The Exam: Satisfaction

By Tulia

Copyright 2007





For the last two months Tulia hardly found time to see her friends or go out at all, her sex life almost non existent, except for an occasional hour or two of solo masturbation.  It was her way to relax and free her mind of all the definitions and theorems she had to learn and understand.  Today was the day when she finally took her exam.  She planned to go for a walk afterwards and slowly get back to normal life.  She usually didn’t see her friends on the day of her oral exams, too nervous before and still a bit absent minded afterwards.


This day turned to be more that she had ever imagined in her wildest dreams.  The Professor wasn’t interested in her knowledge at all, just wanted her to please him with her mouth.  Tulia still wasn’t sure how this all might have happened.  The sexual tension in her body had built over weeks so she was more than amenable to service him orally.  At least she’d passed the exam.   And it made her wet, burning with desire, the need to finally let herself go overcoming her with such a power that she’d spent the next few hours masturbating.


And there was Michael.  He called her after the exam and later while she was playing with herself.  Somehow he always knew what she was feeling or thinking, especially when it came to sex.  He made Tulia shiver in excitement so before she knew she was asking him for permission to cum.  She never thought she would ever need any one to allow her that.  Though she might have expected Michael wouldn’t let her cum just because she asked him.  She ended up striping naked for him and masturbating while he watched her.  But she still wasn’t allowed to climax.  He wanted her to get him off with her mouth first.


So there she was on her knees again with her lips encircling his thick pulsating cock while he watched her, sitting relaxed in the armchair.  Tulia wanted to please him, suddenly not sure if it was because he required it of her or because she hoped for release afterwards. She wished though she could do it with her pussy not her mouth, the fire between her legs hard to bear.  But she knew better then to discuss it now.  She closed her eyes trying to concentrate on what was required of her ignoring her own needs and desires.  Please Michael and you’ll get your satisfaction!  The words burned in her head for a moment before she opened her eyes again ready to please Michael.


Tulia’s tongue came to life bathing the head of Michael’s cock with her spit, exploring its taste and shape.  She pressed her lips harder around his rigid member biting him gently driving a loud moan out from his lips.  Her tongue slid around the thick head again and then over the piss slit.  Tulia was taking her time sucking him slowly deeper in her hot mouth always giving special attention to the bulbous head.  Her right hand was gently stroking Michael’s cock at the base adding to the pleasure provided by her mouth.  Tulia’s legs were slightly spread as she fingered her pussy with her other hand.


The soft moans of Michael added to Tulia’s arousal making her forget the world around her and double her effort to satisfy Michael.  She never thought she could be so aroused without actually cumming, the spasm of excitement shaking her body making her take Michael’s cock deeper into her mouth.  Her nipples were rock hard and extremely sensitive at that moment.  Tulia was so aroused it felt as someone was pinching her nipples harshly pulling them from her body.


She sucked Michael’s cock deeper into her mouth, her tongue never idle exploring the thick shaft.  She withdrew the cock again moaning in pleasure.  She took it completely out of her mouth licking her lips with desire.  Then she suddenly kissed the rubbery head with passion sucking the cock back into her hot mouth as if she wanted to suck the seed out of his balls before he even came.  Tulia felt Michael’s hips jerk forward in pleasure placing his cock at the entrance of her throat.  She froze for a moment remembering that he wanted her to take him deep to swallow his cock willingly.  Her throat was still sore from the morning ravishment, not used to pleasing the men that way.  Tulia braced herself trying to impale her mouth on Michael’s cock to take him deep but she panicked and withdrew it again before it even entered her throat, teasing him with her attempts.


Tulia’s hand painfully pinched her clit making her groan around Michael’s cock.  She couldn’t bear her own touch any more, her body not needing any stimulation to stay aroused.  Her hand left her pussy and went up joining the other one around the thick shaft.  Tulia’s hips were gently rolling as if she was taking Michael’s cock deep inside her pussy not inside her mouth.


Tulia gently cupped the balls hanging under the rigid shaft of Michael’s cock.  She pressed them together playing with them as they moved inside the sack.  She started the gentle massage of his balls making him moan in pleasure sucking his cock in deeper again.


Tulia knew she would eventually have to swallow the thick shaft and allow Michael to cum deep inside her.  She cursed herself for being afraid.  Do it now!  You asked for it so don’t play innocent now.  She was fighting with herself, sucking Michael’s cock deeper and deeper until she felt it at the back of her mouth.  She didn’t stop, making herself choke on it, feeling as it slowly entered her throat.  Her hands grabbed Michael’s thighs digging her fingernails into his skin as she desperately tried to swallow his cock.  Her throat began to burn as the thick shaft entered it.  Tulia felt tears rolling down her cheeks.  She wasn’t able to breathe withdrawing the cock out of her throat gasping for air.  Her tongue ran over the head and she sucked it in again this time going deeper, fighting the urge to vomit.  Her head moved forward until she took the whole length of Michael’s cock in her mouth and throat, pressing her nose against his abdomen.


The desire burning her body suddenly seemed unimportant.  All she wanted was to please Michael, make him cum deep inside her.  Her head was moving up and down.  She was taking the full length of Michael’s cock chocking and gagging as she did it but she was unable to stop now.  The burning in her throat only added to her arousal, her hips moving in the same rhythm as her head.


She kept sucking him for next few minutes until she felt Michael’s cock grow thicker.  His hands suddenly grabbed her head keeping her in the position with his cock buried deep inside her.  She heard him groaning loudly as he unloaded his seed directly into her stomach.  He released his grip on her, his cock pulling from her throat.  Tulia felt her mouth filling with his cum as he came again and again.  She tried to swallow it all feeling his cock becoming limp.  She grabbed it with her hand before it slipped out of her mouth and licked it clean letting it finally slip out, her lips wet as it slid out.


Her fingers went up to her chin collecting the rest of his cum she wasn’t able to swallow putting it back to her mouth.  She was breathing heavily feeling exhausted, her body still on fire.  She looked up at Michael.


“Did I get my “A”?


“An A+, you get extra credit for licking my cock clean.”  Michael smiled down at her, Tulia looking so lovely, his cum still glistening on her lips, her thighs wet with her arousal.  “But you didn’t cum.”  Tulia was already standing up, getting dressed, a look of satisfaction on her face.


It suddenly felt that it didn’t matter any more.  Somehow she got her satisfaction even if she didn’t cum.  She had pleased Michael.  She gave him a kiss goodbye, closing the door behind her, the delicious feeling between her legs almost better than if she had cum.