Paying Debts

Part One

By Tulia

Copyright 2007





The moon was shining through the windows in the bedroom casting eerie shadows on the walls.  Tulia slowly opened her eyes trying to hold onto the memories of the dream she just had, but all she could remember was the grinning face of Daniel.  She had this dream before, always waking up horny but with only a vague recollection.


It had been over two weeks since her stay in the hospital.  Daniel still hadn’t called her. The first few days she was happy about it, trying to forget what had happened.  Then the dreams started, leaving her aroused and unfulfilled when she woke up in the middle of the night.


And then there was Michael always lurking in her head.  He didn’t call her either since he brought her home from the hospital. He was angry when he left her in front of her dormitory saying he was in the hurry.   Somehow Tulia couldn’t bring herself to ask him about her dildo, though she knew Michael would make her beg to get it back.  She hoped he would call her when he was in better mood but apparently he didn’t intend to make it easier for her. He never did.  For the first few days she didn’t call him because she was afraid of his reaction.  Then she told herself that another few days wouldn’t make a difference.  In the end she was afraid of Michael’s reaction knowing she waited too long.  She caught herself staring at the phone but neither of the men called.


Tulia tossed in the bed, now lying on her back.  Her hand slid down her belly to meet her warm pussy finding it already dripping wet.  A soft moan escaped her lips at the sudden touch of her own fingers.  Her nipples hardened in anticipation.  She moved her fingers down her slit collecting her juices, the warm feeling spread through her body and a hungry creature awoke screaming for an orgasm.  She cupped her breast with the other hand, pinching her nipple through thin fabric of her night gown.  Her legs parted to meet her fingers as she began gentle massage of her clit.  The world and all her needs focused between her legs as her hips began to move on their own.  The memories of her on her knees in front of Daniel with the dildo in her ass came back and Tulia felt an orgasm rising. Her fingers became more demanding, her touch no longer gentle, pinching hard her nipple and swollen clit.  Tulia shivered, panting in excitement.  Her swollen bud grew hard from her abuse.  Her movement became faster but she couldn’t push herself over the edge.  Once again, like it happened so many times in last two weeks, she failed to give herself the release her body craved. Tulia moaned in disappointment, her fisting hitting the bed in anger.


“Damn you both.”  She whispered still panting.  She looked at the clock, it was half past two.  It was quiet outside, the dormitory asleep.  Tulia still couldn’t understand how it could have happened that nobody picked on her because of her “‘shower adventure”.  Either nobody cared, which was hard to believe or nobody knew.  Natalia, her roommate, told her about calling the medics, blushing a bit as she talked about it.  There wasn‘t any way that she didn’t noticed the dildo in Tulia’s pussy but Tulia didn’t want to push her luck asking about it.  She was perfectly happy with the situation as it was now.  With one exception.  The whole stay in hospital turned out to be a real turn-on for her body and imagination.  The tension was becoming more than she could bear.


“Damn you both.”  Tulia repeated this time louder.


She jumped as she heard her cell phone ringing. She slowly got up from the bed curious but scared what the call in the middle of the night could mean. The display showed an unknown number.


“Yes...” she answered with hesitation.


“Hi, it’s Daniel. Did I wake you up?”  A familiar gleeful voice greeted her.


“No, not really.”  Tulia felt her heart pounding fast and her pussy awaking with wetness to Daniel’s voice.  So this is it, she thought.


“Am I interrupting something?”  He asked with a hint of curiosity.


“No!”  Tulia’s face blushed and she answered too quickly and too loudly to make it sound believable.


“What are you doing then in the middle of the night if you’re not sleeping?”  There was something wicked in his voice as if he knew what she might have been doing.


Tulia bit her lip and said nothing.  She always had problems with responding fast in this kind of conversation.


“Were you masturbating?”  Daniel asked after a moment almost laughing.  “Have you already cum?”


“No.”  Tulia’s voice was no more than a whisper.  I think I already had this conversation with Michael before.  A thought flashed through her mind.  Damn you both, how do you always know what I do?


“Great!”  Daniel sounded very pleased.  “Come over to my place and I’ll see what I can do about that.”  He hung up abruptly.


Tulia wanted to protest but her body was screaming in anticipation.  Still blushing she strode to the bathroom to take a quick shower.  She was ready within fifteen minutes putting on the shabbiest clothes she could find in her wardrobe.  She was still bit angry because of the clothes Daniel brought her to the hospital.  And beside that, even if her body was shouting in anticipation, her mind still refused to accept being treated like a sex toy.


Tulia picked up the phone and called the taxi.  As she hung up she realized she had no idea where Daniel lived.  So sighing she called him back.


“Are you here yet?  I didn’t know you’re so horny.”  Daniel teased her.


“I don’t know where you live.”  Tulia ignored his greeting.


“Didn’t Michael tell you?” Daniel sounded surprised.


“No. I haven’t spoken to him for a while.”


“He wasn’t pleased with you running away from him.”  Daniel chuckled.


“I noticed.”


“So did you already make it up for him?”  


“Not really.”  Tulia bit her lip.


“Girl, you gonna be sorry.  I wouldn’t miss seeing that.”  He was laughing openly now. “Ok, here is my address.”


Tulia wrote it down quickly, seeing the taxi through the window pulling up in front of her dormitory.


“I have to go.  See you in a while.”  She spoke quickly and hung up without waiting for Daniel to answer.  He had done the same thing to her when he called her before.


The trip to Daniel’s flat was eventless.  Tulia almost expected some comments from taxi driver. She did her best not to look sexy and all the driver asked for was the address and didn’t say a word all the way.  Daniel flat was closer than Tulia thought, the trip taking only fifteen minutes. It turned out Daniel was living on the edge of the city centre.


Tulia paid the taxi driver and got up from the car looking for the number.  She quickly found the front door, but it turned out to be blocked by someone sleeping on the threshold.


“Eh, excuse me I need to get inside.”  She spoke loudly to the sleeping person.


“What?”  Sleepy eyes belonging to a middle aged man looked up at her.  “Oh, I’m sorry, miss.”  He slowly got up.  “You’re not living here, are you?” It was more a statement than a question.


“No, I’m visiting someone.”  Tulia answered hoping to avoid a conversation.  She looked at the list of names and realized she didn’t know Daniel’s last name.  That meant she would have to call him again.  Damn it!


“Are you here to see Daniel?”  The beggar seemed to know why she was here.


Tulia looked at him with surprise.


“He’s the only one having young women coming over at all times during day and night.”  He added. “Though, they usually are better looking.”


Was he saying she didn’t look good?  Of course, the clothes!  The hell with it.  When was the last time he’d seen soap?  Or a naked woman?


The stranger already hit the button on the wall and a second later Daniel’s voice came through the intercom.




“A visitor for you.”  The beggar said it before Tulia could open her mouth.


“Perfect!  Show her in, Martin.”  Daniel answered him quickly.


Tulia’s mouth fell open but Martin was already opening the door.


“This way, miss.”  He smiled at her.  He closed the door behind her when she walked in and followed her.  “Third floor.”


“I’ll find it myself.”  Tulia tried to get rid of him.


“Daniel is a very fine man.  He always finds few a little spare change for me or something to eat.”  He ignored her comment.


Daniel was already waiting at the open door as they reached the third floor.


“You made it in forty minutes.  You must be really horny!”  He chuckled.


Tulia’s face turned red in shame as she quickly walked in trying to avoid looking at Martin or Daniel.


“Thank you, Martin.” She heard Daniel talking to the beggar.


“No problem.”  Martin answered, eying Tulia with interest and making no attempts to go.  “You usually have prettier girls visiting you...” he added.


Tulia almost hissed at him casting him a deadly look.


“She just tries to annoy me with her clothes.  I can assure you she can look pretty good if she wants to.  Especially naked and begging for an orgasm.”  Daniel laughed as he saw the expression on her face.  “Wanna see?”  A wicked smile appeared on his face.


Tulia’s mouth fell open.  “You’re kidding!”


“Hell, yes!”  Martin screamed with enthusiasm.


“Ok, you can stay but you’ll have to go when I tell you.  Now, close the door.” Daniel decided.


“Hey, you can’t do this to me!”  Tulia voice was trembling with anger.  “Either he’ll go or I will.”  She crossed her arms, annoyed, her foot tapping nervously.


“You’re both staying.”  Daniel ignored her protests, moving closer to her.  “Time to get rid those rags.  I’ll enjoy striping you naked.”  He was so close now Tulia could feel his breath on her face.  Her nipples tightened to hard points with anticipation.


“He’s NOT watching.”  She tried again but this time her voice sounded more pitiful than convincing.  “Besides I can undress on my own.”


“If you wanna strip for me wear something sexy next time.”  He moved behind her making sure Martin had a good view her.  “You did shower for me,” he embraced her, smelling her neck.


Tulia felt her pussy starting to drip in excitement.  Then she looked at Martin and felt her face burning in shame.  Meanwhile Daniel’s hands slid under her blouse up to her breast to cup them, catching her off guard.  She moaned as his fingers reached their goal, pinching her nipples.


“Please, make him go.”  Tulia whispered pitifully seeing Martin stroking his cock through dirty pants.


Daniel just laughed, taking her blouse off leaving her breasts covered only the thin fabric of a plain white bra.  His hands returned quickly to caress her breasts making Tulia stand on her tiptoes.  She fell back feeling Daniel’s hard cock pinned against her ass.  She jerked, moaning with excitement.  Her hips were now moving on their own, gently massaging the hard flesh pushed against her, her pussy screaming for it to enter her.  She had to stop herself, wanting to put her hands in her panties and masturbate openly or reach behind for the cock.  Instead she clenched her hands in tight fists.


“Excited?”  Daniel chuckled.  “Wait until I get you naked.”  He whispered into her ear and bit her earlobe making her jump.  His hands went behind her back, undoing her bra.


Tulia felt the cool air caressing her breasts as Daniel freed them from their prison.  Her hands went automatically up to hide them from Martin’s view.  Daniel covered her hands with his, pinching Tulia’s nipples with her own fingers.


“Take care of them.  Show Martin what a naughty girl you are.”  He teased her.  “In the meantime I’ll take care of this.”  His hands rested on Tulia’s ass.


She looked back at him not sure if he was talking about her ass or clothes but aroused by his sudden touch.  Her fingers followed his order, pinching her nipples very hard.  She hoped that maybe the pain would allow her to think straight again.  It only made her gasp for air as the pain reached her brain.  Her legs parted, her pussy screaming for attention.  She would have fallen if Daniel hadn’t caught her.


“Horny little thing, isn’t she?”  Daniel laughed holding her with one hand and cupping her ass with another.


“Oh yes...” Martin murmured taking his cock out.  “Damn, she’s hot.  Let me see her tits.”


You heard him.” Daniel whispered to her.  “Arch your back and show him those beauties.  Move your hands away.”


The moan of humiliation escaped Tulia’s lips.  But she did as she was told letting her arms fall on her side, turning her head away and arching her back leaving her breasts on display.  She felt Daniel’ kissing her back, leaving wet traces along her spine as he went down lower.  Somehow the gentle touch of his lips made her finally loose control over her own body.  She didn’t care any more what was being done to her.


“Oh yes...” she moan in anticipation.


Daniel did a quick job taking off her jeans leaving her only in her panties.  His hands went back to her ass pushing the thin fabric deep into the groove between her buttocks.  Tulia felt his teeth on her skin nibbling her ass cheek.  Before she knew, he bit her, making her jump again.  Then she felt pressure between her legs as Daniel pulled her panties up driving them deep into her pussy.  They cut in like a rope, pushing hard against her clit making her almost cum.  She moaned loudly and her hands went back to her abandoned breasts pinching her nipples to hard points.


“Show Martin how hard you can cum, Tulia.  Bring yourself off with your fingers.”  Daniel ordered her, stripping off her panties.


Tulia felt her cheeks blushing.  She didn’t expect it.  It was different when he was doing it to her. It wasn’t something she could control, but demanding to masturbate before a complete stranger, before a dirty beggar that was stroking his filthy organ and panting loudly, was just too humiliating.  Her body screamed for release but her mind refused to admit openly her needs.


“Daniel, please...” she pleaded with him.


“Remember, I know what’s good for you.”  Daniel stood up and hit her buttock with his palm to encourage her.


Her hand went down without even her realizing it.  Her clit trembled in excitement, growing larger from her own touch.  Tulia gave a loud cry diving deeper with her fingers into her hot wet pussy.  She felt Daniel’s hands on her waist preventing her from falling down to her knees.  She could barely stand moaning loudly as her hands brought as much pleasure as she could bear, the tension built up over last few weeks.


“Come over, Martin.  You may cum on her if you want.”  Daniel said with amusement in his voice.


“Hell, yes!”  Martin was already on his way, stopping directly before Tulia his cock almost touching her belly.


“NO!”  Tulia shouted trying to back away from him, managing only to impale her ass on Daniel’s rigid cock.  But she didn’t move her fingers away from her pussy, too desperate to bring herself over the edge.  Something she didn’t manage to accomplish lately.


“You will cum when he does.”  Tulia heard Daniel’s order.


Her fingers went back to her clit, now slick with her juices.  She could smell the man standing before her, a mixture of dirt, alcohol and male arousal.  It made her stomach turn but didn’t stop her from masturbating, her pussy still dripping.  She used both hands now, one to pinch her clit, the other to impale herself on her own fingers, her pussy muscles squeezing her fingers painfully.  She wasn’t gentle any more, partly because she felt her orgasm rising and wanted badly the release and partly because she wanted to punish herself for being such a pervert.  The pain mixed quickly with the pleasure driving loud cries from her lips.


That was all Martin needed to climax, Tulia’s loud moans driving his cum from his balls.  He sprayed her belly with his seed again and again. “Oh yes!”


Tulia suddenly felt Daniel’s fingers pinching her nipples and the hot cum dripping down her belly.  Her head shot up and she came hard, her body trembling as she felt the next orgasm rising and her pussy gripping her fingers possessively.  She pinched her clit with her fingernails and screamed in pain.  Seconds later the next powerful orgasm almost knocked her out of her feet.  It was as if she was trying to make up for the last weeks of desperate attempts that didn’t give her release she craved.  She came for the last time and let her hands fell on the side, feeling ashamed of what she just did.


“Leave us now, Martin.”  Daniel’s voice was coming to her as through a thick wall.


Tulia saw Marin’s gleeful face.  He was saying something but she didn’t want to hear him, too exhausted to deal with her own shame.  She saw him leaving.  Daniel was still holding her as the door closed behind Martin.  Only then she managed to look down on her cum covered belly and then lower to see some blood on her pussy lips.  She reached down with trembling hands to check how bad it was.  She couldn’t believe she hurt herself and came while doing it.


“The little thing loves pain as I see.”  Tulia heard Daniel laughing behind her.


“I don’t!” She protested but it didn’t sound very much convincing.


“On your knees, time to suck some cock.”  Daniel ordered moving in front of her, pushing her down in front of him.


Tulia was too exhausted too fight him.  Besides she already knew it wouldn’t do any good.


“Take my cock out.”  Daniel’s voice boomed down at her.


Her eyes went up to meet his stern look.  He wouldn’t be denied his pleasure.  She put her hands on his hips, hesitating for a moment before she freed his cock.  She already sucked him before but forgot how big he was.  The sudden change in his behaviour made her tremble in fear.  She pressed a gentle kiss on top of his cock hoping to ease his anger.  She was rewarded with a soft moan and the jerking of his hips.  Her lips parted to allow him access to her hot mouth.  Her tongue pressed against his piss hole licking his precum.  She moved her head away looked hungrily at the hot flesh before her and licked the palms of her hands.  She closed her fingers around his shaft massaging it for a minute before putting his cock back to her mouth.


Daniel did nothing to stop or encourage her but his face relaxed and his hips began to move back and forth.  Tulia bit gently the head of his cock driving another moan from his lips.  She sucked his cock deep into her mouth and took it out with a loud pop.  Holding his cock with one hand she squeezed his ball sack with the other watching his reaction.  He apparently liked it.  Her fingernails dived into the skin of his cock following the veins along the shaft until they reached the head.  She squeezed harder.


“Oh shit!”  Daniel moaned.  “Naughty girl, you like playing dirty.”  But he sounded more excited than angry.


A smile appeared on Tulia’s face.  I guess I’m not the only one that likes it a little bit harder.  She put his cock back to her mouth sucking hard.  One hand went back to squeeze his balls, the other took care of the part of his cock that didn’t fit into her mouth.  Her tongue came to life working with passion, licking every inch of the rigid flesh, taking special care of the head.  She felt his cock growing in her mouth and then his hands on her head gripped her tightly.  He wanted her to slow her down, to prolong the pleasure she was giving him.  Tulia reached further back with her right hand abandoning his balls pressing her fingers hard until she reached his anus.  She pressed hard.  Suddenly her finger was sucked in by his hot orifice.  Her mouth filled with his cum as she turned her finger and he came again.  She swallowed his seed, some of it dripping down her chin.  She gave him an amused look as he came again, glad that she could keep him from shoving his cock down her throat.


“Did I please you?”  Tulia pushed her luck further, knowing that it wasn’t exactly what he planned when he demanded her to suck him off.  She gave him an innocent smile that couldn’t hide how pleased with herself she was.


“You are indeed very naughty girl.”  Daniel’s eyes narrowed.


Tulia bit her lip but said nothing, seeing Daniel searching for something in the drawer.  She was still kneeing on the floor curious what would happen next.  At the moment she was too pleased with herself to be afraid.


“Give me your hands.”  Daniel returned with a long piece of rough looking rope in his hands.


Tulia crossed her wrist and put her hands in the air watching Daniel doing a quick job in tying them together.  The rope dug deep into her skin but she remained still.  He pulled her up to her feet and led her from the living room down the corridor to his bedroom.  He stopped a foot away from a large bed that looked as if made for a private orgy.  Then he pulled her arms high above her head.  Tulia looked up seeing another rope hanging from the hook in the ceiling.  Before she could say something or even protest Daniel bound the ropes together making her stand on her tiptoes.  His fingers went between her legs sliding along her still wet slit.


“I think I know exactly what you need.”  Daniel gave her wicked smile.  He went to another drawer taking out second piece of rope and a black plastic dildo.  “It’s not as beautiful as yours but I think it will do.”


The dildo was looked more like a real cock, only in black.  Tulia followed it with her eyes seeing it coming near her pussy before it stopped.  She pushed her hips forwarded but couldn’t reach it.


“Still horny as I see.”  Daniel laughed.


Suddenly he pressed the dildo hard against her clit making her moan in anticipation.  He slid the dildo along her slit pushing it slowly into her pussy.  Her legs parted to allow him full access, even though she was already standing on her tiptoes.  He fucked her for a minute before pushing the dildo all the way up to her pussy.


“Put your legs together.”  His voice was gentle but demanding.


Tulia followed his order not sure what he was planning but excited to cum again.  She saw him wrapping her hips with rope and tying it tight. Another piece of rope around her knees and the dildo stayed trapped inside her pussy.


“I’m tired so I think we call it a night.”  He slapped her ass and headed for the bed.


“Wait a second, you can’t leave me like that!”  Tulia was scared.  She thought he would fuck her hard.  Instead he wanted to leave her aroused hanging from the ceiling and go to sleep!


Daniel scratched his head as if he was considering something.  He went back to the drawer and took something out which Tulia didn’t recognize.


“You know you’re right about that.”  He pushed a gag ball into her mouth catching her off guard.  “I’d love to hear your screams but I need to get some sleep.”  He slapped her ass again. “Good night.”  And he went to bed.