Why Didn’t They Help Me?

By Powerone

Copyright 2011

Looking back it was an incredibly stupid and naïve thing for her to do, but at the time it sounded like a great adventure.  She had been to Japan three times on business, but each time before she was ushered from one place to the next in a limousine.

Jessica had just finished an incredibly successful meeting, especially for a woman in Japan.  She had closed the deal in less then two hours, to a roomful of male executives.  Japan was still a male dominated society, no matter how much American’s want to think otherwise.  Yet at the tender age of thirty, Jessica pulled off a coup, capturing a contract for her company with skill, daring and balls.

She was feeling on top of the world when she walked out of the building.  Jessica should have called for the limousine and went back to the hotel to celebrate, but she didn’t.  She had always wanted to ride on the bullet train in Japan.  She decided to do it on a spur of the moment.  Jessica walked the two blocks to the train station, finding that the next train was in ten minutes.  She didn’t care where it was going; she would get off and take it back when she was satisfied with her adventure.  She managed to buy a ticket, the clerk had a limited knowledge of English and she knew just enough words in Japanese to secure the ticket.  He pointed her to the platform that was filling up fast.

Jessica looked at my watch, realizing that it was a commuter train; most of the passengers were men, though there was a smattering of women.  This was another warning that she failed to heed in hindsight.  She walked up to the railcar; the men letting her pass as she went up the stairs.  She could feel their eyes burning on her ass as she climbed the short steps.  She was a redhead in a world of black hair, so she was a curiosity to the men.  It also helped that she was thirty, wearing a suit, with a blue short skirt.  Jessica had long legs that looked good on the heels that she were wearing, and while she wasn’t busty,  she had more then ample breasts considering that many Japanese women were small breasted.

The car was already crowded, all the seats taken, but it was more like subways in the states, with handles hanging down from the ceiling to hold onto.  Jessica half expected some man to let her have his seat, but no offers were forthcoming.  The car began to fill until it was a sea of passengers, a scattering of women mixed with the men in their business suits, all of them looking at her.  She smiled at the women, but they looked away as if they didn’t want to be connected to her.  She didn’t understand, thinking they might be jealous.

The train pulled out of the station with a start, Jessica jolted forward before she could grab the overhead strap, pushed against two men.  Her hand went forward to try to stop her forward descent, Jessica suddenly finding her hand grabbing a man on the front of his pants.  Her fingers grabbed hard, finding she was clinging to the flesh of a man’s penis.  She pulled her hand suddenly away, her face turning red in shame as she tried to apologize.  She grabbed the strap above her head and turned away from him, catching him out of the corner of her eye as he moved to the other end of the car.  She had read about gropers in Japan, Chikan they were called.  Was I to be branded as one?

The people around her settled into the train as it began to pick up speed.  It was crowded, Jessica feeling like a sardine.  They were all Japanese businessmen, all dressed up in fancy suits and ties.  Then she felt it.  It was as though there was a hand on her ass.  She must be imagining it, but it began to move, slowly over her buttocks.  She turned to the side, an older businessman smiling back at her.  He looked behind her, then she felt the hand move up and she felt a shiver as the edge of her skirt began to move up her naked leg.  She clutched her purse to her chest as she felt her skirt sliding up her naked legs.  It had to be him doing it.  She felt his hand at her waist, feeling like he was tucking her skirt into the waistband.  Then his hand slid down, Jessica sure that it was his hand sliding over her panties and touching the naked skin of her buttocks.  She didn’t know what to do.  She should stop him, but was afraid.  His fondling became more urgent, running from one buttock to another, then she felt him grab the edge of one of her panties and push it aside, uncovering her naked buttock to his large hand.  With one hand holding her panties, his other hand ran over the naked flesh of her buttocks.  She had to hold by her cry when his hand slid down her crack and fingers touched her pussy from behind.  She turned to him, ready to cry out her disgust.

He looked at her, the stun gun in his hand.  With broken English, he warned her.  “Don’t say a word.  Or Else!” 

She saw it in his hand, but she heard it snap, a jolt of blue lightening going from one end to the other.

“Before you can cry out, it will knock you out,” he warned her, snapping the stun gun one more time. 

She shivered in fear, looking around the car, but it was a sea of men’s faces and all they did was look at her body, not at her face.  Her body was frozen in fear, but he wasn’t, his hand moving back to her ass, this time fondling her with immunity while she shuddered in fear.  He squeezed her buttocks, going from one to the other, then his fingers would slid up to the top of her crack, the pressure as his fingers pushed between her clenched cheeks and slid down to her pussy.  She felt two thick fingers touch her pussy from behind.

“Good girl, behave,” he warned her one last time with the stun gun, the crack of the electricity making her hair on her arm stand on end.  He put his hand up into the air signaling the others.  His boss was the first one to come over, the other five men quickly encircling the lovely American redhead. 

She saw them come around her, more of them, five or six of them pressing closer to her.  Four of them were behind her, two in front, including the one with the stun gun.  She felt hands on her ass again, this time more of them, four or five of them rubbing her cheeks back and forth, fingers pressing between her cheeks and trying to force them apart, another hand grabbing her crotch from behind with powerful fingers digging into her pussy lips.  A hand grabbed the waistband of her panties from the back and pulled them up, Jessica feeling the crotch of her panties cut into her slit like a knife, her cheeks revealed as her panties were pushed between her cheeks.  Her naked cheeks were pulled and pinched, Jessica finally feeling the relief when her buttocks were covered once again, the crotch of her panties still pushed between her pussy lips. 

Hands moved across her panty covered buttocks again, but a hand slipped into the waistband, feeling a man’s hand on her naked flesh as it slipped into her panties.  She felt her panties pulled tight as his hand took up so much room, fingers sliding along her buttocks as the other hands continued to fondle her ass and between her legs.  She felt a finger trying to slip between her cheeks, Jessica tightening her buttocks as tight as she could to keep him from touching her there.  One minute there was one hand in her panties, the next, three hands were in her panties, all of them caressing her naked ass as if they were lovers.  She tried to move away, but the two men in front of her kept her pinned, her lower body moving back and forth to escape the molesting hands but looking like she was enjoying it and trying to hump their hands. 

Tears ran down her cheeks, pleading with the two men in front of her as she felt her panties pulled down to the bottom of her buttocks, leaving her naked to the others hands.  Fingers moved back to her crack, this time she was naked, thin fingers sliding up and down her clenched cheeks, while other hands grabbed her buttocks and pulled on them while her muscles tried to stop them.  They were everywhere, too many hands, Jessica’s buttocks not as powerful to stop them, feeling her buttocks pulled open until she could clench them tight again, but they were back at it, yanking them open until she could feel the air blowing between her cheeks.  She was turned around and bent over until her ass was pushed out, then they went to work on her cheeks, the hands rougher, fingers digging into her flesh, pulling apart her buttocks, two hands on either side until she could feel the strain on her anus.  A finger slid up her crack with no trouble now, her muscles forced into submission, the finger wet with her sweat sliding over her anus and sending the tight muscle into spasms.  She heard them laughing as they pulled her cheeks wide apart, fingers only millimeter from her anus as she felt her anal ring go into spasms, opening and closing to the delight of the men that watched. 

They turned her around until she was facing the two men.  Hands began to run up and down her legs, sliding up under her skirt and rubbing her soft thighs, other hands continuing to rub her buttocks until she couldn’t control her lower body any longer, moving back and forth, as she tried to escape the mauling hands.  Her purse was taken from her; hands grabbed her wrists and pulled them out of the way.  The one man stood in front of her, Jessica looking up at his face.  She was sure that she recognized him, Presidents of one the biggest Japanese companies, his picture in the paper all the time.

“Lovely redhead,” his hand brushing the hair from her face, his other hand sliding down to her breasts.  He saw the hatred in her eyes, but he also saw the fear.  With her arms pulled back, her breasts were thrust out.  He gripped one of them, the other man grabbing the other.  He loved big tits, not like most Japanese women.

There hands were all over her chest and belly, four hands gripping her breasts as if they were bread dough, not to caress, but to pinch and grope them.  In spite of what they were doing, her nipples responded to the harshness, not shrinking from it, but growing bigger, making them easier targets.  The other men were no deterred, their hands sliding up and down her legs, one of them gripping her crotch like a bowling ball, forcing her ass to move back onto the hand that waited, her naked buttocks grabbed, a slim finger pushed between her cheeks and the fingertip pushed against the resisting knot of her anal muscles. It forced her back forward until she was humping the hands that molested her.  Her jacket was pushed open and the leaders face moved next to her until she could feel his breath on the side of her face. 

He slipped his fingers in the opening of her blouse, slowly and deliberately until the first button popped open.  “Pull her back,” he ordered the men, her arms pulled back farther until her breasts were pushed out provocatively as if she were offering them up to him.  His hand slipped inside, gripped one of her bra-encased breasts, and squeezed.  He eagerly felt her breasts, feeling the nipple beneath it.  He popped the other buttons until they flew to the ground, pulling her blouse back to reveal her skimpy bra that could barely contain her luscious breasts.

She looked down as she was slowly stripped naked, the man next to her pulling her blouse open, his hand teasing below the edge of her bra.  He smiled evilly as his fingers crept along the bottom of her bra, Jessica feeling it slowly being pulled up, her breast flesh slowly forced out.  One hand was on one of her breasts, the other sliding over her belly and then under her bra. 

He uncovered one of her breasts first, a big brown hard nipple in his hand as he slipped beneath the bra and then pulled it up.  Her breast broke free, his fingers finding her nipple and teasing it, pinching it until it grew bigger.  He yanked her other bra cup up until both of her breasts were bare.  One hand pinched and prodded her naked breast, his mouth descended on the other until his lips captured her nipple as he sucked it.

She struggled as long as she could, but her muscles were tired, the fire taken out of her body.  There were too many of them, too strong for her to resist.  The hands ran over her body with immunity even when she struggled, her arms pinned behind her head leaving her defenseless.  She didn’t fight anymore as sharp teeth bit into her nipple and a large hand slid over her naked belly and ran between her legs.  A knee from behind her pushed between her legs until she couldn’t close them.  Fingers found her slit, sliding up and down as other hands joined it, rubbing along her thighs, over her ass and her pussy from behind.  The finger was masturbating her, slowly and methodically.  Hands joined the one on her breasts, plucking at her nipples, not to caress, but to pinch and twist them as if they were trying to pull them off.  A man behind her grabbed both of her breasts in his hands, squeezing them like ripe melons, her nipples stretched until it felt like they were going to tear them off. 

“Take off her panties,” the leader ordered the men.  They wasted no time, sliding them down her legs, Jessica letting them lift each leg until they could pull them off.  They handed him her panties, taking one sniff of them before he put them in his pocket as a souvenir. 

She was just about naked now, only the remnants of clothes on her body.  She didn’t resist as one of her legs was grabbed, pulled to the side until she was spread open for them.  They wasted no time; so many hands began to run over her pussy.  They were everywhere, fingers pulled on her pussy lips, yanking them open until she was exposed obscenely, other hands finding the soft inner lips as manicured fingers began to run up and down her slit.  One finger went to her hole, pushing inside her, Jessica gasping and standing taller as she was impaled on the thick finger.  Her ass was rubbed and pinched, Jessica gasping as the tip of a finger was pushed into her anus, moving back and forth in her rectum as the finger in her pussy felt like they were trying to meet.  With her lips pulled back, one hand began to slap her pussy, not hard, but enough for Jessica to know that she was being abused, not pleasured.  It seemed like five minutes they kept this up, Jessica unable to do anything but take the abuse. 

He fingered her until he felt her wetness.  He kept it up until his finger was slick with her juices.  He pulled it out of her, pushing his two fingers in her face, pulling them apart until you could see her sticky juices spreading out between them.  “You grow wet.”  He pulled her head towards him, slowly rubbing his finger over her lips.  She tried to fight, but his finger pushed into her mouth, coating her teeth and tongue with her own juices. 

He shamed her, but he wasn’t finished with her.  She looked down in shock as he opened his pants in the middle of the train.  He let them fall to the floor as she was forced to look at the big, ten-inch cock that bobbed up and down in excitement.  He grabbed her hand and she found her fingers curled around the hot flesh of his cock.  “Please, no, Please,” she begged, but he was already guiding her hand up and down his cock as he gripped her breast and squeezed it in rhythm with her hand.

Jessica was forced to her knees, one hand on the back of her head to keep her from moving away.  He brushed her hair from her face almost casually, as his cock bounced up and down in front of her as he flexed his muscles.  She couldn’t do such a thing, but he was already pushing his cock into her face until she felt the hot flesh sliding over her nose and cheeks.  When it came to her lips, she clenched her mouth tight, feeling it leaking his hot crème and paint her lips with its foul seed.  Back and forth, it moved on her lips until a finger came to the corner of her mouth.  She cried softly as two men put their fingers into the corner of her mouth as she shook her head from side to side to get away from them.  Her mouth was forced open by the foul tasting fingers, her lips opening wide until she felt it.  The head of his cock began to enter her mouth, Jessica unable to do anything but accept the inevitable.  He began to rock his hips back and forth, the head of his cock rubbing on her upper teeth.  He wasn’t hurried, a few strokes then his cock slipped from her lips.  She clenched her lips once again, but the fingers forced her mouth open and the head of his cock breached her mouth.

He looked down at her tear stained face, her eyes opened wide in fear, but all he saw was the way her lips were gripping his cock and the hot mouth that engulfed the head with such pleasure.  

The hands on her head began to move her back and forth; Jessica forced to take more and more of the thick shaft in her mouth.  Up and down, his hips began to move, Jessica tasting the first drops of his cum leaking from the tip and spoiling on her tongue with its salty taste.  He pulled his cock out, but his cock bounced up and down on her face as his hips rubbed it along her silky complexion, leaving a trail of drying cum on her skin.  She knew what she had to do, her mouth opening as the thick head pressed against her lips.  It penetrated her mouth with ease, one hand on her head holding her still as his hips began to move more urgently now.  Another hand was at the back of her head, keeping her from trying to escape, Jessica fearing the length of his cock and that he might force it down her throat.  It was as though she was in a daze, forced to her knees and sucking a strange man’s cock.  Her mouth began to fill with the taste of his cum as he continued to rock in and out of her mouth.

He was enjoying her tight lips and when her tongue moved and ran over his cock by accident.  He fucked her mouth for a few minutes and then pulled out, his cock rubbing on her face while she filled her lungs with air.  She knew at the right moment, her mouth opened and his cock penetrating her once again.  This time he took her slowly, long, methodical stokes in her mouth, each time going a little deeper, each time his hands on her head tighter as she tried to pull away.  He pushed all the way in, only an inch of cock not in her hot, tight mouth, holding her against him until her mouth opened wide and she gagged. 

She was crying openly, his cock in front of her face while she struggled to fill her lungs with air.  It took only a few moments of rest before he was back, her eyes pleading with him, but her mouth already opening to accept him back in.  This time he thrust harder and faster, almost better for Jessica.  It was when he went slowly that he tried to shove it too deep in her mouth.  His hips continued to move frenziedly, her lips tight around his shaft, feeling every bump, ridge and vein pass over her silky lips.  He finally pulled back out, but he grabbed her hand and made her stroke his cock as she filled her lungs.  She could feel his slippery cum on her fingers, the head leaking drops of thick fluids that would soon be in her mouth.  Hands tilted her head back, hips pushed his cock forward and Jessica swallowed his cock once again.  This time she had to stroke his cock while it was in her mouth, masturbating him as drops of cum leaked onto her waiting tongue.  Would he cum in my mouth? 

He pulled his cock from her mouth, her hand still around the shaft.  He guided her hand up and down his cock, only inches from her face, her hot breath blowing on his cock exciting him. 

Jessica only hoped that he would cum with her hand, her fingers tightening on his cock, hoping to elicit the foul cum from his balls.  It was better on her hands then in her mouth, her tongue already fouled with the cum that had leaked out.  She tried to close her eyes and shut out the obscene act she was forced to perform, but the cock in her hand was a constant reminder of the perverted act.  It took a long time, but she had to open her eyes when he came.  The thick, white crème jetted out from the tip and branded her hand with the burning cum, but she continued to masturbate him until he was finally finished.  He made her hand go all the way to the tip until it gathered up some of the wet cum that covered it with a thick, white coat of cum.  She sat there dazed as his cock still bounced in front of her face, but it was losing some of its hardness already.  She looked at him in disgust as his hand went to her head and pulled her close to his cock.  She felt the wet head of his cock on her lips, smearing it with drying cum as her lips were forced open.  The wet head of his cock slipped into her mouth, but he continued to push in, slowly filling her mouth with his cum drenched cock. 

He enjoyed her hot mouth one last time, his semi-erect cock in her wet mouth, as she was forced to lick it clean.  He pushed in deeper, though it was no longer big enough to choke her.  He pushed his hips from side to side, enjoying her mouth for the last time as he pulled it out, shiny and clean.

She thought he was finished, but the other men weren’t.  They all gathered around her, their hands holding their naked cocks in front of her, stroking them up and down.  One by one, they came on her, some on her blouse or naked breasts, others on her naked legs, one dumping thick cum into her red hair.  She felt branded with the hot cum until she was left along on the floor, the train pulling into a station and the men got off quickly.  She stood up, ashamed that she had let them do that to her, trying to fix her clothes as she got off the train.

It took her a while until she could contain her composure and make herself look presentable.  No matter how much water and scrubbing in the ladies room, she still smelled like male cum.  She finally went back to her hotel, spending hundreds of dollars to take a cab.  She took three showers to wash the cum from her body, throwing away her clothes.  She never took another train or subway again.

The End