War Victims

By Powerone

Copyright 2009

The Lost Chapter 2

Beaten and Raped

With her legs over her head, the flat plane of her sex was open and exposed, the cool air in the dark barn blowing along her naked body, goose bumps exploding on her body.  She tried not to look as the men began to take off their clothes, but there was too many of them, gathered all around her, seven naked older men, thick cocks jutting out of their bodies all bobbing in front of her.  She looked over at Scarlett, but she had a strange look on her face.  Not fear, more curiosity, her tongue coming out and licking her lips.  She had willingly taken Max’s organ in her mouth, could she really have enjoyed it.  No way would Tara submit to these rapists without a fight.

“Why don’t you feed your slut your cock and keep her busy while I go to work on her sister, Max.”  Michael stepped in front of Tara, looking down at the pink pussy spread open before him, her lips forced open by the wide spread of her legs, even the tiny star of her asshole winking back at him.  His cock jerked in pleasure at such a delicious sight.  “I’m gonna warm you up first, Tara.  Then I think you’ll be more then willing to fuck and suck.”  He swung the whip in front of them.  “I made sure the knots at the end of the falls are nice and tight.  Soon you’ll sing for my cock.”

Max moved next to Scarlett, turning her heads toward him.  He lowered down, Scarlett opening her mouth without him saying anything.  He patted her cheek almost affectionately as the head of his cock rubbed over her lips.  He pulled back, Scarlett straining her neck to keep the head of his cock into her mouth.  “Eager little slut, Scarlett.” Her tongue pushed out far from her mouth as she sought his cock.  Unable to resist any longer, he pushed his cock forward until her mouth was impaled with his cock.  He almost came when he felt her hot breath running over his cock, rubbing her cheek as he watched the innocent fifteen year old begin to suck his cock.

She felt the hot organ on her lips, stretching to take more of it, her lips closing on the thick head, trying to suck it deeper into her mouth.  It was as though she was begging for it, but she wanted more of it.  “MMMGGG,” finally getting her wish, Max thrusting in so fast and deep, Scarlett finding her small mouth filled with a hot, thick cock.  Her tongue went to work on it instantly, exploring it as she tasted the salty, thick fluids that she coaxed from the head.  It was so big, feeling it jerking in her mouth every time her tongue ran over the smooth head.  She couldn’t believe that she was sucking a man’s prick.  An older man’s prick.  Max was using his hips to drive in and out of her mouth, each time going deeper, Scarlett pinned to the bench, unable to stop him even if she wanted him to stop.

“You’re a good, little cocksucker, Scarlett.  Take a deep breath because I’m going to shove it down your throat now.”  He didn’t wait for her, seeing her eyes opening wide as he took a powerful thrust that sent his cock to the back of her mouth and down her throat with the first gag.  He didn’t let up, her head trying to escape the cruel impalement but he was relentless.

“GGGLLGGHH,” Scarlett coughing and gagging as the thick cock went down into her tiny throat.  She struggled not to throw up, her throat clogged, her nostrils flaring as she tried to suck in precious air for her starved lungs.

“Don’t do that to her,” Tara protesting as she watched Max shove his prick down her throat.

Michael swung the whip overhand, taking carefully aim to catch Tara on one tender thigh, but make sure that some of the whips tendrils flayed to attack the fringes of her pussy.  It landed with a thick thud, but it was the scream that was torn from Tara’s lips that made his cock jump in excitement. 

“EEEEWWWWW,” her inhuman scream tore through the barn.  It felt like metal teeth were digging into her thigh, the thick thud of the whip followed by the lightening pain that shot to her brain.  “NNooo, Noott again,” she cried out, but Michael was already raising the whip up into the air.  It was like it was in slow motion as it came down; Tara watching as the whips falls shot forward.  She knew where it would hit before she felt it, but it still didn’t stop the shrill cry from her mouth as it sought out her tender, unprotected flesh.  “NNNNNOOOOO,  EEEEEEGGGHHH,” the whip tearing at her tender flesh, ripping at her skin as the pain shot to her brain, Tara wishing she would pass out.  Through tear stained eyes she saw Scarlett, her lips split by Max’s large organ, his pubic hairs pressed up against her lips.  He had shoved all of his long organ into her mouth and surely into her throat.  Her eyes were opened wide, tears wetting her cheeks, her lips opening and closing around his shaft as she gagged repeatedly, but Max never pulled his organ from her throat.

Tara saw the red welts on her thighs, blood trickling from them, but Michael just laughed evilly over her, his hand still holding the cruel whip.

“Now to tenderize that virgin pussy, Tara.  You’ll beg me to let you suck my cock.”  Michael took careful aim with the whip, a snap back and then forward to get the maximum velocity on it, wanting to make sure that he hit her pussy with just the ends of the falls where the thick knots were prevalent.  The knots were built to savagely attack the tender flesh of her pussy.  When he finally got around to taking her virginity, she would bounce around nicely when he reignited the fresh wounds of the whip.  Her pain would make his pleasure so much better.

“EEEEEEEKKKKKKK,” her sharp shrill rang out just after the thud of the whip at it slid along her pussy, starting at her perineum and slicking up along her slit, attacking her puffy lips, the thick knots pushing aside the tender lips to beat the pink flesh until they bled her red blood.  Her body jumped and jerked in the seat, the leather straps creaking as they kept her secured.

Michael stroked his cock as he looked down at the young virgin, her red haired pussy not reflecting the red welts where they whip did its dirty work.  Her pussy was wet, but now it was blood that made her moist, but he would care little when he fucked her, blood was just as good as pussy juice.  She could barely say a thing, her eyes shooting back the pain she was feeling, but he swung the whip again, this time taking aim at her precious asshole. 

The whip swung again, Tara bracing for the pain, but it moved up higher.  She tried to clench her buttocks, but the wide spread of her legs left in effective except to make it look erotic to these rapists as her cheeks clenched and unclenched.  It felt like giant spike was shoved up her backside, the pain reaching deep into her bowels, her tiny hole feeling like it was sliced by a knife instead of whipped.  She couldn’t stop it, peeing, dripping on the floor as she lost control of her bowels.  She was sure she was dying as she screamed out in pain.

“Good girl, Scarlett,” Max pulling his cock from her throat, Scarlett gasping for air, spit and cum drooling down her chin as she choked.  Max rubbed his wet cock all over her face, jerking in pleasure as it ran across her young, smooth skin.  “One more for Tara, then it’s your turn Scarlett.  Are you going to be a good girl if I let you off the bench?”

“MMMy turn for what?”  Scarlett trembled in fear, but she gulped down the mouthful of thick cum that bathed her tongue and lips.  What would it be like if he came in her mouth was all she could think about?

“To be whipped.  Can you be a good slut and stand up with your legs spread so I can whip your pussy?”  Max stroked his cock, eager to beat the young virgin.

Scarlett couldn’t believe what he wanted her to do.  She could see what the whip did to Tara.  It tore her skin, blood running down from the red welts.  Tara was bound, unable to escape.  Max wanted her to stand in front of them, spread her legs and willingly let him beat her sex.  She couldn’t do it, yet she knew she had to.  Even if she refused, they would do it while tied down on the bench.  “YYYeesss,” she finally spit out the word.

“How about you, Tara?  You ready to get on your knees and suck my cock like a good little whore?  Or should I enjoy beating your pussy some more until you finally submit?” Michael stroked his cock.  He didn’t really care one way or another.  Eventually she would suck his cock and every man here.  And that would only be the beginning of her gang rape.  By time they left, the both of them would be well-fucked whores.  Fifteen-year-old whores.

Her sex and backside was still ablaze in pain.  She couldn’t take any more of this.  Not and survive.  She had no choice but to submit to his evil perversion.  She would have to take his organ in her mouth and perform the loathsome act he required of her.  She only hoped that they would let them go once she did.  “No more, I’ll do it.”

“Do what, Tara?  You have to tell me what you want to do.”  Michael’s cock grew as he watched her mouth say those words.

“Suck,” Tara said, seeing in his eyes that it wasn’t enough.  “Suck your cock,” shamed into repeating the awful words.

“Release them both.  I think they will be more willing whores,” Michael watching as they took the straps off both of the nude, young girls.  Tara could barely stand, seeing her cringe in pain when she tried to close her legs.  She’d make a nice fuck, driving his cock into her pained sex making her fuck back to give him such great pleasure.

Tara walked over to Michael, not defying him as his hands pushed down on her shoulders until she kneeled before him, his angry prick dancing before her face.  Michael lifted up her chin, one hand holding his prick only inches from her mouth.

“Kiss it,” he ordered her.  Michael had to hold his cock still when her tongue snaked out of her mouth and lightly touched the head of his cock.  His cock jerked, a drop of cum slipping from the tip onto her tongue.

Tara could taste the bitter taste of the fluids that leaked from his prick, but she struggled not to pull away. 

“Lick it, starting with the head.  Get used to the taste of my cum, soon it will be flooding your mouth.”  Michael grabbed Tara’s hands and wrapped it around his jerking cock.  “Hold it tight.”  Her tongue made a large swipe along the head of his cock, scooping up the cum that leaked profusely from the head, her face grimacing from the thick, pasty cum.  “Suck it into your mouth. It’s time for you to become a woman and suck my cock.”  He looked down at her innocent face, her soft, red lips wrapping so tightly around his thick cock as he began to fuck her mouth.  Her wide-open eyes looked up at him, exciting him as he began to rhythmically fuck her mouth.

The prick was sliding in and out of her mouth and Tara couldn’t do anything but try to comply with his increasingly perverse demands.  His pasty cum filled her mouth with its salty taste, her tongue racing over his prick to try to end the rape of her mouth, even though she knew that he would cum in her mouth. 

Max stood next to Scarlett, his hands running freely over her young, naked body.  She stood obediently as his large hands encircled her firm breasts and squeezed them hard until the nipples looked like they would burst.  His other hand slid down between her legs until he found her silky, red bush, his fingers tangling in the hairs, yanking out errant hairs with a painful snap.  “Spread your legs,” Scarlett opening her legs wide, his fingers finding her mound and spreading her lips until he found her wet inner lips.  He stood back from her, taking the whip from Michael, looking down at Tara sucking his cock with such expertise.  “Choke her with it,” he told Michael.

She kept her hands at her side, her fists clenched tightly as Michael’s hands crushed the side of her head.  She couldn’t do anything as he thrust his cock down her throat, her head held up at an angle so he could penetrate her as deep as possible.  She choked and gagged; feeling like a sword was down her throat and shoved into her stomach.  His pubic hairs tickled her nose, but he continued to hold her pinned against his abdomen, feeling his cock swelling in her throat as her throat muscles rippled up and down his organ trying to force it out.  He began to thrust back in and out of her throat, but he never pulled it free, her lungs starved for air, her head dizzy from lack of oxygen.  Her throat felt raw, but she couldn’t do anything to stop him.  She saw out of the corner of her eyes, Scarlett standing naked, her legs spread wide as Max began to pull the whip back ready to strike her.  She felt sorry for Scarlett, but she had her own problems, afraid she would choke to death before he came.

“Keep your eyes open, Scarlett and look at me.  Bow your thighs; I want to get a good slap up between your pussy lips.”  Max lowered the whip to the floor almost between her legs.  She posed obscenely for him, her legs bowed, her virgin pussy lips barely open even with the wide spread of her legs.  He would have to use more force behind the blow, but he would enjoy that.  He wanted to make sure that the knots sought out the depths of her virgin, inner lips.

She couldn’t believe the surreal scene, naked, her legs spread so wide that she could feel the air blowing up between her legs, seven naked men looking at her as Max waited to whip her pussy.  She looked into his eyes, a smirk on his face as she saw the whip moving up between her legs out of the corner of her eye.

“FFFLLLPPP,” the whip slammed into the gap between her legs, the powerful blowing making her jerk up as the knots attacked her sensitive sex like a swarm of angry bees.  She danced on her toes, but submissively kept her legs spread in spite of the pain, sure that she was bleeding from the terrible bite of the knotted whip.  She bit her lip, blood running into her mouth as she tried to contain the scream in her mouth. 

“Good girl, Scarlett.   Now another.”  Max didn’t waste any time, the whip shot up between her legs and slammed into her pussy with a sickening thud, Scarlett jumping up and down, a scream tore from her lips this time.

Max was growing impatient and so were the others.  They wanted to fuck the helpless virgins.  “Turn around and bend over deep, reach back and pull your cheeks apart.  Keep your hands back as far as possible.”  He just wanted to abuse her asshole before they would begin raping them.

Scarlett never felt so humiliated, turning around, her legs spread, reaching behind to pull her cheeks apart until she could feel the pull on her anus, knowing the men were all staring at her backside.  She braced herself but it still did no good as the whip slashed up between her spread cheeks and attacked her crack, two or threes of the knots feeling like they were entering her, her anus bruised and bloodied. Max didn’t even say anything, another thud of the whip attacking her sex from behind, one knot shooting high up her slit and smashing her clit into her pelvic bone, stars in her head as the incredible pain shot to her brain.

Michael pulled his cock from her throat, but kept it in her mouth as he began to pump it vigorously.  “Open your mouth real wide, Tara.  If you spill a drop I’ll beat you until you're a bloody pile on the floor.”

Tara stretched her mouth open so wide she was sure her lips would tear, but she didn’t dare lose any of his cum.  She knew the pain of the whip and would do anything to keep from being whipped again, knowing she would lose her virginity to these rapists.  Michael pumped his cock so hard that his fist smashed into her lip until it was bloodied, but he finally came, shooting a powerful jet of thick, salty cum into her mouth and coating her tongue.  She never expected so much, struggling to contain it all as he came repeatedly, her cheeks billowing as she clamped her lips around the organ to keep it from spilling out.  He came three times, Tara gulping and swallowing, her belly filled with hot cum by time he finished.  Michael finally pulled his shrinking cock from her lips, but wiped the cum and spit soaked organ all over her silky cheeks and hair.

One of Michael’s officers shoved over Tara before she knew what was going on, pushing her to the straw covered floor.  He backhanded her across the face, another cut on her lips as she saw stars from the powerful blow. 

“You’re gonna fuck me back or I’ll beat you senseless.” 

She didn’t even see his hand until after it hit her again, her head rocked to the other side.  He was already scrambling between her legs, grabbing them and pulling them up and back until her beaten sex was spread open.  She looked down and saw the immense organ placed between her lips.  It looked like a log, not a prick.  Tara knew she was going to lose her virginity, but she didn’t realize how painful it would be. 

“I like a young, tight body,” his hands grabbing her firm tits and squeezing them as he laid down on the young girl, his fist shoving his cock into the tight hole of her pussy.  He smashed his mouth on hers, his tongue driving deep into her mouth.  He paused for a moment to savor it, finally unable to contain his lust any longer.  He gave a powerful thrust with his hips, his weight driving down on her little body, his cock piercing her pussy.  He hardly felt her hymen tear, enjoying his mouth capturing her cry as he took her innocence from her.  She jerked and squirmed beneath him, but her tight pussy gripped his cock like a tight glove, her muscles rippling up and down his thick cock as he began to hammer into her pussy.  He felt the wetness between her legs, sure that it was her blood, continuing to kiss her as she struggled beneath his body, his cock fucking deeper and harder into her once virgin passage.

He sucked all the life out of her with his kiss, the thick log shoved brutally up into her virgin hole, slicing through her innocence as she screamed in pain.  His hips bounced up and down, his cock slicing through her insides, pushing aside her tiny passage and forcing it painfully wide by the thick cock.  It felt like it would never end, his hump ass rising up and falling down like a hammer, trying to drive his cock through her body like a nail.  His scratchy beard tore her flesh as he bit and sucked on her skin, his hands reaching under her, powerful fingers digging into the welts on her ass as he lifted her up to meet his raping cock.  It felt like hours, his sweaty body smashing her into the littered floor, his cock never stopped moving inside her, tearing her insides.  She clawed his back with her fingernails, but that just seemed to inspire him to fuck her harder, pulling her legs up so high she thought she was being split up the middle. Finally, it was over, his cock swelling inside her, feeling the blast of his cum soiling her insides with his foul seed.  He finally collapsed on top of her, squeezing the air from her lungs with his heavy weight.  He finally got up, looking over, seeing Scarlett sitting on Max’s lap as he sat in the chair.  Tara could see her body rising up and down, the thick shaft of Max’s cock glistening with her virgin blood, but she didn’t cry out, in fact she was jumping up and down on his cock energetically, his hands wrapped around her, guiding her.

“My turn, get on your hands and knees.  I want you doggy style.”  Another soldier took his place with her.

She was thrown into the position he wanted, cum dripping down her thighs, but he cared little as his hands drew her ass up into the air.  He got behind, her, pushing her thighs apart until she felt like she was split up the middle.  He plunged his cock into her without regard to her pain, sliding easily in her cum and blood soaked passage.  He wasn’t as big as the last, but it still hurt, igniting the raw wounds of the whip with his fingers, enjoying her cries of pain.  She looked up to see a cock in front of her face, a slap forcing her to open her mouth and accept the rape of her mouth while the other soldier raped her pussy.  They took her brutally, her mouth and throat raped harshly, his cock long and skinny, feeling like a knife was shoved into her belly.  She couldn’t do anything as the one in her pussy began to slap her ass, forcing her to clench her pussy muscles onto the raping cock in spite of the pain already.

Five minutes later, Tara was blasted in both ends with their cum, the burning fluids filling her mouth and pussy as they continued to rape her until they were satisfied.

 Michael slid up behind Scarlett, her ass shoved back as Max fucked her pussy.  His hand encircled her naked body, his cock already erect again at the thought of the act he would commit on the young girl.  “You hold nice and still and we’ll make you feel like a woman.”  Michael slid his wet cock up against her ass cheeks, sliding down until he found the tiny pucker of her virgin asshole.

Scarlett looked over her shoulder in shock when she felt Michael behind her.  She was so busy in trying to please Max, forced to sit on his cock until she busted her own hymen and felt her blood running down her thighs.  It hurt, but she felt the delicious fullness of having something that big and alive inside her, bouncing up and down on his massive cock, her breasts bouncing against his chest.  Now she felt Michal behind her, confused until she felt the thick head of his cock pushed against her backside. 

Max grabbed Scarlett in a bear hug, pinning her arms to her side.  “Let him in your ass, Scarlett and we’ll give you a good run.”

She didn’t have any choice, feeling the tugging on her anus as Michael began to press his cock into her asshole.  She never fathomed such a thing, but these men only were interested in their own pleasure.  She tried to push out on her backside, but his cock was too big, her hole too small.  Max was still inside her pussy, but she was already stretched to the limit.  “GGGGGODDDD, you’re tearing me open,” screaming painfully as the head of his cock breached her anus, stretching her anal ring and shoved deep into her rectum.  He didn’t pause, shoving harder, another inch of cock shoved into her tiny bottom, feeling like a giant snake shoved up her backside.  He pulled out, only to push back in harder, deeper, more of his cock snaking up her guts.  She cried out as it shoved her organs aside, his throbbing cock plowing into her intestines, painful cramps in her stomach. 

It felt like his cock was in a hot furnace, her muscles clenching so delightfully around his cock as he raped her asshole.  He had half of his cock inside her before Max began to fuck her again, both of them falling into a rhythm that drove both of their cocks into her virgin orifices.  He couldn’t have stopped if he wanted to, the only way would he when he came.

They were sawing in and out of her, thick, pulsating cocks shoved in and out of her twin holes, not even sure if there was one or two.  She never felt so split, the men taking her virginities with ruthlessness.  They raped her for ten minutes, the friction of their cocks finally igniting a perverted lust in her untrained body until she was meeting each thrust with enthusiasm.  She almost passed out when she came, feeling the twin organs inside her blast her with their molten cum, the unexpected orgasm racing through her young body like a hurricane.    It felt like she was being skewered oh their cock but she only cared for the pleasure that was racing through her body.

Tara was being fucked again, this time on her back, another cock shoved into her mouth while she gurgled and choked.  Her sex hurt, but her rapist cared little, fucking her hard and fast, her insides feeling like they were on fire.

The seven men took the young virgins and turned them into whores with their continual gang rape.  Two of them took each one at a time.  Tara was the last to be sodomized, Michael spreading her on the cum and blood stained barn floor, his legs between her thighs, pushing them out wide as he climbed on her back.  He grabbed her arms, pulling them out and up until Tara found her body spread in a wide “X”, Michael’s heavy weight squeezing the air from her lungs. 

Tara couldn’t do anything, Michael dry humping her ass with his cock, one hand holding her two arms over her head, the other hand fumbling between them until she felt the thick cock pressed against the dimple of her ass.  She groaned in pain as she felt the rape of her ass, Michael slowly squeezing his immense organ into her guts, inch by painful inch as he kept her pinned to the ground like an animal.  He body rose up and down, slamming into her cheeks as his cock pounded deep 0into her guts with punishing thrusts that gave her cramps.  After having cum three times, he sodomized her for almost a half an hour, her muscles beat into submission by his raping cock, Tara whimpering with pain.  She felt the relief when he finally came inside her, humiliating her with his wet cum filling her belly.  He got off of her, Tara not able to move, her body beaten into submission.  She couldn’t do anything as another climbed on top of her, another cock spearing deep into her guts, this one long and sharp as it stabbed so far into her intestines that Tara was sure it would come out her mouth.

Scarlett was being taken by three of them, her mouth, her pussy and her ass filled with thick man cocks.  She swallowed gallons of cum, yet the men were insatiable, taking them both repeatedly until they could do little but serve as receptacles for their cocks.  Scarlett had already cum three times, but knew it wouldn’t be the last.  They had succeeded into turning her into their young whore.

The End


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