The English Lord Rules the Manor
By Powerone
Copyright 2004-9


Lord Chambers sat in the chair, his cigar burning in the ashtray on the table, a glass of sherry in his hand. He looked at Sara, his cock hardening as he remembered the last time she got down on her knees to blow his prick. She was a delightful girl and knew her station in life. He had given her a job as a chambermaid only after she had submitted to him, Lord Chambers enjoying stripping her naked before she sucked him off for the first time. She got the job right away and she had been performing for him for over a year now. “So you have a sister that wants a job at my manor?” The Lord questioned Sara.

Sara recalled the first time she came before the Lord for a job. It was etched in her brain forever. She was only a year older then her sister, naïve in the way of rich and older men. He had humiliated her; Sara forced to slowly undress herself in front of him as he sat in the same chair, watching her until she was naked. Then she was made to get into many positions that showed off her naked body to him; on the chair, her back to him, her legs spread to the far edges until her cheeks parted obscenely. The worst is when she had to sit in the chair, her legs hooked over the arms, forced to pull open her labia so he could gaze intimately at her. There was one final test, Sara on her knees at the foot of his chair, naked, her hands nervously taking out his organ. She had touched a boys prick before that, but had never had taken one in her mouth. Hesitation was not an option with the Lord. She took it in her mouth for the first time. His hands guided her head back and forth, her tongue working feverishly to please him in hopes of securing the job. She could barely contain all of his spunk in her mouth, but he made her keep it until he finally allowed her to swallow it, the abundant juices filling her stomach. That was the first of many times.

“Yes, your Lordship. She is younger than I am, just turning eighteen this month.” Sara was trying to find her sister a job. Life at home was hard, their parents barely eking out a living growing crops for the Lord. Sara was nervous, afraid of what he might require of her. And her sister. At twenty years old, she had been sexually taken by the Lord and his friends many times and in many various ways. His friends were especially perverted, Lord Chambers requiring Sara to perform whatever they demanded of her. Their demands grew more jaded each time. She can only imagine what they would require of the two girls together.

“Does she know that she will have to submit to my every demand?” He had Sara in just about every conceivable position and hole since she came to work for him, never refusing him or his friends. He was always looking for some new flesh and the younger the better.

“I told her your Lordship. She is a virgin, but she obeys well.” Matilda was afraid, but was willing to do anything to keep her parents from being thrown off the plot of land they rented from the Lord. She had seen it happen too many times. They were old, barely able to grow the crops on the property. They would end up in debtor’s prison if they were thrown from the land.

“Bring her by tomorrow. I will inspect her and see if she knows her place.”

“Thank you my Lord. Matilda will not disappoint you.”

“She best not, Sara. It will be you that will suffer for it.” He dismissed her, not wanting to partake of her sexual charms tonight. He wanted to save himself until he had both of them tomorrow. That would be much more interesting, two young girls vying for his attention.

* * *

Matilda was nervous as she put on one of Sara’s uniforms, wanting to impress the Lordship. She looked down, the bodice very low, much more revealing than she would normally wear.

“Remember, you must do everything he says. He is the Lord of the Manor and he has a lawful right to take you sexually if he desires. And I know him, he will do so. I know you are a virgin, just follow my lead. Are you going to be all right?” Sara was almost jealous of her sister when she saw her in her uniform. She had a nice body. Lord Chambers would be impressed.

“Yes Sara. I know it will be hard, but our parents are suffering so on the farm. I must do what I have to in order to not be a burden on them.” She had run it through her head a hundred times, not even sleeping last night as she thought of what she would have to do. She had been with boys before, but she had protected her innocence, wanting to save it for her husband on their wedding night. She knew there were ways you could trick a man into thinking you were a virgin, but she wanted to give him her precious gift. No longer would she be able to do that, but at least her parents would be taken care of. A girl had to do what she had to do to protect her parents.

The cart was slow to the manor, giving Matilda time to contemplate her decision. When the manor came into view, Matilda could see the Lordship waiting for them. “Is that him?” Matilda pointed to him.


“He is much older than I expected.” He had to be ten or twenty years older then Matilda. She hadn’t thought about that, used to virile boys her own age. “His friends are even older.”

“His friends! You didn’t say anything about his friends!” Matilda was surprised.

“Yes, you will have to entertain his friends too.” Luckily, the cart pulled up in front of the Lordship, preventing the discussion from going any farther.

Lord Chamber’s cocks bulged out the front of his trousers when the young girl climbed out of the cart, the front of her dress opening up to reveal a lovely set of tits.

“Sara, you are looking lovely today,” said the Lord having his usual cane in his hand. He loved to use the whippy cane to enforce his obedience on the girls that worked for him. He would train Sara’s sister correctly the first time.


“And this is your little sister Matilda. How little is she?” Lord Chambers moved close to Matilda, but not before he pushed the cane under Sara’s chin until her head rose up. Taking the cane, he pushed the tip into the bodice of her dress, his eyes glued to the pale white flesh of her cleavage, pulling out the top of her dress slowly.


A deep flush fell across her exposed chest as Lord Chambers immediately took liberties with her. Even when boys would play with her breasts, it would be dark at night, not in the bright sun of the day. And not by a stranger. She turned a deeper red as he pulled the front of her dress open wider.

“It looks like your little sister, is not so little after all. Why don’t you let me see those lovely titties, Matilda?” He loved youthful, full breasts and Matilda certainly possessed them.

She looked at him, not even sure that she heard him. Did he really expect her to undress to the waist in the middle of the day outside where anyone could see her, not just him?

“I don’t have all day, Matilda. Sara told me you obey well. Is this what I can expect if I hire you?” Lord Chambers grew impatient.

Sara looked at Matilda. “You promised,” she whispered.

It was the hardest thing she ever did, her fingers trembling as she grabbed the shoulders of the dress. She slowly pulled it down, feeling the rough material slide over her nipples, the tips springing into unexpected hardness that made them throb. She felt the warm sun shining on her breasts, further exciting them.

He watched as she slowly pulled the bodice of her dress down, his cock hardening as she uncovered her young, full tits. Her chest was bright red in humiliation as she stood in the bright sun of the day.

She could only look down, her hands clenched at her side as Lord Chambers slid the cane over her bare stomach. She watched as it moved beneath the gentle swell of her breasts to bounce one of her breasts with the harsh cane. She shivered in excitement as the rough wood of the cane slid over the smooth, silky flesh of her breast until it came to her nipple. She was sure the tip would explode as the wood cane rasped harshly over her sensitive nipple. It almost felt like slivers digging into the flesh.

He moved the cane up, pushing up one of her breasts with the edge of the cane. “I am the Lord of the Manor, if you don’t obey me, those lovely titties will dance under the lash of my cane.” He would love to whip her tits with the cane, making them dance as the whippy cane hit the lovely flesh with a thick thud.

“I’m a good girl Master. I will obey,” Matilda said as she felt the harsh cane rubbing her silky flesh, stimulating the nipple in spite of the pain.


“Your sister is very good at obeying, aren’t you Sara? Why don’t you show lovely Matilda what the cock of an aristocrat looks like?” This would be fun, pitting one sister against the other, both of them vying for his sexual favor.

It was bad enough that Matilda was half-naked in front of Lord Chambers, but now Sara was going to show her his organ. She watched as her sister knelt before the Lord, her fingers unbuttoning his trousers as though she had done it a thousand times.

Sara got on her knees next to the lord and began to unfasten his trousers, a task she had performed countless times.


She accomplished the task in remarkable time, her deft fingers opening up the front of his trousers. Her fingers reached in and gripped the hot flesh of his organ. It throbbed with her first touch, jerking in her hand as she slowly bent it to get it out, afraid she would break it if she weren’t careful.

Matilda had never seen a boy’s organ before, it had always been too dark, but this was different. Sara took it out and Matilda’s eyes were glued to it as it popped out. The head was thick, almost purple, a ridge running around the head. The shaft was long, not smooth as she expected, thick blue veins running up the sides like giant serpents, thick hairs sprouting out from his trousers. It jutted up from his trousers like a third arm.

Sara stood up, Lord Chambers standing unashamed, his cock jutting out in front of him. He stroked his cock as he looked at Matilda. He would love to have her suck his cock, but he needed someone with experience. He would train Matilda later in the fine art of cock sucking when he could spend the time to leisurely enjoy her delightful mouth.


“Back down there Sara. Show your sister how well you suck my cock,” pushing her back on her knees again. “See how big my cock is Matilda,” using Sara’s hand to hold it. He was proud of his cock and never passed up a chance to flaunt his organ.


Sara knelt down again, her hand rubbing along his cock, feeling his hot jism leaking onto her hand. That would be the least of her problems, her mouth would have to take all of it when he came.

“Lick it! Worship my cock!” He felt her hot breath blowing on his organ, her hand holding it still as she moved closer to it.

Sara could taste the salty cum that leaked out as she ran her tongue over his cock, licking from his balls to the head of his cock, paying special attention to lick beneath the head where Lord Chambers was extremely sensitive.

“Now put it into your mouth like a good girl. You’ll soon learn to suck a cock equally well, Matilda. Lord Chambers used the cane, pushing it behind Sara’s head, pushing her head closer as her tongue lapped at the big head. Her hand felt good on his cock and so did her tongue, but he wanted more. He wanted his cock in her mouth.


Matilda couldn’t believe what she was doing, but Sara's mouth opened wide and she took his organ into her mouth, her lips closing around it. Her cheeks hollowed in as she drew it deeper into her mouth, her hand holding it around the shaft. Matilda couldn’t imagine what it was like to have his sex organ in her mouth.

“Oh, yes Sara, take it deeper,” his head was thrown back in pleasure as her hot mouth sucked his cock in deeper. He loved the way she sucked his cock, her tongue racing around the shaft as her head began to move back and forth rhythmically. Lord Chambers struggled not to cum, wanting to enjoy Matilda also before he came. He looked at Matilda’s lovely tits heaving erotically up and down. Was she getting turned on by her sister’s oral skills?


To Be Continued