Kira's Discovery

By Satrina


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Chapter 2 ' Lost Virginity

Kira's heart pounded in fear against her chest. Just what was her father going to do to her? Her young body shivered as he pushed her satin panties and the cheerleading skirt's bottom to the side to work his thick digit inside her virgin pussy. 'But daddy, please...'she sobbed, her plead went unnoticed by him however as his finger continued to explore her buttery insides.

William's thick finger pushed gently against the thin wall of her virginity and knew that he would enjoy breaking through that barrier tonight, but not for as long as he would have liked knowing that he was on limited time before his wife would return home from the office. His only hope would be that Kim, like most nights, would work late. 'Oh my beautiful girl, daddy is gonna make you feel so good'' His voice was ragged and his heart pounded in excitement. He could hardly believe how rock hard his cock had become again so quickly after his afternoon with Amy.' Perhaps it was the thought of conquering virgin snatch, or simply that he would finally sink his steel like rod inside his daughter after so many nights of fantasizing about it.

William had often found himself day dreaming of his daughter's young, taut body. On occasion he even fantasized it was Kira he was fucking instead of his wife or Amy. Never had he thought he would actually have the opportunity or to be able to take action to fulfill those dreams.' But this was just too good to pass up, and besides, she wanted it too. After all, wasn't it him she had just moments earlier fantasized about fucking her sweet cunny? His finger was soaked from her pussy. He knew she was ready for more, and that he would only have to make her see it as well. His finger slid out from inside her.

'I want you to do exactly what I tell you to do' he instructed. 'His voice was firm and harsh as he spoke each word.' Kira had never seen her father with this look in his eyes.' It scared her. She was frightened to protest or cause him anger--unsure what he would do to her if she did. He didn't seem to be the father that she knew anymore.' The animalistic look his eyes possessed like he had become some wild beast about to pounce on his prey.' His entire expression was foreign to her and it frightened her like nothing she had ever known before. Just what would he do to her if she disobeyed? She knew she didn't want to find out. Kira's only prayer was that her mother would be home shortly and this would all become a bad dream. 'Now get off the bed and undress slowly for daddy so I can see how beautiful your body is, okay baby?'

His raven haired daughter's sobs had stopped moments earlier. Kira was in a state of disbelief. How could this be happening to her?' What did she do to deserve this?' How could her father want to do such an act to her?' Surely this had to be just a very bad dream. It had to be, didn't it? However, she was already off the bed and pulling her cheerleading top over her head to expose a white satin and lace bra that hugged against her ample sized, firm, young titties.

As he watched Kira remove her snug top, he rubbed the bulge of his throbbing cock nestled inside of his jeans. Her tits looked so perfect inside the bra; he could hardly wait until she removed them from the contraption so he could better view them, and especially her nipples. Like Amy, however, his daughter must have wanted to tease him as she next slides the short cheerleading uniform's skirt from her curvy hips and over her muscular, well shaped thighs then down her slender legs, all while bending in such a way that William could see a perfect amount of cleavage.' Watching her undress only forced his vein covered cock to throb more inside his pants.' He knew he would have to remove it soon for relief. 'That's it baby, take it all off for daddy' he urged, his voice urgent as his brown orbs remained glued to Kira's body, and his hand to the continuing massaging of his cock bulge.

His eyes drifted down to her white satin panties. The crotch looked wet. He licked his lips as he imagined how sweet and good her pussy will taste. He noticed her hesitation now in completing the task and barked out the command again, however this time more harsh so that Kira would understand that there would be consequences if she chose to not continue on. He ached to see her virgin pussy and luscious tits. 'I said take your fucking clothes off before you make daddy very angry'.' He would rip her bra and panties off of her if he had to, but hoped she would continue on with her teasing little strip show for him.

Kira did as she was told. No one was here to save her. There would be no knight in shining armor to bust down the door and take her away. Her mother wasn't home yet to pull her father away. It was just her father and her, and she was too afraid to disobey him. She remembered a spanking he had given her once a few years ago, and recalled how she had thought then of how she believed he had taken some sort of pleasure from it. Tonight she was sure that he had, and did not want to receive another such assault on her body, or possibly even worse.

After removing her tits from the bra, she heard her father inhale before whispering 'Holy shit...' then quickly jumped from the bed and went towards her. Before she had time to take in what was happening, her father already had his mouth latched onto her left nipple, his fingers pinched and pulled at her tender right nipple. All Kira knew is whatever her father was doing to her nipples, caused a ripple of tingling pleasures down her spine.

Now wrapping his strong muscled arms around his petite daughter's body, he picked her up, his tongue still lashing out at the hard pebble as he suckled it and carried her back to the bed to lay her down. All Kira could do is let him have his way. She knew he would anyways, and that any fight against it would cause her unwanted pain.' His fingers slipped underneath the elastic band of her panties to work them off her hips to expose her virgin pussy. A thick finger started to rub her hard clit which caused a soft moan to erupt from her unwillingly. How could this feel so good? Were these feelings why Amy seemed to enjoy sex with her father so much?' Her mind must be trying to trick her so that what he was doing to her wouldn't seem so awful and bad. Why couldn't her mother just be on time for once so that none of this would be happening to her at all?' Just why couldn't she control her masturbating so that her father wouldn't have taken it as an invitation to violate her body? So many unanswered questions raced through her mind, however, no matter how many she asked herself, she could not ignore the feelings her body was having against her will'wonderful feelings of pleasure.'

The moan Kira made didn't escape William's notice. He released her reddened nipple from his mouths grasp. A grin curled at the edges of his puffy lips.' 'This is just the beginning baby, daddy is gonna make you squeal tonight' he laughed after saying the words into her ear. Right now though, he wanted to taste her virgin snatch. He wanted to sample how good he knew it was.

His calloused hands pushed her creamy thighs apart harshly to the point that her slit slightly opened to display her swollen hard clit. His daughter wasn't clean shaven as he insisted Amy, as well as his wife to be, but rather had a well trimmed strip of dark hair down the center of her puss, the edges of her pussy lips were bare and clean shaved. He preferred a clean, bare shaven pussy over one with hair and made a mental note to instruct her to maintain her pussy in that way from this point on.

Moving down the bed, William had his face just inches from Kira's sweet, teenage, virgin pussy. Her legs were spread wide apart with her soft, creamy thighs against his upper arms, while his rough hands were once more on her soft, tender tits rubbing, pulling and pinching at her rock hard, and now sore and swollen nipples. His tongue darted out to lick her clit up and down. He was rewarded with another whispered moan from his daughter. He knew she liked it; she however just didn't want to admit it yet.

Kira closed her eyes as she attempted to force the pleasures away. How could this feel so good? The harder she attempted not to feel the licking and sucking of her father's tongue and mouth against her sensitive rock hard clit, the better it seemed to feel. What was happening to her? Her breathing became short and ragged; her hips even began to move against his face as he began to shove his tongue in and out of her pussy like some miniature cock. 'Mmmm' was the only sound that rolled over her lips as she gave into the feelings.

William, his face still buried between his daughter's thighs, knew she was submitting to him, and that would make popping her cherry so much easier as well as enjoyable.' He paid close attention to her swelled clit noticing she seemed to moan out at the slightest touch to it. He enjoyed how she already started to move her hips up and down to rub her pussy against his mouth.' His daughter was a natural and he was going to be more than happy to train her in the ways of making him happy.' He would own her pussy after tonight.' Oh how he prayed his wife would be home late, but nonetheless, Kira would be his plaything all day tomorrow.

Back and forth, up and down, in and out, his tongue toyed and played against his daughter's sweet pussy until he could feel her body begin to tense, and knew she was close to exploding over his face. Kira gripped the bed sheets as she felt the first ripples of pleasure begin to race throughout her body. It was stronger than any climax she had been able to bring herself to with masturbation. 'Aaaghh!'' She cried out as her young body jolted and twitched against the mattress. She began to feel dizzy, her head spinning from the force of her orgasm. She became exhausted before it seemed to finish. She breathed heavy as she tried to suck in air. Kira's heart pounded hard against her chest, as if threatening to burst out from it. Her father's soft tongue never missed a lick against her clit as he attempted to prolong her cum for as long as possible. It was nothing like she imagined it would be. It was better than anything she could have pictured in her mind. Worst of all'she loved it. It felt good and she wanted to feel that sensation again.

Licking his lips clean, William sat up from her pussy. His mouth and chin glistened from her juices over it as he smiled.' 'Now it's time to make daddy feel as good as daddy made you feel'. William unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled the tab on the zipper down. He noticed the glassy look in Kira's eyes, knowing she had not fully come down from bliss he had given her just minutes before. Pulling down his blue jeans and brief cut underwear, he wiped the bead of pre-cum from the tip of his cock away with his thumb, and began to position his cock against her soaked pussy.

Kira could only watch her father as he positioned his thick cock at her wet and sensitive pussy hole. It was inevitable. He was going to take her virginity away from her and there was nothing she could do about it. Her breathing was still heavy while her heart continued to pound hard against her chest. Her body not yet fully recovered from her orgasm. A light layer of sweat covered her body.

'This is gonna hurt the first time baby. But after that daddy promises you will feel real good'' William knew it would probably hurt a lot. The big reddish-purplish mushroom shaped head of his cock must have been about three sizes larger than the hole of her pussy. He hoped it would tear her cunny. Her whimpers would only fuel his hunger further. Without a warning or hesitation, he plunged his cock right inside of her pussy. The head tore through the thin barrier with little effort. William felt the best way to take his daughter's virginity was to simply'take it. It was pointless to him to slowly work his thick cock inside her, and besides, Kim could be home at any time and he was determined to explode inside of Kira. He needed to release inside her.

'Oh God take it out'!' she screamed. 'Please take it out!' Tears streamed down her cheeks. She had never felt pain this bad. 'Please, oh God take it out daddy'!' His cock was just too big for her pussy. She felt a burning around the hole, as if her skin ripped to take the thick rod inside her. She felt a pain inside her pussy as well as his thick member forced her pussy walls apart to fit him inside her, and felt a sick feeling to her stomach. She wanted his dick out of her.' She needed it out of her before he tore her in half. She continued to cry as her father held every inch of his dick inside her without any sign of removal.

'Shhh baby...' he whispered inside her ear. 'You don't want your mother to hear you and find us fucking do you?' He couldn't believe how tight her teenage pussy was. It hugged his cock like a vice grip. William would enjoy fucking her cunt for hours, but that would be for tomorrow. For now he needed to cum. He was just barely able to control himself from pounding his daughter's pussy apart. 'Just give it a minute baby and the pain will go away'

Kira, even minutes later, still felt the pain. Even now as he began to pull his cock from inside her, it sent jolts of pain from her pussy throughout her body. She clenched the sheets and closed her eyes, determined to will the pain away.' She was met with no success, only quickened and more powerful thrusts from her father while he worked his cock in and out of her sore, torn, pussy hole.

'Oh fuck yes'.' He groaned with each and every thrust. His masculine hips colliding each time with her own as he buried every inch inside her again and again. 'Fuck baby, your pussy is so fucking tight'.' His breathing ragged now. Even with his hard thrusts, her tight pussy continually hugged his cock. He loved the way her sweet cunny felt. It was so tight and soft. 'Move your fucking hips against mine'give me that pussy' he ordered. He was only minutes from exploding as each thrust made it harder to control his urge.

His muscular wall was against her chest, smashing her soft mounds against it. Still crying she attempted to do what he had ordered. The pain was less than when he first forced his thick rod inside her, but still there. Kira wrapped her slender arms around him to use his body to help her work her hips against his. Moving her hips with him seemed to make her body feel good and forget some of the pain.

'Yes baby'' he moaned out, now their bodies working in rhythm to each others, 'you're a fucking natural'daddy feels so fucking good right now'' His pace quickens. He pushed his cock in deeper and harder, until the room filled with the sounds of their flesh slapping against one another. His tight balls were bouncing against the base of her pussy as he shoved the last inch of cock meat inside her tight snatch over and over. William loved every minute of this.

Kira continued to move her curvy hips up and down to meet his thrusts. The pain from earlier now forgotten. Was she a slut because she felt good while her father violated her young body? She felt like a slut. Her pussy was feeling good again as their bodies worked together as one. She started to enjoy the full feeling his cock gave her while stuffed completely inside her. It felt so wonderful when the head of his cock pushed so deep she could feel it against the bottom of her pussy. This must mean she was a slut. Her father even said she was a natural.

'Ooohhhhh Fuuuuckkkk' her father yelled out, moaning as he pushed his cock completely inside her and held it. She felt a warm sensation begin to fill her pussy as it twitched inside her, exploding.' 'Squeeze it baby'squeeze and release my cock with your pussy'.' He instructed.' His breathing heavy as he released his sticky load inside her.

Again, she did as he instructed. Squeezing and releasing her pussy walls she learned to milk the cum from his cock inside her. It gave her a warm, full feeling. She knew he must have came. He lifted his chest from hers and kissed her nipples.

'Daddy is proud of you baby'' William said. His cock was now deflating inside her as her muscles continued to milk his cock dry. 'I can't wait to fuck you all day tomorrow since you will be staying home from school sick'. He knew she would catch the meaning of that.' He finally pulled out from inside her to begin to dress. 'Get cleaned up and get some fucking clothes on before your mother gets here.'

Kira just stared at him while watching him dress. She realized this was not just some bad dream. It had really happened. She wanted to cry again. She didn't want to believe her father did this to her. She didn't want to believe he had plans on doing it tomorrow. Most of all, she didn't want to admit a part of her liked it'enjoyed it even'loved what he did to her. Kira was confused. A part of her loved that he fucked her while a part of her hated and despised that he fucked her. That he took her virginity away without her consent.

She continued to watch him as he left her room. Kira dreaded what would happen tomorrow.


(To be continued)