Author: Powerone and Sinsationalsub

Title: The Village of Agony and Ecstasy

Part: Chapter 4

Summary: A tale of long time ago when women were taken from their villages to become sex slaves by cruel men that had no regard for them except to satisfy their sexual perversions.

Keywords: M+/Ff, nc, anal, oral, bdsm, reluc, humil


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The Village of Agony and Ecstasy

Chapter 4



Raisa was dragged along sobbing.She shivered as the massive iron door creaked open to the main house.The things that she had already witnessed were overwhelming. She was so innocent.She had her whole life ahead of her.She had never dreamed that women or men could be used as slaves, and yet here, she was thrust in the middle of it.She longed so to go home.And now she had lost her protection, Bella. She hoped that Bella was all right.In fact, she hoped she even saw her again. She was not sure of anything.She had heard what Zorg said about not abusing her.She hoped it was true. She was a virgin.She had never been touched anywhere.She could not imagine being forced.


As the door slammed shut, the servants came running, all scantily dressed. Raisa noticed as she cowered behind Zorg that the women were very beautiful, and the men very handsome.They all looked fit and well cared for even if they were slaves. She relaxed a bit and tried to catch her breath.


One of the slave girls stepped forward.


"Sir, a new slave?"She eyed Raisa up and down.


Raisa cringed at the stare.


"Yes, she is new.But she is here to serve me, only me.In fact, there are two new slaves that I brought home. They are both solely for my pleasure and will not be shared among you slaves. Is that understood?"


†††††††††† The slaves that had gathered bowed and all chimed."Yes, Sir."


Zorg released Raisa's arm. He pushed her in the direction of the slave girl that had stepped forward.


"Take her upstairs to my quarters. Draw a hot bath and bathe her."


†††††††††† Zorg looked at a male slave, rather young and very virile.Muscles rippled over his chest.


"You will go help her. After she is clean and bathed, you both will bring her to my quarters and present her to me.Make sure she has something to eat also."


Raisa heard Zorg's words and wanted to scream. Bathe me???A man?The girl slave was fine but a man?


†††††††††† She was horrified but afraid to say anything. She feared for her life.


The male and female slave stepped to either side of Raisa and grabbed her arms to lead her to the Master's quarters.Zorg disappeared through a side door.


The stone stairs wound around and around. Raisa hardly had the energy to climb them. She was so exhausted.There were torches that lit the stair well.The main house must have been at least three stories. Raisa had never seen anything so huge.The three of them stopped on what seemed to be the second floor. They turned to go down a long hall. At the end of the hall, Raisa could see two large doors, torches on either side, with two large iron lion heads attached to them.The male slave unlatched the handles and pulled the door open.


Inside, the room was filled with the light from a roaring fire. The huge lanterns on the wall had the room well lit.It was warm, cozy, and definitely masculine.A large bearskin rug lay on the floor beside a large feather bed.It was the largest bed Raisa had ever seen. The bedposts were as large around as any well grown tree.They were carved and ornate.The headboard was carved also and reached the ceiling just like the bedposts.There were curtains attached between each bedpost that could be pulled together for privacy.


Raisa shuddered as she noticed shackles on the four bedposts.She even noticed some kind of harness hanging in the corner of the room.There were various and sundry gadgets on the wall, but she had never seen any of them before.She did, however, notice a crop that was mounted and displayed.


†††† The other walls of the room had ornate swords displayed, and mounted animal heads. A good hunter, Zorg must have been.There was a tiger's head, a lion's head, elephant tusks, and various other animalsí trophies on the wall of the room.


In front of the hearth was a large leather sofa, with a table and chair beside it. Raisa was pushed into it. She did not speak.She was either too tired or too scared.


The large while sofa was soft and very comfortable. Raisa laid back to catch her breath. She was so tired.


The two slaves disappeared through another door and Raisa heard the sound of running water. The two slaves chattered as they worked but Raisa could not hear what they were saying.She closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep.


"Wake up! You must get your bath."The slave girl was shaking Raisa.


Raisa drowsily opened her eyes and came back to reality. She sat straight up on the sofa. The female had a cup of broth and a slice of bread.She put them down on the table in front of Raisa.


†††††††††† "You must eat quickly.I must bathe you and Jamon is going to help me." She said.


†††††††††† Raisa pulled back."NO! Does he have to stay?"


"Master ordered it, so it must be. We will not hurt you."


"Oh, please make him go!" Raisa whined. She had never undressed before a man. He had to be at least in his twenties.She was so embarrassed at the thought of having to disrobe in front of him.


†††††††††† "I cannot. If I do, I shall be punished. He must stay and help." The girl said.


Raisa leaned forward and raised the broth to her lips. It was steaming. Her mind raced as she sipped it to figure out a way to get away from these two slaves. There was no where to go.She was a captured animal.†† She gulped the broth down and swallowed the last bit of bread as the female slave reached to pull her to her feet.


†††††††††† Raisa started to pull away from the girl's grasp.She struggled but to no avail. Jamon came over and took her other arm and they pulled her to her feet and into the adjacent room.


The large stone bathing pool was steaming. There were bottles of oil and other scents lined beside it.Jamon held Raisa as the female slipped her tunic over her head. Raisa blushed. She watched as Jamon's eyes perused her body. She was standing face to face with him as he held her arms. His eyes traveled the length of her body.Raisa's breasts were small and tear-dropped, firm and the nipples now strutted as the cool air hit them. Raisa wanted to cover herself.


Jamon's eyes traveled farther down. He smiled when they got to her sex.She only had wisps of pubic hair.Her sex lips were thin and pouty.


††† "Oh what a treasure you will be for the Master!" He smiled as he said it."I am going to enjoy presenting you to him!I wonder what lies inside those lips."


Raisa's eyes closed for she did not want to hear that. She bit her lip to keep her mouth shut for she was at his mercy.She was afraid to say anything that might ignite him.


The girl grabbed her arm again and the two slaves pulled Raisa down the stairs into the bathing pool.It did feel delicious.


They splashed the water over her body. Jamon reached for a bottle of oil.He also picked up a small brush and a cloth.


"Hold her while I soap her up," he said to the female slave.


The female pinned Raisa's arms back so her chest stood up. It pushed her breasts forward as the nipples stood straight out. Jamon took the brush, poured some oil on it, and proceeded to scrub Raisa's shoulders. The bristles were soft.The oil lathered and slid down her chest. The brush slid over her nipples. Back and forth. Back and forth.Raisa fought and whined but the female slave had such a hold on her that she could not free herself. She had the strangest feeling when the bristles of the brush touched her nipples.It was almost pleasant and she had a strange sensation in her groin.She did not understand it.


Jamon worked on her nipples, teasing them with the brush and trying to rub the oil into them.Raisa squirmed and wiggled. He put the brush back on the ledge and used his hands and fingers on her nipples, rubbing them in circles and pinching them. Raisa noticed a tingling in her groin. It was throbbing.


"Now, there, they are nice and clean.Pull her back so we can bathe her sex. Let's put her on the ledge."Jamon said.


Raisa's eyes widened.


"NO! Please! NO!" she begged.


"Good idea," the female slave replied.


The two slaves tugged her to the side of the bathing pool. Raisa fought like an animal but was plopped down on her back on the ledge with her legs dangling into the pool from her knees down.The girl pushed her shoulders down and held the there. Jamon perched right between her legs smiling.


"Now we shall get a look at what lies inside those little pink lips of yours." he chuckled.


†††††††††† Raisa tried to kick him. Her legs flailed around and were caught by the female and held tightly, her knees bent.Jamon pushed her legs open.Tears stung Raisa's face.She was lathered with the soap and scrubbed.Once the soap was rinsed off, Raisa felt Jamon's fingers opening her sex.

†††††††††† "Okay, now we can look," he said.


The lips spread way back, the female slave bent closer, as Jamon inspected Raisa's sex closely. His finger slid through the wetness, as Raisa cried.


†††††††††† "It is innocent and fresh," Jamon told the female."It's pink, and she is wet!"


†††††††††† The female slave giggled."Oh she will like being wet!"


Jamon reached to spread her sex wider and took a finger to push back the hood of Raisa's clit.Raisa gasped when his finger grazed it. She had never felt that before.


"Look, it is hard!It is truly beautiful erect, isn't it?It is a great size for Master to play with or suck. I wish I could have her." Jamon said.


†††††††††† "WELL, YOU CANNOT!"


†††††††††† A booming voice filled the room.Jamon jumped to attention and the female slave let go of Raisa's legs and arms.They turned to see their Master standing in the doorway.


Zorg stood there with his arms crossed glaring at them.


"I told you to bring her to me!You were to bathe her and bring her to me!!"He shouted angrily.


"Yes, Sir, that is what we are doing!" Jamon answered. "She is ready, Sir!"


Very well, bring her to my bed and you may go." Zorg commanded.


The slaves jumped about, rinsing Raisa as she continued to sniff and sob. They dried her, applied some soothing oil to her body which smelled heavenly.It made her relax and it felt so good as they rubbed her aching muscles.They carried her into the Master's room and laid her in the big feather bed.Zorg was standing with his back to them in front of the fire.


"You are dismissed." Zorg grumbled.


"Yes, Sir," the two slaves responded in unison. They hurried out of the room, closing the big door behind them.


All Raisa could remember was opening her eyes for a moment from the bed to see Zorg staring down at her.She drifted off into a deep sleep.


To Be Continued