The Professor’s Rape of His Teenage Students


By Powerone and SarahBell

Copyright 2004-2009



Michael was settled into his life as a Professor over the past ten years. He had married one of his graduate students, a girl, ten years younger, enjoying young flesh much more than women his own age.  At first life was good, then marriage became more of a chore than an adventure.  They divorced over five years ago leaving Michael a single Professor, not a bad predicament to be in on a campus that had twice as many female students as males.  Michael, a football player in college, was over six feet two inches tall and about 225 pounds.  While the years had taken away some of the muscle, he managed to work out in the college gym enough to keep from getting fat.  His natural boyish good looks, his large frame and his professor status were enough to keep the girls looking in his direction.


He often flirted with his students, but the school frowned on fraternization of professors with students, immediate dismissal the result.  He tried dating outside the university campus but the rural location limited his choices.  Then he had come up with a plan.  He noticed many young girls, just graduated from high school, away from home for the first time, eighteen, nineteen, even twenty years old, with young, nubile bodies that made his cock hard every time he saw them. He loved the way their tits would stand up, how their nipples would harden at the slightest provocation and their lovely legs hiding secrets below short skirts.  Many were very submissive in nature, the university life with the power the professors had over them fueling it.  He had tested his theory that he could get away with what he wanted, the fear of being exposed, flunked, humiliated or subject to ridicule forcing these young beauties to accept almost anything.


At first he started off simple, failing an attractive student on a test or paper.  She would come to him in tears, this being the first time she had ever failed anything. He would comfort her; tell her it was just probably a fluke and that she would likely do better next time.  His hands linger on her shoulders, brush a tear from her face or hold onto her slim, often naked waist while he spoke gently to her. She would begin to get comfortable with him.  The next opportunity, he would do the same, maybe not flunk the student, but give her a "D".  Again, there would be the tears, the explanations, the pleading with what would happen if she should fail his course.  He would explain that he could not devote the time now to talk about her problems, having to go to a dinner with the Dean.  It would be very inconvenient for him to do it, but if she would return at 7:00 tonight, after his dinner with the Dean, he would be able to help her solve her problem.  She might give him some excuse for not being able to come, knowing that the building would be empty except for them, afraid of being alone with him.  He would brush aside her excuses. "If you think you are more important than the Dean, go to him and explain to him why you are flunking."  This usually did it, some muttered an apology and then consented.


He would wait for her in his office, sitting on the leather couch, more of a love seat, only able to seat two.  He would have her sit next to him while he would start off strong, blaming her for not working hard enough, spending too much time on other classes, doing it deliberately because she thought she could talk him into a good grade.  This stance was meant to provoke the tears and usually did.


His hand would go across the student’s shoulders, bringing the sweet girl’s body against his own.  He would smell her hair, the faint hint of perfume on her body, his other hand lightly stroking up and down her arm as he soothed in a gentle voice.  He could feel her body slightly tremble with fear, making his cock bulge against his pants.  He would tell her that he could help her but she must also help him.


He would lift her head up by her chin, her face only inches from his, their eyes staring at each other.  This was the moment he loved. His other hand would move down to hers, lifting it from her lap and placing it on his hard cock. The look in her eyes would be priceless.  The surprise, then the fear as he pushed her hand down on his cock, wrapping her fingers around the huge member, her tiny hand barely able to go around it.  The shocked look as she felt a man’s cock for the first time, not a boy’s tiny cock.  He would move her hand up and down, masturbating his hard cock.  Then he would remove his hand, still looking in her eyes. "Take it out of my pants," he’d order her.  He could see the look of helplessness in her eyes, as he’d hear the sound of his zipper being pulled down. Then the sudden excitement he’d feel when her soft hand slipped inside his shorts, her skin touching his naked cock for the first time, feeling the heat of the hard cock jerking in her hand.


He’d feel the cool air of the room on his naked cock, see her eyes looking down then back up in embarrassment.  "Yes, it’s big isn't it," he would tell her.  "Rub it a little, then I want you on your knees in front of the couch and you're going to put it into your hot little mouth and suck it until I cum."


"No," she would mouth, words unable to come from her throat.  But her hand would continue to masturbate him, knowing that he had won.


"I'm sure you will get an A next time," he would watch as she slowly got up from the couch and kneeled before him, resigned to her fate.  He would touch her face again, his fingers running across her lips.  "So sweet, such lovely lips," his finger would push into her mouth, simulating what his cock would soon be doing.  He would lean back in his seat, watching as she waited.  "In your mouth," his hand would hold his hard cock up for her.


The big eyes would look back at him pleading, but she would eventually lean forward, her mouth open until it encircled his hard cock.  He would make his cock jerk as soon as it touched her lips, watching her startled look on her face as she felt the hard shaft against her mouth.  "Use your tongue on it, taste my cum."  He would relax, enjoying her oral ministrations on his cock, fighting to hold back his orgasm, wanting to enjoy her hot breath on his cock, her lips wrapped tightly around it.  "Move your head up and down, keep your lips tight and tongue the end of my cock," he would order her.  Her head would move up and down, her hair swinging back and forth as she sucked his cock.


He wouldn’t last much longer, grabbing her head with his hands, one hand gripping her hair tightly, the other used to keep her head still.  "Breathe through your nose," he would order her, "I'm going to put my cock in your throat."  His cock would jerk as it slowly passed into the tight confines of her throat, her choking and gagging as it passed increasing his pleasure.  He would always pull out of her throat when he was ready to cum, wanting her to taste his cum, making sure he shot on her tongue, shooting some into the back of her mouth, choking her with the heavy, salty fluid.


He would always let his cock linger in her mouth, making her swallow his fluids, loving the look on her face, tears in her eyes as his limp cock sat heavily in her mouth, telling her how good she were at sucking cock and how she would now receive an “A”.


He would do this only once to a student.  They were usually so embarrassed, it being worse when they received their "A" and realized what they had performed for the high grade.  He had done that for almost five years, with sometimes up to four students a year.


But the game had become boring, almost too easy.  Last year he tried something new.  He used the same scam, flunking them a few times, then calling them into his office late at night.  But he wanted more excitement.  Now he raped them. Usually starting in his office, raping their mouths, pussies or assholes.  Then he would take them to a small house not far away from the campus and very private, where a gag would not be required.  He enjoyed the pleading and screaming the rapes usually provoked.  He would keep them there for the weekend, subjecting them to multiple rapes in all of their holes.  He would talk to them before he returned them to the campus, forcing them to realize that he controlled their destiny and that few would believe he was capable of such unspeakable acts.  He had cleverly arranged an alibi, having found a person that was so similar in looks to him, only someone that knew him well would recognize it wasn’t him. That person would take a plane on Friday night to some destination and stay the weekend, making his presence known to many people.  The person who did this got a first class vacation for nothing and Michael got his foolproof alibi.


For a final trump card, he also taped part of their sexual encounters, often on the final day when they resigned themselves to his taking of their bodies, seeming to be a willing participant instead of a rape victim.  He would show the tape and threaten to post it on the Internet and let their fellow students know where it could be found.  This is what usually did the trick, resigned to the fact that the rape had already happened and they could not do anything to turn back the clock.


He was very particular about his victims.  He didn't just grab anyone; he was always looking for a specific type or nationality.  The first time he had raped a black girl, never having had one before sexually, he enjoyed it immensely, her black face looking at him and her pink lips wrapped around his cock allowed him to shoot off in her mouth three times in a row without even withdrawing.  Her jaw was almost busted from the long period she was forced to service his cock.  She must have sucked it for over an hour.


This year he craved an Asian girl.  He would enjoy the small, tight body.  He had already picked his victim.  Her name was Mita, a small girl of Japanese heritage in one of his classes.


Mita stood at 5"4" tall, 115 pounds with straight black hair that fell below her shoulders.  She had penetrating Asian eyes and full lips that could make a boy's cock harden whenever she sensuously licked her lips.  She worked out in college gym three times a week and was proud of her firm ass and her best asset, her breasts.  This is what turned the boys’ heads.  She would often not wear a bra, her 32Bs would stand up proudly.  She loved to wear tight, thin-strapped tank tops, especially as classrooms were often chilly, her nipples poking out like hard erasers, a slight jiggle in her breasts as she wrote.


She wanted to go to law school so she had to have excellent grades, but she had to work hard to achieve them.  She was not like some that it would come easy to, each "A" required hard work.  That was the reason she took Michael's class.  He was known to be a good lecturer and an easy grader, especially to the female students.  Mita desperately needs an "A" in his class to boost her GPA, so she planned to go braless often to class, sitting in the front room, hoping to help her chances for an "A".


Mita did not date much.  She would often accept lunch dates after class, knowing that the boy would pay for lunch but was not into developing a serious relationship.  She could see the way they looked at her, eyes peering down her flimsy top, hoping to catch a glimpse of the quarter-sized dark areolas that surrounded her eraser-end like nipples.  She could feel their stares as she walked away, watching her ass sway seductively as she walked.  They all desired to get her into her hot, teenage pussy.


Mita wasn't a virgin, but she wasn't promiscuous.  She had sex with only boys she was in love with and the count, thus far, was two so her experience was limited.  Mita really wasn't really into sex, she liked it, but she never craved it. She couldn’t even cum when she masturbated so she hardly ever touched herself.  She couldn't get past the notion that she was self-servicing herself and that turned her off.


Sex to her was what was required to please her boyfriend at that time.  She would often be asked to suck their cock.  She still had a hard gag reflex, but that seemed to delight them even more, the sound of her choking and gagging as they pushed their cock deep into her tight throat making them even harder.  She would swallow their cum to please them but did not like the feeling or the taste of their cum on her tongue, the salty, pasty fluids often making her choke as it ran down her throat.


Her ass was firm and round and still virginal.  She never allowed her boyfriends to stick their finger up there, let alone their cocks.  She thought that type of sex wasn't romantic and drew the line on it.


Her boyfriends would often make her do some kinky things for them.  One boyfriend would make her lick her fingers and then rub her nipples.  Then he would tell her to massage her breasts as he fucked her pussy . While her nipples would become very hard, Mita was humiliated displaying herself in that way.


The other boyfriend would make her finger herself as she sucked his cock.  She did that too but never enjoyed it.  He would watch her masturbate, her fingers gripped tightly by her pussy as he pulled her nipples, her mouth sucking his cock, hoping to make him cum so her embarrassment would end.  She did not want to be thought of as a sex toy.


Her breasts turned both her lovers on.  They would make her ride them, forcing her to sit on their big cocks, her arms behind her neck, her elbows pointed to the side, her breasts thrust out.  Then they would make her fuck them, loving to see her breasts bounce as she did, their hard cock pushing deep into her tight pussy. She would have to shut her eyes, not wanting to see the lust in their eyes as she performed for them, glad when she finally felt their hot cum gushing in her pussy.


Mita sat in the front section of Michael's class, wanting to impress him, always taking good notes.  She hoped that he would notice her attentiveness as this class was the only one that concerned her.  Some days she would wear a skirt or dress, always rather short, highlighting her lovely legs.  She would often notice Michael looking at her.  While she did not attempt to gather his attention toward her, she didn't want to stop it either.  She needed all the help she could get; if her naked legs made him look to see how well she was taking notes, then so be it. Her tops would get even more of his attention.  The classrooms were usually cold, the air conditioning always blowing.  She often would wear a thin top without a bra, her pointed nipples poking out the front like a pair of small headlights.  She was uncomfortable with his staring, often distracting her from what he was saying.


Trouble began a month ago.  It was the first essay test and Mita spent a lot of time preparing for it.  She thought she knew it forward and backward.  A few days later she received her grade.  It was an "F".  Mita had never received an "F" on any college exam before.


She went to talk to Michael during his office hours and nearly broke down in tears.  "I don't know what happened," sobbing as she sat there, "I'm always in class taking notes, I don't understand it.  I really need a good grade in this class."


Michael stood up and went behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders.  He could smell her perfume, the smell of her hair, his cock jumping in his pants.  "It's only the first exam, you still had time to make up your grade."  He rubbed her shoulders, feeling how tense she was.  She just needs a good fuck and that would make it all better, he thought and silently chuckled.  "Just study harder and take better notes.  If you are still having problems after the next exam, come back and talk to me.  I'm sure there is some way that we can help each other out.”


Mita felt a little relieved, though not really understanding his last remark of helping each other out.  Maybe she could do some extra credit work.  "Thank you."  Mita stood up quickly, a little uncomfortable with his hands on her shoulders, rubbing them.


Mita noticed that Michael paid even more attention to her in class.  She would be taking notes, feeling his eyes on her.  Maybe he won't be such a hard grader since he sees how hard I'm trying in his class, Mita thought.


What she didn't know, however, was that Michael wasn't looking to see how good of a student she was.  He was looking at her breasts, the slight bounce in them as she furiously scribbled her notes.  He imagined how those breasts would feel in his hands.  He looked down at her legs, the short skirt barely covering anything, thinking of how tight her body would be. How her pussy would milk his hard cock.  His fantasy would only last a few seconds, his cock already stirring in his pants, the podium could only conceal so much.


Mita felt confident after the next essay test, expecting no lower then a "B".  She even smiled to Michael as she turned it in.  Her happiness over the test lasted only for a week when the exams were returned.  She had done better then an "F", but not quite an "A".  In fact it was a "D".  Tears welled up in her eyes.  She answered everything!  She even added details that most students probably failed to write. What could she have done wrong?


Mita approached Michael after class, "I don't understand my grade.  I was sure I got an “A”, at least a “B”.


"I have another class to go to right now, but let's talk about your grade later," Michael said.


Can I see you during your office hours?" Mita asked.


"Actually, you just reminded me. I'm canceling my office hours this week. I have conferences with the Dean all week, with a dinner on Friday," Michael said.  "I'm trying to convince him why my department needs more money.”


"I'd really like to talk to you as soon as possible," Mita said.  "I can make time for you.  Just let me know when you would be available."  Her voice sound urgent, she needed to resolve this, she couldn’t wait.


"Why don't you stop by my office Friday night around 9?  I know that's late, but I plan to stop by my office after the dinner to pick up some things," Michael said. He paused and added, "that might actually be better because you won't have to compete with other students who also want to talk about their grades.  I know you're trying hard, Mita, that's why I'm letting you see me at so late on a Friday."


Mita hesitated.  She didn't want to be meet with him that late. She knew that most professors and students leave the campus early on Fridays to get a quick start on the weekend.  However, she also knew how much this grade could hurt her.  If she failed this class, she might as well kiss any chance of entering a good law school goodbye.  "If that is the only time, fine.  I will see you Friday night," at least partially relieved.  She would to do whatever was necessary to fix this.  It was too important.


It was a nice and clear Friday night, Mita arriving with her class notebook and old tests.  Before she left her apartment, she practiced what she was going to say. "I'll just mention all the good points that I made in my essays," she thought to herself.  She planned to show Michael all the notes she took and argue why she deserved a higher grade.


As she walked down the halls of the building, she felt uneasy.  She wasn't used to the building so empty and quiet, the only thing she could hear was the sound of her feet shuffling down the hall.  As she walked up the stairs to the second level and turned the corner, she knew her professor was in his office.  His door was the only one open and the light was on.  She walked in the office.  It looked different.  Usually, the office was cluttered with books.  Books would be all over his desk, on some chairs, stacked alongside the walls and bookshelf, piled on the floor.  This time, most of the books on the desk, chairs, and floors were gone.   The office looked bigger and more spacious.


"Hi, Mita, good to see you.  Have a seat," said Michael when she came in.  He was sitting behind his desk putting documents into his briefcase.  His desk looked awfully bare without any books on it.  The only things on it were pens and a few papers.


Mita took a seat in front of the desk and waited until Michael finished packing his briefcase.  The air was warm in the office.  The University always turned off the air conditioner on the weekend to conserve electricity.  She took off her cardigan revealing her tight red spaghetti strap tank top.  She wished she had not worn it now, thinking that the cardigan would cover her.


Michael inconspicuously glanced up from his briefcase to notice that she was not wearing a bra.  Her nipples were soft but still could be faintly seen.  He felt his cock start to harden.  "So, you're here to talk about the exam?" Michael said.


"Yes sir," Mita began.  She couldn't finish.  She could feel the pent up frustration well up as tears.  She told herself to be strong, but she couldn't stop from crying. "Oh, professor, I tried so hard on both of these exams.  I don't think I deserve the grades I got,” Mita cried.


He looked concerned, got up and walked from behind the desk, standing behind her.  He put his hand on her shoulders, feeling her silky skin.  He looked down the front of her top, able to see the generous cleavage the top highlighted.  "It's ok, Mita, grades aren't everything.  There's one more test left for the semester. You probably won't get an “A” but there’s still a possibility that you could pass,” he said.


"No," she gasped between sobs.  "You don't understand. If I don't do well, I don't get into a good law school."


Michael kept his hand on her shoulders, rubbing them as before.  "You're an excellent student in his class.”  He let one hand run through her black hair, his other hand rubbing her shoulder.  His cock was hard.


"There is something you can do to greatly improve your grade," Michael said, his hands continuing to run over her body.


"What is it?  I'll do anything right now," she sobbed.


Michael let his fingers run up the back of her neck, over to the side of her face, pausing before saying, "Mita, you're a beautiful girl. You're young and you're just absolutely gorgeous."  He took a deep breath and continued, "Can you think of anything that I might want from you Mita?"


Michael stood to the side of her, his hand lifting her face up to him.   She was staring at his crotch, noticing the bulge in his pants only inches from her face. She tried to turn her head away, Michael's hand holding her tightly.  She felt his other hand reach down and grab her wrist, pulling her limp arm up and pressing it against his bulge.  Mita could feel the hard cock in his pants. Her eyes widened and a shiver ran through her.  She tried to take her hand away, but Michael caught it and held it there.  He bent down to kiss her cheek.


"No, professor, no," Mita protested, trying to stand up.


Michael caught her and pushed her back down in the chair.  He kissed her cheek again, pinning her hand against his jerking cock, whispering in her ear, "Listen, Mita, I'm very well respected at this University.  I've brought in a lot of money for this school and haven't had an ounce of trouble.  I could fail you if I wanted to, it would be as easy as snapping my fingers.  It wouldn't matter if you write the best essay in the class, you would get an "F".  The University knows that many students lie and make up reasons for getting a better grade.  If I fail you, the University will support me no matter how much you protest."


Mita sat in the chair and cried.  Michael bent down next to her, his face near hers.  He continued, "Now, if you do everything I tell you to do, you will get an “A”.  You won't even have to take the test." His hand moved down to her thighs, one hand slipping between her legs, rubbing up and down her jeans.


Mita felt his hand running up and down the inside of her legs, the big hand pushing out on her legs, making her spread them.  She felt his lips on her cheek again, his hand becoming more urgent, moving up higher and higher.  It would only be a matter of time and he would be running his hand over her sex.  What could she do? She was powerless, trapped in the room, the building empty.  Even if she screamed, would anyone be around to help her?  She knew that no one would believe her if she accused one of the most respected professors of sexual harassment.


Michael let his hand continue the exploration of her thigh, seeing her fists clenched tightly, but her arms unwilling to stop his unwanted fondling of her body. That was all he needed to continue. "Do you have a boyfriend Mita?"


She looked at him, getting angry now. "That's personal," she shot back.


"I said, do you have a boyfriend?  I expect an answer," his large hand able to grip her thigh and squeeze it tightly.


"OOOOWWW, that hurts!" she cried out, his hand feeling like a vise on her thigh, trapping the tender flesh.


"We can do this the hard way or the easy way, Mita.  It's up to you, but we will do it.   You're not going anywhere until I'm finished with you."  He released her thigh, but then tightened again, feeling her squirm in pain.  "Now, do you have a boyfriend?"


Silence lay thickly between them, her eyes glaring at him.  She felt the pain of his hand again.  "Not now," she replied hesitatingly, feeling the hand relax and begin to caress her thighs again.


"Have anyone ever fucked your tight pussy?" He continued to rub her thighs.


"Yes," her head hanging in shame.


"Did your old boyfriends make you suck their cocks, Mita?"


She really felt uncomfortable, making her tell of her intimate relations.  She felt his hand squeeze her thigh again, "OOOW, yes."


Michael's cock jumped at the thought of her lips wrapped around his cock, her hot breath on his cockhead.  "Has anyone ever fucked you in the ass, Mita?"


"No," she quickly exclaimed, "never!"


He had found her weakness, her asshole.  He always exploited what they feared the most.  In Mita's case, it was her sweet asshole.  That would be his first conquest.  He leaned over and began to kiss her, feeling her lips tighten as he did.  "Kiss back," he demanded, his hand squeezing again, her legs spreading apart in pain.  He pressed his lips on hers again, this time her soft lips parted, allowing his tongue to enter her mouth, rub over her teeth.  His hand moved to her breasts, rubbing the youthful globes, no bra protecting them from his hands. She squirmed more in the chair, his other hand now up to her crotch, her thick jeans her only protection.


"I'll have you kicked out of school if you resist.  Now let me have my way with you.  Relax; you will enjoy it and I will make you cum for me," he taunted her.


Mita began to cry, her sobs blocked by his lips, her hands still clutching the chair arms, his hands having unfettered access to her nubile body.


"Stand up," he suddenly ordered her, pulling her up from the chair.  He moved behind her, his face nuzzling her neck, "you are a sexy little bitch," he taunted her more.


She could feel his hard cock pressed up against her ass.  She knew that he was going to rape her and she could do nothing to stop him.  His hands moved over her body. He squeezed her nearly naked breasts, fingertips finding her nipples, squeezing them to erection as she squirmed in pain.  His hand slid down her taut stomach, stopping at the top of her jeans, nervously fumbling with her belt.  She felt the material relax, her belt hanging uselessly open.  Mita closed her eyes when she felt the button open, the zipper sounding like an airplane in the quiet room as it was slipped down.


Michael’s cock jerked against her tight ass as he lowered the zipper.  He heard her sobbing. "Don't resist, Mita. I'm stronger then you are.  I'm going to fuck you, so you might as well relax and enjoy it.  I have a nice big cock that is going to stuff your little body and make you cum.”  He laughed at her obvious discomfort.


Michael’s large body easily overpowered Mita.  Her 115-pound body stood no chance against his 225 pounds.  His large hand, barely able to fit, pushed into her jeans and her panty-covered abdomen, feeling her naked sex.


"You shave your pussy, you little whore," he mocked her, feeling her naked pussy.  "Just like a little girl, Mita."


Mita didn’t know what to say.  Her professor was going to rape her.  She just continued to cry.  She felt him pushing her over to the desk, her hips banging painfully against the side of it.


“Lean over, Mita, put your hands on the desk and I will fuck your hot, tight ass,” Michael said.  His hand on her back pushed her down on the desk, her almost naked breasts hitting the cold surface.  She felt a hand slap her ass, the jean material taking the brunt of the pain


"Hold that position for me Mita.  Be a good girl and I will feed you some cock,” Michael said, his voice filled with lust.  He finished taking off her jeans and her panties slid partly down with them.  Mita cried louder as she felt herself slowly being stripped from the waist down.  She could feel him kneeling behind her, and she was ashamed at how she must have looked.


Michael ran his hands over her ass and noticed that her panties were barely able to conceal her flesh.  "You're so beautiful Mita, what a lovely body you have."  His hand slapped her ass cheek and caused her head to pull up from the desk. Michael’s pushed down on her back.  "Stay down, I like you this way.  Such a nice ass, pushed out for me."


Mita felt him behind her, his hand on top of her panties.  Her held her breath, knowing that she was about to have her naked sex exposed.  Nooo…” Mita blubbered, her head turning towards Michael, seeing the lust in his eyes.  She felt the panties slowly being pulled down her ass cheeks, exposing her naked flesh.  Farther and farther it slid until it was at her feet.


“Keep your hands on the desk, your head turned this way.   I want to see your face as I play with your lovely body,” the professor commanded.  Mita obeyed, her tear-filled eyes pleading with him.


She saw his face only inches from her ass, his hands rubbing her naked flesh.   She was so embarrassed, her Professor molesting her young flesh, unable to stop him, bent submissively over the desk.   "No, please!" she cried out when she felt his hands on her ass cheeks, his fat fingers digging into her flesh, slowly peeling them back, her anus being exposed to him.   "Not!  There!" her hands reached back to stop him.


"Hands on the desk or I'll use a belt on this cute ass."  His hands slapped hers away, watching as she returned to grip the edge of the desk tightly, sobbing as his fingers continued to spread her open.   He blew on her anus, seeing tiny goose bumps appear on the dark circle, her body shivering in fear.   He let one of his fingers slip lower, running up her pussy slit, feeling her juices.   "You might act like you hate this, but your pussy is putting out crème for me."  He laughed as his fingertip scooped up some of the juices.


She saw him open a drawer and shuddered when he pulled out a jar of Vaseline.  The sound of the lid turning was so loud, or at least she thought it was, knowing what the purpose of the lubricant was.  He was going to lubricate her asshole.  She had never allowed any of her boyfriends to touch her there, she was sure he would not be so persuaded.  "Fuck my pussy, please, not my butt."  She would do anything to avoid this assault.


Michael was not being deterred.  He let his hands gently stroke her ass cheeks like a lover would do, "it's OK Mita, settle down, I'll be gentle," he lied, his finger dipping into the lubricant and gleamed with the Vaseline.  "Relax now, it will be a little cold," his finger pushed against her asshole, having to hold her down with his other hand as she jerked in surprise from his touch.


She shivered, the slippery finger gently rubbing the lubricant over her anus, feeling the pressure as he pushed harder and harder as he circled the tiny opening, then feeling the small hole being pushed in.  "AAAGGGGHH!" she cried out her tiny asshole pierced for the first time.  "GGGGGODDDD!" she cried again, "I thought you said you would be gentle? AAAAGGHH!" His finger slowly slid up and down her anal tract, lubricating it.    Her sphincter grabbed onto the fat finger, gripping it like a lover would do, but in an attempt expel the foreign object.  She had never felt so humiliated as she did now, bent over the desk, her legs spread, his finger noisily slipping in and out her asshole, gliding along on the Vaseline.  She knew he was just preparing her for when he would sodomize her, crying at her own plight.


"What a hot, tight asshole you have Mita.  I'm glad you saved it for me," he laughed.  He slapped her ass hard, feeling her sphincter clench in pain on his invading finger.  "I like that, Mita, grip my finger again," slapping her ass cheek again, watching it turn red, her sphincter clenching on his finger in pain.


She felt him pull his finger from her asshole, a small fart of air escaping as he did.  "No!  No more!'' she begged, unable to control her own body.  She could hear him fumbling with his belt and removing his pants.  “Please don’t do this,” Mita begged as she sobbed. “I won’t tell anyone what happened.”


“You don’t want me to fuck you?” Michael asked in a patronizing tone. His eight-inch cock was fully erect and thrusting out of his pants.  He stepped behind her, his feet nudging her legs farther apart.  "You're going to have to spread open for me, Mita.  I want your ass open for me."  He rubbed some Vaseline on his cock and moved so she could see it.  "This is all for you, Mita.  It's going up your teenage asshole." He walked over to her and pressed it against her ass.  He could feel her clenching and unclenching at the rude intrusion.  She cried as she felt the hot flesh against her. “It’ll be ok, Mita, just relax,” he said as he rubbed his cock in between her ass cheeks, sliding on the slippery lubricant.


The next thing Mita realized, there was something warm and hard pressing against her asshole. "NNNNNOOO!" she screamed, but Michael quickly covered her mouth.


“You don’t like the fact that you’re professor is going to fuck your asshole, huh?” Michael said. He positioned his cock right against her tiny anus, still slick with the Vaseline. “Well, I’m going to fuck you, Mita, I’m going to fuck you now!”


MMMMmmmmmph!” Mita’s muffled scream came from behind her professor’s hand as he pushed harder and harder into her ass. Michael never felt anything so tight and hot in his life. It took him a few thrusts to get all the way in.


Mita could not believe the pain.  Even when she lost her virginity, the pain was quick.  This was a slow, gradual fucking; feeling like it was tearing her flesh as he slowly pushed inside her asshole.  She felt the large head pushing and shoving, her anus stretching wide to take the girth of the huge cock.  She felt her anus grip the cockhead as it was finally engulfed in her rectum.  She pushed out, her rectum burning from the brutal rape of her asshole.


Michael let her get used to it before he began to push in again.  He heard her muffled screams as he slowly sank his cock deeper and deeper into her asshole.  Her insides would clench and unclench on it, her sphincter gripping the hard cock as it slid in and out, just like a hand masturbating his cock.  He would thrust in, then out, each time going deeper and deeper, rabbit fucking her, making her feel his steely member.


Mita could not believe how much it hurt!  His cock felt like a steel bar, unyielding, in her asshole.  She could feel the big vein running up the length of it, every bump and ridge on it rubbed harshly on her untouched anal tract.  He finally sank deep into her colon, her stomach cramping on the eight inches of hot, throbbing flesh twitching inside her asshole.  She felt his balls slapping hard against her pussy lips.


“I’m going to uncover your mouth now. If you scream, I’ll beat you with my belt,” Michael said. He put both of his hands on her hips as he started to thrust in and out of her.  He saw her tiny anus gripping his cock, stretched and pulled wide open around his meat.


Mita looked back and sobbed. She couldn’t believe her professor was violating her in this horrible manner. She couldn’t believe the pain she felt, thinking she was being ripped in two.  Her whole body was in pain, her anal tract burning as the lubricant began to wear thin, his dry cock rubbing painfully along her anal tract like sandpaper.  Her stomach turned in pain, his cockhead would bang painfully against the side, igniting sharp pains in her body.  She could feel him begin to make deep, hard strokes, each time burying his cock inside her as it banged painfully in her colon.


“Can you hear me slapping against you?” Michael lustfully asked as he continued to bang her. He gave her a few hard thrusts to make her feel even more pain. Mita just moaned in response. For a while, the only sounds that could be heard were the heavy breathing of the professor, the random cries from Mita and the sounds of their bodies slapping against each other.


Michael’s hands traveled underneath Mita’s tank top and played with her perfect tits. Mita moaned again, feeling ashamed. Michael’s hands wrapped around her breasts and squeezed them, his fingers pinching and twisting her nipples.


“God, your jugs are soft,” Michael said. “Let’s see them.” He pulled her upper body off the desk by her hair, arching her back, without pulling his cock out of her. He carried her over to the chair, making her bend over it, her hands on the seat, her breasts hanging down, her ass thrust out as he continued to fuck her tight asshole.  He lifted up her shirt, exposing her tits to the air.


“Take off your shirt,” he ordered. He stopped fucking her to let her take her tank top off, but left his cock buried deep in her colon, twitching in excitement as she involuntarily clenched on the invading flesh.  Once all her clothes were off, Michael began to fuck her with punishing strokes of his hard cock.


“You’re so tight, Mita,” Michael murmured as he continued his rhythmic thrusts. "Hot little asshole," his large body bent over her small frame, completely covering her.  He began to enter her at angles so that he could make her anal rape more painful.


"Please!  Not so hard!"  Mita cried and begged him to stop.


“I’m not going to stop, I’m enjoying the ride,” he laughed, throwing his hips forward with the force of all of his 225 pounds, sinking his eight inch cock into the once virgin asshole of the tiny Asian girl bent over the chair.


He cupped her breasts with his hands, feeling the luscious flesh fill his palms and started fucking her harder. "I love it when your tits jiggle,” he said while pumping her with his cock, his stomach banging against her ass, her body shaking, her tits jiggling just as he loved.


Mita felt helpless. There was nothing she could do to stop him, sobbing as she suffered the brutal rape of her asshole.   She only hoped that he would not do any permanent damage to her body.


“Reach behind and feel my cock,” the professor said.   He slapped her ass when she hesitated.


Mita obeyed and cried, but moved her hand between her legs, feeling the hard, slippery cock sliding between her fingers as it plundered her ass.


“It feels good doesn’t it? It’s so big, Mita and you’re asshole is so small.”  It felt even better, her hand masturbating his cock as he fucked her asshole.


Michael’s strokes began to get harder and faster. “Ahh, I’m going to cum in your ass,” he said.


Mita cried and shook her head, “No!  No, not in there!"  She shuddered in revulsion, felt his breathing become quicker and the weight of his body slumped over hers, his sweat dripping on her ass and back as he fucked her.  She screamed in pain as the cock swelled then shot her with his load of cum, the hot juices dumping deep into her colon.  It was terrible, the salty fluid burning her anal tract, already torn by the battering of his dry cock. She moaned as he continued to pump within her.


"Milk my cock with your asshole, squeeze it like you were pushing out a turd," he demanded, wanting her to make her anal rape even more pleasurable for him.


Mita tightened on the hard cock, the pain increasing, but willing to do anything to end the rape of her asshole.  She felt another load of cum filling her stomach, which gurgled as a third and finally a fourth load of cum was shot inside her.  She cried when he finally finished, her body slowly sinking to the floor.


Michael let his cock slowly pull out of her, feeling her sphincter grab it like it did not want it to leave. “That was a great ass fuck, Mita.  Did you like it?  Are you ready for more now?”


Mita lay crumpled to the floor sobbing. She never felt so humiliated and so much pain in her life. "Please, can I go now?” she begged Michael.


"Sit up for me, Mita," Michael said. "Time to get me hard again." Mita shook her head.  Michael slapped her face. He watched her as she slowly sat up on her knees. This was the first time he had actually seen her breasts and they looked great. They jiggled as she tried to stand up, her nipples pointed and hard.


Mita complied, Michael standing in front of her. He patted her head and ran his fingers through her hair, Mita continuing to weep. "You're going to get me hard again," Michael said. He ran his fingers over her hair, gripping her head between his big hands, pushing her up towards his cock. "Open your mouth and suck me, Mita," he said.


Mita stared at his limp cock, still glistening with Vaseline from her anal rape.  She didn't want to do it.  She didn't want the dirty cock in her mouth, still covered with cum, Vaseline and God knows what else.  She felt him slap her again, her head shaking in pain.  She knew what he wanted her to do. She felt so helpless. She did what she was told, opening her mouth, Michael inserting his limp cock.   It tasted terrible, mixing with her saliva, filling her mouth with the foul fluids.  Mita decided to get it over with as soon as she could. Once he cums, he will let me go. Surely he will be satisfied by then, she thought. She began to suck on his cock furiously, her tongue flicking against Michael's cockhead, bathing the bulbous head.  She let her hands lightly squeeze and pull his balls, feeling them begin to tighten again, knowing she was making more cum to fill her body. Every once in a while, she would reach up and lightly rake her fingers down Michael's abdomen.


"Oh, god, that feels so good," Michael gasped, "you sure know how to suck cock." His cock was starting to harden again.


Mita felt his cock grow inside her mouth. It was getting harder to fit it all inside her. She paused, trying to move back so the cock could grow, but Michael kept her head pressed against his balls.


"You're going to take it all in, bitch" he said.


Mita groaned and started to gag as the cock hit the back of her throat. Her throat muscles began to grip Michael's cock and make it grow even more.  Michael held Mita's head still as he started thrusting his cock down her throat.  "Yeah, that's a good girl, choke on my cock, make it hard again." Mita closed her eyes as she felt his balls slap noisily against her chin. She hoped it would be over soon, her tongue lapping up and down the flesh filling her mouth.  She heard him moan in pleasure. Tears fell from her eyes as she serviced his cock like a whore, his hands holding her head as she lapped at it, hoping to make him cum.  Afraid he would make her swallow it when he did.


Michael suddenly pulled out. His hard cock stood straight out and glistened with her saliva. "Lay on your back on my desk so I can fuck your shaven pussy," he said.


Mita whimpered, "Please don't fuck me," but she saw in his eyes that he would not be deterred.   She sat on the desk and lay back on it.  "Spread your legs apart. You're going to want them wide," he said.  With pleasure, he watched her obey, her little body slowing lying back on the hard desk.  He watched as she spread her legs spread open, her teen pussy, tight and pink, being exposed.  His cock jerked as he watched her.  "Mmmm, you're such a slut, aren't you, Mita? Only sluts shave their pussy."


Mita cried and shook her head. She shaved her pussy because her last lover liked it naked like a schoolgirl. She kept it shaved because she got used to the look of it and because it itched when the hair grew back.


Michael pulled off his pants and boxers so that he was only wearing his socks and dress shirt.  He stood between her spread legs, his large hands gripping her ankles.  He pulled them apart, opening her up like she was a wishbone, then released one ankle to fist his cock and position it between her spread lips, rubbing the saliva-coated head up and down her dry slit.  He pushed at her tiny hole, watching it open as he thrust his hips forward, the bulbous head entering her vagina with a mighty force, spreading her wider still.


Mita cried out as his big cock stretched her, closing her eyes as he painfully sank into her tight pussy. She was so ashamed. She laid there, legs spread, pussy speared by his cock, her hands covering her breasts and her eyes closed.


Michael grabbed her hands, pinning them over her head, his hips jerking forward, punching his cock into her splayed pussy.  "Open your eyes and look at me. I want to see you watch me as I fuck you," Michael said, his cock sawing painfully in and out of her.


Mita saw his face. He was smiling and she could tell that his eyes were looking at every part of her body. She could feel his pubic hair touch her pussy every time he thrust inside her.


"Your titties are so beautiful. I want to see them dance," Michael said. His thrusts became harder and faster. Mita moaned. Her insides felt like they were being torn apart by his raping cock.  It was almost as bad as when he raped her asshole. Her breasts started to jiggle more violently.


Her breasts turned Michael on even more. Her nipples mesmerized him as they bounced up and down on her white skin. He reached out with one hand and grabbed her left breast. He squeezed it then bent down to suck it.


"No, please, no," Mita begged him to stop. Michael's tongue furiously rubbed her nipple and occasionally nipped at it causing Mita to loudly gasp. She was afraid he would bite too hard in his state of excitement.


Michael then grabbed both of her breasts and started massaging them as he fucked her. Her breasts felt like small pillows.


Mita's mind went blank as her body continued to be violated. How could she have gotten herself in this situation, she wondered?  She just hoped Michael would cum soon, her body bumping painfully, his hips driving his rigid cock into her tiny body, the wooden desk unyielding, forcing her to take his brutal fucks.


But he didn't. He continued to fuck her for another 20 minutes, enjoying her cries of pain when he would feed her a particularly cruel fuck.  "Grab my dick, feel it sliding inside your bald pussy," he grabbed her tiny hand and wrapped it around his big cock, masturbating it like he made her do when he fucked her ass. He stuck one of his fingers in her mouth and made her suck it. His other hand continued to play with her breasts.


"I'm going to cum," Michael said. His shirt clung to him with sweat.


"Don't cum in me, I don't want to get pregnant," forgetting it while he was raping her but now clearly aware of the fact as he readied to unload his semen inside her fertile vagina.


"Don't worry, I have a pill you can take that will prevent you from getting pregnant," Michael said. "I'm going to cum inside you, Mita. Get ready bitch. Here I come.” He arched his back, burying his cock inside her, bruising her cervix as he bottomed out painfully inside her small body.


Mita struggled, trying to sit up and push her professor off of her but it was too late. His large body smothered her and she could feel his sperm hit her vaginal walls. Michael pushed her back against the desk and collapsed on top of her. She could feel his cock jerk and heard Michael groan. She had no choice but to wait until he was finished with her, his cock jerking inside her, bathing her inside with his hot cum.


Michael lay on top of her for a while, slowly getting up, his limp cock pulling out of her red and swollen vagina.  He looked at her body.  She was crying.  Her arms were still above her head and her legs were still spread open. He could see his cum dribbling from her ass and pussy. Her smooth legs hung limply over the desk. Her breasts shook as she sobbed. If he hadn't fucked her twice already, he probably would have been hard again from the sight of her. But he needed to rest for a while.


He threw her jeans and shirt to her, "put these on, you don't need your panties," watching as she scrambled to get dressed, eager to leave the scene of her multiple rapes.  He quickly put on his pants as she dressed.  When she finished, he spun her around, slapping a set of metal handcuffs on her slim wrists, her body shuddering as she felt the cold steel grip her wrists tightly.


"What-- What are you doing?" she stuttered.


He shoved her towards the door.  "We're going for a ride.  And then I'm going to ride you some more.  You're a great fuck, nice tight body.  I’m going to keep you around for a while and rape you some more."  He leaned over her body, his lips on her neck, biting it.  "You want some more cock, don't you Mita?  In your tight pussy or maybe up your asshole again."  He pushed her out of the empty building into his car, the only one left in the lot, pushing her into the front seat beside him.  He sat her down, unbuckled her belt and pulled the zipper down on her jeans before getting ready to leave.  "I want to enjoy that little pussy while we drive," her sobs filled the car as she realized her rape was only just beginning.


Michael walked around the car and got in the driver's seat. He looked over at his young student. She sat with tears pouring down her face. He reached over to her, pulling her towards him.  "Tears will get you no where," his hand sliding over her smooth stomach, his fingers slowly pushing into her opened jeans.  He kissed her cheek as his hand slid over her naked pubs, feeling her trying to jerk away from him.  He gripped her sex with his hand, squeezing it tightly.  She squealed and pressed her legs harder together. "Love that pussy," he exclaimed, "spread your legs open, I want to see if you're wet."

It was too late to stop him, her legs reluctantly parting, letting him have his way with her teenage body.  She felt his finger running up and down her slit, thankful that she was not wet, but the dry finger hurting as it dragged painfully up her tender flesh.  She felt his finger rub her clit. Mita was in no state to get aroused, sobbing even louder.

Michael smiled and gave a short laugh. He removed his hand from her pussy and brought it to her tits, moving under her tank top, raising it up and exposing her perky tits.  His hands reached back to lightly grab and fondle each tit. He wanted her to know that he owned her and could do anything he wanted. His head moved down to one of her nipples, the rubbery flesh hard like an eraser.  "Want me to suck your nipples?" His lips wrapped around the tender flesh, his tongue lashing back and forth over the swelling bud.

Michael decided to stop his abuse, just for the moment and get to the hideout. He’d bought a small house close to campus where many of the college students lived. Michael's house was the last house on the street bordered on one side by a wooded area so it was also very secluded. The other side of him was neighbors who were rarely home during the weekends. He didn't really have to worry about keeping his victims quiet because so many people threw parties during the weekend. Any screaming coming from his house would be confused with the loud college student parties.

As he drove to the house, he periodically reached over, making her arch her ass up from the seat, his hand free to slide inside her jeans and touch Mita's pussy. She whimpered and whined each time he did.

"Does it still hurt from my dick being stuck up you?" Michael asked.

"Yes," she cried, "please stop hurting me. I won't tell anyone. Just let me go," Mita begged.

"That's right you won't tell anyone," Michael said. "I'm going to rape you over and over again until you beg me to fuck you." 

Michael loved to torment his victims, loved the fear in their eyes when they realized that they would be raped repeatedly.  "Never! I'll never ask you to fuck me," Mita's eyes showing her fear.

"You'll beg me to fuck you, all right.  You'll beg to suck my cock and fuck your asshole, even if I have to whip you with a belt until you do," his cock getting harder at the thought of whipping her white, tender skin or even her pussy.

As Michael drove to his house, he got an idea. There was a small dirt path off the road that led to the woods next to his house. Not many people knew about it because the path was around a sharp curve in the road and trees and shrubs did a good job of hiding it. Michael only discovered the path when he almost hit two young boys who shot out on the street in front of his car. He stopped in time and then looked to see where the boys came from. He decided to explore the area and found that it was isolated from everything. He always meant to bring one of his students there, but he wanted to bring a special one, one with whom he could really have fun.

Michael tapped on his brakes when he knew that the path was near. It was so easy to miss, especially in the dark. He saw it and turned sharply, Mita thrown to one side of the seat. The path was bumpy and Michael was worried that a branch would block his path. He should've inspected the area before to make sure it was clear, he thought.

Mita was terrified. She had no idea where they were headed. Fortunately, Michael's car made it through. He drove far enough so that the car could not be seen from the road.  He left his headlights on so he could see what he was about to do.  After he got out of the car, he opened the door for Mita.

"Ever been fucked in the woods?" he asked.

"Not here, please no," not wanting to be bound on the hard ground, bugs and animals able to run over her body, her cuffed hands unable to protect her.  He pulled her out of the car, reaching around to uncuff her. 

"Strip off your clothes," he ordered, his hand reaching down to his crotch, unzipping his fly, reaching in and pulling out his big cock.

Mita hesitated, but she didn't know what else she could do so she slowly removed her clothes.  First she pulled her tank top over her head, her breasts rising up, her nipples almost an inch long in the cool night air.  She slid the jeans down her legs, Michael watching her every second of the time, her breasts hanging down, jiggling as she struggled with the tight pants.

Once she was completely naked, Michael began to strip the rest of his clothes off, heavy balls dangling beneath the ominous cock that stood out.  This was the first time Mita had seen him completely nude and she looked away in embarrassment.

"Look at me, Mita," Michael said, his fist grasping his cock, stroking the large member back and forth.

Mita looked up and saw his massive body and hard cock.

Michael approached her and started touching her breasts. Chills ran down Mita from his touch.  "I'm going to fuck you in the ass again.  This time, it's going to hurt. I hope you're still lubricated," he said.  His hand rubbed her ass cheeks, letting his fingers trace along the crease.  He slapped her ass when he felt her tighten her cheeks.  "No use tightening on me now, Mita. I've already had that snug asshole."  Her cheeks relaxed, his fingers again searched out her crease, straying over her abused anus. 

Mita cried as Michael pushed her to the hood of the car and forced her to lean on it.  Her breasts immediately absorbing the heat of the engine. 

"Scream all you want," Michael said.  "We're out in the middle of no where."

Mita felt him behind her, his legs kicking hers open, making her fall face forward onto the hard metal as she slid down.  He kept spreading her open; her crotch feeling like it would tear as she was so exposed.  "No, not there again, you hurt me so bad back there," she cried, her asshole still burning from the previous anal rape. 

"I can't resist that hot, tight asshole," fisting his cock and placing it against her anus.   The tiny hole was now red and swollen, having been forced to service his cock once already.

Mita tried to move away, feeling Michael grab her hips, gripping them tightly, keeping her prepared for his anal rape.  She felt him pull up on her hips, arching her ass up, her anus now positioned to be sodomized.  

Michael pressed his cock against the tiny hole again, hearing Mita scream as she felt him enter her again, reopening the fresh wounds of the previous rape.  Michael thrust in her, sliding along with the little lubrication left from her first rape.

Mita pressed her hands against the hood of the car as Michael began his series of thrusts that drove his hard cock deeper and deeper into her tiny body, his large frame looming over her.  The familiar sound of their bodies slapping was back as he began to fuck her hard, making her abused asshole take his mighty weapon.

Michael grunted as he worked his cock in and out of her.  She was still tight, her hot asshole clenching on his cock.

Mita thought she was being torn in two.  She mustered all her strength and pushed herself from the car.  For a moment, she thought she broke free, but all she managed to do was fall on the ground with Michael still inside her, his cock bending painfully inside her as she struggled.

Michael laughed.  "Where do you think you're going?" he asked as he slammed his body on her. Mita bawled.  Michael began to punish her for trying to run away by taking his dick all the way out before forcing himself back in as he brutally fucked her.  Her tiny hole stood open, his cock poised at the entrance.  He waited until the clenching bud began to close before driving it painfully inside her again, the flesh forced to spread wide to accept the raping cock.  Mita clutched the ground and screamed in pain.

"Try to run away, Mita.  Just try," Michael laughed as he thrust his cock deep in her ass.  He began to pump into her, driving her body to drag painfully on the ground, his cock inside her asshole like a pole as it pushed her painfully on her knees.  Mita lay limp as he used her body for his pleasure.  She felt his hands dig underneath her body and grab her breasts.  His hands clenched on her youthful tits as he continued to fuck her ass.  She felt his heavy cum-laden balls slap her ass cheeks.

Michael thrust more quickly.  Mita knew he was going to cum again, filling her colon with his vile semen.  Michael dragged his hands from under her and pulled her hair back like he was riding a horse.

"Tighten your asshole on my cock. I'm going to cum," he commanded.  "Give me a good ride," he gasped, yanking her hair, forcing her ass to arch up, her battered asshole taking his cruel thrusts.

Mita's body shuddered as she felt his hot sperm coat her insides again.  She cried as he pumped her full of his semen, battering her tender insides.  She felt his cock pull out with a loud noise, Michael sitting next to her and talking to her as she cried.

"You're a very beautiful girl. I'm having a lot of fun with you," Michael said as he petted her hair, pushing tiny strands from her tear-stained face.  "Turn this way," urging her over to face him, her breasts now available to his hands, her nipples still swollen.  He pulled on those nipples, pleased when she cringed in pain.

Mita looked at him.  Her face was red from crying.  Leaves were tangled in her hair.  She looked at him, "please, let me go," she begged in a whisper.

"Not yet, Mita."  His hands ran down her flanks to touch her ass cheeks again, feeling her body cringe as he slowly caressed her flesh.  "Such a lovely ass, Mita.  Did you like your ass fucking?"  He slapped her ass before letting his hand continue to caress her smooth skin.

"No, you hurt me so much.  It still burns. Please, let me go," she pleaded with him, but she already knew his answer.  She could already see his cock harden again.  She knew that he would be raping her once more and soon.

He let his finger play over her abused asshole, her body jerking in pain at the mere touch of the swollen hole.  Michael ignored her pleas.  He pulled her up to her feet and watched his cum run down her legs.  "Sit on the car."

"Now what are you going to do to me?  I'm already too sore.  You fucked my ass and my pussy, please leave me alone," Mita sobbed into her hands. 

"Get up there, I won’t tell you again," his voice raised.

She sat on the hood, the metal now cool from the night air, goose bumps appearing on her naked flesh as she shivered in the cold.

"Lay your back on the car and grab your knees. I want to give you a present," Michael said.

Mita did what she was told, her back resting on the hard, cold metal.  She put her hands behind her knees and slowly pulled them back, her legs spreading as she did.  She was embarrassed that she was so exposed to Michael's penetrating eyes that never left her open sex.   She closed her own eyes to prepare for another rape.  She kept her eyes closed until she felt Michael's hot breathe on her pussy and saw Michael staring at her, his lips only inches from her pussy.  "No, don't lick me!" she screamed.  She had always loved oral sex performed on her, making her cum within minutes.  She did not want him to do that to her, to force her to have an orgasm against her will.  

Michael let his mouth touch her pussy, tasting her sweet juices, his tongue running up and down her slit.  He could taste his own cum mixed with her juices as he bathed her sex.  

She felt his tongue tease her clit and circle her tight entrance.  Then, she felt him penetrate her with his tongue. "Please don't do that," Mita pleaded.  She was embarrassed that the professor's face was buried in her most intimate part.

Michael ignored her.  He kissed and nipped her inner thighs and blew on her pussy.

Mita flushed.  She felt so exposed.  Her body reacted to the stimulation, growing warm.  Her hips rose, fucking at the wet tongue that lashed at her pussy.

Michael continued to kiss and lick her pussy.  Mita could hear him sucking and slurping her juices.  Her muscles quivered as his hands ran lightly over her abdomen.  Mita's body was betraying her.

Michael could tell that she was being aroused and it amused him as it always did with his students.  "My hot little vixen, you're so wet and horny aren't you?"  He loved to make women enjoy their rape at some point.  It broke them.  It made them feel guilty.  "Is Mita going to cum for me?  Is she going to cum from her oral rape?”   He teased her, continuing to insert his tongue and then rub her clit with it.

Finally, Michael heard a moan.  It wasn't a moan of pain but of pleasure.  He tasted her juice as it flowed out of her.  Her body shuddered, tiny moans coming from her lips, so embarrassed at her arousal, trying to keep quiet as she came.  He stuck his finger inside her and could feel her muscles tighten around it.

"You liked that didn't you, you little whore," Michael said.

Mita cried.  She was humiliated.  She couldn't help that she enjoyed it.  She tried to explain to herself that it was only a physical reaction and she had no control over it.  She was not very successful, only shaming herself more.

Michael smiled.  "Let's get you back in these cuffs.  You'll be cumming a lot more later on," he promised.

Michael decided to just put on his clothes and threw Mita's in his trunk.  Once he handcuffed her, he made her lay down in the backseat so no one would see her.

It was ten minutes before they arrived at the house.  Naturally, the next-door neighbors' cars were gone and a party could be heard on the other side of the block.  Michael's section was, as usual empty.

As soon as he parked the car and closed the garage door, Michael opened the car door for Mita.  He helped her get out and walked her inside the house.  She had stopped crying for now, but he knew she would begin again in a short while.  He marched her straight into the bedroom.  The bed was full size with large wooden posts jutting out at each corner of the bed.  It was perfect for tying and cuffing.

Mita could see faint bloodstains on the sheets that apparently did not wash out.  She wondered how many other students had suffered her fate.  She saw the wooden posts, knowing he would soon secure her spread eagle to them.

Michael made her get on the bed and uncuffed her.  Mita's first reaction was to try to run away but she quickly glanced around the room and realized that Michael blocked the only exit.

"Lay on your back, you know the position," he taunted her.  He sat on the bed next to her and immediately started to molest her.  His fingers ran over her breasts again, feeling the youthful flesh, so soft and springy.  He let his hand slowly run down her abdomen until he reached her pussy.  She shivered as her body was violated again.

Mita watched Michael's hands as they groped her breasts.  Michael bent over and sucked first one then the other tit into his mouth, clamping on each hard tip.  He loved the feel of her nipples in his mouth, letting his teeth rub painfully over each bud.  He loved the fact that she did not like it, jumping in pain when he bit too hard.

"Lie on your back and spread your legs," Michael ordered.  Mita complied, her legs parting reluctantly, his dried cum visible on the insides of her thighs.  What was he going to do to her now?  Was he going to rape her pussy again or would he rape her ass?  She didn't think she could stand the pain of the hard cock anywhere inside her little body.

Michael opened a closet next to the bedroom door.  He quickly pulled out a camcorder then turned on the bedroom light.

"You're going to masturbate for me, Mita," Michael said as he turned on the camera and started to record.  "You're going to touch yourself and as extra insurance, if you tell anyone about us, this little tape will go on the Internet.  Think of all the dirty old men that would love to see a nice, tiny Asian girl cumming for them.  Got it?"

Mita cried as she nodded her head.  She could imagine the men stroking their cocks as they watched her, thinking that she was enjoying it.

"Good.  Now, you're going to have to stop crying because I want you to look like you're enjoying it," Michael said.

Mita nodded, choking back her sobs.

"Good girl.  You're really such a good student.  Now, I want you to touch yourself," he said.  "Start with your breasts.  You play with your nipples don't you?  Just show me how you do it."

Mita began to rub her breasts.  She held her tits in her hands and used her thumbs to rub her nipples.

Michael approached closer, aiming the camera lens at her breasts.  "See how hard your nipples are getting, Mita?  You're liking this, aren't you?  That's hot, Mita. Yeah, keep touching them. Your tits are so beautiful," Michael said.

Mita was humiliated, but she had to please him, anything to stop him from raping her again.  She stuck her fingers in her mouth and then rubbed her nipples with them.  She continued to massage them, feeling the nipples get harder.

"Now, finger yourself," Michael ordered.  "Put a finger in that tight little pussy."

Mita inserted a finger in her pussy and started pulling it in and out.

"I want you to stick two fingers up there," Michael said.  "You can take it, it's had my cock."

Mita wanted to cry but instead submitted, touching herself with two fingers.  Her other hand continued to fondle her breasts.

Michael's cock was hard again, the thick member bulging in his pants.  "Pull your fingers out," Michael said.  "Look at all the juices on your fingers.  You love this Mita, you love masturbating for the camera," he taunted her.  He zoomed in on her juice-covered fingers then moved so that the camera was pointing directly between her legs.  "Spread your pussy lips with your fingers," he commanded.

Mita obeyed and burned with humiliation when she realized she had to clutch her juice-slippery lips tightly in order to keep herself open for him.  The most intimate part of her was now being recorded and could be distributed anywhere.

Michael moved the camera from her pussy, to her abdomen, to her breasts and finally ended at her face.  With one hand he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off.  His dick was now standing straight out.

"Let's see those pretty lips around my dick," he said.

Mita hesitated, his cock rubbing over her lips leaving a trail of cum.  "I won’t tell you again."  He aimed the camera at her face then made her humiliation complete when he added, "and smile as you do."

Mita opened her mouth, his cock sliding over her slick lips.  She felt it jump as her hot breath blew on it.  

Michael aimed the camera at her head and began to feed his cock into her mouth.  "Wrap your lips real tight around it Mita.  Show everyone how good you suck cock."  He watched it disappear into her mouth.  "Lick it with your tongue while I fuck your face." 

Mita felt her mouth full of his cock, tasting the cum from her rape.  She bobbed up and down on his cock, hoping to make him cum quickly.  Anything to stop the humiliation, anything.  He forced her to look up when he jammed it in her throat, causing her to gag.

"Yeah, that feels so good."  Her muscle spasms felt incredible around his cock. Michael let Mita suck him for ten solid minutes, though he was nowhere close to cumming. He’d fucked her three times already. This would be the most he'd ever fucked a girl in one night.

He decided to turn the camera off for a while.  Why waste film if he wasn't going to cum for a while?  He set the camera down on the dresser closest to him, then grabbed Mita’s head tightly, fucking her face like it was a pussy.  His cock was slick with her saliva.  He still wanted to fuck her pussy so he pulled his cock out leaving Mita surprised that he had not finished in her mouth.  He fully undressed and stood naked before Mita.

She knew that she was going to have to relieve his erection soon and that scared her.  Each time he had taken her violently, raping her simply for his own satisfaction.

Michael violently pushed her down on the bed. She cried out in surprise and in a matter of seconds, Michael was between her legs, his thick hips spreading her legs painfully apart,

"No!" she cried as his massive body pressed heavily against her, pinning her to the bed.  She felt his legs spread painfully apart, unable to breathe as his 220 pounds crushed her little 115 pound body.  "Noo!" she cried again as his hands reached between her legs, his hard cock fisted and rubbing up and down her pussy, spreading her lips open until it reached her vagina. 

"I'm gonna rape that pussy again.  It's all your fault Mita.  You make me want to rape you.  That hot, tight teenage pussy is just begging to be raped."  He thrust his cock into her pussy, burying it half the way in with brutal force.

Mita wailed in pain.  It felt like he had shoved a baseball bat up her pussy, the hard cock brutally tearing as he raped her.  He pinned her arms over her head as she fought helplessly to stop him.

"You make me want to cum all the time," he told her.

Mita cried as her body was again raped, her head moving back and forth, the pain between her legs so bad.  

Michael's thrusts were quick and hard.  He was really rough with her.  He wanted her to feel all his weight and strength.  Mita's body had no choice but to stretch for him.  His balls beat against her as he nailed his cock inside.  He pressed his body against hers and felt her tits as small cushions beneath him.

"Wrap your arms and legs around me," he ordered.  "Fuck me back like I'm your lover."

Mita obeyed, forced to wrap her legs around his waist, barely able to hook them on his ass.  She hugged him, feeling him fuck her hard.  He was now completely in control of her.

Mita could feel Michael's hips raise and fall against her.

"Do you like riding me?" he gasped between thrusts.  Mita continued to cry during the rape.  That was one thing that Michael really liked about her.  The other students he raped would get used to it and stop showing emotions as he raped them.  Mita continued to cry, beautifully.

"Move your hips with me. I want you to fuck me back," he said.

Mita was horrified.  She was forced to participate in her own rape!  The pain was so much deeper now.  Tears streamed down her face as she forced her hips to move with her professor's.  Her hips met the thrusts of his cock, burying him even deeper inside her.

"Good, now kiss me, Mita. I want you to make love to your professor," he sniggered.

Mita kissed her professor's chest and neck.  Michael kissed the top of her head.  If it hadn't been for Mita's tears, the couple would actually look like real lovers.  Michael stopped fucking her so that he could bend down and kiss her face and mouth.  Mita hated kissing him.  She didn't love him!  She hated feeling his tongue mingle with hers.  She hated how she had to move her hips along with his.

Michael continued to rape her. He gasped and moaned and told her how beautiful she was.  "I love your body Mita.  A nice tight, little Asian body made for fucking."

Mita hoped it would be over soon.  She felt sweat beading up on his back.

"How does it feel to be raped by your professor?" he asked as he continued to fuck her.  He pumped hard, their flesh slapping together.

"Stop, stop raping me, you're tearing me up!  I'll never be the same," Mita whined, but knew that it was hopeless.

It was 45 minutes later before Michael felt that he was going to cum.  Mita lay slumped beneath him, exhausted from the long rape.

He pulled out of her, grabbing her body from the bed.  "Kneel on the floor."

Mita complied, staring up at his cock, slick with her juices, an angry red from her rape.  Michael grabbed the camcorder and turned it back on.  He started to record again, “start sucking my cock."  He watched her head bobbing up and down on his cock, anything to keep it from her abused pussy.  He could feel his balls tighten and knew that he was going to shoot his load soon.

"Keep your mouth open," he said as he withdrew his cock. "Now, milk my cock with your hands. I want you to catch my cum with your mouth."

Mita put her hands as far around his big cock as she could.  She stroked it fast and hard and kept her mouth open.  Suddenly, a white ropey glob of cum shot out and hit her lower lip.  Mita put her mouth closer as more cum blasted out and landed in her mouth.  Michael recorded his cum landing on her face, watching as he made her lick it off her lips.  He recorded the sour face she made when she had to swallow the thick, salty semen.  He hadn’t had this much fun in his entire life.   And he had so much more to do to Mita. 

Once she was done swallowing his cum, Michael turned off the camera.  Mita coughed and gagged.  She hated the taste of cum and the thought of swallowing it made her nauseous.  Michael laughed as he watched his student cry and gag.  He wiped his cock on her tits, rubbing it on her hard nipples before tracing it under her breasts.

"I hope you enjoyed that," Michael said, "because that was your dinner for tonight."

Mita didn't care.  She wasn't hungry.  The only thing she wanted was to go home.  She had been violated in every way possible.  What more could he want with her?

“Into the bathroom,” pushing her towards a door in the hallway.  He carried his camcorder with him.

"It's time for us to get cleaned up," he said. "There's soap and shampoo in the shower."

He walked Mita to the shower, pulled the curtains and made her stand inside the bathtub.  He placed the camcorder on the bathroom sink, a perfect place for it, capturing the entire shower area.  Michael turned the camera on and pressed the record button before walking over to Mita.

The first thing he did was turn on the shower.  Mita cried out as cold water poured over her naked body, her nipples hardening in response.

"Don't worry, it'll get warmer soon," Michael said.

Once the water became lukewarm, Michael stepped inside.  He didn't pull the curtain closed, wanting the camera to catch everything.

"You and I are going to wash each other," Michael said as he began rubbing her wet breasts.  Water ran down her shoulders and trickled down her chest before sliding off her nipples.  Michael bent and captured one of her nipples with his mouth, Mita gasping as he sucked on it.

"Please stop," she begged him, his teeth biting her nipple hard.

Michael ignored her and continued sucking and biting her nipple.  He massaged the other breast, his fingers pinching her hard nipple painfully.  Michael then moved down her body, kissing her flat stomach.  He played with her naval and stuck his tongue inside, Mita gasping again as Michael continued to play with her breasts.  She could feel his teeth nip her stomach and his tongue licking her skin.   Michael then moved down, his hands leaving her breasts to grab her teenage ass.  He grabbed her cheeks and pulled her closer to him.  His face was right above her pussy.  Michael lightly bit the skin, looking up at her, knowing she was turned on by his touch.  He started to kiss her pussy, Mita tried to move away but his hands harshly squeezed her cheeks stopping her.  He wriggled his tongue between her pussy lips and started to play with the clit.

Mita grew hot.  She didn't want to show him that she enjoyed his oral rape, but his rhythmic tongue wouldn't stop.

"Spread your legs for me, Mita," Michael ordered her.

Mita obeyed and Michael was able to insert his tongue deep inside her.  He tasted her sweet juice and knew that she was enjoying this.  He felt her body shudder as his mouth furiously worked on her clit before moving inside her tight vagina.

"Play with your breasts," he ordered.  Mita rubbed her breasts as he continued to violate her with his tongue.  She unknowingly started to move her hips and moan.  She closed her eyes.  She wanted to picture herself somewhere else, a boyfriend’s tongue inside her.

Michael's cock was hard again, but he didn't want to cum now.  He knew it would take a while anyway and there were so many other things he wanted to do to her tight body.  He continued to rape her with his tongue until he felt that she was about to have an orgasm.  He stopped, holding onto her ass and stood up.  Mita opened her eyes to see what he was going to do to her now.

"Open your legs for me some more," he said.  Mita did what she was told and Michael began to rub her clit with one of his fingers, staring into her eyes.

"You like that don't you?" he said.

"Please don't," Mita begged in a whisper as she continued to play with her tits and hard nipples.

"You're going to cum soon aren't you?" he asked her.  His finger stopped rubbing her clit and entered her pussy; two thick fingers beginning to finger fuck her.

He heard her gasp and moan and knew she was about to cum. He stopped finger fucking her, lifted her up and pressed her against the shower wall.

Mita was scared that if she struggled he would slip and fall with her in the shower so she wrapped her arms and legs around him.  She could feel him position her over his cock, the bulbous head pushed tightly against her vagina.  Michael thrust in but was gentle this time.  He began to fuck her slowly, making her take his hard cock inches at a time.  Michael knew that she was going to orgasm.

"Cum for me," he ordered her.  His big cock went in and out of her as she tried to hold back her orgasm, her pussy clenching on it as it withdrew each time.  Finally Michael felt her shudder and her pussy clench his cock. He held it there as he felt the muscles spasm around it.

"Good girl," he said once her body started to relax.  He slowly let her down and pulled out his cock, covered with her juices.  Mita began to cry again.  She didn't want him to think she enjoyed having him inside her.

"Now clean me with your mouth," he said as he picked up a shampoo bottle.   "While you're doing that, I'll wash your hair."

Mita knew that nothing would stop him so she obeyed, knelt down and started to lick her cum off his cock.  Michael squeezed some shampoo into his hand and worked it into her hair.  Her hair felt great between his fingers.  He guided her mouth over his cock.  Mita knew what he wanted and opened her mouth so his big cock could be inserted.  Michael began to pull her hair and push her head on his cock, making her gag.  He let her suck him for about five minutes, enjoying forcing it down her throat and making her choke on it before letting her stop.

"Good, now you can stop sucking and bathe the rest of me," he said.  He let Mita rinse her hair before handing her the bar of soap.  Mita ran it all over his body.  Michael just stood there and watched as his sex slave bathed him.  He enjoyed feeling her hands rub against his skin as she worked the soap into lather.  He especially liked feeling her hands on his inner thighs and ass.

After rinsing off, Michael took the soap and did the same thing with Mita.  He took extra care in rubbing her breasts and ass, joking that those were the most active parts for the day.  The entire time he washed her, Mita looked down in shame.  He let her rinse off and watched as the soap ran off her breasts and exposed her nipples.  He knew he was going to fuck her again that night.

Once the shower was over, Michael walked Mita out of the bathtub and turned off the camera.  He handed her a towel so she could dry off while he dried himself as well.  Then he walked her back to the bed.

"It's getting pretty late and I'm tired," he said.  "This is where you'll be sleeping tonight," he laughed before adding, "I'll be a gentleman and sleep on the couch."  The main reason Michael didn't sleep with his students was because he usually ate and watched TV while they slept.  He liked to truly enjoy his weekend and do other things as well.  Plus, he liked knowing that his victims felt scared and alone.

He made Mita lie face down on the bed.  Then he told her to put her legs and arms into a spread eagle position. He took pieces of nylon rope from under the bed and secured her arms and legs to the bedposts.  He allowed her some room to bend so that she wouldn't be too stiff in the morning.

He stood back and looked at her.  His cock still hard from the shower.

"Before I let you sleep, there is one more thing I want to do," Michael said as he climbed on top of her.  Mita knew what he was going to do and tried to move away but the restraints kept her in place.  Michael positioned his cock over her asshole and slowly started to push in.

"Mmmmmmmph!" Mita grunted as she pressed her head against the pillow.  His heavy weight pinned her to the mattress and huge cock leisurely started to move inside her, a slow gradual ass rape.

Michael pushed her down in the bed with all his weight.  He wanted her to feel helpless.  He pulled on her wet hair and held onto her shoulders.  The bed squeaked while Michael thrust inside her, her asshole having to take the full power of his steely cock.

"Take it all in like a good girl," he said as Mita cried.  She could barely breathe because of his weight on top of her.

Michael thought it would take him forever to cum but it only took fifteen minutes.  He slumped on top of her while he ejaculated, filling her stomach again with his hot cum.  Mita continued to cry.  How could he violate her so many times?

"Get some rest.  You'll need some energy for tomorrow," Michael said.

He slipped out of her, walked out of the bedroom and closed the door.  Finally alone, Mita tried to think of ways to escape, but it was hopeless.  He’d bound her too well.  Her entire body was sore from the brutal rapes.  She cried and cried until she was exhausted and had no choice but to fall asleep.

Michael prepared his dinner and ate it on the couch while watching TV.  Since the house wasn't his primary residence, he didn't bother subscribing to cable.  Nothing good was ever on at night, but Michael didn't care.  He was busy thinking of all the things he wanted to do to his student.  She was definitely his favorite so far.  He loved hearing her scream and cry as he fucked her tight body.

He decided to play the tape of her rape to see how well it recorded.  He saw Mita touching herself and sucking his cock.  She actually looked like she was willing to do it throughout her whole ordeal.  The scene of her servicing him cut off and the next image showed her swallowing his cum.  The final scene was when they were in the shower.  Michael could hear himself groan as he fucked her.  He could also hear Mita’s cries of pleasure.  As he watched this, perverted ideas filled his mind.  He turned off the video and watched whatever infomercial was on.  He set an alarm for 7 a.m.; he wanted the whole day with his lovely student.  He was fully satisfied and slowly drifted into a deep, calm sleep.

Mita didn't sleep as soundly.  She had nightmares of her attack dreaming that she was running from a large man but her legs moved like cement bricks.  He was catching up to her and she couldn't run any faster.  Finally, he caught her and Mita felt his body slam on top of hers, his weight on her, a thick cock entering her and raping her.  She was sweating when she woke up.  She couldn't remember where she was, but she continued to feel something raping her.  Then she realized what was happening.  Michael was on top of her. He was raping her in her ass.

"Noooooooo!" Mita cried. She tried to move her arms and legs but realized they were still restrained.

"Good morning, Mita," Michael grunted as he continued to fuck her.  He had been inside her for a good minute before she woke up.  "There's nothing better than a good ass fuck to start the day off right," he joked.

Mita started to cry again.  She remembered everything that happened the night before.  She knew that she was his until he decided to let her go.  She moaned as he violated her ass again and again.

Michael quickly came inside her.  He had a good night sleep and was ready to spend the entire day playing with his toy. Unknown to Mita, Michael’s doctor prescribed Viagra for him.  He was able to have fun with a woman for the entire day.  As he came, he pulled Mita's hair, causing her to cry out.

"Ready for some fun today?" he asked with a smile.  Mita continued to cry.

Once he was finished, Michael got off her and untied her arms and legs.  Mita's joints were sore and stiff from not being able to move around.

Michael turned Mita over on her back and rubbed his hands over her joints to help the circulation flow.  Then his hands traveled to her breasts and he looked into her eyes as his hands caressed her mounds making the nipples stand up. He wanted to fuck her pussy but decided to wait even though his cock was hard again.  He had all day to gratify himself.


After waiting a few minutes for Mita to regain the feelings in her arms and legs, Michael walked her to the kitchen.

"I already ate breakfast but now I want to feed you," he said.  He took out a jar of honey from a cabinet and opened it.  Then he poured some honey into his hands and rubbed them on his cock.

"Start licking up your breakfast," he said.

Mita got down on her knees and began to lick his cock.  The honey tasted good, but Mita was humiliated that she was forced to eat this way.  Michael moaned as he felt her soft tongue move up and down his large member.  Honey was still on his hands so Michael wiped them on his balls.

"Suck my balls, Mita" Michael whispered.  Mita started to lick his balls and hated it.  Hair was mixed with honey and sometimes she got a strand of it in her mouth. She dragged her tongue from the bottom of his balls to his top of his cock.  Once all the honey was licked away, Michael grabbed her head and positioned her mouth over his cock.

"You know what to do," he said.

Mita started to suck his cock, but Michael pressed her head against him and fucked her mouth.  Mita slapped his thighs and abdomen, trying to get away, but Michael didn't stop.  He loved feeling her gag and cry.  He loved it when she tried to scream.  Her muscles tickled his cock and made it grow even larger.  His sticky balls slapped her chin.  Mita thought she would pass out.  She couldn't breathe and was choking on his cock.  Finally, she felt his cum shoot against the back of her throat.  Michael pulled out enough so the cum would land on her tongue.

"Swallow it like a good girl," he said.  Mita complied.  She swallowed his nasty salty semen.  She wanted to throw up afterwards but somehow managed to keep everything down.

Spent for the moment, Michael washed his hands in the sink, got a towel and wiped his cock.  He certainly didn't want to be sticky all day.  Mita was still kneeling on the kitchen floor.  He looked at her.  Her long hair was tangled and hanging just above her nipples.  He knew that he had broken her.  She would do anything that he wanted.


Mita performed all day for him like a good little sex slave.  She wrapped her arms and legs around him as he fucked her hard, her hips pumping up and down, squeezing on his cock as he dragged it from her tight pussy.


She kneeled on the floor, her head resting on the carpet, her ass raised, offering herself to him.  She spread her legs, exposed her anus, still red and swollen from the previous anal rapes.  She pushed back as he fucked her asshole, driving his cock painfully into her back passage, cramping her stomach as he ass raped her.  She clenched on his raping cock as it dragged painfully from her rectum, her sphincter giving him such pleasure.


When his cock got soft, her mouth wrapped around it, her tongue rubbing up and down until he would get hard again, even though she knew she was getting his cock hard only to rape her again.  She no longer cared. 


He must have dumped five more loads of cum inside her body before he dropped her off on the campus, but not before showing her pictures that showed her looking like she was enjoying the sex.  He threatened her with public exposure if she told anyone. 


Michael never saw Mita in his class again.  He promised her that she would receive her “A” even if she didn’t take any of the tests.  A month after her rape, he was in the library looking for a text that would help him write his next book when he saw her alone in the library.  She was wearing a blouse and casual skirt.  It was a Friday night again so no one was there except the two of them. She was busy looking through the aisles for a book so it was easy for him to creep up and surprise her.


“Don’t you ever take a break?” he asked.


Mita eyes grew wide, terror creeping into her expression.  “I have a big research paper to finish for another class.  It’s due on Monday and the library isn’t open on the weekends,” she whispered, hoping that he would leave her alone.


Michael looked around.  They were on the 5th floor of the library.  No one else seemed to be on the floor.  Even if there had been others, the aisles of books easily hid Michael and Mita and buffeted much of the sound.


He normally left the students he raped alone after he let them go.  But Mita was different.  Michael missed raping her.  When he saw her again all his sexual urges overwhelmed him.  He grabbed Mita and pushed her to a dark corner of the library.  Mita tried to scream but Michael quickly covered her mouth with a hand. 


Once they were in the corner, Michael slammed her back against the wall and felt her breasts through her blouse.  He told her that if she screamed he would break her neck.  The threat of physical violence terrified Mita and so she complied.  Michael helped himself to her breasts.  She was wearing a bra this time.  Michael slipped his hands under her blouse and unhooked her bra.  Then he lifted her blouse and bra up so that her breasts were revealed.


“Please let me go,” Mita sobbed as he toyed with her nipples.  Michael grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard, causing her to gasp.  He knew she wanted to scream but was too afraid to make him angry.  He enjoyed the power.


“Don’t worry, no one will see us,” he said.  “Turn around, Mita.”


Mita began to cry as she did what she was told.  Michael’s cock was hard.  He lifted up her skirt, revealing her panties.  He touched her pussy and ran his fingers along her ass as she quietly whimpered.  He pulled her panties down to the floor.


“Spread your legs,” he commanded.  He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.  He pressed it against Mita’s warm ass.  She began to whimper again, knowing what he was about to do.


“Please don’t,” Mita said helplessly.  She hoped someone would see them but the entire floor was empty.


She gasped as Michael pressed his cock against her asshole.  He slowly inserted his tool inside her.  Even though he’d ravaged it a month earlier, her asshole happily seemed to have gone back to its virginal tightness.


Mita’s hands were on the wall, holding her up for Michael’s attack.  Her breasts bounced as he violated her again.  Michael held onto Mita’s hips.  He wanted her to know that he could do anything that he wanted with her.  His hands traveled across her back and to her breasts.  He pulled her nipples as he continued to fuck her.  Neither of them said a word.


Michael’s breathing became erratic.  He could feel his cum building in his balls. He started banging Mita harder.  Despite the pain, Mita didn’t scream.  She was so scared that Michael would hurt her.  Finally, Mita felt Michael cum inside her. He held his cock in her ass until it became soft.  Mita could feel the vein move before the cum shot inside her.  She started to quietly cry.  Tears ran down her cheeks.


Michael gave her breasts a final squeeze before he pulled out of her and stuck his soft cock back in his pants.  He watched Mita as she pulled up her panties and re-hooked her bra.  Her skirt fell neatly back in place.


“Don’t worry, I won’t mess with you again,” he said as he wiped away tears from her eyes.


He looked at her.  No longer the teenage, innocent Asian girl, she looked more like a well-fucked whore.  “You were my best one Mita.  Such a nice tight body to rape.”  Mita looked at him one last time before running out of the library.  She didn’t need to be reminded of what he would do to her if she told someone.


Michael watched his young student run, his mind already wandering to who his next victim would be.  How about that nice Latina girl in his first period class?  He heard that Latino girls were hot lovers.  Wonder how she would react to a large cock raping all her holes?  His cock already getting hard again.


The End


A kinky fairytale with a sensual twist











Cinderella: Bound for The Prince is a kinky fairytale with a sensual twist. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are not just mean but evil - and they treat her cruelly and treat her as a slave.

Prince Michael holds a ball to find a bride. On the night of the ball, Cinderella, young and innocent, cries in the kitchen after her sisters have left for the ball. Then, a beggar taps softly at her door. Disturbed by her crying, Straparola, her fairy godfather, has appeared to help her attend the ball. But this fairy godfather expects a proper thanks and pleasuring. Once paid, it takes him only a flip of his magic wand to transform Cinderella into the beautiful Ella and send her off in a royal carriage.

At the ball, Ella captures the prince’s heart and his very wicked desires and she realizes that as his future bride she can have anything she wants. Unlike most fairytale heroines, Cinderella finds that she doesn’t want happiness; she wants revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters. The aristocrats have for centuries taken their pleasure at the Hellfire Club, where their most decadent appetites for domination are fulfilled. Prince Michael’s ancestors were leading members and he promises Ella her stepmother and stepsisters will be brought there for any revenge she wants, but only if she will submit to him. Each time Cinderella has to transform into Ella, Straparola also demands her innocent body as a reward. Ella agrees to both men’s bargain – no price is too high to pay for revenge.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are summoned to the palace where they will be given the riches and noble titles they dream of, but the price they must first pay is public humiliation, defilement and strict punishment -- in the confines of the Hellfire Club. It is an offer they cannot refuse.

Here is another searing novel of bondage and submission as only Powerone, bestselling novelist of BDSM can write.