Kira's Discovery

By Satrina

Copyright 2004



Chapter 1


"Ahhhhhh" she whimpered and moaned as her father continued to drive his hard cock into her tight teenage pussy. Today he took her doggy style, her body leaned forward on her elbows so her soft creamy ass jetted up for his view. His strong hands gripped her hips tightly to pull her on and off of his thrusting cock.

"Oh yeah Kira..." he slapped her ass hard while watching his thick eight and a half inch cock disappear between the soft folds of his daughter's tight pink little hole "Daddy loves his girl" he spoke between heavy ragged breaths "you make daddy feel so good baby", again the loud smacking sound filled his bedroom as his hand once more slapped against his daughters smooth ass. His large handprint, raised from the welts it caused, deepened its reddish color to stand out from her milky white colored ass "Tell daddy how good his cock makes you feel". Her father was once again lost in his uncontrollable lust. He liked her to talk dirty to him, even insisted on it.

The soft sounds of their flesh slapping against each other seemed to mix with the melody of their continuous groaning. He was thankful his wife often worked late as he found himself desiring his daughter's sweet, tight pussy over hers. He still loved his wife, and continued to enjoy her pussy three to four times each week. Though their sex life was a healthy one, he could not seem to control his thoughts from thinking about Kira and the way her pussy seemed to hug his thick, vein covered, cock so perfectly.

William wasn't a small man by any standards. He carried the typical middle age spread most men seemed to get once reaching their forties and stood easily at six foot two. By no means; however, was he extremely out of shape. Having worked his whole life as an auto mechanic, his stoutness was more muscular than fat. Many women often seemed to mistaken William to be in his mid thirties. His wavy raven hair encircled his masculine olive tone features, his eyes were a deep chocolate brown, and he liked to be clean shaven which also seemed to help give him that boyish appeal that the ladies seemed to like.

He watched as his daughter's luscious body shook from each powerful shove of his hips causing his stomach to pound against her ass. Each time he pushed forward, his throbbing cock sunk deeper into the warm, tight, confines of her inviting pussy, the impact of their bodies colliding forced her face down into the soft queen sized mattress. William thought it was these times Kira looked the most beautiful. The glow of being fucked seemed to radiate from her young features. Kira seemed to take her looks more from him than her mother, Kimberly. Long, thick, ebony hair she often wore straight, brought out her high cheek bones and emerald colored eyes. Her angular face often displayed an expression of innocence, something he took from her almost six months earlier. Another loud slap from his hand met her ass "Tell me baby, tell daddy how bad you want his big cock!"

"Oh fuck me nice and hard Daddy" she begged. She pushed her ass backwards to meet his hips so that every inch of his impaling, hard cock penetrated her deep inside her womb. She clenched her tight, velvet walls around his manhood each time he dragged it out from inside. She could feel his thick fingers tighten their grip at her waist to move her body back and forth at his will. He had told her that first night that her pussy belonged to him, and only to him. He liked hearing that he owned her. "I'm daddy's dirty slut to fuck whenever he wants."

"Who owns your sweet pussy Kira?" he asked her. William shoved the full length of his throbbing cock into her wet, young pussy. His large digits dug deeper into her soft flesh to hold her against his cock.  He groaned as he savored the feel of it, the softness of it, and the gentle clenching and releasing of her walls. "Oh yes, God, you have the sweetest little puss."

"You do Daddy" she answered. When she squeezed the muscles inside her pussy she heard his deep groan and knew he liked what she just did. "Daddy is allowed to fuck me whenever he wants". That was true. William had a few weeks ago instructed his daughter she was to wear only skirts or dresses from now on when she was home, and that she was to no longer wear panties beneath it. He had told her he wanted complete access of her body whenever he felt the urge or the situation presented itself. He took advantage of each moment that came up.  He had become bolder and sometimes insisted on touching it when her mother was in the house.

The words she now spoke to him were no longer things she only said to please him. After six months of her fathers constant sexual assaults on her 17 year old body, she too found that she looked forward to their after school fucks. On many days, before reaching the house, she could feel her panties sticking to her moist pussy. Her nipples would instantly seem to harden into two tiny pebbles that threatened to poke through her top. The closer she came upon the two story white house, and seeing her father's car parked in the driveway, her pussy would start to ache with a familiar need. It wasn't always this way though; she started to think back to when it all started, and what happened to change her life forever.

Her memory replayed the day she had come home from school early. Cheerleading practice had been canceled because her coach was sick and her best friend had left early from school that day, also claiming she had been sick. Kira had nothing to do but go home. As she approached the house she had first noticed Amy's bike sitting against the garage door in front of her fathers tan colored Mercury Sable that sat in the driveway. This told her right away daddy was home. It was not uncommon for her father to beat her mother home. In fact, it was more common that her mother would have to end up staying late at the office.

Perhaps, she thought, Amy had started to feel better and they could keep their plans to do some shopping at the mall. Or if she wasn't feeling much better they could sit around playing games. She had never been aware of Amy's real reason to why she left school early, and little did she know she was moments away from finding out. As Kira thought, after gripping the metallic door handle to go inside, it was unlocked. Standing now in the entrance way she tossed her books and jacket on to the nearby chair.

It was then she heard the soft moans and groans coming from the living room. She knew what it had sounded like from the entranceway, and couldn't believe what her ears had told her. It was the sound of a couple fucking. The only two people she was certain was in the house was her father and her best friend Amy. Determined to find out what was going on she silently moved towards the living room and peeked around the corner. She knew what she expected to see, however; seeing it in front of her in the cold hard reality of what was going on, caused Kira to freeze from shock. 

There was Amy, her best friend, sitting up top of her fathers lap with her white cheerleading top pulled up to the top of her tits. The bra she had been wearing undone, and her father's mouth latched on to one of her tits while moaning. Her other nipple seemed as if he had recently enveloped it with his mouth. The small hard bud was a deep red, swollen, and exposed several reddened bite marks. Her friend's lithe body bounced against his hips. His hands gripped her rounded firm ass to help bring Amy up and down against his lap. Kira assumed he had his cock stuffed into her.

Amy, a blond haired slender girl a year younger than Kira, also stood at least three inches shorter than her at a petite five foot two inches. Like Kira, Amy was very much in athletic shape. Muscular thighs hugged against her fathers as she rode him. Amy had always told Kira she was a virgin just like her. Now she realized Amy had been lying to her.

Kira remained frozen in place, standing while watching the two. Amy's head tossed back as she rode her father’s lap for all she was worth. The girl's voice was low, ragged, her chest was heaving as she breathed, and further drew attention to her ample sized tits. Only a C cup, they appeared larger on her small body.

"Ah, Ah, Oh yes, so good" her friend was mumbling as she bounced up and down in her father's lap. "Oh Mr. Phillips your thick cock is stretching my pussy apart" The room smelled of their sex, and Kira could hear the wet slurping sounds of her father's cock penetrating Amy's shaven pussy. "I love riding your cock Mr. Phillips, it makes my pussy feel so fucking good".  Amy spoke the words and felt the truth in them, her body did love the feel of how his cock stretched it apart, how the walls of her pussy felt as it clenched his steel like rod.  In her mind however, it was in a struggle. She hated that she liked having his cock inside her. She hated that she was manipulated to come satisfy his cravings when he arranged for her to meet him, regardless of the time or her plans. Even as she hated it all, her body loved every minute having him do the things he desired so much. She often found herself with her fingers pushed inside her, thinking of their sex on the days he didn't see her.

Her father's response was a deepened groan as he continued his assault of sucking and chewing on Amy's rounded tit. His strong hands squeezed her ass cheeks harder to raise her up from his pulsing cock until only his swollen mushroom shaped head remained inside her, then quickly he forced her back into his lap to sink his entire thick length back inside the girl's tight teen pussy. Amy seemed to squeal with delight when she raised her head to look at her father. William bit the girl’s tit hard enough to leave another red imprint before releasing it from his mouth's grip. Again, Amy seemed to squeal her happiness at it.

As Kira continued to watch the pair in secrecy she felt an odd ache between her legs. Her own pussy began to moisten and become aroused.  Her breathing started to become shallow. Her heartbeat quickened. She thought herself crazy, for getting turned on at watching her friend ride her fathers cock.

William's voice was deeper, masculine and ragged as he spoke to Amy with an air of authority. "Such a beautiful girl. Tell me again slut what your purpose is." He had worked the past several months to mold Amy into his personal sex slave. The girl already had a submissive nature about her, he simply helped her to fine tune it. His thick finger traced the outline of the girls swollen lips, they were red and at the corners were little patches of dried blood from tearing slightly when she had sucked his hard shaft for him just earlier that afternoon.

"To make your cock feel good. My purpose is to obey and serve you" she answered. She felt William push up to bury every inch of his manhood inside her. A moan escaped her throat from the ripple of pleasure his thrust created. He then dragged his cock out of her and lifted her from his lap. He next sat her on the couch and stood in front of her. Grabbing the girl’s slender legs he shoved them apart. Her shaven pussy glistened from her juices. He spread her legs further causing her slit to open partially.

"Very good Amy" he spoke, his fingers coiled around his cock to help guide it to the opening of her pussy.  William next lowered on the couch with his knees on either side of her ass cheeks, leaning forward he pushed his rock hard dick into her soft folds again. "Ah. Fuck yes. So fucking good you slut". He pinned her legs against the wall of his muscular chest. "I'm going to fuck your tight little pussy apart you whore"

Amy seemed to moan in relief. Kira could see a smile form on her friend’s face. She seemed to like how her father was treating her. Kira's pussy seemed to throb in perfect rhythm of her heartbeat. She needed to touch her hard clit. Watching the two aroused her like nothing had done before. Kira masturbated regularly since puberty. Many times her fantasies included her father. She would never dream of telling him about it. It had been her secret. As her eyes stayed glued to Amy and her daddy, her stomach felt odd. She felt jealous of her friend. Her friend was doing everything she had only dreamed of doing.

As she continued to watch her hand slipped beneath the short white and blue trimmed cheerleading skirt. Slender fingers pushed the cotton crotch of her panties aside to delve into her aching, wet, warm orifice.

"Please fuck me Mr. Phillips" Amy begged her father as he continued to hammer his massive cock into her. “Oh God, please fuck me harder” Moan after moan erupted from Amy. She was truly in heaven as her climax approached. She wanted to cum so bad, yet still felt guilty that she wanted it. To Amy, when she was in the midst of having him pummel his cock into her, she thought of it as a movie she was watching. She didn't see it as she was being fucked, but rather she was watching it happen to someone else.  It was her way of dealing with the situation life had handed her at the moment.

William could tell he had brought Amy to the edge and slowed his quick pace. “No baby, not yet.”  He briefly looked around the living room to find a place to fuck his toy next. That was all the girl amounted to in his eyes. Nothing more than a toy to fuck, as he wanted. Soon he planned to take her virgin ass as well, but for now, his focus remained solely on those luscious young lips of hers and that tight warm pussy between her legs that he loved to sink his throbbing cock into for relief.

He slipped his cock from her again and heard a soft whimper of dissatisfaction from her. He recalled the first time he had forced her to take him. She had always been a dick tease in his eyes. Always coming over and flashing him peeks under her uniform skirt. She would always look at him and seductively lick her lips in his direction. Once, she had come home with Kira to supposedly study, and knowing he was the study, went to the connecting bathroom and left the door open. She raised her skirt high as she pulled her panties down, exposing her young shaven pussy for his view. It was then he knew he would have her eventually.

Amy had liked to play games. She thought it was amusing how he reacted when she had come to visit Kira. She only meant to tease him, never to actually allow him to touch her. She had gotten bold and came over early from school to pretend to be waiting for Kira. It was then William acted.

He had pounced on the girl, and roughly kissed her to stifle her protested yells. His hands had her panties down in a matter of seconds before he worked on his own pants. His cock had already been throbbing from her teasing and offered peeks at her young creamy white flesh. He was buried inside her before she could attempt to yell again. His thrusts hard, quick, determined as he worked to his end—spilling his seed inside her. William had known then the girl was no virgin. Her hips had started to work against his like a pro. No hymen to break. She had submitted to him easily. It was when it was over that the girl cried and threatened to tell on him. He quickly pointed out how she had teased him and skipped school to come to his house. He convinced her no one would believe her rape story. Amy being young believed him. Now sixth month later, he enjoyed her at least four times a week.

He pushed the memory from his mind and looked to the chair. He walked over to it, his cock coming into Kira’s view for the first time. Her mouth opened slightly as she saw the length of it.

Williams’s wet reddish colored cock stood out in front of him as he walked. Though he was only eight and half inches hard, it was the biggest cock Kira had seen. This forced her fingers deeper into her virgin cunny until her thin hymen stopped them. She realized where her father was taking Amy and quickly turned to run to the stairs then to her room.

William saw Kira run away and was curious as to how much she had seen. For now, his cock needed release, and Amy was more than ready to cum as well. “Come here bitch” he ordered, now sitting in the chair. His cock stood upright, ready to impale Amy’s sweet, tight, pussy once more. This time however, he would fill it once more with thick sticky cum.

Amy didn’t hesitate to make it to him. She had not caught Kira watching them. She knew this position well with him and turned to sit in his lap, her back would be against his chest. He would force her legs open wide so that each hug over his hips. She loved this position. He knew that as well, which meant today she would be allowed to climax. Easing onto his cock, he gripped her legs as expected and opened them wide. ”Please, Mr. Phillips make me cum” she whispered.

Kira went to her bed. Her own body needed to feel the thousand tingles that only orgasm promised to deliver her. Lying back, she softly moaned as her fingers worked her clit and wet pussy opening. Her mind filled with the images of Amy and her father. As her fingers worked, she realized it wasn’t Amy at all in the images she played in her head. It was herself.

Amy pressed her back against the strong muscular wall behind her. His chest was warm and sweaty. His hand went to her pussy as they rocked themselves in the chair. His fingers immediately found her clit and rubbed it. His other hand gripped her swollen tit to massage it roughly. His lips found her neck and showered the softness with kisses. “Talk to me Amy, tell me how your pussy feels. Tell me what a dirty little slut you are”.

Amy’s chest heaved as she sucked in deep breath after deep breath. She couldn’t fight cumming for much longer. “Your cock makes my pussy fell so good.” She spoke the words between heavy breaths and soft moans. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum over your cock. OH! Yes! Make me cum”

His fingers rubbed her clit faster. Her thin body spasms against his lap. “Cum you slut. That’s it you dirty bitch, cum on my cock” he urged her. Her velvet soft pussy walls quivered around his dick. As his own release neared, he forced the girl up and down harder, not caring that she was whimpering from the pain he was inflicting on her. “You fucking bitch, I’m going to fill that sweet hole with my thick hot load, you’d like that wouldn’t you? You like my load filling up that tight fucking pussy don’t you?”

”AH!” she cried out. She felt the first warm spurt of his sticky seed inside her. “Oh yes, I want my pussy filled with your hot cum” He held her against his lap to bury his cock deep inside her pussy. He wanted his load to fill her deep. She clenched and released her muscles around his cock to milk each drop into her.

William needed to talk to Kira before his wife, Kim, returned home. Not caring about the girl’s feelings he lifted her from his cock and pushed her forward out of the way. “Get cleaned up and get home. I will see you Wednesday at the same time” He began to redress himself as Amy started her ritualistic crying after I was all done. “Crying about it gets you now where, and the way your pussy came on my cock, you loved every minute of it”

This caused Amy to cry more. She fixed her bra and top. She readjusted her skirt. Why did she like it so much? Her body felt wonderful.  Peaceful. Her body was in a state of pure bliss. Her mind couldn’t accept the fact she yearned to be used by him. 

William was done dressing and already moving up the stairs towards his daughter’s bed room to find it left open. The soft click that came from the front door told him that Amy had left for the night, which also meant it was just him and Kira now in the house.

His daughter, not noticing him, had her legs spread.  Her virgin pussy was exposed for anyone’s viewing pleasure. Her fingers were again working on her clit and wet pussy. His daughter was masturbating right in front of his eyes.

Her body started shuddering. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned out as she came.

William could feel his cock grow inside his pants again as she watched his daughter, mesmerized by how beautiful she looked. His hand started to rub the growing bulge to ease some of the pressure he felt in his jeans.

“Oh daddy…..your cock is so good….it feels so good…” she whispered out. Those words shocked William, yet his cock instantly hardened at the sound of them. He stepped into her room and quietly walked to the bed. Her eyes were closed in her own world. “Oh yes daddy….fuck me”

William’s hand went Kira’s pussy which startled her back to reality. “Daddy is right here baby. Daddy is going to fuck you and make you feel real good” There would be no stopping William from taking what he wanted. The look in his eyes was foreign to her. They were lustful, almost uncaring. 

“But Daddy,” her voice showed her fear

“Shhhh” he motioned her, his finger slid into her wet snatch, penetrating it until he felt the wall that told him that he would be her first. “Don’t worry baby, Daddy is going to make your fantasy come true. Amy likes daddy’s cock and so will you”


To Be Continued

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