Another great story that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Five bank robbers turned killers take refuge in the house in the country while the police have all the roads blocked.   While they wait for the heat to go away, they amuse themselves with the mother.   Sloane volunteers to take on the four men in orderto spare her eleven year old daughter the rape that would befall her, but she has to pleasure the men in any manner they seek.   But, John, the leader of the group ties Sarah upstairs to keep her from seeing what her mother has to endure, but John has other plans for her.   He leave Sloane to the other three men and woman while goes upstairs to have fun with the young virgin.   Sarah has seen the brutally of the men, pistol whipping her father and mother into submission.   She can do little to stop John from having his way with her although she doesn't know what that will entail.



Instead of killing animals in a senseless act for sport, three men, all married with families, take three days off every six months and abduct a young girl. This is their hobby, raping the girl, letting her lose on Monday to return to her life, the men returning home. This story is about their latest victim, Belinda. She just happen to be attractive and available, a victim of cirmcumstance and convenience.