Disobedient StepDaughter.


Part One


by Sensual Pleasures


My husband's daughter, Susan, lives with us.  Normally, that would not be a problem, except that Susan just turned eighteen and doesn't want to work.  She lies around the house watching television, playing on the computer, and talking on the telephone.


My husband Ray doesn't seem to be bothered by this.  He says she made it through high school and deserves a vacation.  As far as I'm concerned, he's spoiled her rotten.  She won't even help me around the house.  I've decided that what Susan needs is some severe discipline to teach her a sense of responsibility.  She needs to learn that loafing is not admirable.  She needs to learn to listen to the advice of her elders.  She needs to be cut down a few pegs.


Every time I ask Susan to do something, she looks me right in the eye and says, "No!"


I'm tired of this.  I expect her to listen to me, or as far as I'm concerned, she can just move out.


"Betty, what do you expect me to do?" Ray asked me.


"I want you to give me complete authority over Susan.  I want you to give me the right to discipline her, and I want to do it in your presence, so she'll know that I have your complete agreement on what's best for her. If you don't let me do this, Susan will become a wilful, selfish young woman, and not a daughter that makes you proud."


We were standing in the kitchen.  I moved up to him and put my arms around his neck.  "Kiss me baby,  you know I'm right about this."  I pulled his head down and and pressed his lips to mine, taking his tongue in my mouth and sucking on it.  I pressed my full breasts against his chest and ground my pelvis into his.


"Hey, baby, you're getting me hot!"  He took my hand and placed it on his enormous penis. That was one of the things I loved about Ray.  He became excited easily, and he had a huge cock.  I knelt down in front of him and unzipped his fly.  I took that beautiful cock out and placed the tip in my mouth.  Ray groaned as I sucked him hard.


Just then Susan came flying through the kitchen door.  "Oh my god!" she screamed.  "Daddy, how could you !??  You're both acting like animals!!"  Susan stared at the size of her father's penis and blushed.


I stood up and zipped Ray's fly.  "All right young lady, I've had just about enough from you.  You don't talk to your Father like that.  You hear me?  You are going to be punished for your insolence, and right now!"


Susan looked at me in disbelief.  "Daddy?"  She waited for her Father to tell her it wasn't true. 


"I'm sorry honey, but Betty's right.  You are too sassy, and you need to be disciplined.  I'm going to insist that you do whatever Betty says.  From now on, I'm giving Betty complete authority over you."


"WHAT!!?"  Her face was twisted in disbelief.  "Daddy, you can't!  You wouldn't let her! Please!!"


"Sorry Susan.  My mind is made up.  If you don't do as Betty demands, then I'll do whatever she says myself.  I'll punish you myself.  Do you hear me?  I'm quite serious young lady.  You've been pushing the limits around here, and it's time someone showed you how a proper young lady should behave.  You go right ahead Betty.  Do whatever you want.  I'm backing you up 100% on this."


Susan started to cry.  "Oh Daddy, I can't believe you'd let her discipline me!  It's so humiliating.  It's so embarrassing! Oh dear..."  She wiped her eyes and waited to hear what I was going to do.


I had some interesting ideas.  Susan was an extremely beautiful young girl.  She had developed fully with pointed round breasts, a tiny waist, and flaring hips followed by very long curvaceous legs.  She had a turned-up cute nose, big blue eyes with long, thick eyelashes, and a full mouth painted bright red, her favorite color.


"Susan, I want you to go downstairs into the basement.  We will perform your punishment down there.”  I held my arm out towards the basement steps.  “Right now, young lady.  March!"


Susan turned and hesitantly went down the stairs.  I followed with her Father behind me.  When we were down in the recreation room, I turned on all the lights so it would be nice and bright.  "Ray, go back  upstairs and lock the door.  I don't want anyone coming in here accidentally."


While Susan and I waited for Ray to return, I nodded my head towards a chair and said, "You can remove all your clothes and put them on the chair, Susan."


She looked at me as if I were mad.  "You can't be serious!" she said. 

"Oh, I'm quite serious Susan, and you'd better get started, or it will be the worse for you."


Ray came back down. "What's going on?"


"Daddy, she wants me to take off all my clothes!!"  Susan's eyes pleaded with him.


I had noticed that all during my conversation about the discipline, Ray's cock had stayed hard, and even now it was hanging thick and firm under the material of his trousers.  I saw his eyes glaze over as he said, "Do what Betty tells you Susan, or I'll take over myself."


She started crying again, and I waited with my arms folded across my chest, smugly confident that this was going to be an exciting evening. 


Susan unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it over her head.  Then she unzipped her skirt, pulled it down and stepped out of it.  She put both items on the chair.  She wore a garter belt and stockings, with her panties over them.  Her shoes were four inch heels with open toes. 


"Take off your brassiere, Susan.  Stop stalling.  We can't wait all night."


She removed the brassiere, blushing furiously.  Her Father stared at her breasts and her large full nipples.  I saw his penis twitch.


"Now the panties.  You can leave your stockings and shoes on."  Susan blushed again.  She removed the panties and exhibited a shaved pussy.  She tried to cover it with her hands.  She put the brassiere and panties on the chair.


"So, Susan, you shave.  Your pussy looks very smooth and soft.  Do you shave every day?  Spread your legs apart, I want to have a good look at you."


"Daddy, make her stop this!  I can't stand it, please!"


"Ray, I want you to come over here and help me examine Susan.  After all, she is your Daughter, and she has apparently been shaving her pussy without our knowledge.  Perhaps she has a boyfriend that she shows this smooth pussy to while they are having sex."


"No, No! Daddy I'm not!  I swear!"


Ray was mesmerized by his Daughter's beautiful figure.  Her breasts stood out full and firm.  Her waist was so small, her hips so womanly.  And beneath it all was this incredibly sexy pussy, shaved smooth and looking so soft.


"Betty's right, Susan.  Perhaps we haven't been paying enough attention to you.  Why are you shaving your pussy?  Are you letting young men look at you?  Do you have a secret life we know nothing about?  I think an examination is in order."


Susan cried hysterically.  "No no no, please, I haven't done anything, I swear..."


But it was too late.  Ray's cock was swollen, and my clit was twitching. My vagina was soaked.  There was no turning back now.


"Spread those legs apart, Susan.  Do it now and be quick!"


Susan reluctantly spread her legs apart.  "Ray, get the flashlight."


I knelt down in front of Susan's pussy while Ray approached with the flashlight.  "Get down here and examine your Daughter with me.  I want your opinion of what's been going on."


We could hear Susan crying as I pulled apart the petals of Susan's pussy lips.  I told Ray to shine the light directly on Susan's clit.  "Look Ray, look how swollen her clit is.  I think she's getting excited.  Who knows, maybe we're not the first people to display Susan like this.  I think we have a lot to discover here."  We both stared at Susan's pussy for a long time, spreading her lips apart, peering into the opening of her vagina, noticing that a certain wetness was appearing at the entrance.


"I think she likes being displayed like this, Ray.  She's getting all wet.  We better punish her soon, or she's not even going to feel as if she's being punished."


While we were kneeling in front her, I leaned over and kissed Bill on the lips, grazing his swollen cock with my hand as I moved.  I whispered in his ear. "Thank you sweetheart, for having faith in me.  You won't be sorry."


Bill kissed me back.  I could hear his ragged breathing and knew he was becoming very excited.  This was going to be fun.


We stood up, and I told Susan to get a pillow from the sofa and place it at the end of the table.  Then I told her to lie across the table with the pillow under her hips.  This pushed Susan's ass high up into the air.  A perfect target.


"Spread your legs wide, dear.  That's a good girl.  Now grab the other end of the table with your hands and hold on tight!
Ray, take off your belt."


As I said this, Susan bolted off the table.  "You're going to beat me with a belt?  I thought you were just going to spank me.  Daddy, you cannot allow this!"


"Ray, I'm afraid we're going to have to tie Susan down.  She obviously does not intend to obey us.  Go get some rope from the tool drawer."


I forcefully pushed Susan back over the table while Ray returned with the rope.  I held her down as Ray put the rope around the middle of the table and then wrapped it a few times around both Susan and the table, securing her tightly.


Then he tied her wrists to the front legs and her ankles to the back legs. He even tied her knees apart to make her  more open and vulnerable to whatever I wanted.  I could see he was completely taken over by the lust and desire he was feeling.


Susan was now spread eagled on the table, securely fastened, so that she could barely move.  She sobbed hysterically.  She kept trying to get free, struggling and jerking her body,  which only put on more of a show for us.  Her ass wiggled high up in the air, emphasizing the openess and fragility of her pussy and anus which were clearly displayed.


"Now give me your belt, Ray."


Ray handed his wide leather belt to me. It felt thick and heavy in my hand.  I stood to one side of the table and raised my arm.  Ray pressed his hands over his crotch, trying to hide his massive erection.


Whooosh!  The air rippled with the sound of the belt coming down and landing on Susan's skin.  Whack!  The sound made Ray jump.  Susan shrieked.  "Oh my god! no! stop! please!"


But she couldn't move, she couldn't get away, she couldn't do anything about her situation.  She was completely at our mercy and would have to endure this humiliating punishment in front of her Father, who was now staring at her naked body, her exposed flesh, her wiggling behind.


It was clear that Susan was becoming excited by having her pussy displayed in front of her Father.  Her clit was extremely swollen, and her vagina dripped clear lubrication fluid down her thighs.  I knew that she was passionately turned on by her helpless situation.


I whipped the girl with a fury of motion.  I was becoming very excited by this spectacle, not to mention the power Ray had given me over his Daughter.


Ray seemed to be in a maze of lustful thoughts.  He seemed to be completely turned on by the sight of his own Daughter. She was incredibly beautiful and sexy.  Her body was magnificent.  His cock throbbed in his trousers.


My pussy was drenched.  My arm came down again and again as I whipped Susan’s ass and listened to her scream.  I started to wonder how I could implement this punishment into a regular family ritual. 


I put the belt on the table.  “I think it’s your turn Ray.  My arm’s tired and I don’t think we’ve punished her enough.  You do it for a while.”


Ray stared at me blankly, then picked up the belt.  Susan apparently was too overcome with her plight to say anything.  She just sobbed and groaned.


Ray watched his moving target and then struck with medium force.  Back and forth he cracked the belt on her skin.  Suddenly, he swung his arm under and swiped her between her legs, right on her pussy.  Susan screamed.


“That’s what you get for shaving your pussy.  That’s what you get for being sassy.  That’s what you get for thinking you can talk back to us and disobey us.”


Now he was really into it.  He made his strokes shorter and faster.  He swiped her pussy fast and quick.  Whack, whack, whack, whack, right between her legs, right on her lips.


“I’ll teach you to talk back to your StepMother, I’ll teach you to talk back to me.  From now on you’ll do whatever we tell you with no back talk, no sassy words, just complete obedience.  Do you hear me young lady?”


Between the sobs this meek little voice said,  “Yes, Daddy, Yes.” 


I couldn’t believe it!  We had won!  She was actually going to do whatever we told her to do!  My brain was teeming with ideas. 


Ray’s arm swiped faster and faster.  Pretty soon Susan was panting, groaning and moving her pussy back and forth, almost meeting Ray’s belt as it hit her right in her most sensitive area.


All of a sudden she let out this incredible sound. It was the sound of an orgasm!  She was cumming, cumming from Ray’s belt on her pussy!  Ray and I both watched  as she breathlessly shook and shuddered.  He moved close behind her and put his hand on her pussy and rubbed back and forth.  “There, there little girl, everything’s all right now.  Daddy’s here.”


I thought I was going to cum myself.  The sight of him stroking her pussy with his hand, while his other hand went to his cock and caressed it, was more than I thought possible.


“From now on, Susan,” Ray told his panting Daughter, “I think you will have to be naked while you’re in the house.  I think your StepMother and I need to monitor you very closely.  I want to inspect your pussy frequently for signs of arousal.  I think you’ve been way too independent, and from now on, you are going to be under our complete control. 


“You don’t have to go to work.  No.  You are going to stay home and learn to obey whatever Betty and I decide we want you to do.  I think it’s time you learned that you need to do for others what you want done for yourself.  And from now on, as punishment for being so wilful and disobedient, I am going to start shaving you myself.”


Susan didn’t say one word.  I wondered what she was thinking.  She just tried to catch her breath, and seemed to be enjoying her Father’s fingers stroking her wet pussy.  I could see that an entire change was coming over this young lady.  Something had triggered a new understanding of the possibilities of doing what she was told.


“That’s all well and good, Ray,” I said.  “But I think you’re overlooking one thing.”


“What’s that, Betty?”  Ray looked at me with a question mark on his face.


“Well just look at your cock, Ray, it’s all swollen.  You can’t be comfortable with your cock so huge and throbbing like that.  And whose fault is it?  Who is it that caused your cock to become so enlarged?"”


Susan caught her breath when I said this, and Ray’s eyes bugged out of his head.


“Well?” I asked innocently.


“Ummn… I…. Ahhh…. I guess it’s Susan’s fault” he replied, suddenly comprehending.  I knew he knew what I was thinking.


“Then I think she ought to do something about it.”


I went around the table and untied Susan’s wrists, ankles and knees.  Both Ray and I helped her get up.  She was unsteady on her feet.  “Kneel down,” I commanded.  “Unzip your Father’s fly.”


Susan started crying again.  “You heard me, Susan, do as you’re told!  You want another whipping?”


She meekly shook her head as if to say, no.  No more whipping.  She sniffled and then slowly raised her hands up to her Father’s zipper.  Ray looked at me with alarm.  I could see him struggling with his conscience.


“This is for her own good, Ray.  Do you want her out on the streets doing this with strangers?  Doing it with those smart aleck boys she hangs around with?  No.  I think my way is better.  Let her do it.”


That was all Ray needed to hear.  He stroked Susan’s hair and said, “Betty’s right, Susan.  Take my cock in your mouth and suck it.  Suck it hard and make your Daddy cum in your mouth.  Do it now.”


Susan sucked her Daddy, and she sucked him hard.  It was only a few minutes and he was grabbing her head tightly to his crotch and spurting down her gagging throat.  I almost came watching them.


                                               (To be continued)