New Toys

Copyright 2007

By Tulia




The telephone rang, picking it up, wondering who it might be.


“How are you doing today?”  Peter’s voice broke the silence on the other end of the line.


“Actually, very good.”  I answered cheerfully.


“Glad to hear it.  I wanted to thank you for yesterday.”


“The pleasure was mine.”  I answered with satisfaction.  I didn’t cum the day before, but I found it quite satisfying to prove to him I wasn’t the only one that was perverse, making him cum with my finger up his ass.  I can try out a lot with him.  But we usually end up laughing so it’s also usually only him that cums.  But I’m still having my fun with him.


“Was it?  You didn’t cum.”


“Don’t worry.  I made it up to me today.”  I was quite pleased with myself.


“So your package has arrived?”  He asked with a hint of curiosity.


“Actually no, but I have very skilful fingers.”  I already told him about my new dildo.  I paid for it so it was mine even if it wasn’t here yet.


“I thought you’d wait.”  He almost laughed.


Hell, why should I.  I didn’t know when the package would be arriving.  I had my fun with him last night, but my pussy didn’t get its satisfaction.  I couldn’t manage to concentrate on studying today.  Masturbation sounded like a good alternative, and I felt better afterwards.


We chatted for another few minutes, Peter wishing me a pleasant afternoon at the end.  I hung up and stared at the pile of papers.  I should have been memorizing that stuff, but I couldn’t make myself to do it.  So I checked the email instead.  Nothing.  I already sated my lust so sighing I started to learn.  It didn’t work any better than that morning.  I caught myself reading the same sentence for the third time.  Great!  If I really don’t want to learn, I start to think in Polish and just ignore German.  I looked at my laptop again.  Email.  You won 20 euro.  And what do I have to buy to get this money?  I delete it.  Another one.  From Packstation.  A smile appeared on my face.  I felt like a child given a lollypop.  I guess I’ll get my dildo today.  New package for you!  The only thing I ordered lately was the dildo.  Time to pick up my toy!


I discovered Packstation service accidentally.  If you order something, you just give the address of the nearest Packstation instead of your own and get an email when the package arrives.  And the best thing about it is that you can pick up the package any time, day and night.  It looks like an oversized cash machine with lots of small doors on both sides.  You just need a PIN code.  And it’s completely free.


I made myself on the way to the Packstation.  It’s only fifteen minutes away, but I took a car and was there in five.  The package was lighter than I thought it would be.  Excitedly I raced back home.


I closed the door of my room and started to unpack it.  A carton box, a lot of paper and the plastic packaging.  A carton box so big you would think I ordered a dildo for an elephant.  But I finally got my toy in the hands, my hands trembling in excitement as I held it.  I ran my fingers over it, hard and cold glass, dark blue and shiny.  It was smaller than I thought it would be, the head of the dildo thicker than its shaft.  I looked back in the box and found what I was looking for.  Nipple suckers.  I saw them on the same website and thought I’d give them a try.  I opened the small box and took them out.  They looked smaller on the picture.  Are they supposed to suck my whole tits in them?


Now it was time to play, my studying all but forgotten.  All the time I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.  It’s almost like Christmas.  Brand new toys, all for me.  I took my toys with me to the bed, lying back on the pillow, making myself comfortable.  I opened Enslaved, Powerone’s newest novel, but couldn’t concentrate on reading.  I don’t get aroused that quickly, do I?  I gave the nipple suckers a curious look and took off my tee shirt.  My nipples had already begun to harden with anticipation, poking through my bra.  I undid my bra and let it slid down, the silk material running over my nipples, stimulating them erect.  I love the thrill that goes through my body when my breasts lose their warm cover.


I took one of the nipple suckers, pressing the hard plastic until it engulfed my whole nipple even before sucking it in.  I squeezed the round bubble on the end of it and let it go.  “EEEEHHH!”  It took my breath away, the plastic quickly regaining its original form sucking my nipple in it.  It was painful at first but it quickly became something more.  A shiver of pleasure shook my body, and I took the other nipple sucker to put it on my other nipple, seeing that it was already hard.  It was a strange feeling, a bit painful but exciting.


I went back to reading going through the pages of “Enslaved”, reading as Michael forces Rebecca to suck his cock, choking her with it as he shoves it down her throat.  I was getting more and more aroused, my pussy wet, my stretched nipples yanked by the nipple suckers.  I took off my pants, then panties but still didn’t touch myself, spreading my legs slightly, seeing the moisture glistening on my bush.  The book was starting to get very interesting, Matt following Kim, catching her and raping her.  I’d already cum twice today so it would take me some time to get to the edge again.


After a while I pulled the nipple suckers away from my tits.  They came off with a loud pop, sending another shiver of excitement along my spine as my nipples were stretched before they finally burst free.  My pussy woke up with interest.  I looked at the violet plastic of the nipple sucker and made a decision.  That might hurt.  I squeezed the bulbous head of my new toy and pressed it against my clit.  I slowly let it go and felt a pleasant suction.  It might have been made for the nipples but it worked perfectly well on my pleasure button.  I reached down to my slit.  I was dripping wet.  I pulled off the sucker and gasped for air, a pleasant feeling spreading through my body.  It wasn’t painful.  Yet.  I pressed the sucker against my clit again, this time letting it to suck more of it in.  My hands went up to my breast to play with my neglected nipples. The arousal was slowly taking over my body, but I still refused to lose control.


After few minutes I freed my clit from its plastic prison.  God, I never saw my clit so big.  My fingers went down to touch it.  It wasn’t only big but also hard and very sensitive.  I collected some of my juices and felt the hard bud under my fingers.  A moan escaped my lips.  It felt so good.  I reached for the dildo lying beside me.  I took the shiny cold glass into my mouth, just as Alan had made Kim suck his cock in Enslaved.  It wasn’t like a real cock.  But, although smaller, it seemed as powerful as a real one, maybe because of its unyielding hardness and cold smooth surface.  I let it slide down my neck, between my breasts, across my belly until it reached my throbbing clit.  My legs parted wide to allow the dildo full access.  I was so excited I held my breath.


I played with my clit for a while, enjoying the shivers that swept through my body as the hard glass rubbed my swollen clit.  Then I slipped the dildo down my slit, pushing the petals of my lips aside until it pushed against the entrance of my hungry pussy.  It went in, too hard and too fast, making me jump.  I love the first thrust.  It always makes my body shiver.  I let the dildo slid in and out of my dripping pussy clenching my muscles around it.  It felt so good, my insides gripping the hard glass dildo, making me moan.  I pushed hard burying the whole length of the dildo in me and clenched my tights together trapping it inside, my ass rising up from the bed.


With my hands on my side I went back to reading Enslaved again, Michael now tying up Lyn spread-eagle, naked and vulnerable.  In spite of the book, I found it hard to concentrate on it, the dildo lying still inside me.  I don’t know what turned me more on, the erotic novel or the fact that I kept myself waiting, teasing myself.


It didn’t take long until I couldn’t stand it any longer, taking the nipple sucker as I spread my legs wide.  I was so wet the dildo almost slid out of my pussy.  I pushed it back in, gripping it possessively with my muscles, a delicious feeling spreading from my pussy when I felt the movement again.  I pressed the nipple sucker against my clit making sure it took as much of it in as possible and let it work its magic.  It hurt a lot this time.  My clit was slowly sucked in, feeling as if somebody was trying to rip it off my body.  It again took my breath away.  I whimpered and began to slide the dildo in and out.  First slowly then quicker and harder.  My legs spread so wide it was almost painful.  I dug my fingernails in my thigh but it was my clit that had all my attention.  I was now fucking myself hard with the hard glass dildo that became warm from staying so long in my hot pussy.  I couldn’t stop the soft moans escaping my lips.  It felt so good it was almost painful.  Or maybe the other way around, I couldn’t tell.  And even though my body was shaking in excitement I needed more to fall over the edge.  I pushed the dildo deep inside me clenching my muscles around it.  Reluctantly I closed my legs again, trapping the thick glass dildo inside my pussy.


This time I took my time with reading, a masochistic thrill going through my body as I denied myself the pleasure my body craved. I didn’t allow my body to orgasm even as Michael took Courtney, training the lesbian to like the thick cock that split her up the middle.  My eyes were racing thought lines of text until I didn’t know what I was reading any more, my body screaming for my attention.  Finally I gave up on the book, my arousal reached to a fevered pitch, unable to deny my pleasure any longer.


My legs parted again, my pussy throbbing with excitement, the nipple sucker still in tight possession of my clit.  I grabbed the dildo pushing it almost out before thrusting it back in, not even bothering to do it gently this time.  I was right on the edge, my body screaming for another orgasm.  I pulled the sucker away from my body but it wouldn’t come off.  God, it hurt so much as my delicate clit was stretched so far.  And it felt so good it made me almost scream.  I gasped for air pulling harder on the sucker, pushing the dildo in harder.  For a moment I saw stars and my body stiffened.  I came hard, the pain sending me over the edge.  My body shook again and again as the waves of blinding release swept through my clit and pussy.  I pushed again losing myself in the pleasure from my pussy and the pain from my clit.  Another powerful orgasm shook my body, making me whimper.


The warm feeling of sexual satisfaction drew a big smile on my face.  I was lying on the bed still panting after cumming so hard.  I freed my clit from the nipple sucker and took the dildo out of my pussy licking it as though Michael was making me.  Peter was right, I do taste good.  It took me few minutes to stand up.  I still felt a bit dizzy.  I looked at the bed.  God, what a mess.  I guess I’ll have to change the sheets, my cum all over it, and dripping down my thighs.  I saw my clit.  It was red and swollen.  I never saw it like this before.  But I felt damn good and satisfied.  Thank you, Powerone.  Thank you, dildo.


The End







To Read “Enslaved” by Powerone, CLICK HERE


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