The Village of Agony and Ecstasy  

Chapter 8

By Sinsationalsub and Powerone

Copyright 2007



At last the two women could catch their breath as the waters swirled around their sore, aching bodies.  Both were spent, sexually exhausted from what had transpired.  Bella was absolutely revolted by what had happened.  She had never in her life been treated in such a way.  She looked over at Raisa, feeling so sorry for her.  Poor innocent Raisa had all this humiliation thrust upon her at such an early age.  Would she ever be able to live a normal life now?  Bella feared she would not. 


Bella was especially aware of her own body’s sexuality.  It betrayed her every time.  She hated it, wanting to scream and fight.  Physically she could fight him, but mentally it was another matter, her body succumbing to his masterful touch.  She could not for the life of her deny the passion she had inside her.  She was a woman in every sense of the word and she feared that Raisa had the same passion in her.  It seemed as though Bella only had to be touched and she would explode.  She knew she had to get a grip on her emotions if they were to overcome this Lord and his madness.  Doing that was going to be hard for her and she knew it.  But she knew it was the only way Bella could help Raisa, the innocent girl so helpless.  She did not understand it, let alone know how to fight it.  It was all up to Bella.  She reclaimed her determination at that moment.  He might break her body but he would not break her spirit!


The servants scurried around hustling the two women out of the bath.  “Out of the tubs.  The Master awaits your pleasure tonight.”  Both were dried and taken to a room with a table that was covered with strange devices, all black iron and looking sinister.  Bella and Raisa stood naked in the room, trying to hide their shame as the servants gathered around them.  Most of them were males.


“Oh no,” cried Raisa, one hand over her breasts, the other between her legs, trying to hide her naked body.  “Now what are they going to do to us?”


“Shhh,” said Bella.  “It is going to be alright, I promise you.  Let your mind take you somewhere else, Raisa.  They cannot do any more to us than they have already done.”  But deep in Bella’s heart she didn’t believe that.  The Master was evil and was now going to ravish them both, and Bella couldn’t stop him from his cruel perversions.


The male servants moved close to them, one in front, the other in back of each of them.  Raisa could only gasp as her hands were pushed aside, strong male hands rubbing fragrant oils massaged into every crease and crevice of her body.  Her breasts were first, the servant’s hands molding her firm flesh, rubbing the oil over the tip, Raisa felt ashamed as her nipples sprang to life as if they had a mind of their own.  He only stopped when her nipples felt like hard pebbles, Raisa humiliated as she looked how swollen and red they had become.


“NO!  DON’T!”  Raisa cried out in shame as the two of them spread her legs, their hands running up and down her smooth silky thighs, spreading the oil over her flesh until it glistened.  Hands held her legs apart as Raisa shivered when the fingers moved closer to her sex, already ashamed as she felt her own desires wet her pussy.


Raisa rose up on her toes as two fingers suddenly speared her sex, the oiled fingers finding her sacred orifice wet and open.  She hated the way her body betrayed her, looking over at Bella and seeing her suffering a similar fate.  But the look on Bella’s face was not of disgust, but of ecstasy, her head thrown back, her mouth open as she panted in pleasure.  Even her hips were moving to the fingers that plunged between her legs.


“Look at the clit on this little wench.”  The servant began to fondle Raisa’s clit, spreading her sex lips wide until Raisa’s little clit popped into view.  “Hummmm, nice clit. Let’s see if it responds the way the older wench’s does.”  With that he began to rub the head of Raisa’s clit in tiny wet circles.  Raisa, panting, looked over at Bella with stark terror on her face.


“Hold on, Raisa.  Just keep your eyes focused on me. Think about pleasure.”  Bella shook as fingers plunged inside, smearing the oils deep into her pussy.


“It is okay.” Bella wanted to do everything she could to help Raisa cope with this.    Bella could only shriek!  It was horrible and delicious all at the same time.  She felt the heat deep within her, that awful craving she had each time anyone touched her there.


“Oh myyyyyyyyy.”  He said.  “Look at this one’s clit!  It is enormous!  And she is wiggling every time I rub it!”  The male servant teased and toyed with the little crimson bud until it stood straight up, engorged with blood.


“Leave me alone!”  Bella chimed.  “Get your hands off of me!”


Well, that was enough to make the servant enthusiastically continue.  He rubbed and spread her sex lips wider and leaned in to peruse his deed.  He flicked his finger across its head and her clit convulsed.


     “Oh, my goodness!  This is a live one!  I want to see her cum hard.  See how wet her hole is?  She is going to cum.”  He worked diligently to graze and flick the tip of her little bud until Bella was panting.


Bella body became rigid and then collapsed into panting and moaning heap.


“This one can cum!” shouted the male servant loudly.  “How about the other little wench?”


 Raisa’s body rose, stiffened, and collapsed as she squealed like an animal.  They had forced her body into an explosive orgasm, Raisa unable to understand her own emotions.  All she felt was the delicious pleasure that raced to her brain, her body played by the two male servants, their fingers teasing her into shaming herself with the unexpected orgasm.


“Yes, she can cum too!” Sid the male servant.  “Our Master is going to be pleased with these two sluts!”


Raisa and Bella had to be helped up from the floor, their legs barely able to hold them up.  “It is time to adorn their lovely bodies with the Master’s jewelry.”


Perfumed, massaged, and skin glowing, Raisa and Bella were draped in the sheerest of garments. Both wore a beaded headband and belt. One of the servants held Bella’s arms behind her back, making her arch her breasts up, the other standing in front of her, his hands holding a pair of black iron clamps, a thin chain connecting the two clamps.  “Hold her tight, these are going to bite painfully.”


Bella yelped and screamed as they pinched her nipples, each one already hard, an easy target for the evil clamps.  “AAAGGHH,” she screamed in pain as the clamp bit into her aroused flesh, Bella forced to stand still, her shaking body making the clamp more painful as it danced on her chest.  She bit her lip as she waited for the next clamp, the pain just as bad as the first.  As long as she held still, barely able to breathe, the clamps became a dull ache.


“NOO!”  She screamed when she saw the next evil contraption.  They couldn’t do such a despicable thing.  She couldn’t understand exactly how it would work, but she knew it was destined for between her legs, the servant kneeling before her spread legs.  It was a clamp in the shape of a horseshoe.  She already knew what the bite of the nipple clamp felt like, knowing this would be even worse.  She felt the hands fumbling between her legs, holding her breath, refusing to look down.  Her pussy lips were pulled back, the sharp bite of the clamp engulfing her outer sex lip.  Bella tasted blood as she bit her lip, trying to contain her cry of pain.  It felt like they were trying to tear her lips from her body.


Bella jumped when she felt her clit pinched tight, her eyes suddenly traveling down to see a small wire run from the top of the horseshow clamp that pinched her pussy lip.  It ran up to her clit, a circle at the end of the wire completely trapping her clit at the base almost like a noose around it.  The servant tugged the wire tighter, Bella refusing to answer his cruelty with a cry of pain.  She was stronger than this.


“Its called a pussy clamp.”  The servant smiled up at her, seeing her body glistening with sweat as he pinched her sex organs cruelly with the Master’s toys.  “And the one on your clit will leave it uncovered and exposed.  Even the smallest breeze will stimulate your clit now.  It will stand at attention so the Master may see it swollen for his pleasure.”   He giggled almost giddily as he squatted down before Bella and blew a channel of air directly over her clit.


      “Wow!”  He said. “It’s growing huge!”


Bella shuttered and writhed.  She had never felt such a thing, her clit so sensitive that even a gentle breeze felt as if her clit was being stroked by his fingers.


Raisa was next, her body subject to the same torture of the clamps, her screams louder, her body jerking so hard they had to hold her tight.  She screamed when they clamped her pussy, Raisa not believing that anyone would do such a cruel thing to a female.  But she grew ashamed when they clamped her clit, her body shuddering when they blew on her aroused pleasure button, Raisa fighting the urge not to cum again, ashamed at how her body reacted to the lightest touch.  But that wasn’t the worst part.  She was bent over a wooden bench, her legs spread wide, one of them pushing down on her naked back, pinning her to the wooden bench.  The other spread her legs wide before his hands moved up over her naked cheeks, Raisa shivering in fear, remembering the plug shoved unceremoniously up her backside.


The servant spread her cheeks, Raisa’s fighting, tightening her cheeks until he gave her a sharp slap with his hand, her right cheek turning red in pain.  “Relax your ass.  I’m going to have my way with you one way or another.  He pulled her cheeks apart, licking his lips as her tiny anus opened.  “That’s better,” he praised her, his fingers sliding up until they were poised at the edges of her anus.  He could see her tiny pucker open and close uncontrollably as his fingers pulled on her tight hole, forcing it open. 


She tried to relax her backside, her cheek still tingling with the pain of the slap, but her virginal little hole convulsed as the servant’s fingers pried at her back passage.  “NO!  It’s too big!”  She cried out in protest as she saw the butt plug, bringing back the memory of the painful stretching as it forced its way inside her before. 


Raisa could feel her muscles trying to repel the invasion but they gave way and in it went as the servant pushed hard with his hand.  Raisa felt the thick plug shove into her rectum, pressing painfully against her muscles.  She grunted with each powerful shove of the butt plug, her insides shoved ruthlessly aside as the butt plug got larger, her anal ring burning as it was slowly forced around the thickness of the plug.  There was a temporary relief as her anal ring closed around the tiny end of the plug, trapping the thickest part inside her, stretching her open from the inside.  Raisa cried as she suffered the indignation, her body pinched and stuffed, all in an effort to please the Master.


Bella did not want to look down. She was completely horrified at such a display of her body. She tried to put it out of her mind.  They had pushed the butt plug ruthlessly in her backside, Bella hated the way it invaded her and stayed trapped inside her.  She felt sorry for Raisa, such a poor innocent girl. Bella’s little brown pucker was so stretched that she could hardly walk.  She had noticed that Raisa’s plug was much smaller than the one inside her, but the same pain was etched on her face.  “Are you okay?” Bella asked as she searched Raisa’s face.


 “No! What are they doing to me?  I do not know if I can endure this! How long must I submit to this torture?”


“Do not give in,” replied Bella.  “We will get away from this.  Just do the best you can do to comply so you are not be beaten.  I promise, it will be over soon.”


“Let’s go. You wenches!   The Master awaits,” shouted the male servant.


The two women were lead down a dark stone hallway which was long and cold.  Bella shivered, her body almost naked.  Raisa walked timidly, afraid of what lay ahead in the Master’s chambers.  Chains were wrapped around their wrists before they left the room.  They jingled as they walked.


They stopped in front of a large wooden door ornate with two large iron rings. The male servant pulled on one of them.  The door groaned and creaked as it opened.  The women were pulled inside.  Huge lanterns glowed in the room.  A large feather bed with a lion’s head at the headboard loomed out at them.  The room looked as if a hunter lived in it, showing his conquests on the walls surrounding the bed.  The head of a panther made Bella grimace.  How could a man kill such beautiful animals? Well, she knew.  He was heartless and sinister.  If he could capture her and Raisa and do to them what had been done, then he was capable of anything!


     The two women stood quietly.  A loud voice cut through the dimly lit room.  “Well, well, well.  What have we here?”  The Master snarled. “Have you two wenches come for a visit?  Welcome to my bedroom!”


Bella wanted to scream at him but before she could, he shouted orders.


“Put the wenches on the bed.”  He ordered, the servants, the frightened servants instantly obeying their Master.


       The two women were thrown on the bed.  To her dismay, Bella looked up to see a mirror attached to the ceiling over the large bed.  Lanterns flicked around it which spot-lighted the occupants on the bed.  It was like being in sunlight, their near naked bodies reflected by at them.  Raisa shivered. Bella could only imagine what was ahead for the evening.



       Zorg sat in a large chair which looked like a throne on one side of the bed.  “My goodness, aren’t we all dressed up for the occasion!”  Zorg said as he leaned in to examine the two women closely. “Clits all exposed….tits nice and taut.”  He reached to slip his finger around Bella’s exposed clit.  “MMMMM…nice, large, and slick!” he chuckled, seeing her try to back away from him.


       Raisa squealed when he rubbed hers. She wriggled and tried to move away but she was attached to Bella with the chains and could not move very far.  Raisa was fearful as she looked at Zorg.  He was naked.  His chest rippled with muscles and his cock was semi-erect.  Raisa was appalled at the size of it, twice the size of the servant that had used Bella’s mouth to sate his lust.  She turned her head to look away.  It was awful.


       Zorg reached and grabbed the chains that held the women together.  He pulled on them as the women shrieked because the same chains were attached to their nipples as well.  The women slid to the center of the bed.  “Now, let’s see what you can do, you wench.”  He was talking to Bella. “Lick her all over and lick her good.”


       Bella’s body stiffened in protest.  Raisa just stared, remembering the light touch of the servant girl on her body.


       “I will not!” shouted Bella.


Zorg lunged out of his chair, grabbed the chains attached to her nipples and tugged harshly.  Bella could only squeal as the nipple clamps bit so harshly into her tender flesh.  She looked over at Raisa, her mouth clenched in pain.


       “Do it now,” he ordered.


       Bella thought her nipples would be torn off. The pain was excruciating.  She whispered to Raisa.  “It’s okay, just lie there. I will not hurt you.”


Raisa lay back staring into Bella’s eyes all the while.  Bella leaned in to kiss Raisa softly on the lips.  Bella cringed.  She had never done anything like this before, but Zorg would have it no other way.  It was sickening to her, yet she obeyed for fear of having her and Raisa’s breasts torn to shreds.


She kissed Raisa gently, their silky lips touching.  Raisa didn’t resist as Bella licked Raisa’s face and traveled down her neck and across her chest.  Bella reluctantly licked at Raisa’s nipples straining through the clamps. Raisa moaned.  Bella spent a long time licking the little pert nipples. Each one strained more in the clamps as Raisa was beginning to squirm and groan.


Zorg was coaching her.  “That’s it.  Lick them good!”


Bella could hear his panting beside her.  He now had his fist wrapped around his organ.  He toyed with it, sliding up and down the thick shaft, Bella surprised that it grew longer.  Bella thought she was going to throw up.  He was an animal.


Bella’s tongue swirled around Raisa’s belly and headed down.  Raisa’s pink labia was shaved and looked like velvet.  Bella braced herself. She licked at the top of Raisa’s sex, careful to avoid the pussy clamps and her pinched clit.


Raisa groaned louder, the pleasure splashing over her body.


         Zorg chimed in.  “Open her cunt.  Open it wide with your fingers.  The clamp on it does not have her displayed enough for me!”


Bella wanted to spit at him. He was disgusting.  Her fingers reached to grab each labia and spread them wide open.  Raisa’s sex glistened in the lighted bed.  Now, Zorg could see every crevice of Raisa’s sex.  Bella closed her eyes.  The clamp that was placed on each woman’s sex displayed their clits vividly.  Bella could tell that Raisa was aroused.  There was no denying the swollen little bud standing up, begging for attention.


Zorg moved closer to get a better look.  “Goodness!  Look at her clit!  It is so big!”   He snickered.  “Lick it!”


Clamping her eyes shut again, Bella flicked her tongue out to lick the swollen jewel.  She felt it move under her tongue.  Raisa gasped, her hips driving up, pushing her sex hard into Bella’s lips.


          “Make it move again!”  Zorg ordered as he stroked his throbbing member.  Soon he would need relief and these lovely girls would provide the necessary hole for his cock to plunder.


          Again Bella made it move and convulse.  She continued licking this time up and down, side to side, even though she was trying to think of something else.   She could not believe she was doing this! It was repulsive!


Raisa began writhing beneath the licking.  She pushed her hips in the air and made circular motions with her body.  She pumped her sex against Bella’s tongue, the pleasure racing through her loins.


“Take your tongue and fuck her!”  Zorg said with baited breath.


Bella stuck her tongue deep inside the little gaping orifice as it sucked at her.  In and out she went, working Raisa’s sex into a froth. Raisa shrieked and moaned and began panting. 


“Now suck her clit.  Put your lips around it and suck it!”  Zorg was obviously panting harder as he pumped his cock.


Bella obeyed blindly, wanting to end this horrible moment.  She slipped Raisa’s clit into her lips and sucked at it like a baby suckling its mother for nourishment.  Raisa screamed to the top of her lungs.  Zorg jerked forward in the chair.  All was a blur to Bella.  She felt wet spurts of liquid coat her back and run down between her cheeks.  Raisa’s body fell back on the bed spent.


Raisa’s body shuddered as she had an orgasm, Zorg’s eyes staring at her as she jerked on the bed in the throngs of orgasmic bliss.  She was embarrassed that she couldn’t take her eyes off of Zorg’s massive weapon, his hand stroking it up and down.  Raisa’s fingers curled into a fist, as if she could almost feel his hot flesh in her hand, stroking it up and down.  She should feel ashamed, but all she felt was the pleasure that Bella had unleashed in her body, remembering when she had to do the same thing, licking the servant girls sex until they came on her face.


Bella was disgusted as she felt the hot crème hit her back, feeling like it was burning her flesh.  Zorg had shot his cum straight on her naked back when he came.  Bella was horrified, she could feel it dripping down slowly along her skin. How could he?  Before she could turn around, Zorg reached to rub the liquid into her back and down between the creases of her ass cheeks.  Bella froze.  Bella groaned as she felt the butt plug being pulled out.  It hurt almost as much coming out as it did going in, her anal ring having to stretch wide until if finally popped out, falling on the bed beneath her.  She turned as she felt Zorg’s hands on her ass cheeks, his powerful hands spreading them wide.


“Now! Wink that little pucker of your asshole at me!”  Zorg’s voice was extremely excited.


         “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  Shouted Bella as she felt her ass cheeks being pulled open wider.  “Leave me alone!  Stop it!”


         Zorg rubbed the warm liquid down the crevice of her butt checks and stopped right at her little brown puckered anus.  He teased it and tickled it, and tried to push his finger inside of it.  The little hole pursed as he toyed with it. Bella screamed feeling the finger stretch the tight virgin hole.


Raisa scrunched up into the corner of the bed mortified at what she was seeing, hoping to make her self disappear, not wanting the same treatment Bella was getting.  The butt plug felt bad enough, but Zorg’s weapon was huge.  It would tear her virginal hole to shreds.


         “That’s it.  Make it dance for me!”  Zorg continued his onslaught on Bella’s anus as it began to spasm and convulse on his finger.  His finger was finally having success, popping into her tight hole, greased by his cum.  He pushed hard on her rectum, seeing Bella’s face contoured in pain.  He loved fingering a slave’s ass.  The silky softness felt wonderful to his finger and brought even more joy to his cock.  He inserted another finger listening to Bella groan as he did so.  In and out he plunged his finger, feeling her asshole begin to accept its fate.  He smiled as he felt moisture wet his fingers – the slut was enjoying this.


It hurt as Zorg plunged his finger inside her, Bella unable to control her own muscles, her anal ring stretched around his fat, calloused finger, her muscles rubbed salaciously from the inside.  His finger pressed hard on her rectal muscles, giving her cramps.  The finger moved in and out on his slick cum.  “OOOOOWWW,” she cried out as a second finger joined the first, her anal ring burning as it felt like it would tear.  Bella prayed that he would not take her in her backside, hoping that his cumming had sated his lust.


She was so tight, her asshole wrapped tightly around his twin fingers that drove deep into her guts.  She twisted and turned on the bed, but failed to escape his fingers that were gripped so tight by her muscles.  Even though he had cum already, Bella or Raisa would have to service his cock again.  He didn’t know if his cock could get hard enough to gain entrance in such a tight hole as Bella’s asshole, but a nice tight mouth would serve him good.  But it was not Bella that would suck his cock, he wanted Raisa.  He wanted to see her innocent face as her lips accepted his thick member.  “Over here little Princess,” he teased Raisa seeing the look of fear on her face.  “Now, or I’ll have my men whip you until you bleed.”


Raisa scurried over to Zorg, not wanting to defy such an evil man.  He continued to finger Bella in her backside, her grunts and groans a testament to the terrible probing of his fingers.  “Yes Master,” she obediently responded.


Zorg stroked his cock, the thick shaft already rising to the occasion, the sight of Raisa’s pretty face inciting his lust.  “Touch it Raisa.  Make it grow.”  He watched as her hand hesitantly moved closer to his cock. 


She hated what he was making her do, but it was the only way, Bella had made it clear that she had to comply until Bella could gain his trust enough so they both could escape.  His weapon was so large, even when it was still soft, her small hand encircling the thick shaft, Raisa surprised that his flesh was so hot.  She felt it jerk in her hand, wondering if she had done something wrong.  She could feel it grow in her hand!  Without moving her hand his weapon grew harder and longer, her fingers barely able to encircle the shaft any longer.  Was she doing it?


“Stroke it,” he ordered Raisa, his hand placed over her hand, guiding it up and down his shaft, enjoying her silky touch on his cock.  “Yes, like that.  Continue.”  He pulled his hand away, Raisa’s fingers gripped around the shaft, moving up and down.  He could see the look of astonishment on her face as his cock grew harder.  Wait until she felt it in her mouth.  “Run your fingers over the head.  Real tight, make it feel like your pussy.”  She obeyed instantly, her hand gliding over the thick helmet of his cock, sliding back down, his juices leaking onto her fingers, making then slide easily on his flesh.


It had to be twice the size since she started, her hand gliding up and down the shaft with ease.  She watched his cock leak onto her fingers, the fluids hot and slippery.  She was taking long strokes with her hand, from the base of his cock all the way up to the head, sliding over the thick ridge and back down, her fingers tightly gripping his flesh.


Two fingers became three, Bella groaning as Zorg continued to plunder her asshole, but his attention was drawn to Raisa and her hand, his fingers almost resting inside Bella.  While still painful to be full of fingers, it was much better than when he was fingering her in and out.  Bella was surprised by Raisa’s enthusiasm, the look of astonishment on her face as she stroked the massive weapon that dwarfed her hand.


Zorg’s hand went to Raisa’s head, one large hand gripping the top of her head tightly.  He saw the look of fright in her eyes as he began to pull her head down to his crotch, Raisa still not fully understanding what was required of her.  When he got her mouth within inches of his cock he felt her tense up, the muscles in her head tightening, her hand stopping to stroke his cock.  His cock jerked in pleasure when he felt her hot breath on the head of his cock.  “Lick my cock,” his voice adamant, his hands tightening on her head forcing her obedience.


It felt like her head was in a vice, his hand squeezing so hard Raisa thought it would pop.  She saw his massive weapon only inches from her mouth, Raisa finally figuring out his perverted lust.  He wanted her to take his thick shaft inside her mouth.  She could never do such a terrible thing.  It was bad enough that she was using her hands on him, never would she consent to putting it in her mouth.  She was bent over Zorg, her naked ass pushed up into the air.  “EEEEEEGGHH,” she screamed, the sharp bite of a whip on her naked as cheeks shocking her.  She felt her skin rip from the whip, the pain rushing to her brain.  She tried to turn but Zorg held her head still.


“There is a servant behind you with a very lovely black whip.  Anytime you refuse me he will lash at your milky white ass.  You will obey or you won’t sit down for a month.  Now lick my cock!”


She felt another bite of the whip on her ass, her tongue quickly moving out of her lips as she felt the pain rush to her brain.  Her ass cheeks stung, not sure how much more of this cruel punishment she could take.  Her tongue wagged near the head of his weapon, Raisa’s eyes closing as her tongue hesitantly moved over the head, her hand holding it still.  She licked the head, her mouth suddenly assaulted with the salty taste.  It was terrible, Raisa unable to get rid of it as it permeated every corner of her mouth.  His hand tightened, warning her of her continued disobedience, her tongue taking a broad stroke over his hot flesh.   She began to lick his flesh as if she were a cat with a platter of milk, her tongue moving all over the thick helmet.  Her face grimaced from the terrible taste as his weapon continued to leak onto her tongue.  Her only hope was that she was making him happy, her hand starting to move up and down the shaft as her tongue lavished its attention on the head.


Raisa was better than Bella, a natural talent that Zorg would have to instruct further.  “Open your mouth real wide and take my cock inside.  Let your tongue dance around it in the hot confines of your virgin mouth.”  He nodded to the servant behind Raisa, watching as the whip lashed across her ass again, Raisa’s body jerking in pain.  He pulled his fingers from Bella’s asshole, no longer interested, Raisa’s mouth would service his cock.  “MMMMMGGG,” he groaned in pleasure as her mouth engulfed the head of his cock.  He looked at Raisa, her lips spread so wide, her lips drawn tightly around the head of his cock, her innocent eyes clouded with tears as she submitted to sucking his cock.  He felt a spurt of cum fill her mouth when her tongue lashed over the trapped head of his cock in the warm confines of her mouth.


Raisa grimaced as her mouth was suddenly inundated with a thick crème that stuck to her tongue.  Had he cum?  But why was his weapon still hard?  Her head was gripped by his two hands now, forcefully pulling her mouth down over his cock, Raisa feeling more of his thick weapon pushing deeper into her mouth.  It filled her so completely, her lips bulged from the massive weapon.  Never would she have ever thought of doing such a thing, but here she was, her tongue dancing over the hot flesh that was buried in her mouth, his salty seed covering her taste buds.


Zorg knew he wouldn’t last much longer, his hands guiding Raisa’s head up and down, her lips so tight, her tongue lathering his cocks head.  His balls began to tingle, ready to dump his load of cum in her sweet, innocent mouth.  He was sure that she didn’t know what to expect, his hands tightening on the sides of her head, holding her in place for his climax. 


Her head hurt, Zorg squeezing too tight.  His hips were moving now, his weapon sliding in and out of her mouth, banging against the back of her mouth, making Raisa gag.  She licked harder, hoping to make him happy, anything to stop this perverted act.  He was panting, her mouth filled with the awful taste, her tongue getting tired, lips feeling like they would tear if he didn’t stop.


“YEEEESSSSSS,” Zorg screamed in lust.  His hips shot forward, burying his cock in her hot, virgin mouth, seeing the shocked look on Raisa’s face as his cock spewed a load of cum into her receptive mouth.  He tightened his sphincter, as he felt the delightful pleasure that only a virgin mouth could bring, her lips and tongue obediently obeying his every whim.  Her cheeks bulged as Raisa found her mouth filled with his cum, her eyes opened wide in wonderment.


His weapon swelled in her mouth, his hips more urgent as he shoved it deep into hot confines of her mouth.  Then she felt it, his cock suddenly shot out the thick crème again.  But this time it was different. It felt like gallons filling her mouth, her cheeks bulging.  She had no choice but to swallow it, choking as she tried desperately to swallow the thick crème.  And then it did it again, Zorg crying out in lust as her mouth was filled with the foul crème.  She choked and gagged, tears falling down her cheeks, his crème leaking out her lips and running down her cheeks as her throat bobbed up and down trying to swallow the abundant crème.  Her belly filled with his seed until he finally relented, letting go of her head, pulling his mighty weapon from her mouth.  She bent her head over, coughing up his seed, unable to rid her mouth of the terrible salty taste.


Zorg bellowed loudly as Raisa coughed and gagged.  “Such a delightful mouth you have wench.  Even better than Bella.  Next time you’ll take my cock down your throat.”  He pulled the clamps off of their bodies, enjoying their cries of pain as the blood rushed back.  “Curl up into my bed the both of you.  When I awake, I will be hungry for some more of you.  It will be time for you to learn to take me between your lovely thighs and bring me pleasure.”  He watched as the two girls huddled together as if they could protect each other.  He laid down next to the trembling girls, wanting to catch a few hours sleep until his hardening cock would waken him, two lovely wenches ready to service him to his satisfaction.


Bella tried to comfort Raisa, but she could do little to protect her, her throbbing anus testament to the power Zorg had over them.  Zorg started to sleep, but the servant remained vigil at the door, the whip in his hand.  What would they have to do when Zorg awakened?  What perverted act would he make them perform next?


To Be Continued