Because Of the Shower

Part 1

By Tulia

Copyright 2007




“Will she be all right? I found her like that lying on the floor... The water was still running.”  Natalia’s voice was trembling.  “I covered her with a towel.”  She added, looking uncertainly at the two medics kneeling on the floor beside Tulia.


“She probably fainted because of the hot shower.”  Tim, the younger of the medics, just twenty, spoke first.  He looked up.  The shower curtain was pushed aside, partly torn down. The wet footsteps were still visible on the bathroom floor, leading up to the young, almost naked girl lying there.  She must have fainted as she leaned herself against the wall.  There was something strange about this girl.  Tim looked at her and then it hit him.  A pleasant smile was etched in her face.  Not something you would expect from someone who’d just passed out.


“It doesn’t look like she is injured.”  Daniel, the second medic was examining the unconscious girl.  “She just needs fresh air,” he added and unceremoniously pulled the towel from Tulia’s body as if that would do the trick.  Tulia moved slightly and her eyes opened slowly.  “You see.”  He looked up at Natalia seeing her face turning red at the sight of her roommate lying completely naked before strangers, one of them about the age of her father.


“I have an exam in an hour...” she said to the room at large trying not to look at the men.  Her face burned and for some reason she felt ashamed as though it was her lying naked on the floor.


“We’ll take care of your friend, Miss.”  The younger of the medics tried to give Natalia an assuring smile but before he could say anything more she nodded, quickly turned around, seized her handbag and was gone.


“We certainly will.”  Daniel chuckled and his gaze returned to Tulia’s body.  She was slowly recovering, her eyes still foggy.  It didn’t look like she was yet aware of what was going on around her, a dreamy smile painted on her face.  She was lying on her back, her small breasts pointing up at the ceiling, her nipples hard, her legs crossed on her side.  Daniel helped her to straighten her body, wanting to have a better look at her.  He laughed as her legs parted.


“No wonder she’s smiling.”  He reached down taking a glass dildo from between her legs, driving a soft moan from Tulia’s Her   Her pussy tried to grip it as it slid out, the glass wet with her juices.  “Will you look at that beauty?”


Tim looked at him perplexed, not sure if Daniel was referring to the girl lying on the floor or the dildo in his hand.  The dildo was made of transparent glass with a hint of red.  Tim thought it must have been blood but when he looked at it more carefully he saw crimson smoke frozen inside of it.  It looked as if someone poured raspberry juice in it and forgot to stir it.


Tim heard Tulia moaning in pleasure, his eyes returning to her body.  Tulia’s full hips were moving, her legs parted wider to accommodate Daniel’s fingers that were now sliding along her slit, masturbating her openly.  She had dense dark pubic hair outlining her red swollen pussy.  She was extremely wet and it had nothing to do with the fact that she’d just showered.  She must have just cum, thought Tim and felt his own cock getting hard.


“What the hell are you doing?”  He shouted at Daniel annoyed by this bold behaviour and his own arousal.


“I’m taking care of her.”  Daniel’s voice was calm and he sounded amused as he added.  “And by the looks of you, you’ll be taking good care of your girlfriend today.  Or is it your wife tonight?”


Tim opened his mouth to reply but stopped himself. He gave Daniel a furious look but his eyes returned almost unwillingly to Tulia’s bare sex.  Daniel’s fingers were pinching her clit as he shoved the shining dildo back into her pussy.  It slid in with ease, her legs spreading slightly to accommodate the thick dildo.  Tulia’s moans became louder and she was apparently still unaware of what was going on around her, her body squirming in pleasure.


Daniel was admiring the aroused girl dancing under his skilled hands.  She had short brown hair and matching hazel eyes that were dimmed with pleasure at that moment.  Her skin was tanned, though her small breasts were almost white.  The dark brown nipples stood out proudly swaying gently as her body shook with desire.  He knew she would cum soon.  It was exactly the way he liked his girls to act and yet he would prefer her to be aware of what he was doing to her.  Daniel looked down at her sex.  It was red and swollen, her muscles contracting on the dildo that he pushed in and out of her pussy with ease.  Her clit stood out proudly, hard and ready to receive the pleasure.  He pushed harder on the dildo feeling her body stiffen for a moment.  Tulia’s eyes opened wide, she gasped for air, clenching her legs tightly around his hand and came hard, moaning loudly.  Daniel felt her juices flowing down the dildo.  Tulia shuddered in ecstasy and fainted again, her smile even brighter then when they came to help her.


 “I think it’ll be better if we take her with us.”  Daniel sounded quite pleased with himself.  “I think Doctor Steiner would like to have a closer look at her.”  His gaze rested upon Tim, who was now breathing heavily, the arousal clearly visible on his face as he absently stroked his cock through his pants.  “But of course if you want to spend a few minutes alone with this charming creature first,” Daniel pointed at Tulia.  “I don’t think she would object.”  He laughed seeing Tim striding out from the bathroom in protest.


When Tim came back a few minutes later Tulia’s body was already lying on the stretcher.


“You...” Tim began casting furious looks at Daniel, pointing his finger at him.


“Shut up, Tim.”  Daniel’s voice was calm and almost weary.  “Don’t forget, you still owe me.”  And after a pause he added.  “Do you think we should shave her first?”  He looked back at Tim who was doing his best to control his own emotions.


“What?  No, we are taking her to the hospital.” Tim’s voice was shaking with anger.  He still couldn’t believe he was allowing Daniel to do this.


“You know, you’re right.  It will be more fun when she’s awake.”


* * * * *


Tulia woke up in a soft bed that felt unfamiliar.  She looked around trying to figure out where she was and what time it was.  Did she have to get up and get herself ready for college?  She finally sat up and gazed around.  Her mind was still foggy.  The memories slowly filled her mind.  She was taking a shower.  She smiled remembering the delicious feeling as she came.  She got dizzy and got out of the shower to gasp for air and...  She couldn’t recall anything else.  I must have fainted.  It must be a hospital.  The dildo...  She suddenly remembered.  Did they find her with the dildo still in her pussy?  She reached down between her legs as if she was hoping to find it still hidden there.  Her face burned in shame at once.  Who found her?  Was it Natalia?  Tulia closed her eyes and fell back on the bed, another memory flashing before her eyes.  Two men were kneeling beside her, her body burning in desire as one of the men masturbated her until she came.  Was it only a dream or did it really happen?  Oh God, let it, please, be only a dream!


The door opened and a nurse came in carrying a tray with food.


“How are feeling?”  She beamed cheerfully at Tulia.


“Eh, good thank you.  Where am I?”  Tulia felt hungry seeing the food that was brought for her.


“In St Mary Hospital.  This wing has just been built.  It’s not quite ready yet.”  The nurse tried to explain to her.  “It’s actually a psychiatric ward. Oh not to worry.”  She smiled at Tulia seeing her surprised look.  “We are overfilled at the moment, so Doctor Steiner thought it would be better to put you in here.  You’d better eat something.”


“I feel all right.  I would like to go home.”  Tulia paused.  “I don’t have anything to wear.” 


“We’ll arrange for some clothing later. But the Doctor wants you to stay overnight.”  The nurse was already at the door as she added.  “So you are that shower girl.”  And she left casting Tulia a strange smile before she closed the door.


That shower girl.  Tulia felt her insides turning.  She wanted to go home.  Did everybody know what happened?  She considered for a moment getting up and asking someone to let her go home or simply just running away.  She looked down; she was wearing a white gown that wasn’t hers.  The room was quite empty and there wasn’t any sign of something else to wear.  There was only one bed in the room, a small table beside it and another bigger near the door.  At the right sat an armchair, near the large window.  The only strange thing about the window was that it was placed so high up the wall that it was impossible to look out but it was still wide enough to let enough sunlight in.  No way to climb out, Tulia made a mental note.


She sighed and took the tray with food.  She remembered she hadn’t eaten any breakfast, her stomach making gurgling sounds.  Not sure what to think about the whole situation she started eating.  She felt much better when she was done but still couldn’t decide what to do next.


The door opened and a man came in.  The Doctor, Tulia decided.  She wanted to ask something but before she could say anything another man came in and closed the door.  It was the man from her dream, the one that made her cum.  The words she was about to say never left her mouth. She sat on the bed with her mouth open, feeling her face turning red in shame when she saw it in his hand.  He was playing with her dildo!


“Nice toy.”  Daniel was looking straight into Tulia’s eyes.


The way he looked at her made Tulia want to disappear from sight.  Was he talking about her dildo or about her? I’m not a toy!  She wanted to yell at him but managed only to gasp for air and close her mouth.


“I see you remember me.  I hoped you would.”  Daniel added, apparently pleased by her reaction.


“I’m Doctor Steiner.”  The first man finally spoke. “You were brought here a few hours ago, unconscious after you passed out under the shower.  You were lucky not to suffer any serious injuries.”  He continued.  “But before we’ll release you we have to make sure that you won’t pass out again.”  He paused letting the words to sink in.


“If you cum three times without fainting you’ll be allowed to go home!”  Daniel finished for him and laughed.


Tulia gave the men a faint smile hoping that they were only joking.  She felt uneasy, looking from one of them to another.  “You’re joking...” her voice trembled.


“No, we are not,” Daniel beamed at her.


“Daniel” the Doctor pointed at Daniel “will prepare you for further examination.”


“I’m going to shave you.” Daniel explained quickly, his face beaming in excitement.


“You wouldn’t dare!”  Tulia couldn’t believe her ears.  “I’ll scream!”  She was almost screaming already.


“Oh, I really hope you will.”  Daniel laughed.  “I love the screamers.”


“I will leave you both now.”  Doctor Steiner was already heading to the door.  “‘I shall be back in about an hour.  That will leave you sufficient time to prepare her.”  And he closed the door behind him.


Tulia looked at Daniel in disbelief.  They can’t treat her like that!  “I will fight!” she tried to threaten him but made no attempt to move at all, still sitting on the bed.


“Is that a promise?”  Daniel asked hopefully.  “Now stand up and take off that gown.”  His eyes flickered with joy and he felt his cock beginning to harden.  “Don’t be so shy, I’ve already seen you naked,” he added when she didn’t move.  “But if you prefer me to take off your clothes for you I’ll be more than delighted...  I love to strip young girls naked”


Tulia felt helpless.  She didn’t want him to touch her or even worse to shave her.  Yet she was becoming aroused watching him still play with her dildo and hearing him say all those things.  She slowly got up deciding that it would be better to get undressed by herself.  Besides, he had already seen her naked, hadn’t he?  She stood before him blushing like a school girl and then reluctantly pulled the gown over her head dropping it on the floor.  She stood naked before him...


“You look better when you’re awake.”  He praised her.  “Turn around.  I want to see that lovely ass of yours.”


Tulia sighed and turned around as he ordered.  She heard him moving closer. She wasn’t sure what to expect so she just braced herself and waited.  At least standing with her back to him she didn’t have to watch him grinning at her.


Daniel approached her and he put the dildo on the table beside the bed.  Without a warning he slapped her ass with his hand.  He watched her jump in surprise before she turned around and shouted at him.


“Ouch!  What was this for?  What have I done?”  Tulia looked back seeing her right buttock turning light pink.


Daniel grinned at her.  “I thought you wanted to fight.  But apparently you needed a little bit of encouragement.”  His hand shot out quickly before she could react and he pinched her nipple.


Tulia pushed him away. Fight! You want to fight? I’ll give you a fight! Now she was furious. Without thinking she raised her hand to hit him across the face, forgetting the fact the she was no match for him.  Daniel was much taller than she was and by the looks of him spent considerable amount of time in the gym.  He caught her hand by the wrist before it could even reach its goal and before Tulia knew it he spun her around and pushed her on the bed.  She was now lying on her belly, her legs still on the floor; Daniel was holding one of her wrists, and had effectively pinned her to the bed.  She tried to hit him with her other still free hand but he was beyond her reach.  The second hand quickly joined the first as Daniel caught it without much effort.  The only thing she could do now was to scream.


“You bastard!  Let me go!”  She yelled and tried to kick him but he was standing between her legs, allowing him to push her deeper into the mattress.


“Now, that’s much better.”  He laughed enjoying her struggles.


Daniel crossed Tulia’s wrists behind her back and was now holding them with only one hand.  The other one slipped underneath her and pushed her ass up in the air, her legs leaving the floor.  He pulled her towards him feeling her ass through his pants; his cock was rock hard.  She must have felt it too because she almost gave up the fight, a moan escaping her lips.  He reached between her legs finding her pussy dripping wet.  His sudden touch made her moan even louder.  She didn’t fight any more.


“You see, I know what’s good for you.”  He said rather matter-of-factly.  He played with her pussy for a minute and then let her go.   “Now, before we proceed with some serious fucking we have a little bit of shaving to do.  So get on the bed.  On your back.  Now,” he ordered her.


Tulia did as she was told, seeing Daniel heading to the table near the door.  He took a bag she didn’t see there before and came back. She considered for a while playing with herself when he turned his back to her but gave up quickly fearing he would laugh if he saw it.  She didn’t need any extra humiliation but she was so horny.  He already managed to arouse her faster than she every thought it was possible.


“I think I’ll secure you first.”  He said putting the bag on the floor beside the bed.  “Spread your legs so they touch the edge.”


“What do you mean secure?”  Tulia asked a bit shocked.


“Well, it’s a psychiatric ward so those beds have straps on the edge to secure more lively patients,” he explained.  “I thought you might want to try them out.”


“Please, don’t,” Tulia begged. She didn’t want to be bound. It would mean loosing control and being left completely at his mercy.  She was afraid what he might do to her.


“Nah, it would be only the half of fun.  Besides we’ve already agreed I know better what’s good for you.”


Tulia couldn’t recall agreeing to anything that was being done to her but it didn’t look like she would be given a choice anyway.  She was lying on the bed with her legs clenched tightly together, postponing the moment she knew would come anyway.


“Wanna fight again?”  Daniel smiled at her, raising his eyebrows.


She shook her head no.  It didn’t matter if she fought or not, Daniel enjoyed her submission as much as he enjoyed her struggles and cries.  She wanted it to be over, though at the moment she wasn’t sure what she meant by ‘over’.  She was getting extremely wet by his bold behaviour, more than she would like to admit, even to herself.  She parted her legs feeling her juices dripping down her thighs onto the sheet beneath her.  The cool air made her shiver.  Her nipples grew harder sending shivers throughout her body. Suddenly she wished he would fuck her.  Her eyes wandered to his pants resting on the formidable weapon hidden inside of it.  God, he’s huge!  She saw him watching her and blushed as she turned her head away.


“Excited?”  He asked, a bright smiled etched on his face.  “Don’t worry, it’s all for you,” as he stroked his cock through his pants. 


Daniel did a quick job securing her legs to the edge of the bed, his hands running up her legs, his eyes at the vee, her pussy lips split open, her pink insides wet with desire.  She wasn’t even surprised as he did the same with her arms.  She only would have expected him to secure them above her head not to the side of her body, but apparently the bed was made to secure a patient from hurting themselves; not to abuse them sexually.  Still with her legs spread and bound wide open, she was open to be violated by him.


Daniel looked at Tulia, pleased with what he saw. He admired his work for a while and then, as if he decided that something was missing, he pulled the pillow from under her head, lifted her butt and shoved it unceremoniously under it.  Her bushy mound was clearly visible now and ready to be shaven.  “Cute,” he said to the room at large and went to the bathroom in the corner of the room.  He came back after a minute holding a bowl filled with steaming water.


Tulia saw him putting it on the bed beside her.  Her eyes followed his every move.  The idea of being shaven excited her a little.  She remembered that as a small girl she wanted her pussy to stay bald and was disappointed as the first hairs began to grow on it.


Daniel bent down and took a razor from out of the bag on the floor.  “Ready?”  He beamed at Tulia and without waiting for an answer he began to prepare to shave her.  He scooped up the shaving crème, lathered her abundant bush. Pressing a bit too hard he made sure she felt his fingers as they slid along her puffy lips.  He picked up the razor and started at the top of her bush, slowly drawing the sharp razor down over her hairs.


His touch sent shivers of excitement through Tulia’s body and she felt her juices begin to flow again.  Her fingers touched her sex with impunity, exploring her as he put the shaving crème on her.  She pushed her pussy towards his exploring hands, making him laugh.


“Wait until I’m finished. And if you don’t want me to cut your pussy, be still.”  He made her blush.


“I’m sorry.”  She murmured.  The words surprised even her, apologizing while bound naked and being shaved.  She had to contain herself to lie there without moving, her hips wanting so much to move up and down.   His hands so near her slit, her clit yelling to be touched and to make it worse Daniel was taking his time with her.  She struggled with her emotions.  By the time he was finished she was panting with desire.  He took a warm washcloth; Tulia shuddered in ecstasy as he washed the remaining soap from her sex.  It felt strange as it ran over her, over her bald sex.  Her emotions were heightened; every touch seemed to be magnified.  He stood up, admiring his work and then disappeared in the bathroom again, taking the bowl and the razor with him.


“So, what do you think?”  He asked as he came back, seeing Tulia bending her neck forwards to see what had been done to her.  The hairs were gone leaving her bald like a baby.  “Like it?”  He watched her carefully, a mixture of feelings visible on her face.  She was clearly aroused, curious to see her pussy and ashamed that she liked the look of it.  He began to explore the shorn flesh with his fingers.


Tulia nodded feeling his fingers sliding along her slit.   She dropped her head on the bed moaning with desire, her hips shoved forward to meet his fingers.  Her thighs bowed wider to allow him full access, feeling the straps holding her legs spread wide open, adding to the arousal.  The shame was gone at once.  All that mattered was the pleasurable feeling between her legs and the urgent need to cum.


Daniel explored her pussy lips, pulling the fat lips apart to show the glistening pink flesh inside.  His finger slid down her pussy to the hot pulsating hole.  His fingers circled the tight hole, teasing it before he impaled her on two of his fingers. Tulia let out a loud cry, clenching her muscles around him, but her hot pussy sucked his fingers deep inside her. His other hand reached out quickly and pinched her clit making her jump and bite her lips as she tried not to scream.


“Wanna cum?”  He teased her, feeling her pussy clenching on his fingers that pushed in and out of her hot, tight pussy.


Tulia moaned and nodded.


“Then you’ll have to beg for it.”  Daniel laughed.  “What do you want me to do?”  He pinched her clit again, turning his fingers inside her at the same time.


“Please, make me cum.”  She could barely speak, the orgasm so near, her body on the edge.


“How much do you want to cum?”  His fingers left her overheated pussy driving a moan of disappointment from her lips. Her hips drove high up to try to find them again.


“Please, make me cum!”  She repeated her plea, this time louder.


“Will you let me fuck your sweet ass if I do?”  Daniel wasn’t going to give in so quickly.  He wanted his release also.


Tulia gasped for air feeling his fingers returning to her clit, massaging it in circles.  “Yes, I will.  Please, I need to cum.”  She would promise him anything for the orgasm that was so near and yet still seemed unreachable.


“Do you really think I need your consent to take you any way I like?”  His finger slid along her slit, her hips following his every move.


“No, I don’t.  Just, please, make me cum.”  Tulia was desperate now sensing his denial but still hoping he would give her the release she needed so badly.


“Nah, I kinda like the look of desperation on your face.”  Daniel got up taking his hands away from her, leaving her unfulfilled and squirming on the bed.


Tulia wanted to scream at him, her hands so close to her pussy but bound and unable to send her over the edge.  She struggled for a moment, hoping she could free herself and cum.  She finally gave up, panting heavily, feeling the desire burning her body.


Daniel watched her with interest.  He got up from the bed and started to undress.  She wanted to climax.  He on the other hand felt the irresistible urge to fuck her and saw no reason why she should cum before he did.


Tulia saw Daniel taking off his clothes, realizing now that she would have never stood a chance against him, even if she wanted to.  He was big and muscular. She almost forgot her own arousal as she saw him taking off his pants. Before she knew it, he stood naked before her, his massive weapon pointing directly at her, his hand stroking it to greater length.  The red swollen head on the end of it was already leaking some precum.  Tulia looked at her own dildo lying on the table.  Compared to Daniel’s cock it looked like a small toy.  How could he expect her to take something that big inside her?  Would it hurt or would it feel good?  She suddenly wanted him to take her, almost glad that she lay bound on the bed, not wanting to show her own excitement that was once again was overpowering her.  But as soon as she thought it Daniel started to unbind her.


“Now, get up.”  He ordered her when he was done seeing her still staring at his cock.  “If you like my cock so much I suggest you to kneel down before me and take a better look.”  He grinned at her. “C’mon, you’re already panting like a bitch in heat.”


Tulia quickly knelt down, her face burning in shame.  She looked up, suddenly finding herself facing his hard angry looking weapon.  She looked up at him, regretting her eagerness at once as she saw his wicked smile.  He wanted her to suck him, she was sure of that.  How come the men always wanted to use her mouth?  The memory of her Professor was still vivid in her head.


“I think you know what to do.”  Daniel already gripped her head by her hair, sounding for the first time a little impatient.


Tulia opened her mouth, feeling the hard cock sliding along her silky lips before he pushed it inside her mouth.  She ran her tongue over it. Daniel groaned in pleasure, his hips pushing his shaft farther into her mouth, his hands holding her head submissively.  Tulia held his cock with her hand.  The other went down to touch her swollen clit.  She moaned in pleasure, but her soft cries were muffled by the ominous flesh sliding in and out of her mouth.  She already had a cock down her throat but nothing that big before.  Would he make her swallow it?


“Don’t play with yourself.  I want all of your full attention, so hands away from that pussy!”  Daniel boomed down at her, petting her on the head his hips pushing harder, driving his cock between her tightly clenched lips.


Tulia took her hand reluctantly away from her clit moaning in disappointment that he caught her masturbating.  Daniel’s movement became more and more impatient.


“Hands behind your back.”  He hurried her, wanting to feel his cock in her throat, groaning in pleasure.


Tulia’s hands moved behind her almost on there own.  She wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but she was sure that somewhere along the way his cock would be in her throat. His hands held her head so tight that it almost hurt, his hips began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, each time making it go deeper.  Her mouth opened wide when the thick head of his cock struck the back of her throat.  His hands gripped her tighter when she tried to pull away. Tulia was not sure how but her hands stayed behind her back as though she were bound.  “EEEEGGHH,” she gagged as the pulsating flesh filled the tight hole of her throat, her choking only allowing him to shove it deeper.  She felt Daniel’s cock entering her throat, feeling her eyes beginning to water.  She chocked as he broke her resistance, more of his cock disappearing in her mouth and down her throat.  She couldn’t resist her own arousal anymore, her hands reaching around to pinch her own clit as Daniel’s cock went deeper making her choke and gag.


“Hey, I told you not to play with yourself.”  Daniel withdrew his weapon from her mouth leaving traces of his cum and her saliva on her lips.  He sounded a bit angry but also amused.  He pulled her to her feet by her hair making her scream, throwing her on the bed face down.


“Hands behind your back.”  His voice was demanding.


Tulia found herself in the same position she was in before, lying on her belly with her legs on the floor.  Only this time she wasn’t fighting.  She was beyond reason, her arousal to a fever pitch, his cum still lingering in her mouth.  She put her hands behind her as Daniel ordered, afraid of his reaction.  She felt rope being bound around her wrist tightly, too tightly, her hands becoming numb.  She almost came from the tight bondage.  Where did he get the rope from?  She looked behind her shoulder to see Daniel taking the dildo from the table.  Her legs parted instantly allowing him the full access to her pussy.  She arched her back to make it even easier.  She felt the dildo entering her easily, her pussy gripping it as though it had never left.  She started purring like a cat in heat.


Daniel looked down at Tulia.  She was so horny and would probably allow anything now.  He would test her to see if it was true.  He fucked the glass dildo in and out of her pussy until it glistened with her juices.  A loud cry of disappointment escaped Tulia’s mouth as he pulled it out, seeing her pussy close behind it.  Daniel smiled wickedly and without a warning slapped her ass cheeks, making her scream, this time in pain.  While she was contemplating the pain in her cheeks, he pushed the glass dildo over her perineum until he came to the tiny anus.  It was barely a speck between her cheeks.  His legs spread her legs wider, the glass dildo banging at her backdoor.


She felt the wet dildo, surprised that it slid up too high.  “You missed,” wanting to feel it back inside her pussy.  But he didn’t move, feeling a pressure as he forced her legs wider.  She felt the contractions on her anus as the unyielding glass pushed hard against the tiny hole.  It began to burn.  It suddenly dawned on her what he was going to do.  “NNNOOOO!”  She cried out in shock as she felt her anus pushed in by the hard glass dildo.  She could never take anything like that inside her.  Not in her ass.    “Take it out, it hurts!”  Tulia yelled at him.


Daniel played the dildo around her tiny hole, enthralled as the wet glass dildo slowly began to enter her, the tiny hole going into spasm as it was slowly forced open to accept the intrusion.  “You can take it,” shoving harder, the tip of the dildo suddenly impaling her, Tulia’s body jerking in unexpected pain from being impaled in such a place.  He watched her hips dance to escape the rape of her asshole, but he was persistent, the dildo following her every movement.  He shoved harder, feeling it go deeper inside her, the dildo growing in girth, her asshole forced to swallow the increasing girth of the unyielding glass.


It burned as it slid inside her, her muscles clenching uncontrollably as it entered her rectum.  She was sure her anal ring was torn as she was forced to take the increasing girth of the dildo, Tulia regretting buying the glass dildo as it sought the depths of her bowels.  She could feel her ass cheeks clenching and unclenching, the glass dildo filling her guts as Daniel pressed the object deeper inside her.  She could barely breathe as she felt her insides forced apart as it sank into her guts.  He finally stopped, Tulia was sure that it was all the way inside her.


“That should prepare you for something bigger.”  He beamed at her helping her up from the bed and making her kneel before him again.  “Hold it inside you,” he ordered her.  “If it slips out, I’ll shove it all the way inside you.”


Tulia reached her bound hands lower, feeling the glass dildo stick out of her asshole.  God, it was only half-way inside her.  What would it feel like if he shoved it all the way in her?  She felt it pushing out, unable to control her muscles from trying to force the invader out.  She pushed it back in, the burning increasing, but anything was better than Daniel shoving the entire thing inside her, sure that it would tear her to pieces. 


Daniel was pleased with her submission, her fingers holding the glass dildo in her asshole.   “Where were we?”  He smiled down at her shoving his cock back into her mouth, making her gag as he entered her throat without any preliminaries.  “Now, that feels good, doesn’t it?”  He teased her, hearing her choke.  Her throat muscles rippled up and down his cock, her tight lips gripping his cock with enthusiasm.  She was learning to submit. 


Before she knew it, Tulia found herself back on her knees with Daniel’s cock back in her throat.  It took her mind away from her burning butt instantly.  Daniel didn’t show any consideration for her, ramming her throat ruthlessly. He began to fuck her mouth and throat, his hands holding her head, her mouth just a hot, tight place to fuck.  He was pumping in and out of her throat, her nostrils flaring as she tried to breathe through the pounding her mouth and throat was taking.  She felt the foul taste of his cum filling her mouth as he readied to cum, his cock growing thicker in her throat.   He soon drove his cock as far as he could into her mouth and came sending his cum directly into her stomach, then he took it completely out of her mouth and came on her face, milking his cock with one hand and holding her head with the other.  Tulia gasped for air as she felt the last shot of his seed land on her tongue.


“You are a good little cocksucker.  Been practicing lately, haven’t you?” Daniel teased her again.  “Now lick my cock clean.”


Tulia didn’t yet manage to swallow all of his cum as she felt his cock entering her mouth again. His weapon was still big and only half limp.  She did her best to clean him, feeling again her ass burning from the dildo trapped inside.


“You have her, as I see, in my favourite position.  On her knees sucking cock.”  Tulia heard the Doctor’s voice over her. She didn’t notice him coming in.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw his hands unzipping his pants, taking his cock out, seeing as it grew in size. Oh no, she thought, not again.  The Doctor’s cock wasn’t as big as Daniel’s but she still wished they wouldn’t make her do it again.  Besides they said she would go home after she came three times.  And they hadn’t made her climax even once yet, her body was screaming for it.  Tulia felt Daniel’s cock leaving her mouth.


To be continued next week