Rin Pays For Daddy’s Mistakes

By Powerone

Copyright 2004-2009


Rin is a beautiful, dark-haired, twenty-one-year-old, Japanese college junior.  She lost her mother four years ago leaving her and her father alone, both heartbroken over her premature death.  Rin was able to cope with her untimely death by plunging all of her energies into school, a passion her mother would have loved.  Her father was not so fortunate.  He was older; his career had peaked many years before.  And the last couple of years aged him more than his years.  If it weren’t for the Japanese work culture of supporting older workers, he would have been unemployed by now.  Instead, he was moved to less-demanding jobs until his work was almost unnecessary.

Rin felt some guilt in going off to college, her father depressed and money tight, but she would have just been depressed as much as her father was if she stayed at home.  She came home during the summer, but the rest of the year, she stayed on campus to save money.  That suddenly changed when she got a phone call from her father that scared her into returning home early.  He seemed to be saying goodbye to her.  Not like a goodbye from hanging up, but a goodbye forever.  She grabbed the first train home, traveling all night to get there.  It had been at least six months since she had seen him last.

She was shocked when she saw him.  He was slumped over his desk, his face ashen and drawn.  He had lost weight, his frame supporting barely 100 pounds.  In front of him on the desk was his military revolver, a box of bullets next to it.  “Daddy, Daddy!” she cried, “what is the matter?”

He looked up, smiling to see his darling daughter.  How much she looked like her mother, dark black hair, big brown eyes, full mouth and a figure like her mother’s when they first met.  She had grown up to be a lovely woman.  “What are you doing here?”  He hated that she saw him like this.  He tried to put the gun away, but she had already seen it.

“I was worried about you; you sounded so depressed.”  She saw his hands on the gun, putting it away in the drawer before she could say anything about it.

At first, her father refused to share his sorrows, but after much pleading from Rin, he blurted out the whole story, sobbing in between as he told the tale.  After her mother’s death, he’d had trouble coping with life, especially work.  His job became less and less, the boss being kind enough to let him stay after many years of spectacular work, but his pay decreased as his usefulness to the company declined.  To help pay for Rin’s college, he had resorted to embezzling money from the company; his many years in accounting made it easy enough for someone that knew the system.  It had begun small, but gradually increased, until finally, his boss had found out, the outside auditors catching the strange journal entries and investigating.  All indications pointed to him.

“My boss confronted me Friday.  I owe so much money, and I have to pay it back by Monday.”  He sobbed, tears running down his face.  “I have disgraced you and your mother.”  He opened the drawer and took out the gun, “this is the only way.”  He pointed it to his head, closing his eyes as his finger poised on the trigger.

“No, No!”  Rin yelled, rushing over and pulling the gun from his hand.  “I don’t want to lose you and mother.  I will find a way; don’t worry, Father.  Lie down now.”  She lead her father off to his bedroom; his old, frail body moving so slowly.  He curled up into the bed, Rin tucking him in with a warm blanket.  She went back to his office, taking the gun and bullets and hiding them in her room.  She didn’t want him to do anything rash while she was gone.

“Yes, Sir, I would be able to be there in an hour, thank you, Sir,” hanging up the phone.  She had called his father’s boss, making an appointment to see him at his home in an hour, his voice not surprised to hear from her.

* * *

His home was a large house set back from the main road, a wall built around it.  He was obviously a very wealthy man.  Maybe she could convince him to allow her to pay off her father’s disgrace after she graduates.  It was a lot of money, but she couldn’t let her father go to jail.  She would do anything to keep that from happening.  She was young and naïve enough to believe that.  After all, her father had done so much for her; it was her turn now to sacrifice for him.  The Japanese culture honored parents, and she would do anything to spare him the dishonor that faced him now.

Mr. Hocoto was surprisingly very nice.  Not quite as old as her father, but she thought he must be in his mid-fifties.  He was trim, though not muscular.  His face weathered with the signs of stress from running such a large company.  She could tell he was single, the house furnished for a man.  She sat down, noticing the way he looked at her, eyeing her body beneath her trim blue dress, buttons down the front, the skirt a little short.  She tried to explain how she would pay him back, her eyes pleading with him.  Her legs crossed and uncrossed in nervousness, his eyes darting back and forth between her legs and her face.

Mr. Hocoto looked at her, a very beautiful girl.  The last time he saw her she must had been ten or eleven.  She was no longer a little girl but a young woman.  And one with a lovely body that made his cock grow erect as he eyed her naked legs in the short skirt.  “It would be many years in the future before you would even begin paying it back.  I cannot wait that long, the company would fire me for incompetence if I allowed that to happen.  No, the only way would be if you began to pay it back immediately, then I could convince the board of directors to allow your father to retire with his pension.  And his honor.”

“I guess I could quit school and get a job.  Would that be all right?” Rin begged.  She would make a lot less money, but she had to help her father.

“I’m afraid the economy is so bad that without a college degree you could never find a job that would pay enough to support yourself, never mind pay me back.  You have one year left of school before your graduation?”  A plan began to form in his mind.

“Yes, Sir,” maybe he would wait the year, her heart pounding.

“I think we might be able to work something out so you would have money to pay me back, but I am not sure if you would be willing to do it.”  He smiled as he eyed her crossed legs, his cock pushing out his trousers.

“I will do anything to protect my father from dishonor.  Anything,” she pleaded.  Then her heart sank as Mr. Hocoto explained the terms.  He belonged to a bondage club, and each member was to arrange for a girl to be available to the members.  If Rin would become a bondage model for them, he would pay her handsomely, enough to begin paying him back.  And if she agreed to even more, she could make enough money to pay for part of her schooling.

“Will you agree to the terms?”  He waited, knowing the answer.  In spite of her reluctance, she would not let her father be disgraced.  She would willingly surrender to him.

She had no choice; she would have to surrender her body to them willingly.  While she was not a virgin, she had never engaged in anything like bondage.  And she was sure that the other members would be older like Mr. Hocoto.  While bound, she would not be able to stop them from doing anything to her body.  Would I be able to submit to their sexual desires as well, in order to get enough money for college?  Her father would no longer have the money she needed to finish school.  She would have to come up with the money herself.  As well as pay Mr. Hocoto back his losses.  She was sure they wouldn’t require normal sex, but would demand perverted acts, many things she could not even fathom.  She hung her head down, not able to face Mr. Hocoto, her voice breaking as she said it.  ‘Yes, Sir, I will do all that you ask.  All that you will require of me.”  Her fate was sealed.

“Come back tomorrow and we will begin.”  She stood up.  “Before you go, Rin.  Lift your skirt.  Above your waist so I may see you.”  He stood up so she could see his obvious arousal, his hand going to the front of his pants rearranging his cramped cock, her eyes not failing to see his erection.

She hadn’t expected it to start so soon, but now he wanted her to expose her body to him before she left.  Her head down in shame, her eyes half closed, her trembling fingers went to the bottom of her short skirt and grabbed the hem.  She began to pull it up over her legs, higher and higher.

“Look into my eyes as you reveal your lovely, young body to me.”  She looked straight into his eyes, her face flushed as her white, cotton panties slowly were revealed.  His eyes went down, Rin knowing that he could see her panties, her hands trembling as she held her skirt above her waist, the cool air blowing onto her lower body.

He could see the way her panties clung to her mound, her bush pushing them out, the panties clinging to her slit, her puffy lips outlined in stark relief.  He let her stand that way for long minutes before he had her turn around.

At least she didn’t have to see his glaring eyes raping her body, turning her back to him, holding her skirt up high as she revealed her backside to him.  She was proud of her full, firm buttocks, but now it brought shame to her as he looked at her sexually.  She almost began to sob when she obeyed his latest command, bending over until her hands were on the seat of the chair in front of her.  She felt her panties stretch tightly over her cheeks, parting her legs as he required of her, sure that he could see her mound etched into her tightly stretched panties.  She suffered under his gaze and heavy breathing for long minutes before he allowed her to stand and pull her skirt down.  She felt so used as she was finally allowed to leave, not sure how she would be able to tolerate tomorrow.  It would only get worse.

* * *

She could barely sleep that night though; when she did wake up, she felt rested.  “I’m going out for a while, Daddy,” she explained to her father.  “I have spoken to Mr. Hocoto, and he has allowed me to pay him back when I finish school.”  She saw the surprise and relief etched in her father’s eyes.  “You will be allowed to retire immediately with honor.”  Though he would no longer go back to work, at least his honor would be intact.

He hugged her, surprised at her ability to convince Mr. Hocoto to pay him back when she graduated; he didn’t ask why.  He was too elated, a heavy burden taken from his shoulders.  He could retire to his garden in peaceful existence.  “I don’t know how you did it, but I am so happy.”  He watched as she left, a grown woman that could take on the world.  She was just as powerful and graceful as her mother.

* * *

The door opened by a servant, then ushered her into Mr. Hocoto’s office.  He was in a pullover and slacks, ready for her.  “This way,” he pushed open the bookcase, the creaking filling the room as it open, the darkness suddenly filled with bright lights as the bookcase opened wide.  “My guests await your arrival with high expectations, Rin.”  He followed her down the stairs into the basement, his eyes glued to the gentle, hypnotic sway of her ass.

She almost felt like they pounced upon the minute they saw her.  One of them grabbed her wrists, pinning them together as another began to tie a white rope around them, too many times the rope was looped around her slim wrists until it was tied into a thick knot.  The other end of the rope thrown over a pulley that hung from the ceiling, her arms gradually pulled up as Mr. Hocoto pushed her to her knees on the soft mattress that was on the stone floor to protect her fragile skin.  Her blue dress slid up her legs as she knelt submissively, the ropes around her wrists, pulled up toward the ceiling as Mr. Hocoto took pictures of her.  There were six of them, all in their fifties, their cameras already clicking away to capture her bound wrists and frightened look on her face.

The flashes going off around her blinded her.  Her body pulled up tight by the rope, kneeling on the mattress while they clicked away with their cameras.  She feared where the pictures might end up but hoped that they would be just as ashamed to have them show up on the Internet, with them being the one that took them.  She felt the rope slacking off, her arms being lowered, not sure what they were going to do next.  As soon as her wrists were at her waist, Mr. Hocoto pushed her down onto the mattress, onto her back, the others standing over her, the scared look on her face exciting them.  Her skirt had ridden up high on her thighs, her bound hands unable to pull it down.  Not that it mattered.  She knew that soon they would strip the dress from her body.

The men watched the look on her face as he lay bound on the mattress, her fingers clawing to get lose, the ropes holding her bound tight.  She tried to sit up, her short skirt revealing her pale, blue panties underneath.  Their cocks grew in excitement when Mr. Hocoto lit the red candle.

She smelled the candle before she saw it, fear rippled through her when he brought the bright red candle over, the hot wax already dripping down the sides, the flame flickering brightly.  She felt the pulley lifting her wrists up into the air again, someone helping her back onto her knees as her wrists rose up to chest.

They tied the candle to the rope, just above her bound wrists, smiling as the hot wax slowly ran from the crater of molten wax spilled free and started slowly running down over the edge.  The flame flickered, mesmerizing her, her eyes drawn down to the molten red wax as it broke free from the candle and hit her sensitive flesh, the pain immediate.  She couldn’t believe it; the hot, molten wax was sticking to her skin, burning the flesh underneath until it cooled.  Another drop fell down, sliding over the dried wax to find new, fresh, unprotected skin to burn.

The rope suddenly lowered, Rin falling back onto the mattress on her back, the candle still wavering above her hands, the red wax blotting her white skin with its painful wax, sliding down her arm until it dried tightly against her skin.  She felt dry, pasty hands on her flesh, one of the men pulling up her skirt to uncover her light blue panties, another eagerly pulling them down to her knees binding her legs together.  The candle continued to drop hot wax on her body, Rin feared where the wax would painfully drop next.

They pounced on her bound body, a rope encircling her body, her hips pulled up, the rope slipped between her legs.  She couldn’t believe what they were doing to her.  Fingers fumbled with her labia, pulling her lips apart, dragging the rope painfully through the sensitive skin, cutting her sex up the middle.  They tied a thick knot and pressed it against her swollen clit, a second knot over her pussy, a third smaller knot feeling like it was trying to enter her anus.  They pulled the rope tight until Rin felt the pressure between her pussy lips as it cut her sex painfully.  Her arms bound above her sex, the candle poised above her naked pussy.  They wouldn’t do such a horrible thing.  They wouldn’t let the hot, molten wax fall on her most sensitive skin, her pussy.

The cameras clicked about her, the flashes capturing her fear and apprehension as the wax slowly slid down the candle.  It didn’t take long for the wax to drip down, the first drops hitting her outer pussy lips, the horrific pain shooting through her body.  Her body jolted, making the rope between her legs slide up and down, harshly caressing her swollen clit, her pussy and her anus.  By the time it hit her brain, the pain had turned to something different, the rough rope tugging at her pleasure button igniting a masochistic thrill in her body.  God, could this being exciting to me?  To her shame, it was making her wet.  The harsh reality of being bound, half-naked, with older men snapping pictures of her bound body excited her.  She had never felt anything like this before.  She was forced to perform for them, and it was making her wet.  The tight bondage had allowed her to relinquish all control over her body and only feel the pleasure.

She sat up again, the flickering flame of the candle still burning the hot wax running down the rope and onto her tender thighs and sex, her body jerking each time it found fresh untouched skin to burn.

“Lick the wax off your fingers,” Mr. Hocoto ordered her, the cameras ready.

Rin obediently complied, the thick wax breaking off as her tongue lapped at the hardened wax.  She feared what else that she would be forced to lick, all of the men sporting erections that pushed out their pants obscenely.

To be continued