What Did I Do Wrong?

By Powerone

Copyright 2002-2009



What did I do wrong, thought Meghan?  She was bound on her back in the playground.  Her arms were tied over her head and each of her legs were tied to a swing, high up, forcing them up and spread wide.  Her rapist stood over her.


It was only an hour ago that Meghan was parking her car in the apartment complex garage.  Meghan is 26, brown hair with a very, very, very nice set of breasts.  As she exited her car and was about to lock her door, she was grabbed from behind.  She felt a gun pointed at her head.


“If you give me any trouble or yell, I will pull the trigger and splash your brains all over this parking lot,” he grunted, as he pushed Meghan toward the exit door.  


“Don’t hurt me, I won’t yell, just please let me go, I wouldn’t tell anyone about this,” she begged.


“Just shut up and move this way,” pushing Meghan out the door.  The door exited to the small playground next to the apartment complex.  Meghan had been there doing the day and knew that at night it would be empty.


She could feel the man next to her.  He was large, well built and seems to know exactly what he was doing.  Meghan was pulled toward the swing set, the gun now pushed into her side.  The man was carrying a bag.


“Put your hands together in front of you,” he ordered when they arrived at the swings.  She could see him rummaging around in the bag and he pulled out a large coil of heavy white rope.  Meghan’s eyes lit up in terror, as she knew that soon she would be bound, unable to escape or to resist.  Her hands were quickly tied together and Meghan gasped in pain as she was tied tightly.  “Sit down on the ground, hurry up and do not try to resist,” forcing Meghan’s shoulders down, lowering her into a seated position.  Her skirt had ridden up her legs, showing her sexy legs, but she was unable to push it down because of the rope.  Her arms were pulled straight up by the ropes until they were stretched high.


“Lay back down,” her arms now stretched out behind her as she was forced on her back.  She could feel the rope go taunt and hear as the rope was tied to the base of the swing on one side. 


He came in front of her and Meghan got her first look at him.  He was wearing a ski mask, hiding his face from her, but she could see his eyes.  They looked evil and Meghan feared that she would be raped. Before she had a chance to respond, a large rag was stuffed into her mouth and tape was wound around her head, holding it in.  Meghan gasped and choked from the gag.   He fumbled with the rope again and a large hand was placed on her knee and pushed down her leg until it reached her ankle.  The rope was tied around it tightly, almost cutting off the circulation.  The hand than moved to the other leg and repeated itself. 


“Relax your legs or this will hurt,” as one of the ropes began to pull one of her legs up and to the side.  Meghan groaned through the gag as it was raised higher and higher, moving toward the swing at her side.  She could feel the cool air on her legs as her skirt was pushed up higher, baring her panty covered pussy.  Her leg was now pushed up, almost raising her ass off the ground.  It was pulled back further and she could feel the tension in the rope as it was tied to something.  The hands released her legs, but the rope kept her tied up and spread to the side. 


“Now the other, soon you will be spread wide,” and the actions were repeated.  Meghan could feel her legs spreading wide, her thighs aching.  “MMMMMHHHHH,” was all that Meghan could mumble as she felt herself being readied for raping.


Her rapist stood between her spread legs, ogling her panty-covered pussy.  He kneeled between her legs and Meghan cringed when his hands began to touch her legs, moving higher toward her pussy.  Her hips began to move, hoping to escape, but a quick slap on her inner thighs stopped her movements.  “I’m going to fuck you, if you try to stop me, I will also hurt you, I don’t care either way.”


“You have the biggest tits I have ever seen, I’m going to enjoy biting on your nipples.  I hope they’re big,” his hands unbuttoning her blouse, and pushing it to the side.  He pulled a knife out of his pocket and Meghan cringed when it slid between the cups of her bra and slashed upward, her bra falling to either side.  Her nipples instantly became erect and hard, partly from the cool air and partly from the fright of the situation.  Her nipples were large and dark colored.  His fingers reached out and grabbed her nipples.  He began to pull and twist them, forcing groans from Meghan as they were abused.  Her breasts were pulled up by her nipples, forcing them into cones.  He twisted them to the side, pulling on them.  He released them, her heavy breasts bouncing back on her chests.


 Two hands circled one of her large breasts and he began to squeeze, forcing the blood to rush to her nipple.  Harder and harder he squeezed, moans coming from Meghan’s gagged mouth.  She could see his head move down toward her nipple.  She felt his breath on her breasts and a wet tongue began to lick her hard, erect nipple.  Soon it began to swell even bigger and he began to nibble on it with his teeth.  Meghan knew he would soon bite, hurting her.  His teeth closed on the pebble like nipple and he began to bite and rasp his teeth back and forth over it, pain shooting through Meghan’s breasts.  Her back arched up, but the ropes held her tight. 


“MMMMHHHHGGGGGHHHH,” she mumbled, her nipple in pain as it was chewed on by the rapist.  He released her one nipple but the hands moved to her other breasts and again her nipple was forced out and bitten by him.  Meghan ached from the pain.


The knife in his hand moved down and Meghan knew she was now going to be stripped naked.  She felt the tip push under her panties, making a small slice in her skin as it ripped her panties open. They were pulled from her body and she now lay, naked and spread open, ready for raping by her attacker.


Her rapist stood up and she watched as he unbuckled his belt and pushed his zipper down.  He pushed his pants down past his ankles.  Meghan closed her eyes. “Open your eyes and watch what is going to fuck your cunt,” he ordered.  Her eyes stared at the bulge in his shorts.  She knew it would be big.  His shorts followed the pants and his 8-inch, hard cock stood out. 


“Don’t rape me, its too big, it will hurt me,” she begged, already knowing that it was useless.  She could see him lower himself between her spread legs and knew it was time.  He was going to put his cock in her and fuck her.  She could not stop it.


His hands reached toward her spread pussy and peeled back her pussy lips.  “Your dry as a bone, you’re going to have to get that pussy wet before I can fuck you with my cock.  Can you get wet for me?”  His hands began to run up and down her spread pussy, forcing Meghan to try to escape. 


I’m not going to get wet she thought, I can’t let him get me wet so he can rape me.  His fingers continued to masturbate her, pushing back the hood over her clit, grabbing her delicate clit in his big fingers and pulling it.  One finger began to rasp into her dry pussy, forcing a moan from her mouth.  “NNNNNNNNNNNNNN.”  Meghan was beginning to feel the forced masturbation of her pussy.  The hand continued pushing into her pussy, now joined by two fingers, pushing deeper and deeper.  Her clit was continually being pulled and twisted, her body begin to react to the masturbation.


“The little cunts beginning to get wet, are your going to make it easy for my cock?  Come on, give me some more pussy juice,” his fingers fucking her, her juices beginning to flow.  “That’s real good, your pussy is getting nice and wet,” his fingers tearing at her clit.  Meghan moaned in humiliation, her pussy giving in to the masturbation of his fingers.  “I can feel your pussy juices, I know you’re going to be a good fuck.  Just a little more pussy juice.”  His cock was now being placed at the entrance to her wet pussy. 


Meghan could feel the big head of his cock slowly forcing her pussy open, her juices helping him.  She felt her pussy spread wide to accept his cock and knew he would soon force it deep into her, but she could not do anything to stop it.  Her body had betrayed her, getting wet for her own rape. 


The rapist pushed his cock deep into Meghan, her screams muffled by the gag.  Her body twisted to try to escape the brutal rape but the tight bondage prevented everything but minor movement.  While Meghan was not a virgin, she was not used to such a large cock.  Her pussy was forced wide to accept his cock as it pushed into her.  It withdrew and than forced it back in, this time harder, wanting to push deeper into her.  Her muffled groans and screams made her rapist harder and he began to pound his cock into Meghan’s pussy.  His hands reached under her ass, forcing her pussy up until his raping cock.  His stomach smashed into her pubic bone as his cock brutally raped her.


He began to feed her pussy all eight inches with each thrust, bottoming out in her pussy, bruising her insides.  While in deep, he would rub up and down, stimulating her hard and erect clitoris.  His hands clenched tight on her ass, forcing her to accept his punishment. 


“You’re going to cum while I’m fucking you or I’m going to fuck you all night,” his hand reaching between their bodies, grasping her clit and abusing it again. 


Meghan was continually being fucked hard by her rapist, her pussy gripping his cock tightly, as he abused her clit.  His hand on her ass reached between her cheeks seeking her tiny anus.  One thick finger sought a home in her anus, forcing her hot and tight rectum open.  Meghan’s asshole was virgin. 


“AAAHHHHGGGG”, mumbled Meghan, her rapist forcing her to push her pussy into his powerful cock.  Meghan began to feel her pussy reacting to the masturbation of her clit and the finger in her anus stimulating her. 


“Cum for me bitch, I have a load of cum to shoot deep into your cunt.”  His fingers grabbed her clit harder and pulled and twisted it.  Meghan began to thrust her pussy up, wanting to cum to get the rape over with.  “AAAAAHHHH, cum for me now, I shooting my hot cum deep into your pussy.”  Meghan’s pussy began to grip his cock tighter, her orgasm overtaking her.  Her body shook as she began the biggest cum she ever had, her rapists cock pushed deep into her pussy, filling her with his hot cum. 


Meghan could feel his cock begin to shrink in her pussy, her cum now fading. 


“You’re a hot cunt.  Your pussy grabbed my cock so tight when you were cumming.  All it took was a little masturbation to get you wet.  I might have to come back and fuck that sweet cunt again.”  He rose from her body, his pussy farted as he pulled out.  He wiped his cum on his cock on her leg and she could feel his cum run out of her pussy and down between the cheeks of her ass. 


“I’m going to untie your legs and I will cut the rope holding your arms to the swing, but I am not going to untie your hands.  I will throw the knife over there.  Wait five minutes before you look for it.  Cut yourself lose and go home.  If you call the police, I will find you again, and that time I will kill you.”  He cut the ropes, her legs falling to the ground.


 She heard him leave and she stayed on her back, partly in fear and partly because she was too exhausted from the rape to get up.  She finally gained enough strength to get up and pull what was rest of her clothes on and sneak into her apartment before anyone saw her.  She believed what he said so she took a long hot shower, hoping to wash away her rape.  By the next morning, her subconscious her pushed the whole incident to the back of her brain.


What did I do wrong, thought Meghan?  Megan was on her knees, her rapists cock in her mouth.  It was a week later when her rapist found her again, leaving her car.


“Remember me,” the voice scaring Meghan.  She felt the gun in her back and she knew it was him.  “Behave again and I will soon be on my way.  He forced her to the door again, Meghan submissively going along, afraid of what would happen to her and also partly excited.  He opened the door and pushed her through into the park.  “On your knees, bitch.”


Strong hands pushed down on her shoulders, forcing her to her knees.  He now stood in front of her, his cock in her face.   She knew he was going to force her to suck his cock.  Meghan had sucked a few cocks before, but she did not like it. She tasted a guy’s cum once and hated it so bad, it tasted like really salty, stale milk.  After that one time, she vowed that she would not let another guy ever cum in her mouth.   When she had to please a guy that way, she would lick up and down his cock and only put a couple of inches into her mouth.  She would work his balls with her fingers, and she found that if she reached under their sack, right up close to where it joins the body, and lightly pinch and rub that area, they would cum quicker, and she was able to get it over with.


He pulled his cock out again, this time Meghan watched.  She knew she could not stop him from raping her mouth.  “Open up, cunt, I want you suck my cock.  If you’re mouth is anything like your cunt, I will be shooting my hot cum in your mouth real soon.”


Meghan opened her mouth, her rapist running his hard cock over his lips.  His precum rubbing on her lips like a coat of lipstick.  Her tongue reached out and began to rub over the head, his cock jerking from the wet tongue running over it.  Her lips tightened on it and his hands grabbed her head, covering her ears. 


“Suck real good, cunt,” his hands forcing her mouth to take it deeper.  Meghan choked on the taste of his precum in her mouth but continued to run her tongue over it.  She had to get it over with.  “Put you hand in your panties and rub your pussy.  I want you to cum when I do.  If you don’t, I’m going to piss in your mouth and make you swallow all of it.”


Meghan’s hand instantly went into her panties and began to rub her pussy and pull on her clit.  It was bad enough that she would be forced to swallow his cum, she did not want to drink his pussy. 


Her rapist forced her head back and forth over his hard cock, her tongue running over it.  Each time it went deeper into her mouth, Meghan not yet realizing that her throat would be forced to accept his cock.  Her hands continued to masturbate herself, hoping to get her mouth rape over with. 


His cock went deeper into her mouth and pushed to the back.  Meghan suddenly realizing what he intended to do and tried to push him away.


“Put your hands down and relax your throat.  I’m going to make you gag and choke on my cock, but it will go down your throat, whether you like it or not.   Keep playing with that sweet pussy, I will take care of your mouth.  When I cum in your mouth, you better swallow every single drop of my cum.”


His cock withdrew and than pushed forward again, this time pushing into the back of her mouth, making Meghan gag.  His hands held her tight, forcing her to accept the rape.  Each time Meghan choked and gagged before he withdrew it, each time again forcing his cock back in.  His cock was now forced deep into her throat, his hand running down to her neck, feeling his cock deep in her.  Meghan gasped and gagged, unable to breathe as the cock forced open her throat.  Her rapist withdrew his cock from her throat, allowing Meghan to quickly grab some air before beginning its painful journey back into her throat. 


“You better be getting ready to cum, cunt.”  He pushed his cock deep into her throat, holding her head tightly against his stomach, his cock getting bigger and beginning to twitch in her throat.


Meghan knew it was time and she twisted and pulled her clit.  She was also ready to cum.  The pain and degradation of her mouth rape was making her excited.  She could feel her rapists cock expand in her throat and begin to shoot his hot cum directly into her stomach.  He pulled it out of her throat, giving her a chance to catch a breath of air, but as he did, his cock shot into her open and waiting mouth, making her choke on the hot, salty cum filling her.  Her own orgasm overcame her as she fought to swallow all of the hot cum filling her mouth.  She began to choke, snot and cum running out of her nose. 


“That’s it cunt, swallow my cum.  Use your tongue to lick my cock clean.  You’re such a slut.  I fucked your cunt and your mouth and each time you also came.  You’re a hot cunt.”


He pulled his cock from her lips, wiping his cum on her face.  His hand reached down, spreading over her face, wiping some on her lips, forcing it back into her mouth.  Meghan felt so degraded, on her knees, cum all over her face, her mouth still remembering the taste of his cum, yet she again had this incredible cum.  It was even better than last time when her pussy was raped. 


“Remember, tell nobody.  I will see you again cunt.”  He disappeared leaving Meghan to go home and clean herself up. 


What did I do wrong, though Meghan?  Meghan was bent over the dining room table, her legs tied spread open to the legs.  She had just gotten out of the shower and was naked except for the towel around her.


Meghan jumped when she heard the voice, “You look hot in that towel cunt. “  His hand reached around her, the gun in her back.  He pulled the towel from her body.  “Great body, cunt, I haven’t seen it naked in the light.  Move into the dining room.”


Meghan was pushed into the other room.  She noticed her rapist was carrying a bag again.  She knew she would be bound again. 


“Lean over the table, and stretch your arms out.’  He stood on the other side of the table and grabbed her wrists.  He pulled the rope out and began to tie them together, pulling them to the other side, tying her to one of the legs.  His face was still covered with the ski mask, but she noticed the bulge in his pants.  His cock would again rape her. 


He moved behind her.  “Spread your legs,” and pushed her legs open.  “All the way to the legs, cunt, I want you spread wide,” forcing her to spread wider.  Rope circled her ankle, tying first one than the other to the legs of the table.  Meghan was now spread face down on the table, not realizing what was in store for her.


A gag was forced into her mouth.  “I don’t want your screams to wake the neighbors, and you will be screaming soon.”  She saw him reach into his pocket and pull out a tube of lubricant.  “MMMMMMMNNNNN,” she screamed into the gag, realizing that he intended to rape her asshole now.  Her virgin asshole had only been pierced once before, by his fingers when he raped her pussy.  Now he was going to force his big cock into her tiny anus.


Meghan began to squirm as he pulled her cheeks apart, opening her anus to his gaze.  She could feel his hot breath on her asshole and the humiliation of being spread open by a stranger.  His slick finger found her tiny anus and pushed into her.  “MMMMMNNNNN,” her hips trying to buck away from the cruel ravishment of her virgin asshole.  The finger forced itself into her, rubbing the lubricant along her anal track, getting her asshole ready for the rape.  One finger was replaced by two, spreading her open, preparing her. 


“Your asshole is so hot and tight.  I’m going to fuck it hard and fast.  It’s going to hurt you, but that’s what I like.”  The fingers were withdrawn and she could feel his cock placed against her anus.  He began to push, forcing her anus to accept the crown of his cock to slowly push her open.  Meghan began to moan in pain, her asshole spreading wider than it ever did, more than it should have to. 


Meghan screamed as the crown of his cock forced her open and popped inside her anus.  Her sphincter gripped his cock, forcing the blood to the head. 


“You feel so good, cunt.”  His cock began to push into her rectum.  Meghan threw back her head and screamed into the gag as his big cock forced her tiny anus to open.  Blood began to form on his cock, as Meghan was ripped open from his brutal cock.  His cock pulled out until only the head was grabbed by her than began it push back into her rectum, this time deeper, forcing more screams from Meghan’s gagged mouth.  Her head shook in pain and tears ran down her face as her asshole was torn open.  Her body jerked and tried to escape the brutal ass fucking, but only raised her ass higher, giving him better access to her anus. 


His cock was now pushed over four inches into her rectum and each time pushed deeper.  It pulled out and was forced in five inches, than six, than seven and finally with one giant push he forced all eight inches of his rock hard cock deep into Meghan’s clinging colon.  Meghan continued to scream, muffled by the gag.   He flexed his cock deep in her, forcing her to groan in pain.  Her stomach was cramping from the thick cock and she tried to open her legs wider, hoping to relieve some of the pain from the rape of her asshole. 


“Your asshole is better than your cunt.  It’s gripping my cock so tight and you are so hot.   His hands reached under Meghan’s body and searched for her clit.  “Time to cum for me, bitch.  I going to fuck you hard and you better cum when I do.  If you don’t I will piss up your asshole and leave you tied to the table when I leave.  By time they find you, you will have shit out my piss all over yourself.”  His fingers gripped her clit tightly and began to pull and twist it.  His cock pulled from her rectum, leaving Meghan temporarily empty, but as soon as it reached the head of his cock, he forced it into Meghan and one hard push that knocked the air out of her lungs and forced a scream in her gag.


His stomach began to slap against her ass, his balls smashing against her pussy lips as he began to rape her asshole hard.  He pulled her hips back onto his hard cock, forcing Meghan to take every brutal push deep into her colon, forcing her colon to straighten out to receive his punishing cock.  Meghan was forced hard into the edge of the table as her rapists twisted her clit, forcing Meghan to get wet again.  Each time she had been raped, she had cum. 


The rape of her asshole continued with the pounding of his cock in poor Meghan’s asshole.  He forced her anal tract to accept his painful thrusts.  Faster and fast he fucked her.  Her clit reacting to the abuse of his fingers.  They were both approaching an orgasm.


“I ready to give you a cum enema, bitch.  You better cum now.  Tighten your asshole on my cock.”  His cock pushed deep into Meghan and began to pulse and grow bigger as his cum began to shoot deep into Meghan’s colon.  Meghan began to feel her cum, this one bigger than the last.  Her asshole gripped his cock and began to milk his cum from his cock, flooding her colon with the hot cum.   “That’s it cunt, cum with my cock up your virgin asshole.  You love me raping you.” 


Meghan felt his cock pull from her clutching anus.  She farted as it came out, his cum and her blood running down her legs.  “Your asshole was great, bitch.  I will see you again.”  He cut Meghan’s rope and left before she could stand.


What did I do wrong, thought Meghan?  She was naked on her knees, her asshole facing the door.  “I want you clean on the inside,” he had told her on the phone, the enema bag hanging in the bathroom testament to what she had done.  I am bringing over some friends and we are all going to fuck you at the same time, your mouth, your pussy and your asshole.  I want you naked on all fours, ready for your rape.”


What did I do wrong, why is he late?  Meghan waited patiently.  Waiting for her rape.




The End



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