Illustrated Story-Tiffany’s Abduction



Story Copyright 2003 by Powerone.

 Artwork by Gary Roberts Comix,  Copyright 1999 to 2003, Titled “Abductor 1”.





I awoke up, not sure if it was a dream or not.  I felt something in my mouth, some type of cloth.  It was pulled tightly, pushing back my lips, stretching my mouth open.  It must have been tied because I could not get it out.  I could feel drool running down my chin, my mouth dry.  I tried to lift my arm but couldn’t.  That is when I realized that I was not along and something was wrong.


My name is Tiffany.  I live in an apartment with six other girls, all sophomores at the local university.  We’re all fairly well off, the parents paying the rent, two girls sharing each of the three rooms.  We all belonged to the same sorority and you could probably say that we were all gorgeous and had no trouble getting boys.  I have short blonde hair, dark complexion, nice breasts, great ass and have rock hard abs, allowing me to wear low hip huggers.   I had gone to bed early tonight along with my roommate Ashley.  Two of the other girls had gone out and the other two were studying and watching television in the living room when she went to bed.


I felt someone behind me, holding my wrists tightly and then I felt something metal attaching around them.  I heard a click, then another and felt the strange hands leave mine.  I tried to move my arms, but they were secured together, a metal clanging when I tried to move.  I was partly on my side, facing away from the door, my arms out behind me.  I turned my head towards the door and I faced a menacing character behind me.  He was dressed in all black, including a black hood with holes for his nose and eyes only.  I tried to scream but all that came out was a garbling sound, the cloth gag doing its job.  I heard his voice.


“SSSSHHHH”, putting his fingers to his lips.


I looked over and saw that Ashley was in a similar situation, another masked intruder binding her arms behind her back.  I could see that they were handcuffs, a white piece of cloth bound around her head also digging deeply into her mouth.  Muffled sounds came from the other side of the room.  The door to the bedroom was closed, but I could hear some disturbance going on in the other room.


I had wished I had dressed differently to bed.  I had put on a silky, half top that just barely came down to my belly button and a pair of pink panties.   I looked over, seeing Ashley in a pair of men’s pajama bottoms and a tee sheet.  Neither of us wore a bra, our youthful breasts standing erect without any support.  I squirmed on the bed, a hand pushing hard into my back forcing me over onto my stomach.  I was facing Ashley, suffering a similar fate.  We looked into each others eyes, pleading, to no avail.




I felt the big hand at my ankles, bending them at the knees and I felt the metal cuffs being attached to each ankle.  I pulled on them, unable to move.  I saw Ashley legs drawn up and the silvery handcuffs also used to secure legs together tightly.   The intruder behind me moved in close to my back and I felt two large hands move under my chest and pull me up.  The hands encircled my half-naked breasts and squeezed and fondled them.  I moaned as my young breasts were abused.  I was pushed back down on to the bed and I felt one hand grab my cuffed wrists and pull them back until they were outstretched.  He pulled up on them, forcing my face and body into the soft mattress.  I felt the hand grab my panties and pull them down, feeling the cool night air on my naked ass.   I turned towards him, an angry scowl on my face, my indignation getting the better of me, not realizing the position I was in.  I still thought the situation was temporary.  Any second now the police would rush into my room and save me, my roommates having heard the commotion and calling them.  One hand grabbed my naked ass cheeks and I felt the large hand engulf my whole cheek, grabbing at it roughly.  I squirmed, a tug on my arms, bending them up higher stopping my attempt at escape.  The hand moved to the other cheek and lower, grabbing at my lower butt, fingers slipping between my legs.  I could feel the fingers only inches from my pussy, my body gripped in terror of being raped.





          He turned my on my side again, facing Ashley.  I could feel him behind me.  I felt him grab the silky top in his hand and heard the sound of tearing material as he pulled it from my body and threw it on the bed in front of me.   I could see the look on Ashley’s face as she was also stripped naked, her tee shirt ripped and hanging from her shoulders, her pajamas hanging down below her knees, her shaved pussy exposed.  He grabbed my hair on the top and pulled my head back, leaning in close to me, only inches from the side of my face.  His hand reached over and grabbed my right breast, two fingers pinching right below my nipple with his strong hand.  I moaned.  His hand moved over to my other breast, his hand pulling back my hair, his finger grabbing the nipple and pinching it hard.  I squirmed, but he pulled my hair.  His hand moved down over the flat plane of my stomach and pushed between my closed legs.  I trembled in fear, was he going to rape me?  Would the police get her in time?  Fingers rubbed up and down my slit, my pussy shaved smooth, my hips pushing back to escape the intruders raping fingers.





His hand left my crotch and turned me onto my back.  I turned my head away from him, embarrassed as I lay on the bed on my back, naked except a pair of panties hanging around my knees.  I saw Ashley in a similar situation, her intruder duplicating what mine was doing to me.  His fingers went back between my legs and I felt them push back my pussy lips to begin to slide up and down my dry slit.  It hurt, the fear stopping my pussy from juicing on the raping digits.  My hips tried to back away.


It was the first time except for the “shhh”, that I heard his voice.  He grabbed my hair and turned my face towards him, the menacing mask terrorizing me.  “Bring you knees up and spread your legs.”  He yanked on my hair for emphasis.  I had no choice, my hair tearing from my scalp.  I brought my knees up, and let my legs part, knowing how obscenely I was exposing myself to this masked intruder.  “Good girl.”  His fingers returned to my pussy, this time they moved up and down my slit, the spread of my legs giving him complete access to my sex.  I shivered in fear, afraid I would wet the bed as his fingers ran over my body intimately.  I could feel some of my juices begin to flow, humiliated that this stranger could coax a sexual reaction from my bound body.


My eyes opened wide in fear.  He brought out another cloth and a bottle.  He opened the bottle and the pungent smell of chemical filled my nose.  He poured some on the cloth and pressed it over my nose and mouth. I help my breath as long as I could but I began to feel my consciousness leaving, struggling until everything turned into blackness.







          My head was pounding, my breathing ragged.  I lay there, curled up on my side.  I tested my bondage, my arms and legs still secured by the metal handcuffs.  My eyes began to flutter open, the bright lights in contrast to the darkness that was my room.  I looked around, frightened to see that I was no longer in my apartment, but in what looked like a cell.  There was a large metal door, a bright light hanging down from the ceiling, a drain in the floor and a mattress in the corner.  Beside that, the room was empty.  I lay curled in the center of the floor, a chill running through me from the cold floor. 


I jumped when I heard the footsteps outside the door.  There was some clanging of metal and the door slowly opened.  I feared what was going to come through the door.  My rescuers were no longer coming to save me.  I was alone, not sure where Ashley had been taken.  I sat up in terror as he came through the door, my bound arms behind me supporting my body.  My abductor came through the door.  I wasn’t really sure if it was the same way that had bound and fondled my body.  The only characteristic I could recognize was the black mask covering his face, this time his mouth uncovered.  What frightened me even more was that he was naked except for black boots and white sock.  He was carrying a braided whip.  Even more menacing was that he was gripping the largest cock that I had ever seen.  It must have been over twelve inches long and as big around as a soda bottle.





          I was on the floor, my legs crossed, the cuffs holding them together, my bound arms behind me.  He walked over to me, his legs spread wide, his hard cock only inches from my cheek.


“Ha, Ha, Ha.  Morning Bitch.”  He grabbed my head, trying to turn me towards him. 


I knew what he wanted and I was not going to do it, “UUUUUHH!, NNNNN!, PPPPPLLLLS!,” were the only sounds I could mumble behind the gag.  I had always refused oral sex, satisfying the boys I dated by using my hand to make them cum.  I felt the whip strands play down onto my naked breasts as his large hand completely encircled my head.  My nipples instantly became hard, the rough feel of the leather stimulating them into hardness.


“Time to play, little pussy.   This dick wants you NOW!”  His hand was encircling his erect cock, pointing it towards my face.


“UHH-UHHHHH! NNNNNN! PPPLLLLSSS! NNNNNNNN!” my head shaking no in denial.






          “Here cunt, my cum on your lips.”  He grabbed my hair and twisted my head sideways, his cum covered cock rubbing over my lips, his cum dribbling down my chin.


“UUUUGGGHH!  SSSSTTTP!” I mumbled back, trying to avoid the sticky cum on my lips.  Some of the thick, salty fluid entered my mouth, mixing with the spit.  I almost choked on the bad tasting fluid.  Never would I suck his cock.  Never would his cum fill my mouth.  I clamped my lips tight onto the cloth gag.


He yanked the gag off of my mouth, pushing it down onto my neck.  He gripped it tightly behind my head and pulled it.  “Now suck me off!”


“NNNNOOO!  UUU GG KKKK …!” my head pulled back.


“You better suck my cock, you cunt.  I’ll choke you ‘til you turn blue…now suck!”


‘UUUUGGGHH,” he tightened the gag around my neck tighter and tighter, it squeezing my air supply off.  Tears began to fall from my eyes, his cock still leaking cum onto my lips and chin.  I did not know how much longer I could resist.  My breathing became ragged.





          “You’re bound and NAKED in a basement with a CRAZED RAPIST, bitch.  I’ll hurt you!  I’ll hang you up and WHIP YOU RAW!  No one is going to find you!  Now SUCK DICK!  SUCK!”


He tightened on the cloth around my neck, it starting to be difficult to breathe.  My lungs were half empty, my breasts rising and falling, unable to fill my lungs.  I finally opened my mouth and he pushed the head of the giant cock onto my tongue.


“I’ll whip your pussy lips!”


“ OOOOHHH, that’s it…UHHH”.  He felt my lips engulf the giant member.


“UUUGGGKKKKK!  UUUUGGHHHH!  He took the opportunity and my mouth was filled with over six inches of hard cock, my lips wrapped so tight around the massive weapon that I thought they would tear.  My body was being bent backwards, I put my bound arms out behind me to keep from falling over.  He pulled on the cloth and fed me more of his cock.


“UUUUHHH!!   UUUUHH!”  The sounds of his pleasure filling the room.


“UUUUGGGK!,” the sound of my revulsion as I was forced to suck his cock, my mouth filling with the salty taste of his precum.  I could feel the huge veins running up the side, the mushroom head pushing farther into the hot confines of my virgin mouth.  My tongue moved over the cock trying to push it out, it jumping in response, pleasuring him.


He put his other leg over the other side of my body, his hand behind my head as he filled my mouth was his raping weapon, grunting as he pumped in and out of my mouth.  I gagged and choked each time he pumped it hard into the back of my mouth, the mushroom head jamming to enter my tiny throat. 


“UUUUHHH!!”  He shouted as he pumped my mouth, his hard stomach pounding painfully against my nose, his heavy laden balls banging against my chin.  “UUUUHHH!!” 


It hurt each time he fucked into me, his body smashing into my face.  But he did not care about my pain, only his pleasure.  He had a hot teenage mouth wrapped around his cock, sucking to save her soul.  He dumped his load of cum in my mouth, filling it with his foul tasting semen.  It seemed to never end, his cum running out the corner of my mouth, falling down my chin and landing on my naked breasts.  I choked and gagged, his cock forcing the voluminous cum down my throat like a battering ram. 





          “Slut, you didn’t swallow!  Now I’m going to have to hang your ass up and whip and fuck you!!!!” 


“EEEEEEEEE!  PLEASE!  Just let me go!” I had allowed some of his cum to fall out of my mouth, unable to swallow all of it.  My mouth was full of the taste of the foul fluid, afraid that I might vomit up his semen.   I felt him put the gag back into my mouth, tightening it even harder then before. I could not get rid of his taste any longer, the gag sealing it in, my only hope is to swallow it.  He pulled out a ring clamp and attached it to me cuffs, the other end to a rope hanging from the ceiling.  He pulled up, my arms rising up.  “UUUHHH!” I screamed.




          “SSSSTTTPP!  PLSSSSS!”  I was painfully pulled up from the floor by my wrists, feeling like they were going to break.  Higher and higher I went until I was on my tip toes.  The cuffs on my ankles kept my legs together, my panties hanging uselessly around them.  My wrists felt like they would break, my shoulder sockets pulling painfully out.



“NNNNN!  DDDNNNTTT! UUUHHH!” I yelled out from behind the gag.  He moved in close, his right hand encircling my breast, heaving it up and down, his other hand letting the whip caress the other breast.   He was not like a lover, caressing my breast tenderly.  No, he touched my with every intention to hurt me, squeezing my tender flesh until it turned white. 






           He yanked my nipples by his two fingers, pulling the hardened bud from my body.  “UUUUUUHHHH” the pain so bad.  I had never felt such pain before, sorry that I had such large nipples, sorry that they were such easy targets.   He moved behind me, I could feel his hard cock on my ass.  Would he rape me with his huge weapon?   He grabbed my breast tightly.


“MMMM, Nice.  Just as soft as I dreamed you’d be.”


His hands moved down my flanks to grab at my naked ass cheeks.  His fingers moved up and down my ass slit, my cheeks clenching in terror, afraid of where his fingers might go.


“Nice ass too!”


“Oh yes Bitch.  We’ve been planning this for a very long time now!”


His hand completely encircled me, just under my breasts, one hand gripping my right breast tightly.  “PPPLLLSSS!  DDDNNNTT!”  The pain returned as he gripped it with his powerful hands.





           He stood behind me, gripping his hard cock in his palm while his other hand still griped my breasts.  I could not believe it could get any bigger, but as he stroked it, the mushroom head expanded, turning an angry dark purple, drips of precum leaking from the head.


“We’re going to see if your tight little teen pussy can take all of this MAN SIZED COCK!  Tell me SLUT, should I grease it up nice for you or just rip into you DRY!  HA!”


“NNNNNN!   DDDNNTT! PLLLLSS DDNNNTT RRRPP MMME!   GGGD PPPLSS  DNNT!”  I knew he was going to rape me and I began to sob.  No one had ever treated me like he did, like I was an animal, made for his pleasure only.





          I looked down, he was pouring some oil on his cock, stroking it up and down the massive weapon until it glistened in the light.  He yanked me by the hair, pulling me backwards. 


“Come here,” he ordered me, grabbing my hair like it was horse’s reins.


“UUUHHH,” I screamed as my scalp ached.  He was fisting his cock and placing it against my naked ass.  I could feel the big mushroom head, pushing between my legs, it cold and slippery.  Hands gripped me about the waist, pulling me back towards the menacing weapon threatening to rape me.  “NNNNN!  PLLSSSSS! UUUUHHH!” I cried out.  He pulled me close to him, his cock slowly starting to enter me, the bulbous head stretching my tiny pussy.  His other hand encircled my breast, squeezing it tightly.  I tightened my ass cheeks, trying to prevent the forcible entry between my legs, but the slippery cock was stronger.


“Ohh yeah!   Tighten that ass!  Fight it, cunt!  Make me force it in!!!!” 


I felt his hands around my waist again and he pulled me back hard onto his cock.  “NNNNNN, UUUHHHH,” a gut retching scream tore from my lips as my pussy was subject to the inhuman tearing of the massive cock forcing its way inside.  I did not think my body could expand that big and that quickly as the huge bulbous head pushed my pussy lips apart and forced its way into my tight, teenage pussy, my body clamping onto it, trying to force it back out.





          He bent my body backwards, arching my ass out, my wrists stretched tightly to the rope.  “UUUUH, PPPLLLLSSS, UUUUUHHHH” I screamed again, the gag mumbling my words.  I had to rise up on my toes, my body straining to maintain the position.  The position that would allow him to rape me.  My pussy was being jammed with hard cock, stretching the tender walls to allow the raping member inside.  I could feel every bump and ridge on his cock as he slid it into my pussy, the walls clamping on the raping cock, trying to force it from my body.


“UUUUGG!  Oh yes, Bitch!  SQUEEZE that tight PUSSY!  OOOOHHHH!”


He kept jerking me back onto his cock, holding my hips tightly, forcing me to fuck back onto the punishing cock tearing my teenage pussy.  Nothing that big had ever been in there and his cock tore its way back and forth. “UUUUUUUUU!” I continuously screamed.  I had never been subject to such brutal actions in all my life.  My body could not fathom the depths of the pain he was inflicting on me.  He seemed to enjoy pushing his cock in at different angles, jamming the mushroom head into the sides of my pussy, banging into them painfully. 


“UGGH, UGGGH, UGGGH, UGGGGH,” him grunting as he fucked me, almost as much work for him, my tight pussy fighting his raping cock each time.  He punched my insides with his cock, bruising my cervix as he fucked in harder each time.


He pulled my head around to face his, “you’re MY pussy now BITCH!  MINE!!!!”  His large hand was wrapped around my throat, choking me.


“UUUGGGGH!” I mumbled, my crotch burning in pain as his cock tore my insides, his hands hurting as they choked me.


“OOOO, yeah!  SCREAM!  MMMMMM, Make me CUM in your pussy real HARD!!!!


“UUUHH, UU-UUUUUH! NNNNN!” his fingers grabbing one of my nipples and twisting and tearing at it, wanting to make me scream, my pussy gripping his cock in response to the pain.






“UU! UUUGGGHHHHH!” grabbing me on my hips and forcing me back onto his cock.  My body shook in pain.  I did not know how much longer I could take this rape, my pussy one mass of pain.


“OOOOH!  You want me to FUCK you HARDER!”


He gripped both of my breasts in his big hands and pulled me back onto his hard cock, feeling like he was trying to make it come out my mouth.  His hands grabbed my hips, pulling my ass up into the air higher, arched up in submission.  His cock pulled out until only the head was grabbed, twelve inches of rock hard cock poised to rape my pussy.  I felt him pull me in, raising my ass up as he did, wanting his cock to tear into a new part of my pussy.  My head rose up and I screamed, “UUUUUUUU!”  I almost passed out from the pain, my body a mass of pain from the brutal rape as the huge weapon tore into my teenage pussy in one brutal fuck.







          I felt him grip me by my thighs, spreading my legs out farther, my body pushed forward, my arms now swinging high behind me, my feet leaving the ground as he bore is hard cock deeper into my pussy.  His hands bruised my flesh as he gripped me, forcing my body to bend and submit to the painful rape.  It felt like he was pushing through my womb, my pussy wrapped tightly around the massive weapon.  I moaned in pain, his cock swelling to bigger proportions, knowing that he was getting ready to cum.  I don’t think I could stand it any longer, the brutal tearing and raping of my young flesh.


“UUUUHHH!  I’m CUMMMMING…UUUUH!  He screamed out, burying his cock even deeper inside me.  My insides felt bruised and torn.


“UGH! UGH! UGH!” My body was arched up backwards onto his chest, one of his huge hands around my breasts, gripping them painfully, the other grabbing my stomach and trying to drive his cock even farther inside me as I felt him unload his hot cum inside me.  I screamed, “NNNNNNNNN” afraid that I would become pregnant, my insides feeling his cock hosing down my beaten pussy with massive amounts of hot cum bathing the battered walls.


I felt my body lowered to the ground, the rope still leaving me hanging, his cum dripping down the insides of my thighs to puddle at the floor beneath me.  God, he must have dumped a gallon of cum inside me, my insides burning in pain.  I did not think I would be able to walk again, my crotch a mass of pain.


“OOOO, I’m going to KEEP you for a while!  I gonna RAPE you ALL NIGHT!  Up your tight little ASS next!  Ha Ha!


He slapped my ass hard, the snap ringing out in the room.


“OOOOWWW!  NNNNNNN!” I begged, I wouldn’t be able to take that big cock up my tiny asshole.  He had already torn my teenage pussy, I could only imagine what he would do to my ass.  I had heard of sodomizing, but had never even considered it.  I did not even like anyone touching my asshole.  To imagine a hard cock, his huge hard cock shoved deep inside my bowels made my heart stop.  I did not know what I would do if he tried it.  Could I stop him?


He moved in front of me, his hand running over my naked breast.  He had a whip in his hand, a five braided whip. 


“But first you DANCE for me!”











          He stood in front of me, his large hands holding my ass cheeks tightly, putting me in position to be whipped.  “NNNNN, PPLSS, DDNNTTT!” I mumbled but to no avail.  He stood back, my eyes watching his arms as he drew back the evil whip.  It seemed like slow motion as it swung forward.  I heard the “CRAK!” as it curled around my ass cheeks.  It seemed like eternity before the pain shot up to me brain.  “UUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!”  The rape was bad enough, now he was whipping my naked body.  I hung from the rope like an animal, unable to defend myself, my body open and unavailable to the song of the whip.


He moved in to the side of me, I knew he was trying to get a good shot at my naked breasts.  How could he.  They are so delicate.  I did not have to wait long, my mouth clenched tight as the whip hit them both, one of the braids catching both nipples with a “SSSWWWAATTT.”  How could the animal do that, hit a girl on her tender breasts.  The pain was excruciating.


“NNNNNN, UUUUUHHHH,” shaking my head in disbelief the pain shooting all over my body.  I saw his cock harden again, he was getting off on whipping me.  He moved in close to me, his head bending down to one of my whipped breasts, his teeth clamping down on the hard, swollen nipple.


“MMMMM, I’ll BITE our cute little tits off, you CUNT!” his teeth pulling my breast far from my body by the nipple.


It felt like my nipple was trapped between two hard pieces of metal, biting into the tender bud, squeezing the blood to the end, threatening to puncture them.  He ground his teeth on them, feeling the skin tearing.





          He began again to whip my body, unable to escape the terrible sting of the braided whip. “SMAK,” my breasts shaking as they were stung by the leather, my nipples suffering under the whip.  “SWAT,” the whip hooking up under my ass cheeks, low down on my thighs.  “CRAK,” it rang out, hitting squarely on my firm, naked ass cheeks, the pain unbearable.  He did not give me a chance in between the strokes.  They came continuous, “SWAT,” my ass bearing the pain of the whip again.  “SLAP,” paying special attention to my breasts and nipples.  Finally, “SMAK” the whip hitting my abdomen, some of the strands searching out my delicate pussy lips.





           His cock hardened and he began to get crueler.  He smashed his booted foot into my naked toes, pinning them to the floor.  He grabbed a nipple in his teeth, pulling my body out, stretching it by the delicate nub.  It felt like he was trying to tear it off, he probably was.  He swung the whip as he did, “SMAK,” hitting my ass, his foot preventing me from moving, his pulling and biting of my nipple, forcing me stretch out painfully.  “UUUUUHHHHHH,” I screamed, my body unable to comprehend so much pain at one time.


“SCREAM you CUNT!!!!  He stretched my nipple with his teeth, digging in deeper when it tried to slip, the whip curled up and running up and down my pussy slit, my body shivering in fear, afraid that he would whip my pussy next. “NNNNN,” I cried in pain.





           “OOOO yeah, SCREAM!!”


          He swung the whip, SPLAT” hitting the back of my thighs, “UUUUUUHHHH!”  my cries getting louder.  “CRAK,” hitting my abdomen again, feeling one leather strand barely missing my clit.  “PPPLLLSS! UUUUHHH!”  This time he swung the whip aiming for my pussy, “SNAP” strands of leather snapping at my pussy lips.  “UUUHH!  UUUUHH! UUUUHH!”  I could not fathom the pain in my crotch.  My pussy already sore from the rape, now the tender, pink skin inside my pussy lips were getting whipped by the painful leather lash.


“That gets my DICK HARD!”  My screams of pain were making him hard again, getting him to rape me again.  I trembled in fear, knowing that I could not stand another painful rape.


He moved in front of me, his big hands gripping my whipped ass cheeks, biting on my nipple again, tearing it from my body.


“MMMM!  Now you get ASS FUCKED!” he exclaimed, his huge cock extended before me.


I looked down and screamed when I saw how huge his cock had become again.  “NNNNNNNN!”  I could not survive having that huge cock stuck up my tiny asshole.  I shook my head in terror.  I had to stop this maniac that continued to punish my teenage body.  I did not know how much longer I could survive.  I begged for unconsciousness, but my body refused, forcing me to accept each painful act.


He moved behind me, I could feel the massive weapon smashed against my beaten ass cheeks.  It felt like a log.  His hands curled around my inner thighs, pulling me back onto the threatening weapon.  It felt even bigger then before, the whipping having stimulated him to greater proportions.


“UUUHH!  NNNNNNNNN!  PPPLS!  I begged him, my eyes pleading but all I saw was the lust in his eyes.  He wanted to hurt me, make me scream.  And he would do it by raping my asshole with his massive tool.






          He arched my body backwards again, his cock and balls resting against my ass cheeks. His fingers toyed with one of my nipples, squeezing it, watching my pain as he did.  I looked over my shoulder as he poured some type of oil on the head of his huge cock.


“UUUUHHH!  NNNNNN!” I screamed when I saw what he was doing.


Oh yes, Pussy…you smell PEPPERMINT!”  “UUUUUUUMMMMMMFFFF” he grunted as he forced his slick cock against my tiny asshole and pushed.


“NNNNNNNNNNNNN, UUUUUUHHHHHHHH,” my loudest scream so far.  I could feel my asshole tearing, having no choice, not big enough to stretch to accept the raping cock.  His hands gripped my hips tightly, forcing me to accept the cock.  I could feel wetness, knowing that I was bleeding.  Whatever he had put on his cock began to burn my anal tract.  If his raping cock, tearing my anal tract was bad enough, he had made it worse with the caustic cream.  My sphincter fought his cock, the slippery member forcing its way inside my rectum by sheer force.  My body shuddered as the mushroom head slipped in, my asshole stretched wide around it, having torn to accept the huge cock.  The blood seemed to help him, lubricating the rape of my asshole.  Farther and farther he punched his cock into me, each time gaining more, my anal tract forced to accept the raping cock.  He would pull out a bit, then punch it back in again, my asshole beginning to spasm on it, massaging it, pleasuring him with my pain.  My stomach cramped as he entered my colon, forcing it to straighten as he buried it deep inside me.  In and out, punching his cock from inside me.





          I felt him pull his cock from my asshole, the retreat as painful as the entry.  If felt like my insides were being sucked out.  His hands were around my breasts, using them as grips to pull and push me off the raping cock.  “UUUUUU.”


I didn’t have to wait long before he pushed back in, using all of his force to tear into my asshole.  My sphincter had long given up the fight, my rectum torn and bleeding.  He fucked back in me, grabbing my nipples in a painful grip to increase my pain.  SSSTTTPPP, NNNNN, UUUUUUUUUUUU.”


He pulled out and fucked back in again, taking my breath away, his fingers continuing to punish my nipples as he did.  “GGGGDD…SSSSTTTP..PPPLLLS!”  The raping cock continued to beat my anal tract, banging painfully into the sides, stretching my colon, tearing my rectum.  My body was rocked in pain, his cock massaged in pleasure by my pain racked asshole.




His cock pushed inside me, my stomach cramping on the raping cock, the spam of my anal track milking his cock.   He yanked me up by my nipples, my feet leaving the ground, his cock firmly embedded inside me.  It felt like it was over two feet long, a hard pulsating log of cock buried deep in my asshole.  I felt dirty, my asshole used for a receptacle for his cum, unable to stop him from heaping unspeakable degradation on my teenage body.  I did not think I would survive the ordeal, the pain overwhelming my senses.   I felt it begin to shoot, growing in size, tearing more flesh before giving me a sperm enema, filling my colon with his hot jism.  It felt like gallons of hot cum filling my body, my stomach gurgling with the hot cream.  My asshole clenched and unclenched on the raping cock in pain as it was forced to accept his cum once again.


“SCREAM Cunt!”   Dumping his dirty cum inside me.


My body slumped down, exhausted, pain ridden.  He pulled his cock from my asshole with a pop, small farts of air escaping as it came out.  Cum and blood dripped from my torn asshole, sliding down my thighs.  My crotch was now just one mass of pain, I was unable to distinguish the pain from my pussy from the pain of my asshole.  All of my sex was beaten and raw.  My asshole still burned from the crème, my rectum still clenching and unclenching as though his cock was still embedded inside me.


He pulled my arms down from the rope.  “I’m going to tie you up on the bed and FUCK you all night,” laughing as he threw me over his shoulder and tossed me down on the bed. 


I looked up and his cock was already getting hard.  I knew that as soon as he inflicted some pain on me, he would be ready to rape me again.  I shuddered, not knowing what he would do, just knowing that I would feel the pain again. 


The End






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"Taught to Obey" takes you from the dance clubs that cater to the fetishes of the rich youth, to the private basements of the rich men that house the darkest secrets of BDSM, to the military where discipline and absolute obedience is enforced without exception.

In Panama, Lisa and her two college-bound daughters are trapped by mechanical failure of their plane, but they explore a culture where men rule and women obey without question. Each go their own way, but little do they realize that they all seek the same results, each of them finding a dark desire to submit to dominating men.

Faced with a chance to leave, they do the unexpected and stay to explore their needs. While they desire the domination of strong men, they find the confidence to defy those that would take advantage of them and surprise them with their cunning. What will become of these three women? Can they return to their previous life or will they seek out a strange new life that few would dare to explore?