Virgin Whore

By Powerone

Copyright 2009


Deloris looked like any normal soccer mom, except she didn’t have any kids.  In fact, she wasn’t even married.  Yet, you could find her at the local community college, helping out, raising money for the school, always with a welcome ear to listen to the students’ problems, quick with a solution.  She had been doing it so long that no one ever questioned her.  If someone ever asked about her kids, the conversation was quickly changed until all forget the original question.

She was in her late thirties, but she would never admit it.  She had lived in San Remo for five years, a small town in Northern California, but it was less than thirty miles from a large, metropolitan area.  The California sheriff’s department was responsible for the town, but there hadn’t been a crime for over five years, so patrols were few and far between.  They concentrated more on the larger city fifteen miles away that housed the community college, the students giving them more than enough trouble on the weekends.

Deloris was busy on weekend from Friday at six P.M. until Sunday at midnight.  Those were the hours of her business.  She had a second house on the edge of town, far away from busy neighbors.  It was a converted hunter’s cabin but had four bedrooms, enough to handle the weekend trade.  Even if you had to wait, it was worth it.  There was no sign to distinguish it, but for those that had frequented the establishment, it was known as the Schoolgirl House.  For Deloris ran a whorehouse.  Her girls didn’t pretend to be schoolgirls; they were, recruited by Deloris from the local community college.  They were they young and pretty, and Deloris was known for the freshest girls around, even offering up young virgins.  All at a reasonable price.

Deloris didn’t have any special talent in recruiting girls; she was just persistent.  She saw all the girls at the community college and found out as much as she could about them and used that information.  Having intimate details of their lives didn’t hurt either.  She knew just the right buttons to push.  She didn’t beat around the bush with them.  She asked them flat out if they would like to earn good money being a whore.  It was surprising that most didn’t take offense at the suggestion.  All said no, at least the first time, but that didn’t stop Deloris.  It might take four or five times, but she was good at picking her recruits.  She had a ninety-percent success rate.  And that included virgins, the rare breed that older men wanted.  You would think that any girl that would protect her innocence for that long would never give it up for money, but Deloris found many willing.

Deloris was never talking about a lot of money.  She offered girls small amounts for their virginity.  This wasn’t New York City; her clients would pay $75.00 for a virgin—$50.00 to the girl and $25.00 for Deloris.  This is where Deloris was now, on the hunt for a new virgin, Heather in her sights.

Heather was a Southern Californian stuck up in Northern California.  She was a cheerleader, cute little blonde, perky tits, nice ass and the longest legs that seem to go on forever.  She was the bubbly type that looked like she didn’t have a care in the world, though Deloris knew the truth.  She moved to Northern California a year ago.  Her family was once well off, living the high life in Southern California, but it was only a charade.  Her father had a gambling problem, though he hid it well.  Even though he made more then $200,000 per year, he fell behind, finally stealing from his employer.  It took a while before he was caught, but he did finally get caught.  Over $1,000,000 were missing and all fingers pointed at him.  It didn’t take long to convict him, all of his assets seized.  Heather and her mother moved to Northern California to be near him in the state prison about forty miles away.  Her mother didn’t have a lot of employable skills so she was a waitress at truck stop off the interstate, and they lived in a one-bedroom apartment, Heather sleeping on the foldout couch.

They were hitting hard times, and it only got worse.  Cheerleading was Heather’s only remaining passion, but she was about to lose that.  Community colleges were poor, so to be a cheerleader, you had to supply your own uniform.  Now the uniforms might be short and skimpy but not in price.  A good uniform goes for almost $200.00.  Two hundred dollars that Heather and her mother didn’t have and didn’t have a chance at raising, even with Heather’s part-time job on campus.

“Hello, Heather.”  Deloris had been waiting for an hour for Heather to show up, finally seeing her dressed in her uniform.  This one looked a bit frayed and dingy, and Heather’s usual bounce was lacking.

“Hi, Deloris.” She smiled brightly.  She could see it in Deloris’s eyes. She was going to ask the question again.  What would I say this time?

“I was just going for lunch. Want to join me?  My treat.”

Heather couldn’t afford to pass up a free lunch, her last $5.00 in her purse.  “Love to.”

Deloris took her to the on-campus restaurant, ordering Heather a steak sandwich with fries without asking her. She could tell by her look that it was a good choice.  The service was good and the food was brought before they could talk about more than the weather and current events.  Delores let her eat for a few minutes, Heather devouring half of it before she took another breath.

“Cheerleading starts next week.  Do you have enough for a new uniform this year, Heather?”  Deloris already knew the answer.

“No, but I will,” Heather lied, but there was a tear in her eye before she got the words out.  There wasn’t a chance in hell of getting $200.00 next week, they barely had enough to pay the rent and have anything left over to eat.  She didn’t know why she said it, but it came out her mouth before she could stop it.  “I don’t know what I am going to do.  I don’t have it and no chance to get it.  Cheerleading is the only thing lately in my life that makes me feel good.”

“I can help you, Heather.  You can have enough in one night.  For you it will be easy.  A beautiful girl like you would have no problem at all.”

Heather whispered over to her as if anyone else could hear them.  “But you want me to become a whore.  To give up my innocence to a stranger.  I can’t do that.”  Her voice was desperate.

“It’s just using your assets to your advantage.  You have a lovely body, and men would pay to enjoy it.  You wouldn’t have to do much.  Most girls your age have been giving it away for years to boys they barely knew.  It’s not much different, except you will get paid.  What could be wrong about that?”

Heather’s mother had suffered much more since her father went to jail, it was time for Heather to grow up and accept responsibility for her own life.  Her mother had to take a menial job to make ends meet.  “Just this once.  Never again.”  She hoped she wouldn’t regret it.

“Of course, Heather.  You don’t have to do it unless you want to.  Friday night at five o’clock.”  Deloris wrote down the address.  “Wear your uniform.  They’ll love you with it on.”  She handed her the address.

“So I get $200.00 on Friday.  If I, uh, do what you want me to?”  Heather wanted to make sure.

“Yes, Heather.  You do what I say, and you will walk out $200.00 richer.”  It would be no problem finding a man interested in Heather.  She knew exactly who.  Mr. Prentice has been nagging her to find him a young virgin for over a month.  A lawyer out of the city, he was looking for something discrete.  And he was willing to pay.  Slightly balding, middle aged with a paunch, he wasn’t that handsome, but he had what it took.  Money.  Deloris could almost see the relief on Heather’s face.  Some girls were always iffy if they would show up, but Deloris would bet her last dollar that Heather would be there at five.  They talked some more, but the subject of Friday night was over as if it never happened. They just talked as though they were mother and daughter.

* * *

Heather was never as nervous as she was when she drove to the address on Friday.  She was actually going through with this.  She was going to bed with a complete stranger for money.  She had no idea how old he was or what he looked like.  She just knew that he was going to fuck her.  Yes, she said it.  Fuck.  There would be no love or romance, just raw sex to satisfy a lust.  Would I feel anything?  Would he make me cum like I did when I masturbate?  She got there sooner than she wanted to, pulling in the front of the nondescript house.  It didn’t look like a whorehouse, half expecting neon lights proclaiming that Heather was working tonight.  She laughed at her own thoughts, sounding much more ridiculous as she said them out loud.  She was almost in good spirits by time she got to the door; surprised that Deloris opened the door without her knocking.

“I knew you wouldn’t let me down, Heather.  Come in.”

Heather didn’t know what to expect, but the house was empty.  Again, she laughed, expecting men to be sitting, waiting for the whores to show up, maybe a piano player in the corner, Deloris serving drinks to the impatient men.  They went into the living room, a living room like a normal house would have.

“Have a seat.”  Deloris looked at her, a little scared, but nothing that wouldn’t go away.  Fucking would take her mind off of anything.

“What should I do?”  Heather didn’t know what was expected of her.

“Just play it by ear.  Bill is a nice man.  You’ll like him.  He’ll tell you what he wants, just do what he wants and everything will be okay.”  No use telling her too many details.  She’ll learn quick enough, Bill to arrive soon.  They talked for a few minutes, more everyday talk than what was going to happen.  The doorbell rang in a few minutes.  “Why don’t you go in the kitchen, Heather.  Deloris waited until she left before she let Bill in the house.

“It’s about time, Deloris.  I’ve been waiting for over a month.”  Bill was impatient.

“She’s worth the wait.  You can’t find many like this anymore.  She’s a California blonde, cheerleader, gorgeous and a virgin.  Just remember to teach her right.”

“You know me.  Give me ten minutes, then send her in.”  Bill was already walking down the hall to the bedroom, knowing exactly where to go.  He had been here many times before.  He opened the door, the bed in the room the most prominent furniture as it should be.  It had a connecting bathroom.

“You’re on, Heather.  The second room on the right.  His name is Bill.  Be respectful,” she warned her.

Heather walked down the hallway as if it were her death steps, her mind racing on whether she should be doing this, almost turning around and running twice.  Her hand was on the doorknob, one last time to change her mind.  She opened the door and walked in, coming face to face with the terrible sight.  It was even worse than she expected.  He was naked on the bed, or almost naked, the bathrobe pulled back to expose himself.  And expose himself he did.  He was as old as her father, balding, a hairy chest and a fat belly.  What scared her most was the weapon that stood up between his legs.  It was so fat.  Not long, just thick and fat.  She never saw anything like it before, turning away in disgust.

“Don’t be shy, Heather.  Come over here.”  Deloris picked him a winner this time.  Nice full tits, great ass and long legs.  The look on her face was priceless from just looking at him.  What would it be like when she had to suck me?  He stood up as she approached.

He got off the bed, his prick jutting out in front of him like a big tree branch.  Short, fat tree branch.  He was moving toward her, Heather bracing when he would touch her.  His hands felt clammy as they slid over her bare arms to her waist.  His naked body pressed against her, his prick jumping up and down as it rubbed on her skirt.  She couldn’t believe how bad this was.  She never expected anything like this.

Bill didn’t waste any time, his hand sliding from her waist, up to one of her breasts, his fingers crushing the firm flesh in his hand.  The resilient flesh bounced back as he released it, feeling her nipple begin to harden in spite of the look on her face.  “Nice tits, Heather.”  He turned her around until her back was to him, moving forward until his cock pushed against her ass.  “Don’t move away,” he warned her when she tried to escape his cock rubbing on her ass.  “Arms up,” Bill making short work of her sweater, pulling it up as her arms raised up reluctantly, Bill able to pull it off before she could protest.  She had a little bra that could barely contain her full breasts, generous cleavage revealed.  He couldn’t wait to get them naked.

Her sweater was off already, Bill’s clammy hands on her naked skin, moving up her back, knowing it was heading for her bra strap.  She felt his fingers, her bra unsnapped with a suddenness, Heather’s hands moving up to cover her breasts as soon as she felt the bra slipping off and falling to the floor.  Her hands managed to cover them both, but she knew it wouldn’t last long.

She was standing naked to the waist, but her hands were barely able to contain two luscious tits that threatened to spill out.  He was behind her, his prick still sticking into her butt like a battering ram.  He spun her around, his hands slapping her hands out of the way, her breasts spilling free as she stood in front of him, her breasts bare to his eyes.  He stared at her breasts, one hand on his prick as he stroked it slowly.  He was actually masturbating as he ogled my naked breasts.  How disgusting!

He pulled her close, his mouth covering hers and kissing her before she could even react.  He dug his tongue through her lips, jammed into her mouth.  His hand came up and cupped one of her naked breasts, his fingers finding her nipple and squeezing it until she squealed like a pig.  His other hand was around her, pinning her to him as he rubbed his cock back and forth over her mound.

She never expected to be kissed by him, but his lips were pressed against her, and she couldn’t escape.  His lips were like his hands, cold and clammy, his breath terrible as he French kissed her.  “MMMGG,” she tried to cry out when his fingers pinched her nipple until she was sure it was crushed and flattened by his powerful fingers.  Her breast ached all the way through her body.  His prick continued to rub up against her, this time against her pussy.  His hand slid down her ass, gripping one cheek in his hand and squeezing it, driving her up against his prick as he rubbed back and forth.

Bill stopped kissing her, too anxious to wait much more.  He would have time for playing once he got his initial lust satisfied with this virgin whore.  He could enjoy her body was she sucked him back to hardness.  His hands grabbed the side of her skirt, undoing it and pulling down the zipper until it fell into a puddle on her feet.  “Step out of it,” he ordered her, Heather complying without so much of a protest.

He looked down, her panties plastered to her lovely body, especially her ass, her twin cheeks firm, the crack of her ass enticing.  He turned her sideways, his hand smoothing over her cheeks, feeling her buttocks clench defensively.

He was touching her again, this time her panties giving her little protection, his hand running over her ass cheeks.  No, his hand was sliding in her panties, on her naked ass cheeks.  She clenched her cheeks tighter together when she felt his cold, clammy hand slide down her crack.  She heard the tearing, his hand too big for her panties, the delicate material having no choice but to tear.  His hands became more urgent, yanking them down until they were around her knees.  She was almost naked, the time for her to lose her innocence fast approaching.  She could never take that fat monster between her legs.  It just wouldn’t fit.

“Take them off,” Bill ordered her, his impatience growing.  He stroked his cock as he looked at her bush, the blonde hairs barely visible.  “On the bed; it’s time to fuck.”

He said it so grossly.  She kicked off her panties and walked over to the bed, self-conscious, as she knew he was watching her butt as she tried not to swing her hips.  She did it, climbing on the bed, lying on her back, her legs together modestly as if she could still preserve her virginity.  He walked over, his prick bouncing up and down.

Bill climbed on the bed beside her.  “Come on, baby, open up those legs for me.  I want some of that pussy.”  He made no qualms about what he wanted or expected from her.  His hands pushed between her thighs until she complied, his hands urging her thighs until her legs were spread almost three feet apart.  “Yes, that’s what I like.”  He looked down, her lips still drawn tightly over her pussy in spite of the spread of her legs.  Tight virgin, that’s for sure.  He lay down next to her, grabbing one of her hands and putting it on his cock.  “Explore that while I do the same with your pussy.  Then we can fuck.”

It felt huge, her hand unable to even get around it, the flesh so hot as her fingers were forced to curl around the thick shaft.  She knew what she had to do, moving it up and down the shaft.  At least it wasn’t long; she just worried about its thickness.  She felt his fingers, the first time any man had ever touched her naked pussy.  His fingers almost tickled as they ran over her bush, but that was not how it felt when his fingers pawed at her mound, fat fingers rubbing her lips, pulling them back until she felt a finger sliding up and down her slit.  No one had ever touched her so intimately.  She couldn’t even stop the slight moisture she felt from his fingers, ashamed that she might be getting wet even while selling her body to this older man.  It was hard to keep her legs spread as he pawed at her flesh; all the while, she masturbated his prick as though she enjoyed it.

For a virgin, she knew how to masturbate his cock.  He wondered if it was a natural instinct all girls had.  If so, will she suck my cock with equal expertise?  It was time to bust her cherry.  He hated to pull away from her, but he moved between her legs, pushing her legs up and back until her pussy was spread out before him, his cock jutting up, bouncing in pleasure as if it were eager to be inside the virgin whore.  “Grab my cock and rub it up and down your pussy.  Get us both wet.  It will make it easier.”

He was between her legs, his body looming over hers, his belly hanging down beneath him, almost touching her.  She was afraid that he would lay on her, crushing her beneath his fat body.  She was almost more afraid of that than losing her virginity.  She did as he ordered, reaching down between her legs to grab the thick prick that stuck out obscenely.  She used two hands to hold it, rubbing the head up and down her slit, ashamed that she felt a wetness.  At least it wouldn’t be dry when he stuck it in her, sure that it would be painful enough.

“Put it in, I can’t wait any longer.”  Bill wanted to feel her tight, virgin pussy wrapped around his cock.  He had waited too long for this.

She pushed the thick head up to her vagina, feeling the massive head battering at the gates of her virgin hole.  No way would it ever fit inside her without a lot of pain.  “It won’t fit.”  She cried out, but it was too late.

When Bill felt her place the head of his cock between her lips and over her hole that was all he needed.  His body lay on hers, feeling her luscious breasts and hardened nipples pushing into his chest, his mouth covering hers for the magical moment.  He gave a shove with his hips, a grunt coming from his mouth as his hard cock fought to get inside.  Her muscles held, but he was determined, finally winning the relentless battle.  He caught her scream in his mouth as his cock pierced her hymen, tearing through and the head opening up her once-virgin passage with two inches of massive cock.  He was proud of his fat cock.  Heather would forever remember it.  It felt like his cock was sucked into a blast furnace, her hot insides clinging to it like a vise.  He tongued her, his hand reaching up to grab her tit, the other under her ass, arching her up to take his cock as he gave another massive shove with his hips.

She screamed, but he kissed her, her muffled cry smothered by his unwanted mouth.  “MMMMGGG,” her insides felt like they were torn by a log that was shoved inside her.  His hairy body was on top of her, the hairs on his chest feeling like steel wool as they scraped across her nipples.  He raised her ass up with one hand, Heather unable to escape the cock that tore through her innocence without any regard for her pain.  She bowed her legs out, but it did little good, the prick too big, her hole too small, but he cared little. She felt him pushing harder, the prick going deeper inside her by sheer force, her insides torn, her muscles forced into submission by the powerful thrust.

“Hot, little whore,” he screamed out as he began to fuck her.  It felt like a giant vacuum was formed when he pulled his cock out, stopping when the head was gripped in her tight hole.  He didn’t pause, shoving forward, impaling her with his thick cock, deeper this time, another inch shoved inside her until her muscles wouldn’t allow it any farther.  That didn’t stop him, rocking back and forth, his hands holding her captive as his cock drove deeper and deeper into her once-virgin pussy.

She couldn’t believe the pain, his prick tearing in and out of her, Heather barely able to breathe as he smothered her with his clammy body.  It never stopped moving, sliding in and out, fucking her hard with the monster prick.  She would never be the same, her insides torn by his massive prick.  She hated when his mouth slobbered on her, his body becoming sweaty as he continued to pound his prick between her legs.  She never felt anything like it before, the massive prick feeling like a spear driving inside her, the pain never stopping as he sawed it in and out.

Bill wouldn’t last much longer, her insides clenching on his cock as though she didn’t want him to pull out, fucking back inside until she was forced to take the full measure of his cock.  He pounded her, his body pinning her to the bed, taking every bit of enjoyment from Heather until he couldn’t wait any longer.  He stuck both hands under her ass, drawing her up until his cock battered at her cervix with powerful thrusts that shook her tits.  “Gonna cum in you, my virgin whore.”  He pushed in, his cock spewing out his cum into her once-virgin pussy.

“NO, NO!”  She cried out, but it was too late.  She felt his sperm blasting her insides.  His filthy sperm was soiling her forever.  He never stopped; blast after blast of cum filling her.  His sweat dripped on her body until he finally stopped cumming in her.  His prick still felt big inside her.  Wasn’t it suppose to get smaller once he came?

Bill finally rolled off of her, his cum starting to dribble out of her pussy.  She looked fucked.  He was proud of himself.  “Don’t go anyplace.”  She started to get up, but he wasn’t finished.

She tried to get up, but he told her no, Heather not sure what to do so she lay back down.  She didn’t know what he wanted, but she was afraid to ask.  He took her hand, placing it on his prick again, cringing as she touched the cum-soaked prick.  She couldn’t believe it, but it began to grow harder.  She couldn’t do it again, sure that she was already ruined forever.

“Rub it, Heather.  You know how.”  He urged her hand on, finally pulling it back, pleased that she did it on her own, stroking his cock.

He touched her again.  No, she couldn’t do this again.  His fingers ran over her mound, pulling back her lips to touch her inner lips, soaked with his cum, his fingers sliding easily.  She couldn’t stop him, his finger sliding up and down, Heather cringing when it ran over her clit.  She would be shamed if he made her cum, hoping he wouldn’t touch her pleasure button.  His finger went from the top of her slit, to the bottom, then back up.  He bowed out her legs until she was spread obscenely to him as he masturbated her.  The finger moved lower this time, touching her on her perineum, surprised by the tingle it brought to her body.  Her hand kept rubbing his prick as he did the same to her.  She clenched her cheeks tight when his finger moved higher up her backside, trapping his finger between her cheeks, her buttocks clenched tight.  What was he doing, touching me back there?

He rubbed up and down her slit, moving back between her legs to rub along her tight, sweaty crack.  She clenched her cheeks, trapping his finger between them, wishing it was his cock instead.  “Relax your cheeks.”  His voice was stern.

She had no choice, releasing his finger.  It moved again, up her slit then back down.  She fought the urge to clench her cheeks when it moved back farther, this time running all the way up her crack until it ran over her anus.  Why would he want to touch me back there?  It felt strange when he touched her anus, spasms in her backside.  Luckily it moved back to her pussy, but it returned, his finger wetter, sliding over her anus.  This time it didn’t move, circling her anus, his finger pressuring on the tiny hole.  “No, not there.  Don’t touch me there.”

“I’m just trying to make it easier for you, Heather.  I was going to open you up and get you wet.  Otherwise it’s going to be more painful when I butt fuck you.”

She jumped up from the bed, pushing him aside.  “Never.  I’m not going to do it.  That’s perverted, only gay guys do that.”  She couldn’t believe he wanted to do such a thing.  Or expected her to take his monster prick up such a tiny hole.  She had already given up her virginity to him; she wouldn’t do such a degrading act.

“Get your ass back into bed.  I’m gonna fuck your asshole before I am finished with you.”  He tried to grab her, but she was already out the door, her clothes wrapped around her, her naked ass shaking so seductively as the door slammed closed behind her.

Heather ran smack into Deloris as she ran down the hall, almost falling to the ground.  “Thank God, you’re here.”

“What’s all the commotion, Heather?”

“He wanted me anally, he wanted to sodomize me.”  She was glad Deloris was there to protect her.

“If you want your money, you’ll do what he wants.  I told you, you have to do what the paying customers want.  Now get that sweet little ass back in and let him have his way with you.”

Heather couldn’t believe what she just said.  “You didn’t say that.  It was only my virginity.  You said you would give me the $200 for that.”  She couldn’t take his prick up her ass.  It would never fit.

“Your ass is virgin.  He paid for it; now get it back in there if you want your money.”  Deloris knew she wouldn’t leave now.  It was too late to go through all of that for no money.

Heather argued with Deloris for five minutes, but it did no good.  If she wanted her money, she would have to go back in and let him butt fuck her.  Finally, in defeat she went back in the room.  Bill was still naked on the bed, stroking his cock as if he knew she would be back.

“Glad your back.  My cock’s been waiting for you.”  He got off the bed.  “Lay down on your belly.”  He watched her as she did it, defeat written all across her face.  “Now spread your legs real wide.  All the way to the edges of the bed.  I want to see that tight, little virgin asshole.  Pull your cheeks apart.  Show me your asshole.”  He couldn’t believe how tiny her asshole was.

She did as he said, feeling the tug on her anus as her fingers pulled her cheeks apart.  He was still standing over her, his hand pumping his prick.

“Ask me to finger your asshole and get it ready for my cock.  Or else I’ll tear it up with my prick.”

She had no choice, her voice barely heard as she said the embarrassing words.  “Finger my ass and get me ready.”  He didn’t even wait until she was finished saying it, his finger poised over her anus, already slick with the juices he scooped up from her cum-drenched pussy.  She released her cheeks when his fingers entered her, her hands clenching the sheets, his finger feeling like an animal burrowing into a hole.  It didn’t really hurt, more uncomfortable and humiliating.  His finger slid in and out, pushing against her muscles, her anal ring spreading over his thick knuckles as it sank into her rectum.

She was tight, tighter than her pussy, the muscles inside trying to push his finger out.  One finger became two, her anal ring spreading wide over his knuckles as they dug into her guts.  Her head was turned away in shame, her buttocks clenching uncontrollably as he reamed out her asshole with his fingers.

She felt relief when he pulled his fingers out, feeling like they were still there for a minute until her anal ring closed up.  She felt him getting on the bed, his heavy body pressing onto hers, Heather’s face buried into the pillow, refusing to let him see her shame.  She felt his prick between her cheeks, his legs spreading her wider until she was sure she was going to be split up the middle.  The thick head of his prick nuzzled up against her anus, feeling the hot flesh begin to push into her virgin hole.  She braced for the moment when he would sodomize her.

Delores stood outside the door to make sure that Heather did as she was told.  She pressed her ear against the door so she could hear it.

“Oh, please be gentle,” Heather’s voice ringing out.  There was a moment of silence, then she heard Bill grunting loudly.

“Oh, please, you’re so big.  So Big.  I can’t take it.”  Heather’s voice reflected her anxiety.

“You can take it.”  Bill’s impatience was recognizable in his voice.  “I got lots of cock for you.”  Another grunt, Heather gasping in surprise and pain.  Bill grunted for a few moments, Heather’s mumbled cries could be heard through the door.

“Not so hard.  Not so fast,” the pain evident in Heather’s voice.

He was fucking her ass.  You could hear his body slapping against her cheeks as he sodomized her.

“Take it all.  Take my cock up your ass.”  Bill no longer cared, her asshole bringing him too much pleasure to stop until he came.

Heather sobbed into the pillow when she felt it.  His prick grew in her guts, and then it jetted its hot sperm deep into her bowels.  Jet after jet filled and soiled her insides.

“Feel me cum inside you,” Bill’s head shooting up in pleasure as he unloaded his cum into her once-virgin asshole.

Deloris finally moved away from the door.  Bill would pay more for this.  Heather was easy prey for her, and she would be back again.  She had nothing to lose anymore and lots of money to make.

The End