The Priest Teaches His Flock

Chapter 12- Conclusion

By Powerone

Copyright 2006


The Summary: Father John is transferred to his third parish.  Each time he was caught molesting his parishioners.  Bishop Samuel and Father John take the sisters Sally and Charlotte for a weekend retreat of serving the Lord and his servants, their bodies used in many ways in the Lord’s work. 


Keywords: M/F, reluc, nc, anal, oral, humil, young



Charlotte could barely eat, wanting to slip her hands under her dress and masturbate.  She had been aroused too many times by Bishop Samuel and Father John, each time she wasn’t allowed to have an orgasm.  She still remembered how Bishop Samuel had made her cum when he was giving her private lessons.  She wanted to serve the Lord and Bishop Samuel in whatever manner they wanted, even if it meant giving up her virginity to him.  In fact she almost welcomed it.  It was the ultimate gift in serving the Lord, to give her virginity to God.  Sally was quiet during lunch.  They had both taken her, their swords entering her in both passages until they filled her with their seed.  Charlotte could see that she didn’t relish serving the Lord as Charlotte would. She only wished that she could be as lucky as Sally.


“Clean up the table girls.  It’s time to worship the Lord and his servants.”  Bishop Samuel couldn’t wait much longer to find out how willing Charlotte would be in serving him and the Lord.  He wanted to be inside her hot, tight pussy with his cock as she lay beneath him, taking his powerful strokes.  His cock bulged out the front of his robe.  He saw Charlotte’s eyes staring at it, her tongue moving out to lick her lips as if in anticipation. 


Charlotte hurried to finish the chore, her thighs clenched tightly together, wanting so much to feel the Bishop between her legs.  She almost had an orgasm when she heard his order. 


“Over here Charlotte.  Stand in front of me and take off your clothes.  Show the Lord what a beautiful body you have.”  His hand went to the front of his robe, no longer even attempting to hide his arousal. 


Charlotte was embarrassed to take off her clothes in front of her sister, her body not as mature as hers, her breasts not as large, her hips not as full.  She tried to put her sister out of her mind, glad that Sally had a seat behind her with Father John.  She stood within inches of Bishop Samuel, slowly unbuttoning the straps that held the dark blue novice dress.  She let the straps fall off of her arms, the dress leaving her naked to the waist.  She made no attempt to cover her naked breasts, sliding the dress down her legs until it fell to the floor at her feet.  She kicked it aside, standing in front of Bishop Samuel in all God’s glory, naked, the way God had created her. 


Bishop Samuel moved closer to Charlotte, admiring her lovely breasts.  Her nipples were already hard, the harsh material of the dress partly responsible for teasing them that way, sure that her arousal made them that way.  She had a hairy bush, her thighs still clenched tightly together.  He touched her stomach, feeling her jerk as if shocked by a lightening bolt.  “Calm down Charlotte.  I just want to explore the body God gave you.”  His hand slid down her stomach.  “Spread your legs for the Lord.”  His hand slid between her thighs, urging them wider and wider until he was satisfied by the wide expanse.  His hand moved up her silky inner thighs, feeling the muscles trembling beneath his touch.  He stopped short of her pussy, teasing along the crease of her legs.  He inhaled the scent of a girl in heat.  She would make an excellent nun, ready and willing to service all of the priests in the name of the Lord.


Charlotte felt her pussy getting wet as Bishop Samuel’s fingers lightly touched her bush, sending tiny tremors down each follicle.  She couldn’t wait to have him touch her, her widely spaced legs giving him ample room, the juices running freely down her thighs. 


“Are you ready to serve the Lord, Charlotte?”  His fingers didn’t even wait for an answer, pushing aside her abundant bush to find her labia, his fingers gripping her and pinching her lips together.  She almost jumped away when he touched her, Charlotte forcing herself to stay still for him.  His fingers slid up and down her lips, squeezing them as he did.  He stopped, his fingers gripping each lip and slowly spread her open for his intimate inspection, peeling her lips back until he was tugging them wide open.


His fingers were not gentle, not what she had expected.  He pinched her labia before he spread her lips open, yanked wide open until they ached.  She shuffled her legs open wider, hoping to relived some of the pressure, Bishop Samuel only pulling wider.  She looked down, his face only inches from her sex, his hot breath blowing on her.  She trembled as she saw his tongue snake out of his mouth, bracing herself for the touch.  “GGGGGODDD,” she cried out in ecstasy, no amount of preparation could have gotten her ready for the exquisite touch of his tongue on her pussy.  Her legs almost collapsed as his tongue slid up and down her slit, the pleasure too difficult to even describe. “Thank you Lord!”  Her body trembled as Bishop Samuel’s tongue explored her sex so intimately, his tongue sliding up and down her slit, his fingers keeping her spread wide.  “OH GOD,” she exclaimed loudly.  His tongue had stiffened, pressed against her virgin hole and rimmed the tight hole sending shudders through her body.  If it weren’t for his hand on her ass she would have fallen down, his tongue sending exquisite tremors through her young body.


Bishop Samuel’s lips were covered in her juices, her pussy putting out an abundant supply of delicious crème.  He pressed on her ass, sending her pussy into his waiting tongue, the stiff flesh pushing into her virgin hole.  Her muscles fought the intrusion, gripping his tongue as he pushed in deeper in until he found her hymen, the final barrier to the hot, tight depths of her pussy.  She wouldn’t last much longer, his tongue exciting her quickly, her body close to exploding.  He pulled his tongue reluctantly from her vagina, his fingers moving up to peel back her clit hood, the hard red bud pulsating with desire.  He lapped her slit all the way to her clit, his lips closing around her hardened bud and suddenly sucking it deep into his mouth.


“Praise the Lord,” Charlotte’s hands reaching down and grabbed Bishop Samuel’s head and pulled him up against her pussy.  He had wrapped his lips around her pleasure button, the hard little button that she played with late at night in bed, her fingers snapping at it until her body crumbled under an orgasm.  His mouth sucked her clit in like a vacuum cleaner, drawing it deep into the hot confines of his mouth.  She came when his tongue lashed across it, slapping it back and forth while his lips held it tightly.  “Take me Bishop Samuel” she screamed in ecstasy, her juices freely flowing as her pleasure button was attacked by his tongue.  She felt ashamed as she came, knowing she was juicing in the Bishop’s mouth, but his tongue continued to ravage her clit, her body shaking and trembling as the orgasms raced through her young body.  She had never felt anything like it before, not even under her own solo masturbation, her hands rubbing the Bishop’s face back and forth over her sex, unable to control her own emotions.  Her only concern was the increasing orgasms that raced through her body.  She was finally spent, sinking to her knees, her hands leaving Bishop Samuel’s head.  Ashamed, she hid her face.  “I’m so sorry Bishop Samuel.  I don’t know what came over me,” she blurted out.


“The Devil took over your body Charlotte.  I will have to purge you with the Sword of God.”  He quickly threw off his robe, his hard cock jutting out in front.  He lifted up her chin until it was inches from his cock.  “Kiss my sword Charlotte.  The only way to purge you is for you to give your virginity to the Lord.”


She looked up at his throbbing member, licking her lips.  “Yes Bishop Samuel.  Let me serve the Lord with my worthless body.”  She wrapped her lips around his hot flesh, drawing it into her mouth, her tongue lapping at it.  She looked up at him, her innocent eyes staring into his.  His hands drew her head farther onto his member, forcing it in and out of her mouth, her tongue running up and down the thick shaft, feeling the throbbing veins running along the shaft.  “MMMGG,” she could only mumble, her small mouth filled with his hot flesh.


She sucked his cock like a whore, her enthusiasm making up for her inexperience.  He hated to stop her, but he wanted to cum in her virgin hole.  “On the bed child.  It is time for you to receive God’s sword.”  He pulled her up by the hair, laying her down on the bed.  “Spread your legs for the Lord.  Show him the dark, hot hole that he will use to purge the Devil from your body.”  His cock throbbed as she lay down, her naked body spreading for him, her pussy opening up until he could almost see inside her forbidden hole.  “Peel your lips back and use your fingers to get wet.”  His stroked his cock as she began to masturbate, her fingers glistening with her juices.  She might have just cum, but she was already aroused again, her hips beginning a gentle fucking motion.


She looked at his member, so thick and hard.  She wasn’t sure how he would get it inside her, but she didn’t care any longer, her body was the Lords now.  She was already wet in spite of her orgasm, the thought of Bishop Samuel taking her virginity for the Lord arousing her.  “Please, take my virginity for the Lord, Bishop Samuel.”  He climbed between her legs, Charlotte spreading her thighs farther open until they ached, her eyes glued to the thick member that jerked so close to her vagina.  She didn’t hesitate, gripping his member in both of her hands, guiding it to her sex, rubbing the hot head up and down her slit.  She almost came when she felt her sex fold back, her lips closing over the hot head as it pulsated on her pussy.  She couldn’t wait any longer, taking the huge head and placing it against her small opening.  “It’s so big,” she exclaimed when she felt it pulsating against her tight hole.  She arched her hips up, wanting to feel it deep in her virgin body, but at the same time afraid of the pain that she would feel when it ripped through her hymen.


“Yes it is Child.  But you can take it.  For the Lord.”  He began to push with his hips, the thick head of his cock breaching the tight opening, watching her hole slowly spread wide to take it in.  He held her tight as his hips pushed harder, her muscles fighting the intrusion.


“EEEEEGGGG,” she screamed out in pain, the thick member breaching her opening, her hole feeling as it he were tearing it.  She tried to sink her butt deeper into the mattress but his hips continued to follow her, forcing her to take more of the hot member.  She could feel it jerking in pleasure as it sought to breach her.  Then she felt it, the thick head pushed against her hymen, feeling the thin membrane stretch as he continued to press forward.  Her pussy was stretched taut across the thick head of Bishop Samuel’s cock.


Bishop Samuel couldn’t wait any longer.  His muscles tightened and he pushed into her with a powerful thrust of his hips, his cock tearing through her hymen as if it were butter.  “Take the Lord’s Sword Charlotte,” he yelled out as he took her innocence in a brutal thrust of his cock, burying half of his hard cock inside her violated hole.  He pushed his body down on hers as he took her virginity from her.


“Oh God, No!”  It hurt terribly, her insides feeling torn as his brutal weapon thrust into her virgin passage, her muscles pushed aside in submission by the hot, throbbing member.  She could feel the wetness, knowing that it was her virgin blood that aided his weapons entry inside her, his hands sliding underneath her, gripping her naked butt and forcing her up, his member waiting, sliding deeper inside her.  His body was pressed against hers, her pointed nipples rubbed by his hairy chest.


Bishop Samuel loved the look of pain and surprise on her face as she was suddenly and brutally impaled on his cock.  She would never forget this day, the day when she gave her innocence to the Lord.  He pulled his cock out until only the head was gripped by her tight hole, seeing his shaft coated pink with her virgin blood.  He shoved back in again, her muscles gripping his cock as he pushed into her virgin passage, his powerful weapon pushing aside all resistance as he took her.  Each time he stroked in he would go deeper, pulling out slowly, drawing her insides with each stroke.  Then he would shove back in, making her take his cock in a powerful stroke that made her luscious tits dance up and down on her chest. 


He didn’t stop; his member sliding in and out, her body rocketed by his powerful thrusts.  It took her breath away when he buried his cock deep inside her, feeling the head of his member slamming hard against her cervix, making her take the full measure of his sword.  He didn’t pause for more than a second before he drew it out, her insides caving in behind the departing member.  When only the head was still inside her, jerking in pleasure, he would clench his muscles and thrust back into her with a powerful force that pinned her to the bed like a butterfly.  It hurt, but felt good all at the same time, her young body confused.  It was the Lord’s work she was doing, her body sacrificed for the Lord.  It felt huge inside her, pushing aside her insides as his sword ruthlessly took her with his powerful strokes.  So that is what it felt like, feeling the throbbing flesh jerking in pleasure inside her.  Bishop Samuel was panting above her, his hips a blur as he took her, his testicles banging against her backside with each powerful stroke.


“Please the Lord Child.  Squeeze his sword with your body.”  He enjoyed her hot, tight pussy, his balls tingling as he rode her for all that he was worth.  But he wanted more from her, wanting to test her submission to the Lord’s work.  His hands crawled under her ass, gripping her cheeks, feeling the muscles tighten, his cock feeling as if it were caught in a vise.  “Oh yes, Child.  So good.  Again.”  His fingers dug into her cheeks, tearing them apart, his finger searching out her hot asshole.  He found the sweat drenched hole, his finger pushed against it as her ass arched up to escape the rude plundering of her backside.


It hurt when she squeezed him, but it made Bishop Samuel so happy, his sword jerking and jumping inside her.  His hands scratched her butt cheeks as his fingers dug into her tender flesh, forcing her to arch up, driving his sword deeper into her pussy.  It felt like her anus burning, his fingers drawing apart her cheeks until her hole began to stretch open.  She swung her hips side to side to escape the fingers that clawed between her cheeks, only succeeding in pleasuring the sword that continued to ravish her body.  “NNNOOO!”  His finger had touched her backside, touching her in that forbidden place.  She had watched Father John take Sally in her backside, seeing the look of pain etched in her face as his sword tore into her defenseless hole.  Now Bishop Samuel had his finger pressing against her tiny hole, feeling her muscles already fighting to keep it out.  The finger moved over her hole almost as if it was caressing it, running around the hole until it settled on the center of it, her muscles fighting as it began to press harder.  “UUUGGGH!”  She cried out in pain, her butt rising up so high that his sword bashed painfully against her cervix, feeling as if it was going to come out her mouth.  The finger had entered her unceremoniously, thrusting dryly into her backside, burning as her hole stretched to take the thick finger.  It began to move deeper until she felt it pushing against her rectal muscles, making her stomach cramp unexpectedly.


Her asshole was as hot as her pussy, her muscles clamping down tightly as he thrust into her rectum.  He drove his cock into her, her body buffeted by his twin probes.  He began to fuck her harder, his balls ready to dump his cum inside her.  “Pleasure me Child,” he ordered her as he fucked her hard.  “Receive the Lord’s seed inside you.”


She was being skewered on both ends, his finger deep inside her backside, the uncomfortable feeling at having something moving around inside a passage not meant to be entered.  At the same time his sword continued to plunder her once virgin passage, eliciting such exquisite pleasures from her untrained body.  She squeezed tightly on his sword even though it carried over into her backside, her muscles involuntarily tightening on the finger inside her.  She wanted to please Bishop Samuel but she also felt the first tingling of an orgasm approaching.  She began to move her hips in spite of forcing his finger deeper into her rectum.  Or maybe it was because of it, a deep masochistic thrill racing through her body as she served the Lord.  His sword continued to ravish her body, moving faster and faster inside her, taking her so completely, Bishop Samuel making her take the full measure of his sword.  She tightened her muscles on his sword, feeling it jerk inside her.  He plunged it deep inside her, so deep she thought it would meet his finger in her backside.  He stopped and then she felt it.  It seemed to get bigger inside her, stretching her.  It began to shoot inside her, Charlotte feeling for the first time the blast of seed bathing her once virgin passage.  It was hot, feeling as if it were scalding her insides.  She rubbed her body back and forth against him, feeling his flesh against her clit, the pleasure button hard and waiting.  She felt her body cumming just in time to feel the second blast of seed pounding against her womb.  Her butt pushed back, driving the finger deep into her bowels as her head grew dizzy in pleasure, her nipples hard and sensitive rubbed harshly by his hairy chest.  She couldn’t control her own muscles, her body shaking and jumping under his, the pleasure racing to her brain as she trembled under her first orgasm induced by the sword deep inside her.  “Praise the Lord,” she screamed out so loud that even Bishop Samuel was taken back.  His cock pulled out and then plunged back in, spewing his hot seed inside her body, mixing with her juices as she came with him.


Her pussy felt like a blast furnace, her muscles clenching so tight on his cock that he grunted each time he fucked back in.  He skewered her asshole on his thick finger, rubbing her muscles salaciously as it drove her hips high into the air, plunging his cock so deep he thought it would come out the other end.  He couldn’t contain himself any longer, driving his cock deep inside her, feeling her clench onto his cock as the cum rushed from his balls to bath her womb with his seed.  “Take the Lord’s seed Child,” he screamed out in pleasure, dumping his cum deep inside her.  He held her tightly against him as she began to cum with him, their juices mixing deep inside her young body, holding her trembling body.  “Yes Charlotte.  Cum with the Lord.  Receive his seed inside you.”  They both finally collapsed, Bishop Samuel dragging his cock from her wet pussy, sitting up as Charlotte tried to catch her breath.  He looked down at her, her lovely body covered in sweat, her bush drenched in his juices, her eyes closed, her breathing ragged.  He pushed her wet hair from her face.  “You serve the Lord well Charlotte.  You will make an excellent Novice.”  He moved over her head, learning over until his limp cock rubbed across her lips.  “Clean the Lord’s sword,” he ordered her, his fingers opening up her lips until his soiled cock entered the hot confines of her mouth.  He felt it begin to grow, her tongue moving over the head, licking it to hardness again.


She hated the taste of his sword, knowing that it was covered in his juices and the blood from her innocence, but she suffered, her tongue licking the limp flesh, tasting the salty, metallic tasting fluid from his organ.  She felt it growing in her mouth, feeling so proud that she could do such a thing to a powerful Bishop.  She looked over at Sally.  Her hands were stroking Father John’s sword, the head of it glistening in juices as he watched Charlotte perform with Bishop Samuel.  Sally’s other hand cupped his testicles while Father John’s hand was busy between her legs.  Charlotte couldn’t see where Father John’s fingers were, but she assumed it was up Sally’s backside, the look of distaste on Sally’s face.


It didn’t take Bishop Samuel very long to get hard again, Charlotte quickly finding her mouth stretched to the limit as it grew inside her cheeks.  She tightened her lips around the thick shaft; her tongue lapping at it as a cat would, hoping to please him.  He pulled his sword out of her mouth, Charlotte disappointed as she felt the emptiness.


Bishop Samuel saw the look on Charlotte’s face.  “Do not despair Child.  You will have another chance to serve the Lord.”  He stroked his cock, seeing her face brighten up again. She had cum under his cock, wanting more of the same now that she learned the pleasures his cock could bring.  “You still have one more virgin hole to give to the Lord.”  His cock jerked in pleasure at the thought of snuggling up in her hot, tight asshole.


Charlotte knew it would hurt when he took her in her backside, noticing the pained look on Sally’s face when they both took her.  But that didn’t persuade her away, the thought that Bishop Samuel would make her cum again and the gift of her virginity that she would be giving the Lord making it worthwhile.  She had so much to give to the Lord.  “My body is to serve the Lord and his servants.  I will do whatever is required of me.”


Bishop Samuel was eager to explore her.  “On the bed.”  He ordered her, watching as she climbed onto the large bed.  “On your stomach.”  He admired her firm, taut ass cheeks and the way they seemed to arch up.  “Yes, such a lovely body Charlotte.”  He gripped one of her ankles, spreading her ankle to the far side of the bed.  He moved to the other side, standing between her legs as he yanked the other harshly, spreading it wide until she spread like a wish bone.  He could see her tiny asshole peeking out from between her cheeks, pulling her leg wider until the crease all but disappeared, the tiny puckered hole barely visible.  “Your backside will please my sword Charlotte.”  He slipped between her wide-spread legs, crawling on his knees, his thick cock jutting out in front, hard as a rock from the sight of her virgin hole.  He bent over her ass, his hands gripping her hips and pulling her ass up submissively.  He liked the way she looked, her ass arched up, his hand smothering down her back, positioned as if she were offering up her asshole for sacrifice.  This is exactly what she was doing.


She felt so vulnerable, her legs aching as Bishop Samuel’s spread her so wide.  Even her anus burned, the tiny hole pulled wide, Bishop Samuel’s hands urging her ass up high into the air until she was posed for his pleasure, Charlotte almost embarrassed that she looked so obscenely exposed.  She turned to look at Bishop Samuel, her face red in shame when she saw how hard his member was, knowing it was her body that was testing him.  “Take my sinful body Bishop.  Purge it with your sword.” 


Bishop Samuel took some of the oil, stroking his cock as he rubbed in it.  He dribbled some of the oil on her asshole, seeing the way her tiny hole began to spasm from the unfamiliar touch of the cold oil on her hot hole.  He rubbed the edges of her puckered hole, seeing her fighting the strange urges that ran through her body.  He pushed into her hole with his finger, driving it into her rectum with a suddenness that drew a gasp from her lips. He held her hip with his other hand as he skewered her hot, tight asshole with his finger.  “Take it Child!”  His voice was adamant, pulling her back onto his probing finger.  She bucked beneath his finger as she struggled under the rude probing.  He twisted his finger inside her, his cock dancing in delight as he felt her muscles clenching uncontrollably on his finger, eager to replace his finger with his cock.


“OH GOD!”  She cried out as she felt the burning as his finger unceremoniously plunged into her backside.  Even the oil didn’t help much, pressing forward to try to escape the cruel ravishment of her backside.  His hand pulled her back onto the finger as it slid deeper into her backside.  She could feel her muscles trying to push it out, unable to control them as she felt her backside impaled on his thick finger.  God, if his finger hurt this much, how would she ever take his thick sword?  His finger was relentless as it pressed deeper inside her, her stomach cramping as his fingertip pushed painfully on her muscles deep in her rectum.  She couldn’t do anything to stop him as he continued to plunge deeper inside her, her anal ring burning as his thick knuckle pushed inside her.  “OOOOHHH, it hurts,” she moaned in pain, her hips moving to the side to try to escape the thick finger. 


Bishop Samuel shoved his finger deeper inside her until his knuckles banged against her anal ring, twisting and turning it deep inside her hot, clenching passage, enjoying the pleasure from her resisting muscles.  “Take it for the Lord, Charlotte.  You must learn to bear the pain to serve the Lord.”  He pulled his finger until it was almost out, then plunged in back in deep inside her with a powerful thrust that took her breath away.  He was preparing her for his cock.


She went from full to empty then to full again, gasping at the pain as his finger plunged deep inside her.  His finger hurt badly enough, twisting and turning inside her, her stomach cramping from the unnatural probing of her insides.  Her ass was still arched up submissively as Bishop Samuel took her backside with his finger.  She clenched her muscles when she felt the relief as his finger left her, her anus clenching uncontrollably even when she was empty.  She looked back at him, stroking his sword with oil, his hips shifting forward until she felt the unmistakable feeling of his hot sword on her anus.  “Please Lord.  Help me take his servants sword in my backside,” she prayed aloud as she felt the pressure on her anus, Bishop Samuel’s hands tightening on her hips, keeping her pulled back, unable to escape his sword.


His cock jerked in pleasure when he pushed against her hot asshole, covering her tiny hole with the huge head of his cock.  He heard her prayer, not wanting to disappoint her, pulling her hips back onto his cock as he pushed forward with his hips.  He enjoyed the way her tight hole fought back, seeing its losing battle as her anal ring slowly began to stretch as he began to breach her virgin hole.  Wider and wider it expanded until the tip of his cock began to push into her dark forbidden asshole, his thick head stretching her open wider.  He grunted as he gave her a powerful shove with his hips, holding her onto his rampaging cock, finally breaching her virgin asshole.


“EEEEHH,” she screamed in pain as her tiny hole burned, afraid he had torn her when she felt the unmistakable feeling of his hot flesh inside her backside.  Her breathing was ragged as she tried to comprehend the pain that came from her backside.  “Please don’t move,” she cried out.  It hurt more than she could have imagined.  She was grateful that Bishop Samuel paused, his flesh feeling strange as it throbbed inside her rectum.


It felt as if his cock was in a vise, a hot tight vise that kept it pinned inside her asshole.  He held it still, letting her grow accustomed to having him inside her.  Her back was covered in sweat, her face contoured in pain as she looked at him with pleading eyes.  “Take the Lords sword Charlotte.  Please him.”  He began to push again, grunting as he fought her resisting muscles, her anal ring slipping over his cock like a tight band.  He had the head of his cock inside her rectum, feeling the heat of her body, her muscles fighting to shove out the invading member.  She bucked beneath him as he slowly pulled her asshole onto his hard cock like a sock, his hands on her hips pulling her back on his rigid member.  “Feel my sword Charlotte.”  He pushed harder, his slick cock pushing aside all resistance as it slowly slipped into her clenching bowels.  He pulled out until the head of his cock was gripped possessively by her asshole, then plunged in again, driving his thick shaft into the depths of her bowels.


It felt like a log in her backside, his sword relentless as it pushed deeper inside her.  As he plunged in, her stomach would cramp as his flesh pushed aside her muscles, touching her in places that were not meant to be touched.  She couldn’t even control her muscles any longer, her backside a burning mass of pain as his sword rampaged her virgin passage.  Bishop Samuel was relentless, his sword never still, continuing to plunge in and out of her backside, her body buffeted by his powerful strokes.  She thought it would never end, his sword continued to plunge deeper into her colon, straightening up parts of it not meant to be straightened, painful cramps in her stomach giving his thick member pleasure as her muscles fought to push it out.  He would pull his sword out, feeling her insides dragged out by the powerful pressure until his sword was captured by her anal ring.  He would pause for a second, Charlotte gasping as he plunged back in, his long sword sinking deep into her bowels.  Her only relief was to finally feel his stomach pushed against her butt, knowing that she had his sword as deep as he could get it, her passage cramping on the thick member. 


 Bishop Samuel was stroking her asshole with his cock, enjoying the way her muscles rippled along the shaft as he took her.  He made her take the full measure of his cock plunging so deep inside her that his stomach slapped harshly against her up-thrust ass cheeks, jarring her body.  She grunted painfully when he fucked in, groaning as he pulled out, taking his powerful strokes.  He wouldn’t be able to last much longer, her hot, tight insides bringing such pleasure to his throbbing member.  The other Priests would enjoy her tight backside, Charlotte sure to find herself with many swords sodomizing her asshole.  Many of the Priests enjoyed boys, but Charlotte’s asshole would provide suitable enjoyment should they not find any willing or unwilling boys to accommodate their perversions.


She went from full to empty with his powerful strokes.  She couldn’t believe that she had taken his huge sword up her backside, but she could feel the head of his sword jerking in pleasure when it drove deep into her colon.  His hands slid underneath her, lifting her ass up higher, allowing him to take deeper strokes.  She felt some relief when one hand slid down between her legs and cupped her sex, finding a fat finger slipped salaciously between the lips of her sex, her body jerking from the unexpected pleasure.  Maybe he would make her cum, though Charlotte not sure she would be able to do it with his hard sword taking her so fully in her bottom.  She began to move her hips from side to side as she felt the finger begin to masturbate her, the pleasure running through her body as it slid up and tapped so pleasurably on her clit.  “EEEEEHHH,” she cried out, this time in pleasure in spite of the deep thrust inside her bowels.  She wasn’t sure how, but she began to feel a tingling of pleasure when his sword was deep inside her, pushing aside all resistance as it took her ruthlessly inside a dark place that was not destined to be touched as he did.  She didn’t understand it, only accepting the tingling that raced through her body, her nipples swelling up in pleasure, his finger rubbing up and down her now wet slit. 


Bishop Samuel could feel her arousal, his finger slick with her juices as he ran up and down between her lips.  Two fingers slipped into her hot pussy, sliding deep inside until he could feel his cock jerking beneath the thin layer of skin that separated the twin probes.  He pulled her up higher on her pussy, his fingers digging deep inside her.


“Oh God!”  She was dueling impaled now, his fingers and his sword felt as if there was one big member between her legs that threatened to split her up the middle.  His other finger snapped back and forth over her clit, snapping it harshly but not failing to arouse her with the pain. She was bucking up and down, the fingers and his flesh in her backside made her dance, dizzy as her body was used by Bishop Samuel in this obscene manner.


He fucked her hard now, seeing her arousal, knowing that he needed to cum quickly.  Her asshole rippled up and down his thick shaft, her hips bucking back and forth, exciting him with her tight, hot hole.  He could feel the pressure in his balls, the ache he felt just before he was ready to cum.  He slowly said a prayer in his head, hoping to delay his long awaited orgasm until Charlotte was ready to cum, wanting to heighten his pleasure with her body as she experienced another orgasm.  His hips were a blur as he fucked her hard, slamming painfully into her ass cheeks, drawing her back onto his thick cock each time.  Amen, the end of the prayer and his orgasm rapidly approaching.


She was taking his sword inside her backside and she was ready to cum, unable to comprehend her own body, just wanting to feel the pleasure race through her body again.  His hands and fingers were relentless, rubbing her clit, plunging deep inside her pussy while his sword continued to ream out her bowels with his powerful weapon.  She felt his body shuddering behind her, feeling the organ inside her grow, stretching her wider.  She could hear his gasps of pleasure and then felt a jet of hot cum shoot deep into her bowels, filling her as nothing had ever done before, Charlotte imaging his sword shooting its seed deep inside her ass.  It was all she needed to send her over the edge, her muscles clenching tight on the spewing sword inside her as she came, the orgasmic bliss rushing over her body, her nipples tingling, her head dizzy as the orgasm raced to her brain.  She could feel the wetness between her legs as she came on his fingers, covering them with her copious fluids, another jet of hot cum shooting into her bowels, her belly filled with the Lords seed.


He shoved so deep inside her that he thought it would come out her mouth, holding still while his cock twitched in pleasure.  He could almost feel his juices racing up the shaft of his cock, the hole in the head of his cock stretching wide to shoot out his hot seed deep inside her asshole.  He felt her shudder, his fingers continuing to masturbate her as she came with him, feeling her asshole grip his cock tightly as he filled her with another load of his cum.  His fingers sloshed around in her drenched pussy, her abundant crème making his fingers slick with her cum.  Once more he shot inside her, giving her a sperm enema, filling her bowels with his thick crème.  He plunged his fingers inside her pussy one last time, eliciting a scream of pleasure as she came again, finally slumping down on the bed, Bishop Samuel following her down, his semi-rigid cock still inside her asshole.


He was crushing her, her body ravished from the orgasm that ripped through her untrained body.  She felt the unfamiliar pain in her backside as her muscles pushed out the limp sword inside her until she felt it pop out and slip between her legs.  Another spasm in her ass and she felt a river of cum running down the insides of her thighs, her legs still spread wide as Bishop Samuel finally got up from the bed.  She felt a sharp slap on her ass, the Bishop’s voice breaking the silence.


“You will do well in serving the Lord as a Novice, Charlotte.  I will tell your Mother when we take you home that you will return with me to the Church to serve in God’s Kingdom.”  He saw the smile on her face at the news. He looked over at Sally, her head in Father John’s lap, his strong hands holding her down as his cock pierced her mouth, only choking sounds coming from her lips as he took her mouth for his pleasure.


Charlotte found herself being taken by Bishop Samuel one last time before they left, Charlotte eagerly getting down on her knees as Bishop Samuel gave her the honor of administering to his sword until it hardened.  Then she found her naked body beneath his, his sword taking her first in her sex, then moving back and forth from her sex to her backside, Charlotte making her body as tight as she could to please the Bishop.  She was rewarded with his seed, filling her as she had an orgasm, the thought of serving the Lord with her body exciting her.  Sally was not as enthusiastic, serving Father John begrudgingly with her body.


“Wait here while I tell your Mother of the news.”  The ride back was quiet, pulling in front of the house, Bishop Samuel noticing that the Sally and Charlotte’s Father’s car was gone, probably at work already.  “Wait ten minutes and then come in.”  He left them in the car, the air still cold.


Mary heard the knock on the door, looking out the window, seeing Father John’s car outside.  She opened the door, surprised when she saw him.  “Father Samuel?”


“You recognized me Mary.  Though it is Bishop Samuel now.”  He thought he recognized her before, but wanted to be sure.


“I’m sorry Bishop.  I didn’t know.  It’s been a long time since you were my Priest.  I was only about Sally’s age.”  The images that she had blocked out of her mind after all the years suddenly came flashing back into her head.


“Aren’t you going to let me in?”  He finally pushed the door open, closing it behind him.


“Sorry Bishop Samuel.  Where are Father John and the girls?”  She was concerned.  Did something happen to them?


“They are in the car.  I wanted to see you first.  They are fine.  In fact, Charlotte has decided to become a Nun.  She has proven to be very adept at serving the Lord.”  He smiled at Mary.


Mary was very religious and to have Charlotte become a Nun was a dream come true.  She had always wished that she had taken the calling, but it was not destined.  “That’s wonderful.  Such a noble calling, serving the Lord.  I wish that Sally was more like her.”  She was always disappointed in Sally’s devotion to God.


“I remember you were very good at serving the Lord and his servants Mary.”  He smiled at her.  She was much older now, but he could still see that she had a nice body in spite of having two children.  His cock began to stir in his trousers.


The image flashed into her mind, a young girl, kneeling on the floor in front of the alter, Father Samuel, his sword exposed, her trembling hands touching his holy flesh, moving it towards her mouth.  She could still feel his encouraging hands on her head as she felt for the first time the hot flesh of his sword in her mouth, her eagerness to please the Lord as her tongue ran over the strange flesh.  She blushed as she remembered the first time she was with Father Samuel.  And the many times later that he took her body in the service of the Lord.  “Yes Sir,” her head hanging down.


Bishop Samuel lifted up her chin with his hands until she was staring at him.  “Are you willing to serve the Lord, Mary?”


She looked into his eyes and saw only the lust she had seen as a young girl. “Now!”  She couldn’t do it, the kids were outside in the car, sure they would be in soon.


“Yes Mary.  Right now.”  His cock pushed out the front of his trousers, Mary’s eyes glancing down.


“But my children will be in soon.  I don’t want them to see me.”  Her eyes begged him.


“Sally and Charlotte have already learned to serve the Lord.  And his servants.  They are adept students as much as you were when you were their age.  It will be a good education to see their Mother serving the Lord as an inspiration for them to perform.”  He pushed down on her shoulders until she sank to her knees.  “Take out my sword, Mary.  Just as you have always done.”


She was resigned to her task, the Church asking her to sacrifice her children and herself to serving the Lord’s servants.  She unzipped his trousers, her hands reaching in to take out the hot flesh, her hands wrapped around it until it stood in front of her mouth.  She licked her lips, blowing gently on the tip of it, tightening her hand as it jerked in her hand.


“Oh yes Mary.  You tease the Lord’s servant’s weapon.  Put your lips around it and take it deep in your mouth.  I want to hear you choke on my sword, your gift to the Lord.”  He moaned in pleasure as her hot, tight lips encircled his cock, fighting the urge to cum.  He wanted to wait.  “EEEHHH,” as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth, his hands moving to the top of her head.  “Yes, deeper Mary.  Take my sword deeper.”  He heard her choke as she swallowed the head of his cock in her throat, just as she was taught to do when she was young.


The door opened suddenly, Charlotte rushing in, excited to share her news with her Mother.  Sally and Father John followed them.


“Mother!”  Charlotte looked at Bishop Samuel, her Mother kneeling on the floor in front of him.  Her mouth was engulfing his sword, Bishop Samuel’s hands pulling her deeply onto his hard sword, the look of shame in her Mother’s eyes as Charlotte saw her.


“MMMMGGG,” was all that came out of Mary’s mouth, her lips split by the thick shaft of Bishop Samuel’s sword, the head of his sword deep in her throat, her choking making her throat muscles ripple up and down the hot flesh.  Bishop Samuel held her head tightly onto his thick cock.


Bishop Samuel saw the surprised look on the girls face.  “Your Mother learned to serve the Lord when she was young just as you are.  I was her Priest and as you can see, she is quite an expert at pleasing the Lord.”  He yanked her head back and forth on his cock, making her choke and gag as he plugged her throat.  “Come here Charlotte.  Your Mother will teach you how to serve the Lord.”


The End of Story