The Exam – Back At Home




The way back home seemed to take forever. Tulia tried to concentrate her mind on something pleasant and not to think about the exam any more. But the images kept coming back. The neatly folded piece of paper in her handbag felt as if it was made of stone. For the first time in her life she wished she was a smoker or at least that she had a lighter or matches with her. She would burn the picture straight away, as if this could wipe the memory of what just had happened. I want to know every detail. Michael’s words rang in her head. Should she mention the picture to him? She was sure he would want to see it. And he would comment on it. Her face burned at this thought. She didn’t actually remember or notice the assistant taking pictures of her. The photo she got at the end of exam wasn’t probably the only one he shot. Tulia tried not to think what the others looked like. Every detail. Will Michael notice if she skips the part about photos? She was afraid he would. Keeping this information to herself would be like lying and she wasn’t a good liar. Talking about what happened would be humiliating enough without showing the picture itself. It was a proof that wouldn’t fade with the time, always reminding her what she did and how willingly she did it. Tulia’s face turned red in shame again. She had to admit that in spite of all her doubts the whole situation was making her extremely horny.


She went into groceries. She didn’t eat breakfast today and her fridge was almost empty. The exam made her so nervous she wasn’t able to concentrate on eating that morning. She usually ate lunch with friends at the university but wasn’t in the mood to meet any of them today.


The cell phone rang again. Tulia’s heart started to pound faster. Was it Michael again? She wasn’t sure if she would be able to talk to him at that moment. She took a quick look at the number. It was her friend Julia, probably wanting to know how the exam was. Tulia put her cell phone back in the handbag ignoring the call. She would have to make up some kind of story for her friends hoping they would belief her. She would deal with it later.


Tulia paid at the cashier desk and left the store. Ten minutes later she was back in her flat. Natalia, the girl she was living with was gone. She wouldn’t probably be back till late at night. Natalia was studying chemistry and was spending most of her time in the laboratory.


The handbag was thrown on the bed, the shoes kicked aside on the floor. Tulia went into the kitchen. She wasn’t actually hungry but badly wanted to get back to normality, refusing the arousal that was building in her body. Her nipples ached and she felt light headed. A moan escaped her lips but she braced herself and started to make a salad.


For short minutes she managed to forget what occurred that morning. Then it downed on her, the whole scene clearly visible in her mind as if it was all happening again. Tulia blushed clenching her legs tightly together. Her pussy ached for release.


She imagined how it all must have looked like for someone who watched her. A girl alone in the kitchen blushing and moaning while preparing a lunch. As if cooking was that humiliating or exiting.  The knife cutting through the salad felt as if it was digging into her skin. The carrots burned in her hand as she licked her lips. She had to concentrate real hard to see only vegetables in front of her. She caught herself staring blankly at the wall. She was again at the university her professor standing over her saying “Now Tulia, show me how good you are orally!” How would she be able to tell the story to Michael? The images now vivid in her head, her face burning in shame.


It took her almost an hour to prepare a lunch. She looked at the salad suddenly feeling extremely hungry. But it wasn’t the food her body was crying for. Her eyes filled with tears of humiliation as she realized she fought the losing battle. And there was nobody there to be blamed. There was no professor that made her kneel down, no Michael asking question that made her blush. It was only her. She was doing it to herself. Tears rolled down her chicks, her body was on fire.


Tulia went back to her room, sat on the bed leaning against the wall finally giving up and letting her imagination take over the control.


Tulia was again in professor’s Storn office, kneeling before him, her mouth full of his cum. He made her swallow it all, but this time he didn’t asked her out, making her suck his cock clean.


“My turn” Martin, the assistant, turned her head towards him and Tulia felt her mouth being filled with rigid member “Make me real hard so I can fuck you” he ordered her. Tulia submitted without hesitation, her body trembling in desire wishing he would toss her on the floor and take her hard.


He withdrew his cock after few minutes of ravishment.


“And now strip for us” Martin voice boomed at her “Do it slowly. Tease us.”


Tulia started slowly to undress. She unbuttoned the blouse arching her back, showing her pink bra to the empty room. It didn’t matter that she was alone at home, the image of two men so vivid in her head that her faced turned red with embarrassment. She bit her lower lip moaning in desire. She rolled her skirt down dropping it on the floor.  The blouse followed it soon, she was only in her underwear. Tulia touched her belly feeling the hot skin, her other hand went up cupping her breast but without touching swollen nipples. She was teasing herself and the men that were only in her head. She undid her bra allowing it to slip off her shoulders. It took her breath away as she finally free her breasts making them dance in the cool air of the room. The palms of her hands gently ran over swollen orbs making her moan loudly. She silenced herself putting a finger in the mouth, sucking it as if it was a small cock, her tongue running over it. Her other hand went down touching her panty covered pussy. The light touch made her body shake in pleasure. She was ready to cum, her panties drenched with her juices. Her ass raised and she rolled them down. She was completely naked now, leaning against the wall bending her legs bringing them up to her chest. Her legs parted until they ached, her pussy opened wide leaving her exposed. Tulia ran her hands over her tights feeling the soft skin and taut muscels. Her breath became shallow. She was ready to cum, but not ready to give herself the release she needed so badly. She parted her legs even farther and dived into her fantasy again.


She was standing naked in the Storn’s office, both men eying her with lust. Martin moved behind her pushing her towards the desk. His hands moved along her spine sending tremors of pleasure through her body. One of his hands went down between her legs finding her wet and ready for him. He pushed hard with the other hand making Tulia bend in half. Her legs parted and she arched her butt wanting to give him full access. She felt professor’s hand gripping her chin making her look him in the eyes.


Martin slapped her ass chicks and entered her without warning. His cock went almost all the way into her pussy like a knife through a melting butter. The feeling was so intense it took her breath away. She clenched her muscles around his rigid member trying to suck as much of him inside her as she could. She felt hot and her nipples got even harder. She moaned loudly enjoying the overwhelming feeling that spread through her body like lightning. Her hips began to sway gently. And then she felt Martin moving in and out dragging her insides with his cock. He took his time with her making her almost bag to take her harder, soft cries escaping her lips.


Tulia was squirming on the bed, her hands bringing pleasure to her overheated body. Her fingers moved along her slit without touching her swollen clit. She was extremely wet feeling her juices dripping down on the bed underneath. Her fingers went up sliding around her pleasure button in circles making it bigger and harder. She looked down at her pink pussy rounded by dense black hairs she always kept neatly trimmed. Tulia felt the orgasm coming. She took away her hands from her pussy digging her fingers painfully into her tights making her legs part wider. It hurt making her groan. She pinched her nipples mixing pleasure and pain. Her touch became gentler. She cupped her small breasts bringing them together. She was on the edge but didn’t want to cum yet, loving the feeling of losing herself in pleasure.


The pictures in her head faded away, she was so aroused she didn’t need them any more, the feeling so overwhelming there was no place for anything else. Tulia’s fingers went down to her slit again. This time she slid two fingers inside her pussy clenching her muscles around them squeezing them tightly. Her other hand painfully pinched her clit. She jumped on the bed losing control again. She grabbed her ankles with both hands and began to roll her hips. She was clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles as if there was an invisible man taking her making her act like a slut.


Tulia was on fire breathing heavily. Lost in pleasure she didn’t at first hear that the phone was ringing. It brought her back to the reality. She looked at her handbag lying beside her on the bed. She reached out and took her phone out. It was Michael. Her face turned red as if he personally entered the room catching her in her intimate moments. She didn’t expect him to call so soon again but the fact that he did sent tremors of excitement through her body. On the other hand she didn’t want him to know what she was doing afraid he could use it against her.


“Hi Michael” she answered the call trying to make her voice sound normal. “Miss me already. I thought you were busy” her hand slid between her legs, a quiet sigh escaped her lips.


“Have you been masturbating all time?” Michael’s voice sounded amused “Lost the track of time, I guess”


Tulia looked at the watch. He was right, she had been playing with herself for over three hours already without even realizing it.


“I made a salad” she was desperate to avoid answering the question.


“Oh you did? You must have been hungry.” Michael laughed “So tell me Tulia” he paused for a moment “have you already come?”


Tulia moaned in disappointment, losing hope for changing the subject.


“Michael...” her voice trembled in shame that he catch her masturbating. 


“Have you?” it sounded so casual as if he was asking her about the weather.


“No, not yet” she hated to say it knowing that she was admitting her arousal that way.


“What exam are you taking next?” he suddenly changed the subject.


She didn’t understand the question at first, not expecting him to give up so quickly the humiliating subject. But she was grateful that he did. They talked for next ten minutes about her studies and future, Tulia’s relief not lasting long. She found it hard to focus on the conversation, her body begging for release. His voice distracted her and exited at the same time. Was he doing it on purpose? The way he was asking questions told her he was really interested in her answers. She was confused, not sure what to think about it, not able to think clear at all. She didn’t realize her answers were short mixed with soft moans, her fingers never leaving her pussy. Before she knew he was saying bye to her.


“Michael, don’t leave me like that!” Tulia almost shouted at him.


“Like what?” he sounded surprised.


“I need to cum” the words escaped Tulia’s lips before she realized the meaning of them.


“I don’t recall forbidding you that” his voice was soft as if he didn’t understand what she was asking him for. “Do you really need my permission?”


“Yes” she whispered “Please, Michael may I cum now?” she found it hard to ask him for the permission.


Tulia’s face was burning in shame. She was at least happy he couldn’t see her. Asking him for allowance embarrassed her but she knew she wouldn’t be able to cum after his call, not if he didn’t push her over the edge. The decision about her orgasm didn’t belong to her any more. She hated herself for that, wishing she had climaxed before he called.