Forward by Powerone:


Lyn is my #1 fan for many years, back when I first started writing.  She has darted in and out of my life.  She had a dream of Powerone a few days ago and sent it to me.  If you want to be my number #1 fan, you will have to top this.  And by the way, being the #1 fan of Powerone has its perks.  One of these days will publish my romance novel I sent over a year ago.  It is titled “Bound for Her Husbands Pleasure”.  The main character, besides the ever present Michael, is Lyn.



Coming For Her

By Lyn



I awoke in a fog, confused and disoriented, my muscles ached.  The room was dark so I couldn't see anything.  Blind because of the darkness I reached out with my other senses to try to take in my environment.  I was crouched down against a wall and unable to move.  I could feel the cold stone floor beneath my bare feet.  I could feel the rope binding my bent legs so I couldn't straighten them, I could feel the rope continuing around my middle and wrapping around my wrists behind my back.  I could feel the coldness of the wall behind me seeping in through my bare arms and back. I was shivering.  The room smelled damp.  I couldn't hear a single sound but my erratic breathing.  I could taste the rope bisecting my jaw, keeping it open wide.  I was drooling.  I was scared.  I was almost completely naked.  I had on a thin pair of panties which were pulled tight against my pussy and unable to be hidden between my legs because of the way the ropes bound me.  My nipples were tight and achingly hard because of the cold air and, with my legs bent and framing them on each side, seemed like an offering.  My flesh was covered in goose bumps I was so cold.


I tried pulling away from the wall to take the weight off of my feet which were quickly going numb.  There was about an inch of give before I realized a rope attached to the stone behind me circled my throat by a slip knot that quickly tightened. I stopped struggling immediately.


Fear assaulted me.  But under it was something else.  I'd always wanted bindings, always longed for them from him.  Whenever I gave myself to him he would never fail me in this.  But it had been so long since I'd taken the time to reach out to him.  He never pursued me, he always waited patiently for me to give myself to him.  Even when my giving was reluctant, knowing how he would use me, my body still craved it.  But it had been so long. 


Still the familiar feeling of being mostly naked and vulnerable underlay the fear, giving it a tasty edge.  I could feel my pussy coming alive, juicing, reacting to my bindings.  My panties were wet and the cool air made it much more obvious to me than it would have been normally.  This was a humiliating feeling.  I hoped I would be alone long enough for my body to settle so whoever had done this wouldn't know how it aroused me.  I was terrified but somehow that only made my body's reaction stronger.  I trembled.


I held my breath as the footsteps approached, praying they would pass.  They stopped not far from where I was and I could hear the clanging of keys and the heavy door being pushed open.  The light was blinding from the doorway.  I turned my head as much as the rope would allow, squinting my eyes against the assault before curiosity overcame me and I had to look back.  I couldn't make out his features because he was backlit by the extremely bright light.  His boots made heavy footfalls as he crossed the room to me, stopping as he reached me.  He stood there looking down at me.


I couldn't look up for fear of losing my breath.  I waited.  Trembling.

He knelt slowly before me, his size was immense.  He said nothing.  His fingers sought my mouth held open by the rope and running across my bottom lip, collected the string of saliva I couldn't stop from dripping.  That soft scared mewling sound couldn't have come from me, could it?  His finger moved down and coated my hard nipples with my own saliva and my body arched itself as much as it could to his touch.


His finger continued its trail down my quivering stomach, skipping over the ropes wrapped around me.  They ran down the crotch of my wet panties and hesitated.  He chuckled at my wetness as I dropped my head trying to hide my face in shame.


His fingers went to the edge of my panties and pulled them over exposing my wet, swollen pussy to the cold air completely.  My mind wanted to shrink away from his touch, my body wanted to open itself to it.  His fingers spread me and I made a soft pleading sound behind my ropes.  His fingers ran through my exposed wetness.  Without warning he roughly impaled me on two of his thick fingers.  I gasped in shock.  His other hand came to my chin lifting my face to his gaze.


”You're trembling in your fear but even then your pussy milks my fingers.  You have kept your body from me long enough.  I don't like to be kept waiting... for that you're going to pay."


And then I woke up.  For real.  So, thank you for invading my dreams and leaving me hanging like that!