Embracing His Pain

By: DarkMistressJ

Copyright 2007
Edit by: redbottom


She sat patiently on the floor, hands behind her back folded properly with a long ribbon covering her eyes.  She was wearing the pair of red panties that he adored so much and a black and red corset that matched perfectly.  Her heart was pounding with anticipation for what was about to happen.  She started slowly breathing, trying hard to calm herself.  She was nervous because this was the first time Master had taken her in the room to ’play’.


The room wasn’t your typical bedroom with a bed and a dresser, but instead it was a huge walk-in closet that was void of everything but a small portable nightstand that could easily be moved out of the way if needs be.  The room was carpeted with white walls and had a normal door that was pretty good for keeping sounds contained.  Since it is a closet it had bars for hanging clothes up, which were very sturdy and looked perfect for tying things up to.  Overhead was a bright light that Master had turned on since he would be closing the door and losing the light from the other room.


Master entered the room and gently patted her on her head to let her know that he was there.  She lovingly pushed her head against his hand and lightly cuddled up to it.  He then moved his hand and she could hear him positioning the little nightstand and then him opening his case.  After preparing everything he closed the door and ran his hand down her cheek.


“Are you ready to begin Mōguri?” he asked.  She nodded her head lightly.  “All right my pet, then let us begin.”

“Mōguri stand,” he demanded as she quickly rose to her feet keeping her hands to her sides.  Once on her feet Master ran his hands up and down her body as he examined her.  “I’m pleased to see you are wearing the panties that I love on you my pet.  I see that even when allowed your own freedom to dress for this occasion you know what to wear to make your Master happy.  However, my pet, having to undo this corset is going to take sometime, time that is very precious to me as it should be to you.  I told you to not over do things this time because we are limited on time.”

Her head lowered a little.  “I am sorry Master.  I was simply trying to make my body as presentable as possible for you Sir.  Please forgive my lack of thinking when choosing this piece of clothing Sir."

He lifted her head up and ran his hand down her cheek.  “It is all right my pet.  I know you had only the best intentions when choosing it.  However, unless I specifically state for you to wear such an item I do not want you to wear something like this again, do you understand?”  She nodded.  “Good. Now, let us turn this mistake into something positive and make it a game.  For each clasp I must undo you will get one lashing from my whip.  If it goes over twenty then the ones left from that moment on would no longer count as a lashing, but two smacks on your bottom along with the twenty lashings.  Do you understand my pet?”  He could see her cringe at the thought of how many lashings she would have to endure.  “Do you understand Mōguri?”  He asked again.

“Yes Master,” she replied, trying not to let her nervousness show.

 “Good.  Now, while I undo each one, you will keep count.  Are you ready my pet?”  She nodded her head and wet hear lips preparing to count.

He undid the first one.  “One,” she said out loud and continued to do so till she reached twenty.

“We’ve already hit twenty my pet and there are still more to go.  From now on you will say “two” each time one is undone.”  She shook her head and continued to count off in two’s.  By the time he was done Master had undone twenty-six hooks.  “Now my pet, how many lashings and smacks on your bottom is that?”

She took a moment and then replied.  “Twenty lashings from your whip Sir and twelve smacks on my bottom Sir.”

He patted her on her head again.  “Very good my pet.”  She smiled; glad to hear she had done well.  “Now my pet, we shall really begin."

He removed the corset off her body completely and put it next to his kit.  He then ran his hands over his pet’s body, caressing every part of her, taking in the softness of her skin and the warmth of her body.

“Mōguri, arms up,” quickly she lifted her arms up and spread them out.

“Good pet,” he replied as he took her left wrist and tied a bright red slender rope around it.  After doing so he grabbed her right wrist and did the same to it.  He then proceeded to tie the loose ends of each of the ropes to the highest bar in the room leaving her in just her red panties, blindfolded, facing him with her arms suspended and apart in the air.

He jerked at the restraints around her wrist, making sure they were secure and not too tight.  “Mōguri, legs,” quickly she spread her legs apart and planted her feet firmly to the ground.  “I will not be gagging you this time.  I want to hear you moan and scream my dear.  Just don’t be too loud my sweet pet.  Do you understand?”

She nodded.  “Yes Master, I understand”.

He patted her again, “Good pet.”  He said as he grabbed his flogger.

He picked up his flogger and lashed her once on her stomach.  She gasped, not fully expecting to feel his whip on her so soon as her body lightly jerked.  He continued on, giving her lashing after lashing across her stomach, breast, and upper thighs.  After about 10 lashings he ran his hands down her stomach and breasts, feeling the heat emitting from her now lightly pink skin. She moaned quietly from the sensations of her Master’s hands on her body.  He then kissed her shoulders and then her forehead, lightly touching her cheeks with his hands.

He moved the part of the restraints attached to the bar next to each other, making her arms meet in the middle.  “Now that you are warmed up my pet I will start to be harder with you my dear.” 

She nodded.  “Also my pet I think it is time we start introducing your body to more pleasurable pain.”

He went to his kit and pulled out a set of alligator clip nipple clamps. "We will start you off with a lower amount of pressure and increase it every time we used them, okay my pet?"

 She took a moment and then grudgingly agreed.

He rubbed her right nipple lightly as he watched it start to get hard and then he put the clamp on it.  She gasped loudly and gritted her teeth as a few tears started to stream down her face.  The pain was like nothing she had ever felt before.

Shh my pet!  Don’t worry; it will all be over soon.  You will learn to accept the pain and enjoy it.”  He said as he wiped the tears from her face and kissed her cheek.  After he had calmed her he then proceeded to do the same with her left breast.  She gasped and jerked like the time before but made sure to be quieter.

 He patted her on the head.  “You have done well my Mōguri.  Now, turn around my pet.”

She nodded and turned away from him.  In front of her was another bar that sat right around her midsection.

Bend slightly over that bottom bar my pet,” he commanded as she obediently granted his request of her.

Now she was facing away from him, legs spread apart, slightly bent over, making her bottom very presentable while still leaving plenty of room for her back to get good lashings from her Master.

He began the first of her last ten lashings.  She gasped and began to tremble. He ran his hand gently down her back.

“You are doing very well my pet.  Very well. Keep it up and perhaps Master will reward you for being such a good pet.”

She took a few deep breaths and nodded her head acknowledging his words and showing her readiness to continue.  He kissed her back and then stepped back and let out another lashing.  Each one he gave her was harder than the last and made her gasp and moan. Eventually the lashings were over and it was time for her spanking.

“Mōguri, legs,” quickly she closed her legs slightly still leaving a little room between her legs.  Master removed her red panties and put them to the side.  “Mōguri, legs,” he said one last time, making her put her legs back into their original position.

He came up behind her and stroked her backside until he moved his arms around her allowing him to rub the front of her thighs.  While rubbing her thighs he kissed her back lightly while he moved his hands up to her breasts.  He ran his hands over them, just barely missing her swollen clamped nipples.  He then ran his finger around her nipples, teasing them, causing her body to jerk against his frantically as the pain of the clamps started to worsen and the pleasure of his hands on her grew stronger causing her to moan.

He returned his hands to her bottom and began massaging it gently before slapping it firmly with his hand. Her body jerked forward and she moaned again.  He always was very good at spankings and was merciless when giving them out.  He spanked her firmly each time, alternating between cheeks as to even out the pain and a rosy pink color on her bottom that began to show.

After his final smack on her bottom he turned her body around to face him.  He took a moment to just look at her trembling body.  Admiring her courage and her now rosy pink skin.  He slowly removed each nipple clamp and a moan of relief escaped her mouth with the removal of each one.  He undid the restraints and lowered her arms to the sides.  He then removed the blindfold and kissed her forehead, embracing her as she went limp in his arms.

“Thank you Master,” she said as she gripped his body tightly.  He smiled and kissed her on her forehead before lowering both of them to the ground.  Once on the floor he draped her weak body over his lap and held her closely to him.

“You are very welcome Mōguri.  You have made you Master very proud of you today.”  He said as he smiled at her.

She returned the smile and cuddled up to his chest.  “I shall always do my best to make you proud of me Master.” 

“I know my dear pet.  You make me very proud.”  He lifted her head and looked into her eyes, “I love you my pet, my Mōguri,” he said as he leaned down to kiss her lips.

She smiled, taking in his words and his warmth, which to her were the most precious and most special reward she could ever gain.

“I love you too Master,” she replied as she cuddled up closer to him and enjoyed the safety and satisfaction of being in his arms.

The End