The Village of Agony and Ecstasy



By Sinsationalsub and Powerone

Copyright 2003-2008


Chapter 9

One Deflowered


Bella and Raisa huddled together in the corner of the gigantic bed and watched Zorg sleep.  They were afraid to move because they knew awakening the sleeping giant would only mean they must service him again.  Bella eyed him carefully.  His body was fit and massive.  The muscles in his body bulged and glistened with his sweat.  His cock lay soft between his thighs, and Bella noticed that even when it was not aroused, it was huge.

How in the world could she and Raisa take that massive organ into their bodies?  It would rip them open.  She whispered to Raisa.

“Shhhhhh, now be as quiet as you can.  We do not want to awaken him.  We must rest.”

Raisa cuddled closer in the comfort of Bella’s arm around her.  Tears streamed down her face.

“Why, Bella, why?  Why must this be our fate?  Why are we to be slaves to this man?  What did we do to deserve this?”

“Raisa,” said Bella, “Men believe that we are on this earth for their pleasure.  They believe it is our duty to serve them in everything.  We must endure this to seize the opportunity to escape his cruel grasp.  He is not a man, he is an animal.  He knows nothing about how to treat a woman.  Endure it we must.  If we do not, it will destroy us.  And I will not let it destroy us!  Never!”

Zorg stirred.  Bella and Raisa froze.  Their bodies burned and ached.  They needed to rest and gain their strength for the onslaught ahead.  Both women settled down and drifted into a tormented sleep.  They were both very restless.  The chains and clamps had made their nipples throb and ache.  The sex clamps kept their clits semi-hard and wet even when they were gone.  Neither of them had been allowed any release and for Bella, that gnawing little ache remained.  It made her sex throb to be satiated.  She hated herself for feeling it.  It continuously betrayed her.

She knew somewhere within her she needed to release the ache.  At the pulsing of her body, she felt exquisite pleasure, and she had tried so hard to deny it.  The craving was only a moment away from showing itself at any given time.  It surfaced no matter how hard she tried to hide it.  In her heart of hearts, she knew she was in trouble.  She was afraid that it had become a part of her now and that it would stay with her forever.

How she hated this man, this animal who had cultivated it within her body.  She knew she would never be the same.  She could only hope that Raisa would not be subjected to the same and that she would be able to put all this out of her mind at some point in her life.

For Bella, there was no hope.  She was now a slave to her passion.

For hours, the three slept soundly.

Bella and Raisa roused to the sound of shouting and rustling in the room.  Zorg was screaming orders to the two servants he had called into the room.  The two women felt their bodies being spread wide on the bed beside each other.  Zorg shouted.  “Put some clothes on these wenches.  We are going to take a little afternoon ride through the countryside.”

The two women were jostled into place and draped with sheer see-through robes that were tied at the waist.

Bella snarled at the servants.  “Get your hands off me!  Leave us alone!”

The whip slashed at her buttocks and Bella screamed.  No matter how hard she fought, she could not overcome the servants.  Raisa could only moan and sob.

Zorg watched as the women were tugged this way and that, snickering, “You wenches are going to take a little trip with me to meet a long-time friend of mine.  He has never seen women slaves before, nor does he know what pleasures they can bring him.  I offered him the opportunity to see first hand what a sex slave is.”

Raisa screamed, “Nooooooooo, please, not me!  I am afraid!  I cannot do this!”

The whip snapped again leaving a streak across her butt cheek, and Raisa began to sob.

Bella reached for her, but Raisa was pulled away from her.

“Leave her alone!  Take me!  She is just a child,” shouted Bella.

“Take you, I will,” Zorg sneered.  “And the little wench will perform as well!  She already sucks cock better than you.”

The two women were handcuffed and ankles chained.  They were shuffled out of the room in their sheer robes, moaning and sobbing as their naked tits bounced beneath them sensuously.

The sunlight was so bright that it made both women squint.  Bella could not see for a few minutes.  She had not been outside since she was captured, and the sun made her velvet skin warm.  When her eyes focused, she saw five horses, saddled and ready in the courtyard.  She was hoisted onto one of them.  Raisa was hoisted onto another.  Two servants readied themselves on the next two horses and Zorg climbed onto the steed at the head of the pack.  Raisa and Bella could only grasp the saddle with their handcuffed hands.  The two servants took the reigns of both their horses, so all the women could do was hold on.  A terrible sense of dread crept over Bella.  She knew that this was going to be overwhelming for Raisa.  She so wanted her to be safe.  Raisa was still innocent, and Bella wanted to keep her that way.  She feared that Raisa would never be able to overcome what will happened to her.  And she was only in for more humiliation and torture.  Somehow, Bella had to find a way.  She had to hold firm to her determination to escape this man and his control.  She would be strong, and she vowed to never, ever let this man have her soul.  Her body, he could ravage, but her soul would remain hers.

The entourage rode through the hillside for quite some time.  The countryside was beautiful.  It was full of hills and valleys, rivers and beautiful oak trees.  They rode until they came to a clearing in the trees.  The grass was manicured, and in the center of the clearing, there was a place in the center where a roaring fire could be lit.

There were huge logs all around the fire area.  The large trees provided a canopy of green branches over the clearing.  The sun streaked through the canopy, yet the air was cool.  The air smelled of fresh rain and freshly cut grass.

The horses were tied, and the servants slid Bella and Raisa from their horses.

Zorg ordered the servants to sit them on one of the logs around the fire area.

“Put these wenches over there and get the gear out of the saddlebags,” he shouted.

Bella’s ear perked when she heard the word, “gear.”  She feared the worst.  Zorg’s meaning of the word “gear” was questionable.  She had no earthly idea what it could be.

She knew it had to be bad.  She shuddered.

Raisa sat beside her, wiping the fresh tears from her cheeks with her cuffed hands.

“What does he mean, Bella?  What is he going to do to us?”

Bella realized that she must do everything she could to calm Raisa.

“Listen, it is going to be okay,” she whispered to Raisa.  “Do what he tells you to do and nothing bad will happen to you.  We must obey.  It will be the hardest thing you will ever have to do.  Do not protest and he will not whip you.  Do you hear me, Raisa?”

“Yes, but I am scared of him,” Raisa said.

“Do not be afraid.  I am here, and I will take care of you any way I can.  I promise,” Bella answered.  She knew that whatever fate was to befall them that she would do her best to deter Zorg’s attention from Raisa.  She had to protect her.”

The sound of galloping horses was heard in the distance, and Bella turned her attention to the sight of four horsemen coming into view.  Zorg greeted the men and chatted with them jovially.  Bella saw him pointing in their direction as he talked.  She could not hear what he was saying, but she knew that it wasn’t good.  They turned and headed in her direction.  Zorg carried a saddlebag in his hands.  She feared the worst.

Zorg stopped directly in front of the two women.

“These are my two newest wenches.  I captured them a week ago.  They have proven to be very valuable to me.  I am training them to be my own personal sex slaves.  They are learning the art of pleasing me in any way I choose.  They are most happy to allow you to examine, probe and use them in any way you choose.  After they pleasure us, you will be sold on acquiring your own slaves for your own personal pleasure.  I guarantee it.”

Bella stared at Zorg as fire flashed in her eyes.  Raisa kept her head bowed; her eyes toward the ground.

“This one,” pointing to Bella, “is a hell cat.  She has fire in her.  She is hard to tame, but she has shown promise in her training as her pussy is always wet and ready.  Her mouth is exquisite and can take a man to the heights of pleasure.  She knows how to suck.  Her ass is tight, her pussy knowing how to pleasure, though neither has been breached by my cock yet.

“And this one,” pointing to Raisa, “is young and fresh.  Her holes are virgins, only fingers and some delightful toys entering them.  But she is amorous, a young, fresh little slut that just has to be shown to pleasure a man.”

Bella held her head high.  She would not be belittled by this man.  She glared at Zorg and spit at him.  Raisa cringed.

“Well, you want to spit at me do you?  You little wench.  Get the gags!”

The two servants reached for the saddlebag and produced two gags which they placed in both women’s mouths.  Raisa gave in, and Bella squealed and wiggled until both servants had to hold her to put it on.  The servants continued to hold her as Zorg introduced his friend.

“This is my friend, Rog, who owns the land next to mine.  He has never been exposed to having slaves, especially women slaves.  You two women are going to have the pleasure of letting him see how special you both are.  By the end of the day, he will have seen and felt every inch of both of you.  If you resist, the whip will be ready.  You are going to open your wet, gaping holes to him for his pleasure.  He is still young and has not had the joy of examining a woman’s body so you are going to show him yours.”

Bella stared at Rog.  He looked as young as Raisa.  He was well-dressed and looked like he might belong to a family of royal blood.  He was not untamed and rough like Zorg.  He was well-manicured, very handsome and very fit.  He looked almost nervous.  Bella watched as he took in every inch of her body under the robe she was wearing.  He had an excited grin on his face.  His three servants stood beside him as if they were protecting him.  They were huge, with rippled muscles like Zorg.  They, too, looked like animals.

They were all grinning, too, as they lustfully gazed at the two women.

“Prepare the wenches!” Zorg ordered.

Zorg’s servants pulled the women to their feet.  Bella fought like an animal.  She would not give in.  All the men watched greedily as the servants stripped the robes from the women.  Bella and Raisa made guttural sound with the gags in their mouths.  Bella was by far the feistier one.  She fought like a tiger.  Zorg whipped out the short crop and lashed her on her thigh.  Her muffled shriek could barely be heard.

“Stand still.  Rog needs to see your body.  Let him look at you.  You boys take a good look at both of my wenches!

Bella froze.  The lash cut into her thigh, and she felt the warm blood trickle down her leg.

The servant held her with her arms pulled up high in the air.  Raisa was pinned in the same way.  Tears still streamed down Raisa’s face, but she quieted.  Bella wiggled and squirmed continuously.

Rog and his servants walked closer to the naked women.  They took in every inch of each woman’s body.

Zorg came to stand beside Bella.

“Her nipples, as you can see are pert and well used.  We have trained them to stand at least an inch out from the areola so that a man may suckle the better portion of them.  They are purple because I had to use the clamps on them to make them swell.  She wiggles like a snake when you touch them.”

Zorg reached for Bella’s nipples and pinched them hard.  Bella squealed and squirmed.

The gag kept her from shouting.  As he squeezed them, the ache surged through her body.

She almost found herself pushing her chest out to give him better access to them.  She was horrified when she realized what she was doing.

“Now watch her wiggle,” Zorg snickered.  He tweaked her nipples over and over.  Bella strained against the servant’s grasp.  She squirmed and moved as she felt the pulse in her sex begin to throb.  Her nipples were directly connected to her sex.  She felt every squeeze of them in her sex.

Rog laughed.  “Yes, they are big.  I have never seen nipples so huge and so red!  That is fascinating!  May I touch them?”

“Of course,” answered Zorg.  “Flick them if you like.”

Rog reached with his thumb and forefinger and grabbed one of Bella’s nipples.  She was still wiggling.  He pinched it hard and rubbed it between his fingers back and forth.

“They are so hard and so red,” Rog said gleefully.  “I have not touched a woman’s nipples in this way.  I always thought you had to touch them softly.”

“Not these nipples,” said Zorg.  “They like being pinched and tweaked harshly.  She wiggles because she likes it, now don’t you, wench!”

Bella wanted to kick and spit at Zorg.  The gag seemed to be getting tighter.  The servant’s grip tightened on her.

“I tell ya what,” said Zorg.  “Sit the young wench down on that log.  We will tend to her later.  Rog needs to examine this little tiger first.  He needs to probe every part of her.

“Rog, since you have never seen a woman spread wide, we shall show you all of her body, inside and out.  Since the sun is shining brightly, every part of her you will see clearly.”

Rog giggled nervously.

“Are you sure?” he asked.  “Should I tell my servants to turn away?”

“No!  They need to see her too.  They will enjoy what they see.  Let them examine her too.  You may touch her at any time.  If you allow them, they may touch her too.

“Get her ready.  Turn her around and lay her over the log.  Secure her hands and her feet so she is displayed over the log and cannot move.  She needs to be humiliated for being such a squirming, fighting little wench!  We need to probe, examine and play with her gaping holes.  She will learn a lesson today for resisting me!  And if you are lucky, you can make her cum.”

Bella was mortified.  What she heard, she could not believe.  The pinching and playing with her nipples had aroused the ache deep within her belly.  Her sex was drenched.  She could not deny that, and now they were going to see it firsthand.  They would know!  She gurgled with the gag in her mouth.  She wanted to throw up.  She could not fight the servants man-handling her into place.pan style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  She could only shake her head and gurgle.

The servants placed her on her belly across the log.  Her arms were tied to her legs so that she could not move.  Her buttocks were centered on top of the log.  Her legs were spread so wide, she thought she would split wide open.  She felt the breeze hit her wet sex.  She cringed.

Rog’s servants helped.  She heard their giggles and felt their aroused breath on her body as they tied her into place.  They snickered and whispered nasty things in her ears.

“We are going to see your pussy, m’lady.  Wide open, throbbing and pink!  You have seven men here who are going to be seeing your cunt spread wide.  We can’t wait to see you perform for us.”

Raisa stared in amazement.  She was seeing her best friend displayed like a piece of meat for slaughter.  She could neither run nor hide.  She was scared of what was going to happen to her next.  She sat frozen in place horrified at the picture before her.

“Good, now open her ass cheeks wide and hold them open for me.  Make sure her pussy is open too and her clit is exposed.  Pull her ass open tightly so that her pussy hole and her asshole are gaping for us.  We want to see inside her holes if possible.  When they quiver, we need to be able to see them.  Get the stools from the horses and place them here where each man will have a good view of her ass.  And bring me my gear.”

Bella was fighting for her life.  The restraints held her so tightly that she would exhaust easily and have to rest.  She moaned and groaned.  She knew that she was in trouble as the juice from her sex began to dribble down the inside of her leg.  The breeze blew over her sex and it aroused her too.  Oh, no, she thought.  I am a slut.  No!  I cannot be.  She tried to take her mind to another place, but the ache was rising in her belly.  The need for release.  Her sex needed to pulse and throb.  How would she every stop that?  She knew she could not.

“Take a seat, boys, and let’s have some fun with her holes.  Place these clamps on her nipples and place yourself in front of her head so you can pull the chain on the clamps as I order you to,” Zorg said to one of his servants.

The men gathered around Bella’s spread ass cheeks.  She could hear Rog saying that her open ass was about the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  The other men were whistling and laughing.

“As you see before you, men, a woman’s open ass is quite a sight.  It is pink and wet.  Can you see that her pussy hole is wet?  If you look at it closely, you can see inside it.  It is even pinker inside.  Watch as it responds.”

Zorg took his finger and tickled the inside of Bella’s cunt hole.  She jerked on the log!  Oh, my god.  It sucked in!  No, she thought, no!

Rog exclaimed, “It moves!  I have never seen a woman’s sex hole move like that.  May I touch it?”

Zorg replied, “Of course, tickle it.  Go ahead.  It will convulse on your finger as her juice pours out of it!  She likes it.  Watch her wiggle as you do it.  It drives her crazy.  Soon it will pulse on its own!”

Rog slid his finger up to the entrance of Bella’s sex hole and toyed with it.  Bella bucked on the log.  Rog slid his finger all the way in her and wiggled it around.  Her hole moved back and forth on his finger as he fucked her.  Bella released guttural noises from her throat.  No matter how she fought the feeling, it was overcoming her.  She could not stop her sex from pulsing no matter how hard she tried.

“A woman’s hole is beautiful!” said Rog.  “I cannot believe how it moves for me!  May my servants feel it, too?”

“Surely,” said Zorg.

Bella felt fat, rough fingers enter her and tease her.  They tickled and fucked her openly.  She felt her body respond, and she hated herself.  She writhed on the log as each servant pushed fingers into her and fucked her openly.  She was so ashamed and humiliated as she felt her sex grow drenched with desire.

“Don’t tease her too much.  We don’t want her to explode on us yet.  I promised that I would show you a full explosion of her sex, and we want to prolong it until she begs for it.  And she will.  Pull the nipple chains!”

“Now, let’s move on to her clit.  Look at the ‘little man in a boat.’  My servants have pulled the foreskin back to expose the fully erect little nub.  Her clit is enormous.  When in full arousal, it stands out at least an inch from its foreskin.  It is so red that it is almost burgundy in color.  This little slut writhes the whole time you touch it.  It drives her crazy.  It has a life of its own and quivers when I stroke it openly.  Just watch.”

Zorg began to tickle the tip of Bella’s clit for her viewers.  She lunged forward on the log and squirmed and began to pant.  Zorg’s finger was relentless.  It stroked and teased her clit.  She could feel it growing larger and larger.  It was rigid as her sex juice poured from her gaping hole.  She lost her senses for one brief moment and knew that if the gag were not in place, that she would beg him not to stop and that he needed to place something in her gaping wet hole for her to suck on as he tickled the head of her clit.

The men laughed gleefully like little boys playing with a new toy.  Rog chuckled and snickered.

“It is so big!” Rog exclaimed.  “I can’t believe a woman’s clit can grow to that size!

“It is beautiful sticking out like that.  Let me stroke it!”

Rog’s finger hit the head of Bella’s clit and she jerked.  He pinched it and rolled it around in her juices relentlessly.

“It moves!  Look at it!  It is quivering just like you said!” yelped Rog.

Bella felt her clit pulsing.  It moved every time he stroked it.  And as expected, each man took a turn at stimulating it.  She knew that she was going to explode at any minute but kept trying to take her mind elsewhere but she could not.  She felt every touch, stoke and pinch.  Her inner thighs were wet to her knees.  Her ass bucked on the log as they rubbed her engorged clit.

“We need to stop.  Don’t let her explode yet.  Let’s keep her going” said Zorg.  “Let’s turn our attention to her puckered, little asshole.  It likes to be stroked and fucked also.”

“No!” Rog said.  “You play with that too?  Does she like it?”

“Yes,” replied Zorg.  “And she loves it.  Just watch.  It’ll wink at you.  Okay, wench, pucker that little hole for us.  Make it spasm and wink at us.”

Zorg reached to tickle Bella’s tight, little, wrinkled asshole.  He touched it and stroked his finger across it, and it did indeed suck in and out.  It wouldn’t stop but pursed over and over again at every touch of his finger.  Bella screeched and her ass rose up off the log.

“See?  She loves it!  A woman wants to be used and examined.  They like it.  See how it moves and sucks.  It likes to be filled and fucked.  Her hole will grip your cock and never let it go.  It will suck your cock dry.”

Rog reached to help Zorg as his fingers slid through Bella’s juices and lubricated her tiny pucker.  He forced his finger around its rim.  Bella screamed and bucked.  She was actually pushing her ass back to receive his finger.  She wanted it inside her.

It was so hard to keep from pumping her ass on his finger.  He pushed in, feeling her anal ring give up as it did with the butt plug, his finger slimmer, sliding easily into the slick hole.

In and out, in and out, stroking, rubbing, making her pant, making her want to beg for more.  His fingertip was pushing hard against her rectal muscles, pressing this way and that, stretching her from the inside.

“Look, it takes my whole finger!” Rog yelped.  “I love the sight of pushing it open to receive my finger!  I think she likes it.  She wants it.  Watch her pump her ass back!”  He could feel her insides sucking his finger in deeper, her muscles clenching uncontrollably around the tip of his finger.

Bella froze.  No, she would let herself go and cum for them like a shameless slut.  It was all she could do to hold her orgasm as the other servants took their turn at fucking her asshole with their fingers.  They drilled her relentlessly.  And all the fingers felt different.  Some of them bigger, longer or thicker, all of them entering her without any care about her discomfort or shame.

“Watch this!  She can even take something bigger in that asshole of hers.  She will grip it and suck on it!”

Bella felt pressure at the opening of her tiny pucker.  Her pucker resisted the intrusion but with more pressure, she felt her hole give way to a huge instrument.  Her body became rigid on the log.  She was trying to scream that she could not take it, but the gag silenced her protest.  It would surely rip her open.  Nevertheless, it entered and stretched her little brown hole wider.  Then she felt it being driven in and out of her.  As it pumped into her furiously, she panted and bucked her ass up and down.  Oh my god, it felt delicious!  Yes!  Yes!  In and out it went stroking her ass-tunnel muscles as it did its dirty deed.

Zorg encouraged her.  “That’s it, wench!  Suck it good!  Use your muscles to pinch it and suck on it so you can explode for us as we watch your pussy throb.  Your pussy hole is wide open now, wet, pink, and your clit is pulsing!  Show these men what you can do, wench.  Take it, every inch of it!”

Rog and the servants were clapping and whistling.  Rog reached for her clit and began tormenting it again.  This time, Bella wanted it.  She shoved her ass cheeks up to receive every touch and every stroke.  All of a sudden, she felt her asshole give and release the instrument.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, don’t take it out, she thought.  Give it to me!  Her body ached for more.

The gag was removed and Bella shrieked her approval!  “No, please, give it to me.  I want it.  Please put it back in.  Fuck me good, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!”

She pushed her ass up in the air, exposing it more, and pumped it back and forth.

“Please fuck me.  I need it.  Yes, yes!”  She was a maniac.  Her body impulsively pumped her passion, though she didn’t realize what she was begging for.

Rog jumped up, straddled her ass with his knees on the log and pushed the tip of his cock into her puckered, tormented asshole.  Her asshole fought the intrusion for seconds only, then it seemed to suck him into the hot, tight hole.  He felt her sphincter grip the head of his cock, shoving harder, not believing the pleasure the round hole brought to him.  He filled her, his cock shoving in, pulling back then back in again deeper.  She gripped it with her muscles and began to purse them on the shaft of his cock.  She was surely going to milk him dry!

“NO!  NO!”  She screamed out in shame when she felt it.  Not the cruel instrument, but the flesh of a cock was entering her ass.  He was taking the virginity of her asshole, all while they watched, including Raisa staring at her with a look of shame on her face.  The cock stretched and filled her, much more than even the anal plug they had used on her before.  Only this one was real flesh, feeling it jerk and throb inside her, digging deeper into her guts until she felt cramps in her stomach.  The thick head rubbed her harshly from the inside.

She wasn’t even sure when it changed.  One minute she was crying out in protest, the next she was encouraging him to fuck her harder.  “Oh yes,” she screamed.  “Yes, push it in…deep, please.  Don’t take it out.  Oh, yes, fuck me good!” Bella bucked like a wild horse.  Rog rode her hard.

Over and over his cock pushed into her.  Zorg had her clit in his fingers pulling the foreskin back and forth, pumping her to orgasm.  The servants clapped and egged her on gazing mesmerized at her open sex and ass as she pumped them into the air.

It was more than she could stand.  Bella left her body as she convulsed in mid-air screaming for more and for release.  She felt her pussy pulsing back and forth as her asshole gripped and pulsed on Rog’s cock.  She loved it.  She wanted it!  She wanted them to see it all.  She wanted them to see her asshole grip his every thrust.  She wanted them to see her clit engorged and her pussy throb!  She did everything she could to open wider for all the men to see.  She was a slut, and she knew it.  It seemed endless.  Her body shook and spasmed.  She yelped and begged for more.  Never had anything felt so good.  She did not care.  She was a whore, a slut, a wench now, and she did not care.  The pleasure overwhelmed her as her pussy sucked the air, gaping, wet for the men, wanting to feel the flesh of a man’s cock in her pussy.  Her body shook in the air as she begged for more.  The orgasm tore through her body.  It was the most blissful, exquisite feeling.  She pumped her body into the air as it convulsed in orgasm.

Rog couldn’t contain himself any longer.  Her insides were nipping at his cock, her muscles rippling up and down the shaft like tiny fingers.  He shoved in so deep that she cried out, his cock jerking and shuddering, the head swelling as he shot the first load of cum deep into her guts.  He couldn’t believe his luck.  He was cumming in a girl’s asshole, and she wanted it, cumming with him.  His cock spewed out his hot cum, blasting her insides as her asshole milked him until his balls ran dry and ached.

She cooed and begged like a baby.  She was the animal.  Her pussy and asshole pumped and spasmed in the throes of ecstasy, his cum jetting into her virgin asshole sending another powerful orgasm ripping through her body.  She never felt anything like it, jerking and shuddering in ecstasy until she became listless and still, slumped over the log.

Rog pulled out of her reluctantly, her asshole gripping his cock as if she didn’t want him to leave.  He watched the milky, white sperm dripping from her abused asshole, the tiny hole now swollen and red as it slowly closed shut.  “Damn, never felt anything like that before.  I’m going to have to get me one like that.”

Rog looked over at Raisa, eying her naked body as she cringed, her body curled tightly as if she were trying to make herself invisible.  “How about that one?  You fucked her yet?”

“No, but would you like to see her lose her virginity?”  He looked over at Raisa.  Rog had taken Bella’s ass virginity, but he wouldn’t let anyone have Raisa but himself.  “Tie her to that big tree.  Real tight, I don’t want her going anywhere when I take her virginity.”

Raisa struggled as they dragged her over to the big oak tree, the trunk bigger than she was.  They tied a rope around her middle, pinning her to the tree, leaving her arms and legs untied.  “Bella, help me!”  She cried out, but her screams fell on deaf ears, Bella still passed out.  Zorg was taking off his clothes as he moved toward her, his hand stroking his cock as he stood naked in front of her, the massive weapon growing larger as he stared into her scared eyes.

She wasn’t going anywhere tied to the tree.  And Zorg would enjoy the struggle as he fucked her virgin pussy.  And he would enjoy the audience.


To Be Continued