The Cruise


Copyright 2007



Chapter 3




Jenny’s mouth was filled with the foul taste of their cum, unable to swallow it all, the white, milky substance dribbling down her chin.  But that was not her latest problem because they had taken her naked body and thrown her harshly on the cold metal table, Jenny fearful as she saw the drain at the end, large hoses and nozzles hanging down from the ceiling.  They had talked of cleansing her.  What did they mean to do to her?


They made short work of tying her up.  A rubber bolster was shoved under her loins to keep her ass up into the air, her hands pulled out in front of her and tied to the metal rail on the front of the table.  She groaned as they spread her legs, tying her slim ankles with harsh straps to the corners until her crotch ached.  When they were finished they stood in back of her, Jenny unable to understand what they were saying, their language strange to her, but she felt their eyes burning on her flesh as they stared between her naked legs.  It was so shameful for a young girl to be naked and exposed to adults like this, especially bound as she was.


“I am the Holy Ruler of this land.  Your fate is in my hands.  Cooperate and I can make it easier on you, little one.”  Mohammed’s hand went down to the front of his robe, his hard cock jutting the front of the robe out, his cock unencumbered beneath it. 


“Please, don’t hurt me anymore.  I’ll do what you want.  Please,” tears falling down her cheeks as she begged.  Her knees hurt on the hard metal table and the straps bit into her flesh.  She tried to move but she was pinned, the bolster underneath her thrusting her butt back obscenely. 


Mohammed pulled down the hose from the red bag hanging from the ceiling, the bag bulging from the gallon of hot, soapy water it held.  He put on a small enema tube, let her get used to that first, then he would gradually increase the length and diameter of the enema nozzle.  He put his finger in the oil, making sure it was slippery.  He moved behind her, his hand caressing her immature butt, her crack parted by the wide spread of her legs, leaving the tiny anus exposed and vulnerable.  He looked down, her hairless cunt hidden by her lips in spite of her spread legs.  Virgins tended to be that way, but that would soon be remedied.  She wouldn’t be a virgin long anywhere.  Her mouth was first, now her asshole.  “Relax,” he warned her as his finger slid up and down her crack, passing over her trembling anus.  She looked back at him, her eyes opened wide in terror, not knowing what to expect.  She could never have fathomed what was in store for her.


He was touching her in such a filthy place, just as they did when they searched her.  It hurt when they fingered her backside, but she could do little to stop him when she felt a slick finger pressing against her puckered anus.  She felt the pressure and then a sudden pop that shoved her body forward, the straps holding her tight as she felt something enter her.  It didn’t hurt like last time, just felt uncomfortable as it slid in.  It was his finger, Jenny feeling it bend and twist inside her until she felt a cramp as it pressed against her muscles.  Muscles inside her that were not meant to be touched from the outside.  She whimpered, but could do little else.


“Ah, such a tight hole little one.  Grip my finger.”  When she didn’t instantly obey, he slapped one cheek hard, the white flesh turning pink immediately.  It also forced her to clench on his finger, the blood almost pushed out of his finger by her tight asshole.  “Again.”  This time she obeyed without the slap, learning quickly that disobedience meant punishment and pain.  “Yes, nice tight asshole.”  He pulled his finger out, the tiny hole staying open for a moment before it closed.  It was now pink, abused from his probing.  He picked up the nozzle from the enema tube. While it was three inches long, it was thin, tapered just enough to be trapped by her sphincter.  And Mohammed would make sure that he held it in.  He pushed it in, watching as her anal ring spread out the plastic nozzle, welcoming it in as he pushed it in.  She groaned as he fed her the three inches of plastic nozzle into her asshole.


It wasn’t his finger, this thing harder and cold, more demanding as it pushed past her rectum into her guts, cinching her muscles tight.  She breathed heavily, not understanding, but fearful.  “EEEEWWWWW.”  She felt it, the water rushing into her guts, hot water filling her stomach.  “TTTTAKKEE it out!”  She protested, pushing with her muscles, but he was holding it inside her.  “What are you doing?”  She panicked as the water flooded her guts, feeling her stomach begin to swell. She looked over, seeing the large red bag slowly get smaller.  It was so big, she could never take that much inside her.


Her stomach was gurgling as the water filled her.  “I’m going to cleanse your insides.  Make sure you have no drugs in there.  Girls have been known to hide drugs up their ass.  This will wash everything out.”  He began to stroke her face, the hot water already beginning to make her sweat.  “Relax and it will go easier.  You have a lot of water to take inside.  Then you’re going to have to hold it.”


She felt the painful cramp, Jenny wishing she could curl up into a ball, but the strict bondage kept her pinned in position.  The hot water was stretching her inside.  She didn’t think she could take any more but it kept coming, a cramp, then the water flooding deeper into her colon.  She had never felt such pain before, the water so hot that her skin turned flush and she began to sweat.  Her small hands clenched in fists as the water made her muscles cramp in pain.  Why were they doing such evil things to her?  All because of Nola.


Mohammed compressed the bag, sending the rest of the water into Jenny with a powerful jet, the little girl gasping in pain as her stomach swelled.  She almost looked pregnant now.  He pulled the nozzle from her asshole, the water already beginning to leak out.  He shoved two fingers into her tight hole, sealing it, his fingers pressed deep into her rectum.  “I’ll help you hold it, but you must keep your asshole muscles tight or I’ll have to punish you.”


Jenny was crying, her stomach gurgling, the shooting pain deep in her guts getting worse.  The hot water was oozing through her intestines, swelling them painfully.  She didn’t know how much longer she could stand it.  Even the fingers didn’t hurt any longer, the water doing much more damage to her.  Her body was covered in sweat, her hair stuck to her forehead.  She felt a cramp, wanting to let lose the water inside her, but she clenched her asshole, tightening on the fingers that sealed the water inside her.  She waited as the clock in front of her slowly went round and round, finally begging after ten minutes.  “Please.  Let me up to go to the bathroom.”  She was sobbing loudly now, feeling like her stomach would explode.


“I will let you release it.  You’ve been a good girl.”  Mohammed pulled his fingers from her asshole, seeing Jenny’s hole tighten as she tried to contain the water that threatened to release.


“Let me up.  Hurry!”  Jenny didn’t think she could keep it in much longer. 


“Release it now.”  Mohammed’s finger probed her asshole, testing the tightened hole until the water began to flow.  She wouldn’t be able to hold it any longer, Mohammed pulling his finger away.


How shameful, his finger probing her anus until she couldn’t contain the water any longer.  It began to seep out, her hole finally succumbing and opening, Jenny humiliated as the water poured out of her anus in a torrent, the foul smelling water shooting noisily behind her onto the metal table.  Her anus clamped shut, stopping the flow of water, but another cramp released a second torrent of water, finally stopping with a loud fart that shamed Jenny.


“Push one more time.  Get it all.”  Mohammed watched as her tiny hole strained to open, another rush of dirty water shooting down her thighs and falling into the drain beneath her.  “Good girl.”  He picked up the sprayer that hung down from the ceiling and washed her ass with warm water, playing the sprayer up and down her crack, even shooting directly into her pussy from behind.  He rinsed all the dirty water down the drain.  He picked up a large, fluffy towel and wiped her skin dry. 


She hated that he had seen her foul herself that way, but she felt better as the cramps left her and she was cleaned up.  She was surprised how gentle he was in wiping her clean.  She felt his finger return to her anus, this time her backside entered without trouble, her muscles loose from the enema.  She was almost thankful that his finger was in her, at least she wasn’t filled with water.  She almost purred as the finger massaged her rectum. 


Mohammed pulled his finger from her asshole, her muscles almost reluctantly letting lose of it.  He pulled down the nozzle from the next enema, this one longer, over six inches of plastic nozzle, the tip over an inch wide.  It would stretch her open, but that would be the least of her problem.  He pushed it against her anus, Jenny soothed into a relaxed state.  He watched her anal ring stretch, Jenny’s head turning towards him, her eyes opened wide in shock as she saw the hose hanging down from the new red bag go behind her ass.


“NOOO!  NOT AGAIN!”  She fought the nozzle pushing against her anus but the first enema had lulled her into a relaxed feeling, the had plastic pushing inside her, her anus having to stretch wide, the nozzle much bigger then the last one.  She felt it shoved inside her, a cramp as it hit a kink inside her, this one going in deeper than the last one.  It finally stopped moving inside her, Jenny feeling like an iron rod was inside her.  She couldn’t breathe, waiting for the water to flow and the painful cramping to begin again.


“I have to make sure you are clean.”  He stroked her head again.  “Relax little one, here it comes.”  He released the water, the flood of water racing through the hose, able to shoot faster inside her, the nozzle much larger, more holes to dissipate the water.


It hurt, Jenny sobbing loudly as the water filled her so quickly.  She shivered, not hot water this time, but ice cold water filling her guts.  He was stroking her head, but all she could think about was the pain as her stomach cramped and grew bloated with the large amount of water entering her.  “OOOOWW,” the first cramp making her want to double over, the water continuing to go deeper into her intestines, far into her bowels.


Goose bumps appeared all over her body from the ice cold water, her little nipples swelling until they stood out.  His finger went to one, slapping at the hardened bud, Jenny gasping from the unexpected touch.  He pinched them until her heard her groan in pain.


Pleassseee!”  Her stomach swelled much bigger then last time, the cold water hurting more as the cramps raced through her body.  To make it worse, Mohammed was pinching one of her nipples, Jenny unable to stop it from hardening from the cold water, his other hand tapping the nozzle deep into her intestines, pushing painfully against the soft sides of her guts.  “EEEEEHHH!”  He had clenched the bag tight, the rush of water filling her stomach until she thought it would come out her mouth.  She held her breath as he pulled the nozzle out, her anus gripping the plastic as it pulled out, stretching her tiny hole as the large nozzle passed through it.  She tightened her muscles until she felt his fingers return, relaxing as much as she could until they entered her.  It felt like more of them, stretching her wide as they pushed inside her rectum.  Her anal ring was stretched wide, burning as it clung to the fat fingers inside her.


He had three fingers inside her, barely a groan from her.  She was stretching nicely.  Soon she would be ready for his cock, Mohammed to enjoy sodomizing the young girl.  Even relaxed she would have trouble taking his massive prick inside her.  He had made her mother scream when he fucked her in the ass; Jenny’s immature asshole would have to stretch wide for his cock.  He would enjoy her screams.  He twisted and turned his fingers inside her, his knuckles pushing harshly against the clenching walls of her guts.  And her asshole clung to his fingers as if she didn’t want him to pull them out.  He enjoyed the way her body jerked in pain from each cramp, Jenny crying loudly as she tried to hold the cold water. 


The clock ticked away slowly, Jenny painfully aware as the cramps raced through her body.  She knew it would be ten minutes, it feeling like hours before the clock moved the required distance.  She felt the fingers leave her asshole, Jenny making no attempt to stop the flood of water shoot from her asshole, farting, another burst of water spraying out noisily onto the metal table.  Mohammed probed her anus once to make her force more out, Jenny straining to push out the remainder until she felt the warm water bathe her bottom gently.  She felt the soft towel blot her skin dry.  And then the fingers returned.  They stretched her, but she could do little except take the anal probing, the fingers twisting and turning until they were deep inside her.  And then she heard his order.


He had three fingers in her tiny asshole with barely a cry of protest from Jenny.  He shoved them all the way inside her, her hot, tight hole encasing his fingers in a warm blanket of guts.  “Show me how tight you can make your asshole on my fingers.”  She obeyed instantly, the blood rushed from his fingers as her asshole clenched tight.  Anything to please him.  He made her do it three times before he pulled his fingers out.


She waited, unable to breathe, not sure what would happen next.  She cried when she felt the plastic nozzle pressed against her backside, a new red bag hanging above her.  It felt huge as it passed through her anal ring, the thick nozzle pressing through her rectum to bury deep into her bowels.  It kept going in, feeling like a bat was shoved up her butt.  He would stop it when it hit a kink, her stomach cramping.  But then he would push again, the nozzle straightening out her intestines as it pushed in so deep.  It finally stopped, Jenny’s muscles fighting to shove the invader out, but her sphincter reluctantly gripped the nozzle, trapping it inside her.  The water rushed inside her, hot water filling her stomach up, the nozzle so deep in her guts that it bloated her bowels. 


She was shaking her ass without knowing it, the hard nozzle looking so erotic as it stuck out her asshole, the long hose pulsating with the hot water that flowed into her bowels.  It was a huge enema, much larger then the last two, Mohammed finally clenching the bag tight to make sure she took ever drop of it.  He pulled the nozzle out, but did it slowly, making sure that her insides swelled as the large nozzle passed through on the way out.  He popped it out, replacing it with his fingers, this time four of them pinned together.  His cock jerked in pleasure from her groan of pain.  Soon it would be his cock that would feel her gentle clenching.


The cramps were constant, her body sweating profusely, Jenny sure that she would die.  Her head was pounding and her butt hurt from the fingers that stretched her open from the inside.  They continued to move inside her, twisting and turning, making her guts turn even more.  It felt like hours until he pulled them out, Jenny spraying out the water behind her in noisy torrents.  She couldn’t hold back her tears of shame as she humiliated herself as she shot the hot water out her abused asshole.


The water was almost clear as it pushed out her asshole, the tiny hole now opening wide to allow the torrent of pent up water to shoot out.  He waited until she finished, bathing her clean.  His finger probed her, finding her loose as four fingers stretched her asshole open wide.  “She’s ready.  Put her on the floor on her hands and knees.  I’ll take her there.”


The other men released Jenny, the little girl stretching her naked body in spite of being naked in front of them.  Her muscles were cramped from the enforced bondage.  She was forced to her knees, hands pushing down on her back until she was on her hands and knees like a dog.  She looked over, one of them with rope in his hands, Jenny finding her wrists grabbed and dragged between her spread legs until they were behind her almost to her ankles.  She felt the ropes tightened on her wrists and then each wrist tied to the corresponding ankle.  Her head bowed down as she was pulled backwards, her ass thrust up into the air.  They left her, Jenny’s body already exhausted from the enforced enemas.  Her head lay on the cold floor, turned back as she waited for the unexpected. 


* * *


Michael entered the cell, Nola thrust up for him just as before.  He looked over, the television set in front of her face.  His cock was hard as he took in the lavish sight of her naked body.  Her wrists were bound to the front of the metal frame of the prison bed.  She was face-down, two pillows wedged underneath her loins, her ankles tied and spread to the two back corners of the metal bed.  Her lovely white thighs were spread wide, her cheeks pulled back to reveal the asshole he desired so much, now pink and abused from the constant sodomy she had endured.  She looked at me with the same contempt as she did before, spewing out vile threats.


“You bastard.  You said you would free me and my daughters,” Nola spit out her revulsion for him.


“I lied,” he readily admitted.  “Anything to get inside your lovely asshole.  And I did enjoy the sodomy, your asshole just as tight and hot as I expected.  But now, others have violated you in the same way so I will have to find new ones to keep you tight and clenching for my cock.”  Michael moved over to the television set, turning it on, the screen turning bright.  He pushed a button, the closed circuit camera coming alive in the room where Jenny was bound on the metal table.  Mohammed was readying the first of the enemas.  “Enjoy, while I prepare for you.”


Nola couldn’t believe it.  There was her precious ten year old Jenny, naked and bound on a metal table, an Arab standing over her, looking obscenely at her naked body.  She shrieked when she saw him take down an enema tube, a large red enema bad hanging over the table.  He heard Jenny pleading with him as he fingered her backside, just as Michael had done to her.  She looked over at Michael, half naked now, down to his shorts, his cock pushing out the front of them.  “Make them let her go.  I’ll give you a nice ride in my asshole,” Nola willing to do anything to protect her young daughter.


Michael pushed down his shorts, his hand stroking his cock as he watched the monitor.  “I’ll take your asshole and I can assure you that you will give me a nice fuck.  Now watch as Jenny gets her first enema.  Look at the way Mohammed fingers her tiny asshole.”


She tried to pull on her bondage, but the metal bed just groaned noisily, her ass shaking as she struggled to get free.  The Arab on the screen had a finger in Jenny, her face twisted in pain as she suffered the indignation of being touched in such a place.  Nola shouted out her revulsion as the Arab replaced his finger with the long, tapered nozzle of an enema tube, shoving it in Jenny, the tube pulsating as the water raced into the stomach of Jenny.  She cried out as her stomach swelled from the water.  Nola never had an enema before but knew they could be painful.  And from the size of the bag, it was large.  Too large for a little girl.  And now she had her own problem, Michael standing next to her, his finger probing between her wide spread cheeks.


“It’s only fitting that you feel the same as Jenny.  After all, it is your fault they are here.”  Michael took his oiled finger, running it up and down her crack, passing over the clenching hole.  “While I don’t have an enema bag, I do have a lot of fingers to shove up your ass and open you up for me.”  Michael’s finger pressed against her asshole, her puckered hole fighting the intrusion.  He pressed harder, snapping it inside her, Nola gasping in revulsion, though her eyes never left the monitor in front of her.  Her asshole was still tight, despite the constant ass fucking she endured.  His finger played inside her asshole, twisting and turning it, enjoying her gasps of pain each time he pressed his fingers hard against the soft insides or against the muscles in her rectum. 


Michael’s fingers never left her for more then a few seconds, following the obscene acts committed on her young daughter by the Arab.  Poor Jenny was forced to take larger enemas with bigger nozzles, each time followed by the large Arab shoving his dirty fingers up her backside while she cried out in pain from the terrible cramps that ripped through her body.  Michael’s fingers followed the Arab’s, more and more of them stretching Nola open, her anus stretched wide around at least four fingers, Jenny crying openly as she suffered under the third enema.  The nozzle was as big as a cock, Nola afraid what they were preparing her for.  She felt some relief when she felt Michael’s fingers pull from her asshole, relieved as her muscles tried to relax.  She saw the men on the monitor untie Jenny, but quickly tie her down on the floor, her arms pulled behind and tied to her ankles, her head lying on the floor, her cheeks stained with her tears as she waited, Nola sure that she could not fathom what was to happen to her.  But Nola looked at Michael, oiling up his cock, Nola knowing that the Arab was doing the same.  Jenny and Nola would soon be sodomized by thick cocks, neither of them able to do anything to stop the brutal ass rape.


Michael got on the bed, between Nola’s thighs, his slick cock poised to enter her.  “Watch Jenny.  You remember Mohammed.  He is the one that made you sit on his cock and fuck your asshole.  Remember how big it was.  Little Jenny will have to stretch painfully to take it in her immature asshole, but that wouldn’t stop Mohammed from taking her fully, burying his thick cock deep into her bowels.  She’ll scream for him, just as you did.”


She looked over at Michael, the first time she took her eyes off of the monitor.  She knew she was in trouble just as much as Jenny.  Not only would he fuck her in the ass, but his prick had a strange condom on it.  Not a smooth condom, but covered with bumps, ridges, and plastic nodules that looked hard and menacing.  This wasn’t a French tickler meant to enhance enjoyment, this was meant for pain.  The head of his cock was free of the condom, Nola would be forced to take his foul cum deep into her guts.  She gave Michael a look of disgust, but her eyes were drawn back to the monitor as the Arab came into view.  He was naked, his menacing cock sticking out in front of him, glistening with oil.  He stroked it as he gazed at Nola’s young daughter’s asshole.


 Michael knew the condom would rub her asshole raw, just the right combination to make her muscles clench tight in pain, making his sodomy that much more enjoyable as she uncontrollably gripped his cock with her asshole.  Michael looked at the monitor, readying his cock on her hot asshole, waiting for Mohammed to enter Jenny for the first time.  Michael wished he was the one taking her for the first time, but she would still be hot and tight for a while, his chance would come soon.  He would enjoy telling Nola of his conquest of her daughter’s assholes.


* * *


Mohammed shed his robe, standing naked as the other men left him and Jenny alone.  He greased his cock with holy oil until it glistened in the light.  While Jenny was stretched by the enema nozzles and her insides relaxed by the numerous enemas, it was still going to be painful for a little girl to take an adult cock up her asshole.  Mohammed was hoping on that, enjoying the screams as he ass fucked her virgin hole.  He already had her mother, now Jenny, only Tashia remaining an anal virgin.  He would soon remedy that.  He looked down at Jenny, her face scared, but she still did not fathom the situation.


“NO!  Please NO!  I’m a virgin.  And I’m too young!”  Jenny cried out when she saw the big cock bouncing in front of her.  She knew how cruel they were, taking her mouth as if it were her vagina, thrusting it into her throat until they shot their foul seed in her mouth, Jenny forced to swallow the thick, bad tasting crème.  He was going to take her innocence, Jenny struggling on the floor, but they had bound her well.  All she could do was slide forward an inch at a time, her knees scraped as she moved.


“I love virgins.  And love making them scream.  You’ll give me great pleasure, little one, with your tight hole.”  But Mohammed had a different hole in mind, Jenny never suspecting that a man would want to violate her in such a place.  That is what made it so tempting, the shame they felt when a large cock was shoved up their asshole.  He saw her body trembling as he kneeled behind her, fisting his large cock, rubbing it up and down her hairless cunt.  His cock was so big next to her, making it jerk in pleasure as the head of his cock rubbed up and down her hot slit.  His hands went to her hips, steadying her as he took his cockhead and moved it up her crack until it pushed against her puckered asshole.  No matter how much stretching he had done, it looked almost impossible that her tiny hole could take his massive cock inside her asshole.  Not without tearing.  But Mohammed cared little for Jenny’s pain, only concerned with his own pleasure.


Jenny looked back at him, feeling the hot weapon rubbing up and down her bare sex.  She couldn’t do anything but whimper as she felt the hot flesh jerk in pleasure as he rubbed her intimately.  She braced herself for the rape, but she felt his cock move back, up between her widely spaced cheeks, rubbing up and down her crack and over her clenching anus.  Then he stopped, Jenny staring back at him in disbelief as his cock pushed against her puckered hole.  No, he couldn’t be thinking of doing such a foul thing.  Why would he want to put his cock in her ass instead of her vagina?  She couldn’t fathom such a thing until it finally dawned on her.  That was why he gave her the enemas.  He wanted her clean.  Clean so he could stick his cock up her ass.  It was bad enough to think that she could take his cock in her vagina, but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to take it up her ass, sure that he would render her ruined if he succeeded.  His hands gripped her hips tighter, his hips more urgent as he pressed his cock against her anus, pushing, grunting as he tried to force it in her virgin hole.


Nola felt Michael’s cock entering her, unable to do anything but swear at him in contempt as the head of his cock probed her rectum, Nola gasping in pain as the slick head of his cock was swallowed by her anal ring.  At the same time Mohammed was having just as much success with Jenny, her scream ringing out from the monitor as she was breached for the first time, an adult cock entering her immature hole.


“EEEEEEGGHHHH,” Jenny crying out inhumanly as she felt the tearing of her anus as the head of his cock shoved into her tiny hole with a painful thrust that sent the shooting pain from her backside to her brain.  She couldn’t take the pain, her anal ring feeling as it was ripped open, the thick flesh moving inside her, her muscles making it more painful as they tried to force out the intruder.  “Take it out!  Take it out, it’s too big!”


Mohammed felt the pleasure of her tightness as her asshole slid over the head of his cock, her muscles clinging so possessively onto his flesh as he shoved the head into her hot depths of her young, virgin asshole.  Her screams and pleading only inspired him to take her deeper, pulling out just a millimeter, then thrusting his hips forward, his hands on her hips pulling her asshole back onto his cock as one would do with a sock on a foot.


Agony pierced her backside as the thick flesh tore into her, stretching her as he grunted in pleasure behind her, his hands cruelly pulling her onto the raping cock.  She felt the hands move down, pulling apart her ass cheeks, feeling his eyes raping her asshole as he exposed her.  His hips shot forward, stretching her as the blunt head of his cock entered deeper into her, passing through her sphincter and deeper into her virgin hole.  The pressure was relentless, Jenny clenching her muscles, trying to force it out. 


Mohammed grunted in pleasure as her insides gripped his cock so tight that her muscles forced the blood from his organ.  He moved his hips from side to side as he tried to open up her up, his cockhead pressing hard against the soft insides of her intestines.  He had never had a girl so young in the ass before, fighting every inch of the way into her bowels while she screamed in pain, her little body bouncing up and down in the forced bondage.  He had only two inches of cock inside of her, much more to go.  He grunted, forcing more of his cock into her tight hole, her inner muscles fighting his cock every inch of the way.  She was crying loudly now, her head turned back at him, tears racing down her cheeks, her lips clenched tight in pain. 


It felt like she was being torn up the middle by a giant metal stake.  His hands on her hips hurt as they dug painfully into her skin, pulling her back as his hips jerked forward, the blunt head of his cock opening up her inner passage painfully.  She saw how long his cock was, knowing that she would have to take a foot of hot flesh in her backside before he finished.  Each time he shoved with his hips, her knees would scrape painfully on the rough floor, her little body propelled forward by his powerful thrusts.  “Please no, take it out!”  She cried out in pain, but the cock continued to churn her guts as it tore into her intestines.  It was much worse then the enema’s, the painful cramping starting as the thick cock filled her guts, stretching her open from the inside, her muscles uncontrollably rippling up and down in pain.


“Bastard, die in hell!”  She swore her revulsion at Michael in spite of the pain in her ass.  His cock continued to bore deep into her, Nola feeling the harsh nodules of the tickler pressing against the sides of her soft tube.  It felt like it was at least three inches wide, tearing and stretching her anal tube.  No matter how much she tried to relax her muscles and accommodate his cock, the nodules painfully forced her body to tighten in pain, making the gradual insertion a painful task.  And she hated what they were doing to her little girl, Jenny crying loudly as she was forced to take the massive adult cock up her small ass.  Mohammed was shoving her along the rough floor with his cock, each time succeeding to shove more and more of his massive cock up her ass, looking so obscene to see her precious Jenny with a thick cock splitting her ass.


It felt like a giant log up her ass, her stomach cramping each time the thick head hit a bend in her intestine, Mohammed pausing only to gather up his strength for another powerful thrust, burying more and more of the hot flesh in her ass.  No one should be forced to take such a formidable weapon, not up their ass, not a young girl like Jenny.  But Mohammed grunted and groaned behind her, his hands holding her, his hips shoving his cock in and out with jerking motion, her insides feeling like they were being sucked out when he withdrew.  And then he thrust back in, Jenny screaming as his cock reentered, always going deeper, always drawing out another painful cramp as he tried to bury his cock deep in her bowels.  Jenny could barely breathe, feeling like the cock was filling her lungs, the long weapon so deep that she was sure he punctured her stomach, feeling as if it was going to come out her throat. 


His cock was compressed so tight by her clenching asshole, her muscles rippling up and down his shaft, squeezing the blood from the hard, punishing prick.  He had never felt such pleasure, not from her mother, not from other girls he had taken in such a manner.  He only hoped that Tashia would be just as accommodating.  Instead of enemas, he would use electricity on her, tickling the inside of her asshole with jolts of electricity until she pissed on herself.  After a while she would do anything to stop the terrible electricity from frying her insides, willing to accommodate Mohammed’s large cock in her asshole and clench her asshole until he filled her bowels with his cum.  But for now he concentrated on Jenny, fucking in and out until his hands went under her, feeling his cock pressing on her stomach, but from the inside.  He made his cock dance in her asshole, jerking back and forth as her insides cradled his cock in a warm blanket of her intestines.  “Are you ready to fuck now, Jenny?  I’m going to enjoy this.  Give me a good ride and I will cum quickly.  Clench your muscles as I pull out, relax them when I shove them back in.”  He slapped her ass, feeling her asshole clench so deliciously on his cock.


It felt like an iron bar was keeping her back straight, the cock straightening out her guts.  The pain was terrible, not only her insides, but her anal ring, stretched to unbelievable proportions to handle the thick shaft of cock that shoved deep inside her.  And it only got worse.  Mohammed began to pull his cock out, Jenny feeling like her guts were being sucked out with it, her insides collapsing behind the thick head.  He pulled it half the way out, then suddenly shoved back in again, Jenny’s head thrown back as she screamed in pain.  “EEEEEWWWW!”  It went in so ruthlessly, shoving aside her muscles to plunge so deep in her guts, painful cramping following the thrust.  He didn’t wait, pulling out again, this time farther, Jenny holding her breath as she waited for the painful thrust.  No matter how much she tried to prepare herself, it couldn’t match the pain as the raping cock buried deep inside her guts again, her anal ring feeling like it was tearing as it rippled along the shaft as it plunged in.  Mohammed began to fuck her ass, sodomizing her ruthlessly, using her young, immature body to satisfy his perverted lust.  And all she could do was scrape along the floor, each thrust sending her bound, naked body along the rough floor until his cock was buried hard against her insides.  Her throat grew hoarse from screaming, her cheeks stained with tears, the pain in her ass unbelievable.  It felt like one big hole between her legs as she was raped in the ass.  Damn Nola for making her submit to this!


Michael leaned over Nola’s back, his cock buried deep into her bowels.  “Look at Jenny taking that lovely ass fuck.  It’s all your fault Nola.  Now you must suffer as she does.”  His cock jerked in pleasure inside her tightly clenching asshole.  He watched as Mohammed fucked his cock in and out of her tight asshole, Jenny’s scream only inspiring Mohammed to take her harder, his hatred for Americans taken out on the lovely females that graced his prisons.  Especially the young girls.  Michael began to pull his cock out of her asshole, slowly, making sure that Nola felt every nodule and ridge on the tickler, rubbing her insides raw.  After a few thrusts in and out her asshole would be rubbed raw, making her tighten her muscles in pain, Michael the recipient of her reluctant tightened asshole.


She hated what Mohammed was doing to Jenny, remembering her own sodomy by the ruthless leader, forcing her to sit on his cock as he pinched her nipples with pliers until she complied with his perverse demands.  But now she had Michael to deal with, the tickler feeling like sandpaper as his cock pulled out, the nodules and ridges rubbing hard against her soft insides.  She knew she wouldn’t be able to stand much of this until she was rubbed raw, sure that his cock would feel ten times as big.  Her insides were dragged out behind his cock, only to have Michael thrust back in, the tickler painfully tearing at her flesh until she felt the pain in her guts as the head of his cock buried deep into her bowels.  “Fucker,” she screamed out when he pulled out until only the head of his cock was gripped by her rectum, then thrusting back in, the tickler racing down her smooth passage, irritating it with the hard nodules.  He began to fuck her hard, his hips a blur as they shoved his cock in and out in frenzied movements. 


The scene on the monitor corresponded to the scene in Nola’s cell, only the sound of lust by the men that fucked the girls and the screams of pain from Jenny and Nola as they were sodomized painfully by the thick cocks that continued to buffet their assholes.  Jenny and Nola could do little except accept the pain, praying that the men would fill their bowels with their foul cum, ending the brutal ass rape.  But Michael and Mohammed held out as long as they could, both of them showing remarkable willpower, their cocks staying hard as they tried to contain the orgasm that their ass fucking was causing.


Jenny was shoved all the way across the room, her asshole speared painfully each time, her young body thrust in fitful shoves, Mohammed watching her anal ring as it spread painfully tight over his shaft as he fucked her asshole.  His cock was pink from the blood of the ass rape, lubricating his cock so he could fuck harder.  He leaned over her, whispering into her ear.  “Tighten up that lovely asshole on my cock and I’ll fill your asshole with my precious seed.  End the pain with my pleasure.”  He gave her a couple of hard thrusts, finally feeling her comply with his wishes, the gentle clutching of her asshole on his cock setting the stage for the orgasm that was building in his balls. He let it go, his hot cum jetting out of his cock and spilling into her virgin asshole.


She tightened on his cock even though it was more painful.  She had to end this, the pain overwhelming her body, sure that her ass was torn and battered.  She felt his cock grow bigger inside her, not realizing that it would swell when he came, only comprehending the increased pain.  And then she cried in shame when she felt him cum in her, bathing her insides with his hot cum, filling her as he continued to fuck her.  At least his cock slid easier, lubricated by the thick crème that lined her asshole.  His body finally slumped over hers, his breathing heavy, his softening cock still filling her.  She squeezed his cock until she felt it moving out, burning as it popped out of her asshole noisily, a flood of cum following it out and dripping down her thighs.


“I love taking you in the ass Nola.  Ever since I saw you the first day on the beach with your lovely daughters.  Such a delicious ass you have, built to be sodomized.  And so tight, in spite of all the cocks that took you.  But I imagine it must be quite painful by now, your insides abraded by my lovely tickler.  I hope it hurts as much as Jenny.  I’m ready to cum inside you, just as Mohammed is cumming inside your lovely ten year old daughter’s asshole.  Look at the surprised look on her face as he fills her bowels with his cum.  Now tighten up and make me cum or I’ll fuck you until you bleed.”  He gave her a couple of quick, punishing thrusts in her asshole until he felt her complying with his perverse demand.  “Yes, like that.” 


It was painful every time he moved in and out of her asshole, sure that her asshole was bleeding.  Jenny was sobbing as Mohammed rode her to climax, his head thrown back in pleasure as he unloaded his cum inside Jenny’s once virgin body.  She remembered the same feeling when Mohammed did the same to her. She gripped Michael’s cock almost lovingly in spite of the pain, anything to end the painful ass rape.  Her insides couldn’t take much more.  He shoved in and out until she felt the hot wetness inside her, her bowels filled with his cum as he unloaded his cum inside her. 


Michael lay on top of her as his cock began to soften.  “Tomorrow I will enjoy Jenny’s asshole.  She will lie on the bed, her legs spread wide, her little hands holding her cheeks open so I can place my cock inside her.  I will enjoy my large body covering hers, my hips fucking her so hard, Jenny barely able to breathe from my heavy weight on her little body.  I will hold out as long as I can, making her relieve the painful rape of today.  And Mohammed will visit Tashia.  He will make her a woman.”  Michael laughed loudly as the monitor went black, his cock finally spit out by her clenching muscles.  “Not so fast.”  He shoved his semi-rigid cock back in her asshole, grunting as he pushed in deep.  He held it there, straining. 


Michael did the unthinkable.  He shoved his cock back in again.  She felt him deep inside her, then she cried out in shame as her bowels were flooded.  Flooded with his piss, the hot, salty fluid burning as her stomach swelled from the massive amount of piss that he filled her with.  He finally left her, her insides filled with his cum and piss, sobbing in humiliation.


To Be Continued.