Preface By Powerone:  Lyn had previously gone to an “adult” store and purchased a pair of clover clamps.  The clerk had humiliated her on that encounter, offering to help in the proper use of them.  She declined his offer. 


The following is my request for Lyn to follow:  I want you to go to the adult store.  I do not want you to wear a bra.  I want you to ask the clerk for help in picking out an anal probe.  I want you to get something slim, not very big yet.  Tell him your boyfriend wants you to get it to get you use to having something inside you, but he wants you to start off small.  If you can find one with ridges, to stimulate your anus as it passes through, the better.  If you find one, let your fingers run up and down it as he watches. 


Also look around the store and tell me if you see anything that interests you.  Look at the bondage equipment.  Look at the finger vibrator if they have one.  It fits on the tip of one finger and vibrates.  Mainly used for stimulating the anus.


Look at the items they have to stimulate the nipples.  Nipple pumps.  Weights for the nipple clamps.  Look at ball gags.  See how it would feel to have it stuffed in your mouth.





I prepared myself for the trip to the ‘store’.  The instructions left for me had me feeling very apprehensive.  Michael has told me not to wear a bra when I go.  The only time I’m usually bra-less is when I’m at home and I don’t venture out in public without one on so going bra-less to this store was extremely difficult for me.  I felt naked even though I was fully clothed.  I could feel the material of my snug fitting t-shirt rubbing against my nipples as I walked.  My nipples were hard and would not lessen.  It was very obvious to anyone that would happen to look that I was not wearing a bra.    Added to this feeling of nakedness was knowing that I would have to talk to a store clerk about something extremely personal.  Oh god, I don’t know if I can do this! 


I walked out of my house hoping to get in my car and just go but wouldn’t you know my neighbor and his wife are out working in their yard.  Maybe they won’t see me.  I walk straight towards my car when I hear “Hi, Lyn, Got a second?”  Oh God.  My neighbor, David, is a very good looking guy with a very homely, not very nice, wife named Liz.  They certainly don’t match well and I do not get along with her at all.  I turn around to face him “Hi, David, sure, what’s up?”  I’m fighting the urge to cross my arms over my chest but I’m certain that’d do nothing but make it that much more obvious.  He stops watering his yard to come over and ask me something about our watering days.  Instantly I saw his eyes drift from mine right down to my very hard nipples pushing out on my shirt.  It’s bad enough that he is constantly staring at me, which I try not to encourage, and now…  I don’t think he looked me in the eyes the entire time we were talking.  I answered most of his comments with ‘uh-huh, ok’ and was trying my best to get out of the conversation.  I don’t recall half of what he said.  The only thing I could focus on was knowing and feeling his eyes drifting to my chest and my very hard nipples.  It felt like his gaze was burning a path. The harder my nipples got the more embarrassed I was and the more he looked.   The minute I saw him wet his lips and drift his eyes back down to my chest, I told him I had to leave or I’d be late.  I took off for the safety of my car without looking back.  So much for not encouraging him. 


The drive to the store was uneventful.  I’m sitting in the car outside the store and I’m working up the courage to just go in.  Getting out of the car, I’m praying that the same clerk isn’t working, that’d be a small blessing.  So I start to think about you Michael.  I imagine you with me with your ‘you’re going to do it and do it now or else’ attitude.  I could imagine your hand gripping my elbow, walking me forward.   I make it up to the door and on a deep breath, enter. 


The store is quiet with only 1 or 2 customers I can see from where I stand.  I look to the counter to see who is working and find no one there.  I assume then that they’re off helping a customer or some such.  Relief at having a moment to orient myself is instant.  I walk along the wall and come to the vibrators.  These, I’m familiar with.  Still, I’m surprised at the sizes these things come in.  The finger vibrator looks like it would be very enjoyable.  I may have to buy one of these.  As I’m holding it I start to imagine just what it would feel like running over my tiny asshole during sex  oh that’s arousing.  Getting turned-on in this store in this state of undress is not what I counted on.  Time to move on before I rip it open and try it right here.    


I still see no one that works here so I continue on to what I guess is their bondage section.  There I find all kinds of gags.  The ring one looks excruciating and I can’t imagine having my mouth forced open like that.  The ball gag, yes, I could go for that.  I bet that would add such an interesting element to sex.  I can imagine wearing this for you, Michael though I know how much you prefer loud screams to muffled ones.  I like the floggers!  I bet they have quite a bite if used properly.  Everything I see I imagine you using and the more I think about it the more wet it makes me.  


Since I already know where the nipple clamps are from last time, I head in that direction.  I find the nipple pumps immediately and take one down to read.  The idea of my nipples being sucked and pulled away from my body is instantly arousing.  My mind drifts off to dwell on what I imagine would be an incredible sucking sensation from this pump in your hands.  My nipples, already hard, are tingling with the thought.  Still holding the pump, I find the weights.  Oh, I don’t know about those.  That seems so torturous!  I’m cringing at the thought of what they’d feel like when I hear “Hi, can I help you find something?” 


Oh God.  I turn and immediately realize that my prayers were not answered.  It’s the same guy from the last time but I figure, he sees a lot of people in here, he won’t remember me.  I watch as his eyes go from mine down to my very pointed nipples and linger.  “Damn! Maybe I should’ve taped them or something”, I think to myself.


“Hi, actually, yes.  There are some questions I have, maybe…” 


I don’t get to finish before he says “Wait, clover clamps right?”  I want to die on the spot.  The flush is instant.  I can feel the heat crawling up my neck and into my face, I’m sure I’m now a violent red. 


“Uh, yah, good memory.” was all I could manage along with a hesitant smile.  He’s looking at me with a very amused smile on his face and says “You didn’t come back to take me up on my offer did you?  Maybe you’d like help with that one instead?” he says, pointing to the nipple pump I’m still holding.


“No, no, I didn’t, I don’t, I was just uh.. ” I manage to say as I put it back on the shelf.  I watch his eyes trail down to my nipples and back as he says “So, did they work out ok for you, the clover clamps I mean?”  And yes, there’s that grin on his face.  I close my eyes and take a deep breath in attempt to calm myself.   All that does is cause my breasts to sway and I realized it instantly.  I’ve got to get a hold of myself!  He seems to really enjoy my squirming. 


“They worked great, my uh, Michael enjoyed them.” I manage.


“I just bet he did.  So is there something else here you’re interested in?”  Finally, we’re moving on!  I’m dying to get out of this store but I’m truly dreading what’s coming. I find a spot off in the distance to focus on and proceed with a burning embarrassment: “Yah, I need some help picking out an anal probe.  I don’t know what they are.  My boyfriend wants me to get used to having something inside, uh, there, but says I need to start off with something small.  Preferably something with ridges?  Do you know what he wants?”  I can feel the heat in my face and neck; I’m so embarrassed at telling this man this!  My eyes drift up to his to find his eyebrows raised and that all too knowing smile back in place on his face. 


“Yes, I know exactly what he’s after” he grins “follow me”.  Glad to be away from his gaze and walking behind him, he leads me over to a section filled with things I’ve never seen before.  So that is what a butt plug looks like.  My god the sizes!  The surprised look on my face seems to have him very amused.  He reaches up and grabs a vibrating probe.  It’s a light purple color with small rounded beads that start very small at the tip and increase in size the closer they get to the base.  This looks exactly like what I imagine you were asking for.  It’s enclosed in plastic so I can’t feel the bumps but as you asked I run my fingers up and down the probe as he watches.  My humiliation has taken on a new level.  I feel as though I’m on fire at this point.  I’m already extremely turned on by the toys I’ve seen and the thought of you using them on me.  My nipples are in such need and are so tingly and this man is staring at me with a wicked grin on his face obviously enjoying my discomfort.  I know I’m squirming and he’s enjoying it.


I look up at him as he says “Yah, I think you’ll like that.  The vibrations will send shivers up your spine.  Or so my girlfriend says, she loves it.”


“Does she?  That’s good to know.  I’ll take this.”  We walk up to the register and I pay for the probe.  I don’t say anything else as I’m sure my humiliation couldn’t be more complete at this point.  As I’m taking the bag he smirks and says “Like I said, if you decide to change your mind, I’ll be happy to help you with this one too if you’d like, you know where to find me.” 


Nope, humiliation is NOW complete.  I mumble a “Thanks” and walk quickly to the door.


End, the not The End.  I’m sure Lyn will be frequenting the store in the future.