The Store-Part 2 

By Lyn


Another trip to the adult store has got my nerves shot.  Remembering how embarrassing the last trip was is the main cause for that.  The nervousness mixes with excitement at this time getting a riding crop for Michael to use between my spread legs.  This idea is an immediate turn-on.  The butt plug I’m to get leaves me feeling VERY uneasy.  I just don’t know about that one.


As I get dressed to leave, again wearing no bra, the cotton of my tank top rubs my nipples so deliciously.  I love the feeling… when I’m not in public.  I can’t help but feel so exposed with hard nipples poking my shirt out, visible to anyone that looks.  At least I’m comfortable wearing sandals and shorts.  The constant stimulation of the cotton against my sensitive nipples when I walk arouses me before I even leave my house. 


Leaving my house to get in my car, it’s a small blessing that my neighbor isn’t home.  Thank goodness.  I avoided him for as long as possible after the lewd looks I got from him last time he saw me without a bra.  The entire drive to the store has me wondering how it’s going to go this time.  I know there’s no sense in hoping that same clerk isn’t there, didn’t help last time.  I’m so nervous by the time I pull into the parking spot, I’m almost shaking. 


Walking into the store, it’s very quiet and instantly I realize it’s very cold.  Florida weather being what it is it’s not surprising that the A/C is on so high but I’m also willing to bet they like the effect it has on their female customers as well.  I’m no exception.  Great.  The goose bumps on my arms are nothing compared to the effect the chilled air is having on my nipples.  They’re basically screaming for someone to look at them.  There’s a guy behind the counter but I don’t recognize him.  Is it too soon to hope that the clerk I’ve been dealing with isn’t working today?  It’s a small relief.  I head in the direction of the anal probes knowing that the riding crops are in the same area. 


They’re easy to find and there are so many different kinds of whips, floggers and riding crops.  I’m absorbed in my thoughts of what can be done with these and starting to feel the familiar wetness in my panties when the clerk walks up and says Hi.  He starts usual chit chat about the weather and what a nice day it is and I start to relax and feel comfortable just chatting with him about nothing in particular.  In the middle of our conversation we hear “Hey John, the new shipment has come in and I’ve entered it into inventory and it’s ready for you to stock…” come from someone entering the store from the room behind the counter.  He walks to us and John says to him “I’ll be right there”.  I look around ‘John’ and make eye contact with, of course, the clerk I’ve dealt with before.  Just great.  He holds eye contact with me until he reaches us and my face is on fire.  “Hi Lyn.” he says with a smile.  “Uh, hi.” I manage to say, smiling hesitantly, immediately wondering how he knows my name.  “I’ve got this one John, Lyn and I are old friends, I’ll help her out while you put up the stock.”  Oh God.  “Oh, sure, ok then. You’re in good hands.” he says to me before he walks away smiling.  “Thanks.” I hear myself say to him distracted with wondering how I’m going to get through with this. 


It’s bad enough knowing what I’m supposed to do here but damn, I was lulled into such a relief at not seeing this guy and dealing with someone new that it’s almost worse now.  If that’s even possible.  John walks off leaving us alone.  “How have you been?” “How do you know my name?” we say at the same time.  He grins. I smile, trying to relax.  My but its cold in here, and his eyes have traveled to take in my hard nipples while he waits for my response.  When his eyes reach mine again, burning a path up my chest I tell him I’ve been fine and end automatically with “and you?”  “Oh, my day’s getting much better it seems.”  And there’s that sly grin and cocked eyebrow. 


Trying to delay the inevitable conversation regarding my reasons for visiting again, I say: “Well, you seem to know my name, what’s yours?”  I’m feeling the need to level the playing field somewhat.  He responds with “Now, that doesn’t matter, does it, Lyn?” as his eyes deliberately linger back down to my now aching pointed nipples. He’s trying to make me squirm!  It’s working.  I shift my stance as my wetness increases.  His bold gaze at my very erect tips turns me on and I can’t seem to control my body’s responses.  It does nothing but make me squirm more.  He has to know the effect he’s having.


“Haven’t seen you in a few weeks, how did you like the probe?”  This guy simply remembers too much too well.  I’m burning with embarrassment and can’t seem to meet his unrelenting gaze which seems to just make it worse.  It almost feels as though this guy knows the role he’s playing in our games, but that couldn’t be, could it? 


Knowing what I’m supposed to tell him, I say: “I liked it, it made me cum hard.  It was a bit uncomfortable, especially the deeper it went.”  His face hides none of his amusement and my embarrassment burns through me as I continue.  “Michael made me squeeze it with my muscles as it was being pulled out and it burned so badly.  He really enjoyed using it on me.”  Was there a hole anywhere on earth for me to crawl in and just die?  He laughs to himself as he says “I have no doubt he enjoyed it.  Tell me, did the vibrations send shivers through your body?  The area there is so sensitive to stimulation and the vibrations of that probe are perfect for it.”  Good God! This man is a stranger and his words are turning me on, his eyes staring into mine like he can see the effect this is having on me and enjoying it.  My panties are so wet at the thoughts of the probe and having to tell this guy about something so intimate; my nipples are straining painfully against my shirt.  Why is he playing along?  Why couldn’t he have left me with ‘John’?  “Yes, I was so turned on that when the tip of it touched me there it made me cum instantly and I wasn’t supposed to yet but I couldn’t help it.” 


His eyes flash as the smirk spread across his face.  Yep, he has our game down now for certain.  If he was unsure before, he definitely knows now.  I am so completely humiliated by this whole conversation and so undeniably aroused at the same time.  I can’t look at his knowing smile any more; I’m so on fire with embarrassment and arousal mixing.  “It’s not good to cum when you’re not supposed to, but I imagine, Michael, was it?, really enjoyed watching your reaction.”  Still looking away from him I say “I know, but yes, he did.”  He says, “You know, Lyn, I think I’d like for you to look me in the eyes when we’re talking.  I enjoy watching your embarrassment play in your eyes.  You’re embarrassed aren’t you?”  He leans his head down and over to make eye contact with me and stands back up as he takes my gaze with him.  Good God, is this really happening? I’m sure the shock in my face at his statements was blatantly obvious but knowing that you’d enjoy this entire conversation, I continue to play it out.  It was hard but I looked him in the eyes, my entire body drawn tight by my nerves, I’m so wet and my nipples are so hard and tingling, wanting to be touched.  I can’t believe he’s playing into this, I never would have guessed this would go so far.  “Yes, I’m embarrassed, I don’t like having this conversation with you but Michael likes it and he wanted it.”  I say to him.  He does his wicked little laugh as I watch his eyes travel down to my very pointed nipples, “Your body says differently.”  I say nothing but look at him with burning humiliation.  How can I argue with that?  He’s right.  God I’m so wet, I’m surprised its not running down my legs at this point. 


“So.  Lyn.  What does Michael want you to get today?” 


“I’m supposed to get a butt plug.  He says I’m going to wear it for a couple of hours to get me used to it.” I say looking apprehensively over at them on the side wall.  He follows my gaze then looks back at me.  “Get you used to what?” 


Do I really have to spell it out??  I was hoping not to.  “Having something bigger inside me.” I mumble still looking at them lined so neatly on the wall. 


“I believe I asked you to look at me when we’re talking, didn’t I?”  Looking back at him “Yes.” is all I can say.  He’s very good at this and I find myself reevaluating my initial impression of him.  “You don’t want to disappoint Michael now do you?  Somehow I think I know just what he’s after sending you in here instead of coming in himself for this stuff.”  I think to tell him how far away you actually are but somehow I don’t think it really matters at this point. 


“Now, what did you say?”  Boy he just perfects that all knowing look.  “I said: He wants me to get used to having something bigger inside of me.”


“Ah, ok.  Then I take it you’ve never used one before.”  He motions towards the wall inviting me to walk ahead of him to look at them.  I step forward and walk towards the wall, swearing I can feel him staring at my ass.  “You’re going to want something not too big and unyielding.  Yet.  I’d recommend starting with this one.  Its small but will still fill huge in your tight little ass and it’s made out of a flexible material so it’s not entirely unyielding.”  He pulls one down off the shelf as I’m dying at his words.  My pussy is throbbing and aching with as aroused as I am.  I’m shocked that this stranger is talking to me this way but at the same time it’s such a turn on.  I don’t think I’ve stopped blushing since he walked up to me.  My entire body feels like it’s on fire.  As I look over the packaging he continues, “You’re going to feel so full, you’ll beg for him to let you take it out but you’ll scream when he does.”


I need to get out of this store before I cum right there.


At my stunned expression, he just laughs.  “So is there anything else I can help you with?”  How I want badly to say no and just leave.


“Yes, I’m supposed to get a riding crop too.” I whisper.  He lifts his one eyebrow, smiles and points back to where we were earlier.  He takes one off the rack and runs his hand down it to the little leather piece on the end.  Taking one end in each hand he bends it slightly while watching me.  When he hands it to me, I feel the weight of it and instantly I wonder at how it would feel to strike my tender skin.  I’m certain he can read my thoughts.  That all-too-knowing smile is back in place when he says “It’s very good for spanking someone’s ass while you’re riding them hard.  I have one of these too.”


Am I in a dream??  Remembering what you wanted me to tell him, I say “Well, I want to use it between my legs.”  As soon as it’s out of my mouth I look away, so totally embarrassed and in need of escape it’s humming through my body, my pussy is drenched from the thoughts of being spanked there.  I shift my stance again trying to alleviate the pressure building between my legs. 


His laugh is wicked and loud and he’s thoroughly enjoying this.  A customer nearby looks over at us and I’m burning red.  I take the two items and start to walk past him towards the counter at the front of the store.  I make it to the counter and am standing there waiting for him to come around to ring this purchase up when I feel him stop behind me.  He leans down and whispers in my ear “I bet your little cunt is throbbing and dripping wet right now.  That’s the best time to spank a spread pussy is when it’s like that.  I hope Michael likes the story you’ll have to tell him when you get home.”  I want to die and I want to cum badly in the same moment. 

He walks around to the counter and without another comment begins to ring me up.  Another customer steps up in line beside me and as the clerk hands me back my card he says “Thanks for shopping with us…” glances at my card…”Lyn.  Enjoy your purchases.”


So that’s how he knows my name.  Of course.  I mutter an extremely embarrassed thanks and walk out.


Not The End