The Exam – Pleasing Michael

By Tulia



Tulia was excited that Michael had invited her to come over to his house.  It was a shame that he didn’t live around the corner.  She did a quick calculation.  If she managed to catch the next bus in ten minutes she would be by Michael in about an hour.  She took a quick look at her image in the mirror.  Short brown skirt and plain white top made her feel sexy.  Not bad, she thought as she put on high heels, grabbed her bag from the bed and left the flat in hurry.


She watched he bus leave just before she reached the bus stop. Tulia saw it disappearing at the end of the road.  She moaned loudly in disappointment stamping her feet like a child taken away from her favourite toy. The next bus wouldn’t arrive for twenty five minutes.  Why do I always have to be late?!  She cursed herself for that, trying to figure out if there was any other way she could get to Michael.


“Need a lift?”  She heard someone talking behind her back.  She turned around to see a car stopped in front of her.  An older man with a friendly face was looking directly at her.


“No thanks.”  She mumbled surprised by his sudden appearance.


“Come on, honey.  I see you’re in the hurry.”  He was already opening the door for her.


Tulia gave him a quick look trying to decide if it was wise to accept his offer.  He was big and fat, his head almost bald.  It was hard to say how old he actually was.  He was sweating even though it wasn’t that hot.  But his gestures were energetic, his eyes looking friendly at her.  Big Uncle Joe, she thought and liked him at once.


“Thank you.  It’s very nice of you.”  She smiled at him, getting in desperate to get to Michael.


“I’m Danny.  So where are we heading?”


“Tulia.  You can drop me off at the main station, if it’s okay with you.”  Tulia felt the car moving rapidly pushing her into the seat before she even managed to fasten the seat belt.


“I can drop you wherever you like.  Just name it.” He was heading to the main road ignoring all the speed limits.


Tulia didn’t think twice before giving him the address.  She was eager to get to Michael as soon as possible, her body on fire.  Though usually careful with strangers she would accept any offer allowing her to shorten the journey.


 Danny was driving fast swearing loudly at other cars.  It wouldn’t take long before they would reach Michael’s house.  If we survive this crazy ride.  Tulia clenched her thighs tightly together.  She was getting extremely wet again.  Oh, you can cum.  Michael’s words still vivid in her head, she felt her nipples getting hard. There was only this small annoying thought making her feel a bit uneasy.  You realize you are going to strip naked for Michael, don’t you?  But she was too excited to allow any doubts.


“Visiting your boyfriend?” Danny voice brought her back to reality.


“Just a friend.”  Tulia was still absent minded trying to keep away her hands from her overheated pussy.  She sighed biting her lower lip.


 “Did you see those idiots?!  God, they should be banned from the road!”  Danny shouted overtaking two cars, swearing loudly making Tulia jerk in seat.  “Must be a very special friend.”  He added laughing.


“Huh?”  Tulia gave him surprised look.


“Don’t take me wrong honey but you look like a bitch in heat.”  He smiled at her, petting her thigh, making her moan loudly.  “And act like one.”


Tulia’s mouth dropped open at his comment, her face turned red in shame. And anger. How dare he!  He was touching her!


“I don’t!!”  She shouted at him but did nothing to make him take his hand away.


“No need to get offended, honey.” He squeezed her thigh lightly before putting his hand back on steering wheel.  “We are almost there,” he added.


Tulia was too shocked to say anything. She looked down at her legs to see them slightly spread.   She must have parted them as Danny touched her.  He was right, she was acting like a bitch in heat.  She dropped her head in shame.


It didn’t take long before Tulia felt the car slowing down pulling over to the sidewalk.  She dared to look up again.  They parked in front of Michael’s house.


“Thank you for the ride, Danny.”  She managed to mumble and looked at Danny smiling shyly. She was about to get out as she felt his hand encircle her waist and his lips on hers.  Danny kissed her passionately entering her mouth with his tongue.


“You are welcome.”  He suddenly broke the kiss, letting her go.


Tulia almost shot out of his car breathing heavily.  You already sucked off your professor today and now you fleeing because a stranger kissed you.  She felt so humiliated by the way Danny treated her, all she wanted was to get away from him.


“Have fun, honey!”  She heard him shouting from behind her and then he was gone.


Tulia walked toward the front door of Michael’s house still feeling uneasy.  For the last few hours she kept herself on the brink of an orgasm and her body was crying for release now.  She suddenly doubted if it was so wise to come over here, afraid of what Michael would require of her.  She closed her eyes, sighing as she rang the bell.


“You must be extremely horny to come here so quickly.”  Michael opened the door.  “Come in.  I’m making a dinner.  I would like you to join me.  You must be hungry.”


“Hi Michael.”  Tulia felt extremely nervous as she followed him into the kitchen.  What was she expecting?  That he will let her cum as soon as she steps through his door?  She had a feeling he wouldn’t make it easy for her.


Half an hour later they were sitting in dining room enjoying the food.  Or at least Michael was enjoying it.  Tulia was chewing on a piece of meat until it became tasteless but she still wasn’t able to swallow it.  Her nipples were poking into Michael’s direction as if trying to catch his attention.  She had problems concentrating on the conversation.  God, she wished he would touch her nipples.  She watched his lips as he spoke almost feeling them on her body.


“Are you listening to me at all?”  Michael’s eyes pierced her as he said it.


“I’m sorry.”  She finally managed to swallow the food.  “I thought you wanted me to perform for you.”  She added after pause blushing as she heard those words coming out of her own mouth.


“Well, I thought you might want to relax a bit before you do.”  He smiled at her with a strange glint in his eyes.  “Tell me when you are ready.”


She looked at him in disbelief.  He wanted her to beg him for permission, not only to be allowed to cum but to be allowed to perform for him in the first place.


“Michael please I can’t stand it any more.”  Tulia’s voice was pleading with him.


“You can wait few more minutes until I finish my meal, can’t you?” He paused for a moment.  “I usually enjoy a dessert after a dinner.”  He added with wicked smile.


“I guess I don’t have any choice.”  Tulia was disappointed.


“You can leave any time you want if you feel uncomfortable.”  His voice sounded absolute.


Tulia dropped her head feeling as if he hit her for being insolent.  She didn’t want to leave, though she did feel uncomfortable. And he kept her waiting, the passing minutes seemed like eternity.  Tulia considered teasing him but was afraid she might displease him that way or even get him angry.  So she waited impatiently trying to ignore the fire burning between her legs.


Michael was finally done but took his time to clean the table.  Tulia was doing her best to help him, the desire burning inside her was almost unbearable.  She followed him into living room and watched as he sat in the armchair.


Now as she was finally about to perform for him she felt scared not sure what to do.  She stood before him waiting for him to command her or say anything at all, feeling her face turning red.  And than she saw a camera lying on the table to Michael’s left.  Her heart started to pound faster.  She forgot about pictures!


“Do you really have to take photos of me?”  Her voice sounded pitiful.


“I don’t but I will and you’ll let me.”  It didn’t sound like he was going to allow any discussion on that matter.  “Turn around and show me that lovely ass of yours.”


Tulia quickly followed his order turning her back to him and the camera, which was now in his hands.


“Very nice.”  He praised her.  “I want you to undress slowly.  You may play with yourself while you do it.  Please me and I’ll let you cum.”  He paused for a moment letting it to sink in.  “And now turn back toward me.”


Tulia’s moves became gentler as she tried to relax and let herself go.  She faced Michael again her hands going up cupping her breast.  Her body was acting on her own now.  She still had doubts and somehow found it hard to believe that she was actually stripping naked for Michael.  But her body needed the release so badly she wasn’t able to control her own motion any more.


Her hips began to sway gently.  Her hands went under the top finding her belly hot.  Her own touch made her moan in pleasure.  She pulled the top higher revealing her bra covered breasts.  Tulia pressed her fingers against her swollen nipples squeezing them harshly driving another moan out from her lips.  The fabric of the bra was thin outlining the hard brown orbs.  She grabbed the top and pulled it over her head arching her back.  She finally freed herself from the top dropping it on the floor.  Her hands went up again as she stretched her body making her breasts rise.  She stood for a while with her hands outstretched to the ceiling purring like a cat just given milk.  Her hands went down caressing her face.  One of her fingers was suddenly trapped in her hot mouth as she sucked it in with passion.  The free hand was exploring the skin of her neck.


Tulia was in her fantasy world again, forgetting everything around her.  It was only the pleasure she was giving to her body.  Pleasure and awareness that Michael was watching her.  It made her shiver in excitement.


Tulia’s hands returned to her breasts caressing them in circles but this time avoiding touching the nipples.  She reached behind her back unsnapping the bra slipping it slowly off her shoulders.  Even if she expected the cool touch of the air on her breast it made her shiver anyway, sending tremors of excitement through her body.  The bra was thrown on the floor and Tulia stood topless before Michael.  She put a finger in her mouth bathing it with her spit smiling seductive at Michael.  Her other hand found its way to her swollen nipple and pinched it hard with her fingernails.  She groaned in pain biting her finger. The finger left her mouth then leaving traces of her spit on her chin sliding down her neck between her breasts, going down her belly stopping for a moment before going under the waistband of her skirt.  Her skin sparkled in the room light where her wet finger touched it.


Tulia’s body was on fire.  She found her panties drenched with her juices.  Her other hand followed the first one caressing her belly.  She looked down seeing tiny drops of blood where her thin fingernails dug into her swollen nipples.  She licked her lips as if she wanted to suck the wound clean.  It was stinging a bit but it was her aching pussy that her mind was concerned more about at that moment.  She was still swaying her hips in slow motion, mewing in pleasure.  Her hands went behind her unzipping the skirt.  She clenched her thighs together letting the skirt slip to the floor.  Her hands grabbed her ass cheeks and she arched her back again.


Tulia looked at Michael seeing him taking pictures.  It made her feel uneasy.  How many photos have he already shot of her?  She didn’t want to know how she looked like on them.  She suddenly remembered the photo Martin took of her.  God, it was still in her handbag!  She should have left it at home but was so eager to come to Michael she forgot about it.  Her face turned red at this thought.  She saw Michael smiling at her and felt like a dog that had just been rewarded by its owner.


The room was filled with Tulia’s moans of pleasure.  Her legs parted as she stepped out of the skirt, her hands returning to her belly going down to her thighs leaving her pussy untouched.  She was afraid the slightest touch would send her over the edge, sure Michael wouldn’t like if she came without his permission.  On the other hand she wasn’t sure if she would be able to cum if he didn’t allow it first, not even thinking about finding out, convinced that Michael would punish her if she tried.


“Turn around and don’t bend your legs when you roll down your panties.  I want to take a good look at your ass.”  Michael’s words rang in her head making her obey instantly.


Tulia’s hands were on her ass again fondling it harshly.  She grabbed the edge of her panties and slowly started to roll them down.  Her legs muscles strained as she bent in half revealing her ass.  Tulia felt her panties leaving traces of her juices on her legs as she rolled them down.  She finally stepped out of them parting her legs showing her puffy lips of her pussy to Michael.


“Spread your legs wider and stay that way for a while.” Tulia heard Michael’s order.


Her legs parted until they ached.  She put her hands on the floor trying to remain the position. She was extremely wet, her inner thighs shining as if she’d just taken a shower.  Her juices were dripping on her belly small drops falling on her face as she tried to look at Michael.  She moaned in humiliation suddenly realizing how it must look like.  She saw Michael taking another picture of her, closing her eyes in shame.  After another embarrassing minute he let her finally stand up.


Tulia felt light headed trying not to fall down as she faced Michael again.  She turned red in shame but was desperate to continue anyway.  The humiliating position brought her on the edge of orgasm, her hand went between her legs sliding easily over her slit driving loud moans out of her mouth.  She was ready to cum all she needed was Michael’s permission.


“Pleas Michael may I cum now?”  She pleaded with him.


“Not yet.”  His answer made her groan in disappointment.  “Tell me about your oral exam.  I told you I want to know every detail.  Masturbate while you do.  I enjoy it to much to let you stop now.”   He smiled at her.


Tulia froze as she heard him saying this.  She completely forgot about the exam and that she was supposed to tell him about it.  She considered asking him if it couldn’t wait but she knew the answer.  Her fingers grabbed her clit pinching it harshly as if she was trying to punish herself for this idea.  Her body jerked and she screamed in pain.


Tulia braced herself looking Michael straight into his eyes and started telling him about the exam.  But she was having trouble speaking, caused partly by her arousal, partly by the shame of being made talk about the exam at all.  She told him she was made to kneel down in front of Professor Storn and made to stroke his cock.  She even admitted willingly taking his shorts down.


“Did you enjoy pleasing him?”  Michael wanted to know everything.


“Yes, I did.”  Tulia was desperate to answer all his questions.  She spread her legs painfully wide putting two fingers inside her pussy.  For a moment she saw stars in front of her eyes as her body jerked in sudden pleasure but she didn’t cum.


She told Michael how Professor Storn made her suck his cock and she was afraid he would want to drive it down her throat.  And that he actually did it in the end coming deep inside her throat making her choke on his cum.  Then he withdrew his cock and sent the last load of his cum into her mouth making her stick out her tongue before ordering her to swallow it.


Tulia’s finger gently fucked her pussy as she told the story to Michael.  Her other hand was painfully squeezing her clit reminding her that she wasn’t allowed to cum before Michael permitted her. Her body was trembling, pleasure mixing with pain and humiliation.


“Did it make wet?  Did you wish he fucked you?”  Michael wasn’t going to spare her any humiliating question he could come up with.


“Yes Michael I did.”  After telling him the whole story she still felt embarrassed to answer such intimate question.


Michael kept asking her all kinds of question for the next few minutes.  He watched her fingers bringing pleasure to her body.  Her right hand never leaving her pussy, impaling her on her own fingers or just sliding along her slit.  Her other hand was caressing her breasts, pinching harshly her nipples leaving red marks of stained blood on them before going down between her legs to squeeze her clit painfully.  She seemed to be so aroused she didn’t even notice how harsh her hands became, her sex swollen and red from her abuse.


Michael finally stopped asking her question watching her masturbate and taking few more pictures of her.  Pictures!  Tulia still wasn’t sure if she should tell him about the picture they took of her.


“Michael...”  She moaned.  “They took pictures of me.”  She finally managed to tell him the whole truth afraid that she wouldn’t be able to cum if she kept that to herself.  Not even if Michael allowed her.


“You mean this one.”  Michael unfolded the piece of paper lying beside him on the table showing it to Tulia.  It was the picture she was given showing her on her knees with open mouth full of Professor Storn’s cum.  “I was wondering if you were going to tell me about it.”  He added after a pause seeing surprised look in Tulia’s eyes.


“How...”  Tulia’s mouth dropped open in disbelief.  He knew!


“You dropped your bag on the floor as you came here.  It fell out of it.”  He finally explained it to her letting her wait a bit before he did.


“I’m sorry Michael.  I didn’t mean to lie to you.” Her voice trembled with fear that she might have displeased him.


Tulia could barely stand, tired of constant masturbation.  Her body cried for release her fingers keeping her on the brink of an orgasm never allowing her to reach one.  She continued fingering her pussy her body shaking in spasm of pleasure.  She thought she would explode, not sure if she would able to stand much of it any more but unable to stop.  Her arousal was so overwhelming she held like an addict to it, an orgasm her only salvation.


“Did I please you Michael?”  She finally asked after few more minutes of masturbation.  “May I cum now? Please...”   She was pleading with him again afraid of his answer.


“Why of course you may Tulia.”  He paused seeing the relief in her face.  “But…”


The terrible but, her finger slowing up, knowing that Michael would make her do one more thing, Tulia just not sure what it would be.


“What grade did the Professor give you for your oral exam?”


“B plus.”  She looked at him, her body screaming for the orgasm that was just on the edge.


“Get on your knees and show me what a “A” would be like.”  Michael had already pulled his zipper down, his hand fishing out his thick cock, unbuckling his belt so he would have room.


Tulia dropped to her knees in front of him, her hands already reaching for his cock, her other hand slipping between her parted thighs.  She had lots of practice doing this today.  “Can I cum?”  But she already knew the answer.


“When I cum in your mouth.  But not before you swallow my cock into your throat.  I’m not going to be like the Professor, forcing you to do it.  I want you to swallow it by yourself.  Begin the exam Tulia,” moaning softly as she licked the head of his cock, her hot breath blowing over it.


To Be Continued