Author: Powerone

Title: The Priest Teaches His Flock

Part: Chapter 1-3

Summary: Father John is transferred to his third parish.  Each time he was caught molesting his parishioners.  This time we find him in a small parish in the Bible Belt in the 1950's.

Keywords: M/f, oral, anal, humil, nc,


By Powerone.  Copyright 2004.

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Chapter 1 Sally is Punished


        It is the late 1950's in the farming region of the Bible belt.  The economy is booming, with bountiful harvests.  Even in good times farm life is still hard.  The farmers in this region have a deep religious background and this permeates from the job into the family life and upbringing of the children.  The church has an enormous hold over the lives of the people.


        Father John, the local Catholic priest had only been in this part of the country for about a month.  He was just starting to get use to the rural life, his other parishes being in very large cities.  He had been on a "retreat" for the last six months, the church forcing him to undergo a forced re-indoctrination training.  It was because it was his third offense.  He had been caught two other times for "sexual misconduct”.  The other two times he was just transferred to a new parish, in a new part of the country.  The Bishop usually admonished him for his sins and made sure that he was no longer his problem.   When transferred, his new parish never knew about his past “sins”.  The last time involved some thirteen year old girls, Father John preferring them younger and younger each time.  He had to undergo a period of “meditation” at a seminary for “trouble priests.”  He had played the game well, confessing his sins, humbled by his transgressions and acted genuinely repentive of his sins.  The church welcomed him back, a new man with a new parish.  But his new parish was no longer in a big city, no longer a large church, they had moved him to a small town in the bible belt hoping that he would have less chance to re-engage his past problems.


        The church had about 100 members including all of the children.  It was over 150 miles to the nearest good size city.  In this town, Saturday night was the movies and then home.  Sunday was set aside for church and family.  Father John was welcomed graciously by the town folk, them being without a parish priest for over six months since their last one passed away of old age.  To the town, Father John was their savior, a fairly handsome man in his mid forties, intelligent, personable with the entire town folk, especially the woman and a wise, religious man. 


        The first thing Father John did was to begin giving private religious training after school and on the weekend for some of the children.  Some of the parents had spoken to him about their rebellious children, especially some of the girls.  The 1950’s had brought rock and roll, Elvis Presley and television to the heartland.  The parents had been brought up strictly and continued to raise their children in the same tradition.  Many had been punished using belts and severe spankings and thought nothing of continuing that in raising their children.  Some had even given Father John permission to punish their children if they misbehaved. 


        Sally was the oldest daughter of Stan and Mary.  She had a younger sister, Becky and an older brother, Mark, who had already graduated from high school and was helping his father work the farm.  Becky was the level-headed girl in the family, with Sally seemingly always getting into trouble.  She followed her heart more then her head and that usually that got her into trouble. 


        Sally is a very pretty girl, 5 feet, 4 inches tall, a bouncy pony tail always in her light brown hair.  Her breasts were 34-C’s, creamy white flesh accented by dark brown areola’s about the size of half dollars and her nipples, a deep red, grew to a inch long when hard and erect.  She had shapely legs due to the exercise she got in helping her family on the farm doing chores.  Her ass was firm and pert.  She was still a virgin.  Almost everyone in this small town was a virgin until they married, or at least were engaged.  No one could suffer through a scandal in a small town if caught engaging in pre-marital sex, especially good Catholics.


        Sally was sitting on the big desk.  Her legs were spread wide, her skirt had ridden up her thighs, way above her knees.  Her thighs ached, her legs wanting to close but Father John had placed a cross in a small hole on the edge of the desk.  He made Sally place her legs outside the cross.  She was ordered not to touch the cross with any part of her body.  If she did, God and Father John would punish her.


        “Please Father John, it hurts,” Sally cried.


        “Now, now, Sally.  The Lord requires you to suffer for him.”  He stepped in front of her, gazing down at her half naked legs.  His cock bulged out the front of his pants, but Sally was too interested in her own problems to gaze at him.  His hands reached down and rested on her knees.  He could feel her body trembling, her muscles pulling to keep her legs spread so wide.  “Fifteen more minutes.  You must be punished for not remembering your lessons.”  He let his fingers slowly move over her knees, stroking the young flesh.  She did not protest his seemingly innocent touching. 


        Her parents had already admonished her when she had tried to protest that Father John was being inappropriate with her.  Her Mother had slapped her face, telling her that she was imagining it and was just a young girls foolish thoughts.  A priest does not have impure thoughts.  Sally was told to do everything that Father John wished.  He would teach her the ways of the church.  They had even given him permission to punish her in whatever manner he saw fit.  That was the end of the conversation forever.


        Father John saw no resistance on Sally’s part so he increased his fondling of her young flesh.  “I can feel your muscles straining.  I know it is painful.  You must not touch the crosses or you will have to suffer further punishment.  Here let me help you.”  His hands slid down to the inside of her knees and began to apply pressure.  “Now don’t touch the crosses, but let your legs part open, yes, such a good girl,” watching as her legs began to bow open.  His hands moved up her inner thighs, feeling the taut flesh, the muscles straining from the obscene position her had placed her in.  He had done this many times before, using the crosses to force young girls into spread positions, their young, nubile bodies open for his fondling.  He had many more position that he would place Sally in, each time using the crosses to keep her open and available.


        Sally’s thighs ached, her muscles trembling in pain.  It had been over forty five minutes, the clock in front of her slowly ticking off the time.  Father John had placed her on the desk, making her slide back.  She was leaning back, her arms outstretched behind her keeping her upright.  He had her open her legs, first her right one, opening it all the way until it hung over the side edge of the desk.  


            “Very good Sally, now I’m going to place a cross in the hole in the desk.  I want your leg on the outside of it.  Don’t touch it with your leg.  If you touch the blessed cross I will have to punish you severely.”


            He had to help her with her left leg, his large hand grasping her slim ankle, slowly spreading it over to the other side of the desk.  It immediately began to hurt.  No matter how young her body was, it was just not that limber.  “Please Father John, that hurts,” she begged him, but he continued to pull her open, feeling like she was being split up the middle.  She did not even notice her skirt rising up high on her thighs.


            When her left leg hung over the side of the desk, he got out another shiny cross, placing it in a hole in the desk.  She had not noticed the holes.  Her thighs ached, her groin felt like it was splitting up the middle as she watched the clock slowly count out the seconds.


            Father John watched her strain, her face grimacing in pain as the minutes passed.  The position she was in forced her young breasts up, straining the buttons on the school blouse she was wearing.  He could see some naked flesh between them.   Soon he would have her stripped to the waist, her breasts available for him to fondle but also to punish. 


            He was now enjoying the feeling of her young flesh beneath his fingertips as he caressed her naked, inner thighs.  He stood between her outstretched legs, his arms under her skirt, his fingers clenching and unclenching on her tender flesh.  ‘Almost finished Sally, just ten more minutes,” his hands moving up higher, her skirt slowly rising.  He caught the first glimpse of a pair of white cotton panties.  His hands moved to the top of her legs, sliding up and down from her knee up until it reached under her skirt. 


        Sally was to busy trying to survive the next ten minutes to worry about his fondling hands of her naked legs, her lips clenched tightly, straining to keep the obscene spread of her legs.  Father Johns hands actually almost felt good as the rubbed her tired muscles.  She looked down, her face flushed as she realized how high her skirt had ridden up.  He had his hands high up under her skirt, feeling the rough, calloused hands rubbing over her tender inner thighs.  He was running his fingers close to the spread of her legs, feeling the fingers begin to pinch her tender flesh.  “OOOW, that hurts Father John, OOOOW,” his fingers feeling like he was bruising her thighs.  She let her legs spread wider, the pain in her groin increasing.


        “Good girl Sally,” pleased that she spread her legs wider, thinking that she was allowing him even greater access beneath her skirt.  He pushed her skirt up high onto her stomach, her white panties now completely exposed to his glaring eyes.  His hands grabbed her legs on each side of her exposed groin, his fingers resting tightly against her pussy lips, pushing down onto the virgin flesh.


        “Father John, it’s time, I’ve finished the hour, please let me up.”


        Father John looked at the clock, she was correct, the hour was up.  He moved out from beneath her legs, pulling the crosses from the corner of the desk. 


        Sally closed her legs as soon as she saw the crosses removed, sitting up quickly.


        “Sally, pull down your skirt!” Father John admonished her.  “This is a church!”


        Sally looked down, realizing that her skirt was not even covering her panties, pulling it down quickly, her eyes staring at the floor, not wanting to even look into his eyes.


        “You may go now, Sally.  I will see you tomorrow at the same time.  Now this time, make sure you learn your lessons.”  He watched her as she ran out of the room.


        Sally walked into the house, hearing her mother on the phone.  She walked into the living room, her mother sitting down talking on the phone.


        “Yes Father John.  Thank you very much.  She did?  I can’t thank you enough.  If she misbehaves again, you have our permission to deal out whatever punishment you think is appropriate.  Thank you, Father John, see you in mass on Sunday.”


        “Father John says you were bad and had to be punished.”


        “Yes, Mother, but let me explain.”


        “Nothing to explain.  Father John told me how well you took your punishment.  He was very proud of you.  Says you are doing very well, except for a few cases of your misbehavior.  But he says that he has devised some very clever punishments to make sure that your behaviors do not repeat themselves.  As I told him, he has our permission to do whatever he feels is necessary.  We have complete confidence in Father John to do what is right.  Now go upstairs and change your clothes, I need some help with dinner.  Hurry now, the men will be inside soon and they will be hungry.  You know how your father doesn’t like to wait for his dinner.”


Chapter 2 Sally Gets a Present


        Sally seemed to have learned her lesson and studied hard to make sure that she would not be punished again.  The next day she answered all of Father John's question.  There was no mention of what had transpired the day before and no mention of his phone call with her mother.  His cock strained his trousers as he taught Sally, sitting close to her at the table, her fragrance intoxicating to him.  Her mother’s permission to punish Sally just made his job easier.  Easier to molest that fine, young body that was so close to him.  He would not punish her today, he had other plans.   They soon finished their lessons, moving from the table to reach into his desk.


        "You have performed wonderfully today, Sally.  Yesterday’s punishment has seemed to have helped your study habits.  Did you enjoy the desk yesterday? Did you like your legs spread open wide as punishment?"  He cock jerked in the thoughts of her young body spread open for him yesterday.  He had run out of time before he had a chance to feel that young pussy.  Next time that would not be the case.


        "No, Father John.  It hurt.  I heard my mother telling you it was OK to punish me.  I don't want to go through that again."


        "Well, you did well today and I have a reward for your good work."  He saw her eyes light up.  He reached inside his desk and took out a white box.  "I know how much you like the cross, so I have a special one for you." 


        Sally cringed when she heard the word cross.  She remembered how Father John had forced her to spread her legs wide open with the crosses making sure she obeyed.  What was he planning to do?


        Father John took a shiny metal cross out of the box.  It hung from a slender metal chain.  It was about three inches long and two inches wide.   He let it dangle from his fingers, it slowly spinning in the light.


        Sally looked at it.  It wasn't flat, it seemed to have some design on it, with ridges running up and down the different pieces.  She could almost see little points running along the ridges.


        "It is a special cross for you.  The design has vines running all around it, with thorns on them.  Just like Jesus had on his head as he was crucified.  It is to remind you of the pain he had to suffer to forgive your sins.  It will be a constant reminder of his gift to you."


        Sally felt him move behind her, his hands moving to place the cross around her neck.  He attached it tightly, letting it hang down her front, the cross falling between her breasts.  He sat down in front of her, staring at the cross nestled tightly between her cleavage.


        "Do you like it Sally?"


        "Yes, Father John, I am honored by your gift."  She reached down to touch the cross.  "OOOWW," her finger pricked by the sharp thorns on the cross.  "It's so sharp, is it suppose to be that way?"


        "You must learn to suffer as Jesus has suffered for you.  It is only a tiny bit of the pain that he endured for you."  He pulled his chair closer to her, his hand reaching out for the cross, pushing it to the side, letting it rest against her left breast.  "But you must wear it next to your heart," his hand reaching out to the top button of her blouse.  He watched her eyes widen as he slowly fumbled with the button until it opened.  He pulled her blouse open, her pale skin revealed, a tiny hint of cleavage showing through.  He moved down to the next button, watching her lips clench as he did, her hands gripping the arm rests tightly.  He unbuttoned the next button, pulling her blouse open even wider, her bra peeking out, ample cleavage now revealed to his gaze.  She had large breasts for such a young girl.  He loved that, shifting in his chair, his cock trapped in his trousers.


        "Please Father John, your embarrassing me," her hands reaching up and pulling her blouse shut, clutching it tightly to her bosom.


        "Nonsense young lady. I'm a priest.  If I get sexually aroused at your body, it is your fault for tempting me.  Now put your hands down!"  He gave her a stern look, staring into her eyes, waiting for her surrender.  He did not have to wait long before he saw her arms fall to clutch the armrests tightly.


        "I'm sorry Father," she murmured, allowing him access to her young body again.  She feared what he might do.  Yesterday she just barely escaped his fondling of between her legs, worried that today she would not be so successful.


        He smiled, his fingers returning to her blouse, unbuttoning a third button before grabbing both sides of the material of her blouse and slowly letting it part.  It was now open below her bra, her naked upper breasts now revealed, her cotton bra now the only thing between his fingers and her perky tits.  He pulled it wider, seeing her discomfort as she was slowly exposed to him, the first time any male had ever seen her half naked body. "Good girl, Sally," tucking the blouse to the side.


        Sally watched as he moved the cross out from in front of her blouse and moved it towards her naked breast flesh.  "OOOHH," she moaned as it felt like her skin was burning as the cross touched her skin.  She could feel Father John's hand touching her, making her feel very uncomfortable.  He pushed the cross in between her cleavage, pushing harder on it, the tiny thorns beginning to prick her skin.  "OOOOWW, that hurts Father John."


        "Hush child, it is for Jesus."  He let the cross slowly play over her upper breast, making sure that the tiny thorns moved harshly over the tender flesh.  The skin began to turn a light pink as the tiny thorns scratched into the flesh, barely cutting in the flesh, more like an abrasion.  Her chest was heaving as she breathed heavily, his fingers dragging the heavy cross between her cleavage, rubbing in the gap between her large breasts before moving back up to the top of her breasts.  The naked skin turned red as he scrubbed her skin harshly with the painful cross.  He let his fingers touch the skin, not making any pretense for the fondling of her young tits.  Her tit flesh was so springy, his fingers making soft indents, the thorny cross following, tearing her flesh.


        “It hurts, Father John, please,” she begged.  He stopped, but moved behind her.  He was not finished with her, she knew that.   He just wanted a better position, and he found it behind the chair, looking down at her upthrust breasts. 


        Sally cringed when she felt his other hand on her bra strap, letting the strap slide down off of her shoulder and arm.  It moved to the other side, repeating the procedure, her bra hanging loose in front, the small clasp in the back the only thing keeping her breasts covered.


        “Raise your arms up, Sally, now!”  He ordered her.  He watched as she slowly let them rise, his arms grabbing her wrists, impatient to get back to the young tits exposed to him.  He pulled her arms up high the back of the wooden chair.  “Palms out flat,” pulling her wrists back until her hands were bent backwards.  He moved forward, pushing his crotch into her waiting hands.


        Sally jumped when she felt him push his penis into the palms of her hand.  She could not stop, her hands pinned beneath his crotch, his body pressing in hard. 


        “Good girl, Sally.  I don’t want your hands moving.”  His hands moved down to her half naked breasts again, grabbing the cross and moving down the gentle slope of her breast until it reached the edge of her bra.  He slowly let his cock rub on her hands, feeling her trying to jerk her hands out, but only stimulating his crock to greater hardness.  Today she would not be so lucky.  Today she would have to make him cum before she went home.  “Don’t move your hands!” 


        He now had access to inside her bra cup, the cross moving inside the cup, trying to find a hard nipple to abuse.  “You have nice large breasts, Sally.  So important for breast feeding your children when you get older.   It is important that your nipples are big so that your babies will be able to suckle them.”


        Sally was flushed, her hands forced to grab his hard penis, her fingers feeling the member jerking in response to her touch.  He moved the scratching cross inside her bra, his other hand pulling it from her body, his eyes able to see down inside it.  She knew that he could see her nipples, but she could not stop him from molesting her body.  “OOOOWWW, AAAGGG, that hurts soooo bad,” she cried out, her fingers jerking, pushing on his hard penis, the thorns on the cross finding her delicate nipple and scratching it hard, the tiny thorns feeling like nails on the hardened nipple.


        “Your nipples were made for nursing, I can see that they are very large.  Let me move this bra out of the way,” pulling her bra down, revealing her naked breast to his gaze.


        “Don’t uncover them, please Father John,” she begged, her face turning red in humiliation as she was stripped naked to the waist for the first time in her life to a male.


        “Nonsense, child, I am your Priest,” his hand reaching under the globe of her right breast and hefting it up in his palm.  He moved the cross to the nipple, his cock twitching as he saw the dark red nipple, the cross already teasing it into hardness.  He let the cross touch her nipple, watching as tiny goose bumps appeared on her areola, the dark skin accented against her pale breasts. 


        “AAAAHHH, NNNNOO,” she moaned as he dragged the sharp cross over her hardened nipple, letting the thorns rub harshly over the nipple and areola.  “That hurts toooo much.”


        “It is for Jesus, to show him that you will suffer for him.”  He pushed harder, letting the cross rub on her nipple, seeing it turn dark red as the thorns abraded the tender flesh.  It would hurt her later when he sucked her nipples into his mouth, but he did not care.  Her pain would make his cock harder.  He rubbed his cock on her hands, “good girl,” his cock jerking in appreciation to her soft hands.  He let the cross rub over her entire breast, his hand hefting the globes up in his hand, his fingers often brushing across the hardened nipples, plucking at the youthful flesh.


        Sally could feel Father John’s fingers brushing across her breasts, but the painful cross made in inconsequential that he was molesting her.  The painful scratching of the cross on her breasts and especially her sensitive nipples was more important.  She felt him rubbing his hard penis against her hand, unable and unwilling to stop him, feeling it jerking as she moved her hand to keep it from cramping, pinned between the back of the chair and his groin.


            He stopped rubbing the cross on her naked breasts, letting it drop between her naked cleavage, nestled between the twin hillocks.  He looked at her young breasts, now red and sore, her nipples swollen to twice their size, a dark red instead of the light pink when he started.  He knew that they would be tender and sore for a while and that made his cock twitch in excitement.  Whenever she moved around, her bra would scratch painfully against her nipples, keeping them in constant erection, reminding her of the punishment.


Chapter 3 Sally Pays for Her Sins


            He moved around in front of her, watching her expression as she sat there, her breasts pushed up by the bra still tightened beneath them, the twin peaks rising and falling with her ragged breathing, her eyes showing the humiliation of having to submit to the fondling and abuse of her youthful breasts.


            “Look at what the tempting of your body has done.  My penis is swollen and hard.  Your naked breasts and your soft hands have filled my testicles with the demon seed of sperm.  You must purge the evil fluids from my loins.  Do you understand what must be done Sally?”


            Sally was afraid, afraid of what Father John was going to require of her.  “I’m sorry Father.”  She moved to pull her bra up.


            “No, leave the tempting flesh naked.  I will spill my seed on them for doing this to me.”  He moved closer to her, his hands moving over her naked globes again, this time no pretense for the fondling of her flesh.  He lowered his hand to his trousers, sliding the zipper down, unbuckling the belt and opening his trousers.  He watched the shocked look on her face as she saw the bulge in his shorts.


            She felt him grab her hands and move them towards his open pants, fighting the movement, pulling back, not wanting to do what he would require of her.


            “How dare you defy your priest, Sally!  Now move your hands over here now or I will tell your parents how you showed your naked body to me and tried to tempt me with your flesh.”  He watched the expression on her face, having seen the look before.  First the shock of his revealing his hardened cock, the panic at his request and now the threat of suffering her parent’s displeasure at her behavior.  He saw her expression as she finally realized that she would have to do as he said, the feeling of acceptance of her fate at his hands.


            She relaxed her arms, allowing him to move her hands over and push them inside his trousers, her fingers forced to encircle the hard member inside.  She could feel how hot it was, the trousers no longer covering it, the thin shorts hardly any protection.  She felt a wet spot on his shorts, cringing as it clung to her finger.  She heard him moan, his penis jerking as she touched it, surprised at how much it moved about in her hand.


            “Much better, Sally.  Feel my mighty sword.  You, a servant of the lord, will be privileged to take it in your hand and force out the demon seed that you are responsible for.  We’ll have to work on cleansing your body.  Now I want you to run your hand up and down my sword.  And pay particular attention to the end of it, the mighty head.  It is for there that my demon seed will come forth to bath your body.”  He began to relax, feeling Sally give in to his demands, her soft hand beginning to run up and down his shaft, her fingers playing over the head as he ordered her.


            Sally did as she ordered, her hand gripping the hard member and stroking it up and down.  She moved to the head, feeling a big ridge around it, letting her fingers pinch the end, it jerking in response.  She could feel his shorts getting wetter, maybe he had already shot out his seed.  She stopped, hoping she was finished.


            “Don’t stop, you are just making it leak a little.  It has so much to shoot out.  You will know when it is empty.  It will begin to get soft.  Now begin again, and use your other hand to grab my testicles and squeeze them gently.  It is from there that the demon seed is made.  You will have to force it out,” moaning as she began to gently massage his swollen balls. 


            She let her fingers stroke the sword up and down, her other hand gently caressing his testicles, feeling the heavy twin balls, gripping them, his moans showing that she was doing it right.


            “On your knees in front of me, Sally,” watching as she slipped off the chair, her naked breasts bouncing as she kneeled before him, her face in front of his open pants, her hands still stroking his hard cock.


            She was really scared now, her face only inches from his open pants.  She saw him push his pants down to his knees, his shorts the only thing covering his penis.  Why doesn’t he shoot out his seed?  She was doing it like he ordered her to.


            He watched her expression as he slowly lowered his shorts, his cock bouncing out, thick and hard, drops of cum on the swollen head, his heavy ball sack hanging beneath, two large balls, filled with his cum.  Her eyes were wide open in fear, her hand frozen in space.  “Back to work, Sally, purge my body of the demon seed.”  He grabbed her hand and placed it on his dick, her hand jumping back as she felt the hard cock.


            She could not believe it.  He had placed her hand on his naked penis, the hot, hard member pulsating.  This was a man of God and he was forcing her to rub his penis.  Rub it until he shot on her naked breasts.  She pulled back like her hand was burned.  “Please, Father John, don’t make me do it.”


            “Now Sally, you must pay for your sins.  Your body tempted a man of God.  You must now perform an act of contrition.”  He grabbed her tiny hand and moved it back to his cock, wrapping her fingers around the large member.  “Now rub it until you drive the demon seed from my loins,” he ordered her, watching her face.  He smiled when her hand wrapped itself around his huge cock and began to stroke it up and down, hesitantly at first, then harder, dragging her hand up over the swollen head.


            He moved his hand down under her chin, lifting her head up so he could see her eyes.  “Eyes open Sally, I want you to see what you have done to me, see what you have done to a man of God.  Good girl, now use your other hand and squeeze the seed out of my testicles,” her face only inches from his pulsating cock, her hand moving up and down his hardened member, tiny drops of cum leaking from the head as she did.


            She was so humiliated, on her knees in front of him, naked from the waist up, her face only inches from his penis, her hand stroking it up and down, drops of his seed, hot and sticky on her fingers as she ran it over the leaking head.  Her other hand squeezed his testicles, the hot, swollen balls inside moving around as she clenched her fingers on them. 


            “You’re doing a good job, Sally.  Your parents would be so proud of you, obeying so well.  Now Sally, sit up higher and press your breasts against my sword.  I am getting ready to purge my demon seed and it needs to shoot on your sinful breasts.  I want it shooting while nestled between your cleavage.”


            At last, it was almost over.  She sat up higher and moved forward, pressing her naked breasts against the pulsating member, feeling it jerk as she pushed it between her twin globes, wrapping them around it.  She felt his hips begin to move, rubbing his penis on her breasts, her fingers playing over the head, wanting it to get over, wanting him to shoot on her breasts.  Anything to end it.


            “YYEEES, Yes, my body is purging the seed.   Feel the hot seed on your young flesh.  Feel it burning your soul.”  His cock shuddered, the first load of cum nudged out of his balls by her soft, clenching hand.  It shot quickly out of the swollen head, shooting out between her breasts, some of the hot, sticky cum landing under her chin.


            It felt like her skin was on fire as the hot fluids landed on her.  She wasn’t sure if it was that hot or was it her imagination of the demon seed burning her flesh.  Her hand began to rub in the sticky mess on her breast, feeling the penis pulsating again and another load shooting out.  She squeezed his testicles again, this time harder, wanting to drag it all this time.  She heard him moan, his hands reaching down and clutching the sides of her naked breasts, pushing the tender flesh around his member.


            “More, there is more, Sally.  You were so sinful, baring your flesh to my eyes.  Making my sword so big and hard.  Purge it from my body.”  He pumped his cock between her breasts, her soft hands continuing to manipulate his organ, her other hand grabbing his balls tightly. 


            How much more could there be?  Maybe she was responsible for it.  Maybe she did tempt him with her shameful body.  There seem to be so much seed.  It continued to shoot out, soaking her young breasts with the hot fluid.  There couldn’t be that much unless she had provoked it.  She rubbed harder, hoping for forgiveness of her sins.  She had to drag all of the seed from him, her hand clutching his testicles, milking the last of the seed from his body.  Her other hand continued to stroke the pulsating member, feeling the large vein running up the penis filling with seed before shooting out the end, the milky substance shout out in ropey gobs dripping down between her breasts, the liquid burning her abraded flesh, the thorns on the cross having opened up tiny cuts in her skin.


            He saw a newfound urgency in her tiny hands.  Had she finally been convinced of her sins?  Had he finally convinced her that it was all her fault?  “Yes, Sally, you are doing such a good job,” shooting the last and final load of cum between her tits.  He looked down at her, her hand still rubbing his shrinking cock, her other hand still clenching on his ball sack, now tender from unloading his cum. 


            She suddenly realized that he was done, feeling his sword shrinking in her hand, no longer the hard, swollen member that was before, now just a soft piece of flesh.  Her hand was covered with his seed, as well as her breasts.  She started to sit back on the chair.


            “Not yet Sally,” moving closer to her.  He grabbed his shrunken cock, still glistening with cum and moved it towards her lips.  “Kiss the sword of God,” he ordered her, seeing her eyes open wide as he touched her lips with the wet cock.  He could feel it already begin to get hard again.


            “NNNGG,” before she could protest, he had stuck the wet cock inside her lips, the wetness trailing on her lips.  She stuck out her tongue in protest, the wet seed landing on it.  It was salty and thick, sitting heavily in her mouth.  She felt his hands on her head, holding her tightly against it.  “Taste the demon seed.  Remember what it tastes like.  Next time you will have to take communion in the hot confines of your mouth.”  He pulled his cock out, moving back.  He rubbed her breasts with his hands, massaging his cum in her youthful breasts, pushing the wet fluid over her hardened nipples.  He pulled back, her innocent lips now glistening with his cum, her red breasts now covered in a sheen of shiny cum.


            He pulled up his shorts and trousers.  “You may go now Sally, I will tell your mother how good you were today.  She will be so proud of her little girl.  I will see you tomorrow.  We will work on your concentration then.”  He watched her as she pulled up her bra, slipping her wet tits inside them, buttoning her blouse up quickly, running from the room.


            Sally ran into the house, her mother still on the phone with Father John.  When she hung up she went over to Sally.  “Father John was very proud of you today, Sally.  He says you are progressing along.  Your father and I are so proud of what you are accomplishing with Father John.  Since you are doing so well, we told Father John you could stay an extra hour every day.  I will miss the help with dinner, but Father John said that he could do so much more with you every day.”  Now clean up and come down for dinner.”


            Sally raced upstairs, shutting herself in the bathroom, washing Father’s John seed from her body and hands, putting on a new bra and heading back downstairs.  She feared tomorrow’s lessons with Father John.  She hoped that she did not tempt him again.  Otherwise she would have to pay for her sins again and she was afraid that this time.  Afraid that she would have to use her mouth to suck the demon seed from him.


To Be Continued