I was inspired by some artwork I found on by an artist named Strutter79. His website is if you are interested.

The story is about a girl that's only escape from cruel foster parents is a mental health facility. But it could be worse. It was called Black Briar Asylum, a place that attorneys and judges that enjoyed the pleasure of reluctant girls sent the finest specimens of female flesh to be taught to obey and sexually serve any man that was brought before her. It used aversion therapy to indoctrinate the girls in the ways of perverted acts and for the depraved men that enjoyed the cries of pain that they induced. There principal means of therapy was electro shock treatment, used whether the girls needed it or not. The men enjoyed watching the girls go through the agonizing pain as electricity shot threw their bound bodies. They had all manner of using electricity, including introduction of powerful jolts of electricity deep in all the available orifices that a girl had. Once the girls went through the first therapy, they would do anything, nothing to perverted or depraved, but even as they degraded them to the lowest levels, they still were not immune to more therapy. For it was all for the pleasure of the men that induced the painful shocks into their bodies until their muscles clenched so tight that they would tear that excited them to continue the electrical torture. Even the forced enema’s before the therapy couldn’t stop the girls from peeing and defecating uncontrollably.

Then after they bodies had recuperated from the painful jolts of electricity, they were dressed in sexy bra and panties and brought below the main floors to the dark, damp rooms below where they would be posed erotically and bound to posts bolted to the floors so they couldn’t escape. Their lean, sexy bodies would be forced onto their toes by collars that choked them, all of their muscles taut in exotic beauty. The men would visit them, taking their pleasure in any manner they wanted, the girls forced to cooperate and do their depraved bidding. Each girl never knew how she would be bound and spread until it was too late. It was here that older men, judges, attorneys, policemen, all the men of authority would force the girls into degrading acts, knowing the threat of electro-shock treatment would enforce their submission.


Chapter 1-Escape to Hell

Chapter 2-Bound for the First Time

Chapter 3-Electroshock Therapy

Chapter 4-First Visits

Chapter 5-More Electro Therapy