The Village of Agony and Ecstasy

Chapter 7



Copyright 2006

By Powerone and Sensationalsub



Raisa was scared.  Her protector Bella was passed out on the table next to her.  Bella had protested their rude handling of her body initially, but her screams of protest had turned to pleasure, begging for sexual relief from the two servants.  Raisa was still confused as to how Bella was transformed into such a mindless slut so quickly.  Bella went so far that she even took Jamon’s huge organ into her mouth.  Raisa watched mortified, as Bella energetically sucked his weapon as he mercilessly thrust it in and out of her tightly clenched lips. 


The servant girl continued to take the strange whirling device to the torturous cylinders that stretched Bella’s sex organs so horribly out of their natural shape, forcing Bella’s body to bounce up and down on the hard table in ecstasy.  And the butt plug; the huge fake phallus that was so unceremoniously shoved into Bella’s defenseless backside, was tapped by the servant girl every so often, Bella jerking in pleasure each time the thick object vibrated in her anal tract.  She had cum loudly, her orgasm ripping through her body as Jamon filled her mouth with his seed; Bella swallowing his sperm with vigor before succumbing to the powerful orgasms that ripped through her body, passing out.


Now the servants intended to do the same to Raisa.  Her body had broken out in a sheen of sweat as she contemplated each of the evil devices that they brought over to her table.  What did Jamon mean when he said that Raisa would “service” the servant girl?  What strange perversion did they have in mind for her? 


The servant girl’s hands were surprisingly soft as they touched Raisa’s nipples, leaving her trembling in pleasure as she felt the buds harden from the unfamiliar touch of a girl’s fingers on her.  She couldn’t do anything as the hard buttons were plucked, knowing that they were being teased so that the evil cylinders could trap them inside.  She bit her lip when Jamon brushed the servant girl aside and attached the first cylinder to her nipple.  She gasped loudly as it was yanked harshly into the cylinder by the syringe, feeling it stretch until it became painful.  The blood rushed to the nipple, and she felt a terrible pounding in her chest as she arched her back in pain. 


“No more!”  She cried in protest, but Jamon ignored her pleas for mercy, his fingers quickly taking hold of her other nipple snapping the cold cylinder over the hardened bud.  The syringe immediately began to do its evil work evacuating the air from the chamber, her nipple yanked harshly out of shape as it pulled the swollen tip to the other end.  “EEEEEHHH,” she cried - her chest pounding as her nipples throbbed.  “AAAWWW,” the only other animal sound she could manage as Jamon released both cylinders leaving them bouncing up and down on her stomach as her nipples were wrenched harshly out of shape.


“Let me,” the servant girl said to Jamon, moving between Raisa’s thighs, her hand holding the other cylinder that was destined for Raisa’s clit.  “Relax little one,” she urged Raisa, her soft hands already peeling back Raisa’s puffy labia to expose the soft, wet inner lips of her pussy.  “She is very amorous, just as Bella is.  The Master will like that.  It will make it easier for her to take his huge organ in her small body.”


As she proceeded to do her duties with clinical skill the servant girl wondered if Jamon and the Master actually knew what dark pleasure she gained from helping to torture and prepare girls like these.  The fact that it was what they commanded her to do only enhanced her joy at watching them suffer at her hands.


Raisa was ashamed, her body turning red as the servant girl talked of her, all the while her fingers strumming Raisa’s sex like she was an instrument to be played.  The servant girl played her well, her soft hands igniting a wetness between Raisa’s widely spread thighs that she had never felt before.  Raisa was mortified to realize that her body was reacting this way while being touched by another girl.  The thought that a female could cause such pleasure for another female had never crossed Raisa’s mind before. 


Raisa felt powerless to control her own hips, finding her body rocking up and down as the fingers slid up and down her slit, sliding effortlessly along her wet gash.  “No, please don’t do this to me,” Raisa begged, her moans of pleasure contradicting her pleas of protest.


The servant girl peeled back the slippery hood, finding a hard clit hidden from view, red and swollen in lust beneath it.  She pushed the cylinder over the swollen button, drawing it back slowly, smiling inwardly to herself at the way Raisa’s clit was slowly tugged up the clear channel.  The swollen organ was completely misshapen by the vacuum as Raisa’s hips rose from the table.  “The slut loves it,” the servant girl sang out, wishing it was her that was having her clit suctioned.  The corners of her mouth curled upward as she remembered that her relief was coming soon because Raisa would soon be licking her pussy.


Raisa had never encountered such pleasure and pain simultaneously.  Her clit sent shockwaves to her brain as it was dragged up the clear cylinder slowly.  Her body shook of its own volition causing the cylinders on her breasts to dance on her stomach further igniting the burning pleasure in her distended nipples.  Her clit began to ache, the hardened bud extended longer than Raisa thought possible.  The servant girl looked on obviously captivated by the sight before her, making no attempt to stop or even ease Raisa’s suffering. 


“I didn’t think it was possible to make it that long,” the servant girl exclaimed as Raisa’s clit was stretched out over two inches long, the red pleasure button now a deep purple, thin and drawn out, stretched far from her body.  She finally stopped its progress, leaving Raisa gasping in relief.


Raisa could barely breathe.  Each time she filled her lungs, the cylinders attached to her nipples would bounce, firing off a new burst of pain in her tips.  Her clit felt like it was trapped in a vise, the blood pounding in the stretched organ painfully with each breath.  Just when she thought her torment couldn’t get any worse, Jamon passed the butt plug to the servant girl.  The fake organ glistened with the oils that greased it for entry.


“Should I prepare her asshole first?”  The servant girl had never fingered another girl’s asshole before and she was excited at the prospect of toying with it for a while.


“No, the plug is already slick with oil.  Let her feel the power of the butt plug without additional preparation.” 


Raisa could see that the butt plug was smaller than the one that remained firmly embedded inside her still unconscious companion, Bella.  She could tell, however,  that it was large enough that she would feel the pain as her asshole was speared in preparation for taking the Master’s organ in the unnatural act of sodomy.


Raisa shivered in fear when she felt the cold, oiled butt plug pushed against her defenseless anus.  They might have considered it small, but to Raisa it was huge.  Shaped like a phallus, it grew in size along the length.  Tiny ridges along the shaft were meant to tease her inner tract into spasms as it pressed inside her.  Over four inches in length, the bottom flared to the thickest before it snapped back in size, the last inch only one inch in thickness, just the right girth to trap the rest of it inside her.  Her anus would be forced closed onto the thin ring, unable to push out the thick shaft that would lay embedded in her anal tract. 


The servant girl followed Jamon’s orders pushing forward with glee.  She watched riveted as Raisa’s tiny anus spread wide around the invader.  She pushed with all her strength, the slick plug unforgiving as it pressed inside Raisa’s asshole.  “Take it all little one,” she urged Raisa, her groans and protests only encouraging the servant girl to push it in deeper.


Her anal ring began to burn as her tiny hole was forced to spread even wider.  Raisa was unable to comprehend why the servant girl appeared to get such joy from forcing the evil plug into her most secret and forbidden place.  She had never thought of her backside as a sexual orifice, but she had heard them talk of taking the Master’s organ in her anus.  The thought of such a large instrument in her backside scared Raisa to death. 


She was sure the Master would tear her backside and cause her to soil herself in front of Him further humiliating her during the perverse act when the time finally came.  Why would any man want to put his organ in such a dirty place?  The thoughts fell from her head as the pain increased and she heard the servant girl tell her to relax her asshole and let the brutal plug inside her.  No matter how hard she tried to accommodate the unyielding thing, her anus refused to cooperate, the tiny hole going into a series of spasms that rippled along the portion of the hard plug already sheathed inside her.


“She is almost ready to swallow it with her asshole.  Give it one hard push,” Jamon encouraged the servant girl.  It almost looked like Raisa’s ass ring would tear, but the Master wouldn’t have it any other way, all of the girl’s would have to accommodate his organ in their backsides. 


“EEEEEHHH,” Raisa’s scream rang off the stone walls, her body bucking up and down noisily on the table as her anal ring burned and the hard butt plug pressed relentlessly deeper and deeper into her rectum.  She couldn’t believe the pain as it forced its way inside her.  Her muscles clenched uncontrollably on the thick shaft, igniting a deep pain that bore into her belly.  The servant girl was uncompromising, never giving Raisa a chance to grow accustomed to having the thing inside her backside by moving slowly, her hand continuing to force the thick plug in her anal tract with unrelenting pressure. 


Raisa’s stomach turned in pain, the uncomfortable feeling of being full, just as she would feel after a large meal, filling her bowels.  Her insides fluttered along the shaft, the tiny ridges dancing along her clenching insides as it bore deep into her guts.  Her anal ring continued to stretch wider, burning as it clung to the slick shaft as it moved relentlessly inside her.  She could only gulp in pain as the butt plug filled her with its thickness, driving deeper into her bowels.


It was almost all the way inside her now, the servant girl excited as Raisa’s asshole swallowed the thick butt plug.  She gave one last powerful shove, driving the butt plug inside her.  Raisa’s anal ring closed on the thin end, trapping the thick phallus inside her.


“OOOHHH, GGGGODDDD, take it out!”  Her insides felt torn and she felt sure that she was bleeding as her anus snapped shut on the butt plug.  No amount of pushing by Raisa in an attempt to expel the horrible invader could force the thick shaft from inside her.  She couldn’t control her own muscles, her stomach turning over and over as her insides clenched on the hard shaft now buried in her backside.


Jamon looked at Raisa with a sort of clinical detachment, pleased at how her body had accepted the cylinders and butt plug that now tortured her sex organs.  He picked up the whirling device, letting it sing in front of her frightened face.  “Soon you will beg for release.  You will beg us to let you cum.”  He whirled it again, seeing her eyes open wide in terror.  “First you will have to lick her pussy,” said Jamon.  The servant girl had been taking off the last of her clothes next to the table, and was now standing naked near Raisa’s head.


Raisa felt the table behind her head fall away and found her head thrust back, the servant girl already straddling her face.  She could smell the powerful, now familiar scent of arousal on the servant girl, her wet pussy only inches from her mouth.  No, she thought, they couldn’t expect her to do such a thing.  It would be worse than sucking Jamon’s organ. 


“EEEEEEHHH,” she suddenly cried out temporarily distracted from the dripping slit looming before her.  She had never felt such a thing before.  Her nipple danced as the strange device sent vibrations through the cylinder, racing through her chest to her brain.  Her nipples swelled in pleasure, her other nipple receiving the same pleasure.  She didn’t know where or when Jamon would send the pleasure through the cylinders, her sight blocked by the naked sex of the servant girl that poised over her tightly clenched lips.  Each time Jamon would use it the pleasure in her untrained body would make her sex even wetter with desire.


Her nipples swelled to twice their size, the whirling device extracting the pleasure from her body in a manner that she could not fathom.  He raced the device from her nipple, down to the cylinder that yanked her clit out of shape, almost dragging the stretched bud between her legs.  The minute he touched the cylinder, his hand made it whirl.  Raisa’s body bounced up and down on the table completely out of control, consumed with lust and desperate for the release that only orgasm could bring her.


“NNNOOO!   YEEESSSS!”  The pleasure raced through her body, Jamon taking the whirling device back and forth between her nipples to her clit.  The shock of the first release was visible as the delicious vibrations to her stretched clit sent Raisa’s body into spasms of pleasure.  She wanted more, her sex gushing with her juices as her clit was sent into tremors of pleasure by the strange device.  Even the hand that slapped against the butt plug still painfully ensconced in her rectum, failed to extinguish the pleasure between her legs.  Instead the pain of the butt plug dancing in her backside was sending a strange masochistic pleasure though her body.  She wanted to cum, needed to cum, and only Jamon and the servant girl could accommodate her. 


“Please!”  She cried out begging them for release.


“The little slut wants to cum!”  Jamon whirled the device on her clit, sending her body into a series of convulsions, his fingers slapping hard on the end of the butt plug that stuck out of her asshole, driving it deeper into her bowels. 

Her stomach cramped as Jamon drove the plug further into her guts, but his other hand pleasured her clit, the vibrations racing through her swollen and stretched button, making her body shudder in pleasure.  Her attention was now inexorably drawn back to the task before her.  She had no choice, feeling the servant girl slide down, her wet pussy coating her clenched lips with her juices.


“Lick her or I’ll stop.”  Jamon slapped hard on the end of the butt plug, seeing her anal ring push in as he drove the butt plug painfully into her bowels again.  “And I’ll shove the butt plug so deep inside you that you’ll think it is coming out your mouth.”  He slapped it again, hearing her grunt in pain as it plowed painfully deep into her guts.


She had no choice, her stomach turning over and over in pain, clenching her muscles in her backside tightly as she fought the urge to have a bowel movement, the butt plug moving inside her like a tiny animal that chewed on her guts.  Her tongue moved out of her mouth tentatively, finding the salty, tart taste of the servant girl’s pussy coating her lips.  She felt the girl push her hips forward wantonly, obviously eager to feel more of the pleasure that Raisa’s inexperienced tongue could and would provide.


“Up and down, bitch!  Run your tongue up and down my slit!”  The servant girl was anxious now, the first touch of Raisa’s tongue igniting a lust in her loins that only an energetic licking from a willing or unwilling tongue could quench.  Raisa answered her request, her tongue moving up and down her slit getting used to the taste and texture of her nectar as the servant girl heard the sound of the whirling device commence again.   Raisa’s body began jerking up and down in pleasure on the table again.


The only sounds in the room were the whirling sound of the device that Jamon played over all of the cylinders on Raisa’s bound body and the sound of Raisa’s now avid licking.  The servant girl rubbed her gash all over Raisa’s face, coating it with her abundant juices as the formerly tentative tongue found her pleasure button, lapping at it like a kitten with a saucer of milk.  Raisa knew that her release would only come when the servant girl was satisfied and this knowledge made her more determined to lick the girl to orgasm as quickly as she could.


Screams of pleasure bounced off the walls, as both girls simultaneously came, their bodies no longer able to stop the orgasms that ripped through their bodies.  Their pussies gushed with juices, the spasms racing through their bodies sending tremors of pleasure to their brains.


“Very good!”  Zorg clapped his hands, laughing as Raisa came under the hands of Jamon, enjoying the way she licked the servant girl’s pussy so energetically.  He was impressed with how the inexperienced captive girl had used her tongue so determinedly until she induced the orgasm in the servant girl’s body, flooding Raisa’s face with her juices.  He would love making Raisa and Bella have girl sex while he watched, finally taking them with his hard cock when they were ready to cum from each other’s hands and mouth.


Raisa caught sight of Zorg staring down at her, his face almost glowing with a big smile as he caught her in the perverse act of licking the servant girl, all the while her own body was trembling in the throes of ecstasy.  The humiliation and pleasure that raced through her body simultaneously were too much for her.  It was easier to pass out in pleasure and shame, the darkness taking the humiliation from her at least temporarily as she blacked out completely.


Bella roused out of a dead sleep.  The room was dimly lit and she raised her head to look around.  She was overtaken with a deadly sense of dread.  She could feel herself spread out on the table.  The butt plug was still inside, her little puckered anus was still continuously trying to shove it out.  It stayed snugly inside her, trapped.  Her sex ached. 


She looked over to see Raisa on the table beside her.  She was asleep, her legs spread wide.  Oh no!  Bella thought.  Not Raisa.  Not that gentle little creature full of innocence!   They didn’t.  They wouldn’t.   She whispered Raisa's name as loudly as she could without drawing too much attention.   Servants walked in and out of the room.  Bella hoped they wouldn’t notice that she was now awake. 


Raisa's eyes opened.  She looked as if she had seen a ghost.  She looked at Bella and began to cry.  "I saw what they did to you.  I watched all of it.  You were acting in such a strange way.  I didn’t understand.  Did it feel that good?   First you cursed him and then you began begging him for more of what he was doing to you.”  Raisa hoped to hide her humiliation from Bella by focusing on what she had done prior to passing out herself.  She was hoping that the others wouldn’t tell her of her own surrender. 


“You passed out and then they moved to me.  My bottom was displayed and one of those gadgets he put into you, he put into me.   All I could do, Bella, was scream.  It hurt so badly.  I felt that I was going to burst. Why should we endure such disgrace?  Why?"  Raisa sounded desperate and violated but she now also knew the pleasure that the strange devices could bring her, even the plug that stretched her backside even now.


"Listen to me.  We must endure!  I am going to see to it that we get away from here.  I must act to gain trust.  I will have more freedom then and will be able to find a way out of this terrible place." Bella encouraged.


Bella was ashamed of her behavior.  She had given in and was humiliated to think of how she had acted while Jamon was tormenting her.   She knew better.  Something had just came over her and she could not control herself.  She would be embarrassed forever.  She would never be the same.   Bella felt so weak and stupid, and Raisa had witnessed the whole sordid thing.  When was this going to stop?  When would this awful situation come to an end?   She just had to find a way to redeem herself.  How in the world was she going to convince this "beast" of a man that he could trust her?  The task at hand was tremendous, but her actions today had made it mandatory that she stop this insane madness soon.


The door opened and Jamon strutted in.  "So how are my two little whores this afternoon?  Oh what good girls you were.  Ms. Slut over here,” Jamon pointing at Bella, “was such a naughty little wench.   Did you know you begged me not to stop teasing your breasts and your nasty little pussy?   You begged for it with such style.  And you,” pointing to Raisa, “just hollered and protested that butt plug but I got it in you tightly.  How does it feel now?"  Jamon reached over to twist it, hearing Raisa squeal.


Bella glared at him.  You imbecile, she thought.  You won't do that to me again. I will see to that!  


Raisa wouldn’t say a word for fear he might do more than just twist the butt plug.


"The Master has ordered both of you to bathe and prepare yourselves for the evening's festivities.  He has plans for each of you.  You will bathe here, perfume yourselves with the best fragrances we have and be carried to his room for his pleasure."  Jamon sauntered around the tables, pulling the butt plugs out unceremoniously as the two women cringed in pain, their anal rings forced to stretch to accommodate the thick shafts. 


He finally took Bella's syringes off.   He examined her nipples and clit well before letting her up to see if they had swollen to a decent size.  They had, he surmised.  “Your clit is as ripe as your nipples.  With more suctioning your clit could grow to the size of a marble and your nipples would jut out at least 1/2 an inch when erect.” 


Bella shuddered at the thought. She was horrified. The words "more suctioning" caught in her mind.  She certainly hoped he was wrong.   She didn’t want that to happen again and couldn’t imagine her body being disfigured in the way he was describing.  She also knew that if he used the suctioning tools again that her body would betray her again, responding with reckless abandon and forcing her to be on display, out of control, and behaving as only a slut would.


The women were taken to the bath.  The warm swirling water refreshed both of them. It warmed their orifices and nipples and soothed the previously swollen flesh.  The pain of what they had experienced seemed to subside some both physically and emotionally.  The fragrances were delicious.  They smelled of fresh flowers and rainy meadows.  They could catch their breath at last.  Their minds were temporarily allowed to forget their embarrassing forced orgasms at the hands of Jamon and the wicked servant girl as if they were just a dream.


“Soon,” Bella promised Raisa.  “I’ll gain his trust soon so we can escape his filthy hands.  Tonight will be hard Raisa.  Just try to accommodate them as best as you can.  Let your mind go to a better place, putting out the things they might do to you.  Think of something pleasurable.”


That was exactly what Raisa feared.  She was afraid of thinking of the pleasure that Jamon and the servant girl had forced her body to endure.  Would tonight bring more pleasure like that?  Would Zorg force her into some perverted act in front of Bella?  Would Bella finally see Raisa as the slut that she had become?


To Be Continued