The Second Civil War of 2010 was the West against the East, California taking the lead and attacking the heartland of the United States with ease. The economic crisis that began in early 2007 had mushroomed, the Federal government unable to stem the financial losses. The Western states blamed the financial capital in New York and the political capital in Washington, D.C. for the demise of the credit and financial markets and the huge economic losses that followed.

President Arnold Schwarzenegger took charge of the Western forces, though it did create a conflict in his family, Maria Shriver’s families’ roots in Massachusetts. The United States government fell quickly, the military in the Western states aligning with the Western forces. Within a month, the Western armies had driven as far East as Chicago, the city quickly capitulating to the superior Western forces. By the summer of 2011, the lines had been drawn, Chicago west and south belonging to the Western United States, to the East still part of the Eastern United States, Mitt Romney now President. The battle lines had been drawn, with the war raging along a thin line of no man’s land separating the two.

The all-volunteer army of the Western United States (WUS) was made up of professional soldiers along with mercenaries operating under the guise of WUS. One such group, Michael’s Marauders took to the countryside outside Nashville, an area under intense fighting between the West and the East. Michael was interested only in the money and bounty he could accumulate, though he fought for the WUS. His group numbered almost 500. The main body of his men was about a mile behind them, Michael and his crew of twenty pulling up on top of the small knoll overlooking the valley in five black Hummers. And to think, GM no longer wanted to make the Hummer, the mainstay of his forces and their maneuverability.

* * *

“If you are cooperative, I will spare the young girls,” Michael said candidly to Caroline. He looked at Memphis. “And I expect the same from you.” He saw the color race from her face when she realized what he wanted of her. “Unless you would like my men visit your young sisters. I can only imagine what they would do to identical twins. And such immature bodies, I am not sure they would survive my men’s adult organs. Or my own in their tight, virgin holes.” His hand went to the front of his pants, straightening out the bulge from his erect cock.

* * *

The lost chapter chronicles Michael's broken promise to their mother, taking the twin girls in every imaginable way, each one more perverse then the last.

War Victims

By Powerone

Copyright 2009


The Lost Chapter

Teens Defiled

“We will be ready at dawn,” Max reporting to Michael.  “Where are we heading?”

The pickings were getting sparse, Michael needing to move his men nearer the fighting.  “I hear Atlanta is surrounded and ready to fall.  And I do have a liking for fucking a girl with a Southern drawl.”

“Yes, we do need some fresh meat.  Caroline and Memphis are getting tiring.”  They were pretty well fucked out by now.

“We do have one loose end to take care of before we leave,” Michael getting hard at the thought.

“I think they should be just about ready by now.  Out in the barn.”  Max had set Michael’s plan in motion in the last hour.

“Let’s not keep them waiting.”  Michael shifted his cock in his pants, eager to enjoy the pleasures in the barn. 

Memphis and Caroline found themselves tied to the dining room chairs, their arms tied behind the back of the chair, their legs parted and tied to the back legs so they couldn’t move.  They expected to be raped again, but they were unexpectedly gagged and left alone, the door slamming behind the guards as they left.

* * *

Max knocked on the girl’s door, waiting patiently for them to open it, the door opening just a crack as Tara peaked out. 

“Yes,” she said nervously, seeing the soldier looking at her, feeling the uneasiness she felt each time they looked at her with their evil eyes and intentions.

“Your mother has instructed me to bring you to the barn.  Both of you.  She said that since we are leaving in the morning, Michael has allowed her and Memphis to take you riding.  Michael appreciates your cooperation during this difficult time and knows how much you missed riding your horses.  But you must hurry; your mother is already getting the horses ready.” Max tried not to smile too broadly.

“Why didn’t she come?”  Her mother had told her to be careful of the soldiers and never be alone with them anywhere.

“If you don’t want to go riding just say so.  I was instructed by Michael to insure your safety.  If you would rather stay in cooped up in your room instead of riding on this beautiful day, just say so and I will tell her.”  He made his voice sound impatient.

Tara turned to Scarlett.  Scarlett was sick of staying in the house.  “Yes, tell him yes,” she said excitedly.

“Give us ten minutes to get changed,” Tara responded to the soldier.

“You have five,” trying to hurry them up. 

He waited, the door finally opening, his erection growing when he saw them.  They might be fifteen, but their bodies were already blooming into womanhood.  Their riding pants clung to every bump, ridge and mound on their bodies, none more than the slight bulge in the crotch of their pants or the heart shaped twin buttocks that moved with a sensuous grace as he followed them down the hallway.  The riding pants clung to their bodies like a second skin.

Tara felt self-conscious with the guard walking behind them, almost feeling his eyes burning a hole in her backside.  She tried to control her hips, trying not to make them swing so much.  She almost regretted wearing the tight fitting riding pants, but they always felt so good, the pants snuggled up tightly against her mound.  She had learned last year that she could push her mound against the pommel of the saddle and ride it using the gentle gait of the horse to rub back and forth, finding it to be sexually exciting.  She never even told Scarlett that she once had an orgasm while riding, hiding her flushed excitement from her. 

The barn door was already open, the horses gone from the outside corral, Tara growing more excited at the thought of getting away from these evil men.  She knew that they had taken advantage of her mother and Memphis, though she could never fathom what they made them do.  She jumped from the unexpected noise as the barn door closed, the bright light suddenly blocked out.  She turned, the soldier behind her grinning like a Cheshire cat.  She got this sudden uneasiness about her as though something was terribly wrong.  She tried to remain calm and in control.  “Where is my mother?”

Michael’s voice rang out in the barn.  “She’s tied up and can’t make it yet.”  He walked out of the shadows, five of his officers following him.

“We want to go back in the house,” Tara cried out in panic.  Even Scarlett sensed something wrong.

 “What do they want?”  Scarlett was shy compared to Tara, though she trusted her with her life.

“I think you can entertain us until your mother is finished,” Michael said, reaching down with his hand to grip his cock.  He saw the shocked look on the young girls face as he displayed his erection so obviously.

“You promised my mother you would leave us alone,” Scarlett blurted out defiantly.

“I lied,” Michael’s laugh sounding so evil.  “You think I would leave two virgins, with nice bodies like yours, without sampling your innocence?  Or allowing my men to have their way with you?

Tara stood in front of Scarlett as if she could defend her.  “We will never submit to you,” she answered defiantly.

“Never say never, Tara.  Both of you will soon submit to anything we want.  I can be quite persuasive.”  Michael showed them the whip he had hidden behind his back, the twenty leather tresses all with tight, thick knots in the end.  They would tear flesh with each slap of the whip.  Tear unprotected and delicate flesh that would soon be naked and spread for him.  “Grab them.”

The men pounced on the young teens, Max grabbing Scarlett, liking the shy, reluctant girl.  Two men grabbed Tara, yanking her arms behind her back.

Max pulled Scarlett’s arms back until they were between their bodies then pressed his body forward until her hands were pinned between her ass and his cock.  “Relax Scarlett,” he whispered in her ear.  He began to rub his cock against her hands, his cock jumping each time she moved her fingers.  “Have you ever felt a cock before?”  He could feel her body trembling.  “I asked you a question,” one hand moving up to her neck, his strong fingers almost wrapped around her small neck.

She could only gulp as the large hand encircled her neck, feeling so vulnerable; sure that he could break her neck with just a flick of his wrist.  Tara was doing worse than she was, two men grabbing her, pulling her arms out to the side and holding her as Michael stood in front of her.  His fingers tightened, Scarlett finally relenting.  Noo,” her voice quivering.

“No what?”  Max’s fingers tightened, feeling her gulping as his fingers tightened around her throat.

She turned red in shame when she said it.  “No, I never felt a cock before.”

“Well your starting off with a big one.  Now I want to feel you fingers explore it. Make it feel good.”  Max pressed tighter against her, rubbing his cock back and forth over the back of her hands.  He held his fingers on her neck, controlling her.

She had no choice, twisting her hands around behind her until her fingers curled around the thick weapon beneath his rough pants.  She did not believe she had ever felt anything so big.  Her fingers moved from one end to the other, surprised when it jerked and jumped.  Was she doing that to it? 

“That’s good, Scarlett.  Now watch your sister and Michael get acquainted.  And keep your fingers moving.” 

She didn’t have any choice, forced to run her fingers along the massive erection pushed against her, but she found that she became more curious as she touched the massive weapon, her fingers making it move.  She didn’t believe that her fingers had the power to excite it that much.  She looked at Tara, having a more difficult time, Michael the leader much crueler. 

Michael’s men yanked her arms to the side, one on each side, spreading her arms parallel to the floor.  Michael stood in front of her, an evil snarl on his face.  She was going to be raped and she couldn’t do a thing about it. 

“Nice looking cunt,” Michael said, moving in close to her until his face was only inches from her.  His hand slide down between them, running over her abdomen, until he felt her mound, his fingers squeezing her pussy.  Her hips jerked back, but one of the soldiers slipped behind her, pushing his cock into her ass until she jerked forward to escape him.

He grabbed her between her legs, Tara shocked at the obscene gesture.  No one had ever treated her this way.  She struggled, but the men only grabbed her tighter.  The large hand pressed hard against her mound, her ass pushing back to escape his large paw, only to find another soldier behind her, his obvious erection pushed into her ass.  She jerked back away from it, only to find herself pushing her mound into Michael’s hand.  They teased her, her hips moving back and forth in a frenzied motion, each time one of them touching her inappropriately.

Her tits danced as Tara bucked back and forth onto his waiting hand, his fingers digging deep into her slit, the tight pants leaving little to the imagination as he found her slit with ease, his finger slipping between it.   She finally stopped; finding out it did no good, unable to escape.  “Yes, I knew you would tire easily.”  Michael’s hand ran between her legs, his foot banging hard against her ankles until she began to spread her legs, hitting her ankle bone with the tip of his boot until she continued to comply with his request, her legs parting wider and wider.  He stopped when her legs were spread over four foot wide, his hand now eager to explore her flesh with ease.

She felt the hand between he legs, forced to spread her legs until her riding pants were stretched tightly over her mound.  His fingers were strong, digging into her mound, a fat finger forced between her lips.  The other men held her tight, the hard cock pushed her ass cheeks, his hips sliding back and forth, Tara shamed at being the subject of his masturbation. 

“A virgin cunt, I’m sure,” Michael hissing in her face.  He removed his hands from her pussy, but pulled her onto his hard cock, his hands kneading her tight ass flesh, humping his cock back and forth against her mound.  “Feel my cock.  Soon it’s going to be in every hole you have.”  He stopped, pulling back so he could strip her naked.  His hands went to her blouse, gripping it at the top and ripping it from her body, the buttons flying off, the blouse opening up wide.  He threw it open to the side, her bra covered breasts heaving up and down.

One minute he was humping her, the next her blouse was torn, her bra revealed.  The men at her side all looked at her, ogling her heaving breasts as she shook in terror.  His hand slid into her cleavage, feeling the bra straining, the straps digging into her back.  She heard the tearing, the bra ripping in the center, the twin cups flying open, her breasts bared, bouncing up and down.

“Nice, firm young tits,” Michael commented, the men holding her arms tight as she tried to move them to cover her bare tits.  “Strip her to the waist.”  The men let go of her arms long enough to pull the rags of her blouse and bra off of her arms and threw them to the floor.  Once she was naked to the waist, they grabbed her arms and pulled them stretched to the sides.

She felt the cool air on her upper body as they stripped her naked, her body flushed at being exposed to the men.  She was grabbed again, posed half-naked, her breasts rising and falling as she suffered the indignities of being stripped naked.  She couldn’t stop the shame as her nipples hardened as Michael’s hands slid over her stomach.  She could only shake in fear as his hands slid up over her stomach and his calloused hands grasped her naked breasts from beneath, hefting them up until she felt his thumbs curling around her nipples.  They rubbed her nipples, a strange feeling running between her legs.  She was torn between shame and lust, her body betraying her as he rubbed her nipples, arousing them into hard, pointed tips.

He looked into her eyes as his hands fondled her young tits, her nipples swelling beneath his touch.  She was enjoying this too much.  He gripped her nipples between his two fingers, squeezing them until her lips curled up in pain, Michael squeezing all of the blood from the tip.  He yanked on them, Tara refusing to cry out as he yanked her breasts out of shape.  He twisted them, a sharp gasp from her lips.  “Does that hurt?”  He released her breasts, but swung his hand to slap her breast, first the right, then the left until they both bounced, the white flesh already turning pink.  He grabbed her nipples again, yanking her up onto her toes by her stretched nipples, her lips finally begging for relief.

The pain was shooting through her chest, her nipples feeling like they were being torn from her body.  Then he slapped her, not her face, but her breasts, the flesh jiggling on her chest.  He yanked so hard on her nipples she was sure he was going to tear them off of her chest.  “No, please, don’t!”  Tears ran down her cheek.  She couldn’t believe his cruelty.

Scarlett couldn’t believe what they were doing to Tara.  She was already half naked and Michael was abusing her breasts and nipples, Scarlett almost able to feel it herself.  Max was growing impatient behind her.  She heard the hiss of a zipper, then suddenly finding her fingers curling around the hot flesh of his organ.

“Now you can feel the real thing, Scarlett.”  He fished his cock out of his pants until he felt her soft hands wrapped around his throbbing organ.  “Jerk me off.”

She wasn’t sure what to do, but as long as she kept her fingers moving, he seemed content.  Her fingers explored the thick shaft, surprised to feel thick veins running up it.  She reached the top, feeling a head, running her fingers just below the ridge sent tremors through his organ.  By time her fingers ran over the smooth head, she could already feel the hot crème that leaked from his organ.  Her fingers curled around the shaft and began to slide up and down the organ; his cum making it slide easier.  His hands moved around her waist, sliding up to cup her breasts, Scarlett making no move to stop him.  She couldn’t believe that she was masturbating an older man while he was casually running his hand over her fifteen-year-old body as if he owned it. 

Max was enjoying her masturbation, but with Tara half-naked, it was time to get Scarlett in the same situation.  She was more accommodating, seeing what was happening to Tara, she knew she didn’t have much chance resisting.  As he was feeling up her tits, he leaned over her shoulder and whispered into her ear, nibbling on her neck as he did.  “I want to see those lovely tits.”  He said no more, his hands moving to the buttons and opening them hastily.  He pushed the blouse open, pushing it off her shoulders, her hands leaving his cock for only a second so he could pull it off her arms, going back to masturbating him like an obedient little slut.  The bra was next, Max making quick work of it.  Her hands stopped the moment it slipped down over her breasts, teasing the tips into hard, little points, Max staring over her shoulders at her naked breasts.  She let the bra slip off her arms, her fingers returning to her masturbation of his cock.   His fingers reached out and pinched her nipples.  “Do you like that Scarlett?  A little pain is always nice.”  He squeezed harder, her hand stopping for a second as he crushed both of her nipples in his fingertips, feeling her body squirming in pain.  She said nothing as he squeezed them so tight that the flesh was pinched between his powerful fingers.

He had stripped her naked just as they did to Scarlett, but she had done it willingly.  His hands fondled her breasts, his fingers pinching her nipples until it felt like they would burst, her teeth clenched tightly in pain.  She went back to rubbing his cock, trying to ignore the pain that laced through her breasts.

“I think we need to get you out of those pants, Tara.  They look way too tight.  I bet they’re pinching your pussy.”  Her struggles began again when Tara realized that Michael was going to finish stripping her naked.  “I hope you move that well when I fuck you,” Michael taunting her as he found the zipper on the front of her pants, the hissing of the zipper going down loud in the silent room.  He opened up her belt, unbuttoning the single button until the stretch pants pulled open, her virginal white panties revealed.  “Now let’s see if we can get these down your legs.  This will be the only time I will tell you to close your legs,” laughing at his own joke.  She complied too willingly, Michael yanking the pants down hard, sliding them over her hips, her panties pulling partly the way down as he did, the top of her bush revealed, the fine red hairs set so brilliantly against her pale alabaster skin.   He pulled them down, lifting up her legs to pull them off.  He stood back up, Scarlett standing naked except for a tight pair of panties that did little to cover the generous mound beneath it, or the tight virginal slit.  He kicked her legs apart until she submissively spread her legs, her ankles bruised by his hard boots.

Her pants gone, she shivered in her panties.  Her ankles felt like they were black and blue from his hard boots, Scarlett spreading her legs in order to keep him from bruising them worse.  “EEEEEEEHH!”  His fingers reached down and grabbed her pussy lips unexpectedly, pinching them as tight as he had done with her nipples.  No man had ever touched her there.  His fingers made her lips feel like they were in a vise, his fingers twisting and turning them, feeling as if he was trying to tear them from her body.

“What’s the matter bitch, don’t like your pussy played with?”  He loved the way her body jerked around, his fingers crushing her virgin pussy.  He swung his hand back, then forward, slapping her hard on her mound, the surprised look on her face priceless.

Max was not to be outdone by Michael, his hands stripping off Scarlett’s pants, regretting having to stop her from rubbing his cock, but he wanted her naked.  They had a treat for both of them as soon as they were naked.  “Let’s slip those panties off so I can see that virgin cunt.”  He gripped her panties, yanking them harshly down her legs and pulling them off her feet.  He looked up between her legs as she lifted each leg so submissively, her red haired bush intriguing him.  He stood back up, this time in front of her, his cock jerking up against the smooth skin of her abdomen.  “Rub my cock along your slit.”  Her hands reached for his cock, taking it and rubbing the head over her skin, leaving a trail of dripping cum.  “Between your lips.  I want to feel your tight lips wrapped around it.”

She felt the thick head slip between her lips, feeling the hot organ rubbing along her most intimate passage.  It jerked in her hand, her fingers holding it tight as she rode it up and down her slit.  She felt something between her legs, a strange shiver of pleasure.  How could she feel such a thing, stripped naked and rubbing an older man’s cock up her virgin slit like some kind of whore.  Michael was slapping her sister’s mound as though he was spanking a naughty girl.  She would have never believed a man would spank a girl in such a place. 

Michael’s hand slid down through her red bush, his fingers caught in errant hairs, tearing them out as he reached lower to find her tight slit.  He loved the feel of her puffy mound, his fingers gripping her sex like a baseball, one finger pushing apart her lips to find her hot insides. 

Scarlett found herself naked between the soldiers, one behind her grinding his cock into her naked ass, her breasts bouncing as she struggled to get free.  Michael was touching her naked sex, his fingers exploring her intimately as a doctor would, Scarlett fearing the loss of her virginity soon.  She looked over at Tara, naked as she was, but she was rubbing Max’s organ up and down her slit, a strange look on her face as though she was enjoying it.  Max wasn’t even holding her or forcing her, Scarlett performing the perverted act willingly.  

“Are you ready to suck my cock, Tara?”  He saw the shocked look on her face.  Even standing naked in front of him, she still thought she could somehow stop this from happening.

She shut her lips tight.  No way would she take an unclean organ in her mouth.  That was so dirty.

Max looked at Scarlett, a look of bliss on her face as she rubbed his cockhead up and down her increasingly wet pussy lips.  “Show your sister, Tara, that you’re a grown woman.  Get on your knees and suck my cock.”  He pushed on her shoulders until she began to lower to her knees.  Her hands continued to stay on his cock until she her face was in front of his cock. 

“No, don’t Tara.”  Scarlett couldn’t believe that she was going to do it. 

“Let her, she can teach you a little respect.” 

Michael’s hand came out of nowhere, slapping Scarlett across the face.  She couldn’t believe the pain on the side of her face, seeing stars as she tried to shake the blow off.  She clamped her lips tight, afraid that Michael would strike her again.

Max fed her his cock, rubbing it along her lips, Scarlett still holding it as he painted her lips with his dripping cock, her hot breath blowing on the head making it leak his cum onto her soft, silky lips.  There is nothing sexier than a fifteen-year old girl with her mouth open, his cock sitting on her lips as she readied to suck him.  Unless, it was when her mouth opened wide and devoured his cock like a hungry whore.  Max groaned loudly as her lips clenched around the head of his cock, soft sucking noises coming from her mouth as she sucked his cock into her hot, tight mouth. 

Scarlett barely knew what she was doing, but had this desire to take his cock in her mouth.  She felt the hot, rubbery flesh rubbing over her lips, the salty taste painted on her lips until they were inside her mouth, mixing with her saliva and coating her taste buds.  She saw everyone watching her, but that only made it more exciting, more perverted.  She couldn’t wait, opening up her mouth, her hand gripping his cock as her lips opened wide, engulfing the thick head, feeling the smooth head slide into her mouth.  Her tongue went to work on it immediately as though she had done this a hundred times, licking and exploring it as her fingers had already done.  She almost wished she could rub his cock along her slit at the same time.  She greedily sucked it deeper into her mouth, her head moving back and forth, feeling every bump and ridge on his cock slide over her lips.  Her mouth began to fill with the thick, salty cum that her tongue coaxed from the head, Scarlett gobbling it up like a hungry whore.   Her hand reached down between his legs, feeling his balls, hefting up the wrinkled sack, the prickly hairs rubbing on her palm.  She bounced his balls, feeling them move gently inside the sack.  All the while she took more and more of the giant organ into her once virgin mouth. 

“There is one cocksucker among the twins,” Michael exclaimed as Scarlett blew Max.  “I think the other has the talent.  She just needs the motivation.  I hate to break you away from your little cocksucker, Max.  I think these two will be more comfortable in the back.”

Max felt so bad that he had to push Scarlett away from his cock, for him as much as her.  “Get up; we have a surprise for both of you in the back.”

Scarlett got up, her hands and mouth reluctantly leaving his organ, though she could feel it still in her mouth.  She hoped he would allow her to suck it again.  Tara looked at her funny, but she didn’t care.

They dragged the two naked girls to the back of the barn, Scarlett going willingly, Tara more reluctant but two strong soldiers able to drag her naked body to the back.  Michael enjoyed watching her fight them, her naked tits bouncing around so erotically.  And that cute ass excited him, imaging her screams when he would sodomized her.  Would she shake it so vigorously then?

“NO!  NO, DON’T”  Tara wasn’t sure exactly how it worked, but the leather straps on the seat of the bench and also on the top bar that ran parallel across the back scared her.  They were meant to secure someone and she was afraid it was them, two pairs of each open and waiting for their intended victims.

Scarlett was less worried, almost excited.  The thought of being bound naked and spread open somehow was making her wet.  She didn’t know why or how, but she knew they were going to fuck her and she couldn’t do a thing about it.  That by itself gave her the excuse to indulge in whatever perverse acts they would require of her.  It somehow made it okay.

They fought with Tara, the soldiers ganging up on her, three of them throwing her onto the hard wooden bench, pinning her arms to the bench while one of them put the thick, leather straps around her wrists, pinning her tight to the bench.  Her head banged hard against the post behind her when they released her body, Scarlett kicking out with her feet, trying to prevent them from grabbing her legs.  “Bastards, leave me alone!”  She shouted obscenities at them.

They knew enough to keep away from her kicking legs, raping so many girls they knew all the tricks.  When she tired, they grabbed her legs, not enough strength left to fend them off.  Michael grabbed one of her legs.  “Legs over your head now, Tara.  You’re pussy is going to open up so nicely.  Even a virgin hole will be obscenely exposed.”  His words inflamed her desire to fight, but her body was sapped, Michael and the other guard easily able to pull her legs over her head, the waiting guard clamping the ankle straps around her slim ankles.  When they let go, her legs moved about two inches then stopped.  Her legs were spread wide, her sex opened up from the top of her slit all the way back to her asshole.  “How do you like that, Tara?  I can even see your asshole.”

She couldn’t move, her naked body pinned to the bench, her legs spread wide and over her head, the lips of her pussy pulled back, her cheeks unable to clench to hide her tiny anus from their raping eyes.  Michael was talking about her ass as if it was a place for them to rape.  What kind of perverts would think of such a thing?  No way would they be able to put their organ inside such a tiny hole.

“Are you going to cooperate, Scarlett?”  Max looked at her, a scared look on her face, but he also saw something else.  She had a look of excitement in her eyes.

“Yes,” Scarlett sitting down on the bench.  Max put the wrist cuffs on her, her pussy growing wet as they tightened.  She felt like she was going to cum if she knew what it felt like when Max pulled her legs over her head, his eyes staring at her sex as they spread her open.  Her body was pushed back, her ass rising up, feeling her cheeks parted, the cool air in the barn blowing on her exposed anus.  Would Max put his organ in her ass?  She clenched her cheeks, her tiny hole tightening, trying to imagine the feelings as the thick head of his cock would penetrate her backside.  Max stepped back, Michael handling him something.

Tara had seen riding crops before, but nothing like this.  It was a whip, at least fifteen or twenty tresses of leather.  She knew they would hit flesh with a powerful thud of pain.  To make it worse, the ends of each tress was knotted, tight hard knots that would render innocent flesh bloodied and torn.  Tear Tara’s flesh and that of Scarlett’s.




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