My novel, “Wicked and Wild West” was originally published as a POWERONE-eXtreme novel, but a couple of years ago I decided to publish it on Amazon with my regular publisher. I have done this with a number of novels, but they require re-writing, some of it extensive to keep it from being banned by Amazon (like “The Kings Dungeon” or “Taught to Obey”).

This is a story of a family, Albert, his wife Madison, and their two eighteen year old daughters, Samantha and Belle. They decide to move to California in the 1850’s to make their fortune. Tragedy befalls them on the trip out; Indians, slick card sharks, unscrupulous doctors and perverted priests find the family easy targets.

The original book had epilogues for all the women, but in the new version the task was completed with chapters. One major change was the perverted priests. Amazon wouldn’t allow what was in the original book, so changes were made to the outcome for Belle. I decided to bring the epilogue from the original book as an outtake so enjoy it. If you like it, you might buy the book. I managed to leave most of the story intact and it’s a great read.

And if you love stories involving perverted priests, look out for a new novel in the future under POWERONE-eXtreme. It’s in my head and won’t be long before it’s turned into electrons for an ebook. Not final on the title, but could be called “Convent Bound”.

“Bishop Michael”

Belle was glad for Samantha. She understood, but somehow didn’t. It was not the life that she would have picked, but she was sure that Samantha wouldn’t have picked a life as a nun. It’s funny how two girls could be sisters and so different.

Belle left for the monastery within two days, anxious to go back. She had sent word of her decision and got back a letter with Father John’s blessing. When she arrived, she was surprised that the Bishop was there.

“The Bishop is here for you, Belle. He will give you your vows. You will be a novice for six months, testing your abilities to serve the Lord and his servants. I’ll be your Prior since we have no other nuns here, so you won’t report to a Mother Superior. Do you understand what will be required of you, Belle?”

“Yes, Father John. As you have instructed, I will take a Vow of Obedience. This requires my submission to the will of legitimate superiors. I will take this vow with seriousness and determination.” She kneeled before Father John.

“You may put your things in your room. You will find robes for you to wear. Put your other clothes in your bag and give them to Father Samuel for safekeeping should you fail in your undertaking. A life of obedience is hard, and we will test you many times. You must never question your faith or your superiors. Disobedience is reason for expulsion.”

Father John watched as she walked away, glad that she was back, all of them missing her participation in evening prayers. It hasn’t been as enjoyable since she left. Bishop Michael would be with them for only one day, taking his privileges as the head of the order with Belle. He would test her faith first; Father John hoped she would submit.

* * *

Belle knew what would be required of her. Not what her mother or sister thought that a nun did, but the reality of obedience meant serving the needs of the Priests. All of their needs. And celibacy is not what they practiced. At least not with the nuns. But Belle was ready to give her body and soul to the Lord’s work, and tonight she would begin. She was already warned that Bishop Michael was a harsh disciplinarian and to expect the worst. She put on her robe, naked beneath it. She didn’t have to be told otherwise. She knocked on the door, waiting patiently until she heard him tell her to enter. She had never met the Bishop, but she knew he was the same age as Father John, late forties. But he was much more handsome, surprised that a Bishop would be that way. For some odd reason she just assumed that all Priests were unassuming. He was sitting in a grand chair in the center of the room, dressed in red robes. She kneeled before him, her head bowed in submission. She finally looked up, kissing his ring.

Father Michael looked at the young girl. She was certainly attractive, her red hair a novelty among the other nuns. In fact he couldn’t remember another that was red haired. And Father John had told him that it was natural and he would certainly know. He looked at her full lips, remembering Father Samuel’s description of Belle taking his sword in her mouth. Or her full breasts that heaved beneath the robe, positive that she was naked beneath. “Are you ready to take the Vow of Obedience, Sister Belle?”

“Yes, Your Eminence.” She bowed her head again.

“And you know what is required of you, Sister Belle?”

“Strict obedience and submission to the will of my superiors, Your Eminence.”

Bishop had her pledge to the Lord, bestowing his blessing on her as she kneeled before him. It took five minutes of chanting until his prayers were complete. “I christen thee Sister Belle. You may rise.”

She stood up, a new found love in her heart. She was proud of herself, taking on such an undertaking. She would find the strength to fulfill the Lord’s work. She stood before him, not sure what would happen now. Father John had given her no indication of what would be required of her, but she could guess.

“Take off your robe so I may see you the way the Lord brought you into this world.” His cock was hard as she pulled the robe up over her legs, his eyes feasting on her crotch as her dense, red bush came into view. His cock jerked at the sight, the robe moving up, her breasts bouncing gently as the robe slipped over them, her nipples turning hard as the rough material rubbed over the sensitive tips. She tossed it over into the corner, standing naked and unashamed in front of him. “The Lord has gifted you with an exceptional body, Sister Belle. I hope you share it often with his servants.”

“My body and soul are at his servants’ disposal, Bishop Michael.”

“We will see, Sister Belle. Over to the bench, kneel on it, your back to me.”

She didn’t notice the leather bench, or maybe she was trying to block it out of her head. It was almost like the kneeling bench in the chapel, but this was higher. She kneeled on the first level, her upper body on the second and her nipples hardened as they pressed into the cold leather. In each corner were two upright posts, as well as two on the lower bench. They were worn where something had dug into the wood until the finish was gone. Bishop Michael moved to one side of her; her eyes opened wide as he straightened out four pieces of rough, brown rope.

“Put your hands next to the posts.” He took the first piece of rope and tied it around her wrist, yanking hard until it dug a groove in her white skin. He took the end and tied it around the bottom of the post, making sure the knot was tight. He did the same to the other until both of her wrists were bound tight.

She turned red in shame. It was like the time the outlaws tied her to the wagon wheel, leaving her defenseless, unable to ward off their advances, one of the outlaws making her cum while bound. The minute the ropes were tied to her wrists, her pussy grew wet with desire. Bishop Michael would soon know of her shame for he still had two more pieces of rope; she was sure her ankles were next.

The Bishop stood behind her. “Spread your knees wide to the edge of the seat. More, Sister Belle, open up your treasures.” He looked at her pussy from behind, the wide expanse of her legs left her pussy open as well as the cheeks of her ass for it was there that his gaze was drawn. The tiny anus barely looked big enough to take a finger. But tonight she would receive his shaft in her ass; the Bishop and the other Priests never took any of the nuns in their pussy, not wanting the bother and trouble of abortions, for most priests were quite potent. No, Sister Belle would service them with her mouth and with her ass; both would bring much joy to them. Father John had said that Sister Belle hadn’t been taken in sodomy, so his decision to come down and preside over her sisterhood was ordained more for his lust, than his churchly duties.

She felt the ropes on her ankles next, first one, then the other. Bishop Michael made sure they were tight, almost too tight as she already felt pins and needles in her hands and feet. Bishop Michael stood in front of her; his hand brandished a white rod. Not thick, but slim and flexible, it was over four feet long. He swung it through the air, it had a distinctive swish as it cut the air. She hadn’t counted on this, though she should have. There was nothing she could do except brace herself for the bite of the rod. She heard the sound and felt the thud, but it seemed like long minutes before she felt the pain. It raced through her brain; a thin line graced her twin buttocks, right in the center, barely missing her anus. She was sure that he broke the skin, her skin aflame in pain, Belle bit her lip, tasting the blood as she tried hard not to cry out.

The rod left a nice red welt along her ass; Bishop Michael swung it again, this time lower. Her body jerked, but barely a peep out of her mouth. His hand ran over the newest welt; her body jerked as he inflamed the already tender spot. He swung again, below the last, catching her on the gentle swell of her ass cheeks where it met the tender skin of her thighs. Her body jerked up and back down, her legs strained as they tried to close. A third welt graced her body, Bishop Michael’s cock strained for release. He worked on her thighs now, striking each one separately, making sure the rod went deep between her spread and bound legs to attack her most sensitive skin. Tears ran down her face, but she never cried out, though he could hear some sobbing. Four more strokes on her thighs, her body jerked higher when he hit so close to her pussy, sure that he would get a cry of pain, but she never gave in.

Her ass was ablaze withn pain. The rod took a toll on her body; Belle struggled not to cry out. It was worse when he attacked her thighs, Belle afraid as he moved closer and closer to her pussy. Would he hit me there? The spot that was the most delicate for a woman?

“Very good, Sister Belle, but there is more.” Bishop Michael moved behind her, taking careful aim with the rod. He sliced it through the air, this time not horizontal, but vertical, and it was her ass crack that received the brunt of the blow. Not only her crack, but also the tiny, wrinkled hole that was barely visible. The bench rattled on the hard floor as Belle jerked and shuddered. A second stroke followed the first before she could even absorb all of the pain of the first.

It felt like he would drive the rod up into her bowels. It hit her with a terrible vengeance; the tip of the rod struck her anus with a powerful blow. It felt as though it tore into her body, her anal muscles clenched and unclenched, her tiny anus burned in pain. She was sure that she was bleeding, feeling like there was wetness on her anus. The second was even worse, hitting the same spot; sure that he was driving her anus deep into her body. She didn’t scream, but her breathing was loud and labored as Belle tried to absorb the pain.

“Two more, Sister Belle, but this time between your legs and into the soft folds of your pussy. And one after that, if my aim is good I will hit your clit, forever reminding you of your Vow of Obedience. Now prepare yourself.”

No matter how much she tried to prepare her mind for it, the pain was excruciating. The rod tore between her pussy lips, slapping them hard, but pushing them aside to drive deep into the soft inner lips, attacking her sensitive skin like a hive of bees. The pain raced to her brain. She stopped breathing, sure that she was dead, but brought back to life again when the rod slipped between her legs, this time higher up, attacking her pussy opening, the bite of the rod digging into her until it felt like the rod entered her. The last one drove her body so high up into the air, she was sure the legs of the bench left the floor. Bishop Michael had a lot of practice, finding her clit, hidden from his eyes, but the rod seemed to know exactly where to strike. It felt like he drove it through her body, slamming it so hard that he beat it into her pubic bone, no place to escape, crushed painfully beneath the unyielding rod. She never thought serving the Lord could be this painful.

Bishop Michael took off his robe, standing in front of Sister Belle’s tear stained face. His fingers hooked under her chin to lift up her head. “You did well, Sister Belle. It is now time to service my needs.”

Belle needed no further explanation or encouragement, opening her mouth, Bishop Michael’s cock pushed in her face. It was larger than the other Priest’s cocks were, but she knew that wouldn’t make a difference. She would have to take it in her mouth and her throat before she would swallow his seed. Her lips wrapped tightly around it, in spite of the size that split them wide. Her tongue went to work on it, bathing it with her spit in case he decided to drive it down her throat. His hips fucked his cock in and out, each time going deeper, Belle’s body tense as she waited for it to breach her throat. Suddenly he stopped and his cock slipped from her lips. Did I do something wrong? Something that displeased him? He moved behind her until she couldn’t see him any longer. She almost expected to feel the bite of the rod again, punished for not doing a good job. Then she felt it, the hot head of his cock between her legs. Not on her pussy, but it slid up her crack until it settled on her anus. It felt huge. Now she understood. Bishop Michael was going to sodomize her. He used her mouth to get his cock wet; at least he was concerned about entry. Belle was more concerned, his cock was huge and her anus so small.

She tightened her ass cheeks on his cock. “Relax so I can get inside you.” He felt her cheeks relax, pushing with his hips as his eyes watched her anus take the head of his cock when he began to breach the tiny hole. Wider and wider, her ring expanded to take the thick helmet of his cock, the elastic opening clung tightly to his cock as he pushed more cock inside her. Her ass rose up when the head of his cock suddenly popped into her asshole. He shoved hard until her anal ring gripped the head of his cock just below the rim, snapping shut and holding it tight inside her.

“You’re so big, Bishop Michael,” she moaned in pain. She couldn’t believe that he had the head of his cock in her ass, but the constant pain in her anal ring wouldn’t let her forget. She could barely breathe, afraid to move, the tiniest movement magnified by the giant cock that split her open. It was hard to handle the pain, much worse than the beating of the rod; for she knew he would soon drive more of his cock inside her, burying it deep into her intestines. And then he would fuck her in the ass until he came, dumping his cum in her belly. His cock twitched inside her, feeling unnatural to be penetrated in such a place. It was even worse than the rape by Chief Wakara. At least he put his cock in a place that was built for it. Her ass was a place built for pushing out things, not taking them inside.

“Yes, Sister Belle. You are so tight and hot. So very, very tight.” He pushed with his hips, the head of his cock dug deeper between her cheeks; her rectal muscles grabbed it so tight it felt like it was being crushed. He pulled out until only the head of his cock was gripped by her anal ring, pausing for just a second before he thrust back in. Her body jerked in pain, but his cock plunged two inches into her rectum before her muscles managed to keep him from going any further. He pulled back out, than thrust back in, his hands dug into her hips as he sank his cock deeper into her asshole.

It tore through her anal passage; the thick head throbbed against the walls of her rectum, her muscles clenched uncontrollably as they tried to force it out. It felt like he dragged her guts out when he withdrew, then suddenly stuffed them back inside her like a battering ram, his cock dug deeper and deeper into her guts. It felt like a giant log was shoved up her backside, her back straight as if it were trying to accommodate the large log. It rubbed her insides raw, her spit already gone from his cock as his hips pumped his cock faster and faster inside her to burn her passage with the friction. Over half of it was inside her, but she knew she’d have to take all of it. She willed her muscles to relax as Bishop Michael drew his cock all the way out, then suddenly shoved in with a powerful thrust that filled six inches of iron-hard cock in her guts and push aside the passage, painful cramps as the rigid member straightened out the bends in her guts. He didn’t stop, pulled back out and then thrust back in, this time it felt like it came out her mouth, his cock so deep that her insides cramped around the fat head of his cock that was deep in her bowels. She felt it jerk and shudder before it painfully withdrew.

“Dance on my cock, Sister Belle. Show me how much you can pleasure me.” His hands moved her hips side to side, her insides bit deliciously on his cock as he began to fuck her asshole.

She began to roll her hips from side to side, the pain diminished, not because her asshole grew accustomed to it, it was just that his cock had beat her muscles into submission. She felt the immense fullness in her, as though she had eaten too much Thanksgiving dinner. He moved his hips up and down as she moved from side to side, his large cock expanded her wider with each thrust. Belle could barely breathe, her nostrils flared, his cock twitched deep inside her. She didn’t know how long he would fuck her in the ass beforel he would cum. She began to sweat, fighting the ropes that held her bound to the bench, not because she was trying to free herself, but to continually be reminded that she was bound and helpless with a large cock up in her once virgin asshole. Bishop Michael did something that Belle didn’t expect. He hunched over her body, Belle thought that he only wanted to drive his cock in deeper. Instead, his hands slipped around her body, one found her clit and rubbed it; two fingers of his other hand entered her pussy and drove deep inside her, and he found her pussy soaked.

Bishop Michael could feel his cock with his fingers, separated only by a tiny wall. He began to pump her harder to make her take the full measure of his cock, all the while his fingers played with her clit until he felt her body respond.

The pain began to merge with the pleasure, Belle no longer able to distinguish between them or even care. She squeezed his cock with her asshole, in spite of the pain, or maybe because of it. She wanted to make him cum in her, Belle wanted to experience the feeling of his hot cum blast her guts.

Bishop Michael could feel the change in Belle. She didn’t fight the sodomy; in fact, she did everything to please him, her insides rippled up and down the shaft of his cock, her anal ring slid up and down his shaft as he fucked her. And her lower body danced on his cock, while his fingers played her clit like a musical instrument. He never had a girl as tight in the rectum as Belle, and he wanted it to last as long as possible. The other Priests were lucky to have such a talented nun to bring them pleasure. Her body was covered in a blanket of sweat as his body slammed into her ass cheeks, his cock buried deep in her bowels with each thrust. She wouldn’t last much longer; his fingers twisted and pinched her clit until she met his cock with her own thrust back. “Keep your ass tight for me and I’ll cum in you.”

He shoved hard to bury his cock deep in her guts. He didn’t pull out, Belle heard his rapid breathing as his cock twitched as it moved inside her. Then she felt it, the cock felt like it grew another inch, and then the head exploded in her bowels. It spurted out its hot cum to bathe her intestines. He pulled out, his cock slid easier. He quickly shoved back in as he felt a second load of cum shoot up from his balls to bathe her asshole with his precious seed until he shot back into her guts.

She came all over the fingers that were buried in her pussy, her insides clenched and unclenched on anything and everything. His fingers and his cock were milked while his cock spewed into her asshole with his hot cum. She had never felt anything like it before, her mind exploded as the orgasm raced through her body, his hands and cock never stopped tantalizing her. Three times he came in her until she felt bloated by the abundant crème shoved deep into her guts. Finally, she couldn’t stand it any longer, slumping down, exhausted and ravished, sodomized for the first time by the Bishop, but it would not be the last. There were three other Priests who needed relief, and she was sure that it would be her ass that would be taken for their pleasure. Bishop Michael pulled his cock from her ass and walked around in front of her. It was a terrible job, but she did it, cleaning his soiled cock with her mouth. When he finally released her, Father John helped her back to her room, her whipped ass and the ache in her asshole making her useless tonight. She fell asleep quickly in her new bed, happy that she had served the Lord.

* * *

Father John had learned from Bishop Michael of Sister Belle’s love of the rope. So after prayers, she found herself bound on her bed, legs spread to the two corners, arms spread to the other two. On her belly. And they took turns with her, each visited her tight asshole with their cocks, Sister Belle submitted to pleasure them until they came in her bowels. Her mouth was then forced into service to cleanse them. And yes, they made her cum.

* * *

Sister Belle smiled the next morning, whistling as she worked around the monastery, happy in her new life, happy that she would serve the Priests tonight after praising the Lord. The whip marks on her ass gradually went away, but Belle dreamed of the day when Bishop Michael would come back. And hopefully take her in new, exciting ways.

The End










For the families that travelled West to find their fortunes in the 1850’s it was a perilous journey. Outlaws, gunslingers and Indians found a family of a husband, wife and two grown daughters easy prey, even among the security of a wagon train.

The story of one such family, danger and misfortune befall them at every turn, their lives changed as they embark on a journey that take them far from what they could have imagined when they started. Forced to relinquish their bodies in ways they could never have envisioned, they find something they craved deep in their souls but were afraid to admit to themselves.

This was the period of time of the Wicked and Wild West, when men were men, and women submitted without question. Could the women find happiness with men that were different from the ideal husband they were brought up to cherish? Would their lost innocence forever haunt them or would they embrace their new roles with the hard riding men of the West?

Another Powerone period novel like Ravished by the Pirates,; hard riding men that took their pleasure from the women, forcing them to submit to their every sexual demand. Read of the strength and resilience of the women that settled our wild west and made it what it is today. Wicked and Wild West was re-written from the original version, new chapters added, the characters enriched, the details enhanced to bring you a novel of the West like nothing you have ever read before.



She felt him pulling away from her suddenly, a loud voice sounding familiar. Her dress fell down, covering her up as the drunken cowboy spilled to the ground, looking foolish with his cock out. He stood up, his face red in anger.

“The lady said no.” The voice was etched in Samantha’s brain.

“You’s fucking with the wrong stranger. You should have stayed where you was at.” The cowboy pulled his gun, but he barely got it out of his holster before the bullet ripped through his chest, blood spurting from the tiny hole. He slumped to the ground, dead before he even hit it. Jesse stood holding his smoking gun as the sheriff raced around the corner.

He looked and saw the dead man. “I should have thought it would be you, Jesse. You’ve been trouble since you came into town. Now you’ve gone too far.”

“You should be thanking him instead, Sheriff. Where were you when that man was trying to rape me? Don’t you think he looks a bit foolish with his cock out?” Samantha didn’t think she had said cock in front of the crowd that was already gathering, but there was no gentle way to put it.

The sheriff looked at the dead man, not sure why he didn’t notice it first. Maybe it was that he just didn’t like Jesse, looking for any excuse to put him away. He looked over at the feminine voice that defended Jesse. “You’s the daughter of Doctor Stevens’ nurse?” He had seen her around, strangely walking the streets during the day. Not a very safe place for a good girl.

“Yes, Sir. Now I hope you apologize to this fine man for saving my virtue.” Samantha became the prim and proper farm girl once again.

The crowd was looking at the sheriff. There was too much violence in the town, and they blamed him for not doing enough. “Yeah, Sheriff. Maybe we should make Jesse the sheriff instead.”

“Now go back to your chores folks. We’ll clean up this scum.” His deputy was already there. “Thanks, Jesse,” he acknowledge curtly. He still thought Jesse was trouble, but this was not the place or time. “You can both go,” trying to dismiss them and break up the crowd.

“My I escort you, ma’am.” Jesse was being the proper gentlemen in spite of just shooting down a man.

“I’d been honored. And safe,” she added. “My name is Samantha, and I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

Jesse hooked his arm into hers as they walked away. “And it’s Sam, and you owe me your innocence if that vermin was correct, and my recollection.”

“Where are you taking me?” She moved close to him, feeling so comfortable and safe. People looked at them as they walked by, the men stepping out of their way in respect. Even the women looked at them differently, Jesse gaining an air of respectability after saving her virtue.

“By the looks of that dress, I better get you something new or people will think I did it. There’s a nice dress shop just around the corner.”

“And how do you know where it is? You have a kept woman?” She suddenly realized that she didn’t know anything really about Jesse.

“I own the saloon next to it and the girls that work for me buy their dresses from the shop.” They turned the corner.

Samantha saw the dress shop, but it was the saloon that caught her eye. Why hadn’t I noticed it before? She must have passed it by a couple of times. Above the front door was the sign spelled out in large gold letters. “Sam’s.” She might have noticed it, but never put it together. “Was that the former owner’s name?”

“Nope. I named it that.” He tightened his grip on her more possessively.

“Got a brother named Sam? Or father?” She quizzed him as they almost reached the dress shop.

“Nope, I named it after you. You gave me good luck.” He paused for a moment. “And a good time.” He could see her blush. “Thought it might bring the good luck back to me.” He looked at her. “And it looks like it has, though I could have imagined a better reunion.”

He held the door open for her to the dress shop, the owner greeting him.

“Hello, Jesse, one of your new girls?”

“No, Bess, this one’s special, only the best for her.” Jesse smiled at Sam.

“I don’t think these dresses are my style, Jesse. I’m just a farm girl.” All of the dresses were tight in the waist and hips, molded over the butt and the tops were low cut, showing lots of cleavage. These were not the dresses that her mother and Belle would expect that Samantha should wear.

“You might think you’re a farm girl, but you got a city girl trying to get out. I seen the way you acted in the railroad car. You were made for this life. And you have a lovely body that shouldn’t be hidden beneath those loose-fitting dresses.”

“You have the nicest figure I’ve seen in a long time and the prettiest face. You don’t have to be a floozy to dress like this.” Bess had seen many of Jesse’s girls, this one was special and she could see it in Jesse’s eyes. “Your name wouldn’t happen to be Sam, would it?”

“Samantha, though I have been called Sam by some.”

“Damn, I knew he didn’t name it after some man. You must have made quite an impression on Jesse. I’ve never seen him quite so taken before. Now, you come over to the dressing room and try on one of these dresses. I think you’ll like the way you look.” Bess ushered Sam away from Jesse as he sat down in a chair to wait.

Bess gave her some silk bloomers and chemise as well as the most beautiful peach dress. It took her a couple of minutes to put it on, having to mold her body into it. Bess helped her latch it up in the back. “Where’s the mirror?” Samantha wanted to see what she looked like before she walked outside.

“It’s out there. You’re going to have to walk out and let Jesse see it if you want to catch a glimpse.” She whispered to Sam. “You’re gonna dazzle him, he ain’t got a chance once he sees you in this.”

Samantha finally got enough nerve to walk outside, feeling strange as she felt her breasts moving as she walked, the gentle swing of her ass, the dress molded to her body. She almost felt as if it was part of her skin instead of covering it. Jesse’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her, whistling loudly.

“Damn. I couldn’t imagine what lay beneath that old dress. Okay, maybe I did have a peek, but never imagined it was that nice. We’ll take it, Bess, in fact she’ll wear it. Put it on my tab and gather up a few more, and she’ll be in tomorrow to try them on. She’s gonna be the finest lady in Sacramento, you make sure she looks it.”

Jesse swept her off her feet and out the door before she could even protest. All of a sudden, men looked at her like they never did before Not ogling her, they dared not with Jesse next to her, tipping their hat as she passed, but she saw it in their eyes, lusting after her. Women grew jealous, pulling their husbands close to them as if she were going to steal them from their arm in a split second. When they entered Sam’s, there was almost a hush that fell over the room, finally Jesse breaking the silence.

“Drinks on the house. Welcome the new madam of Sam’s. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the lovely and talented Sam.” He twirled Sam so everyone could see her, and she did nothing to stop him. Not a hint of shame or embarrassment, almost as if she was born to this life. “Hungry?”

“Starved,” Jesse holding out a chair as they sat in the owner’s booth facing the front door. Two steaks were brought over as well as a bottle of the finest wine, Samantha realizing that she was hungrier than she thought. She almost wolfed the steak down.

“And what does a madam do?” Samantha finally finished the steak. She took another sip of wine, her third glass, already feeling a bit dizzy.

“You just have to make sure the customers are happy.”

“I thought that is what the other girls do?”

“They do, but someone has to make sure they do and take charge when you have a difficult customer.” He hadn’t had much luck with any of the other girls being the madam since he opened, Jesse finding it hard to make another man happy. His only solution was the six-shooter at his side. He looked at Sam, his memory perfect from their brief encounter. He never figured out how she stuck into his head so easily, no other woman had ever done such a thing. Maybe that’s why he came to Sacramento, hoping that he would find her, hoping that she would fulfill his destiny.

“Now, I’m not going to bed down with any of these men. Not for you or any man.” She wasn’t sure what Jesse wanted from her.

“The thought never crossed my mind. In fact, I might become a bit jealous if you did. You know what happens to men that try to force their affections on you, the last man that did it lay in the alley, dead.”

“And what about you,” Samantha saying aloof. “What are your intentions?” She took another drink of wine, trying to hide her nervousness. She knew what she had been searching for all this week. She was hoping that she would run into Jesse again. He treated her differently than all the other men she had met. He treated her as a woman.

“Now, I ain’t gonna lie to you. Ever since that day in the box car I can’t get you out of my mind or the touch of your hand on my cock.” He looked at her, looking into her eyes, seeing if he was scaring her with his truth. It didn’t seem to faze her. “I want you as much as any man had wanted a woman before.”

“You live here?”

It seemed that she changed the subject abruptly. Had I said the wrong thing? “Upstairs, I have a suite of rooms. Very comfortable.”

She suddenly got up, grabbing the rest of the bottle of wine. “Let’s go.”

“Where?” He was confused.

“I want to see if you’re as good with that other gun.” She grabbed his hand, pulling him up from the chair, though it was more Jesse’s eagerness that propelled him behind her. He followed her up the stairs, Samantha swaying her hips, knowing that Jesse’s eyes were following every sensuous swing of her ass. She was going to lose her innocence and it made her wet. She wasn’t sure how she was going to tell her mother and sister that she was going to be a madam of a saloon named Sam’s, but she was more concerned with the thought of losing her maidenhood to Jesse first.