Because Of the Shower

Part 2

By Tulia

Copyright 2007



“Has she cum yet?”  The Doctor asked Daniel as he shoved his cock into Tulia’s mouth.  “Suck it.” he ordered, groaning as he felt her hot breath.  The Doctor almost ignored her as he talked to Daniel, taking her mouth as though it was the most natural thing to do.


“She tried but I thought we would wait for you.”  Daniel laughed sitting in the armchair as he watched the show.


Tulia felt her mouth filled with another cock.  There was something about the Doctor that made her shiver in fear.  His voice was calm but demanding.  He treated her as if her obedience went without saying and it was only natural for her to fulfil all his needs.  Now as his cock became rock hard he gripped her head tight with both of his hands and began pumping her mouth hard with long powerful strokes. Tulia soon felt his rigid member entering her throat.  She started to gag and choke. God, I’ll never get used to something that hard shoved down almost to my stomach, Tulia thought as her eyes filled once again with tears.  But the Doctor seemed not to care about it at all, his movements becoming more impatient.  Tulia hoped he would cum soon and let her breathe normally.


Her pussy was wet, burning with desire.  Will they ever let her cum? She wanted this harsh ravishment of her mouth to stop but she also had to admit it made her horny, the dildo in her ass adding only extra spice to it.  It burned inside of her but the burning wasn’t unpleasant any more.  She began to move the dildo in her ass, in and out in mock fucking.  It was not all that uncomfortable to be entered in such a manner.  It all made her double her attempts to please Doctor Steiner.  He must have sensed it because he slowed down a bit, taking his time with her.  She thought he would never cum.


Daniel sat in the armchair watching Tulia with bound hands kneeling on the floor sucking the Doctor off so eagerly.  He was stroking his own cock, now hard again and ready to fuck her.  He heard the Doctor groaning in pleasure.  He must have cum.


Doctor Steiner removed his cock from her throat and Tulia felt her mouth filling with his cum, her cheeks swelling from the abundant creme.  She tried to swallow but received another load of his seed, choked and felt it dripping off her mouth onto her chin.  He came for the last time leaving his cock in her mouth as it began to shrink.  Tulia knew what he expected from her.  She swallowed the last load of his cum and began to clean him, her tongue dancing over his limp flesh until it glistened.


“She’s yours now.” Doctor told Daniel leaving Tulia panting on the floor as she was done cleaning him.


Tulia saw Daniel getting up, the Doctor taking his place on the armchair.  Daniel’s face was cheerful as he approached her.


“Time for you to show us how loud you can cum.  I hope you’ll stay with us afterwards.”  He was already helping Tulia to get up seeing her thighs glistening with her juices.


Once again Tulia found herself lying on her belly, her breasts pushed into the mattress, feeling her swollen nipples aching.  Daniel left her legs hanging over the edge of the bed preparing her for his own pleasure.  She felt the dildo moving slowly in and out, twisting inside her butt.  She moaned.


“Arch that lovely ass for me as you did before.”  Daniel ordered, taking the dildo out of Tulia’s ass with one rapid movement seeing the small hole closing slowly.


“Ouch!” Tulia moaned.


“Ready for something bigger?”  Daniel teased her.


“Not in my ass, please.  You’re too big for me.” No matter how aroused she was, she was sure she could never take such a thick, long cock in her asshole.  It wasn’t meant for such a formidable weapon to be shoved.  “Put it in my pussy.  Fuck my pussy. Please.”  Tulia pleaded and arched her back parting her legs to show Daniel her pussy hoping to feel his cock there.


“We’ll see about that.  Besides I love your screams.  So I guess that means no.”  He teased her with his cock sliding it along her slit collecting her juices.


Tulia pushed back wanting to trap his cock in her pussy before he took her ass.  She moaned in pleasure shivering with excitement.  And then she felt his weapon going up and resting on the entrance to her butt.  She gasped for air as his fingers suddenly pinched her clit.


“I want you to beg for it.”  He massaged her clit for a moment and took his hand away feeling her struggle.


“Please fuck me.” Tulia begged hoping it would be enough.


“How do you want me to fuck you?”  His fingers returned to her overheated pussy for a second only to leave her moaning in disappointment as he took them away.


“Fuck me...” Tulia was panting her hips moving on her own “... fuck me in the ass.”  She already hated herself for saying it but her desire was so overwhelming she was about to say anything.


“As you wish.”  Daniel chuckled.


Tulia felt Daniel gripping her hips tighter pushing hard with his weapon against her anus.


He gripped the shaft of his cock with his hand as it bent, her anus trying hard to keep him out.  He pressed again, this time his cockhead would not be denied the pleasure he sought.  He watched as her anal ring slowly began to engulf the head of his cock as he entered her.


She tried to move away, the burning sensation more than she could bear.  It was so painful that it dimmed all of her senses and needs.  She wanted him to stop; she wanted to scream but managed only to gasp for air.  The pressure increased, she started to sob quietly.  It was as if he was splitting her in two.  “Take... it ... out...” she could barely speak.


“You’re very tight. Push back and then it won’t hurt so much.” He advised her as her rectum slowly engulfed the head of his cock in her hot, tight guts.


Tulia bit down on the sheet, clenched her eyes closed and tried to push against his rigid cock.  Her backside was burning as if someone was pouring gasoline in it.  Her attempts to ease her muscles seemed only to be helping him to drive more and more of his hard weapon into her ass but it didn’t make the pain go away.  Tulia gasped for air while struggling to get away from him.  She kicked her legs and began to scream, the pain more that she could stand.  “Please stop!”


“I don’t think so.  You only have the head of my cock, you still have the rest of my cock to take.”  And he pushed harder groaning with desire.


It seemed like ages before she felt his stomach touching her ass cheeks.  Daniel had buried the full length of his cock in her butt and stopped for a moment, making her sob in pain.  It felt like a long stick shoved up her backside.  Tulia stopped struggling, panting loudly trying to accommodate this brutal intrusion but the pain wouldn’t go away.  She felt Daniel shoving his hand under her to touch her clit.  Something else began to mix with the pain making her jerk away and moan in surprise.  She couldn’t be aroused by this, could she?  Not like this!  Not with her hands bound behind her back and a cock in her ass.  Something awoke in her belly making her hips roll and her pussy seek the invading fingers.  Soft cries of pleasure escaped her lips.  It can’t be me!  A moan of disappointment followed.


“Girl, you’re dripping wet.  Nothing like a bit of pain or humiliation to warm you up I guess.”  Daniel’s hand slapped her across her butt, feeling her ass muscles grip his cock in response.


His hips began to move, dragging her insides out.  Tulia’s body went rigid.  It hurt as much being pulled out as being filled with his cock.  She whimpered.  His cock was almost out as he pushed hard and buried the whole length of it in her ass, driving loud screams from her lips as she found her asshole suddenly impaled again.  Daniel began to fuck her with long powerful strokes.  The burning was so overwhelming Tulia could barely breathe.  She felt his fingers back on her clit, humping up her ass when they touched her.  A curious creature awoke inside her screaming in desire.  Tulia felt the stirring in her belly, her nipples became hard points and her hips began to move on her own.  The room filled with her soft moans.  Somehow the mixture of pain and pleasure brought her to the edge of a powerful orgasm quicker that she would have ever imagined was possible.  Her body shuddered in delight and she was suddenly left on the threshold as Daniel took his fingers away from her pussy.  “No! Please let me cum...” She begged before she even realized what she was saying.


“Squeeze me.  Milk my cock with your asshole and I’ll let you cum,” Daniel demanded.


Her muscles contracted on his rigid member.  It was painful but it also intensified her arousal.  Tulia saw stars before her eyes and came almost instantly as he touched her clit again, screaming loudly into the mattress.  The climax took her completely by surprise, her body jerking in pleasure but Daniel’s strong hands managed to keep her in position as he ass fucked her.  His strokes became harder and quicker, making her take the full measure of his cock with each stroke.  His fingers abused her clit mercilessly.  Tulia came again and again.  She felt his cock growing inside her.  He was about to cum.  She clenched her muscles around his shaft and came with him.  Daniel’s groans joined her muffled screams of pleasure.  Tulia felt the ecstasy racing through her body reaching every part of it.  She shook in excitement and collapsed under Daniel, panting in exhaustion.


“Now that was a nice ride.  I think it’s time to please the Doctor again.”  Daniel praised her, letting her ass muscles forced his limp cock out of her butt with a loud pop.


Tulia was still shaking as the Doctor took Daniel’s place behind her, entering her pussy without warning.  A hard snap of his hand on her butt sent new shivers of excitement through her body.  She possessively clenched her muscles around him.  She was still on the edge.  Oh no! I can’t take another orgasm!  She felt tired but somehow still unsatisfied.   Another slap on her butt sent her over the edge.  She came with brutal force clenching her pussy on the Doctor’s cock.  She heard him groan in pleasure. He hit her again making her shiver, her body ready to fall over the edge again.


Tulia couldn’t tell how long he fucked her.  Somehow he managed to keep her on the threshold making her cum and scream but never allowing her to rest.  She could only whimper as he finally came in her bathing her pussy with his essence.  Her body was still shaking as his cock left her body.


“I must say the first one was quite nice.  You still have two to go.”  Tulia heard Daniel’s joyful voice coming from above her.


One?  What was he talking about?  He couldn’t possibly mean orgasm.  She lost count how many time she came.  She was free to go!  If only she could stand on her own.  She was sure they made their best efforts to make her faint.  Bastards!  “I...” Tulia tried to shout but managed only to whisper.  “It was more than three times.  Let me go...  You promised...”


“Nah, it counts as one.”  Daniel wasn’t even paying attention to her protests.  He unbound her arms helping her to stand up.  “Can you stand on your own?”


Tulia felt sweaty and sticky.  She tried to move away from Daniel ignoring his question but she could barely stand.  She felt his hands embracing her waist before her legs gave away.  She would have fallen if he didn’t catch her.  Cum was dripping down her thighs.  She felt dirty.  “I need to wash.”  She looked up at Daniel.


“Shower?” Daniel raised his brow.


“I can wash myself.”  Tulia slipped from his hands determined to shower alone.  She put all of her energy into staying upright and moving slowly towards the bathroom.  Daniel’s gaze burned on her backside but he didn’t follow her, neither did the Doctor.  She finally reached the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She leaned against the wall and sighed in exhaustion.  She looked at the door.  Great, I can’t even lock myself in!  Tulia sighed again and let the water run.


The water on her skin felt like a piece of heaven.  Tulia relaxed and let it flow down taking away her sweat and the dried cum.  She was tired.  She had to get out of the hospital.  She thought about running away but had no idea how do this.  She had no clothes, not even a mobile phone to call somebody and besides that she could barely stand.


The door to the bathroom opened and someone came in. Tulia’s heart began beating faster.  Oh no tell me it’s not who I think it is!  The shower curtain was pushed aside and Daniel’s beaming face appeared in front of her.  By the look of him he was ready for her again, still naked, his rigid cock sticking out in front of hi.


“I thought you might be feeling lonely.”  He stepped into the shower pinning Tulia against the wall.


“I’m too tired.  Just leave me alone.”  She tried to push him away but he leaned forward and took her lips with his.  His rigid cock pressed against her belly as his tongue entered her mouth.  Her body awoke with interest.  Before she knew she was kissing him back.  Her own body was betraying her!  Damn it, he was way too good of a kisser.  She felt a stirring between her legs.  A moan of disappointment escaped her lips.


“Turn around.” Daniel broke the kiss.


Tulia sighed and turned around hating herself for being so submissive.  Daniel’s hand slid up cupping her breast, pinching her nipples hard and pressing her back to his chest.  His cock pressed against her butt reminding her of his earlier ravishment.  She was still sore inside.


“Not in my butt.  I’m too sore.”  She said with resignation.  There was no way she could avoid another fucking but she wanted to at least make sure it wasn’t her ass again.


“I kinda like your tight butt.  And your screams.”  Daniel chuckled.  “And I know what’s good for you, remember?”  His hands parted her ass cheeks.  “Open for me.”  e saw her asshole, now red and swollen from the ass fucking he gave her.  He pressed his rigid erection against her ravished entrance.  He could feel her hot asshole on the head of his cock, his cock jerking in pleasure.


Tulia leaned against the wall clenching her hands into fists.  She was too tired to fight.  And what was worse she was becoming aroused again, his hard member searching entrance to her body sending shivers of excitement to her pussy.  She closed her eyes and pushed against his cock feeling him enter her.  The pain came back and she gasped for air but didn’t fight him.  Daniel’s hands gripped her hips pulling her on his cock.  He began slowly to move in and out.  Tulia whimpered in pain biting her lip allowing him to handle her as he pleased.  It took her a few minutes to realize that this time her hands weren’t bound.  Her right hand slid down seeking her throbbing clit. She almost jumped when she touched it.  She looked back but Daniel didn’t make any attempts to stop her, he only used the chance to kiss her again.  Slowly the pain changed into pleasure and Tulia began to moan in pleasure.  She wanted to cum and end this ravishment but her fingers refused to send her over the edge.


“You may cum when I do.”  Daniel chuckled seeing her struggles.


Tulia clenched her muscles around him, hoping to make him cum.


“Oh yes I like that.  Milk my cock well.”  His right hand went up to her breast.  He didn’t even try to be gentle pinching her nipple hard, rolling it between his fingers.  His movements became more impatient and he groaned in pleasure.


Tulia rolled her hips determined to make Daniel cum as soon as possible afraid she could collapse under him any minute.  She was so tired she could barely stand and yet her body was screaming for an orgasm.  I hope I won’t faint this time.  She felt Daniel shoving his cock deep in her ass stopping for a moment.  He groaned and came.  The lights exploded before Tulia’s eyes and the orgasm took her with brutal strength as she felt the rush of hot fluids fill her bowels.  She heard someone screaming and realised that it was her own voice.  Her legs gave away and she felt Daniel’s arms embracing her for support.


“Still with me?” he asked.


All Tulia could do was nod, too exhausted to speak.  She felt his limp cock slipping out of her asshole, her muscles fighting to push out the invader.  The water was still running giving her some relief after the orgasm.  She was even glad that he didn’t release his grip holding her upright, preventing her from falling down.  She could barely stand on her own.  Daniel helped her out from the shower, wrapped her in towel and led her back to the bed.


“That makes two orgasms.”  He announced cheerfully. “One to go.”


“Please, I don’t think I can stand another one.  Please.”  Tulia pleaded with him.


“Well, since you’re asking so politely...” he let the words hang in the air for a while. “... I’ll leave you for tonight.”


She gave him a surprised look, not expecting him to agree so quickly.  For tonight?  What about tomorrow?  She felt as though she could live without sex from now on.


“We’ll forget the third orgasm if you promise me to come to me when I call you.  Let’s say three times.  And you’ll be with me within an hour.  What do you say?”  He beamed evilly at her.


“Even if you call me in the middle of the night?”  But she knew the answer without hearing it.  She saw Daniel nodding.  “Will you at least leave me few days to recover before calling me?”


“Why of course I will.”  He said generously.  “So do we have a deal?”


“We do.  May I leave now?”  She didn’t trust him and was afraid he would change his mind.  There was no way that once she was out of the hospital she would ever respond to his calls.


“You can barely stand, it’s late and you have no clothes.  So the answer is no.”  He petted her on the head.  “I’ll get you something to wear and you’ll leave tomorrow morning.  Now give me that towel, it’s time for bed.”


Tulia felt relieved.  Though, she still had the feeling she was missing something.  It couldn’t be that easy, could it be?  She saw him putting his stuff back in the bag.  He hesitated for a moment, holding a piece of rope.


“Give me your hands.”  He demanded.


“But you promised...”  Her voice trembled but somehow she wasn’t surprised.


Wanna fight?”  He challenged her.


Tulia stretched her hands hesitantly, seeing Daniel doing quick work at binding her crossed wrists tightly together.


“Don’t worry, I’m leaving but Doctor Steiner wanted to drop in later tonight.”  Daniel explained covering her with a blanket.


“But you promised...”  She repeated feeling miserable.


“I know, I know. I’ll tell him about our arrangement and ask not to let you cum again.”  He laughed and left the room turning off the light.


Tulia was lying in the darkness considering her options.  Running away naked with bound hands wasn’t really one of them.  Besides she was exhausted and doubted she could go far, even full dressed and with free hands.  The Doctor.  He’ll be coming back and she was afraid what he might want from her.  She felt her eyes closing and before she knew her mind drifted away. She was asleep.




Sharp pain raced through her body waking her up.  Tulia couldn’t locate the source of it at first.  It was the second time she woke up not knowing where she was or what was happening.  She heard a loud thud and her ass exploded with pain.  She screamed and tried to move away but was unable to do so.  Another thud and the pain doubled as the same spot was hit again.  She didn’t hear the next one coming, yelling at the top of her lungs.


She was lying on her belly, her ankles secured to the edge of the bed, her hands still bound and pulled over her head.  The Doctor was back and he apparently brought a whip with him and was now using it on Tulia’s sore butt.


“PLEASE STOP!”  Tulia jerked in pain trying to move away.


The whip came down again and again making her scream.  Somebody must hear her and come to rescue her.  But nobody came.  The Doctor was beating her butt raw, showing no mercy.  A pattern of red welts appeared on her cheeks.  Tulia pushed her face into the pillow and bit hard on it.  The pain was intense.  A few more stokes landed across her ass and the Doctor stopped as abruptly as he began.


“Don’t you ever make any arrangements behind my back.  He finally spoke making Tulia shiver in fear.  He was angry.


“I’m sorry...”  Her voice was barely a whisper.


She felt him climbing behind her on the bed.  Her butt was brutally shoved up.  Bound to the edge of the bed at her ankles, she was unable to close her legs.  She was positioned to be fucked.  In either hole.   Please, not my ass again, she pleaded in her thoughts but was too terrified to say it aloud.  The Doctor was apparently pissed off at her.  She heard his zipper going down and after a short fumbling with his clothes he pushed his hard erection into her ass.  Without further preliminaries he began to fuck her.  The pain shot up her spine and she felt her eyes filling with tears.  It was pure agony, her ass ablaze from beating and still sore from the earlier ravishment.  She tried to accommodate him but the pain was so overwhelming nothing she did made it go away.  She waited for him to slip his hand under her to rub her clit but he didn’t.  It was like Daniel said the Doctor was making sure she didn’t cum this time.  He slapped her butt making her jump.


“Fuck back or I’ll use the whip again.”  He warned her.


It took Tulia all her strength to follow his order.  She was crying openly not able to scream.  He continued the brutal rape of her ass deaf to her sobbing.  It felt like an eternity before she finally felt him dumping his cum deep in her belly hearing him groan in satisfaction as he flooded her bowels with his hot cum.


After he was done with her the Doctor stood up and went to the bathroom. He left the room a few minutes later without even looking back at Tulia.


Tulia was lying on the bed sobbing quietly, praying he wouldn’t come back.  She felt cum dripping down her ass.  She tried to sit up and at least unbind her legs but even the slightest movement felt like pure agony so she gave up.  She hugged the pillow with her bound arms and listened to the noises outside her room. The hospital was quiet.  After long minutes of waiting for the uncertain to come her thoughts began to slip and she fell asleep.




“I have breakfast for you and fresh clothes.”  Daniel’s voice woke her up.


 Tulia moved to fast, feeling pain shooting up to her brain.  Her ass was on fire.  She moaned and bit her lip looking up at Daniel.


“Easy.”  He smiled down at her.  “Doctor Steiner wasn’t quite fond of our little agreement as you probably noticed.”  He explained.


“It was hard not to.  May I go home now?”  Tulia didn’t even try to be nice.  She moved feeling that she was no longer bound.  Daniel must have freed her while she was still sleeping.


“As a matter of fact you can.”  Daniel laughed.  “Surprised?  I keep my promises, you know.”  He added seeing disbelief on her face.  “Eat something and get dressed.”


Tulia shot up from the bed forgetting the pain and the fact that she was naked.  Damn it, nothing there he already hasn’t seen.  She fetched her clothes and went to the bathroom.  Getting dressed was far more difficult than she thought it would be.  The skin on her butt was warm and very sensitive.  She finally managed to wash herself and put on the little clothes Daniel brought her.  He must have taken it from her room.  He chose the shortest skirt she had and a plain white top.  He brought her panties but no bra.  He did it on purpose.  Bastard!  How am I going to walk in this back home?  My nipples are almost visible through the thin fabric.  She did her best to look decent regretting buying such short skirt.  She left the bathroom.  “I’m going home.” She tried not to look at Daniel.


“No breakfast?” Daniel asked eyeing her outfit.


“I’m not hungry.” She managed to look at him.


“But don’t forget.”  Daniel pointed at her with his finger.  “You owe me.”  He laughed.


All Tulia wanted was to leave the hospital as fast as possible so she just nodded.  “Eh, thanks for the clothes.”  She stood before him, a question she was afraid to ask burning her insides.  “I’ll go then.”


“A good friend of mine will give you a lift.  He’s waiting outside the main entrance.”  Daniel announced before she could take even one step.


Tulia looked at him for a moment, not sure how to respond.  The last thing she wanted was to meet one of his friends.  His tone was casual but she sensed he wouldn’t accept refusal, so she nodded again.


“Can I get my dildo back?”  She finally asked the unpleasant question feeling her face turning red.


“My friend has it.  So you have to ask him.”  Daniel gave her a wicked smile.  “See you, then.”  And he walked out.


So that was how he was going to make sure she accepted the offer and got into the car with a complete stranger.  She loved that dildo and it wasn’t cheap.  She found it a few months ago on the internet and knew straight away she had to get it.  Now she was considering how much it was worth to get it back.  She walked out of the building and turned right heading to the bus stop without looking around.  She made her decision.  Fuck the dildo and if he thinks that I’m really going to let him fuck me again then he’s delirious.  Tulia’s butt was still sore but that thought made her feel better and most of all free.  I will get me another dildo.  Though, at the moment she felt like she would never need to use one again, her lust sated.


After a few steps Tulia noticed out of the corner of her eyes a car stopping on her left. Damn it!  She ignored it and kept walking without even slowing down.  She was determined not to show that she noticed it at all.  The car followed her.


“I don’t like being ignored.”  A familiar voice boomed at her.


Tulia froze at once turned towards the stranger in the car and felt her face becoming pale.


“Michael?”  She whispered in disbelief.  “You... he...”  She struggled with herself to say something intelligent.


“Daniel told me you were in the hospital.  Now get into the car.” A look of displeasure was etched in Michael’s face as he spoke to her.


Tulia felt like a beaten dog that was caught by it’s master stealing food from the kitchen again.  She opened the door and got into the car.  A quiet cry escaped her lips as she sat down, her butt was very sore. She closed the door, trying not to look at Michael, a thousand thoughts racing through her mind.  She never met any of his friends.  Was it coincidence that Michael showed up here to pick her up?  He didn’t look surprised to see her, rather annoyed that she tried to walk away ignoring him.  And then a thought that was looming amongst the others finally got Tulia’s attention.  Michael had photos of her.  Naked photos.  Was it possible that he showed them to his friends?  And if so, did Daniel recognize her from one of them?  This would explain his bold behaviour, his confidence that she would submit and keep her promise, and the lack of Daniel’s interest to see if she really got into his friend’s car.  Tulia looked at Michael but didn’t dare to ask if her suspicions were true.


“Michael, can you please put down the top?”  She asked instead.  The day was sunny and quite warm but Michael was driving fast and she was getting cold.  She already started to shiver from the wind, preferring the sun shining on her body. Besides Daniel brought her clothes that didn’t cover much of her body.


Michael pulled over. “You’d rather walk?”


“No. I’m sorry.”  She felt the car moving.  “Are you angry at me?”


She waited for a moment but he didn’t answer.  She bit her lip.  If only she didn’t masturbate under the shower this wouldn’t have happened.  She wouldn’t have fainted, gone to the hospital, gotten ass fucked and beaten, and most of all Michael wouldn’t be angry with her.  All of this happened because of the damn shower.


To be continued