The Exam

By Tulia





Tulia was standing outside the office waiting for her turn. She studied hard for the exam for the last two months and wasn�t sure if that would be enough. The professor was very demanding and Theory of Probability wasn�t her favorite subject. She wished she could do another exam instead but this one was required. And it was oral which made it even worse. The idea of sitting there and answering direct questions for half an hour made Tulia�s stomach turn knots. She wasn�t the first for today. Sandra, a girl she barely knew was about to get out. Tulia looked at the watch, only five minutes left and it would be her turn. She hoped the professor was in a good mood. The door suddenly opened and Sandra walked out, h face was pale and she had tears in her eyes.


�How was it?� Tulia asked wishing she could flee or disappear, the look on Sandra�s face not promising any good news.


�He asked me about Berry-Esseen-Theorem.� Sandra answered calmly though she looked like a bitten dog. �With proof� she added after a pause.


�You�re kidding... It�s over six pages long. I only understood the general idea�� Tulia was shocked.I�m doomed she thought to herself. The door opened and Sandra went in again. It only took few short minutes before she came out again crying loudly, she passed Tulia without a word and disappeared around the corner. She must have failed the exam. Tulia stared on the empty corridor, her heart pounding fast.


�You must be Tulia� she heard behind her back.�Come in. I don�t have all day. You�re not going to waste my time as your friend, I hope.� Tulia turned around to see the professor�s gloomy face. She entered the room feeling extremely nervous as if her whole life was depending on this exam. The professor�s assistant was sitting at the table, slowly writing the protocol.


�I need you id.� the assistant said without looking at her.


The professor closed the door behind Tulia, eyeing her body as she entered. He saw her tongue run a few times over her lips, leaving them shiny and making them look very inviting. He looked down at Tulia�s ass and smiled to himself. It was going to be a very long day with a lot of exams.


�You�re the one that is always coming late to my lectures, aren�t you?� he boomed at Tulia, rubbing the front of his pants. Her lips looked indeed very inviting as they slightly parted, the look of disbelief on her face that he actually remembered her.


It was getting worse with every second. Tulia was so nervous she could barely stand. The professor was already in a bad mood and the fact that she had always been late didn�t make the situation any better. She dropped her eyes trying to concentrate on the very important issue of finding her id in the handbag. She handed it in to the assistant and looked around for a chair to sit down.


�Kneel down� she heard the order coming from the assistant. He only needed one look on the professor�s face to understand it was going to be one of those oral exams where girl�s actually showed their talents.


�Excuse me� Tulia wasn�t sure if she heard right. Was he really expecting her to kneel down? Or was it some kind of test? She looked at the professor only to notice the look of lust at his face. His hand was rubbing his cock over his pants. His cock was getting bigger and Tulia watched perplexed the slow movements of the professor�s hand.


�On your knees� the professor boomed at Tulia, watching as she obeyed without question. Her tongue run over her lips again and she looked up at him in disbelief.


"Now Tulia, show me how good you are orally!" he said taking a few steps towards her. She saw the zipper going down, the sound clinging in her ears like bells on the church tower. The pants dropped down, his short the only thing that separated her from his rigid member. It looked huge. How old is he? He must be over fifty maybe even older. Tulia was surprised how viral he was. She licked her lips in anticipation, suddenly feeling aroused.


�Stroke my cock� he ordered her. Some of the oral exams were better then others he mused to himself. This looked very promising indeed. The girl was still staring at his shorts but didn�t move. The look of surprise on her face was priceless. �Go on� he hurried her.


Tulia raised her hand, touching his cock through the thin fabric. It was hot and so big. Her face turn red as she realized what she was about to do. Her hand slowly went up and down over his shorts, stroking the thick shaft. She reached up to the waistband and took his shorts down. It surprised her how bold she became.


�Yes, take them off. Look what is there for you� the quiet moan escaped the professor�s lips as his shorts went down, revealing his naked cock.


Tulia jumped as his cock poked her nose. She was suddenly confronted with the biggest penis she�d ever seen. She panicked backing up from him trying to stand up. What was she getting herself into? She should have protested when it all begun.


�Now, now. You better do a better job if want to pass this exam at all� she heard the assistant�s voice as he got up from the chair, only to catch her by the hair and bring her back on her knees. His other hand covered her mouth to muffle her screams. �You better obey or it�s going to be very unpleasant for you. Is that understood?�


The only thing Tulia could do was nod. She felt him letting her go. She found herself again in front of professor�s swollen member. The helmet was shining in the light of the room, a few drops of precum already appearing from the hole at the end of it.


�Be a good girl and open you mouth� the professor�s voice was soft now, his hands coming to her head to prevent her from turning away.


Tulia closed her eyes feeling them slowly filling with tears and opened her mouth slightly.


�Wider!� His voice became inpatient.


She obeyed forming a big �O� with her lips, waiting for the unavoidable, her eyes clenched tightly closed. She waited for a moment that seemed like an eternity, but nothing happened. She opened her eyes to see what was going on only to feel her month being filled with the hot flesh of his cock.


�I want you to watch� he demanded.


The professor took his time allowing her curiosity to take over. He liked the girl�s to watch as they were forced to perform on him. Her mouth was so hot, her breath making him jerk in pleasure. He began slowly to fuck her face.


�Run your tongue over my cock, bath it with your spit� he ordered as he guided her on his cock making her to take more and more with each stroke.


Tulia hesitantly began to lick him. The foul taste filled her mouth making her stomach turn. Somehow the fact that he desired her was turning her on. She felt her pussy getting wet. She tried to concentrate on pleasing him afraid of what would happen if she failed. Her tongue ran over thick helmet of his cock and she sucked him in, taking almost half of his member inside her mouth. Tulia felt him jerk his hips forward placing his cock at the entrance of her throat. She chocked, fearing that he might want to go deeper. Her hand reached up, gripping his cock at the base. Her fingers followed the movement of her head masturbating him and making him moan in pleasure.


The professor was enjoying her attempts to please him. She was sucking him like a lollypop her small hand wrapped tightly around his shaft. She looked so sexy kneeling before him, her eyes glued to his. He wished he had time to play with her a bit longer, to explore the rest of her luscious body. But the next exam was getting nearer and he needed relief. He let her do all the work pushing farther with his hips as she took him deep. The fear in her eyes that he might actually want to ravish her throat was clearly visible.


Tulia felt like toy made only to satisfy his sexual desires. She imagined how it looked like. On her knees in front of the professor sucking him off so willingly. She suddenly realized that the assistant was still there watching her as she was forced to obey. Her face turned red in humiliation. She felt her nipples getting hard at the same time. She wished she could masturbate but was too afraid to do it, to show how aroused she became. She moaned in disappointment.


�Take your hand away� the professor demanded after few more minutes of fucking her face. His voice was impatient. Tulia froze for a moment understanding his intentions but obeyed. Her eyes were pleading with him.


Professor grasped her head tighter, moving slowly forward, entering her throat. He thought she would skin him alive. He moaned aloud pushing his cock farther down her throat, feeling her choke as he did it. He loved the young girl�s lips wrapped around his shaft as she was kneeling obediently before him. The look of pain on her face was all he needed to cum, sending his precious seed directly to her stomach. He pushed even farther and came again. Then he withdrew his cock to allow Tulia taste his cum as he bathed her mouth for the last time with his seed.


Tulia felt the professor entering her throat slowly. Her eyes filled with tears, her throat was burning with pain. She tried to hold still feeling her pussy burning with desire. Tulia began to gag, her air supply suddenly cut off. And then she felt him. He was cumming inside of her. She gasped for air as he withdrew his weapon only to feel her mouth filling with his cum.


�Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue� he ordered her as his cock slipped out of her mouth leaving traces of his juices on her chin. He watched her for a moment as she obediently followed his orders. He finally smiled at her. �And now swallow my cum like a good girl�


Tulia was shaking, dropping her head after this despicable act she just performed. She felt ashamed. The fact that she was wet made it even worse.


�Wait outside until we decide about the grade you get� the professor was already getting dressed again. Tulia quickly got up, taking her handbag. She only stopped for a moment before she left to clean her face with a tissue. Luckily there was nobody outside but she heard voices around the corner. She stood still not wanting to talk to anybody at that moment.


She became nervous. Did she pass? It took a few minutes before they asked her in again. The professor was smiling. He was visibly in a better mood then before. She didn�t catch much of what he said, only glad to hear that she passed. The assistant handed her a folded piece of paper before she left.


Once outside Tulia headed quickly to the exit not wanting to meet any of her friends. She was on the way home as her cell phone rang. She looked at the number.


�Hi Michael� she answered the call knowing he wouldn�t be happy if she ignored him.


�How was your oral exam?� Michael asked emphasizing the word oral.


�It was...� Tulia was looking for a proper word �... oral.� She heard Michael laughing.


�Are you wet now?� he wouldn�t spare her the extra humiliation. None of your business she thought but said nothing.


�Are you?� he wanted an answer and wouldn�t stop asking until he got one.


�You know I am. I�ve got B� she tried to change the topic.


�You sound disappointed.� He laughed again. � You might need to practice a bit before your next oral exam. I�m sure you can do better then B. I have to do some errands now. We�ll talk later and I want to know every detail.� And he hanged up.


She suddenly remember the piece of paper she was given. She took it out and unfolded. Her face turned red as she saw what�s on it. It was a picture of her as she�s kneeling with her mouth wide open, cum dripping down her chin. �In case you decide to talk�, it said beneath. She didn�t even notice they had taken pictures of her. Great, she thought, it couldn�t get any worse.And only a B!