Author: Powerone

Title: South American Police Rape of the Sisters

Summary: On break from college, the sisters make a mistake in a small town in South America and find them subject to the punishment by the police that include rape.

Keywords: M+/F, rape, anal, oral, humil, whip, bond, rough


Copyrighted 2004 by Powerone.  Artwork by Gary Roberts Comix, Copyright 1999 to 2003.    Author may be contacted at


South American Police Rape of the Sisters


She was bound with her hands behind her back with heavy metal handcuffs.  She complained that they put them on too tight, but they ignored her.  Her bra was gone, her shorts unzipped and open, her pink panties showing.   She was pushed along the corridor of cells, some of them open to the hallway, others just ominous large metal doors, the unknown behind them.  She looked in some of the cells and was surprised at what she saw.  There were other girls in them like her.  They were all restrained in the cells.  All of them were in various stages of undress.  She passed by one and could see a young girl on the cot.  Her arms were thrust up over her head, metal handcuffs pushed through the railing, securing her wrists to the headboard.  Her feet were likewise restrained, stretching her body taut.  She was almost naked, her top, ripped and lying next to her head, her naked breasts, rising and falling in fear.  Her panties were pushed down to her knees, a bald pussy reflected in the light.  Her head was staring up at the ceiling, her eyes clenched tightly.  Beside her stood one of the guards, he was unbuckling his pants.  She could only hear part of the words, "gonna rape that tight, teenage pussy, gonna fuck you hard". 





"Move cunt," the guard next to her pulling her arms up by the cuffs, making her bend over to relieve the strain in her shoulders.


"Where are you taking me, I didn't do anything?" she cried out in pain.  The guard pushed her along.


"You American's, think you are too good.  We're going to see your sister.  We're going to see what she is doing!" laughing as he said it.


"My sister, where is Heather?"


Ashley and her sister, Heather were both nineteen, in this South American city on a holiday from college.  They had booked reservations on the Internet, a beautiful hotel on the ocean.  When they arrived, they found it to be a seedy, roach infested hotel.  They complained to the manager and when he would not do anything, insisting on speaking to the owner.  The owner, the local magistrate of the town was not very responsive to their plight.  The girls were insolent to him, swearing at him, threatening him.  He finally calmed them down and told them to go to their room and he would make other accommodations for them.  They seemed satisfied and went back to their room.  They didn't unpack, taking a quick shower in the filthy bathroom before changing their clothes from the flight.  Both girls changed into short tee shirts that left their flat stomach naked.  Tight shorts, resting low on their hips highlighted their teenage bodies.  Sneaker and socks completed their outfits. 


There was a knock on the door.  "About fuckin' time," Heather said, opening the door.


She was surprised as four armed soldiers pushed their way in.  Two of them moved quickly to Heather.  She let out one brief scream before a cloth gag was forced between her lips, tied tightly behind her head, stretching out her lips, cutting deep inside her mouth.    One of them grabbed her arms behind her with one giant arm while the other arm encircled her bare stomach, drawing her ass against him. 


"I can smell her, I love the smell of American pussy," his hand groping her naked stomach, his head next to her neck, inhaling her scent.


Ashley was not doing any better.  She was pushed to the couch onto her stomach.  A knee in her back prevented any movement, the pain overpowering.  "Put your arms behind your back, cunt," she was ordered. 


She hesitated, the knee pushing in deeper.  "OK, OK" she blurted out, her arms moving behind her.


"Wrists together." 


She complied and she saw one of the soldiers hand the other a pair of shiny metal handcuffs.  She felt the cold steel encircle her wrists, hearing the click as they were both attached.  She tried to pull on them, the cuffs digging into her flesh.  "There too tight!" she complained.


"That's the least of your problems, bitch."


Ashley looked over and saw Heather being pushed from the room, the one guard still pushed tightly against her teenage body, a frightened expression on her face.  Their eyes met, questioning, looking for some hope from the other. 


She was brought back to reality when the soldier handed another pair of cuffs to her captor.  He grabbed her ankles, bending her legs at the knees before securing her ankles with the cuffs.  Again, he put them on too tight, the circulation almost cut off in her feet.  "That's too tight, I demand you take them off me this instant!"


"Don't you have something to stick in this cunts mouth," the soldier said.


"Si, how about a ball gag for the American?"


Ashley looked up in shock.  It was a large, red ball, a piece of leather attached on each side.  "No, don't do th...." her words cut abruptly as her head was pulled back by her hair.  She could feel strands of hair tearing out, tears falling from her eyes as the pain in her scalp increased.


The soldier made short work of her.  When she opened her mouth to scream, he was ready, the large red ball shoved forcefully into the hot confines of her mouth.


"MMMMMggg" she mumbled as her jaws were stretched to the breaking point, the ball popping into her mouth, her teeth biting down on the unflinching hardness of the ball.  She felt the leather straps pulled behind her head and tied tightly, the guard pulling them harder when he heard her groan in pain.


"That should shut the bitch up.  Let's see what she looks like!” the soldiers anxiously turning Ashley over onto her side facing the soldiers.


Their faces were only inches from hers, their bad breath almost gagging her.  "Look at them titties," he said, his hand reaching down to her short tee short, pulling it up to uncover her bra.  "Gimme a knife."


She froze as the long, serrated knife passed before her face, her heart pounding.  Were they going to cut her, disfigure her for life?  She squirmed, the cuffs tightening as she did.  "NNNNNN," shaking her head.  "NNNNNN."


"Bitch is 'fraid of the knife," waving the blade in front of her face, moving in close to her cheek.  "Gonna behave, cunt.  Otherwise I'm gonna cut you."


"MMMM, MMMMM," nodding her head, the terror that he would cut her.


"Lay real still now, bitch or I might prick you." 


She froze as she saw the knife move down.  She watched as he sliced it quickly through her bra straps like they were butter.  His hands pulled them down.  His fingers traced a path over the upper slope of her breasts, the bra pushing them up.  "Such nice titties.  You like me to play with them titties for you little girl?"


"NNN, NNNNNN," her head shaking back and forth as she felt him manhandling her breasts. 


"Don't think you need this," his knife slicing her bra between the cups, slicing it open. 


She felt the tension release, the lower cup falling down, her right breast now naked.


"Look at them tits," the soldier exclaimed.  "Beautiful big nips," his hand reached out and pulled the bra from her body, tossing it over into the corner of the room.


He pushed her into the back of the couch, his head jammed between her naked breasts.  "NNNNGG, NNNNN" she muttered into the gag.  His teeth bit into her naked breast flesh, OOOOOWWW."  It was so disgusting, his mouth running all over her naked breasts, his nose jammed in the cleavage, shaking his head back and forth like a child at Christmas with a new toy.  She arched her back, driving her breasts into his face when his lips clamped onto one of her nipples and sucked it painfully into his mouth.  Farther and farther he pulled it in, his tongue rubbing roughly over the nipple, it turning hard in response to the painful sucking.  "NNNN, UUUUHH," his teeth gripped the delicate nub and bit down on it, her back arching painfully forward.


"Look at the bitch go, she likes it," the other guard exclaimed, Ashley looking as though she was trying to drive her breast farther into his mouth instead of trying to relieve the pain.


The soldier pulled his mouth from her breast, looking at the wet nipples, the red bite marks.  He grabbed her breasts in his hand and hefted them, his fingers clamping onto the hard nipples and giving them a vicious pinch. 


"UUUHH, UUUHH,” shaking her chest as the pain shot up her spine from the cruel fingers tearing of her nipples.


Ashley felt her body being manipulated again, groaning in pain as she was pushed over onto her back, her arms pinned painfully behind her back, arching her breasts up.  The soldier pulled her tee shirt up, exposing her naked breasts.  Her legs were still cuffed tightly together.


The other soldier moved towards her, "my turn bitch," his hand moving to grab her breast roughly, his calloused hand completely encircling her teenage flesh, flexing and unflexing on the firm tit.  He grabbed her nipple, squeezing it tighter and tighter, watching her face grimace in pain as he did.  "You like it hard, cunt?"


She shook her head back and forth, her eyes pleading, her gagged mouth mumbling unintelligible words, drool running from the corner of her mouth.


She trembled as his hand slid lower, down over her flat, taut stomach.  She sucked in her stomach, disgusted as she was manhandled by these lowly soldiers, bound and unable to prevent it.  She was afraid that she was going to be raped. 


He moved close to her, his mouth only inches from her face.  He put his lips on hers, the ball gag stretching them open wide, his tongue running over them.  He put his hands on her shorts, unsnapping the snap, his fingers sliding the zipper slowly down, teasing her.  "You got some teenage pussy for me?"


Her hips rocked, feeling his hands stripping her.  His fingers moved back up again after pulling the zipper to the side, her pink panties now exposed.  He rubbed her panty covered abdomen, moving up and down, each time lower and lower until she felt his rough fingers run over her pussy lips, her closed legs preventing entrance.


He grabbed her between the legs, his hand jammed down inside her shorts, clutching her sex like it was a bowling ball.  "I think this cherry has a bald cunt.  You shave your pussy, bitch?  Shave it like a whore?"


She tried to escape his hand but could not.  She could only lie there as he roughly fondled her half naked sex.  She was so embarrassed.  Yes, she shaved her pussy.  She liked the look and feel of it, especially when she rubbed baby oil on it.


The other soldier rushed over, "let's see," pulling her shorts hastily down to her knees. 


The other soldier seizing the opportunity jammed his hand inside her panties, gripping her naked pussy. "Bitch is bald as a ten year old."  He pulled her panties down, slowly letting them slide down her legs until they reached her shorts, bunched at her knees. 


Ashley closed her eyes in humiliation as she lay there, her breasts exposed and now her pussy exposed, her clothes bunched up about her body, the soldiers ogling her teenage, naked body.  She felt his finger slip between her pussy lips, forcefully shoving aside her pussy lips to seek out her wet pussy. "Bitch’s dry as a bone.  Can you get wet bitch?"


"Spread her legs, let's see her cunt"


Ashley felt them both begin to manipulate her body again.  They raised up her hips, their hands pushed under her naked ass.  "NNNN, AAAHHH," she groaned in pain as the added weight on her bound arms radiated to her shoulders.  She felt hands grab her knees and roughly pull them apart, her panties and shorts forced farther down he legs.  She could feel the cool air of the room on her open sex, her pussy lips forced apart by the obscene spread.  They let her ass settle back onto the couch, her knees up and spread wide.


The soldiers hand returned to her slit, two fingers now easily sliding up and down between her pussy lips, exposing her pink pussy to their gaze.  His finger found the opening to her vagina and pushed painfully in, her body rising up in pain as they forcefully entered her dry vagina.


"Gonna hurt when I fuck you so dry, bitch."


The door opened, Ashley shuddering as another soldier entered.  Not another, God no. 


"The Captain wants the girl.  Get her dressed and over to the prison before he finds out you been fucking with her."


The soldiers got up, dragging Ashley to her feet.  Her tee shirt slipped down over her naked breasts, her hard nipples pushing out the front.  Her shorts and panties were still tangled at her feet.  She felt one soldier bend down and take the cuffs off her ankles.  He pulled up her panties, but not before he grabbed her pussy hard, clenching it tightly in his palm.  He pulled them up to her waist, his fingers running along the edge of the legs, making sure they were not bunched, more intent on touching her pussy again.  Her shorts followed next, pulled up to her waist, but the zipper left down, the top of them gaping wide open, the pink panties showing.


"Bitch looks good half naked," pushing her from the room to the waiting jeep.


Ashley was scared as she walked down the corridor.  She could hear screaming, women's screams.  And the soldiers had no qualms about taking advantage of her bondage, already stripping her almost naked and fondling her body.  If it wasn't for the other soldier, she was sure she would have been raped by now.  Her only hope was that they were bringing her to the Captain, hopefully he would not be like the others.  And they did say they that she would see her sister.


She was ushered into a small room, an officer standing in the corner, smoking a cigarette.  "Put her into the chair," he ordered the soldier.  She found herself forced down onto a chair, a heavy wooden chair, bolted to the floor.  She thought she was going to fall through the seat when she sat on it, finding out that it only consisted of two slats, spread widely apart that supported her body, a gap of about 12 inches between them.  Her ass was just barely able to keep from slipping down.  The cuffs were taken from her wrists before she was lowered to the chair, her arms pulled up into the air.  Once seated, her arms were pulled behind her head and attached to the high back of the chair with a set of metal clamps built into it.  She moaned in pain as the clamps were tightened to tightly.  Her arms were over her head and bent at the elbow, the elbows pointing outward. 


Her tee shirt had ridden up high, barely able to cover her young breasts that arched up, her stomach naked, her shorts still unzipped and spread apart.  The Captain looked at her.  I hope her pussy is tight like the others.  He liked for them to fight.  It was so much better.  Then there would be the time when he would take them in the ass.  That would be an experience for them, a first.  Most were reluctant to suck cock but he had instruments that would convince them it would be less painful to comply and swallow their cum.


Heather looked around the room.  In the front, a drape covered the whole wall, with two speakers in the base of the wall.  She could not see much behind her.


"Remove the ball gag," the Captain ordered the guard.  "Ashley, you are not to speak unless asked a question."


Ashley gasped as it was pulled from her mouth, drool hanging from it.  Her jaws ached from the wide spread.  "What are we d......?”


"I said you are not to speak.  Such stupid Americans."


"Better, now you may ask two questions, two questions only."


"Why were we brought here?"


"You were insolent and disrespectful to the owner of the hotel.  He happens to be our Chief Magistrate and a respected member of the community.  He is also my brother.  You will have to be punished for that.  Next question."


"Where is my sister?"


"She will join us in a few minutes.  You will have a chance to observe her."  He pushed a button and the drapes began to part until they reached the ends.


The wall was actually a glass petition separating the two rooms.  Inside the room was a large bed covered only with a mattress.  Various ropes and chains hung down from the ceiling.


"It is one-way mirror and the room is sound-proof.  You will be able to hear what is going on inside, but they will not be able to see or hear us.  Your sister will be brought in there.  If you see her staring at you through the window, she is really only seeing her own reflection.  You will get to watch what happens to her and while it is going on I will amuse myself with your teenage body.  She is going to be raped.  Many times and in all of her holes.  I will enjoy doing the same to you, hopefully you will put up a fight and I will be able to persuade you very painfully.  That will be your punishment."  He watched the horror come to her face as the reality of the situation came around.  "Now you can think about your situation and I will return in a minute.  I must slip into something more comfortable."  He whispered something to the guard before he left.


The door slammed behind her.  She squirmed in the chair, almost falling between the slats, her arms bending painfully preventing her from slipping.  She was frightened.  Would she be able to survive, would Heather survive?  They were to be raped.  She dreaded that the most.  These people were animals and seemed to get their satisfaction from abusing girls like her and Heather.  While she had sex, it was tender loving sex.  That is not what they intended to do to them.  She saw the movement out of the corner of her eye, but did not have time to react, deep in thought. 


"OOOOW," she screamed as her hair was grabbed in his palm, her head pulled back, almost snapping her neck.  She only caught a glimpse of it but it looked like a rubber cock, about four inches long.  It even had a head on it.  She cringed when she saw the straps around the edge of it, leather straps again.


"AAAGGG," as the penis gag was forced between her lips and pushed painfully into her mouth.  It was large, over two inches in diameter, her lips having to stretch wide around it.  Her tongue rubbed up against it, feeling veins running along its length, the taste of rubber filling her mouth.  "MMMGG," she protested.


"The Captain doesn’t want to listen to you.  You might as well get used to having a cock down your throat," jamming the penis gag farther into her mouth until it reached her tonsils.  "Choke bitch," pushing down on it until it was pushed as deep as he could.  He tied the straps around her head again, pleased as he saw her.  Her lips were tightly spread around the fake cock, her throat moving up and down, choking and gagging on it.  Tears filled her eyes. 


The door slammed shut and she was alone, shaking in the chair, bound to it.  At least her legs were not bound, keeping her knees tightly together.  She trembled in fear.


The Captain came back into the room.  "I see the soldier let you suck on the penis gag."  His hands moved down to her throat, running over it.   He pushed in on the gag, feeling her throat move, the fake cock moving into her throat, making her choke.


She looked at him wearing only a robe, the front of it jutting out, knowing that he was naked underneath it.  His penis looked huge!


"Yes, it is big.  Do you think your teenage pussy can take my man cock?" 


She turned her head away, ashamed that he could read her thoughts.  She felt him behind her, a new fear overcoming her.  She could not turn her head, the chair not allowing much movement.


"Don't worry, I am right behind you.  You will feel me soon.  Ah, here comes your lovely sister.  You both have such beautiful bodies, don't you think?"


Ashley’s eyes opened wide when she saw her.  Her sister still dressed in the tee shirt, shorts and sneakers, though they looked wrinkled.  The cloth was still tied around her mouth, silencing her.  What shocked Ashley was the man pulling her into the room.  He had a rope tied around her neck, her hands still handcuffed, yanking on the rope when she hesitated.  He was naked.  At least almost naked.  He wore a pair of high boots and socks.  Nothing else.  And his cock.  It was huge.  It must have been at least 12 inches long and three inches wide.  The head was almost a purple and below it hung two heavy laden balls.


He turned towards the window, grabbing his cock and smiled, knowing what was behind it.


"Have you ever seen a cock that big, Ashley?  Heather is going to love having something that big fucked into her."  His hands slid behind the chair and ran over her naked stomach.  "Would you like to be fucked by it when he finishes with Heather?" 


Ashley shook her head in disbelief, god, that thing will kill Heather.  She could see the terror in Heathers eyes.  She kept hesitating, especially when she saw the mattress, the man having to yank on the rope, choking her throat to make her move.


His large hands grabbed Heather like a doll and yanked her handcuffed wrists and pulled them up into the air.  A click and they were attached to a rope hanging from the ceiling.  He stepped back and pushed a button.  Heathers arms began to move upward, her arms flailing, trying to prevent it, a useless gesture.  He grinned as they pulled up higher, her tee shirt moving up, revealing more of her naked stomach, moving up to her bra.


The captain’s hand was becoming more insistent as he forced her to watch the debasement of her sister.  His hands rubbed up and down her supple skin.  "Such soft skin, just as I imagined," the captain said.


Heather was now stretched up high, having to stand on her toes to keep the weight off of her wrists.  She was crying now, mumbled sobs coming from her gagged mouth, tears continually running down her face.


He moved next to her, pushing her head down so she had to see his cock.  He grabbed the weapon, his hand encircling it, thrusting it up towards her face.  “This is for you bitch.”  His hands went up to her tee shirt and tore the garment from her body, throwing it to the floor.  His large hands encircled her breasts, tightening up on her young tits.  “Don’t think you need this,” reaching between the bra with his fingers and tearing it from her body.  Ashley could see the red marks on Heathers skin where the bra pulled until finally breaking.  Her breasts shook, bouncing up and down as they were freed.  “These nice little titties will stand up by themselves.”  He grabbed her firm breasts, his calloused hands mauling them as she grimaced in pain.  “Nice nips,” his fingers tugging on them, forcing them to become erect.  “Nice big nipples, big enough to eat,” his head moving down to encircle on of them, his teeth biting on the hard bud, pulling it, watching as her body shuddered in pain.  Her breast shook as he pulled her by the nipple.


Ashley felt the captain cutting her tee shirt off, watching as it fell to the floor next to her.  Hands came up from behind her and cupped her melon like breasts, hefting them up like large fruit.  His fingers moved to the outside of her breasts, fingers snapping at her nipples.  “Look at him biting your sister’s nipples, that must really hurt.”  He pinched her nipples hard, letting her feel her sister’s pain.  “Such nice teenage tits.”


His hand moved down her flanks to run over Heathers ass, his teeth still pinching hard on her nipple, her chest heaving back and forth, trying to escape the pain.  “UUUHHHH,” she cried out, “NNNNNN,” shaking her head.


He let go of her breasts, slipping down to the floor before her.  He slipped a pair of handcuffs around her slim ankles, binding them tightly together.  He sat up, his head level with her crotch, looking up at her swollen and red breasts.  His hand moved to her shorts, undoing the snap, slowly lowering the zipper as Heathers head shook no in protest.  “I can smell the sweet, teenage pussy,” his fingers grabbing the sides of her shorts and sliding them down over her hips to stop when they got to her knees.  The panties were next, Heather’s body swinging in protest, as she was stripped naked before the stranger.  He pushed his face into her crotch, inhaling her fragrance.  His tongue slipped out and pushed between her pussy lips, Heather’s body jumping in surprise.  He grabbed her ankles, pulling them above her head, forcing his head between her clenched thighs and lowering her back down again, her bound ankles now on his back, his head nestled into her pussy.  “It ain’t rape if you cum,” he said, his tongue busy running over her pussy, her body jerking around as she could not stop the oral assault on her pussy.


The captain stood up and went in front of Ashley.  He kneeled down in front of her, his hands reaching for her shorts.  “Look at him eat your sister, think he can make her cum?”


Ashley watched the crude display on the other side of the window as her sister was forced to endure the oral assault on her pussy.  She shivered in fear when the Captain teased her, slowly pulling her shorts to her ankles. 


            Heather bucked around in her bondage, the tongue of the soldier moving up and down her slit, rubbing harshly over her erect clit, masturbating her with his tongue.  Ashley did not know how long Heather would be able to endure before she would be forced to cum under the oral ministrations.  Suddenly the soldier stopped, pulling his head out from between her legs.  Ashley could see Heathers wet thighs.


            The soldier grabbed Ashley’s ass hard.  “You aren’t going to cum.  Just want to get you hot.  Makes the rape so much worse.”  He laughed at her, his hand reaching down and stroking his cock.  He turned her around, her ass to him, his cock rubbing up and down.  Ashley turned her head looking as the soldier took a tube of lubricant out and rubbed it over his cock, the mushroom head glistening with a sheen of oil.


            “AAAAHHH,” Ashley mumbled through the gag when the soldier started pushing his hard cock between her bound legs.  His hands circled her waist, one large hand moving up to grasp her breast like it was a melon, the other moving down to grab her pussy in his large palm.  Ashley tried to pull away, her bound arms limiting her movement, her pussy arched out far to escape the big cock poking between her legs.  Her body trembled when she felt fingers fumbling with his cock, moving it up and down her slit, rubbing over her asshole, down to her slit.


            The Captain moved around in front of me.  I was mesmerized by the sight of the soldier’s huge cock playing with my sister.  My plight returned, the Captain not content with watching my sisters rape, he wanted to abuse me.  His hands returned to my panties.  His fingers slowly played with them, letting them slide down my abdomen, teasing me, forcing me to accept the humiliation of being stripped naked.  He picked up one my ankles and tied a rope around it, making me groan in pain when he tightened it so tight.  He tied another to the other ankle and moved behind me again.  I trembled in fear, knowing that he was going to spread me open.  I did not have to wait long before I felt him pull one of my legs behind the chair, my knee having to bend and bow out to keep from breaking.  I could feel my pussy lips pulling back.  The other leg was next, pulled back until they met in the back. 


            “UUUUUGGG,” I groaned in pain, feeling like he was going to split my crotch up the middle.  I felt him fumbling with the ropes and soon felt them tightening on my ankles again, both of the tied tightly together behind the chair.


            “Almost,” he said, ropes coming out again, this time wrapped tightly around each thigh, pinning my upper leg to my lower leg.  I was now spread wide, unable to move without additional pain.  My pussy felt like the lips were being pulled too wide, the cold air blowing inside my pussy.


            “UUUUUHHH, OOOOWWW,” the screams of my sister ringing out.  I looked up just in time to see the head of his cock disappearing between my sister’s ass cheeks.  I could only surmise that she had fought as hard as she could but he had succeeded in driving the huge mushroom head of his cock into the tight confines of her tight, teenage pussy.  His huge hands gripped her hard by the hips, pulling her back onto the raping cock. 


            “MMMMGG, UUUGG,” she screamed through the gag as he began to pump her full of rock hard cock.  He would punch it into her, painfully withdraw it, her pussy clinging to it in reaction to the pain and then punch it into her again, grunting as he did.  She was on her toes now, his hands returning to her breasts, squeezing them painfully, pulling them up into the air in his tight grip.


            He had his cock buried in her now, his hand returning to the front of her hips to pull her up, her legs leaving the ground, swinging from the rope as he raped her.  She shook around like a rag doll, his punishing cock smashing into her, banging her insides as the huge cock pushed aside all resistance. 


            “GDDDD, DNT, UUUUGGG,” her insides torn as he raped her for his own pleasure, his cock jerking in pleasure when she screamed.


            I looked up, the Captain coating a large, studded dildo with an oily substance.  “NNNN,” shaking my head in terror.  It was almost as big as the soldiers, with a mushroom shaped head, thick rubber studs ringing the weapon.  “You must feel what your sister is feeling.”


            “NNNNN, PPPLLS,” the Captains hands under the open seat, fingers peeling back my pussy lips, the head of the dildo pushing against my spread vagina.  I felt my pussy spreading open, the pain increasing as the Captain made me swallow the fake cock slowly, making me feel all of the pain.  I watched the soldier pull my sister onto his cock, her ass arched up to allow maximum penetration of his raping cock, her face grimaced in pain, my pussy beginning to stretch and feel the same burning pain as the head of the dildo slipped into my vagina, grabbing the rubber cock around the fake mushroom head.


            “AAAAGGGHHH,” the soldier jamming his cock deep inside Heather, dumping a load of cum to bathe her insides.  I saw the tears falling down her cheeks, her mouth clenched in pain, forced to accept the filthy jism of the soldier in her teenage body.


            “UUUGG,” my body trying to move away from the raping dildo, the tight bondage preventing me from escaping the pain of the painful entry.  It pushed farther and farther inside my tight pussy, the Captains hand pushing hard onto the rubber dildo, making me take the huge fake cock.  Finally it hit bottom, smashing into my cervix with a painful thud that shook my body. The Captain stopped, letting my pussy clench and unclench on the raping rubber cock, trying to push it out of my body.


            The soldier pulled his cock from my sister’s pussy, his cum dripping down her thighs, her sobbing, testament to the brutal rape she suffered.  He cupped her breasts, pinching them with his huge hands.  “That was a good fuck, but that was only the beginning,” his other hand roughly fondling her ass cheek.  He pulled her arms from the overhead chain, her head turning to see his hand rubbing over her ass cheek.  “I’m gonna tie you up on the bed and fuck you all night,” my sister standing there, naked except for her panties wrapped around her knees, cum dripping down her thighs, her face stained with tears.


            I sympathized with her plight, my tight pussy throbbing on the hard rubber cock jammed inside, stretching my tender pussy to the limit. 


            Heather’s arms were cuffed behind her back again, the soldier yanking her around by her hair, his cock already getting hard again.  He moved her over to the bare mattress on the bed.  He showed her the mirror, “Ha, you can watch yourself getting fucked.”


            He pushed her onto the bed onto her knees, one hand on her breast, pulling on her nipple, the other on her ass, raising her up for his fondling.  “Gonna give you lessons in fucking!”


            My plight suddenly worsened.  I looked up, the Captains long, hard cock only inches from my virgin mouth.  The bulbous head was red and swollen, leaking cum from the tip.  His hand stroked it to even greater length. 


            “Time to suck this while we watch your sis gets fucked.”


            I felt him pull the gag from my mouth, letting it slide down to my neck, still tied tightly.  “GGGHHH,” I choked as he pulled it tighter, the gag cutting off my supply of air.  In his other hand he had a three prong leather whip.  He let them play over my naked breast, the cold leather making my nipples pluck into hardness.


            “You better suck my dick, missy or I’m gonna whip your sweet little pussy and tits raw!”  He yanked my head back again, the gag now a noose around my neck, continually cutting off my air supply.


            “OOHH, NNNO,” I screamed, choking as the noose tightened, the head of his cock leaving a trail of wet cum on my lips.


            His fingers moved down to my pussy, the dildo having slipped out of my wet pussy and falling on the floor beneath me.  “Suck my dick Missy,” he ordered me again.


            NNNO, PPLLESSE, NNOO,” I screamed, “GGGGHHH,“ the noose tightening again.


            “I’ll tie you little legs spread tight and whip that bare pussy of yours, cunt.”


            “NNNO, don’t touch meeee.”  I looked up at my sister, she was pinned under the rapist, her bound feet behind his back, his hand squeezing her tit tightly as she grimaced in pain.  His long cock was buried completely inside her teenage pussy again.


            “UUHHHH, UUUHHHH,” the only sounds coming from her gagged mouth, her head turning back and forth as she was raped again by the huge cock, pumping in and out, her pussy wrapped tightly around the monstrous organ as she was raped for the second time.


            My head was pulled back, the noose choking me again.  My body arched backwards, my pussy spread and open, my legs tied painfully behind the chair.


            “Suck my cock!” his hand pulling my hair back, his cock pushed against my cheek, feeling the throbbing organ, hot and hard.


            “NNOO, I WWWONNTTT, OOOO!”  The whip lashed across my out thrust breasts, one strand biting painfully into my erect nipples, feeling like it was going to tear them from my body. 


            This time the whip lashed between my spread thighs, hitting my sensitive pussy.  “OOOOO, don’t, DON’TTT whip my pussy!  DON’T!”


            “AAAAAAHHH,” the whip striking my spread pussy again, coming in from the other side, pulling my pussy lips back as the cruel leather thongs bit into my tender, pink pussy.  My pussy lips began to swell, the cruel lash taking its toll on my body.


            I was continually screaming now, the lash giving no letup, beating into my girl sex, tearing my pussy lips.  He finally stopped, pressed against the back of me, his hand fondling my bruised pussy.  “OOOOOOWW,” my pussy lips swollen and tender to the touch.


            “Suck my dick!”


            “NNNNOOOO,” sobbing from the pain radiating from between my bound and spread thighs. 


            “You think this is bad.  I’m going to torture your pussy for as long as it takes,” the whip again returning to beat at my spread pussy, another scream torn from my lips. 


            I looked up from my tear stained eyes, my sister still being raped by the monster.  Her legs were up high, behind his neck, the rope around her ankles keeping her trapped this way.  Her ass was up high off the bed, his monstrous cock still fucking her, her bound body bouncing around like a doll, her muffled screams of pain filling the room.   I felt his hand grab my pussy harshly, his fingers digging into my torture flesh.


            “But first sweet young missy, with the cute little titties and this sweet pussy, is going to get both of our hard, nasty dicks shoved inside you over and over, until your helpless ass is dripping with our cum.  Then I’m going to take you into the torture room and make you lick your own pussy juice off my nasty cock.”


            I felt my legs released, my body pulled upright, his fingers pinching my nipple painfully.


            “Let’s go play missy.”


            We went into the room where Heather was still being raped.  She was on her knees, his legs between hers, keeping her open and available to his raping cock.  He had a grip on the ropes binding her wrists together, using it as a rein to ride her hard, pulling her back onto his raping cock.  Her ass was continually buffeted by his pile driving cock beating painfully into her teenage pussy.  The sound of slapping flesh and her moans of pain rang out in the room.


“She wouldn’t suck my cock,” he told his partner.


“Good, then let’s fuck her.”


“Suck my cock,” he ordered me again.


“UUGG, never.”


“Stop the playing around and gag the cunt.  I want to rape her.”


I felt him stick a ball gag in my mouth, “you’re gonna beg me for my cock in your mouth, bitch.”


“Let me get her sister hung up and busy then we can both fuck her.”


Heather was strung up by her wrists again, naked except for her tiny panties wrapped around her ankles.  “Here’s a nice butt plug that’ll keep you happy while we rape your sister.  You’ll love this vicious little vibrator in your ass.”


He rubbed the butt plug against her nipple, the vibrating make the nub harden.  He stood behind her, his fingers pulling on her nipples as he began to slowly insert the cruel plug in her tiny asshole.  “Oh yeah, fight it bitch, make me force it up your tight little ass,” his hand pushing hard on the vibrating instrument, slowly sinking into her virgin ass.  She continued to scream as her sphincter fought the intrusion.


“These will keep you awake while you watch the show,” attaching three cruel looking clamps to her nipples and finally to her clit.  She bounced around on the rope, her screams muffled by the large ball gag splitting her lips open.  “There, now to rape your sister,” watching your body in pain.


I was on the bed, the Captain sucking my nipple into his mouth, biting on it, making me squirm around like I was enjoying it.  The other rapist sat down next to me, each of them grabbing my leg at the knee, splaying me open for my rape.  “UUUHH, NNOO, HLP,” I screamed.


“I don’t think sister can help you much, she’s busy.  HAH.”


He kneeled between my spread thighs, his fist holding his large cock against my tiny pussy.  The Captain ran his cum dripping cock over my nipples, while he pinched them cruelly.


“I’ve been waiting all night to rape this young pussy,” feeling his cock head begin to split my pussy lips apart.


“NNNN,” I screamed as the Captain began to cum all over my tits, spraying his hot jism onto my teenage breasts.


“Oh yeah, cum all over her tits.  Her face too, I want to see cum on her lips,” he told the Captain.


UUHH, NNNOO,” I screamed as my face was covered with a load of his cum, some shooting up inside my nose.


“Shove her full of cock,” the Captain encourage him.  “You watching Sis,” Ashley bouncing around on the rope, the vibrator humming noisily inside her asshole, her nipples and clit crushed beneath the painful clamps.  “Don’t you want to see your sis getting her pussy raped by his huge, hard cock?  How can you not watch your sister giving us the fuck show of her life?”


I lay there, the rapist between my spread legs, his mushroom head of his hard cock engulfed in my pussy.  He moved forward, the giant intrusion slowly spreading me open, my teenage pussy having no choice but to spread painfully wide to allow the pulsating member to rape me.  “UUUH, UUUHH,” I cried out as my pussy was speared by his cock, his hips pushing his dick deeper and deeper into my pussy.


My legs were spread painfully wide, his big hips pushing down on my thighs as he fucked me hard.  “AAAGH, AWWW, OOOW,” I screamed as his cock tore in and out of my battered passage.  “UUUH, UUUH,” the fucking taking a toll on my young body, my groin just a mass of pain as I was raped by his giant member, his hands running over my body, grabbing my tits, his teeth biting my hard nipples, his big hands slipping under my body and raising my ass up to accept his punishing fucks.


“OOOH, AAAAH,” his cock forcing itself deep inside of me and shooting me full of his cum.  I felt wave after wave of hot cum bath my battered pussy.  He was on his knees between my legs, his hands spreading my legs out, splitting me up the middle as he dumped his filthy cum inside my teenage pussy.


“AAAAHHH!  Now bitch, it’s up to you.  Suck my cock now or I’ll flip you over and rape you up the ass.”  He pulled the ball gag from my mouth.


“UHHG!  NOOOO.  Please, no more.  I’ll suck you!  Please don’t fuck me anymore, please,” I begged, my pussy sore.


He pushed his cock in front of my face.  “C’mon then, little bitch.  Suck my big, nasty dick.”


“UUH,” I turned my head away from it.  I felt a finger push inside my asshole, tearing into the unprotected back passage. 


He sat in front of me, I’m on my knees, my head bent over his long, erect cock, my mouth open, only inches from the nasty cock.  My tongue ran over the head of it. 




My mouth split open wide, trying to wrap around the massive instrument.


“Open wide bitch.”  His hand forcing my head down, his hard cock pushing out my cheeks as it slowly filled my virgin mouth.


“AAAAHH, good bitch, suck.”


I was stretched over his body, his cock standing up tall, my mouth engulfing the raping member, his hand holding my head by my hair, forcing me up and down on the cock, forcing it in and out of my mouth.  Each time he went deeper and deeper, not stopping when I choked or gagged, forcing me to take the raping cock in my virgin mouth.


“OOOOH, UUHH,” forcing my mouth down as he filled my virgin mouth with another load of hot cum, this time I was forced to taste the salty, thick jism as he shot rope after rope of cum onto my tongue and pushed it down my throat with his raping dick.


He pulled me off of his cock, his cum dripping down my chin.  “I think I’ll ass rape you anyway.”


“NNNO, PLLLEASE,” I cried out.  He pushed me down on the bed, my head buried in the mattress, my ass held up high, waiting for him to rape my virgin ass.


“NNNO, DDNTTT, EEEEE,” as he fisted his cock and placed it against my tiny ass.  I felt it spreading open, the tiny opening forced to accept the bulbous head, my sphincter clenching on the raping member.


“NNNNNNN, NNNOOO,” I cried as the painful stretching of my ass began.  He humped his hips forward, his cock burying itself into my stretched back passage, tearing and raping as it went.  I could feel every bump and ridge as it slid painfully up inside me, my body twisting in pain.


He held my hips, pulling me onto his raping cock, taking my ass as if it was my pussy.  I was continually screaming as he continued to rape my ass, his huge member forced inside my rectum, sinking slowly and painfully into my colon, my ass grabbing onto the raping member in reaction to the pain.  The cramping started, the giant cock feeling like I was bloated, my ass full of his throbbing member.  “GGGod,  STTTPPP,” I begged, the pain much worse then the rape of my pussy or even the pussy whipping.


I could hardly breathe, my body flattened into the mattress as he tried to push his raping cock through my body, burying his cock deeper then anything should ever be.  I felt like I was being torn open, his cock plunging in and out, my ass gripping the raping dick, trying to force the intrusion out.


“UUUH, I’m ccccuummming…up your assss!  OOOHH, OOOOH,” pinning me to the mattress as my virgin ass received its first cum enema.  If flooded my colon, burning my anal tract, the salty fluids rubbing into my battered anal tract.


“OOOH, pllleassse, no mooore,” I cried, slumped on the bed, my legs still spread, my ass dripping blood and cum from my battered opening.


“We’re going to rape you both all night long.  You’re going to take cock in your mouth, your pussy and up your ass.  Then we’re going to invite our friends over to gang bang you both.  You’ll have three cocks in you as they ride you.  By morning, you will be a fucked out whore.”








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