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Mr. Hocoto pulled his fingers from her tight pussy, glistening with the juices of the young girl. He put them into his mouth, savoring the taste of her innocence. “I love the taste of a young girl’s pussy.”

The finger left her backside, Rin feeling as if they were still inside her, her anal ring fluttering closed finally. She couldn’t believe the man that had fingered her ass stuck his fingers in his mouth, licking them off.

“A lovely tart little asshole. Maybe should would like a tongue in both of her holes. I bet we could make her cum for us.” Rin would be so shamed if they made her cum, never expecting that her body would betray her, the forced bondage exciting her more than she cared to admit. They men untied the ropes on her, but she knew it would be short lived. She didn’t fight as they took off her dress, leaving her clad in only her bra and chemise, naked from the waist down.

“On your back, Rin,” Mr. Hocoto picking up new ropes and two long wooden stick over five feet long.

Rin’s arms were tied behind her back, the ropes cutting too deep but they cared little for her discomfort. They wanted her unable to stop them from committing the most perverse acts on her body. They had already fingered her front and back, their erect cocks bulging out the front of their pants. She knew that in order to earn her tuition, she would be forced to sexually submit to their perverse demands.

The bondage became more intense, one of the wooden sticks attached around her waist, a second one lower down on her upper thighs, tight ropes wrapped around her legs until the skin bulged out. They had pulled her legs open before they tied them, the men using the poles as a spreader bar to leave her sex open, the pole on her waist used to keep the other from sliding. Hands caressed her inner thighs as the ropes were attached, stray fingers playing over her mound and lips, attacking her spread open sex with immunity.

When they were through, a rope around her neck ran down to the spreader bar, the rope drawn taut until her legs were pulled up, her sex and now her ass open and revealed to the men. She couldn’t move a single inch and that is how the men liked her. Her crotch ached from the wide spread of her legs, but she feared more the candles. She could smell the burning wax as they lit the bright red candles.

“Stand her up,” Mr. Hocoto helping to get Rin up tall. She could barely stand, her thighs spread too wide to stand practically, the men having to hold her up until they could get her feet flat on the ground.

Rin balanced precariously while they moved the glowing candles closer. The men were ingenious, having done this before to young girls that found them in the same predicament as Rin. One of the big red candles was place on the upper pole, poised at an angle over her spread pussy. And spread it was. Small sticks on each side clamped it tight, another stick splitting it up the middle, the candle poised right above its tip. The first drop of burning hot wax would slide down the stick, straight down between her pussy lips, slicing painfully along her inner pussy, searing her sensitive flesh with the burning wax.

“Let’s make sure she stays open for us,” Mr. Hocoto taking a new pole, the other men helping him tie her ankles to the far ends. “Now to reveal those lovely tits, Rin.”

She felt him behind her, his hands sliding over her bound arms and sliding sensuously over her breasts. She couldn’t help feeling his cock pushed against her bound hands, unable to get away, his cock jerking each time her hands moved in the slightest bit. It felt huge beneath her small hands. Hands impatiently pulled her bra down until her breasts were revealed, the men gathering in front of her, their camera’s snapping picture after picture as Mr. Hocoto teased her nipples to hard bumps. She felt his fingers grip them like a pliers, squeezing the twin peaks until she felt a strange ache in her breasts.

“Two more candles for those lovely tits. They shouldn’t be neglected.” Mr. Hocoto place two candles above her breasts, tilting them until they would spill their painful wax onto her sensitive nipples. All of the candles were lit, the smell of hot wax filling the room.

Rin could only watch in fear, feeling the heat of the candles so close to her body, the hot flame slowly melting the wax until the first rivers of molten wax began to fall from them. The men were overly excited, taking out their cocks, stroking them as they watched her bound, naked body, the wax slowly dripping to her most intimate charms. Rin panicked when the first drops of wax fell from the candle above her pussy. It slid down the stick between her lips until the hot paraffin slid along her pussy lips, her screams ringing out in the room, the pain shooting into her sex as the hot wax scaled her skin. “EEEEEWWW.” Tears fell from her eyes as more wax dripped onto her swollen nipples, coating her areolas and nipples with the burning wax.

She saw them stroking their hard cocks through her tear-stained eyes as the molten wax poured from the burning candles and burnt her tender skin as she cried out in pain. It was long, painful minutes before she felt the relief of the candles being extinguished. One was put out by the cum from one of them men shooting onto her bound body, the hiss of his cum as it struck the candle that bled its hot wax onto her pussy. She was humiliated to be used in such a manner, but it was better then the wax continuing to roll down between her pussy lips.

“You did good, Rin,” Mr. Hocoto treating her like a little girl being punished, not a woman being sexually tortured. The took the ropes and spreader bars from her body, the hardened wax yanked off painfully, the ones on her pussy tearing off her pubic hair painfully as she cried out. They cared little for her pain, teasing her nipples until they stood up hard, not sure if it was pain or arousal that made them that way. Fat fingers dug between her pussy lips, not only to push off the hardened wax, but to slide up and down her inner lips until she was forced to get wet again, her body betraying her for the second time. “Over the bench now, Rin.”

There was a wooden bench bolted to the floor. They left her arms still bound behind her back. She was made to sit on the bench, but her ass was half off and that is what she feared. Another rope came out of nowhere. She felt her cheeks being pulled apart by powerful fingers, unable to stop them as they had their way with her bound body. One end of the rope was pushed between her legs in the front, fingers peeling her pussy lips open as the harsh rope was pushed between her lips. It felt like they were cutting her up the middle as they sliced the rope through her pussy lips and under her ass, more hands grabbing it on the other side and sliding it between her stretched cheeks. A quick jerk of the rope and her body was pulled up into a position of servitude, the rope slicing her pussy and ass cheeks.

She was bent over as another rope kept her pinned in the position they wanted, the men returning with their cameras to photograph her young, nude body, the ropes exposing her body. For long minutes they took her picture, Rin humiliated by the rape of their cameras.

They were never finished, going from one humiliating pose to another, each time more of her body exposed to the harsh realities of the flash of the cameras. She could do little to resist them as hands ran over her body, Rin never knowing whether they were binding her body or just molesting her flesh. They drew her legs back and open, the rope tight between her pussy lips, a new punishment for her battered pussy.

“I think you’ll like the knot, Rin. Just move around back and forth and you will enjoy the touch of the rough rope on your sex.” Mr. Hocoto had tied a large, tight knot in the rope that split her pussy lips, the knot conveniently placed to rub harshly back and forth through her inner pussy lips and over her red and swollen clit.

Rin could only watch as a second knot was tied behind her, feeling the thick knot placed against the raised bud of her anal ring. “Can you cum for us, Rin?”

Rin couldn’t humiliate herself as they wanted, but she never expected what they did next. One of them began to pull the rope up and down, the harsh knots sliding painfully along her burnt slit but also rubbing over her swollen clit and over her anus. She never felt anything like it. The knot on her anus felt like it was trying to enter her like the men’s fingers, pushed hard against her anal ring until he pressure of the rope forced her ring to open and accept the harsh invader. She couldn’t stop the spasm that ran from her anal ring as it was forced open and closed onto the demanding rope. In spite of the pain from the burning wax, her pussy was soaked as the gnarled rope ran back and forth over her clit until the organ, pushing it hard into her pelvic bone as the rough rope rubbed it almost raw.

Through all the pain, a strange masochistic pleasure invaded her body, Rin watching the excitement of the men as they masturbated while torturing her young body for their pleasure. “No,” she cried out in shame, “I can’t,” but she couldn’t control the orgasm that began to build in her body, the rope sliding faster between her legs as she neared her crescendo. “EEEEHHHH,” unable to stop the momentum, her body shuddering in a forced orgasm that rocked her body, her juices spilling out between her bound and spread legs to soak the wooden bench beneath her. She screamed again and again, the rope relentless, drawing out her orgasm, the knot in her anus feeling like it was deep in her guts.

Another load of cum landed on her belly, the hot fluid feeling like it was burning her as it slid slowly down, the milky white fluid basting the rope with its foul seed.

She was exhausted from the orgasm, never having cum that hard before. They left her bound to the bench, waiting to commit their next perversion on her young body, her bound arms unable to prevent them from their depravities. Hands ran over her legs, untying her ankles but leaving the rope between her legs. It felt like a knife splitting her up the middle, the orgasm taking away some of the pleasure. She couldn’t even close her legs, the rope more painful that way, leaving her legs spread obscenely as the men gazed at her bound, open sex.

They pulled over a mattress, Rin’s bound, nude body shoved onto it, Rin trying to get comfortable with the rope still between her legs. She looked up at the men, their cocks still out and hard.

Mr. Hocoto took out the spreader bar again, Rin looking down at it in fear. They stood her up, but turned her back to them, hands casually running over her ass cheeks as one hand slid onto her naked back, bending her over until her ass began to rise up.Mr. Hocoto took out the spreader bar again, Rin looking down at it in fear. They stood her up, but turned her back to them, hands casually running over her ass cheeks as one hand slid onto her naked back, bending her over until her ass began to rise up.

“CRACK.” The sound rang out in the closed room, Rin jerking from the unexpected pain on her ass. She hadn’t been spanked since she was a little girl, but this was much more painful. “SMACKKK.” The next blow was to her other cheek, her buttocks feeling hot from the pain. Her body jerked each time they touched her, not sure if they were caressing her or spanking her. They did both, her body jerking forward with each powerful blow. They must have her hit her twenty times before they stopped, Rin sure her ass was a bright red. She felt hands on her ankles, feeling hot breath on her ass as the men kneeled down and began to spread her legs, the spreader bar bouncing noisily on the ground in front of her legs. Her legs were spread unceremoniously by the men, harsh ropes around her ankles pinned her to the widest part of the spreader bar until her pussy and ass cheeks were parted. The ropes were pulled from between her legs, the men wanting to expose her more for their raping cameras.

How they so enjoyed exposing her ass to them. The spreader bar kept her open for them, her legs bound widely apart. Her ass was arched up again, as if she was begging to be fucked up the ass, her cheeks parted, her tiny anus exposed, the little pucker looking like a star. Her pussy was still wet with her juices, glistening as cameras captured more of her humiliation. They slapped her ass to make her move, her ass dancing erotically for them as they took picture after picture of her glistening sex and ass.

“I have to taste her,” Mr. Hocoto bending down behind her.

She felt his hot breath blowing between her pussy lips, sending shivers of unexpected lust in her pussy. Even though she had just cum, her pussy got wet at the thought of Mr. Hocoto licking her pussy. No one had ever done that before, Rin always pushing them away before they could do such a thing, but the men had her bound and spread, unable to stop them from licking her intimately. One of them even talked about licking her backside. Would he really do such a thing?

“AAAGGHHH,” she cried out in shock when his tongue ran up her slit. She never felt anything like it, feeling like a tiny animal nibbling at her most intimate flesh. He pushed his head deeper between her legs, wagging his tongue back and forth, pushing apart her pussy lips to attack deep into her lips. She shook her hips from side to side, but the tongue followed her wherever she went, seeking out her most intimate body. “NNNNOO.” He had made his tongue hard somehow and shoved it into her pussy. Her muscles fought him, but the slippery tongue slid like a snake up into her pussy. She never felt anything like it, feeling like a tiny cock was fucking her. Her hips began to move back and forth, fucking herself on his tongue.

He pushed Mr. Hocoto out of the way. “I want her ass.” He was stroking his cock as he knelt down behind her.

“No, not there.” Rin panicked when she felt powerful fingers gripping her ass cheeks and yanking them wide apart. She felt the pucker go out of her anus, feeling the stretching, feeling the hot breath of the man blowing on her backside, shamed at what he was looking at. “EEEEHHHH,” she felt the wet tongue lavishing its attention all around her anus, the tiny hole going into spasms from the unnatural act. She couldn’t keep her buttocks still, clenching and unclenching spastically in spite of the fingers that kept her cheeks open. “NO, NO!” She cried out, shaking her hips from side to side, but the head was between her ass cheeks, his nose banging between, his tongue wagging from side to side onto her anus. The fingers crept closer to her hole, pulling apart until the pucker in her anus was gone and her anal ring began to open under the unnatural probing of his tongue. The more her anal ring was spread open, the deeper the tongue sank into the depths of her ass. She couldn’t believe that he would do such a thing, putting his tongue in such a dirty hole, but he was undeterred. His fingers were now on her anal ring, pulling them apart as he continued to attack her deep in her ass, his tongue slithering in and out of her asshole.

“She loves it, look at her shake her ass.” One of them men yelled out. The cameras were clicking feverishly, taking pictures of the man performing such a degrading act on her bound body. They kept it up for long minutes before he finally pulled away from her ass. He stood in front of her, his face glistening with his saliva, licking his lips.

They wanted her in a new position, Rin thankful that her ass was not so exposed, but she found herself thrust onto her back the spreader bar tied to her ankles this time, pulling her legs up high and the rope fastened to her waist to keep her open. The wooden bar was pressed against her soft mound, the intricate rope holding her pinned for the next perverse act they would commit on her body.

They all stripped off their clothes before Rin, seven naked men, all in there fifties, men almost as old as her father, staring down at her bound, nude body. They stroked their cocks as Mr. Hocoto talked to her in a cool, calming voice as if they were talking on the street about the weather.

“Now about your education, Rin. I know you need enough money for your classes now that your father can’t steal from me any longer.” That hurt her as he said that about her father, but it was true. She was on her own and right now there was only one alternative. Seven wagging cocks in her face. She would have to do what they asked her to do, no matter how perverted or distasteful.

“I checked with your school and tuition is due, along with books. A very substantial sum,” Mr. Hocoto’s cock growing longer and thicker as he stroked it and talked to her. “I don’t think you have much choice in the matter, considering the bound position you are in. And you are conveniently positioned for what we have in mind.”

So that was it. All she had to do was allow them to masturbate her while she lies there bound. It wasn’t as if she could stop them even if she wanted to. Well, she also had to suck their cocks until they came in her young, hot mouth, filling it with their cum.

“All you have to do is keep your mouth open and swallow our cum when we tell you. I’ve been told that sperm is high in protein, so you will have a belly full of protein by time you are finished.”

She had never had a cock in her mouth, that is why she refused a boy from licking her pussy. She didn’t want to have to reciprocate. Now she would have no choice. They were going to fill her mouth with their thick, milky white cum and she would have to swallow it. She didn’t know if she could do it without throwing up, but they cared little about her. They just wanted a convenient receptacle for their sperm. Her mouth and belly.

“Yes,” her voice trembling as she agreed to their perverse demands. She had already gone this far, there was no going back. It was funny. If they only knew their money for doing these perverse things to her body was going to pay tuition for her Abnormal Sexual Behavior class. Rin wondered where she would learn the most. The class or the reality?

She didn’t have time to contemplate the question. Mr. Hocoto was the first, bending down over her bound body. A hard, rubbery cock head split her lips, forcing them wide open, her tongue fluttering over the head. It was time for her to earn her keep.

Finger played over her naked and spread pussy, her pussy growing wet with arousal as she tasted the first cock in her mouth. The cum leaked out the head, her tongue coaxing it out to coat her tongue with the thick, salty sperm. The taste invaded her mouth, but she knew it would be a lot more before she was finished. She felt another cock rubbing across her cheek, a third one rubbing into her hair. She had lots of cocks to contend with, but it was the one that was in her mouth that took her attention at the moment. Mr. Hocoto was beginning to thrust his hips, his cock spearing through her tightly clenched lips, hoping to give him all the pleasure he wanted, but she feared the long prick, too long to be contained in her mouth. It pushed deep into her mouth and banged against the tight opening of her small throat. She never even considered such a thing, but the evil smirk on Mr. Hocoto’s face and his hands tightening on her head gave her the fear that he would not be content with just her mouth. He would fuck her throat with his monster cock. She would be forced to swallow the huge bar of flesh and nothing would stop him. She only hoped that the fingers that pushed into her pussy would arouse her enough to stand the thick cock down into her gullet. Now she had something else to contend with. A thick, slick finger slide under her body and shoved harshly into her backside. It felt like it was a foot long, making her gasp; the sudden shock sending Mr. Hocoto’s cock down her throat before she could contend with the awful realization.

Cocks were all around her, each waiting to take her in the most unimaginable way and she could only accept the degradation. Rin began to feel the first tingles of an impending orgasm, all three of her holes filled with moving fingers or cocks. She let her body go, succumbing to the power these men had over her, hoping that she would get as much pleasure from them as they took from her innocent body.

The End