Home Invasion



By Powerone

Copyright 2007



It happened so fast Gretchen could barely understand that it was real.  They were watching television, just as they did almost every Friday night.  They had gotten a new DVD from Netflix, popped popcorn and had the started the movie when there was a crash that shattered the quiet life of their country home.  Her father jumped up, surprised as the front door crashed in.  He leaped towards the door, but before he could reach the door the impact of something hard hit him, his body slumped into a pile on the floor with a man in a mask over him. The stranger had a shotgun in his hand, the butt of it bloodied from where he had hit her Father.  She, her sister and her mother sat huddled onto the couch. Her mother’s arm enveloped her and her sister doing little to reassure Gretchen that everything would be okay. 


Gretchen wished they hadn’t lived so far in the country. It was over ten miles of farmland before they even got to another farm.  Her sister was a year older, but she looked just as scared as Gretchen.  Gretchen drew her bathrobe tight around her body and trembled as she saw the four large men look down at them, while one pointed a gun at her.  She had never seen a gun that close up, but the long barrel was inches from her face.  She wished she had worn more than the man’s pajama top and panties beneath the bathrobe. The man’s eyes seemed to be looking through her pajamas as if they weren’t there. 


“See I told you.  Nice juicy pussy.”  His cock was hard as he saw the three females tremble on the couch.  “If we have to hold out for a day, we might as well make it enjoyable.”  They had escaped prison two days ago.  They had put over 1,000 miles between them and the prison, and the police wanted them bad.  Michael was the leader, though with convicts you could never trust each other.  They had watched the farmhouse for a couple of hours, waiting until nightfall to invade its quiet existence.  Michael saw the daughters coming home from school, his cock thick in expectations of defiling their innocent bodies.


Gretchen had seen the news reports of the escaped convicts, but that was two states away.  Besides, nothing ever happened around her.  It was so boring that a new movie from Netflix was the highlight of the week.  She trembled on the couch, her hands hid her body from the men and hoped they just wanted money and leave.


“It’ll be okay,” her mother tried to reassure her, but it did little to ease the fear that raced through her body.  Gretchen was not a virgin, her mother would have been shocked if she found out. She had sex only twice and neither time very satisfying.  These men looked at her with lust in their eyes and with her Father slumped on the floor; there wasn’t much to stop them from doing whatever they wanted to her and her sister.


“Tie him up real good.  He’ll be out for a while.  I don’t want him interrupting us.”  One of them men had already dragged her father over to a chair, tied his slumped body tightly into it, as blood still ran down his cheek from the terrible gash in the corner of his forehead.  It was already turning black and blue, Gretchen wished she could do something to help him, but the gun in her face kept her in control.


The man who held the gun walked over to the three females on the couch.  The mother must be late thirties, but he could see a nice body beneath the bathrobe she wrapped tightly around her.  Her blonde hair shimmered, but it was the fear in her big blue eyes that he liked the best.  His hand went down to the front of his pants, gripped his cock, and made sure all of them saw his intentions.  His gaze followed over to the two daughters.  They were spitting images of the mother.  One was a bit older than the other, but he didn’t care.  He just wanted hot, tight pussy, sure that either one of them would provide him with what he desired.  A little force would make it all that more enjoyable.  He grabbed the rope from one of the men.  “Tie them up.”  He loved the look on their faces when he said that.  “In each of their own bedroom.  I want them to feel at home,” he laughed loudly.  “I’ll take this one.”  He bent down, his face in front her Gretchen’s.  “What’s your name honey?”


She could smell his bad breath, or body odor, not sure which.  “Gretchen,” her voice trembled.


“Take anything you want.  Just leave my daughters alone.  I’ll do whatever you want.”  Gretchen’s mother voice rose up and pleaded.  “Anything.”


The man looked over at her.  “Anything.  You sure about that honey?”


“Yes,” she said, her voice trembled in terror.  She had only been with one man in her life, but she knew that this was the only way to save her daughters. 


“What’s your name sweetie?”




“You two take Martha into her bedroom and get her warmed up for all of us.”  He looked at Martha.  “Now you cooperate real good or else will visit your lovely daughters for our pleasure.”


“Yes Sir,” she stood up, pulled her bathrobe around her.  She walked out of the room, the two men close behind her.  She gave her daughters a reassuring nod, but she wasn’t even sure if she was convinced herself.  She marched off to her bedroom, but it wouldn’t be her husband that had her in bed tonight.  It would be strange men, Martha convinced that they would force her to do despicable acts. Martha would to do anything to save her daughters from the sexual carnage.


One man pulled Gretchen’s sister roughly up from the couch, her protests doing little to stop him as he manhandled her out of the room.   “Show me your room honey.”  His hand was already around her waist, and slid over the gentle curve of her pert ass as they walked down the hall.


 The other man pulled Gretchen up from the couch.  “I’m Michael.  You be a good girl and you won’t get hurt.  You mess with me and I’ll mess with your Daddy over their.”


“But you told my mother that you wouldn’t touch us.”  He scared her, especially with the gun in his hand.  She shuddered as he pushed the gun in her face and ran the barrel of the gun around her lips.


“Open your mouth,” he ordered her.  He saw her submit, sliding the black metal barrel in her mouth.  “Wrap your lips around it.”  He liked the way she submitted so easily.  He began to stroke the gun in and out of her mouth, his cock grew thicker as he imagined it was his cock in her sweet mouth.


It was almost as if he had stuck his penis in Gretchen’s mouth and pushed the gun in and out of her lips as if she were performing oral sex on him.  The cold metal barrel was hard and unyielding and pushed deeper into her mouth as he forced her to tongue to the bottom and slid relentlessly between her clenched lips.


He couldn’t wait much longer, eager to enjoy this prize.  “Your mother’s going to fuck and suck a lot of cock.  But you’re going to be the appetizer.”  He pulled the gun from her mouth and pushed her towards the other empty room.  “Yours?”  He pointed to the door shut tight.


Gretchen could only nod yes and opened the door to her room, not the safe refuge she always thought it to be.  Her bed appeared so ominous, even with her stuffed animals on the pillow.  It was no longer the bed of an innocent girl and she feared it would be the place where her innocence would be taken from her. She looked at Michael.  He was a bit younger than her Father, late twenties.  He was large, his hands twice as big as Gretchen’s.  He must have weighed over 200 pounds, Gretchen blushed as she looked below his belt, the bulge in his pants left no doubt of his intentions.  Her eyes looked down to the rope he held in his hand.  Her body shuddered at the thought of the rope that would dig into her skin.  To be bound, unable to stop him from doing anything to her body. 


Michael saw her eyeing the rope.  “You ever been bound Gretchen?  Tied up so tight you couldn’t even squirm.”  His hand slid along the rough rope, Gretchen’s eyes followed as he stroked it almost sensuously.


“NO!”  How could he even think of such a thing?  Sex was a thing to be shared between lovers, not just for sexual gratification.  Bondage, she had heard of it, believed it was one of those things that only happened in porn movies.


“Take off that bathrobe.”  The look on her face was priceless, his cock hard as a rock as the tears began to form in her eyes.


She put both of her wrists together in front of her and offered them up to be tied.  “Just tie me up.  Please!”   Anything was better than taking off her bathrobe for him.  She knew that it was just the start if he took off her bathrobe.  The slap was so unexpected, Gretchen’s face rocked from side to side.  She couldn’t believe the pain, as her head exploded in stars.


“Now what did I tell you about cooperating?”  The side of her face was already turned red.  “Now take off that bathrobe.”  He was going to teach her right away failure to submit to him would be painful and useless. The rope would enforce her surrender.


Gretchen submitted, her head ached, a reminder of Michael’s cruelty. 


“Please, don’t make me take it in my mouth.”  Gretchen could hear the muffled protests of her mother in the next room and then the sound of gagging.  What were they doing to her?  Take it deep Martha, suck my cock,” the angry harsh voice heard plainly behind the wall.


Gretchen’s hands went to the tie of the bathrobe and hypnotically undid it.  Her hands trembled so much she could barely undo the buttons, as she moved from the top all the way down to the bottom.  Michael’s eyes watched her as she did it.  She could hear her mother’s muffled protests in the next room, not even able to fathom a cock in her mouth, let alone it being man that was not your lover.  Would Michael make her submit to the same?  He had already stuck his gun in her mouth.  She let the robe fall to the floor, her eyes downcast, ashamed as she stood there.


Michael loved the body of the young girl.  He could make out a lovely set of tits beneath the man’s pajama top, sure no bra held them up, no need at her age.  He could almost make out her nipples against the silky material as they pushed against the smooth material. He imagined she loved the feel of the material against her nipples as she walked.  The top was long enough to cover her pussy, but left her long legs naked and enticed him as he stared at her body.  “That’s a good girl.  No need to cover that lovely body.”  Michael whistled at her, her face turned red as she slowly stripped for a stranger.  “Now for your hands.  Put them behind your back, wrists together.”


Gretchen found her body spun around, resigned to being bound, ashamed at the way her naked breasts bounced beneath the top.  She put her hands behind her back, her wrists together, felt her breasts thrust out by the position.  She shivered when she felt the rope, wrapped around her wrists and Michael pulled the rope tight until she moaned in pain from the rope digging into her skin.  “It‘s too tight,” she protested.  She never felt so vulnerable in her life, half naked and bound by a strange man.


“Don’t worry Gretchen, you’ll soon forget all about the rope.”  Now get that lovely ass on the bed.  Kneel on it like a good girl.”  He pushed Gretchen over to the bed, helped her get on the bed.  The position made it difficult to keep her balance, her tied wrists throwing her off, Michael had to help as he pushed her to the center of the bed.  She started to fall over, Michael let her almost hit the bed before he pulled her back up and admired her plump ass as the top slid up her back.  Her panties pulled tightly over her firm cheeks, able to even see the crack in her ass.  This one was going to be nice, he thought.


Gretchen knelt on her bed, her arms bound behind her back; her stuffed animals stared at her almost in sympathy.  Michael moved close to her, so close she could smell his bad breath again.  She looked down as his hands slid over the collar of her top, his fingers tapped at her button.  His other hand moved to her back, and pressed hard on her until she arched her back, her top strained as her breasts pushed up the front, as Michael’s eyes stayed glued to her chest.  “Please!”  She begged, but his finger opened the first button with deft flick and the two sides of the top splitting apart to reveal a wide expanse of naked flesh. 


“Nice,” Michael remarked snidely, her cleavage revealing a nice pair of tits.  He pushed harder on her back, and made her strain to push her tits out for him.  His finger slipped down her naked cleavage before finding the second button and his touch left a trail of goose bumps from where it had visited.  He looked straight into her eyes; his fingers snapped the second button open.  The top split open wide, her generous cleavage revealed to his eyes, his erection jerked in his pants at her lovely tits exposed, the trembling bound girl on the bed excited him.


She looked down at her top, two buttons opened and two to go. Michael forced her to arch her back, the view obscene as she if she tried to tease him with her breasts.  His fingers tickled along her cleavage and slid lower, the next button unsnapped with barely a flick of his finger.  Michael pressed his hand into her back again and forced her to thrust out her chest even farther. Fear raced through her mind but she didn’t have time to worry, the next button opened as Michael’s finger worked its magic on her top.  The material lay precariously over her bare breasts.


Michael leaned in close to her, his face only an inch from her.  “Pretty girl,” he remarked before licking her cheek, seeing her cringe as his tongue ran over her silky flesh.  His hand was not idle, slipped inside her top and caressed her smooth skin until he found the underside of her breast.  He was right, they might be big, but they stood up proudly; barely a sag in them.  His fingers caressed the underside of her breasts and stared into her eyes; saw the look of terror in them as he openly fondled her lovely, naked breasts.  “Nice tits Gretchen.  You like them played with?”  His large hand grew impatient; his palm encircled the abundant tit.  He felt her hard nipple, push into his palm as his large hand gripped her bare breasts.


She shivered when his hand slipped into her top; it was cold compared to her warm skin.  She was embarrassed to feel her nipples pop to attention, ashamed that he would soon find out, think she was aroused by his touch.  She didn’t understand the feeling, the tight rope kept her body subdued. She knelt on her own bed while a strange, older man stripped her naked, his hands only inches from her naked breasts.  It sent tiny tremors between her legs, much like when she masturbated herself.  How could this be turning her on?  Was she such a whore?  She barely contained the moan from her lips when his large hand engulfed one of her breasts, felt her nipple harden as it touched the calloused palm of his hand.  Her back was still arched, her breast gripped tightly as Michael compressed his hand, the blood rushed suddenly to the tip and it felt as if it were going to pop.


Michael let his fingers dig into her tits, his palm touched her nipple but his fingers still just teased her.  She might protest his rude handling of her tits, but deep down between her legs she loved it.  His face moved close to hers, kissed her on the cheek, his finger circled around her nipple and felt the goose bumps on her areola.  He couldn’t wait to see them naked, he wanted to embarrass her first.  His fingers made the nipples harden, pushed out the top as he teased them to erection without even touching them.


God, she wished he would touch her nipple.  He had squeezed her breasts, the blood pumped in her swollen nipples.  And now his finger teased all around her nipple, without touching it.  She arched her back, hoped he wouldn’t notice her brazen behavior, anything to feel the touch of his finger on her nipple.  “EEEEEWWWW,” she couldn’t contain the rush of air that raced from her lungs as his fingers gripped her nipple tightly.  She hadn’t expected that, wanted a gentle caress, instead her nipple felt like it was trapped in a vice.  She tried to pull away, but his finger tightened on her nipple, the swollen bud tugged harshly until she arched her back again. 


“Nice hard nip,” Michael teased her; his fingers twisted and turned the rubbery tip.  “Why don’t we slip that top off your shoulders?  That way I can see those lovely naked titties.”  He pulled his hand from beneath the top, but only long enough to slip it from her shoulders and down her arms, the rope kept him from taking it completely off.  “Now stick them titties out for me again Gretchen.  There such a pretty pair, meant to be on display for all to see.”


His fingers dug into her back again until she arched up into the air ashamed her nipples were swollen with lust.  The one he had touched, pinched was more to the point, was so big Gretchen never felt anything like it.


“Them titties were made for sucking,” his head moved down until his hand cradled one of her breasts, his lips quickly surrounded the hard tip and sucked it deep into his mouth.  His tongue instantly moved out and attacked the hard tip, slapped back and forth and bit down with his teeth just below the areola to hold her still.  His other hand moved to her other breast, his fingers danced over the nipple to make it stand at attention; his fingernail snapped the tip harshly and felt her body jerk in pain as the loud snap of his fingernail touched the delicate nub.


His beard scraped her tender breast flesh as his head moved down.  She tried to stop him, shook her upper body but it only added to her humiliation, her naked breasts bounced sensuously up and down.   Gretchen’s hands clenched in a fist as she felt his lips around her nipple before she felt the terrible pressure as he sucked her nipple deep into her mouth and felt it stretch.  She could only arch her back to ease the pressure, a sudden rush raced through her body as his tongue dashed back and forth over the swollen tip.  It felt so rough as it lashed at the tip, as Gretchen found her other breast manhandled by his hand, his powerful fingers dug deep into the tender flesh.  “OOOWWW,” she cried out, his finger snapped her nipple, and ignited a deep pain.  He moved his face around between her cleavage and sandpapered her silky skin, her nipple trapped just below by his teeth. Gretchen held her breath, afraid he would bite too hard. 


He cupped both of her breasts in his hands, as his head moved back and forth, making sure that she felt his beard rake over the hard tips.  “Too rough for you Gretchen?”


“Your beard hurts,” she protested.


“Would you rather have my smooth cock slides back and forth between those lovely pillows?”  The thought of his cock sliding back and forth as he clenched them tightly around it, her mouth only inches as the head of his cock pulled out the end excited him.


“NO!  NO!”  She couldn’t fathom such a thing.  At least she was still a bit safe, he hadn’t taken his cock out yet.  Maybe he would just play with her body and let her go.  Go and take her Mother as he promised, though she hated to subject her Mother to such depravity. 


Michael got up from the side of her and moved behind her.  He looked over her shoulders to gaze at those lovely tits.  His hands slid around her side to cup beneath them, hefting them up like they were basketballs to be put on display.  He couldn’t help but notice how swollen her nipples were.  Her areolas were large, the size of half dollars, dark brown, surrounding the pink nipples that stood out so proudly.  “Watch your tits while I play with them,” he ordered her.  His fingers played around the areolas as he teased the flesh before he snapped both of her nipples.  She tried to push back away but he was ready.  “Stick out them tits.”  He waited for a second to his order to sink in.  “Or Daddy’s going to get punished for it.”  She didn’t hesitate any longer.  “Yes, that’s a good girl.  He pinched both of her nipples between his fingers and watched as the rubbery flesh clenched between the vice like grip.  He began to pull them out, turn and twist them as he stretched her luscious tits out of shape.


She couldn’t believe what he was doing to her delicate breasts.  He treated them harshly, her nipples ached from his pinching fingers and now the yanking, Gretchen having no choice but to arch her back higher, her breasts pulled to almost an oblong as her nipples pulled over an inch long.  She didn’t know how much longer she could stand it.  Just a quickly as he yanked them, he let them go, Gretchen embarrassed as they jiggled up and down on her chest when he released them.


“You like your titties played with Gretchen?”  Michael began to gently caress her nipples again as he teased the tips back and forth.  Even with the pinching, they were still erect, gentle probing by his fingertips all that was needed to bring them back to full attention.  She shook her head no, but Michael could tell that this one might like it rough.  With her nipples erect, his fingers crushed them again, Gretchen moaned in pain but doing little to stop his harsh treatment.  He twisted and turned the nipples, his fingers pinched tighter and tighter as they tried to slip out of his grip. He yanked her tits out of shape again, this time her nipples stretched over an inch and a half long, yanked high up into the air. 


Her breasts slapped back onto her chest as Michael released his grip.  Again, his touch became gentle, his fingertips almost soft as they lightly danced over her nipples.  Gretchen couldn’t stop her body from reacting as she arched her back to push them deeper into his hands.


“You like that Gretchen.  I can tell.  You’ve been such a good girl I think I’ll let you cum.”  He waited for her reaction, her head turned to look at him in shock. 


“NOOOO!  Not that!”  She twisted her body, the rope dug into her wrists reminding her that she had no control over her body and that Michael could do anything he wanted to her.  She would resist him as best as she could.


Michael got up from the bed and moved the full length mirror that was over on the other side of the room until it was at the foot of her bed.  “This way you can see me play with your pussy.  You’ll like that.”  He could see the shame in her face, wanting more of it.  Nothing was worse for a young girl than being forced to cum while masturbated.  And watching as it happens.  He moved behind her.  “Now kneel up real tall and stare at the mirror.  I want you to see everything as I do it.”


Gretchen had no choice, her body rose up high, Michael snuggled up behind her, his hands around her waist.  She looked in the mirror, embarrassed as she saw Michael’s smirking face look at her half naked body, his hands around her waist, sure where they would go next.  “Don’t do this to me,” tears fell down her cheeks.


“Don’t worry Gretchen.  I think you’ll cum nicely for me.  I can’t wait to feel inside your hot, tight pussy.”  Michael’s hands slid down her hips, felt her body tremble as he got close to her pussy.  “Spread your knees wider Gretchen.  I need to be able to play with your pussy.”  His hands slid along the front of her legs and moved between her tightly clenched thighs, pushed in until she relented and began to shuffle her knees wider.


She couldn’t help the feeling she had, a rush of arousal that she was sure that soaked her panties.  His hands, rough calloused hands pushed between her silky thighs until she had no choice but to spread her legs, Michael insistent, pinched her tender thighs until she spread her legs wider and wider.  She looked into the mirror, her kneeling legs spread wide, her panties pulled tightly around her mound, Gretchen ashamed that she thought she could see a wet spot on the front of her panties.


“Yes, that’s a how a good girl should be.  Spread and ready to be masturbated.”  Michael’s large hands spread to the inside of her thighs and moved close to the folds of her panties his fingers teased along the tiny stubble that ran along her bikini line.  He watched Gretchen’s face, her lips clenched tightly, holding her breath as he teased so close to her pussy.  He was sure that she was already wet as his fingers played close along her panty edges.  He pushed the panties in, sliding along her naked pussy lips, teasing the tiny, blonde hairs that peeked out beneath the panties as her body jerked when the follicles resonated with arousal.


It was almost too much to fathom, her body trembled as Michael teased so close to her sex, yet never fully touched her.  She almost wished her hands weren’t bound so she could play with her pussy as she did often late at night.  She could feel Michael push behind her, feeling his cock touching her ass.  God, it must be huge, feeling like a log as it throbbed against her panty covered ass cheeks.  He’d split her open with such a thing.  Maybe if she came for him he would leave her alone.   She watched his fingers yanked her panties until almost all of her pussy lips were naked, the blonde hair that she so neatly trimmed barely visible.  The panties only covered her slit, his fingers sending such delicious tremors through her body, Gretchen resigned to let Michael masturbate her to climax.  The sooner the better to end this terrible humiliation. 


Michael could feel her surrender, her body rubbing gently back and forth in spite of his hard cock dug into her ass cheeks.  His fingers toyed with her pussy lips, exposing them to the mirror as his fingers danced back and forth over the silky hairs.  His hand moved quickly, one large palm gripped her pussy like a bowling bowl and clenched with his fingers.  He felt her jerk up as one fat finger found her slit and wormed her panties into the moistened gash.


“AAAWWW.” The shock of his hand engulf her sex was so unexpected.  She felt the pressure on her sex, one finger pulsated between her lips, Gretchen sure that she could feel his heart beat at the tip of his finger.  The tip that lay so close to her pleasure button.  Her hips shook from side to side, not sure why.  Was she trying to dislodge the finger?  Or make it touch her clit.


Michael gripped her pussy lips between three fingers, two on each side of her puffy lips, one snuggled tightly in her gash.  He pinched them together.  Hard.  Her body shook as he pinched the delicate lips, his other finger relentless as it moved between her panty soaked lips.


His caresses had turned harsh again, Gretchen almost bit her lip as she watched in the mirror the fingers that had such strength pinch her delicate pussy lips.  And that persistent finger that moved inside her lips, rubbed relentlessly up and down her slit in spite of the tremendous pressure of his fingers on her pussy lips.  She moved up higher, her thighs spread so far that she thought she was going to split up the middle.  Anything to ease the pressure of Michael’s hand between her legs.


“Ask me to play with your naked pussy Gretchen.”  He gripped her pussy tighter, her lips pinched harshly, his finger dug into her gash.  He tugged her lips in his powerful fingers, seeing the shocked look on her face at being sexually manhandled.


She had no choice, her sex felt like it was caught in a vice.  And that finger was so discerning, always arousing her as she could never do to herself.  “Play with my pussy,” she begged.


“Your naked pussy?”


“Yes, play with my naked pussy,” resigned to being stripped naked and forced to cum. 


Michael didn’t even both to take her panties off, it was even more humiliating to leave them on.  He slipped his hands in the waistband as he felt her suck in her stomach to accommodate his large hand.  He slid his hand down until he brushed over the top of her bush, her body trembled as he yanked a sprig of hair until she yelped.  Before she could react again, his hand slid down over her naked vulva, his hand found her pussy wet, the wide spread of her legs left her pussy lips open and vulnerable.  His fat finger found her slit and slid in, enjoying the wet, slick inner lips.  “I like a girl that gets wet for me,” he teased her.  “And you’re drenched.”


He had found her secret, her pussy aroused by his fingers.  She turned red in shame as she twisted her body.  The rope that cut deep into her wrists enforced her submission.  She could see the finger beneath her panties, felt the calloused flesh slip so unceremoniously between her lips, caress her most intimate inner flesh.  It moved around inside her lips, almost clinically as it inspected her.  She wished she could clamp her thighs together, trap the finger inside her, trap the lovely feeling that it was bringing her.  Her hips began to hump up and down, Gretchen slid her ass along the cock that throbbed on her cheeks.  She could only imagine how it would feel inside her.  How big it was.  Would he take her hard?  Or gentle?  


Michael wanted to see her naked pussy, pulled his hand up, gripped the top edge of the panties and slid them down over her hips until they wouldn’t go any farther due the spread of her legs.  She had such a nicely trimmed bush.  And the blonde hairs made it almost invisible.  Her lips were pronounced, the spread of her legs had parted her lips, exposing the pink inner lips that glistened with her juices.  He pulled back from behind her, wanting to see her ass.  “Nice ass,” his finger slid along her crack, passed quickly over her anus before she could even protest the rude handling.  He pushed in close to her and rubbed his cock on her naked ass cheeks.  “Can you feel my cock Gretchen?  You’re making it so hard.  You’re going to have to take care of it after you cum.”


She barely heard him, his fingers that slid over her ass distracted her, a spasm in her anus as his fingertip touched her in such an intimate place.  Luckily for her he continued on, his hands returned to her pussy, Gretchen watched as his fingers peeled back her pussy lips, showed her pink insides so obscenely to the mirror that reflected back her humiliation.  She was ashamed at the way it sparkled in the light, her juices glistened.  She watched in almost slow motion as his hand moved back down between her legs, this time one fat finger pointed out, Gretchen knowing where it was going.  He was going to put it inside her.  She spread her legs as wide as she could.  Even his finger was big, bigger than the boy’s cock that had fucked her twice.  She had barely felt him inside her, sure that would not be the case with Michael’s finger.  Or Michael’s cock, the huge erection rubbed so sensuously over her ass cheeks. 


Michael pushed his fingertip against her tight hole, drenched with her juices, her body tense, waiting for him to enter her.  He tapped at her hole as her ran his finger around the edge, each time pushed out wider and wider, preparing her for his fingers.  He snuggled his finger into her hole, pushed until he felt her open up for him, Gretchen kneeled taller as he began to enter her.  He twisted his finger as he pushed in, her slick passage gripped his finger as he drove it in up to the knuckle.


She let out a gasp as his finger entered her so forcefully, her body going rigid as her sex was impaled on the fat finger that drove so unceremoniously inside her.  It wasn’t like a lover, she was stripped naked, kneeling before a mirror as an older man slipped his finger inside her as if he owned her.  And he did, the tight rope that bound her arms leaving no doubt in her mind that Michael could and probably would do anything to her that he wanted.  And she knew that she couldn’t even fathom the perversities he might force on her untrained body.  Yet at the same time she tugged on her ropes, the pain as they dug into her wrists mixed with the pleasure the finger that wormed deeper and deeper inside her brought her.  She looked between her legs, Michael’s fingers lost in the deep folds of her sex.  His knuckle banged against her pussy, the finger still twisted and turned in spite of not moving any deeper.  She tightened her pussy on the finger, as she tested how big it was.  It filled her so completely, yet it was only one finger.  She was afraid he would put more inside her, but at the same time she hoped he would, wanting the experience of being full.


“Such a hot, tight box, Gretchen.  Yes, tighten up on my finger.  Show me how much you like to be finger fucked.”  His finger began to fuck in and out of her pussy, her hips rolled gently from side to side, her pussy gripped his finger possessively.  “Tell me how much you like it Gretchen?”  He pushed his finger in deep, scraping the inside walls of her pussy.  “Tell me?”


She kneeled higher as his finger scrapped along her tender insides harshly.  She had heard him, but didn’t want to embarrass herself, but he would have none of it, pain his only response.  “I like it,” her voice trembled.  But it was true, the image in the mirror making her more aroused, the hand between her legs brought such pleasure to her in spite of the force.  She didn’t even protest, only a gasp from her lips as a second finger joined the first, her legs bowed out even farther, anything to accommodate them.  Her pussy felt so stretched, sure that it would be even worse with his cock.  Or better, her arousal confused her brain.  It was so humiliating.  And exciting to watch as Michael masturbated her so openly in the mirror as her body bounced up and down on his fingers.  She could see how slick his fingers were, glistening as Michael pulled them from her pussy and than thrust back in so fast that she gasped. 


She couldn’t control her hips any longer, a gentle fucking motion as she drew her pussy up and down the two thick fingers that plunged into the hot depths of her pussy.  It was almost surreal to see her naked image shooting back from the mirror, her legs spread wide, his fingers buried deep between her thighs.  Even when he shoved his fingers in too deep, Gretchen shoved her ass back to try to escape the pain, only finding a throbbing cock shoved unnaturally against her anus, her widespread legs leaving her backside vulnerable to his thick cock.


When he thought she couldn’t take any more, he upped the ante, forcing three fat fingers into her tight pussy, her face clenched in pain as he slowly and forcefully shoved aside all her resistance, bury them deep inside her.  He felt her shudder when they were in finger deep, twisted and turns them, making her feel the bones of his knuckles rubbing her tender insides.    She breathed heavy now, her hips still moved unconsciously, his other hand snaked around her hips to find the top of her slit.  He looked in the mirror, watching her eyes open wide when he found her clit, pulled the hood back to expose the hard, red pleasure button to the harsh reality of the mirror.


It felt like he had a fist inside her as she bowed out her legs as she clenched her body in pain, her pussy stretched to the limit.  The fingers never stopped moving, slid in and out, shoved aside her muscles to dig deep into her intimate body.  His other hand shocked her, staring in the mirror as she saw her clit for the first time in such a state.  It was huge, red and swollen, his fingers along the edges of it, sending tremors through her body.  She watched in slow motion as his fingers moved on both sides of her clit, the pressure built as they tightened, Gretchen watching in awe as the blood rushed to the crushed tip, the heavy throbbing feeling like her heart was in her clit.  “OOOOOH,” she moaned loudly in pleasure, her hips rose up high as the fingers continued to pinch her clit.  “Pleassseee,” she begged, not even sure what she was begging for.  She only wanted release, wanting to cum so badly.


“Yes Gretchen.  Cum for me now.  Show me the way you spend.”  He snapped her clit, feeling her body jerk back and forth from the unexpected shock of her pleasure button slapped so harshly.  It drove her hips up and down, his fingers plunged in and out of her pussy, the pain forced her pussy to tighten on his fingers, Michael not believing how tight she could get. 


The fingers inside her twisted and turned, all the while his other finger played her clit like a musician, knowing just the right touch to send her over the edge.  She came, the orgasm exploded in her body almost unexpected, Gretchen having no control over her own bodily functions, watching in the mirror as her nipples swelled in pleasure, her body shook and trembled as Michael masturbated her.  The pleasure exploded in her brain, the rope tightened, her bare breasts bounced up and down, her reflection only adding to the pleasure.  And the humiliation, a young girl stripped naked on her own bed, kneeling tall, her legs spread wide, a strange, older man’s finger inside her, intimately masturbating her to climax while she could only watch her own defilement in the mirror that refused to hide her shame.


It seemed like hours as she came, her body twisted and tossed about, each time she thought the orgasm was over, Michael’s fingers would bring her to a higher level, her pussy and clit fingered to perfection.  She finally slumped over, Michael’s hand no longer supporting her body.  Her legs were still spread wide, bent in two, her ass thrust up, her panties still high on her thighs.


Michael looked down at her, her ass spread so obscenely before him, her spread legs leaving her anus open and unprotected.  He couldn’t resist the temptation, his fingers playing up and down her sweat drenched crack, paying special attention to her tiny anus, feeling the tiny hole flutter from his intimate inspection.  “Nice asshole Gretchen.  You ever have anything up there?”  He pressed the pad of his finger on the tight knot of her anus, feeling the spasms running through the virgin hole.


Michael’s hand on her back kept her pinned down, her bent over body not allowing her to close her legs.  And now Michael was touching her backside intimately.  Not her sex, but her anus, his finger rubbed around the hole, Gretchen almost feeling the pulse in his fingertip as it pressed against her resisting hole.  “NNNNNO!”  She protested the indignity, never realizing that anyone would want to even consider doing such a thing.  It was just too filthy. 


The scream tore through the house, the sound of Gretchen’s sister shrill voice shattering the silence.  “I can’t take it,” she screamed in protest.  “Not that, not on my nipple,” her ear piercing scream ringing out again.


“Take it all the way in or I’ll pinch them off,” one of the men’s voice responded.


Gretchen looked up at Michael.


“It’s Joe.  He has a long cock.  Real long, over ten inches.  He loves to butt fuck girls.  Make them take his snake up their ass.  But he makes them sit on his cock and shove it in their ass, a painful process I’m sure.  Especially for a young, anal virgin like your sister.  If they fail to take it, he has some nice nipple clamps and even a pair of vice grips that he attaches to her nipples.  The heavy tool will pull her breast down below her waist, the delicate nipple trapped painfully between the unyielding metal.  She’ll suffer until she takes all of his cock in her ass.  To make it worse, the pain in her nipples makes her asshole tighter, making it harder for her to ass fuck herself on his cock.”  Her scream tore through the house again, the blinding agony of Joe’s cock in her asshole sending shock waves of pain in her body.


“Once fully seated in her asshole, it will begin.  His powerful rutting as she is forced to take the full measure of his ten inches of thick cock in her asshole.  He’s been known to butt fuck a girl for twenty minutes, twenty minutes of ass pounding that many girls will pass out, thankful for the welcome relief.  But they only wake up, his cock still churning up her ass guts.” 


She looked at Michael in fear, his finger played with her asshole.  Would he take her up the ass?  Gretchen not sure she could handle the unnatural probing of his cock in her intestines.


“Don’t worry honey, I’m not going to butt fuck you.  Not if you suck my cock real good and make me cum.”  He could see the look of disgust on her face as he mentioned a blow job.  “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you to suck cock.  I’ve seen you with the gun.  You’re a natural.”  He laughed as he got up from the bed.  He began to take off his clothes, her eyes stared directly at him.  He pulled his cock from his pants, her eyes opened wide in astonishment.  “Never seen anything that big before Gretchen?  Was your boyfriend a pencil dick?”  He stroked his cock, the flesh grew thicker, her tongue ran around her lips exciting him. 


To Be Continued




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