Author: Powerone and Sinsationalsub

Title: The Village of Agony and Ecstasy

Part: Chapter 1

Summary: A tale of long time ago when women were taken from their villages to become sex slaves by cruel men that had no regard for them except to satisfy their sexual perversions. 

Keywords: M+/Ff, nc, anal, oral, bdsm, reluc, humil


The Village of Agony and Ecstasy


Copyright 2003 by Sinsationalsub and Powerone.  You may contact Sinsationalsub at

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Chapter One-The Capture


      Bella curled in a fetal position to stay warm in the bolted cell.  The nights were horrendous to say the least.  Since she had been brought here only a year ago, she had witnessed many things.  Staying cold at night was one of them.  She lay on the thin thatched mat doing her best to concentrate on staying warm.  The thin coverlet was just too tattered to do much good, yet she curled it around her shoulders in an effort to have it warm her.  The sounds of the night here were unsettling.  She heard slaves moaning close by in the other cells, men and women.  She heard begging and whining in the distance, echoing through the courtyard as the slaves were punished and displayed.  If she had not learned anything in her year here, she had learned that to be defiant or uncooperative would get you punished.  Slaves were not allowed to complain or to voice any opinion about what they were ordered to do.  They were strictly for the village inhabitants, the free souls who worked and lived here.  Punishments could span the spectrum, from horrible to humiliating.


Bella knew all too well how obstinate she had been when she was first brought to this place, captured by a warrior on horseback as she went about her daily chores in her own village. She was in the field gathering the year's crop, as she heard shouts and horses stampeding across the fields.  Most of the crop tenders ran in all different directions to avoid the warriors, but she was overtaken by surprise.  Strong arms grabbed her around her waist and lifted her onto a stallion.  She had screamed and kicked and fought only to be over-powered by the man who had a grip on her.  He had laughed and called her a "wench, a feisty one”.  


She was carried off into the forest, never to return to her village that she loved so.  Bella had heard of these kidnappings but had never witnessed them until it happened to her.  No one in her village ever knew what happened to the ones who were carried away.  They were never seen again to tell of their plight.  She had a dreaded feeling that her life was going to change immensely.  She could not break free of this man's grip on her.  He was massive in size, tanned, chiseled muscles and virile, long, jet-black hair tied back off his shoulders, and the most sinister green eyes.  He was young, like her, and appeared to be some kind of warrior.


 When they had stopped to let the steed’s rest, she had noticed this immediately.  His eyes!  They devoured her every time he looked at her.  She wanted to curl up and hide.  She could not read into them what his thoughts were but she knew she wanted no part of them whatever they were.  She had fought the entire day. She pinched, kicked, spit, hit, never giving her captor a moment of peace.  She was not going to give up so easily.


   Disgusted, he had taken her away from the other captives and warriors to a shaded spot where trees had fallen, creating a small cove out of view of the others.  He chucked her on the ground. "Now, little tiger," he snarled "when are you going to give in and quit fighting?  Am I to assume that you are going to do this the entire time?"


Bella hissed back at him, "Yes, I can guarantee it. I will not go peacefully."  Bella realized she had been riding all day and her short burlap dress was ripped, her sandals lost and her body sore.  The ache she felt in her buttocks stung her with pain.  She reached to rub her bottom as she groaned.


"MMMMMmmm sore eh?" The green eyes grinned as they lustily took in her movements.


 "Yes," Bella spat as she jerked her hand back from her bottom.  She would not allow him to enjoy what she was doing for a moment.  She was not his plaything.  He did not own her.  She had planned to marry some day and be a good wife, giving birth to children and fulfilling her role as a woman.  In her village, men respected women.  They had a special place beside their mate.  She would have been cherished and cared for.  For some reason, this man did not appear to be that kind of man.  As she spat at him, she saw fire in those emerald eyes of his.


He dismounted and strode over to where he had thrown her on the ground.  He reached for her arm, jerked her to her feet and said,  "WEEEEEEEEEEElllll maybe you need to be taught a lesson right here and now.  You must accept your fate, my little tiger, and you must do it now."  He pulled her over to the over-turned tree lying on the ground.


"No, stop it," she cried spitting and kicking but being pulled along nevertheless.  She was no match for the muscles that expanded in his upper arms or torso.  He manipulated her like a puppet.


 He let go of her arm, still standing too close to her and said, "undress."


"WHATTTTTTTTTTT?" Bella squealed.  "You are crazy if you think I will undress in front of the likes of you."  She turned to run, felt herself being jerked back around and the loudest riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip as her dress was torn from her body.  With one tug he had it off of her.  She stared in disbelief at this devil of a man.  He was smiling, eyeing her body up and down.  She used her hands to try to cover herself but to her dismay could only cover her breasts or her sex, one or the other.  She reached to cover her sex.  Her breasts jutted

straight out, the tips strutted by the chilled air.  Bella knew her young supple body well. She knew that she was a real woman.  She had been told that she was beautiful.  Her skin was creamy and tan, firm and taunt.  She was going to be a catch for some male.  Even though she was visually stunning, it was what she knew in her head that made her irresistible.  The heat that ignited her.  The lust as she had grown into womanhood.  She was still a virgin.  She had planned to remain so until she was married. It was the custom in her village.  Her white blonde hair, her crystal blue eyes, her lush full crimson lips were tantalizing to all in her village.  She was luscious to look at, she knew she had something special but was taught to be humble about it. 


What she had never understood was the craving she had from deep within her groin.  It consumed her.  At the age of twelve, she had felt stirrings within her body that she had not understood but they made her feel very sensuous and erotic.  She loved the way they felt and the way her body responded when she felt that way.  Her first orgasm was with her own fingers teasing her sex and it was delicious.  She would never forget the first examination she gave herself as she placed the hand mirror in front of her genitals, leaned it back against the chair and freed her hands to gently peel back the thin pouty lips.  Pink, wet flesh was revealed, almost crimson, gentle folds of skin like petals of a flower opening to receive nourishment.  She had spread herself open until she could see all inside, the tiny little pursing, gaping hole, and the tiny button distending over it, peeking out from underneath a coverlet of skin.  She had been awestruck.  The little knob-shaped distension tingled as the air hit it.  She had gasped.  She extended a finger to touch it very lightly.  She gasped again as her finger made contact with it and it moved.  It had flexed as if it were pulsating. Time and time again she touched it, just to watch it move and feel it tingle.  She even noticed the moisture seeping from the little gaping hole.  The little appendage mesmerized her.  She thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen when it stood, distended and pulsed.  And when she finally touched it enough to have an orgasm, she had collapsed into a whimpering heap of convulsions as she felt the muscles of her sex spasm.  It was an absolutely marvelous experience for her. She had later learned that the other girls her age in the village had had similar experiences and that is was normal.  She was relieved then. She had touched herself many times since then to cause the same reaction in her body and could never imagine a man doing that to her.  She would be so ashamed to spread herself as lewdly as she did for herself, for any man.


Reality brought her back from her thoughts.  Why was she thinking about that, she wondered?  It had no place here.  She had an eerie feeling about this man


"Did you hear me?"  Her captor asked.  "Turn around, do it now."  He snarled as he eyed her nakedness. 


She was so embarrassed.  She felt herself turning, she did not know why she obeyed him.


"Now, bend over, do it.  You are going to receive a nice flogging for your defiance.  I am tired of it.  You will do as I say do from now on.  Do you understand?"


Bella froze.  She would not move.


He reached to shove her over with such force it almost threw her off her feet.


 She screamed. "Stop! Stop! I will not do it."  He paid no attention to her protest.  He pushed her over until she was bent over the tree, her naked ass raised up.  She kept her legs closed, hoping to hide her feminine charms from him. 


“Grab the branch, if you move, it will be fifty swats.  Right now you are only getting twenty five.”  He slapped her ass hard, feeling the softness of her ass cheek, watching it turn red.


Bella felt his hand stinging her buttocks.  She squealed, "Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy, stop it, stop It."


He actually laughed at her words. “That was nothing, that was only my hand.  I’m going to use a flogger on you.  You will learn to accept your fate, little tiger.”


He grabbed a leather flogger, it was not very large, but it would bring about considerable pain, especially with such a tender bottom.  “Now hold still, or I will start at the beginning again.”  He slapped her ass hard with the flogger, two leather strands hitting her soft ass cheeks, but the middle strand slapped against the crack in her ass.  He saw her clench them tightly, preventing the leather strap from reaching her tender asshole.  But she would soon tire, and then he make sure that the leather found their target, nestled tightly between her cheeks, her delicate asshole.


  She felt the sizzling touch of leather thongs on her bottom as the small flogger did its work.  It stung and caused her flesh to turn bright pink.  Tears stung her eyes.  She couldn't believe this.  What had she done to deserve such humiliating treatment?  She felt helpless.  He was strong and his grip on her was too secure to free herself.  She counted at least fifteen, the pain making it difficult to be sure.  The flogger moved lower, onto her upper thighs, the strands sometimes straying too close to her feminine charms, her legs clenched tightly.  Five more and her legs and ass were tiring from keeping them so tight, the pain on her bottom now almost unbearable.  She squealed in pain, the flogger relentless in hitting her tender flesh.


She had finally tired, her ass cheeks no longer clenching tightly, her legs parting slightly.  He could see a thicket of hair between her legs, her pussy slightly exposed.  He took careful aim, bringing the flogger up from the ground.  They smacked her ass hard, right in the apex of her sex, one thong hitting her exposed pussy and two thongs slapping hard between her cheeks, catching her exposed asshole.


Bella screamed, her voice ringing out in the forest.  She could not believe that anyone would hit a woman between her legs.  He had hit her delicate sex, the thongs bringing about a terrible burning between her legs.  “No, not there, how can you be so evil?”


“Hold still or we start all over again,” he ordered her.  He saw her clench her legs and ass again, so he slapped her cross wise on her ass cheeks.  She let her guard down again, almost exhausted from the fight.  The flogger whipped up from the ground again, this time her legs were spread wider, all three thongs biting into her exposed sex. 


She almost jumped up, the pain again radiating from her sex, the leather beating her tender mound.  “AAAGGHH, no more,” she cried.  Before she could even think, the flogger again hit her, this time slashing between the cheeks of her ass to beat the delicate bud between them.  Two more hits with the flogger and she fell to the ground, her hands gripping her mound tightly, unable to believe the pain he had inflicted on her.


"Now, no more stubborn temper tantrums, is that understood?"  He had spun her around, his eyes narrow and piercing, looking straight into hers.  She could feel his breath on her face.  His demeanor frightened her.


 "Yes, I do" she sniffed.  He threw her the ripped dress, allowing her some semblance of decency.  The dress just barely covered her breasts, most of the buttons missing.  One leg was uncovered almost to her crotch, the fabric torn and missing.  Her underwear had long been discarded.  He brought out some rope, dark brown, rough hemp rope.


He picked up a length of old tree branch, about two inches wide, three feet long.  It was still hard and sturdy.  “Put your hands behind your head and turn your back to me.  I wouldn’t tell you again or it’s the flogger again my little tiger.”


Bella did as she was told, the pain in her bottom still a remembrance of her disobedience.  She felt her hands pulled back, the stick placed under her armpits, her hands pulled slowly and painfully upward until the rope secured them tightly to the stick.  She was turned around facing him, his green eyes again devouring her flesh.  Her breasts were now thrust out prominently, the dress barely able to contain them.  She was always proud of her breasts, they were bigger then most of the girls in the village and always drew second glances from the boys.  When she was teasing her own sex, she often let her fingers gently pluck at her nipples.  The pink tipped nipples would harden, the dark brown surrounding areola highlighting the pale skin of her breast.  She knew from his eyes that he was not the type that would treat them so gently.  She feared that.  He helped her up onto his horse, him behind her.  He held her tightly in front of him on his horse.  Her buttocks stung as they continued their ride to where, she did not know.  Her small frame was no match for his chiseled muscles.  She relented to behaving but kept her eyes open to drink in every bit of the forest, every landmark she could memorize.  She would not give in to this plight.  The others who had been captured might, but she would never give up hope.  The first opportunity that came along, she would be free.  She would escape this capture and once again live in her village with her family. 


Wonder what her father and mother were thinking now?  Her older brother had tried to catch up with her in the fields to no avail.  She knew they were heartbroken and worried.  Oh, she missed them so.  Her heart fell as she thought of them.  At that moment, she swore to see them again.  The sun was setting and it appeared that the steeds became impatient, picking up there pace.   They headed for a clump of trees in the distance attempting to beat the suns setting, the steeds galloping along until they reached their destination.  She grew impatient again as they moved to the far corner of the clump of trees, away from the others.


He helped her down, her revulsion showing as his hands moved unencumbered over her body as he did. 


“Sit over there until I tell you to move while I build a fire.  If you try to run I will catch you and it will be the flogger again.”  He moved around, gathering dry kindling until a roaring fire was heating the cold air, the illumination dancing strangely off the trees.  He untied her hands from the stick, her disappointment showing as he saved the stick to use again. 


Bella rubbed her wrists, trying to gather the small amount of clothes about her, attempting to hide her half-naked body.  He handed her a small portion of food, some dried meat and a piece of uncooked vegetable.  She ate hungrily, the day’s events having taken a toll on her.  Her belly still groaned in hunger, but his eyes told her there would be no more. He handed her a flask, motioning for her to drink.  “I don’t drink, I’m a good girl,” she quickly responded, the defiance showing back up in her voice.


“I wouldn’t tell you again, little tiger.  You will do what I tell you,” his hand reaching into his knapsack, drawing out the flogger once again.


It only took a single glance of the flogger before she put the flask to her lips and let some of the liquid flow into her mouth and down her throat.  She coughed as the liquid burned as it went down, already feeling light-headed as the strong liquor began to race to her brain.


“One more sip, it will be cold tonight, it will keep you warm,” his arms motioning her to swig again.


Bella took another swig, this one longer, a warm glow covering her body as the strong liquor began to work its magic on her young body.  She handed it back to him.  He took a large swig and put it away.  She could hear the others that were travelling with them in the distance.  There must have been another ten men, each having grabbed a woman.  Bella did not know who was taken, the panic that overtook her when she was captured blocked all but her own attempt at escape.  Bella looked over to where the others were camping, their fire burning brightly.  She could make out the shapes of some of the woman.  She was startled when she heard the cries of one of them.  She could see her fighting two men, as they held her tightly, the sound of tearing clothes next.  She was forced to the ground, two holding her down while another stood over her.  His body fell down on top of hers and she let loose a scream that seem to tear through the night.  After that there was only the sounds of slapping flesh and the moans of pain.  Bella knew that they were raping her and she feared for her own safety.


“I’m going to tie you up for the night.  I don’t want you running away on me.  We still have a few days travels to go before we reach our destination.”  He moved towards her again, the rope magically appearing in his hand again, a sharp knife glistening in the fire.  “On your knees,” he ordered her.


The ground hurt her knees as she knelt there.  He placed her wrists next to her ankles and the rope again held her tightly, her back straight, hands at her sides bound to her ankles, unable to stand or run.  She would have to lie on her side to sleep, crouched over.  She could still hear the others in the distance.  The men were laughing, the women crying and begging.  Screams again broke the silence of the night as another was raped, her virginity taken from her in one brutal act.  Bella was truly scared now.  She was bound, half-naked, the stranger standing before her.  She could hear the sound of the others, raping and beating the other woman and she feared that she would be next.  She saw him disappear from her view but could feel his presence behind her.  She trembled in fear of the unexpected.  Fingers moved to close over her nose, stopping her from breathing.  She opened her mouth to suck in some air when she felt something shoved quickly and painfully into her mouth.  She could taste the wood, polished and smooth.  It slipped between her lips and moved to the back.  She felt his fingers press on the side and she felt the piece of wood split outward, moving out from the center to catch behind her upper and lower teeth on each side.  This forced her mouth to open.  Each time he pressed on the mechanism with his fingers, her mouth was forced wider and wider.  She could only make muffled sounds, “MMMGGGHHH,” as her jaws were stretched open widely, her oral cavity now a large open hole.  She did not understand the reason for this.  It was not very effective to silence her, it only served to keep her mouth open and exposed.


She watched as he moved in front of her again, her eyes pleading for release from the cruel instrument that caused her such pain, but only met with a blank stare from him.  She shook her head back and forth, “NNNGGGGHHH,” as she finally realized the purpose of the mouth restraint when he began to unhook his pants and let them slide to the ground in front of her.  He reached in and pulled out a cock that was massive to her, not that she had ever seen a cock before, her only experience being with the small penis of children that she had baby sat for.  He intended to put it in her mouth.  She had heard some of the village woman talking about oral sex, how their husbands had forced them to suck their cocks when they had the pox, their monthly menstrual cycle.  All told of hating it, their husbands filling their mouth with their salty seed.  Most spoke of spitting it out, some vomiting afterwards.  None liked the experience, but there could be worse.  Few spoke of it, but some dared to talk of their husbands putting it up their bottom.  Most were too humiliated of the act to even dare mention it.


“Each night you will service my instrument with your mouth, my little tiger.  We will use the mouth restraint until you learn how to perform the act correctly.  There will be many wicked things that you will perform for me.  If you do not obey, you will be punished.  The flogger is only one of many instruments I possess to make your body respond.  Some of them are so much more painful, built especially to extract pain from the female body.  Now hold still and pleasure my cock.”


She felt his hands grip her tightly by the ears, his hips moving forward, his penis sticking out almost straight from his body, slowly moving towards her open oral cavity.  His hands gripped her tightly as she tried to move her head, small muffled sounds coming from her mouth, the only sign of protest allowed.  “MMMMGGHHH, NNNNGGHHH,” she tried to cry out, protesting the indignities he was about to force upon her.  But it did not use, his penis now resting on her lower lip, the hot flesh feeling like it was burning her.  He moved it around her mouth, her lips dry, his penis wet with fluid, leaving a trail of glistening juices on her parched lips.  She shuddered as her tongue, attempting to moisten her lips accidentally touched the head of his penis.  She felt it suddenly jump up and hit the top of her mouth, startling her.  She did not know it was so sensitive.  She pushed her tongue back into her mouth, the taste of a pasty, salty fluid now lingering on it. 


“Yes, little tiger, your tongue is very sensual.  Soon you will extract my seed from my loins, filling your mouth.”  He removed his hands from her ears, one large hand completely circling the back of her head in it, forcing her forward onto the penis.  The other hand gripped the instrument, stroking it within the confines of her mouth, feeling her hot breath on the head, rubbing it inside her lips, lightly over her teeth, the sensitive head jerking in pleasure as it scratched over them.


The penis grew bigger in her mouth, her lips now stretching tightly around it as he pushed it deeper and deeper into the hot confines of her oral cavity.   She felt her mouth filled with the hot, pulsating flesh of the stranger, his strong hands keeping her captive, her mouth used as his receptacle of lust.  She felt his hands grip her hair tightly, pulling on it painfully, his hand controlling the movement of her head, unable to stop whatever he desired to do to her.  She could taste him now, his penis now sliding over her tongue, unable to stop it.  She could taste his sweat, days of riding collecting on his organ.  She felt liquid dripping out the tip into her mouth.  She moved her tongue, succeeding in only exciting the penis filling her mouth even more, forcing more of the giant organ into her mouth.  She felt it touch the back of her mouth and looked up at him with pleading eyes, tears forming in them as she choked on the head of his penis as it pushed against her tonsils.  She could only see lust in his eyes, his mouth smirking as he used her mouth just like he would use her sex.  A tight, hot place to dump a load of his seed in.


“Deeper, little tiger, you are going to have to swallow my organ, take it deeper.  Yes, choke on it a little, it will make it easier to go down.”  He had over half of his organ in her mouth, the head of his cock was slowly forced into her throat.  Her choking made it easier to slip it in as her throat opened up in protest, the massive head, slimy with his juices slipping down into the confines.


Bella sucked in air through her nose, the choking bringing tears running down her face, her throat blocked by the dirty penis forced into it.  Her muffled sounds were overshadowed by his grunts of pleasure as her tongue swished around his organ, attempting to escape the foul tastes in her mouth, yet only brining forth more of his vile fluids to flow from the penis.  She did not know how much longer she could stand the punishment she was being forced to endure.  Would he kill her, choking her with the cruel organ, unable to stop himself as she pleasured him against her will?  Hands forced her head up, straightening out her throat, preparing the passage to accept more of the penis.  She gagged again, her throat beginning to spasm on the penis, her mouth filled with her saliva, his sweat and his seed.  It began to run down her spread mouth, her lips unable to contain the mixture.  His stomach smashed against her lips, bruising them, her teeth banging into them painfully.  He had buried his instrument completely in her mouth, his pubic hair snarled on her lips, the unmistaken odor of sweat and sex filling her nose.  She could not move, her mouth and throat completely speared on his organ, his hand holding her forcefully against him.


“When I fill you mouth with my seed, I want you to swallow it all.  If you let any of it escape, I will beat you.  Do you understand little flower?  Nod your head yes, if you understand,” his hand loosening his grip on her head.  He waited, watching her eyes looking up at him, her mouth completely filled by his organ, her lips smashed against his stomach.  He could feel her throat milking his organ, a combination of pain and choking bringing about such exquisite pleasure to his organ.


Bella nodded her head up and down, the slightest movement only possible as it felt like a log in her mouth and throat keeping her head erect.  She felt the penis begin to pull from her throat, dragging out painfully, her tongue pushed aside by the rampaging organ.  She sucked in a large breath of air before it began to enter again.  She almost vomited as she gagged again, the thick organ again pressed deep into her throat.  Her throat burned in pain.  It was emptied, then filled again within seconds, each time his organ was pushed in with greater force.  His hands tightened on her ears again, forcing her head up and down on his organ, using her oral cavity like it was her sex mound.  Her pumped her mouth, faster and faster, hearing his breathing quicken.  She knew that he would soon empty his seed in her mouth.  She would not be able to prevent it.  She continued to gag and choke, her lips hurting terribly, the mouth restraint tearing at the corners of her mouth.


He felt his seed move up from his balls, moving along the length of his organ and begin to shoot out the end.  He dumped the first load deep in her throat, going directly into her stomach.  He pulled his organ from her throat, hearing her sucking in air at the same time he shot another load of seed into her open mouth.  It was the wrong time for her, she ended up sucking in his seed, going into her lungs, her choking and gasping dragging more seed from his balls.  He pumped his cock with his hand into her opened mouth, watching as it fell onto her tongue and lips, her mouth filling quickly.  “Swallow quickly, little tiger, or it will be the flogger for you.”


Bella could not believe the amount of vile fluid he was pouring into her mouth.  Some shot directly into her stomach, but he pulled his organ from her throat and forced her to taste the hot, pasty, salty fluid as it filled her mouth.  She swallowed, each time feeling the liquid slip down into her stomach in massive amounts, almost like lumps.  She gagged each time, trying to keep the fluid in her stomach, the taste in her mouth revolting her taste buds.


 He pumped his organ again with his hand, not caring about her pain as his hand smashed against her lips, only caring about satisfying his only pleasure, her mouth a receptacle for him to use.  He pulled his rapidly shrinking organ from her mouth, his fingers unloosening the mouth restraint and pushed her over onto her side on the ground.


Bella lay on the ground and began to vomit, shooting up the seed he had expended into her oral cavity.  She sobbed, lying in the pool of vomited, exhausted by the ordeal he had forced upon her.  She could still hear the screams of the other woman in the distance, many of them pleading in vain as they were raped.


“Get some sleep, we leave early in the morning.  We have a long ride and tomorrow night you will have a chance to pleasure me again with your mouth.”  He pulled her next to him, away from the pool of vomit, his heavy hand wrapped tightly over her. 


Bella lay on her side, her wrists still tied to her ankles, bent over, her bottom thrust against him.  She sobbed herself to sleep, her mouth and throat still burning in pain from the forced oral ravishment, his seed still lingering on her taste buds.  She did not sleep very soundly, the traumatic events of the day weighing heavily on her.  Each time she woke up, she could hear the others in the distance.  There were still sounds of screaming and begging, but were now less frequent.  All had been taken by the men and they were learning that any resistance would be futile and painful.


The morning came quickly and before Bella realized it they were riding off to their unknown destination.  She had again been bound, her wrists tied again to the stick beneath her arms.  She sat on the saddle in front of him, her naked sex rubbing painfully on the hard saddle, bouncing along as he held her firmly.  She saw some of the other woman, some showing signs of abuse by the men.  They had a blank look in their eyes after having suffered sexually to the abuse last night.  After about an hour, the stranger’s hand moved around her waist until it reached the front of her dress.  Fingers moved to unbutton the last remaining buttons, opening it to below her waist.  Bella tried to squirm away from the molesting fingers.


“We have a long ride and I thought some amusement would break the monotony.  Now hold still or I will stop and give you another lesson in obedience.” 


Bella allowed him to continue, her bound hands behind her head preventing anything but token resistance.  She felt his hands, rough textured flesh moving over her smooth stomach.  She sucked in her breath as they moved.  She shuddered as she felt them move higher.  She knew that he would be touching her breasts.   It did not take long.  The thick fingers grasped her naked flesh, pushing the top of her dress aside, exposing her breasts to him and all that rode near him.


“Nice tits on that one, want to trade for this one tonight,” he screamed at the stranger.  The man riding next to him pointed at a girl thrown over his saddle, her head hanging down to the ground, his hands moving over her bottom, pulling up her dress, revealing her naked flesh. 


Bella could see red welts on the girls bottom, sure that this man also taught obedience with a flogger.  By the looks of the marks, it took quite a while before the girl gave up whatever the man required of her. 


“I still have more training to do with this little flower.  Maybe after we get home when I have taken the fight out of her,” he said, urging his horse to move faster, separating them from the pack.  “You have nice little nips.”


Bella felt his fingers plucking at her nipples, making them hard.  The cool air blew on them as they rode, his fingers plucking and pinching them, moving from one side, then back to the other.  He did this for over an hour before his hands moved down over her stomach until it reached her sex mound.  “No, don’t touch me there,” determination in her voice, forgetting the flogging she had received, bent on stopping him for using her body as his plaything.


His hand grabbed her by her sex mound, the giant fingers gripping tightly into her spread flesh, the rough skin pushing against her tender flesh, one finger pushing between the pouty lips of her genitals.  “Tonight, you will face the flogger again.  Depending on how cooperative you are now, will decide how many strokes and where you will receive them.  If you do not behave, the flogger will find its way between your legs and strike you here,” his fingers gripping her sex mound tightly.  “Will you cooperate, little flower?”


Bella could only shake her head yes, afraid of the flogger and even more afraid of the evil in this man.  He had no compulsion in beating her intimate body parts.  She could not believe that such evil men existed in this world.  Men that would inflict such pain on a woman.  Men that would sexually assault a woman like he did with her mouth last night.  She felt the fingers of his hands begin to play with her open sex mound.  She could do nothing except bounce along on the saddle, his fingers openly fondling her genitals.  He continued to play with her body all day as they rode.  He gave her some food as they rode, unwilling to stop and rest, wanting to get to their destination with their prizes.  Bella squirmed all day, her nipples always erect.  He would play with her sex mound, his fingers continually running up and down her open sex.  He would move up to her bud, snuggled under the protection of skin.  He peeled it back and his rough finger played over it.  Bella found herself getting wet as he continued.  When she would feel the stirrings deep in her groin, he would stop.  He instinctually knew that she was nearing orgasm.  He would stop rubbing her sex mound and move back up to her nipples.  When he heard her breathing return to normal again, his fingers would find their way back down to her splayed sex and begin again to fondle her to the point of orgasm.  By the end of the day, Bella body was frustrated.  Her sex was red and swollen, her juices wetting the leather saddle beneath her.  Her nipples stuck out, red and sensitive, the cool air the only thing needed now to make them hard.


The struck camp again in a clump of trees.  Bella was again bound, her wrists to her ankles, parked on her knees, waiting as the stranger made a fire.  In the distance, the others began the rape of the other women.  Even thought they had their virginity taken last night, the evil men had found new ways to force screams and begging from them.  Bella was not sure what was happening to them, she was too concerned about her own predicament.  She was fed a small dinner, two slugs of the foul liquor and then the mouth instrument was forced in again, her lips drawn tightly up and back, her oral cavity open and ready for his organ.   She did not have to wait long before it was slowly forced inside again.  Like last night, she choked and gagged on the organ as it entered her throat.  Tears ran down her face as he used her mouth again to spill his seed inside her.  This time instead of her throat, she was forced to take it all in the confines of her hot mouth.  He pumped his organ in her opened mouth, the hot, pasty seed falling heavily on her tongue.  The last load shot out on her face, dripping from her nose to fall on her cheeks.  He made her hold it in her mouth while he removed the mouth instrument.  Once removed he forced her to swallow it.  She did, gagging and choking as the copious amounts of his seed slowly ran down her throat to settle heavily in her stomach.  It threatened to come back up tonight, but by breathing deeply she was able to keep it down. 


“You are learning to swallow my seed, little flower.  Soon, we will not need the mouth instrument.  You will willingly take my organ in your mouth.”


“Never, I will never submit to such a vile act,” forgetting herself again.


The stranger removed the flogger from his saddlebags and turned Bella over onto her side, her ass pushed out.  “This is for your insolence this afternoon and now again.” 


Bella felt the leather flogger begin to beat her bottom.  He focused on the back of her thighs, sometimes a stray leather thong would slap harshly against her sex mound or slip between the valley of her bottom.  She would scream out in pain, the rest of the time she bit her lips, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.  Bella cried herself to sleep again, the raping continuing on into the night from the others.


 Bella could hear someone begging, “ not there, don’t put it in there” and then an unholy scream torn from her lips.  She could only imagine that one of the men had put his organ in her bottom, the ultimate humiliation, being sodomized.  Morning came sooner then expected and Bella was again bound.  This time her wrists were tied in front of her, but she was thrown over the saddle, her head hanging down on one side, her feet on the other, like the girl yesterday.


Like yesterday, the stranger took liberties with her body as they rode.  Bella became dizzy during the day, all of the blood rushing to her head as she lay on the saddle hanging down.  Her dress had been pulled up and his hands began the manipulation of her sex again, bringing her almost to orgasm, then stopping.  This time he did not have her nipples to play with, so he began to play with her bottom.  She squirmed as best as she could when he spread her bottom open, exposing her tiny bud to his fingers.  A quick slap to her cheeks quieted her down, allowing him unfettered access to her unprotected bottom.  Fingers brought juice from her sex mound to her bottom and soon fat fingers pierced her bottom as she moaned in pain and humiliation.  She was brought to the brink of orgasm numerous times during the day, then left unfilled, her bottom then abused against her will.   By nightfall, she was a string of tangled sexual tension.  Two days she was abused almost to orgasm, never allowing her to be fulfilled.  Nightfall brought the bondage again, quick dinner, the mouth instrument and then his ejaculation of his seed into her oral cavity again.


Morning and they were off riding early, excitement seem to fill the men’s eyes.   Bella sensed that they were nearing the end of their journey.   By evening Bella saw a large wooden gate in the road ahead.  The knarled limbs were thick and sturdy and bound together with huge pieces of rope.  The gate began to open as they neared it.  What Bella witnessed beyond the entrance was beyond all comprehension.  The words "The Village, Sinsation Isle" were carved fancifully into the gate.  Bella had never heard of this place.  She had no idea of what was ahead of her.


The horse shied and snorted loudly as they rode through the huge creaking gate.   Bella could hardly make out any faces of the people that lined the roadway inside, peering at the newcomers.  She did however, notice the way they were dressed.  Some of the women and men were kneeling beside others who seemed more powerful than they were. The females kneeling were scantily dressed, some with breasts exposed, some with just nipples exposed, and a very thin tiny bottom covering their sex.  Their bodies were most visible.  The males kneeling were naked except for a small cone-shaped apparatus over their genitals, not covering much of them at all.  Some of the males and females had chains around their necks with the person standing beside them holding it tightly.  Bella shuddered and lowered her eyes.  What was this place?  She was already embarrassed by seeing these women and men so shabbily dressed, but even more humiliated to view their bodies.  She had been taught to be modest, and humble about her body.  She would never have displayed herself in this fashion. 


She heard shouting and felt the rushing about of the villagers as her captors turned their horses in the direction of a large stone structure with a magnificent iron gate.  Now that they had reached some kind of destination, Bella felt fear begin to rise in her belly. She had sensed a bad aura in this place.  The tears welled in her eyes again as her bruised bottom was pushed off the horse.  The stranger grabbed her by her waist and threw her over his shoulder.  Bella fought and kicked as his grip tightened around her, hoping she could get free, maybe someone in the village would help her.  


The iron gate opened and she, along with the other captive women, were carried inside.  The torches on either side of the structure burned brightly as evening was upon them.  Just inside the huge wooden door, the women were taken one way.  Bella was hurled into a room with the other females and the door slammed shut.  The women huddled together crying and moaning.  The room was empty, nothing but a stone floor. She crawled to the corner and curled up to warm herself.  Her clothes were tattered and torn.   She continuously tried to cover herself.   She was so tired and weary as well as very sore.   Once she quieted, her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.


Bella felt herself being nudged.  She opened her blue eyes to gaze into the most beautiful set of black eyes.   Another female had settled beside her and she could not have been older than Bella.  She looked fragile and helpless. 


"I am scared," she whispered to Bella.  "What are they going to do with us?  I am barely old enough to be away from my parents.   I want to go home."


Bella sat up and had to remember where she was.   Her eyes roamed the room as the females lined it.  They were either sleeping or whispering to each other.   Fear filled the room.   Bella felt it too.   "Listen, we will be okay," she said to the young maiden.  "I am here.   We must keep each other strong.  What is your name?"


"Raisa," she replied (pronounced ray-e-sa).  "I have never been away from my village.  I am frightened to be so far away."


Bella put her arm around Raisa's shoulder.  "It's okay, I will be your friend.  You stay with me," Bella replied.   Bella knew that somehow now she would have to protect this young girl.   Bella, herself, was 19.   She was older and wiser.  She would help give this young maiden strength if she could muster it on her own that is.   She was frightened too, anticipating what things might come and yet determined not to give up her fighting spirit.  She would be free of this place and she would take Raisa with her. 


A loud creaking filled the room as the door opened.  The females cowered and froze.   Captors flooded into the room.  Bella and Raisa froze.  The warrior that had held on to Bella so tightly charged to stand before her.


"Get up," he ordered.  "Do it now."


Bella was so startled that she almost sprung to stand on her feet.  She pushed Raisa behind her to protect her as if to hide her.


 "You are going to do as I order, is that clear?" he charged.


Bella thought she should agree.  It was the path of least resistance.  She thought it best.  "Yes" she replied. 


"Now, you are going to disrobe, do you understand?" he ordered.  Bella went livid.


"What?  Disrobe?  Why I will not, I won't, I will not do it," she replied.   Even though the stranger had stripped her body, he wanted her naked in front of everyone.  The humiliation was too much for her to handle.


"Oh yes you will, my little tiger.  I am going to tame you, you can bet on that.  You will be mine.  You will be my slave, do you understand?   Whatever it takes, I will have you. You will be my slave and you will do the most wicked things for me.  Is that clear?”  He grabbed the sleeve of her dress and ripped it from her chest.  She grappled for her dress, torn from her breasts and held it to her body.


"Stop!  You cannot do this to me," she squealed in protest. 


"I can and I am.  You will learn obedience.  I will tame the tiger in you, woman, without a doubt."   He grabbed her arm and yanked her forward to again stare her in the eye.  "You will listen to me, or you will be much the worse for it.  These men are determined to have these females in servitude to them.  Better me than someone else. Now do it!  I am a lenient Master to serve.  They are not.  Do you understand me?"


She had to admit that his green piercing eyes were stunning.  She was captivated by them.  She shook herself back to reality.   Bella looked around the room.  The females were being shoved and stripped at their captor's will.  The women were squealing and shrieking as their clothes were ripped from their bodies.


 A large, bald-headed man stood at the door and shouted, "Examination time."


The women were lined up in order, one by one to exit the room.  Raisa was sobbing.  "Take her with you," her captor ordered.  "She will be mine, too." 


Bella grabbed Raisa by the arm and dragged her behind her to get in line.  Her captor came to stand by her side, not making a sound.  Bella stood naked, holding on to Raisa who was still fully clothed.   Her captor held his eyes straight-ahead as if at attention.  Each female was being called through the door by the man who wanted to own her.  Bella could see a large lit room through the door.  She could not yet make out what was going on but strained to see.  She was mortified at what she saw before her.  An exam table.   Men present in the room with the females being place on the table, one at a time.  They were tied down, legs in metal braces and fully spread-eagled for their captor to see all of them.  They were being prodded and probed with fingers.  Some kind of metal instruments were used as they yelped and begged not to be placed upon the table.


Their captors stood at the end of the table perusing them like a piece of meat.  The women cried and sobbed at being so exposed.  Bella shivered. "Sir," she said to her captor.  "If I get on the table, please tell me my friend will not have to."


He glanced in her direction. "That is fine.  I will have both of you.  But you will do as I say," he answered roughly.


 "Yes Sir, I shall," she responded relieved that Raisa would not have to go through such torment.   


To Be Continued