have to teach her sister, knowing that her sister would have to serve Father John and Bishop Samuel, service their lust.  But, it was Charlotte’s decision; maybe at least they would leave her alone.  “Yes, Father John, I will teach her.”


            “I think we should celebrate Charlotte’s decision, first; Sally’s cooperation will decide on how severe her punishment will be.”  The Bishop moved his hand down to Charlotte, his fingers lifting her chin up as she continued kneeling at his feet.  “Sally is going to teach you how to take communion from the Sword of God,” his cock jerking in lust.  He saw her innocent eyes looking up at him, the smile of obedience on her face.  Yes, he was going to enjoy this.  He moved his hands to the front of his robe, sliding the zipper, starting at the top, seeing Charlotte’s eyes follow his hand as it went past his waist, his naked chest now revealed.  He waited for a second, letting it register in her brain before continuing, the zipper sliding down, his cock jerking free, no longer constrained by the harsh fabric of the robe.


            Charlotte couldn’t believe it, never having seen a penis but once before and then only the flaccid one of a small boy.  It was nothing like this and this from a servant of God!  It was big, bigger than she had ever imagined; huge when he rubbed it up against her cheek.  It stood out over eight inches, bobbing up and down.  At the end was a giant head, a dark angry red, the rim around it an even darker red, it was almost like a helmet.  In the center was an eye, an eye that would shoot out his seed.  The shaft had veins running up the side, she could almost see the blood pounding through them, the blood that was making it so hard.  She could see his balls hanging down below, heavy and swollen.  She would hardly be able to get her hands around them.  And, she wanted to do that badly, do whatever the Bishop required of her, unconsciously understanding that this is what he would ask of her.


            “You are a very beautiful girl, Charlotte, you have tempted the Bishop with your body, just as your sister has with me,” Father John spoke, moving closer.  “You are going to have to drive the demon seed from his body, the seed that you planted in his loins.  And, you will be required to use your mouth to do it.  You will swallow his seed, an act of contrition for your scandalous body and the things you do to us.”


            Her hands reached out and lightly touched the Bishop’s cock, her fingers jerking back when she felt how hot it was.  “I will do what is required of me, Father John,” too engrossed with touching the hard cock in front of her to really pay much attention to the priest.  She reached again, this time her hand wrapping around it, gripping it tighter now when she felt it jerk.


            Sally moved closer to her, “rub it up and down;” at least she wouldn’t have to do it.  Charlotte seemed to be in awe of the Bishop’s cock, her eyes glued to it while her hand slid up and down the shaft.  “Tighten your fingers when you move over the head,” she guided her little sister.  She watched Charlotte do it, Bishop Samuel’s cock jerking again when her hand rubbed the ridge around the head.  “Cup his balls with your other hand.”


            Charlotte was mesmerized by the hard, hot cock in her hands, not able to take her eyes off of it as she listened to what Sally told her to do, duplicating her instructions.  Squeezing his balls caused a moan come from his lips, “Did I squeeze too hard, Bishop Samuel?”


            “Oh no, Charlotte.  You are doing a wonderful job.  Continue,” his breathing ragged as he watched her manipulate his cock nearly as expertly as a whore would do.  Father John had told him how Sally had a natural knack; maybe it was hereditary, her mother Mary having had a similar trait.


            Charlotte squeezed his balls again, this time harder, feeling the two heavy balls inside, the heat from his body.  Her hand took full strokes, up and down the shaft, rewarding her by jerking each time her hand passed over it, her fingers gripping tighter, hoping to please him.


            “Tell her what to do next, Sally,” Bishop Samuel ordered  He wanted to feel her hot mouth wrapped around his cock, afraid he might cum before she could use her tongue, her small hands doing such wonderful things to his cock.


            “Move closer to his cock and blow on it, hold it tight, your breath will make it jerk even more.”  Sally remembered too vividly the times she had to take Father John’s cock deep in her mouth.


            It was only inches from Charlotte’s face, the hot, throbbing cock of the Bishop, her hand holding it tightly.  She blew on it, blew on the head.  She squeezed his balls, her hand barely able to contain the cock as it jumped in the sheer ecstasy of her hot breath.  She tightened her fingers just below the crown, squeezing the rigid flesh, her hands compressing his balls again, this time harder, blowing longer this time over the trapped head.  She was rewarded with a deep moan from the Bishop.


            “Open your mouth real wide, Charlotte.  His cock is big and he wants it inside your mouth.  Are you ready to do this?”  Charlotte could only nod to Father John, her eyes staring straight ahead to the cock that throbbed in her hands.  Sally knew what it felt like the first time, the unmistakable feel of throbbing flesh jerking in your mouth, hands on your head holding you tightly, forcing your mouth on the hot flesh.


            Bishop Samuel waited, seeing her mouth form into a big “O,” her eyes wide open, big blue innocent eyes, staring at his cock.  He could wait no longer, pushing his hips forward, impaling her mouth with his cock.  He shoved harder than he expected to, his cockhead hitting the back, a loud gag coming from deep in her throat, her mouth closing over his shaft, her soft, wet lips almost making him cum.  “Thank you, Lord,” was the only thing he could say when he felt her tongue running over the head of his cock, feeling his semen leak out, struggling to keep from cumming.  He pulled his cock out until only the head was trapped inside, her tongue bathing it with her hot saliva as Charlotte lapped at it hungrily.


            Charlotte ran her tongue over the rubbery flesh pulsating in her mouth, her lips wrapping tightly around it.  It was big, her lips stretching wide to allow the thick member inside her mouth.  She felt it jerk when her tongue touched the tip, an unmistakable salty flavor invading her mouth.  She ran her tongue over the tip again, another jerk and the taste permeating her mouth.  So that is what it tastes like.  The thick, salty fluid she dragged out of his cock not all that unpleasant.  The taste now filling her mouth as the thick fluid mixed with her saliva.  It felt so good having it in her mouth; the Bishop’s organ, alive and pulsating, her tongue and lips making it jerk and jump inside.  She felt so proud of herself as she pleased the Bishop.


            Charlotte was embarrassing Sally, acting like a whore.  It didn’t make a difference that he was a Bishop, he was still taking advantage of them, but Charlotte was accepting it so willingly.  Well, if she was going to act like a whore, then Sally would treat her like one.  She put her hands on the back of Charlotte’s head.  “You’re going to have to take more than that, Charlotte.  Bishop Samuel wants it deep in your mouth.”  She pushed, feeling Charlotte resisting as the thick shaft slowly pushed deeper into her mouth.  Maybe you wouldn’t be so willing if it is shoved down your throat.


            Why was Sally doing this?  She was frightened, as the hard cock pushing out her cheeks, pulling back out, then thrusting back in, further this time, moving to the back of her mouth.  It was big, too big to fit in her tiny mouth.  She tried raising her hands up to stop them, the sudden panic of having the large thick cock shoved down her throat, choking her to death.


            “Put your hands down, Charlotte!  How dare you defy the Lord?  You’ll take it all the way into your mouth and down your throat like a good girl.  How do you expect to become a good nun if you don’t even know how to please a Bishop?  Continue, Sally, show her how much you learned.  Father John tells me you have a unique talent with your mouth.”


“Sally is exceptional,” Father John chimed in.  “She has such a talent in draining the demon seed from my body with her mouth.  Many times she has sucked and swallowed the demon seed from my loins.”


Sally pushed on Charlotte’s head, this time harder, watching the Bishop’s cock slowly slipping through her tight lips, noticing a glint of panic in her sister’s eyes as she obeyed the Bishop, her fists clenching tightly at her side, unable or unwilling to stop them from using her mouth.  Charlotte gagged; her throat spasming as over half of Bishop Samuel’s large cock was burying itself in her mouth.  “Keep your tongue moving on it, Charlotte, run it up and down the side.  Lap at the head, taste his cum in your mouth.  If you breathe through your nose it will be easier.  They like to make you choke and gag on their cock, it brings them great pleasure.”


Charlotte could not believe how long it was, the thick shaft seeming to go on forever, pushing up against the back of her mouth, bending slightly and trying to enter her throat.  It felt like a giant plunger trying to squeeze into her tiny throat, the contractions rippling up and down the shaft as she breathed heavily, sucking in as much air as she could through her nose.  Sally held her head tightly, preventing her from backing off the cock.  The only thing she could do was clench her fists and swirl her tongue around the shaft, hoping to drain the demon seed from him quickly.  His hips shot forward, another inch of cock forced into her throat as her throat gurgled and gagged.


Father John was right, Charlotte did seem to have a natural ability to suck cock, seeing the Bishop’s thick cock bury itself in her tiny throat, a family trait that her mother also had.  He could see her throat pulsating, his thick cock burying inside, her eyes already tearing up, staring at him, her innocent lips wrapping so tightly around his cock.  “You do such a good job serving the Lord, Charlotte,” Bishop Samuel was not sure he could go much longer without cumming.  He began pushing his hips in and out more quickly; she was taking over half of it now, gagging as it hit the back of her throat, but her throat was opening up to take it all inside, her eyes wide, a look of amazement that she was taking it so deep.  He lifted her chin up higher so she was staring into his eyes, “there is more, Charlotte, I’m going to bury it all in your throat,” squeezing her head, Sally keeping her from moving away.


She gagged and choked, the Bishop pumping his hips back and forth, the hard cock pushing painfully down her throat.  She could feel it jerking in the hot confines of her throat, his stomach smashing against her lips.  It did feel like a giant sword in her mouth and throat.  She couldn’t move her tongue now, his shaft pressing it to the bottom of her mouth, his cock no longer needing the stimulation, the spasming of her throat doing a much better job.  She was breathing heavily—barely able to suck in enough air through her nose—hoping that he would pull the huge cock from her throat soon.


Bishop Samuel finally pulled his cock from her throat, slowly dragging it back out, feeling her throat muscles clinging to it as the head popped out of her throat.  Her tongue moving back to bathe the head of his cock as she sucked it, creating a delicious vacuum that threatened to make him cum in her hot mouth.


Sally caught the sight of Father John’s cock jutting out the front of his robe, fearing that he would make her take it in her mouth again, licking her lips, getting them wet for him, wanting to get it over quickly. 


“Take my cock and feed it into your sister’s mouth, Sally.  Let Charlotte see if she can take two cocks in her mouth at the same time.”  He felt Sally’s familiar soft hand grabbing his cock, gripping it tightly.  She would have to take it in her mouth if Charlotte was unable to, and he wasn’t sure if Charlotte’s small mouth would be able to stretch wide enough to take both of their cocks, but Charlotte was the one that was asking for this, let her suffer her own fate.


Sally was shocked by the order, it was bad enough with one cock in your mouth, how would her sister be able to take two?  She hesitated, then, knowing that she would be punished if she didn’t obey, gripping his cock, moving closer to Charlotte, seeing the fear in her eyes.  Rubbing Father John’s cock along the side of her sister’s face, she found herself intentionally leaving a trail of shiny cum on the bulging cheek.  Bishop Samuel let his cock slide out until only the head sat on Charlotte’s lips, her tongue running over the tip, the cock jerking in lust.  Sally moved Father John’s cock over, two massive organs each seeking to enter the hot confines of the tiny oral cavity. 


Charlotte opened her mouth as wide as she could, feeling the corners of her mouth stretching, almost tearing, two hot pieces of pulsating flesh pushing along her lips, each seeking entrance, each big enough by itself to fill her mouth, unsure if she would be able to handle two at once.  But, they were not giving her that option, her own sister aiding them, her own sister’s hand pushing Father John’s cock in her mouth, as Bishop Samuel poised his cock on her lips, waiting for Father John to join him.


Bishop Samuel held her head, pushing, Father John joining him, seeing Charlotte’s lips spreading wider.  “Real wide, Charlotte.  Show us you can serve the Lord by taking both of our swords in your mouth.”  Neither could wait any longer, Charlotte forced to take them in, their cockheads slowly engulfed, each inside rubbing against the other in her innocent mouth.


Charlotte felt stuffed, a strange feeling as her tongue ran over the two cocks, their cum mixing to fill her mouth again with the salty flavor of their demon seeds, the thick fluid leaking from the heads of their cocks.  They finally stopped, each no longer willing to push any deeper without causing her extreme pain and tearing, more willing to use her as they did now, ready to fill her mouth with their cum.  She didn’t fully realized how much semen they would dump in her mouth, now she was faced with the dilemma of two cumming at the same time.


“Stroke my cock, Sally, make it cum inside your sister’s mouth,” Father John eager to make Sally participate in Charlotte’s degradation.  He was ready, hoping that Bishop Samuel was also, eager to see how much cum they could fill Charlotte’s mouth with at the same time. 


Bishop Samuel continued stroking his cock, “now, Charlotte, when we cum, I want you to swallow it all, don’t let any drip out of your mouth or you will be punished.  You must swallow the demon seed as your act of contrition.”  He saw consent in her eyes, her tongue eagerly running over his head, feeling Father John’s cock rubbing against her sweet mouth.  Charlotte, squeeze my balls, squeeze the cum from them.  You too, Sally, squeeze the demon seed from Father John’s balls, empty them into your sister’s mouth.  Let her taste these holy fluids.”


Charlotte gripped his hot balls, feeling his cock jerk in her mouth, the twin shafts ready to cum.  She braced herself, feeling the shafts jerk, almost feeling the cum running up the thick shaft.  Her mouth was filling with a thick, pasty fluid, Father John’s seed joining in with the Bishop’s.  She swallowed, almost choking, gagging as the thick seed slowly ran down her throat into her stomach.  As soon as she emptied one mouthful, she was filled again, the hot fluid shooting out onto her tongue, the salty taste permeating her mouth.  Her cheeks bulged, unable to contain all of the mixture, Charlotte trying to swallow as fast as she could, each time her mouth filled again.  They came forever, her gagging only stimulating them to fill her again.  She finally felt them get soft, her tongue pushing the flaccid organs from her mouth.  She bent over, spitting up a mouthful of cum, the thick fluid dripping from her lips in a long string to fall on the floor, choking as she did, fearing the punishment of not swallowing as they had asked.


Bishop Samuel lifted up her head, “you did a good job of serving the Lord, Charlotte.  We have many other tasks for you to perform to see if you are worthy of the job ahead of you; tasks that Sally will show you how to do.  Now it is time for Sally to be punished.  You can see what you will suffer if you fail to do as you are asked.”


Father John moved over to Sally, pulling her up from the prayer bench.  “Take off your clothes, Sally.  Bishop Samuel hasn’t seen your shameful body that tempts me so.  Quickly, don’t keep the Lord waiting.  It is time for your punishment.”


“Please, Father John, I won’t do it again,” she was begging, but her hands were already moving to her blouse, quickly stripping it off, not wanting to see the looks on their faces as her body was revealed.  She looked over at Charlotte, watching intently.  The bra was next, her hands moving over her naked breasts, trying to hide them from their leering eyes. 


“Don’t cover your sinful breasts, Sally,” Bishop Samuel ordered, watching as her hands slid to her sides, her breasts heaving, her breathing labored.  “Look, her nipples are already hard.  She has lust in her heart.  I think her lust should be punished.  Take off the rest of your clothes, Sally, then it will be time to ride the bench over in the corner.  Your breasts will bear the brunt of the punishment.”


Sally feared what they were going to do to her.  She was hoping they would just spank her as Father John had done on numerous occasions.  He did it often until his member was hard, then Sally would have to satisfy his lust with whatever means he required of her, her mouth or her pussy, she would have to take his sword until he unloaded his demon seed inside her.  Now, the Bishop was talking of punishing her breasts, a thought sounding too painful to endure.  They really couldn’t think of doing that to her, her breasts too sensitive, especially her nipples.  She quickly slipped out of the rest of her clothes, hoping her willingness would inspire them to a lesser punishment.


Father John helped her up onto the bench, lifting her up high; Bishop Samuel on the other side grabbing her other leg and forcing her to straddle the sharp leather ridge.  She felt split up the middle, sliding back and forth, hoping to relieve some of the pain on her labia as the ridge pushed her pussy lips apart, her tender, pink insides rubbing on the dry leather ridge.  Her wrists were grabbed, a tight rope wrapped around, binding them together, then thrown over a heavy beam above her, Father John was pulling the rope back down, her wrists being forced up into the air until they were stretching up high, Sally fearful as it left her youthful breasts so vulnerable. 


“Tie her ankles down,” Father John grabbed one ankle, another rope being pulled through the ring in the floor, Sally’s legs pulling downward, forcing her pussy to sit harder on the ridge, Bishop Samuel making short work of her other leg.  Her naked body perching high on the bench, her pussy split by the sharp, leather ridge, her legs spreading wide to the sides, her arms high above her head.  Her naked body now available for whatever punishment they decided to inflict on her.  Father John picked up a short, flexible rod made of fiberglass, similar to a fishing rod.  Pulling the tip back and bending back, then releasing it, he let the top of the rod shoot out quickly, slapping hard on the leather bench near Sally.  “I think something in her mouth would be appropriate,” picking up her panties and forcing her mouth open, stuffing them deep with one finger, her cheeks bulging out.  Rubbing his hands over her breasts, first cupping, then encircling the resilient flesh, he squeezed, fingertips rubbing the nipples, forcing them to stick out, Father John making them better targets for the rod.


“Over here, Charlotte,” Bishop Samuel pulling her down on the chair near the bench.  “If you don’t behave, I will have to do that to you.”  She was on his lap, his hand already unbuttoning her blouse, reaching in to grasp her bra-encased breasts, “I’ll have to beat these little beauties,” his fingers already rough with her breasts.  “Take off your blouse and bra,” eager to manhandle her young breasts.”  Even though he had already cum, his cock was hard again, at the thought of the breast punishment Sally was about to receive.  Charlotte, complying quickly, stripping to the waist as his hands were moving to her naked breasts, pinching and prodding the tender flesh, forcing her to squirm her ass, rubbing against his lengthening cock beneath her, her sex already wet.


Father John began lightly tapping on the tender underside of Sally’s breasts, moving back and forth from one to the other.  Flick, flick.  Sally’s eyes widened as the light tapping that barely hurt at first began to take its toll, the rod licking the same spots over and over in a monotonous rhythm, the skin turning a light pink.  He gripped one of her nipples, pulling up on it, exposing more tender flesh underneath, the rod slapping back and forth over it.  Her nipple stretching as the rod continued its assault, moving on to the other breast, that nipple gripped tighter, stretching higher up, the rod dancing over the revealed naked flesh.


            It began to hurt more, Father John hitting harder and hitting the same spot over and over.  His fingers pinched her nipples hard, making them bigger targets which he then released and quickly took advantage of.  She felt a fiery pain in each tip, the rod striking her squarely on the tender pink nipples, burning.  Her upper body was shaking and turning, trying to avoid the rod, but Father John followed her, delighting in the way her tits were bouncing around, the rod striking them over and over again, unerringly finding the nipples and inflicting the painful punishment.


            Charlotte was not fairing much better, Bishop Samuel excited by Sally’s breast punishment, began taking out his measure of justice on Charlotte, his fingers pinching and twisting her nipples as she gasped in pain.  “I like how you squirm around on my lap, rubbing your cute little bottom on my sword.”  Then he bent down, his mouth encircling one pink tip, closing his lips around it, his teeth holding it tightly, his tongue running back and forth over the trapped nub.


            Sally couldn’t believe the fiery pain that shot through her nipples when Father John struck the hard tips with the rod.  How could he do such a thing to me?  The rod striking the sensitive tips with such force that she shuddered in the tight bondage they had placed her in, her hips moving back and forth with the pain, her breasts dancing as she tried to escape each successive blow of the rod.  But Father John was good at following her body, each time seeking out one of her nipples and striking it firmly with the end of the rod, the sharp slap of the plastic driving another muffled scream from her panty-clogged mouth, tears running down her cheeks.  She felt his fingers on her nipples, knowing that he was only making sure they were hard for the rod, rubbing the sensitive flesh, forcing it to grow.  She felt his fingers leave, bracing herself for the rod again, tearing a muffled scream from her lips as he struck each one harder, the rod slapping harshly across the now reddened skin, the rod burying itself deep into her firm flesh. 


            Bishop Samuel’s fingers were tearing into Charlotte’s breasts, pinching and squeezing the firm flesh in a frenzy of lust brought about by Sally’s breast whipping.  He was hoping that the same opportunity would present itself with Charlotte, a small indiscretion the only reason he needed to punish her. 







Father John started moving the rod down onto her stomach, slapping at her tender abdomen, making her jerk back and forth on the ridge, seeing her pussy wet the leather as she slid back and forth.  He swung the rod lower, slapping it so it hit the top of her slit, seeing her eyes open wide as she silently screamed in her gag, as her clit was beat with the rod.


Unbelievable pain shot up her spine when he hit her clit, then slapping at her ass, driving her back and forth, her labia painfully scraping back and forth along the sharp ridge, like a knife opening up her pussy.  He finally stopped, his hands moving up to cup her swollen breasts, the skin now red with marks, the nipples hard and sensitive, Sally flinching when his fingers touched them.  She could feel his hands moving down to her slit, finding her clit and rubbing it.  His other hand went around to her cheeks, his finger sliding up and down her sweat-covered crack until finding her anus.


“My sword has not visited you here, yet.”  Pushing with his finger, Father John forcefully entered her rectum making her jerk forward, his other hand pinching her clit, driving her back down onto the fingertip that was now embedded in her hot rectum.  “This weekend, you will learn how to pleasure the Lord’s servant with your backside.  Now, I want you to cum for your sister and Bishop Samuel.”  Squeezing her clit harder, he was forcing her to ride back onto his finger, trapping it in her hot, buttery insides.  Her insides clenching his finger tightly as he screwed it in, making her feel the hard knuckles as he twisted it side to side.


At least the pain from the rod had stopped, but it felt like the ridge was ruining her for life with Father John forcing her back and forth along the sharp edge, her slit rubbing harshly along the leather.  And then there was the strange fullness of his finger forcing itself up her backside, his knuckles bashing against her opening, the rest of his finger moving around her insides like a small snake.  Sally glanced over at Bishop Samuel and Charlotte, his hands abusing her sister’s naked breasts as she bounced on his lap, knowing the pleasure that Charlotte was forced to give him with her butt rubbing his sword.  She felt Father John pinch her clit harder, driving his other finger deeper inside her.  She knew the only way she would be released would be if she came for him.  Trying to block out the pain of the ridge, she concentrated on the finger rubbing her clit to erection, slapping at her swollen bud.  A spasm passed through her backside, a burning sensation as the finger continued to massage the muscle trying to force his finger out.  She refused to think of Father John pushing his sword up her tiny backside, his finger already causing her significant pain. 


Father John leaned forward, sucking on her nipples, his lips surrounding the hard flesh, suctioning it into his mouth, his tongue rubbing along the beaten flesh.  He saw her eyes closing, her hips riding the ridge, her labia sliding up and down as he continued fingering her backside.  He could see her juices coating the leather, knowing that she would cum soon.  “Yes, Sally, cum for us,” he encouraged, his finger rubbing her clit more gently now, his tongue lapping at her beaten nipples, his finger burrowing deep in her colon. 


Sally couldn’t help herself any longer, her body demanding release, the first orgasm shuddering through her body.  The pain mixing with pleasure as Father John’s mouth and fingers sent rippling pleasure through her body when she came, flooding the leather ridge with her juices, ashamed as she felt how wet she had become.  His finger in her butt shoved in deep, twisting and turning in her clenching anal tract, the orgasm racing through her body.  The second orgasm hit when Father John bent his finger in her butt, stretching it wider than it had ever been, his other finger playing with her clit.  She looked up, humiliated when she saw Bishop Samuel and Charlotte watching her intently, Father Samuel still playing harshly with Charlotte’s breasts, the young flesh now pink from abuse.


“Good girl, Sally.”  He untied her, her body slumping to the floor as he helped her off, his arms holding her up when she struggled to regain her footing.  “Both of you get ready for bed.  We will be in to lead you in your bedtime prayers.”  Father John let his fingers roam over Sally’s ass, whispering in her ear, “you will have to service my sword before you sleep, Sally.  You can show Charlotte how to use your God given talent to pleasure the Lord’s servants.  Now off you go, child.”


Bishop Samuel pinched Charlotte’s nipple one last time.  “Into the bedroom.  I will be with you shortly,” taking her hand and pushing it against his hard cock.  “You will have to take care of this tonight,” watching her breasts bouncing as she joined Sally in going into their bedroom.


"This bed is so big," Charlotte jumped into the bed, bouncing on the soft mattress.  Her short nightgown hiking up her thighs, her brief panties barely visible.  "How did we get so lucky?"


Sally was not so happy, she knew the truth.  "Charlotte, it's big enough for four.  And, I think sometime soon Father John and Bishop Samuel will be joining us.  Do you understand what that means?"  She wasn't sure, but she suspected that they might leave Charlotte alone tonight, letting her watch, knowing that it was her that they would be interested in; her body that would be taken by them tonight.


"Are they going to have sex with us, tonight?  Both of us?"  The thought had entered her mind, especially after having sucked the Bishop’s cock.  When she had thought of it, it sounded much cruder than when it was happening.  She now understood what Sally had done with Father John.  The way he played with her body after punishing her, that he was so familiar with it, knowing now that Sally had submitted to him before.  Now, she knew why her sister hadn’t wanted her to come to the retreat.  But, that was not what she wanted.  She was going to be a nun, serve the Lord.  If she had to also serve Bishop Samuel, she was willing to do it for God.  This was her calling in life and Bishop Samuel had promised to help her.


"I'm not sure about you, but I'm sure they will have sex with me.  I'm just afraid of both of them, afraid of what they will do to me."  She slid her nightgown up her legs, Father John giving both of them the nightgowns, realizing that they were short and that she was not given any panties to wear, for a reason; Father John making no pretense of what he was expecting from her.  "It will be even more embarrassing with you here, seeing your face as they have me, unable to stop them from doing whatever they with me.  I wish Mom hadn’t made us do this, I wish she understood it better."


Sally jumped as the door handle turned, the door slowly opening.  Just as she suspected, Father John was the first through the door, Bishop Samuel following.  Both were wearing bathrobes, bulges in the front, their cocks already hard at the thought of entering her body.


"Good evening, girls.  It's time for your evening prayers," Father John said, a smile on his face.  "Charlotte, you stay over there with Bishop Samuel, Sally, over here.  I will instruct you in prayer." 


Bishop Samuel sat down on the bed.  "Over here, Charlotte," watching her scrambling to move next to him, his eyes on her short nightgown sliding up high on her legs, hoping to catch a glimpse of her panties.


"Yes Bishop," quickly settling in next to him.  Looking down, her nightgown high up on her thighs, her hands trying pull it down, the garment too short to cover much.


Bishop Samuel slid his hand down on Charlotte’s thigh, pushing the nightgown up higher again.  “No need to hide, Charlotte, the Lord has given you a lovely body and you must let us celebrate it.”


Sally moved towards Father John, his hands beckoning her closer to the edge.  She tried as hard as she could to keep her nightgown down but its shortness did little to hide her naked legs, afraid that Bishop Samuel could see under it, see her naked sex.


"Kneel on the bed, Sally," his hands gripping her hips as he turned her towards the headboard.  He pushed her up tall, her naked breasts beneath the nightgown, the nipples pushing out the thin fabric.  His hand slid down her back, slowly, over the gentle swell of her buttocks, feeling her squirming at his touch.  "Behave, Sally!"  She froze, his hands returning to the task of feeling her lovely body.  "Much better.  You must let the Lord celebrate your beautiful body, His masterpiece of perfection," as his hands continued to roam over her buttocks, sliding down to touch her naked thighs.  "Good girl, Sally, now bow your head in prayer," his other hand pushing down on her back.


She felt his hands roaming all over her body, knowing that this would not be just a prayer session, he intended to use her body again, more humiliating this time because Bishop Samuel and Charlotte would be watching, fearing that Bishop Samuel might be joining in.  She tried to avoid his hands until he scolded her, fearing further punishment like earlier tonight, not wanting to endure that again.  She let his calloused hands continue molesting her, moving down onto her naked thighs, his touch harsh.  She felt her body being pushed down, his other hand still on her naked thighs till she was almost on all fours, her short nightgown rising up in the back, his hands following her naked skin.  She could only imagine how she looked, feeling as if she were wagging her naked butt in front of the Bishop.


"Yes, very lovely, Sally," Father John sliding his hand up her silky thighs, pushing her short nightgown up higher and higher, his hands caressing her naked butt, the nightgown now bunched above her waist.  Her skin was so smooth and silky, her buttocks tight.  He pressed down on her head, his other hand pushing underneath her, raising her ass up higher.  “Arch up for the Lord, Sally.  Or, would you rather be bound in position?”  He watched her push her butt out and up, offering up her naked bottom to him.


She didn’t want to be bound, made helpless by Father John with ropes.  But this was almost as bad, forced into positions that were provocative and highlighted her young, naked body, not only to Father John but also Charlotte and Bishop Samuel.  She pushed her butt into the air, her back sloping sharply downward, his hands returning to her naked buttocks.


“Spread your legs for us, show us God’s treasures,” Father John urged her, his hands sliding down her satiny thighs, moving between them, his strong hands pushing out.  He watched her knees skidding along the blanket, her pussy peeking out from behind, her cheeks parting, the tiny wrinkled hole snuggled tightly between them.  He moved his hands up her back, sliding the nightgown up higher, pulling it over her head, leaving her naked and posed for him.  He lay across on her back, his hands reaching underneath her to grasp her hanging breasts in his big hands.  “Do they still hurt?” he whispered, tugging on her nipples, hearing soft groans from her lips.


She could feel his sword beneath his robe sliding along her naked butt, his fingers grabbing her swollen nipples, pinching them, the pain of the rod returning.  Her hips began moving in response to the pain, trying to escape the harsh fingers.


“Yes child, like that,” her ass rubbing along his hard cock.  His other hand sliding beneath her, cupping her sex in his large palm, pulling her up hard against his throbbing cock.  “How you tease the Lord with your sex, Sally,” his hips moving back and forth to rub his pulsating cock on her teenage ass.  He began humping her, his hips moving back and forth, her body exciting him.  Kneeling up, he pulled off his robe, his red throbbing cock bobbing in front of him.  “I can’t wait any longer, Sally.  It is time to take my sword inside you.”


Bishop Samuel was getting excited watching Father John with Sally.  He pulled Charlotte closer to him, his hands on her near naked thighs, her short nightgown riding high on her legs.  He grabbed the hem of the nightgown and began pulling up.  “Raise your butt up, Charlotte, let me slip your nightgown off,” the fabric almost ripping as she let the gown slide out from under her, Bishop Samuel now free to pull it up and over her head.  He looked at her, half naked, her breasts so firm, her nipples pointed, still red from the abuse, only a pair of thin panties hiding her treasures from his eyes.


Charlotte was again stripped for the Bishop, an excitement between her legs again.  She couldn’t understand the feelings, ashamed that a man of the cloth was sexually exciting her.  She watched his hands rubbing over her body, powerful hands squeezing her firm breasts as if they were melons to be tested for ripeness.  Charlotte parted her legs as his hand slid down her naked stomach, knowing his hands would go there.    


“Such a good girl you are, Charlotte,” his hand slipped into her panties, sliding down her abdomen to push into her bush.  He yanked on the hair, hearing a tiny yelp when he painfully pulled out some of the hairs.  “Wider, Charlotte,” his finger searching out her puffy lips, sliding down between them as her legs spread further, giving him complete access to her virgin sex.  He nestled his finger between her lips, her juices running freely as he began stroking up and down the satiny flesh.  “Take out my sword and caress it.  Watch as Sally takes Father John’s sword inside her hot body.  You will learn to do that, learn to please my sword with your hot insides.”  He settled back, her soft, small hand encircling his cock, sliding up and down the thick shaft as he fingered her slit, his gaze going back to Father John and Sally.


“Reach back and put my sword inside you,” he ordered Sally, wanting her to participate in her own ravishment.  His cock shuddering as her hand touched him, the light contact almost making him cum.  He pushed his hips forward, her hand guiding his cock between her legs, sliding the head of his cock up and down her slit, along her juices, the unmistakable sign of her arousal at submitting to him.  “Yes, so good, now put it in inside you, the Lord can’t wait any longer.”  He pushed with his hips as he felt her place the head of his cock on her vagina, the bulbous head overshadowing the small opening. 


She felt so humiliated, bent over submissively, her butt arching up high in the air as if she willingly wanted his sword inside her.  She reached between her legs, grabbing at his hot member, sliding it up and down her slit as it throbbed in her tiny hands.  She placed it against the opening to her vagina, feeling the rubbery head pulsating, eager to bury itself in her buttery insides.  She let go of it, grabbing the blankets in her fists, preparing for the painful entry.  It was not long, Father John pushing with his hips, spearing her pussy on his sword, her vagina forced to swallow the head of his sword, trapping it tightly inside her opening.  She screamed, the entry swift and painful, her body shuddering as she was skewered on his powerful sword.


Was that how it would be when Bishop Samuel takes my virginity?  Charlotte felt his sword jumping in her hand as Sally screamed, knowing that he was enjoying her sister’s discomfort, a hint of what he would do to her when he took her.  She stroked harder, her hand barely surrounding the girth of his sword, moving up and down the shaft, tightening her fingers when she ran over the head, feeling it jump in her grasp.


Father John gripped Sally‘s hips tightly, his fingers turning her skin white as he forced his cock into her tight pussy.  “Thank you, Lord,” he praised, her hot insides gripping his throbbing member so tightly.  He pulled Sally back onto his cock at the same time pushing in with his hips, feeling her vagina fighting the intrusion of his large cock inside her tiny body.  Her passage was still as tight as a virgin’s, having only been entered three times, all by Father John.  Another groan from her lips, this time over half of his cock burying inside her.  He pushed out on her thighs, forcing her to spread wider, his cock sinking in deeper as she opened up for him.  Pulling out, grunting as he shoved back in again, her pussy fighting his cock as he tried to bury it deep inside her.  One more time he pulled out, taking a deep breath and shoving back in, this time the powerful thrust burying his giant member deep inside, pushing hard against her cervix, his cock pulsating.


Father John continued his relentless fucking, pushing his cock in and out of her vagina, each time pushing deeper and deeper into her tight pussy, making her groan as he took her forcefully.  Her face skewered in pain, her fists gripping the blanket as her once virgin pussy was forced to take his large cock inside her tight passage.  Her walls were stretching painfully wide to take in the thick shaft, the head rubbing up and down her insides.  She felt him fucking her faster, his cock moving in and out, forced back in with more powerful strokes, sliding up and down her slippery insides.  She didn’t know why, but her pussy began to get wetter, aiding his cock’s thrusts inside her, making it hurt less and less.  She felt Father John’s hands move around her, slipping down to her sex, his hand caressing his cock sliding in and out of her pussy as he continued his powerful assault on her teenage pussy; moving up to find her clit hood, peeling it back to reveal her hard and swollen clit.  She shuddered, pushing her ass up, forcing his sword deeper inside her as he touched her love button, his finger surprisingly gentle in rubbing it.  She began to move her hips back, meeting his forward onslaught, taking his powerful thrusts inside her, his finger making her body tingle.


“See how excited Sally is getting in serving the Lord’s servant,” Bishop Samuel commented, his finger still buried in Charlotte’s pussy, soaked with her juices, realizing she was excited by what was happening to her sister.  Her hands were stroking his cock as if she had been in training for year to do this, just as Sally had been, both naturals.  They watched Father John and Sally explode in a frenzy of orgasmic bliss, Father John burying his cock deep inside Sally, his head thrown up in the air, praising Jesus for the tight pussy milking the demon seed from his loins.  Sally was wagging her ass side to side as she came with the first powerful rush of cum deep inside her, bathing her pussy with the Father’s hot juices.


Father John reluctantly pulled out of Sally’s pussy, his cock glistening with their combined juices, her pussy leaking the thick cum he deposited inside her down her thighs.  He flipped her quickly onto her back, kneeling over her head, gripping her by the chin, pulling her head up to his cock.  “Open wide and clean my cock, Sally.  Praise the Sword of the Lord with your tongue and mouth,” he ordered, his fingers not giving her a chance as they pushed in, opening up her mouth to his flaccid, wet cock, plucking it down onto her waiting tongue.


Sally was forced to lick the cum from his cock, her mouth filling with the taste of his thick, salty cum and her own juices.  She licked at it obediently, his hands holding her head tightly, her lips wrapped around the shrunken flesh.  She could feel it hardening again, the flesh growing in her mouth. 


Charlotte felt unfulfilled when Bishop Samuel and Father John left Sally and her.  She wanted Bishop Samuel, no matter how much of a sin it was.  He had aroused her and made her cum.  She wanted to feel his sword inside her virgin pussy.  She was afraid to say anything to Sally, knowing the Sally didn’t enjoy what Father John did to her, doing it only to avoid his punishment.  “Good night, Sally.”


“Good night, Charlotte,” Sally said, and then adding, “I’m sorry you had to see that,” rolling over to sleep, not wanting to discuss it.


* * * * *


Sally was startled when the door opened, the booming voice of Father John ringing in the room. 


"Rise and shine for the Lord," he blared out loudly.  "Get dressed and come into the kitchen for breakfast.  We have a full day of spiritual leadership and training."  He was carrying two novice uniforms, putting them on the bed and instructing, "Put these on.  No underwear or blouse.  Now hurry, the Lord waits for no man.”


Charlotte picked up one of them, a dark blue dress.  She had seen some of the novices wearing them.  A large V cut into the front, but the novices were allowed to wear white blouses underneath.  They would be naked.  Charlotte was excited at the thought of it, her breasts would be available to them and she was sure that she would quickly feel the hands of Bishop Samuel on them.  She looked at Sally, seeing a different expression on her face, resigned to another day of sexual abuse. 


They quickly freshened up; Charlotte took off her nightgown, sliding her panties down her legs.  She pulled the dress on, seeing that it was cut rather short, much shorter than the novices wore.  She looked down at the V, noting that if she bent over, her breasts would be bared.


Sally quickly followed suit, slipping into the dress, feeling the harsh fabric against her skin, her nipples hardening as they rubbed on the material.  The dress was not made to be worn without underwear.  "Let's go," wanting so badly to get the day over with, resigned to her fate.


Father John had breakfast ready for them, a surprisingly excellent breakfast of eggs and bacon.  He looked up at the girls often, catching quick glimpses of naked flesh between the V in their dresses, his cock hard at the thought of his hands roaming freely over the lovely firm globes.  He smiled at Bishop Samuel, who was also eyeing the girls.  After breakfast, Father John had the girls reading from the bible, Bishop Samuel helping Charlotte, Sally his pupil.  He sat down next to her, helping her to understand what she was reading, watching but not touching her, yet.  He kept them busy for over three hours, continuing their rote memorization of the bible.


“You’ve been doing very well this morning, Sally,” Father John said, leaning in closer to her.  “Put your hands on the table,” watching as she glanced up at him, complying with his order, the look in her eyes revealing that she knew she would have to submit to him again.  He put his hands in the V of the dress, lightly touching her cleavage, running his finger up and down her silky skin.  His fingers moved over one plump, ripe breast, squeezing it as if it were a ripe cantaloupe, his large hand easily encircling the firm flesh.  He became more insistent, stepping behind her, reaching down; both of his hands now free to explore her teenage tits, pushing aside the dress to bare them to his hands and all eyes.


Her breasts were roughly fondled, Father John’s calloused hands gripping tightly.  She kept her hands on the desk allowing Father John to have his way with her body, her breasts now naked, his hands swiftly pushing aside the dress.  She had to arch her back, Father John grabbing her nipples, pulling them up and out, stretching the rubbery flesh until she moaned in pain.  She looked down, her breasts extending into points, the tips feeling as if they were gripped in a vise.


Father John wanted more, releasing her breasts.  “Take off your dress, Sally.  Bishop Samuel, will you help me with Sally?”


“Anything for the Lord, Father John.  Charlotte, take off your dress, as well.  The Lord wants both of you as you came into the world, naked.” 


Both girls stripped off their dresses, their naked bodies revealed again.  Charlotte was hoping that Bishop Samuel would take her virginity with his sword; Sally afraid of what the two of them were going to do with her, afraid that two swords would be placed in her body.  They were pushed into the bedroom, Bishop Samuel the first in, dropping his robe, his hard cock bouncing as he got on the bed.  He laid back, his erect cock held up high by his fist, the throbbing head a dark red.


“Sally, kneel on the bed and straddle Bishop Samuel.”  Helping her spread her knees wide around Bishop Samuel’s hips, her pussy and cheeks parting, revealing not only her pink pussy, but also the tiny wrinkled opening of her anus.  Father John let his hands slip between her legs from behind, moving a thick finger up and down her slit.  “Can you get wet for the Lord, Sally?”


She felt the finger between her legs, pushing apart her lips, sawing up and down her silky insides.  He was expecting her to get wet, wet so that Bishop Samuel would have an easier time getting his hard weapon inside her.  She closed her eyes, dreaming that it was a lover who was doing it to her, anything to mask the reality of the situation.  She began to feel a tingling in her sex, two fingers now pushing apart her lips, running up and down, his other hand caressing her buttocks.  She felt so ashamed at what they were making her do, forcing her to lubricate her vagina so that they could have their pleasure with her.


“She’s ready, Bishop Samuel.  I expect she will be hot and tight for your sword.”  Father John pulled Sally up higher, moving her hips towards the large cock that jutted up in front of her, Bishop Samuel stroking it as he held it up for her to sit on.  “Now take his blessed sword, Sally, and put it between your legs.  Your evil body has aroused the Bishop; you must now service him in repentance.” 


She rose up higher, her hands reaching down and touching the Bishop’s sword, both of her hands holding it straight up into the air, feeling it jerk and throb beneath her fingers.  She rubbed the dark red head along her slit, looking down and seeing it spread her lips apart, drops of his seed glistening in the bright lights of the room.  She pressed it against her vagina, pushing down with her hips, stretching open to take it inside.  His sword was thicker than Father John’s, the head slowly forcing her opening to stretch quite wide to accept it.  She felt Father John’s hands leave her hips, but return to her buttocks, stroking her cheeks as she pushed down harder, accepting the thick sword.  She moaned in pain as she looked down, the head almost all the way in, her opening stretching tightly around it.


“Good girl, Sally, just a little bit more and you will have the head in, push down,” his hands moving to her shoulders, forcing her down onto the Bishop’s cock.  A tiny yelp escaping from Sally’s lips as the head popped inside her.  His hands moving back down to her buttocks, his fingers eager to explore where his cock would soon be.  He saw her turn and look at him when his finger ran down her slit in back, over her anus, the tiny hole quivering.  “Take it deeper now, Sally, you have to draw out the demon seed.  Squeeze him with your evil body.  Make him dump his demon seed inside you.”  His finger circled her anus, the wrinkled hole opening and closing as it began to spasm, not used to being touched so intimately.  He smiled at the look she gave him as she suffered his rude fondling, but the thick cock entering her pussy took her attention away.


She felt the Bishop’s sword pushing deeper, looking down to see half of it already inside her, stretching her open.  She spread her knees wider, hoping to relieve some of the pressure.  She pulled up, feeling the bulbous head dragging from her pussy, then pushed down again, her weight driving his sword deeper into her body this time.  She did it again, feeling her pussy opening to take it deeper, clenching onto the rigid flesh between her legs.


“So hot and tight, Sally.  The Lord blessed you with such a nice body.”  He watched her fucking up and down his shaft, her titties bouncing as she took his cock deeper and deeper, feeling like her pussy was going to squeeze his cock to death.  She now had three quarters of it inside her, Father John giving Bishop Samuel the nod.  Bishop Samuel, reaching up, stroked her breasts, grabbing her nipples with three fingers and began to tighten, her eyes opening wide.  Pulling them toward him, he watched them stretch.  “Bend over,” he ordered, his fingers yanking her nipples down painfully.


Sally had no choice but to bend, his fingers digging painfully into her nipples, a fiery pain shooting through her chest.  He let go of them as her breasts brushed his chest, his arms moving behind her, pulling her tightly against him, pinning her arms to her side as he did.  It hurt as his cock inside her bent, pushing against places in her pussy that had never been touched before.  Her bush was now pressed against his abdomen, his cock burying deep inside her, jerking and jumping as she squirmed.  She grew afraid when she felt Father John’s hands begin to roam over her butt again.  With her arms pinned, she couldn’t defend herself.


Charlotte, bring me that bottle of holy oil,” pointing to a glass bottle of a clear, thick oil that was sitting on the corner table. 


Charlotte grabbed it quickly, bringing it to Father John, hoping that she might get to participate, wishing that it was Bishop Samuel inside her vagina instead of Sally’s.


“Pour it on Sally’s butt,” he ordered, his fingers moving to each side of her cheeks, pulling outward, Sally’s cheeks parting even as she was fighting him.


“What are you going to do?”  Sally was panicked, feeling the cool oil spread over her butt, especially between her cheeks, her anus puckering from the cool liquid flowing over it.  Bishop Samuel began to stroke harder with his sword, his hips driving deep inside her, pushing her butt into Father John’s hands.


“Take care of Bishop Samuel’s sword, Sally.  Tighten up your body on it.  Show the Lord how you take care of His servants.”  He spread her cheeks apart harshly, exposing her anus.  He pulled out more, her hole opening, Charlotte taking advantage of it and pouring the oil directly on it.  Running his finger over her anus, he could feel her shiver.  He found the opening, his slick finger, plunging deep into her rectum with a powerful thrust, her muscle fighting to keep him out.


“OOOWWW!”  The finger inside her rectum hurt at first, driving her down onto Bishop Samuel’s sword, forcing it to bang painfully against her cervix, like it a stake driving through her body.  Her hips were moving side to side, trying to escape the finger that continued moving around inside her anal tract, her body unable to prevent the lubricated digit.  She knew he was going to sodomize her.  It would be bad enough to take a sword up her backside, but they would split her up the middle if she had to take both of them at the same time.  “You’ll kill me with it,” tears flowing down her cheeks, as one finger became two, the Bishop’s sword beginning to push in and out faster.


“The Lord wants you to give all of your body to His servants.”  Pulling his finger out, he grabbed Sally’s ankles, pulling her legs back, pushing down on her ass, forcing the Bishop’s cock deep inside her.  He spread her legs wider, knowing they were aching from the widespread stance, but he needed to get between the Bishop’s legs and hers.  He settled down on Sally’s back, his hand underneath his body, grabbing his hard cock and sliding it up and down her crack.  His hips began to move back and forth, his hands pushing her cheeks together, making a nice tight fit for his cock.


She could feel his sword sliding along her crack, the head rubbing harshly over her anus.  It felt even bigger than before, afraid of where he was going to put it.  Bishop Samuel seemed content underneath her, his cock pulsating in her pussy, letting her vaginal walls do all the work of massaging his cock.  She felt the heavy weight of Father John settling down on top of her, trapping her naked body between these two men of the cloth.  Hands were gripping her ass cheeks and pulling them apart, feeling her crack stretch painfully wide.  She felt the rubbery cock head against her wrinkled opening, the slick monster pressing against it.  “Slowly,” she begged, resigned to the fate of being sodomized and taken in both of her holes at one time, hoping to avoid as much pain as possible.


“Yes, accept it, my child,” Father John whispered in her ear.  “Push out like you are having a bowel movement, it will open up nicely for my sword.”  He began pushing down with his hips, feeding his hard cock up her backside.  She pushed back, trapped between them, accepting her fate, aiding in her own sodomy. 


She screamed in pain, the initial thrust of his sword pushing his cock head into her hot, clenching rectum.  “God, its sooo big!” she cried, trying to push back again, hoping to relieve some of the burning from the sodomy. 


Father John was too impatient, the feel of her hot, tight teenage asshole clutching painfully onto his cock head almost too much for him, afraid he would cum too soon.  He wanted her to feel the full measure of his cock, wanting to bathe her colon with his hot, demon seed.  His fingers dug into her cheeks, his hips pushing forward in the relentless pursuit of the depths of her bowels.  His cock pumped into her in jerking motions, pulling out, then back in, each time going deeper, each time discovering new parts of her anal tract.  He sent his cock into the buttery depths of her bowels, gripped by her cramping ass muscles as it was sinking inside her.


It felt so huge; her anal tract feeling like it was being torn, trembling as she took his sword up her gut in sharp, jerking shoves.  The thick sword had her squirming beneath him, her anus stretching wider, grasping the shaft of his sword like a tight ring gliding up and down the thick member.  “Ggghh!” she cried, tears running down her cheeks, her stomach cramping, the thick cockhead, a fullness deep inside her stretched colon.  She could feel his cock jerk, a tiny gasp from her lips each time he did.


“The Lord has given you such a tight backside to please His servant, Sally.  Now, I want you to squeeze both of our organs with your tight insides.  Do a good job and we will reward you with our seed.”  He couldn’t wait any longer, pulling his cock out, grunting as her ass muscles fought the big head, creating a giant vacuum behind it.  He pulled out until her clenching anus gripped only the head, her rectum fighting to push the rest out.  He then plunged back in, hearing the groan of pain coming from Sally’s lips as her colon was forced to stretch to take the thick cock back in once again.  He began fucking her, her muscles milking his cock as he did.


Bishop Samuel was no longer idle; two Swords of God ravishing Sally‘s body.  They were splitting her up the middle, each pushing in at the same time, each trying to outdo the other, pushing in farther than their cocks should go.  They both hit bottom at the same time, Bishop Samuel’s sword banging harshly against her cervix, Father John’s sword burying itself deep into her cramping colon.  Her cries and groans of pain seem only to provoke them into greater lust, their cocks now coordinating their efforts, one pushing in while the other pulled out.  The area between her legs was constantly filled with a sword, each jerking around inside her.


Charlotte, get behind Father John and use your tongue on his anus while your hands milk his testicles,” Bishop Samuel ordered her. 


Charlotte was so hot from watching the ravishment of Sally, wishing that it were her that had Bishop Samuel’s cock in her pussy.  She got behind Father John, her fingers spreading apart the cheeks of his butt, opening up his anus to her gaze.  She cringed at the thought of the degrading act she was about to perform, but she couldn’t disappoint the Lord’s servants.  She closed her eyes, pushing her face between his cheeks, her tongue out and poised.  She felt him quivering beneath her when her hot, wet tongue hit his opening, her fingers peeling him wider, the hole opening, her tongue rigid, pushing into the hot, depths of his rectum.  She gagged at the tastes, fighting the urge to stop, so eager to please the Bishop, her tongue moving back and forth over the foul-tasting opening.  Her hands reaching down to his testicles, feeling the cum-swollen balls in her hands and beginning a gentle squeezing motion that seemed to drive Father John’s hip back and forth into her sister at a faster pace.  She let her hand slip down between her legs, masturbating her pussy as she rimmed Father John.


The pain began to diminish, the almost gratifying fullness of being stuffed replacing it.  It felt like one giant hole between her legs, barely able to distinguish where each sword was pushing in and where one pulled out.  Her clit banged by Bishop Samuels’ pubic bone, his hips sliding back and forth as he fucked up with his sword, making her take all of him inside her.  She couldn’t control the spasms in her anus, forcing her pussy to squeeze on Bishop Samuel’s sword, a fiery feeling in her backside as the sodomy continued.  She grunted and groaned through the long minutes of her duel ravishment.  Father John’s hand slipped beneath her body, searching out and finding her clit.  Two fingers spread back her clit hood, exposing her swollen bud to his other fingers, pinching it tightly.  She began to buck beneath them, a growing feeling of pleasure spreading through her body, confused that she could be enjoying the vaginal and anal penetration by the two servants of the Lord. 


The room was filled with the sounds of rapture, the slapping of naked flesh, the groans of pleasure and lust as the three of them—aided by Charlotte’s tongue and fingers—came.  And came together, both swords buried deep inside the young body of Sally, growing larger as they stirred.  Three cries of joy rang out as Sally received the demon seed of both men.  Bishop Samuel dumped his hot seed inside her pussy, Father John quickly followed suit, bathing her bowels with his salty seed, burning the abraded anal tract.  Sally came as her body filled with a gallon of cum, quivering and shaking in an explosive orgasm that rocked her body.  Finally, all three bodies slumped down, drained, their sexual ardor temporarily sated.


Sally felt Father John pulling his rapidly deflating sword from her backside, a small fart sounding as the air escaped from the vacuum created by the thick member.  She felt a rush of cum leak from her anus, running down the inside of her thighs.  Bishop Samuel pushed her over, pulling his cock from her pussy, coated in the sheen of glistening cum. 


Charlotte, come over here and clean our swords with your mouth.  Father John’s included.”  He pulled her over to Father John, pushing her head down onto his lap, her mouth rebelliously open as she stared at the flaccid penis, covered in cum and tiny specks. 


Gagging as the limp sword entered her mouth, her lips wrapping around the limp flesh.  Her tongue touching it, the foul taste filled her mouth, gulping as she tried to get rid it. 


“After lunch it will be time for confessions and acts of contrition.  Charlotte will learn to use her body in the Lord’s work and also to suffer under the hand of God.”


To be Continued