The Cop and the Reluctant Teen

By Powerone

Artwork by Tulia

Copyright 2009


“I’ll be home on time.  Promise,” Megan said for the fourth time to her mother as she readied to go out.  Her parents had been giving her so much grief over coming home late.  Twice this month they had big fights, her father threatening to send her to a Catholic boarding school if it happened again.  Not like her mother, he was a devout Catholic and was disappointed that she didn’t attend a Catholic school as he did when he grew up.  It was only her mother’s insistence that kept her from the terrible fate, but even her mother was having a hard time defending the decision.

It was not that Megan intentionally came home late.  Her best friend was Ashley and she was the root cause of the problem.  Ashley was seventeen, with a driver’s license, Megan fifteen, almost sixteen.  They had grown up together and in spite of the age difference, had maintained their friendship.  It helped that Megan had the figure of an older girl so they tended to date boys Ashley’s age, not Megan’s age.  They all tended to have later curfews than Ashley did.

Megan hopped into Ashley’s Mustang, the nights getting colder.  She didn’t say a thing about the fights with her parents to Ashley.  She looked at her; Ashley dressed in a white silk blouse that clung to her breasts, the top two buttons open to display a generous amount of tanned cleavage, a short black skirt that rode high up her thighs, a pair of heels gracing her long, tanned legs.  Megan wasn’t intimidated, a blue, cashmere sweater cradled her breasts in their soft embrace, some lucky boy might get lucky enough to touch them.  Her skirt was just as short, but fuller, clinging to her hips and then pushing out.  A pair of ankle strap heels made her lean legs look longer.

“What’s happening tonight?”  Megan had heard of a party that some seniors were having, hoping that Ashley had been invited.

“Josh Miller is having a party tonight; his parents have gone to the desert for the weekend.  Lots of boys, plenty of beer.  And we were invited.”  Ashley would love to hook up with Josh Miller.  Who wouldn’t with the captain of the football team? 

Megan knew that only Ashley was invited, but they never refused to let her in.  Not looking like she did tonight.  What horny boy would turn away a body like hers?  “No drinking for you.  You have to drive me home.  Promise?”

“Sure, don’t worry about it, Megan.  I want to be stone sober when I hook up with Josh.  I’ll make it a night he wouldn’t forget.”

That is where Ashley and Megan differed.  Megan was still a virgin.  It wasn’t that she didn’t fool around, even letting a boy into her panties one night.  Megan never felt such a thing when he made her cum.  She was made to reciprocate, though she did draw the line in taking him in her mouth.  That was the first time she felt the power she had over a boy, her hands and fingers controlling him as she stroked his prick until he came. 

* * *

It was ten, Megan still having two hours before she had to be home, talking her mother into staying out to midnight tonight.  She was a little dizzy from the two beers she drank, but she still managed to stop Mathew when his hands started to become too bold.  Megan allowed him to feel up her breasts, her pussy getting wet when he squeezed them, even when he pinched her nipples too hard.  Or maybe because he pinched them too hard.  She stopped him as his fingers became bolder, sliding under her skirt and caressing her thighs, Megan not protesting at first when he pushed out her legs until she spread her legs obediently.  She gasped in surprise and pushed his hand away when he touched her pussy, his hand moving from her thigh to between her legs and grasping her mound unexpectedly.   He left her in the bedroom, going back into the living room to see if she could find Ashley.

It took her a while, but she finally found her in one of the back bedrooms, Megan knocking on the door before she went in, not wanting to interrupt an intimate moment.  There was no answer, Megan opening the door, seeing Ashley curled up on the bed, the light on the nightstand.  Her skirt was riding high up her legs, her panties revealed.  Megan rushed over to her, afraid something happened to her.  She could see right away that she was passed out, the smell of liquor hanging heavy on her breath.  Damn, how will I get home now? 

“Wake up Ashley.”  She hated to, but she slapped her face, not even that provoking a reaction.  She was out cold.  She looked at her watch.  She still had time to get home on time, but she couldn’t wait until Ashley sobered up.  Or would she let her drive home.  Megan looked around the room until she found Ashley’s purse, pulling out the keys.  Megan knew how to drive, though she didn’t have much experience.  Or a driver’s license.  First, she had to get Ashley into the car.  Luckily, the bedroom had a door out to the back patio, Megan grunting as she pulled Ashley off the bed, never realizing how much a drunk weighed when they did nothing to help you.  She was tired by time she got to the car, propping her against the side of the car with one hand, the other trying to open the door.  She finally got her into the seat, putting the seat belt on her.  Her head was slumped to one side, but the seat belt kept her from falling over.

Megan got into the drivers seat, taking her time to fix the mirror and the seat before she even turned the car on.  The engine roared to life when she started it.  The shortest way home was the freeway, but Megan decided against that.  She would stick out like a sore thumb, the cops looking for drunk drivers; her inexperience might make her look that way.  She would take the back way home, hoping that she wouldn’t run into any cops.  It would take her along the waterfront, but it would be deserted.  She slowly backed the car out of the driveway; luckily no one had blocked them in.  She drove slowly, finally pushing the gas pedal harder, not wanting to look to conspicuous.   She got out of the housing development, the main road taking her along the waterfront, commercial buildings on one side of the street, the docks on the other.  It was deserted, Megan grateful for that, paying close attention to the road as she drove the car.  She was starting to feel good, even with the two beers, getting closer and closer to Ashley’s house.  She only lived a block away, Megan planning to walk the short distance. It got darker around her, the streetlights less frequent, but Megan felt good, disguised in the darkness.

The inside of the car suddenly shone brightly with blue lights, blinking on and off rapidly, Megan jumping as the shrill siren rocked her world out of the darkness of the docks.  She looked into her mirror, the unmistakable lights of the police car shining brightly through her rear window.  Shit! Shit!   Her world was suddenly caving in her around her.

“Pull over into the next street and get off the main road.”  The loudspeaker of the police car almost shattered her ears.  Her hands were trembling as she turned onto the side street, the noise changing as the tires began to run over the wooden planks of the dock.  She stopped, the dock deserted, a single streetlight far away doing little to break up the blackness.  All except the police car that stopped behind her, the lights still blinking on and off, a searchlight shining back and forth over her car as if assessing the situation.  How was she going to explain this?  She heard the door open and close behind her, hearing the footsteps so loudly on the wooden dock.  She looked out the side window just as the powerful beam of light blinded her.  There was a tap on the window.

“Lower your window,” the voice loud and demanding.

Megan lowered the window, unable to see as the flashlight blinded her.  Finally it moved from her eyes, but she watched it as the light slid down her body like a pair of hands, Megan almost able to feel it as it paused on her breasts.  It moved lower, sliding down until it shined up her naked legs, Megan quickly closing them when she realized how far her legs were spread, but she could do little to pull her skirt down.  It moved back and forth over her legs until it went away as quickly as it started.  Megan felt like she was just raped by the light.

“License and registration,” Detective Michael Davis demanded from the young girl.  He was on the docks tracking a lead of the recent container thefts when he saw the car going by.  Two young girls on the docks late at night.  That spelled either trouble or an opportunity.  Nice body on this one and she looked young.  She was probably too young for even a driver’s license.  That meant opportunity.  His cock stirred at the thought.

He wasn’t wearing a uniform, Megan afraid he might not even be a cop.  “Can I see a badge?”  Her voice was almost apologetic.

Michael pulled out his wallet, flashing his badge to her though she probably couldn’t see much.  “Detective Davis.  I don’t blame you for asking.  Awful deserted out here at this time of the hour.  One of the reasons I stopped you.  License and registration, please.”

She fumbled in her purse, not sure what she was looking for, stalling for time as if time would fix it.  She looked up at him. “I can’t seem to find it.”

Michael shined his light over to the other seat.  She was passed out, but she had an equally lovely body.  She was probably the owner of the car.  She looked older.  He had seen it before.  Too drunk to drive, the one without the license ends up driving, hoping she wouldn’t be caught.  This one lost.  “What happened to your friend?”

“She got sick.  I’m taking her home,” Megan lied.

“From the smell, I would say you’re both probably intoxicated.  Her car?”

“Yes.  I haven’t had anything to drink.  She might have.”

“I can smell beer on your breath and something much stronger from your friend.  I suspect she is drunk.  And you don’t have a driver’s license.”  He saw the blood drain from her face.

“She couldn’t drive and I had to get home,” Megan blurting out, almost beginning to cry.  “Can’t you just give me a warning?”  She begged with her sweetest voice.

“Driving without a license and intoxicated will get you six months in juvey.  These are some serious charges.  Let me see your friend.”  Michael moved to the other side of the car, opening up the door, the bell going off, the insides of the car bathed in the bright light from the dome.  He saw the girl, prettier then he thought.  Nice tits and lovely, long naked legs.  He saw the panic in the driver’s face.  “What’s her name?”

“Ashley.  Mine is Megan,” hoping that he might let her off.  Her parents would send her off to Catholic boarding school if she were arrested.  After she got out of juvenile detention.

“Ashley.  Wake up.”  She didn’t move.  His hand moved to her face, caressing her silky, young skin.  His finger trailed along until he got to her lips.  He moved them around her lips, finally pushing two fingers in her mouth when she didn’t move.  He began to fuck them into her mouth, back and forth along her lips, wishing it were his cock.

What was he doing?  He was putting his fingers in her mouth!  As if it was a prick.  Her situation just got worse.  What would he do to her?  She turned away; not wanting to see what he was doing, as if it would somehow go away if she didn’t see it.

“Be a good girl and look over here Megan.  If you know what’s good for you.” Michael seeing her look away.  She turned back towards him.

Michael took his fingers out of her mouth, Ashley still out cold.  He cupped one of her breasts, seeing the shocked look on Megan’s face as he squeezed the firm tit through the silky blouse.  He loved, firm, young tits, so resilient, bouncing back no matter how hard he squeezed.  He pulled his hand back, but he unbuttoned the next button, his hand reaching in and squeezing the bra encased breast, seeing the firm flesh almost pop out of the bra.  He needed more, slipping her bra up until her naked breast sprung free of the tight confines of her bra.  He squeezed her nipple, a faint murmur from her as he pinched it tight.

Megan was sure that she saw Ashley’s nipple, his hand slipping into her blouse.  She could see his fingers push out her bra and then she was sure he slipped her bra up.  He had to be staring at her bare breast.  From the way she was stirring, he was doing much more.

As much as Michael loved her young breasts, his eyes were glued to Megan’s tits, the sweater clinging to a pair of sharp, pointed tits, Megan not even realizing that she was arching her back and sticking them out.  “Ashley has nice tits, but I think yours are nicer Megan.  Do you like them squeezed hard like Ashley?”  Michael squeezed Ashley’s nipple until she groaned and moved her ass.  “I asked you a question?” Michael’s voice rose up higher, seeing the scared look on Megan’s face.

“No,” she answered nervously, not sure what she should say.  “You shouldn’t do that.”  She regretted saying that as soon as she said it.

Michael put her breast back into her bra, buttoning the top back up.  “Yes, you’re right.”  He kneeled down outside the car.  His hand slid onto her bare leg, sliding up her silky, smooth thigh.  “Nice legs.”  He pushed out her legs until she was spread out obscenely.  He took his hand off her leg, staring at Megan as he gripped the hem of her skirt and lifted it up until her panties were uncovered.  He pushed her legs out wider, her panties glued to her sex, the sharp divide of her slit clearly visible, even to Megan.  He pinched her pussy lips together, pulling them up.  Ashley’s body jerked, but her eyes stayed closed.

Megan couldn’t believe it.  He pulled up Ashley’s skirt and squeezed her mound.  Megan could almost feel it between her legs, the lips pushed together by powerful fingers.  He was staring at Megan, almost defying her to say something.  His fingers moved all over Ashley’s mound, one fat finger sliding up and down her slit, her panties pushed deep between them.

Michael slipped his finger along the edge of her panties until he felt the puffy lips of her pussy.  He slid over the bald lips until he found her slit, pushing his finger between them, not surprised to find her wet in spite of being passed out.  “Ashley’s pussy is wet.  I bet you are about to cream in your pants, Megan.”

Megan turned red as if he knew what she was feeling.  She was appalled by what he was doing to her best friend, but she was also excited as if it were happening to her.  Or wish it were happening to her, though it scared her as much as it excited her.

Michael took his hands out of her pants, slipping his fingers into his mouth.  “Ashley tastes good.  Do you like having your pussy licked, Megan?”  He laughed loudly, pulling Ashley’s skirt down until she was the model of modesty.  He got up, closing the door, moving back over to the other side of the car.  He opened the door, Megan looking at him, her eyes frozen in fear.  “Out of the car.  I need to search you.”

    As much as she was excited by what he did to Ashley, she feared the cop.  They were on a dark dock late at night, no one around.  She got out of the car, the cop making her move to the back of the car, his headlights shining brightly.  He went to his car, turning off the flashing lights, but the headlights remained on.

“Now you do as I tell you and I’ll see how lenient I can be,” he warned her. “Bend over, hands on the trunk, Megan.”  His cock was straining to get out of his pants.

“I don’t have any weapons,” Megan cried out, tears running down her cheeks.  She saw the look on his face, knowing that she had better obey.  Or else.  She put her hands on the deck of the trunk, bending over slightly, feeling her butt pushing out as she did.

“Put your legs back farther, Megan.  Bend over deeper.  Stick that cute ass out for me.”  Michael minced no words on what he wanted from the young girl.  He saw the look on her flushed face, but she obeyed with only a whimper.  She moved her legs back farther, though her thighs were tightly clenched as if that would stop him from what he wanted.  Her sexy ass rose up higher, Michael pushing down on her back, her body jumping when he touched her.

“EEEhh,” she cried out when she felt his hands on her back, shocked that he’d touched her.  He pushed down on her back, Megan’s butt forced up by the demeaning position.  She could feel her short skirt riding high up the back of her thighs.  Her thighs were clenched tight, afraid of his hands between her legs as he did to Ashley.

Michael pulled out the 31-inch telescoping baton, swinging his hand until it pulled out and extended to its full reach. 

Megan turned when she heard the swoosh, a shocked look on her face when she saw the black metal baton.  She had seen Billy clubs, but never anything like this.  What was he going to do with it?  She wasn’t fighting back.  She began to sob in fear.  Then she felt it, between her legs.  It was between her knees, but it slid up until her clenched thighs stopped it from moving.  “No, please don’t.”

Michael pulled it from her legs, but swung it sideways, striking her just above her knees on the soft flesh.  It hit with a thud, even though he put little power behind it.

“AAAAGGGG,” Megan cried out, feeling like her skin was ripped.  She stood up, her hands moving back to her legs, surprised when she felt no blood.  She looked at him.

“I told you to obey.  Now get back into position and show me how repentant you can be.”  Her ass slowly rose up, Michael’s cock jerking excitedly in his pants as the young teen obeyed unconditionally.  He moved the baton between her knees again, Megan jumping when it first touched her; afraid he was striking her with it.  He moved it up, but this time her legs began to part.  “That’s a good girl, Megan.  Spread your legs for me.”  Michael tapped on the inside of her thighs each time she stopped, Megan groaning in protest, but her heels slid along the wooden dock, spreading her legs wider under his insistence.  “Come on, Megan.  Spread your legs wider and raise up that sexy ass.”

She never felt so humiliated and used as she did now, spreading her legs wantonly, the cop not satisfied until her legs were spread almost four feet wide.  Her ass had risen up high, not even sure if her skirt was covering her panties any longer, the cool night air sending shivers through her body as it blew over her naked thighs.  The baton never stopped moving, sliding up and down the inside of her thighs, moving almost to her crotch, but stopping to move to the other side to caress it with cold steel.

Michael wished it were his hands that were touching her thighs, but her body trembled as the baton touched her intimately between her legs.  The tip of the baton found the hem of her skirt, sliding it up and over her ass.

She sobbed loudly, feeling her skirt being lifted up over her panties until she felt it high up on her back.  The cool air blew over her panties as the harsh headlights highlighted her half-naked body.  The baton began to explore her butt, moving all over her cheeks.

“Nice ass, Megan.  Real nice.”  He would love to stick his cock between her cheeks and be the first one inside her virgin asshole.  There was nothing more enjoyable than taking a young girl in the ass for the first time.  It would be a ride she would always remember.

The baton moved down between her thighs, then rose up, this time not stopping until it touched between her legs.  It was more than she could take.  She stood up, her legs clenching tight, trapping the baton between her legs.  “No, don’t do that.”

“You certainly are a troublesome girl, Megan.  Let’s see if your friend can be a little more accommodating.  Move over to the other side of the car.”  She pushed her skirt down, but it could do little to hide her lovely, long legs. 

Megan didn’t know what he meant, but at least he wasn’t touching her inappropriately with the baton.  She stood next to Ashley’s door until he came over.  He opened the door, the lights coming on brightly inside the car.  Megan looked in, Ashley’s eyes still closed in a drunken stupor.  She turned when he took her hand, shocked to see him slap a cold, hard handcuff on one wrist and snap it shut before she could react.  “I’m not a criminal,” she protested, but he ignored her, snapping the other end of the handcuff to the outside car door.

“I want to make sure you don’t go running off while I’m busy with your friend.”  Michael left her for a moment, going back to his car and shutting off the headlights.  He came back, eying Megan as he stood next to her.  “Watch what I do to your friend.  I don’t want you turning away or I’ll use the baton on you again.  Do you understand?”  He held the baton in his hand.

Why did he want her to watch?  What was he going to do to Ashley?  She felt the baton tapping on her naked leg.  “YYYeees,” she stammered in fear.

“First I need to get Ashley comfortable.”  Michael bent down into the car, unbuckling her seat belt, having to hold up Ashley’s limp body.  He let her slide down to one side, reaching over to grab her legs in one hand.  He began to maneuver her body, twisting her around until her head was at the bottom of the seat and her legs were swinging over the top of the seat.  Her skirt fell down, revealing the black panties, Michael making no attempt to cover her back up.  Her head hung back limply, her mouth half open.  That would be convenient for him.  He looked at Megan, her eyes opened wide in astonishment.  “Would you rather take her place, Megan?

Her best friend was almost upside down, only her panties covering her below her waist, her skirt pulled back.  The top of her head was almost touching the floor, her mouth opened, almost snoring in her drunken stupor, no idea what was about to happen to her.  “NNNO.”  In spite of not wanting anything to happen to her best friend, she wanted even less for it to happen to her. 

“Just as I thought.  Watch now, Megan.  I think you’d like this.”  Michael began to pull her panties down, or more to the point, up since she was upside down.  Just as he expected, her pussy bald as a ten-year old.  He slipped her panties off, throwing them onto the other seat.  He looked at Megan.  “Is your pussy shorn, Megan?”  His eyes demanded an answer from her.

“No,” she said in shame, not even knowing that Ashley shaved her bush completely off.  What was he going to do?  He wouldn’t, not that. 

Michael got back up, opening up his pants.  He pushed them down, his shorts with them, his hand fisting his cock, aiming it at Megan.  “Ever see anything this big before, Megan?”  She didn’t dare turn away, Michael stroking his cock as it grew bigger, Megan staring at it in disbelief.  “Now I’ll see how accommodating Ashley will be.  I’m sure she has done this before.

Megan could only watch as Michael’s naked ass turned towards her as he knelt in the car.  His hands pulled up her head, one hand on her head, the other on his cock, aiming it.  He rubbed the head of his cock around Ashley’s lips, her head thrown back.

Michael began to feed his cock into Ashley’s limp mouth, his hard cock pushing her lips aside, enjoying her hot breath blowing on his organ.  Her lips were pushed back as the fat head of his cock pushed into her mouth, sliding over her tongue.  “I’d much rather have you sucking my cock, Megan.  Your tongue playing over my cock, squirting some of my salty cum into your reluctant mouth.  Would you like that, Megan?  To suck my cock until I shot off in your mouth.  Or would you rather I do Ashley?”  Michael began to fuck his hips, driving his cock in and out of her mouth.  Even though Ashley was passed out and lifeless, he felt the pleasure as her lips wrapped tightly around his thick shaft, the head of his cock sliding over her tongue.

“I’d never do such a thing,” Megan protesting.  Still she couldn’t take her eyes off the spectacle in front of her.  Ashley’s lips were wrapped tightly around his cock as though she was willingly participating in this oral rape.  The cop still wasn’t finished.  His hands spread Ashley’s legs until her sex was exposed, her lips pulled apart.  Then his head dove between her thighs, Megan catching the sight of his tongue began to lap up and down Ashley’s slit before his head hid his intentions from Megan’s view.

Michael enjoyed eating a young girl’s pussy.  In spite of Ashley being out cold, her pussy was still wet, probably having an erotic dream.  He gobbled up her juices, his fingers pulling back her lips, his tongue taking a wide swipe up her slit from the bottom all the way to the top.  He heard her muffled groan, her mouth stuffed with his cock.  He was pumping faster, driving his cock deeper into her mouth, the head of his cock banging against the back of her mouth.  She gagged as the head of his cock fought to drive inside her throat.

The cop pulled back from between Ashley’s legs, his mouth glistening with her juices.  Megan didn’t know how Ashley was taking the large organ that drove in and out of her mouth, hearing her mumbled cries, his organ too big for her small mouth.  “I think I should eat your pussy, Megan.  You’d love my tongue inside you.  Or maybe you’d like me to eat your asshole.  Any boy ever do that to you before? Stick his hot, stiff tongue up your tight little asshole?”  Michael returned to Ashley, his tongue moving back, this time attacking the tight knot of her asshole, tonguing it until the tiny hole relaxed enough so he could stick his tongue inside.  He made his tongue stiff, shoving it inside her asshole, feeling the muscles gripping it as he fought to shove it in deeper.  His hips drove hard, breaching her throat, the delicious clenching of her throat muscles driving him over the edge.  He pulled his tongue out of her asshole, to replace it with his finger.  His finger fought her sphincter muscles, driving deeper into her rectum as his cock began to spew his cum deep into her gullet.  He pumped his cock in her throat, her muffled gags only exciting him as he dumped load after load of his cum directly into her stomach.

It was shameful what he was doing to Ashley, though Megan started at the obscene spectacle in spite of her revulsion.  He was shaming her with his foul words as he orally raped her best friend and Megan could do nothing but watch.  He shoved a finger up Ashley’s backside, Megan almost able to feel the way it penetrated her in such a perverse place.  She could see the way Ashley’s body was being buffeted by his hips that his organ had to be in her throat, muffled gags from her mouth the only sign that he penetrated her throat.  She heard the cop panting, knowing that he was ready to cum, his hips driving one last time as he screamed out his pleasure.  It was terrible, the cop shooting off, filling Ashley’s stomach with his foul seed as she was passed out in drunken stupor.  Would she realize it somehow when she woke up?

Michael finally got off her, but not before rubbing his wet cock on her lips until he painted them with his drying cum.  “Something for her to be remember?”  Michael got up, pulling up his pants.  He put Ashley’s panties back on, turning her around in the seat and pulling down her skirt until she was the perfect example of prim and proper behavior.  He even clicked on her seatbelt so she wouldn’t fall over.  He got out of the car, unlocking the handcuff on the car door.  “Let’s go.”  He began to drag her over to his car by the handcuff.

“Where are we going?  I thought you were going to let me go?”  She panicked again.

“Get into the backseat.  There we can discuss your situation with a little more privacy.”  He pushed her into the backseat of the car.  He grabbed the end of the handcuff, attaching it to the back of the shield separating the front seat from the back.  He walked around the other side of the car, reaching inside and grabbing Megan’s other hand.  He snapped a second cuff on it, pulling it to the other side of the car.  He snapped it shut.  The inside of the car was lit up brightly by the dome light, the young girl bound inside, unable to use her hands to defend herself.  He liked the way she looked, both of her hand pinned to the far corners of the car roof, her body vulnerable to anything he wanted to do to it. 

Megan might have been more scared if she didn’t see him having his lust satisfied with Ashley.  He wouldn’t be interested in sex with her, sure that he make her worry before he would let her go.

Michael slid into the back seat of the car, leaving one door open so the light would stay on.  He wanted to see all of this young girl’s naked body when he stripped her.  “Not much room back here, Megan.”  He lifted her up, sliding underneath her, feeling her firm ass settling down on his lap.  “You just sit on my lap while we talk.”  His cock was already beginning to stir.  This time Megan would have to satisfy his perverse lust.  With her hands bound at wide angles to the opposite sides of the car, she couldn’t do anything to stop him.  Soon her legs would be spread equally wide.

She was sitting on his lap, his hands around her waist.  What was he going to do?  She was ashamed, feeling the hardness beneath her butt.  Could he become aroused so quickly?   “Please, I’m only fifteen,” she repeated again, but he didn’t seem to care. 

“Yes.  That excites me more Megan.  I love young, tight bodies.”  Michael put his hands around her thin waist, feeling the soft sweater, her body jerking from his touch.  “Relax, its not that you can do anything to stop me.”  Michael’s hands slid across her firm stomach, his large hands moving up to gently cradle her firm, young tits.

She could only look down as his large hands ran over her stomach, Megan tugging on the cuffs, trying to free her hands before the hands moved any higher.  “Noooo!”  She tried to protest, but she watched as each one of his large hands cupped her breast from below, hefting them up as if he were offering them up.  Megan couldn’t believe an older man was fondling her breasts or that she was bound, a prick beneath her that was stirring alive.   It was almost surreal, Megan looking down as the fingers of his hands dug into her breasts, unable to stop her nipples from springing to life.  No, don’t let him feel her get aroused, Megan fighting the unwanted arousal.  His hands became more insistent, crushing her breasts, clenching on her flesh.

“Is that hard nipples I feel, Megan.  I think you like being taken advantage of.”  Michael began to explore all of her breast flesh, squeezing the firm tits.  The more he squeezed, the more her butt began to move.  First, he barely noticed it, but her hips began to move from side to side, his cock growing at the new pleasure.     

She refused to answer him, ashamed at the way her body responded.  She looked down, two fingers of each hand searching out and finding her nipples, the soft sweater doing little to hide her aroused tips, pushing out as if they were begging to be touched.  EEhhhh,” Megan trying to quench her arousal, her nipples pinched between his powerful fingers.  It hurt and felt good all at the same time, the blood pushed from the tips.

Michael pinched her nipples tighter, her ass sliding more and more back over his cock, trying to drive another cry from her lips.  “I love hard nipples.  They are so easy to find and abuse.”  He continued to molest the young girl until she cried out again, trying to hide her shame from him.  His hands slid back down her stomach, finding the bottom of her sweater.  His hands slid underneath, finding her warm skin, his hands moving up, pulling her sweater up out of the way as he did.  “I have to see those nice tits, Megan.  You don’t mind, do you?”  He teased her, pulling the sweater up until her black, lacey bra was revealed.  It didn’t hide much, the cups thin, her pointed nipples almost showing through. 

His hands were cold on her warm skin, but she was more ashamed as he pulled her sweater up until it was pushed under her chin, her bra revealed.  She hated that she wore such a sexy one.  It wasn’t meant to be seen by him.  His hands returned, Megan almost able to feel them on her naked breasts, the thin bra doing little to protect her.  His hands were harsh, squeezing her tight, not like the boys did to her.  They were gentle.  She could only look down and watch his fingers search out her nipples, pinching them tight, Megan arching her back as she felt the pain shooting through her breasts.  “EEEEmmmm,” she cried out as his fingers gripped her nipples and pulled them.

Her hips were moving back and forth, faster when he pinched her nipples.  He was sure that she wasn’t even aware of it, but his cock noticed, her ass cheeks masturbating him so nicely.   “I know you want me to see your naked tits, Megan.”  He released them, but only long enough for his fingers to move around her back and find the tiny clasp of her bra. 

“No, don’t make me naked,” Megan beginning to cry as she felt his fingers on her back unsnap her bra with such ease.  She felt the slack go out, his hands running over her naked sides, pushing the bra out of the way.  He leaned over her shoulder as he slowly uncovered her breasts, pulling the bra up out of the way.  She could feel the cool night air blowing on her nipples.  Her body became flushed in humiliation.

Michael ogled her firm breasts, her brown nipples pointed and sharp, begging for his touch.  “I bet you want me to suck them, don’t you, Megan?  Suck those hard little nipples into my mouth.”  Michael had to maneuver in the seat, but finally managed to get his head next to one of her naked breasts.  He looked up at her face, seeing the shame, her hands clenched in fists. 

“AAAAhhhh,” she hissed when his beard scraped along her breast and across her nipple like sandpaper.  It hurt like a thousand needles pushing into her sensitive flesh.  She felt his hot breath on her nipple and then she cried out, his mouth engulfing her nipple.  “NNNNOOOO!”  She protested, but his tongue began to attack her hard and sensitive nipples, sending pleasure racing through her body.  It felt like he was trying to pull her nipple from her breast, his powerful suction drawing it deep into his mouth so his tongue could attack it.  It only got worse, feeling his calloused fingers attacking her uncovered breast, his finger finding her nipples and squeezing it hard.  She squirmed as he attacked her nipples.

He could feel her nipples swell beneath his touch in spite of her cries of protest.  His cock throbbed and shuddered, Megan sliding back and forth, Michael biting harder, her ass moving quicker when he did.  He bit her nipple, grinding his teeth back and forth over her nipple, Megan gasping and sliding her ass so nicely.  He hated to stop, but he wanted more, his cock needing more than an ass sliding over it.  He pulled his mouth away from her breast.

The cool night air blew on her wet nipple, feeling the throbbing from his teeth still tingling the rich nerve endings in her breast.  She looked down, surprised that her nipple wasn’t bleeding from his sharp teeth, even more shocked at how long and hard her nipples were.  It only got worse, his hands sliding over her hips and down her legs.  He was going to touch her between her legs and she couldn’t do anything to stop him.  She was already half naked.  How far would he go?  His prick beneath her butt was growing bigger.  She couldn’t believe how big it was already.  What would he do with it?

“Look how big and hard your nipples are, Megan.  They love being abused.  Your ass feels so good on my cock.  I bet you want it inside you.  All young girls want a strong man to take them hard.”  Michael’s hands slid down her hips until he felt her bare leg.  “I’m going to lift up your skirt, Megan.  Did you want some nice panties for me?  Maybe even a thong.  I would love to feel your naked ass on my cock.  Rubbing back and forth so slowly.”

He was lifting up her skirt, feeling his prick jerking beneath her, trying to sit still.  Her skirt was pulled all the way up until her panties were revealed, but he didn’t stop until he tucked it almost in her waist.  His hand returned, this time sending shivers through her body they fondled her naked legs, Megan clenching her thighs tight, the tips of his fingertips sliding along her legs. 

“You have much nicer legs than Ashley.”  He looked down at the bulge in her tight panties.  “I bet you aren’t shorn like she is.  I bet you have a lovely patch of hair on your pussy.  You are going to have to be more cooperative, Megan.  I want you to spread your legs for me so I can feel your pussy.”  Michael pinched the sensitive skin of her inner thigh.

“EEEEEHHH,” she cried out, her thigh bruised by his punishing finger.  “EEEEGGG”, she cried when he pinched her again.  She could still feel the pain.  She had no choice, slowly parting her legs, knowing his hands were going to touch her.  Just as he did with Ashley when he first arrive, his hand sliding under her skirt.  She could almost feel the way his fingers would feel when he would pinch her pussy lips together.  She was shamed that her pussy was getting wet at the thought of what it would feel like.

“All the way, Megan.  Spread your legs all the way to the edge of the car.  I want you open for me.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Megan?  You’d love for me to pinch and caress your pussy.  I’ll find out soon enough when I touch you and find your pussy lips slick with your juices.”      

She watched as if it were someone else doing it, her legs spread so wide, to the edge of the car.  Her panties were drawn tightly over her mound, his hands only inches from her mound.  His fingers felt so hot as they slid between her legs, caressing her inner thighs with tenderness after his brutal pinching.  She watched as they slid up and down her thighs, each time higher, her thigh muscles clenching uncontrollably.  “AAAAAGGGHHHHH!”  It felt like an electric shock that raced between her legs.  His fingers didn’t stop, sliding up, his large hand grasping her mound and squeezing her like a ball.  His finger slid between her lips, Megan feeling a rush of her juices flooding her pussy with unexpected pleasure.  How could she become aroused at being molested by an older man?  While bound?  It felt too good; his fingers pinching her lips together and than tugging on them, Megan feeling them stretch.  The worst thing was the finger that wormed its way between her lips, sliding up and down, never stopping.  Her hips wiggled suggestively, Megan unable to control the pleasure between her legs.  She was humping her butt back and forth over the thickening prick beneath her like a wanton whore and she couldn’t stop it. 

“You like that.  I can tell.  Your panties are soaked around my finger.”  He found her bush and tugged on it, feeling the hairs.  “Put your legs together, Megan.”

She was almost disappointed, his hand leaving her mound, telling her to close her legs.  Reluctantly she obeyed. 

“I’m going to lift you up so I can take off your panties. I want to see and feel your naked cunt.”  She turned towards him, a shocked look on her face.

“NOOO!  Don’t!”  Without her panties, she was vulnerable.  “I’m a virgin; I don’t want to lose that to you.  Don’t rape me.”  She panicked.

“Let me take off your panties and play with your pussy and I’ll think about not fucking your pussy.”  He hesitated for a moment.  “If you cooperate.”  He wasn’t surprised when she raised her ass up from his lap.  “Yes, that’s a good little girl.  I’m going to slip these little panties off of you.”

She never felt anything like it.  A man’s hand was on the waistband of her panties, slowly tugging them off.  She felt a tingling as her panties slid over the follicles of her bush, sending jolts of pleasure through each hair.  She rose up higher as he slid them down, feeling the flush run over her body as he looked at her naked mound.  He had trouble pushing them down her legs, Megan finally kicking them off her legs.  She started to lower her body down, but his voice stopped her.

“Not yet, Megan.  Stay up off my lap for a moment.  I want to get comfortable, just like you.”

She heard the sound of a zipper sliding down.  “No, you promised.”

“I promised not to fuck your pussy, Megan.  My cock wants to rub on your virgin pussy.  I’m sure you wouldn’t mind.  In fact, you will probably get wet from it.”  Michael slid his pants down to his knees, his shorts joining them. 

“Spread your legs a little, Megan, so I can slip my cock between them.  That way you can see how hard and big it is.  Your friend loved sucking it.”

Ashley didn’t have a choice, his cock shoved down her throat while she was unconscious.  She spread her legs, feeling the hot flesh of his prick sliding between her legs.  It felt like he was burning her as she felt the monster flesh between her legs. 

“Slide back down now, Megan and than spread your legs real wide.”  It felt so good to have his cramped cock free of his pants.  He looked down between her legs, her bare mound barely covered by a thin patch of hair.  Her pussy lips were already glistening with her juices.  His cock reared up from between her legs.

She had never seen anything so big and powerful.  It st0od up like a rocket, the head a dark red, thick blue veins bursting along the shaft.  It almost looked like a hat on it, a thick ridge running around the edge beneath the head.  Megan could only imagine what that would feel like inside her.  She felt the shaft pushed up between her legs, his hands rubbing it until the head was pressed against her slit.  She could see the head glistening, pearly fluid leaking out the hole in the head. 

“Slide up and down, Megan.  Show my cock how much pleasure you can =-give it.”  Michael helped her, one hand holding his cock between her legs, the other raising her hips up until she slid up, her pussy sliding along his cock, rubbing the head.  “Yeah, that’s good, Megan.  You might be a virgin, but your body already knows what to do to pleasure a man.”

“Remember, you promised not to take my virginity,” Megan rubbing her pussy up and down the throbbing prick between her legs. 

It felt so good, her pussy growing wetter as she slid up and down, masturbating his cock with her pussy.  It would be tough not to bust her cherry, but he had a better idea. He could have his pleasure, and she would remain a virgin.  He reached over, his hand sliding into his pocket, taking out the small tube of lubricant.  He squeezed some out over the head of his cock, the slippery oil sliding down the head and lubricating the shaft.

“What are you doing?”  Megan was getting nervous.  Why was he putting oil on his prick?

“Just want it slick as you masturbate me.  Do you like that, Megan?  Sliding your virgin pussy on my cock?  Can you feel it throbbing in excitement?”  Michael continued to let the oil slide down over the head of his cock until it glistened in the light.

She felt him lifting her up, panicking. 

“Up for a moment,” Michael lifting her up until his cock fell free.  With one hand, he fisted his cock, holding it up rigid.

“NOOOO!  YOU PROMISED!”  She was poised over his prick. 

“Relax; I’m not going to bust your cherry.  He slid her back, slowly lowering her down until the head of his cock touched her flesh.  Her buttocks clenched from the unexpected touch of his cock between her cheeks.  “At least not your cunt.  But you have another virgin hole for me and no one will ever know I was the first inside you.”  He felt her wiggling as he maneuvered the head of his cock until he felt it pressed against the tight knot of her asshole.

He couldn’t be thinking of such a thing.  It was unthinkable.  It was perverse.  She felt the thick head of his prick pressed between her cheeks, the oiled head sliding up and down until she felt it pressed against her anus.  It would never fit.  Not without tearing her open.  “NO, not in my ass,” Megan blaring it out in panic. 

“It’s been a long time since I had an asshole as young as yours.  It’s going to feel good opening you up.  You’ll love the feeling.  It’s a combination of pain and a delicious fullness.  You’d be surprised at how my cock will arouse you.  Your anus and rectum have lots of pleasure buttons that my cock will rub so nicely.”  He began to take his hands away, letting her own weight drive her down onto his cock.  He could feel her anal ring slowly giving away, her weight driving her down onto his impaling cock.  It felt like a tight rubber band slowly closing over the head of his cock, pressing into his flesh.

How could he put his prick in such a dirty place?  Megan tried to pull her self away from the thick prick that was trying to drive into her, feeling as though she was being impaled on a spike.  Megan felt the stretching, her anal ring slowly forced open, his hands on her hips, forcing her down onto his prick.   She couldn’t stop him, her own weight betraying her as she was slowly stretched open.  She didn’t know how much wider she could open without tearing, but she knew his cock was too big for her tiny hole.

“Can you feel your ring opening, Megan?  My cock slowly being drawn into your virgin asshole.”  He pushed her down harder, the sudden shove driving her anus down around his cock until the head popped through her tight sphincter and drove into her rectum.

“EEEEEEHHHHHH,” her cries growing louder as his cock began to enter her.  She wiggled, trying to escape the thick prick that was broaching her backside, but he followed her every movement.  “AAAGGGGH,” she cried out in submission, the head of his cock forced its way past her tight muscles and drove up into her rectum.  It felt like she was sitting on a baseball bat, her insides stretched tightly around the head of his prick.  “Don’t move,” anything was better then him trying to drive more of it inside her.

It felt like his cock was crushed in a vise, her ring stretched tightly just under the rim, trapping it in place as the muscles in her rectum clenched uncontrollably onto his organ with such tender loving care.  “Now, that’s not so bad is it, Megan.  I nice cock filling you up.” Michael looked at the clock in the front seat.  “It’s getting late, Megan.  Mommy and Daddy are going to be mad if you’re late.”

She looked at the clock in the front seat, she only had forty-five minutes to curfew and the drive was a good twenty minutes.  “Please, haven’t you done enough to me? I need to leave.  It felt like his prick was alive in her rectum, feeling it jerking and shuddering in her stretched hole.

It felt so good in her hot, tight hole, but he needed to cum and she wasn’t going anywhere until he did.  “You can’t go until I cum again.  Your friend has a belly full of my cum I think it’s fair that I fill your belly full.  If you work your asshole up and down my cock, you can make me cum.  Cum in that virgin asshole.  You’re going to love feeling my hot cum jet into your guts.  Now get to work if you want to get home in time.”  He waited patiently for her to perform.

She had no choice.  After all she endured; it would be wasted if her parents caught her coming in after curfew.  “I don’t know what to do.”

“Just begin to slide down on my cock.  Let it fill your asshole up.”  He groaned in pleasure as she began to push down, the head of his cock slowly released from her tight muscles, slowly sinking into her intestines.  “Yes, feel it opening you up, Megan.”  She pushed down until two inches of his cock was inside her.  “Now back up, Megan.  All the way until you can feel your anal ring slipping beneath the head of my cock.”

She did as he ordered her, feeling her insides being sucked out by the powerful suction as she pulled his prick from her asshole.  She stopped when her anal ring had to stretch to take the thick head.

“Squeeze my cock with your asshole.  Show me what pleasure you are going to give me with your young, virgin asshole.”  Her muscles quivered and then gripped his cockhead with the power of a steel press.  “Back down, deeper this time, take four inches of cock in your asshole.”

She was dizzy, her body covered in sweat in spite of the cool air.  She felt the blunt head of his cock pushing her open, stretching her insides as it forced its way into her bowels.  She finally stopped, pausing for a second before pulling out.

“Tighten up your ass muscles on my cock as you pull out.  Milk my cock.”  He never felt so much delight as the young girl ass fucked him like a street whore.  She pulled out until her ring was stretched tightly around his head, then shoved back down, each time taking more of his cock into her tight, clenching hole.  She relaxed her muscles when she drove down on his cock, clenching them obediently when she pulled out.

It was long minutes before she was down on his lap, feeling like a steel bar was in her guts.  It jerked and twitched uncontrollably inside her, stretching and teasing her insides with the thick head. 

“Now that you have it all inside you, fuck me.  Up and down.  The harder and deeper you go, the quicker I’ll cum inside you.  I know you want to feel my hot cum jetting into your teenage asshole.  Now go to work.”  Michael’s hands went to work, one hand pinching a nipple until her hips began to twist from the pain, the other hand finding its way between her legs, parting her pussy lips and began to masturbate the virgin teen. 

She looked at the clock again, ten minutes had passed and she wasn’t any closer to make him cum.  She gripped his cock with her muscles as she rose up submissively, the thick cock feeling as though it was dragging out her guts with it, pausing for only a second before she released her body and let her own weight impale her asshole onto his waiting cock.  “GGGGGODDD,” it feeling like she was being split up the middle.  It went inside her hard, pushing aside all her resistance, beating her muscles into submission by the sheer force and size of his organ.  It spite of the pain, she drew up just as fast, her insides going from full to empty in seconds.  Then another plunge back down, the dagger of his cock stabbing her deep in her guts.  All the while his fingers pinched her nipple painfully and his molesting hand masturbated her pussy.

Her tits bounced erotically, her cheeks clenching when she shoved down so hard and his cock was in heaven, gripped in her teenage asshole, Megan providing all the delicious pleasure as her ass muscles massaged his cock like a thousand fingers massaging it.  He wouldn’t hold out much longer.

She could hear his labored breathing, knowing it wouldn’t be much longer before he came.  His cock felt like it was getting bigger, her insides stretched and taunted with his cock.   It was as if she had even a big dinner, his cock filling her guts with his thick organ.  “Cum in me,” she begged, her eyes on the clicking as it ticked quickly.

“You like my cock in your asshole, Megan.  Tell me how much you like it and maybe I’ll cum in you.”

She had to end in.  “I love the way your big cock stretches my teenage asshole.  Can you feel how much pleasure I am giving you with my ass muscles?”  She squeezed as hard as she could, grunting loudly.

“You’re my young, ass whore.”

“Cum in me, fill me with your powerful cum.”  She was jerking up and down, her asshole sliding up and down his shaft with powerful strokes that gave her cramps when it shoved in two deep.  She had to end this and go home.

“Here it comes, Megan.  Milk the cum from my balls.  Feel it fill your belly with my hot spunk.”  Michael drove his cock up into the air, burying his cock deep into her bowels, his cock jerking and shuddering, the tingling in his balls shooting his cum through his cock and blasting deep into her guts.

She never felt anything like it, humiliated as he jetted his cum into her body, filling her intestines with his hot fluids.

“Here’s a cum enema for you, my hot cum into your teenage asshole.” He pulled her up, than back down, jetting a second load of cum into her asshole.  It took him three more thrust before he was finished, Megan finally settling down on his lap, his cock slowly deflating in her asshole.  He slid out of the seat, pulling up his pants as he got out. 

He took the handcuffs off Megan; watching as she finally got dressed.  She got out of the car, the seat stained with his wet cum that leaked from her asshole.  He slapped her ass before she got into her car.  “Don’t let me catch you again, or it’s the other virgin hole that you’ll have to surrender.  I’ll follow you to make sure you don’t get stopped.”

Megan never drove a car until she got her license and never told Ashley about what she had done, though Ashley did complain the next day that her mouth tasted terrible.  Served her right for what she forced Megan to do.

The End